Clare Bronfman Is Dangerous Psychopath Who Would Kill for Keith and Belongs in a Cage

Recently, a reader called me to task, in a polite way, for my criticism of Clare Webb Bronfman.  Here is what this commenter had to say:

By Anonymous

Frank, I think it’s time to stick with one opinion of Clare Bronfman.

You met the woman 15 years ago [actually 12 years ago] and said she was astoundingly naive and diffident. She sought your approval to avoid going to a social function and you “permissioned” her not to attend.

[Clare sought permission or approval from me that no harm would come if she did not attend the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative, a NYC event with the Clintons and many world leaders. She was to go with Nancy Salzman and her sister Sara Bronfman, who certainly were eager to go and wanted her to go with them.]

That tells me that you clearly recognized her vulnerability and malleability.

Any competent social engineer would spot that in an instant.

You constantly mention how strongly she was controlled by Keith Raniere during your Hollywood misadventures.

You detailed how she was isolated from her family, her very wise father, and his assistants by Raniere through published court transcripts.

You’ve shown the thrall Raniere cast over her when you published her email (or text?) to Raniere where she asks how she can be of service in his “noble quest” and he answers “swear total obedience to me”.

You’ve also presented testimony by Lauren that proved that Keith Raniere deliberately kept Clare Bronfman in the dark about the real activities of DOS, and even told Lauren he didn’t want Clare involved in the sorority.

Therefore, you’ve proved that she was being misled, misdirected and deceived by Raniere; that Raniere manipulated Clare into using her resources to work as his attack dog, all the while believing she was serving ethical principles.

You’ve even shown how, as a woman with half a billion dollars and an undeniable level of trust in Mr. Raniere, was tricked into criminal activity, by paying Raniere’s child’s monthly expenses with a credit card that Raniere did not have the legal right to use.

She can’t be super evil in one blog post and helpless, naively trusting in another.

Did she hurt people with her extensive litigation? Apparently, yes.

But I can’t believe Raniere wasn’t pulling the strings. I doubt she would ever have done those things on her own volition.

And last, ‘Cui bono?’ Did she benefit? No. So where’s her good?

Your profile doesn’t demonstrate a woman with the level of savage immaturely and unrelenting narcissistic hatred to persecute an ex-lover of Raniere for years on end; particularly when there was no “upside” in it for Clare.

I’m sorry she’s fighting you in court but it’s time to get off that horse Frank.


One commenter wrote of Clare Bronfman: “Clare shares features with Katherine Hepburn. Similar facial structure and lanky athletic body”.


Katherine Hepburn


Here is my response to the anonymous commenter who wrote in defense of Clare Bronfman:

By Frank Parlato

When I first met Clare in 2007, she was naive and diffident. She did not seem evil. Clare did not know how to dress properly, or write or even spell; she was very shy and lacking in confidence.

I think it fair to mention that, while it was believed she was lesbian by most Nxians at the time, she was enjoying sexual ‘mentoring’ from Keith, and had been doing so for at least two years.

I recognized her vulnerability and malleability with Keith. But not so much with others.  She had quite an ability to talk down to subordinates. I remember her desire to keep Sylvie in the US when the young woman desperately wanted to go home.

She also had a weird attachment to the mystical. She believed, and quite possibly still does, in the supernatural, in reincarnation, in Keith’s divinity.

She believed – awkward though she was, an ugly duckling – that she would become the beautiful swan for her predestined role in a movement that would change the world.

But she was not willing to sacrifice her comfort for this, not really, and Keith was wise enough to manage her so that she was always seduced into doing things she would find agreeable. That was the secret. Give her things that would make her feel important, make her feel she was wanted not for her money, when it was only her money that Keith sought. Her money and her destruction.

She believed Keith was the savior and she was at his right hand, the steward of the necessary money, her family-inherited money, gathered from illicit and destructive liquor and bootlegging sales, that would launch this great world-changing mission.

In that respect, she considered money, all her money, to be at his service.

When he told her that the loss of her and her sister’s $65 million in commodities was due to her father’s manipulation of the market, she believed it implicitly.

And when he told her that he found the silver lining in the loss: He learned how world markets work and how cheaters can control them to hurt the good people – [which would help when they started their own country] – she was happy that her millions had gone to teach Keith such a worthy lesson and that’s why she stood ready for her “Hollywood misadventure,” the investment of another $26 million in a Los Angeles real estate scheme.

It’s funny too. She was on the high road to losing a lot more than $26 million in that venture, when I came along, uncovered fraud, and put an end to it.

They were thankful at the time. Clare and Sara actually wept on the phone, when talking to me, when I recovered their assets and stopped them from losing more money.

What I can’t forgive is her turning on me – for Keith. She did not have to appreciate what I did for her.  She could even breach the contract we had – break up our partnership that would have made millions – and recovered much of her previous losses. She could have even sued me civilly [which she did] and the matter would have been settled civilly.

What I could not abide was her ruthless going to the FBI and filing a criminal complaint against me based 100 percent on her perjury.

That’s when the naivete of the little girl disappeared in my mind and I saw her as a ruthless, evil person.

For no one, no one, no matter how naive, goes to the FBI and deliberately perjures herself to try to put an innocent person in prison unless they are evil at their core.

She knew I had recovered assets for her. I know she knew for she sued the managing partner of the LA real estate project and in that civil case in Los Angeles, she testified to all the good I had done by recovering $26 million in assets on the project.

Then, within three months of winning that lawsuit against the managing partner, [who Keith Raniere selected], she was in the grand jury in Buffalo telling them the exact opposite – that I had cheated her – in order to put me in prison.

This is why she is a criminal. She may have been under her Hitler-esque leader’s thrall, but she, like a good Nazi, had no moral compass. She was willing to destroy me for no other reason than Keith ordered her to do so.

Over time, it is true, Clare isolated herself from her family, her “very wise” father, and his assistants, like the loyal Steve Herbits. But that did not stop her from putting spyware on her father’s computer while acting like she loved her papa dearly, so she could spy on him for Raniere.

I think she would have helped Keith put her father in prison if they could have found evidence against him on his emails or computer.

Yes, Clare Bear supported what she believed was Keith’s  “noble quest”  in “total obedience to him”.  And that’s why she is a criminal.

In total obedience, she would lie for him, steal for him, hurt her friends and family, put people in prison, for a true and total psychopath. I believe she would have killed for him.

Keith Raniere told Barbara Bouchey in this 2009 video that he has had “people killed.” I believe Clare would kill for him and I would not rule out the possibility that her money may have paid for someone’s death.

No, you don’t get a pass because you are enthralled with a psychopath and are willing to obey his commands to be a criminal.

Sure, her crimes were insane for a woman of her wealth. She cheated Sylvie out of $100,000. That was her immigration crime. She lied about how much she was going to pay Sylvie.

MK10ART’s painting of Sylvie being cross-examined.

Sure she could have paid Sylvie her full salary. What would that have cost her in proportion to her total net worth?

And her other conviction – enabling Keith to spend a few hundred thousand dollars on Pam Cafrtiz’s credit card after she died.

The total of her two financial crime felonies was $300,000. Have you ever heard of anyone worth $300 million who commits felonies to steal $300,000?

That would be akin to someone with a net worth of $500,000 committing two felonies in order to steal $500.

She did not commit these two financial felonies for profit. She committed felonies because Keith told her to do so. Keith told her not to pay Sylvie the salary Clare swore to pay her on immigration documents. He told her to help him use Pam’s American Express card so he could stay under the radar.

She could have just given him the money, but she did not. He lured her, it is true, into her felonies, but it was not for financial gain that she committed these crimes. She did not need the money.

She did this to be blindly obedient.

Because she thought that he could do no wrong and if perchance she enjoyed shorting Sylvie, making her sweat and live in poverty dependent on Clare, trapped in her life under Clare, that was a fringe benefit, like the electrocutioner who knows he must pull the switch to execute vile criminals for the sake of society but happens to secretly enjoy it.

She was one who slavishly adhered to “the end justifies the means” –- that perjury and ruthless litigation against people you know are innocent – is justified for the great mission you serve.

She enjoyed it. She not only enjoyed the master’s praise and her incredibly naive belief that he loved her, and not for her money, but she enjoyed hurting people.

At some point – maybe it was that day in Buffalo, New York, in June 2011, when she came from Albany to commit perjury – telling 24 strangers that she had a contract in writing with me – a necessary perjury in order to get an indictment – a contract she had just sworn in civil court in Los Angeles that she had never signed – at that point when she lied to try to put me in prison – she was no longer a naive victim. At least not to me

She was no longer in his thrall. She was an active agent of evil, without the human decency not to betray people who helped you, or the basic decency to not perjure yourself to put an innocent person in a cage, in prison.

And that is where she is headed now.

No, no matter how naive you are – there is, in every good person, the line of demarcation that you never cross. And that line may not be shortchanging Sylvie because Keith says it is unethical to overpay someone, or using a dead person’s credit card where no one is really harmed – the credit card bill was paid. But when you lie to put someone in a cage, you are no longer a mere victim.

Clare heads into court with her lawyer William Savino, who guided her in her perjury, for a worthy fee.

Anonymous [above] defends Clare based on her being a victim of Keith.

Even if it were 100 percent true, still I would argue, the greatest and best thing for her is prison. Enough prison time to break her of her thralldom.

And Judge Nicholas Garaufis, in his wisdom – maybe it is God or karma that leads him – is supplying the remedy for her thralldom.  A longer prison sentence than expected. Longer than she thought – with her paying $6 million – which was supposed to buy down her sentence.

Two years in some light security federal camp – that was what her money was supposed to buy – a camp where she could buy privilege and get out soon.

That would not have cured her.  She was a naive young woman, once. But by the time she reached her 30s, she had been fashioned into a willing psychopath, willing to destroy lives and with ample money to do so.  [If she had been broke, she might have been a less intelligent version of Kristin Keeffe.]

Now, today, 100 victims of her wickedness have stepped forward – come out to cry to the world that Clare was a holy terror, That she did true harm and seized upon the chance to do it and seemed to love it.

And you think she’s a victim?

If she was in the beginning, she adapted wonderfully well to being a perpetrator.

I won’t say that she went from victim to perpetrator at the exact moment when she went into the grand jury and lied about me, the man who helped her – calling me a criminal – when she was the criminal – and I won’t decry how that single action started a chain of events that led to eight years of suffering for me and how it sparked my attack on her and Keith Raniere that led inevitably to her incarceration.

There are other victims who suffered too. It seems 100 of them, maybe more.

But that moment in the grand jury when this once naive, now horrible woman, lied to 24 jurors and said, ” Yes I have a signed contract with Frank Parlato” when she didn’t – that was the moment the worm turned.

From there she became my enemy.  She wanted me in a cage. And to avoid going to a cage, a fight I am still engaged in avoiding, I had to prove she was worthy of a cage herself.  And she is worthy. She belongs in a cage. I say this not out vengeance but because she is dangerous.

With her money, she is especially dangerous.

And don’t think for one minute, she is not longing for the day she can get out of prison and start being dangerous again. Don’t think she, now humble, with her “yes your honor”, “no your honor”, “thank you, your honor” was not thinking that, in two years [her supposed prison sentence], she would get and out and punish everyone, using her vast resources to harm and destroy those who spoke against her.

All of us, everyone who spoke out against her, is on her list to destroy, as soon as the opportunity arises.

With that mind, two years in prison is not enough. She needs 4 or 7 years to cool her heels and let her know that she cannot continue in the path she has chosen.

The cage is for her sake. Sure it protects society. Victims get a respite from her potential evil and it may help make her humbled. If she goes to a more severe prison setting, she may not be the arrogant haughty heiress who thinks she can buy her way out of anything.

If she is in prison for four, 5 or 7 years, it might give her a chance to change.  Maybe she could become a decent woman, who would not be willing to destroy others for the sake of being the right-hand woman of a monster.

I know if she were let out today, and if Keith were to somehow be freed, she would go right back to what she had been doing, destroying others and loving it, blindly obedient to a psychopath because she is a psychopath herself.

According to one reader, “Clare has looked god-awful in some pix, but I really think she has a nice slim body and pretty good bone structure, so with proper makeup and flattering clothes she could look attractive, seriously. However, I doubt she’ll look good in Orange.”


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  • No, Frank, Clare is not a dangerous psychopath. At least not in my opinion.

    I noted last year that Raniere used a type of “imprinting” to bond the women in his inner circle and that “imprint” always came with a title (or nickname) that depicted their position in relation to the alpha. It’s frequently demonstrated in the testimony.

    It’s an inculcation technique. She was Legatus, protector/diplomat.

    I believe she was simply acting the part she accepted in the title Legatus, by defending her man and her belief in an ethical system which she thought could change the world.

    I’m not defending her behaviour, but a little understanding might be helpful.

  • Great post, Frank.

    I think this post helps to highlight why you should go and speak at her sentencing.

    Nobody else could have said this so eloquently. Nobody else could have connected the dots so well and show how Claire is not just a victim. She is evil.

    In sentencing, you can have people talk badly about you (the victims) and people who praise you. Claire is likely to pay people to come speak well of her. It helps to present her in another light and help her sentence.

    If the judge gets someone like this commenter saying Claire is just a naive girl, I really doubt anyone will be able to explain that is BS.

    I think you should speak, Frank

  • Frank, this article describing the moment the worm turned is so insightful. I feel for you having to go through all these legal battles because of this wicked woman. Your doing a wonderful job with your site. This is by far one of my favorite articles. Last night when I read through the comments I couldn’t believe what people were writing about having sex with this possible accomplice to murder. The world is such a cruel place. We know this all to well. If this were my fight I’d had never ever had a chance.
    Clare I hope you get FUCKED so hard by the wise and Honorable Judge Garifus. He couldn’t even handle one crying little Lauren sex-slaver Salzman and will now have to endure your 100 truly sorrowful victims.

  • I’m not sure it’s possible to have one certain opinion, or view, of her. I think we’re still lacking in enough good information to really peg her psyche.

    Frank, I think you make an excellent case that her psychopathic side has to be taken into account, however. You note what might be described as an inherent callousness towards others, and perhaps that, combined with her lacking a moral compass, lead to her doing things that certainly can’t be excused not just because she was typically gullible, but because she was fundamentally depraved in one or more ways.

    I always go back to the touchstone example of Dani, who realized things were wrong and pushed back against Raniere, eventually resisting and refusing to be broken until finally she got sent back to Mexico. Maybe she was unusually strong and it’s not realistic to expect everyone else to have been like her, but if the most dramatic and prominent example she wasn’t the only one, the so-called NXIVM Nine being among the others best known.

    Bronfman’s having turned around and committed perjury in her case might be something that Raniere orchestrated. But regardless, she did it – she doesn’t seem like so much of an idiot that she couldn’t have known what she was doing, though maybe her mental competence really is open to question.

    Perhaps the intriguing mystery about NXIVM and DOS that deserves to be teased out as a psychological and even historical case study, is the question as to whether Raniere’s inner circle were people deficient in internal constitution and tending towards sociopathy, people who were more manipulable than average, or just more or less average people who simply happened to be vulnerable and in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m not aware of another American cult example where these issues are highlighted in quite the same way, particularly given that it involved relatively more people and went on longer than say the Manson Family (which was almost more just an incident in comparison – it really only existed for about 18 months until the principals were jailed).

    But here’s something for you to consider, Frank: maybe she did what she did because Raniere sold her on a compelling-seeming conspiracy theory of sorts. Perhaps he convinced her that you were really an infiltrator from the Illuminati, someone with roots in the former Islamic Emirate of Sicily who was actually a covert Muslim and heir to the Sufi Hashishim assassins (sometimes called “the world’s first terrorists”), and that destroying you, whatever it took, was really the greatest good for humanity. Your current predicament may well trace to people buying into baseless conspiracy theorizing of some sort.

    I’m going to quote here, what I had intended but forgotten to add to my comment about the last piece on Lauren Salzman, a phrase from Voltaire that is often cited in relation to cults and followers (and can apply to conspiracy theorizing*):

    “Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities”
    (“Ceux qui peuvent vous faire croire en des absurdités pourront vous faire commettre des atrocités.”)

    p.s. Also, as a side note, I’ve dealt with the very wealthy, and they can be surprisingly penurious – if nothing else, it can just be about money as control.

    * consider for example the notorious historical forgery the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which helped spur pogroms and the Holocaust, and today even influences fundamentalist and radical Islamists

    • “But here’s something for you to consider, Frank: maybe she did what she did because Raniere sold her on a compelling-seeming conspiracy theory of sorts. Perhaps he convinced her that you were really an infiltrator from the Illuminati, someone with roots in the former Islamic Emirate of Sicily who was actually a covert Muslim and heir to the Sufi Hashishim assassins (sometimes called “the world’s first terrorists”), and that destroying you, whatever it took, was really the greatest good for humanity. Your current predicament may well trace to people buying into baseless conspiracy theorizing of some sort.”

      It’s possible. It’s also possible that she and Lauren, to whom many of Frank’s characterizations in his article would apply, grew talons suited to their domain. Meaning, conditioning and lies began a process of inculcation which they eagerly contributed to, and were all too willing to help perpetuate, till they got caught. In many anecdotes presented on this site, we see both of them savoring the power they flexed over minions and targeted enemies, in many instances taking an initiative to enhance the controls already put in place.

      My suspicion is that they were simply not willing to break the feedback loop between themselves and the NXIVM power structure. Is it because their wills were broken? If so, that’s some surgical conditioning indeed, since they expressed their wills with abandon in their roles as NXIVM leaders. I think, in the end, they were heavily invested in that power structure and found that their “shoes” were too comfortable to take off. They were just comfortable enough with their arrangement with NXIVM, DOS, Raniere–however you want to refer to that hydra–that we are justified in describing them as complicit. If Raniere was evil, so were they.

      If we stop short of saying that, we are mythologizing, even romanticizing, the notion of evil, in order to explain away a made-up mystery. That “mystery” goes something like– how could a victim like Lauren act so aggressively on behalf of Raniere, in essence do his dirty work, while being in what Frank terms his “thrall?” Consider, too, that she claims in her testimony that she knew something ethically, morally, and legally stunk about much of what NXIVM was about, even down to its basic program offerings.

      Do we say that a drunk driver who kills a group of people in another car is in the “thrall” of liquor? No, we say it was an evil act. We also say it was unfortunate and many other things. But that moment of disregard on the part of the driver was a deplorable lapse of judgement. In the case of the NXIVM perpetrators, as opposed to perhaps the hapless adolescent driving home from a friend’s wedding, they experienced countless more moments to reconnoiter with their consciences, to use empathy as a basis for following the Golden Rule. And Lauren says, yeah, I knew I was lying, I knew what Raniere asked us to do was wrong but I did it anyway. There’s no mystery here. It’s called greed, vanity, pride and a callous disregard for others. Who was Lauren crying for on the stand? For all the people she abused? Maybe. I hope so.

      I think we can even go further down the ranks and find this sort of complicity. The question arises whether anyone who played a leadership role in the underlying MLM scam, even the 9 coaches who experienced a so-called epiphany of corporate ethics, was complicit or were they just two-bit hucksters, like you see in almost every industry– people trying to trick other people into handing over their money for worthless, even obviously parasitic, “services?” Surely, these charlatans, with their padded resumes and curriculums, who speak about having elixirs of knowledge that no other institution in society has happened upon, and which they were willing to share for insanely high fees, were the (illusory) spark that brought the NXIVM engine to life.

      • You would most likely be correct. Anonyfaker and his conspiracy around every corner, reminds me of flowers constantly looking out her curtains to see who is following her. Both are as nutty as the day is long. Rule of thumb is, when someone constantly word salads a blog, they have been tuned out in real life for being a know-it all blowhard.

  • The title for this story would apply to almost all of the top women in NXIVM.

    Allison Pimp Mack might at one time have been naive and unaware of what was happening.
    But once she began branding women with hot irons and collecting blackmail material from as many as one hundred or more women she was transformed into a major perpetrator.
    A Big Time Pimp.
    And certainly Allison Mack was not as shy and awkward as Clare Bronfman.
    and there is reason to believe that Allison Mack was trying to groom an underage girl for sex with the Vanguard.

    “Neighbor: Allison Mack befriended 8-year-old girl – and seemed to be grooming her- said to have fondled her”
    “Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8 year old girl’
    Allison Pimp Mack is a dangerous psychopath who would have killed for Keith and belongs in a cage.

    The same holds true for Lauren Pimp Salzman.
    Lauren Salzman was Allison Mack’s partner in crime and a woman who held a young Mexican woman in document servitude for almost two years.
    Lauren Salzman would gladly have replaced Allison Mack as head Pimp of the NXIVM harem but had to settle for serving as Vice Pimp.

    “Lauren Salzman Lied for Raniere and Killed Her Conscience With the Excuse That ‘He Knew Better Than Me’”

    Lauren Pimp Salzman is a dangerous psychopath who would have killed for Keith and belongs in a cage.

    And how about the NXIVM Prefect Nasty Nancy Salzman?
    Raniere’s Partner in Crime for around twenty years.
    There is circumstantial evidence that Nasty Nancy Salzman IS actually complicit in the 2003 disappearance of Kim Snyder.

    “Why Did Nancy Salzman Give Nina Cowell $50,000 for a Table and Sink – After Cowell Lied For Them About Kristin Snyder?”

    “Did Raniere Lose or Steal $65.6 Million of Bronfman Money in Supposed Commodities Losses? – Did Nancy Salzman Help in a giant Swindle?”

    Nasty Nancy Salzman is a dangerous psychopath who would have killed for Keith and belongs in a cage.

    NXIVM was and is a Society of Dangerous Psychopaths.
    They all would have killed for Keith Raniere and they all belong in cages.

  • Frank-

    -Personally, I feel your life will always be in danger or under threat for as long as Keith is alive. Do you feel the same way?

    -Raniere and crew have tried to frame you for crimes and sue you.

    -Do you think the couple that approached you with child pornography on a laptop were trying to set you up?

    -When the Frank Report was hacked who did you suspect was behind it?

    -Do you believe the reader who called you is legit or an acquaintance of Clare? It’s hard to believe a Frank Report reader is so ill informed.

    • To answer your questions:

      Is my life in danger as long as Keith is alive?
      Possibly. Keith, if he is going to make a move, will wait until after he is sentenced.

      Do I think the couple that approached you with child pornography on a laptop were trying to set you up?
      I do not know for certain that there was child pornography on the laptop they were trying to give to me. It is possible that they were sincere. But I was not going to accept the gift of a laptop from a stranger.

      When the Frank Report was hacked who did you suspect was behind it?
      I am not sure it was hacked, It may have been a glitch that caused the erasure of comments for about 20 days -some 4,000 comments].
      However I did get a phone call and letter from the FBI that at least one foreign group had at one time attempted to hack into another website of mine, Artvoice, around the time I was defending Roger Stone. I do not know if there was any relationship to that or not.

      -Do you believe the reader who called you is legit or an acquaintance of Clare? It’s hard to believe a Frank Report reader is so ill informed.

      I thought the reader was a friend or associate of Clare’s. I do not know for certain but who else would seek to defend her. It might be her sister or mother.

  • I think that Frank may be lying to us about WHY Clare turned against him.

    Let’s investigate…

    Frank’s official story is that Clare was very grateful to him for ending the fraud in her $26 million dollar land deal.

    Frank says that he basically saved Clare in that land deal and saved her many millions. Thus, she was eternally grateful to him for that.

    But THEN — says Frank — Clare turned against him OUT OF THE BLUE, simply because he asked a few innocent questions about Keith and his investment ideas.

    Apparently, that’s all it took for this whole ‘war’ to begin (between him and Keith).

    Guess what?

    Frank is NOT telling us everything here. Frank is playing us for fools here.

    My own theory…

    1) I’m guessing that Frank went to Clare and tried to cut Keith out of various deals, possibly angling to generate more profits for himself.

    2) I’m guessing that Frank actively tried to turn Clare against Keith, possibly angling to have Clare become Frank’s own benefactor for future real estate deals.

    3) I’m guessing that Frank began a campaign to discredit Keith (in Clare’s mind) by claiming that Keith was ripping Clare off financially.

    4) I’m guessing that Frank tried to become a buddy to the VERY MALLEABLE Clare — and tried to pressure Clare to financially break away from Keith.

    5) I’m guessing that Frank sought to have Clare become his own real estate benefactor, while cutting Keith out of the loop.

    6) But Clare obviously sided with Keith and told him everything that Frank was saying about him, thus beginning this whole war between him and Keith.

    In other words, I’m guessing that Frank may have started this war between himself and Keith. Frank may have fired the ‘opening salvo’ in this war that’s lasted 10 years now.

    I have a hard time believing that Keith would spend so many years trying to destroy a STRANGER like Frank simply because Frank asked a few innocent questions. Frank wasn’t even a member of NXIVM. There’s more to this story than Frank is telling us.

    I challenge Frank to prove me wrong, if he can.

    Have a nice day.

    • Bangkok, the answer to this requires a separate post which I will write soon. Thanks for raising the great question – why did Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere turn on me?
      And a second question might be good as well: If they had it to do over again, would they still come after me? I will try to answer that soon.

    • I think it’s good to question if not even challenge Frank.

      However, I do find it entirely plausible – and thus possible, though not certain – that the Bronfmans would have turned on Frank because they were manipulate into doing so by Raniere, for having exposed his incompetence and leading them to question him. I think Frank was part of the scapegoating for what was approximately $100 million of total losses; Plyam was sued and drive into bankruptcy, and Edgar Bronfman blamed in a sort of conspiracy theory.

      It is an interesting question as to why the vendetta lasted so long. But lots of similar battles dragged out and, for instance, went on for so long that Raniere and the Bronfmans spent far more in legal fees than any monetary amounts at issue (Plyam was one of those). It may just be that Raniere was unable to let go, and perhaps even that it was useful to him to have ongoing battles with perceived enemies.

      • Keith had a very difficult time letting anything go.
        Keith almost always played the long game. The exception to this was how he wanted to quickly build his MLMs – this proved to be his downfall with his unreasonable demands to quickly build DOS.

        I’m sure Keith was totally offended and defensive about Frank talking to Clare about the 65mill. Keith had done a perfect job of lying to her and he didn’t need Frank putting thoughts into her head. Going after Frank with a vengeance was a way to get revenge for Frank unwittingly (or maybe partly wittingly) betraying him, AND the vengeance helped prove to Clare that those thoughts Frank put into her head were to be squashed.

  • Keith & Nancy changed — corrupted, weaponized — Clare over time, IMHO.

    I don’t know Clare at all, obviously, but did observe her during the Precision development trial and the difference from then to the recent pics of her is remarkable — beyond natural aging. She had a certain gamine beauty once that she might have retained better were she more self-possessed. You can see that spark in one of the new pics Frank posted of her from that era.

    Now, there’s a cruelty, a mean twist to her mouth, daggers in her eyes, something that wasn’t there 10 or so years ago. I’ve noticed the same thing in Kristin Keeffe, Pam Cafritz — even before she became a walking cadaver — Sara Bronfman, all the Salzmans, even Jim Del Negro.

    It’s truly a sad shame and I do pity them all but for the evil havoc they continue to not only wear in their expressions and demeanor but wreck on the lives of innocents.

    Btw, I said I forgive Kristin Keeffe, I did not say she was innocent or need not atone. I also said if she cares for her son she needs to honestly and completely come clean and admit to everything she’s done for Keith and Nancy.

  • Frank, any updates as to her sneaking around and participating in secret nxivm meetings any longer, as you have reported she was still doing awhile ago?

    • No recent reports. But my guess is she is still running Nxivm via Vanessa Sahugun wife of Nxivm leader Edgar Boone. Vanessa is a coach but technically Clare can meet with her because she is not on the 2017 coaches list, a fortuitous circumstance for Clare.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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