Allison Mack Talks About Her Sex-Slave Master, Keith Raniere – Before, During and After Her Arrest for Sex Trafficking

Allison Mack cries while listening to the words of Keith Raniere.

A sampling of the words – written and spoken – of Allison Mack – at three distinct periods of her life, gives us a clue about the delusional state of mind of this formerly successful actress.

The first sample comes, thanks to a reader, who offered the following information: “Hey Frank, not sure if you are familiar with the internet archive called ‘Wayback Machine,’ but it has a lot of content from Allison Mack’s former website. I just felt like poking around to see what was there, and it’s clear she liked to write a lot. Here’s an entry from 11/5/14 that mentions KAR [Keith Alan Raniere] on his morning walk.”

The date is November 5, 2014. Allison had been in Nxivm for about eight years. She left her starring role on the hit TV series Smallville in 2010, and moved to Albany NY, the cult headquarters, where she could devote her full-time efforts to building the Nxivm “mission.”

She had not yet blown through her life savings at this point but was well on the way. When she quit Smallville her net worth was estimated to be $8 million and her income $1 million per year.  By the time she was arrested in 2018, her net worth was about $200,000 and her annual income $70,000.

This first sample of her writing was published on her website [ – which is now defunct]. She had not yet joined DOS, the sex slave sorority led by Raniere. Her activities in DOS would lead to her arrest in 2018.

If we are to believe the testimony of her fellow slave, Lauren Salzman, Allison had not yet embarked on her sexual relationship with Raniere in 2014 when she wrote the following:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By Allison Mack

You know those days when you just feel like it would be a good idea to be anyone but yourself?

Like you wake up in the morning with a laundry list of things to repair, redo, rewind? Those days when you think it might be best to disappear and start a new life, only this time with no intimacy? No closeness? Just a way distant existence where no one gets close enough to see the cracks in your sidewalk.

That was this morning for me.

I got in my car and decided to drive. On my drive I saw my friend. He was out for a morning walk. Usually I rush to say hello… This morning I wanted to speed by. But he caught my eye and waved me over. It would have been rude to accelerate away, so I made a u-turn and drove over to him.

“Good morning,” he said sweetly.

I melted.

Tears streaming down my face he held my chin and told me he was proud of me. Then he wished me a good day and kept walking.

A little later I had a virtual meeting with a very special group of friends I have met with weekly for over 2 years. We are all a part of the women’s movement I speak about, Jness. We have been though births, deaths, weddings, break-ups, and some pretty impressive arguments over the last 24 months and yet we still meet every Wednesday morning at 8 am EST.

I felt raw, apologetic and challenged. I was late to our meeting and the ladies were sitting quietly in my honor when I arrived.

Without punishment for my tardiness they asked if I was alright, then proceeded on with the meeting.

My fears were addressed, inadvertently. My fears were addressed in the form of love. They did not pressure me for answers nor ask me why I was so weepy. They simply held space for me to be vulnerable and upheld love.

Now, after the call, on my train my to NYC, I feel filled up. Wiping the dirt of my knees I can see that we all fall down, and sometimes all you need is a loving group of friends to stand by you as you figure out how to pick yourself up.

I am so grateful to my dear friend, Keith, on his morning walk and my beautiful friends Julia, Sara, Kim and Nati. Your gentle but unwavering hands really held me up this morning.

I am so wealthy in love.



Sometime in 2015, Allison joined DOS and began a sexual relationship with Raniere which included being his slave. She gave ‘collateral’ to ensure her obedience. This was in effect blackmail-worthy material that Raniere or one of his slaves would hold and could be released if she disobeyed him.

Slavemaster Keith Raniere with Allison Mack

Mack’s collateral was described by the FBI as:

(1) A letter regarding Mack’s mother and father that would “destroy their character”

(2) A contract that transferred custody of any children birthed by Mack to Raniere, if Mack broke her commitment to Raniere

(3) A contract that transferred ownership of Mack’s home if the commitment to Raniere was broken

(4) A letter addressed to social services alleging abuse to Mack ‘s nephews.

In addition to this, Allison took graphic nude photos of herself which she gave to Raniere to hold with the understanding he could release these to embarrass her and potentially destroy any chance at her resuming her acting career.  These photos are closeup vagina shots with her smiling face also seen in the picture.

As part of the sex cult practices, Raniere’s slave women, including Allison, engage in threesomes with other women and himself.

Raniere made it a rule that any woman who was his sex slave could never be with another man, while he could have any number of sexual partners.

On the morning of Friday, March 4, 2016, Allison had a threesome with Keith and another slave, a Mexican woman named Daniela Padilla.

Allison Mack and Daniela Padilla. They considered each other sister-wives and slaves of Keith Raniere.

After Allison left the early morning session, she took time to write an email to Keith [and Daniela] describing her experience:


i wanted to reach out to you both and thank you for this morning.

i arrived home and looked at myself in the mirror and what i saw was such beauty and grace.

i am new to this:

to being with more than one person.

to exploring and experimenting with my body and others in a free and open way.

to sharing and releasing and relaxing and enjoying.

the level of vulnerability is high and i feel nervous and insecure.

but when i am with you two something changes. i not only feel allowed to face this vulnerability with encouragement, i laugh my way through it.

i feel such gratitude for you both. you are the most dear souls to me and i feel such motivation to get better in every area of my life so i can provide even half the joy and satisfaction you have been able to introduce to my life.

i fight with my viscera sometimes – the unconventional approach to love and relationships is something i still wrestle with. but your care and commitment makes it so much easier. and what i find on the other side of this struggle is beyond what i ever imagined.

i am so glad to be tied to you for life.

i feel dedicated, eternally, to growing myself into a more loving, more kind, more generous, sensitive and genuine woman – even if it is only to be able to keep up with the two of you in the bedroom. 🙂

i love that i smell like a mixture of you both. i hold your love in my heart, it is obvious from the shine of my eyes.

“from wrong lead me to right.

from darkness lead me to light.

from death lead me to immortality”

within the shackles of commitment i find the greatest freedom of all. true love.



Finally, we come to Allison in court, April 2019, when she pleaded guilty to two felonies: racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.  The original sex trafficking charges were dropped as part of her plea deal.

From adoring her glorious teacher, who could just touch her chin and make her weep, she had progressed to following her sex-slaver master who awakened her to the delight of bisexual encounters. Now, she admitted he was the man who deceived her.

Allison is in court, telling Judge Nicholas Garaufis what she did wrong as part of her allocution required in order for her to plead guilty:

…. As Your Honor is aware, I dedicated years of my life to an organization in which I and others truly believed, NXIVM. In the course of my time with NXIVM, I became close with many individuals, many of whom are wonderful people, and some of whom I now realize are not.

But relevant here, I became close with Keith Raniere. I joined NXIVM first to find purpose. I was lost and I wanted to find a place, a community in which I would feel comfortable. Over time, I truly believed that I had found a group of individuals who believed, as I did, and who were interested in trying to become better people and in doing so make those around them better. And when I came to that realization, misguided though it was, my purpose shifted from trying to help myself to helping other people. Through it all, I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people, and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them.

I was wrong. And I now realize that I and others engaged in criminal conduct. My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise that is alleged in the indictment.

The goal of the enterprise that I joined was to further and promote the objectives of Keith Raniere. Between August 2015 and April 2018, I was aware of and participated in some of the criminal objectives of the enterprise, and I conspired and agreed with others to commit certain racketeering in furtherance of this enterprise.

Specifically, from in or about August 2015 through June 2017, within the Northern District of New York, Eastern District New York and elsewhere, I was a member of secret society founded by, developed by, and ultimately led by Raniere. At Raniere’s direction, I and other women sought to recruit other women to join DOS. As part of my association in DOS, I knowingly and intentionally took and withheld property from Jane Doe 5 [Nicole] and Jane Doe 8, [Jaye] two women who were known to me and who were involved as DOS members.

This property was referred to as collateral, which consisted of material or information that belonged to these DOS members and which those DOS members would not want revealed because it would be personally damaging or ruinous.

I encouraged Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 to deliver this collateral to me, through my participation in a scheme that was designed to instill in them a fear that if the property was not delivered, we would expose collateral previously given to the organization, which could have been embarrassing and personally damaging to themselves or others, if released.

From in or about October 2015 to June 2017, within the Northern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York, and elsewhere, I knowingly and intentionally obtained the labor and services in the form of so called acts of care from Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8.

Acts of care included having these women perform services for me. I obtained these labor and services from Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 through, among other things, being part of a scheme, namely DOS, designed to make them believe that if they did not perform the requested acts of care, they could suffer serious harm. The serious harm in this case would be the specter of the release of their collateral, which they had pledged in order to join the organization.

From October 2015 to June 2017, within the Eastern District of New York and elsewhere, I knowingly and intentionally worked with others and devised a scheme to make materially false representations and admissions regarding DOS in order to obtain property from DOS members. Specifically, I concealed Keith Raniere’s role as the head of DOS and characterized DOS as a women’s only organization, knowing that Keith Raniere was the head of the organization.

The property obtained, which was considered collateral, included credit card authorizations, false accusations against family members and friends, explicit photos and videos, and rights to assess — rights to assets and property. The collateral that I just described was transmitted in interstate and foreign commerce via e-mail, telephone text messages, and telegram.

Your Honor, having reviewed the charges against Keith Raniere in the most recent indictment and having many months to reflect on my own actions and motivations of others, I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct. And that is why I am pleading guilty today.

I am very sorry for the victims of this case. I am also very sorry for the harm that I caused to my family. They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings. I apologize to them from the bottom of my heart, and I am truly very sorry for what I have done. Through this plea and the help of others, I have begun the process of healing and repairing the relationships in my life.

I wish to thank the Court, Your Honor, the prosecutors, my lawyers, and, most importantly, my family for their role in this process. I know that I am and will be a better person as a result of this.



Allison Mack is a pathetic case  – flawed, ridiculous, vulnerable.

When she was part of Nxivm, she was a keen promoter of it. She believed Raniere was a godlike creature.  He destroyed her life, but she was a willing participant.

Unless she is testifying in a future case against the cult as a witness for the prosecution, she will be soon be sentenced to prison for several years.  She went from being a million dollar per year actress to a broke sex slave and, finally, a convicted felon and soon-to-be prisoner.

What did Raniere have and who were the types he targeted that there could be so many stories of ruin?


One could argue that had it not been for the federal prosecution, everything would have been fine. Allison would have developed spiritually. There are greater things than money or fame, which she had given up to serve her glorious master.

There is the enlightenment that Raniere offered.

Raniere himself made a similar argument about the rape of children. He said that some children enjoyed having sex with adults and that it was society condemning the adults that made children victims when they otherwise would have been happy.

If Allison Mack gets five years, it will mean that from the time she was arrested in April 2018 until her release in 2025 – she will have, in effect, 7 years of punishment for her association with Raniere [plus 10 years she spent with him].  Seventeen years of her life.

Had she not been arrested, she might have stayed with him for the rest of her life, helping to grow his organization, perhaps being discarded when she reached a certain age. Perhaps getting cancer as so many of those closest to Raniere did.

There may come a time when Allison Mack realizes, much like she did so emotionally when Raniere touched her chin or when she entered the bedroom naked with him and another woman, that her arrest also was euphoric, a golden moment in her life – when with those handcuffs placed upon her by FBI agents – she began to get her first taste of freedom – it led her to the long tunnel of fear that will lead ultimately to light, to her freedom and salvation.

In a finite period of time – she is only 36 – she will be free again. That may not have happened had she not been arrested.

I think there is little doubt that had she not been arrested, she would be in Albany today still recruiting other women, whose chins he would touch and of whom Allison would command into the bedroom naked with Raniere, while she would wait at home, with twinges of jealousy, alternating with joy for her good work for the mission.











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  • Suing Allison Mack brings a line from Rocky 5 to mind when George Duke Washington threatened to sue Rocky, Rocky replied “Sue me for what?” because he had nothing left someone had already stolen it all from him, Allison Mack should give the same reply.

    When she does get out whatever job she does happen to get won’t pay that much and prison jobs don’t pay much.

  • And why the fuck did you post pictures in this that obviously revealed her cleavage and being sexy and what-not? You’re just trying to make her out to be a whore, which she is not.

  • First of all. Allison Mack was brainwashed. Yes, she did things that are HORRIBLE and she deserves punishment for it. BUT you shouldn’t be saying things about her like this:
    “Allison Mack is a pathetic case – flawed, ridiculous, vulnerable.”
    Yes, she’s flawed because she’s a fucking human. We’re all flawed. Look in the mirror, honey, and also at your picture on here. Smile or something. But anyway, Allison is flawed because she’s human and yes, she was vulnerable which is WHY she ended up falling into Keith Raniere’s arms. She was seduced and lured into a relationship with him and was brainwashed by him into thinking that the fucking HORRIBLE things he was doing was bettering the women he was abusing.
    Allison most definitely deserves time behind bars. She was involved and has done horrible things and justice needs to be served. But she isn’t the person that you’re making her out to be. You should have done some research into cults (because that’s what NXIVM is – a cult) because what you said in this post/article is bullshit.

  • The cold reading of her statement at her sentencing reminded me of nothing so much as Winston Smith on the telescreen reciting all of his terrible crimes against Oceania in Orwell’s 1984. “I accuse myself of the following crimes…..”

  • “She had not yet blown through her life savings”
    Actually, she already did… a lot

    “If we are to believe the testimony of her fellow slave, Lauren Salzman, Allison had not yet embarked on her sexual relationship with Raniere in 2014 when she wrote the following:”
    If we believe…it’s a fact,

    BTW , you take a sample from when her mind was already taken away…pre 2011 is more interesting…after 2013 , she started to be mentally abused and it’s visible in her writings…but nevermind

    “the level of vulnerability is high and i feel nervous and insecure”
    Which is a clear sign that the threesome was not a free will decision…

    “i fight with my viscera sometimes ”
    Which show it was not her desire but that she had to follow the new rules

    This mail is obviously one of Raniere’s demand as it sound like what most other real victim had to write…

    “August 2015 and April 2018, I was aware of and participated in some of the criminal objectives of the enterprise, and I conspired and agreed with others to commit certain racketeering in furtherance of this enterprise.”
    This is the prosecution statements…She readed them but it’s part of the plea deal.
    You can see that she is not consciously doing the crime (during trial, before and even more after)

    The labor part is even more obvious as there is no real forced labor…in trial the question was asked and answered more than poorly…Allison was forced to ask for the funeral’s speech but meanwhile provided services too…
    If Nicole considered she should have been paid, She considered Allison didn’t deserve to be paid.
    the Labor is BS…

    “When she was part of Nxivm, she was a keen promoter of it. She believed Raniere was a godlike creature. He destroyed her life, but she was a willing participant.”
    No she wasn’t…the 2 firsts period are when she was under influence you idiot…
    If before 2011, she isn’t sounding like that but after 2011 , she was dragged in deeper and from ATLEAST 2013 , she was semi-starved

    And even more so, she was not a willing participant! COERCION idiot!
    COLLATERALS ! That’s free will? say that to the other victims…get help

    “Had she not been arrested, she might have stayed with him for the rest of her life, helping to grow his organization, perhaps being discarded when she reached a certain age. Perhaps getting cancer as so many of those closest to Raniere did.”
    You obviously are not aware (despite the fact you said she could be poisoned in another article) that had she not be arrested, she would likely have been another member who died…

    You can ignore the fact to pretend everything was fine for Allison but if it wasn’t for the coercion, she would have left the cult end of 2016

    “I think there is little doubt that had she not been arrested, she would be in Albany today still recruiting other women, whose chins he would touch and of whom Allison would command into the bedroom naked with”
    She didn’t do that…it’s a fact.
    SHE DIDN’T ASKED ANYONE TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM…Nicole pointed that it came from Raniere not Allison (and the other witness said at first (Raniere indictment) that it was India who asked before changing to Allison for her indictment…

    Hard time with facts, like always, and complaining (earlier) about people not caring for the fact about your own case…if you were more keen not to twist stories, maybe people would take your more seriously and authorities would ignore facts (like you do so often)

    Facts are fascinating, when you pay attention to them…
    Allison was/is a good person but you choosed specifically 2 points from when she was abused already. i suspect it’s willingly as you like so much to make ridiculous point that are not demonstrated.

    And even if in 2014’s message, you can see she is fighting her guts by passing by and ignoring him…but unfortunately , it was too late back then.
    If anything, 2014’s message show how much “control” Raniere already had on her…
    It fits with the fact that she was already partially coerced, starved (and the source from this is not shady…contrary to your usual sources).

    In the court statement, it’s a statement written mostly by prosecution to make the plea actually be a real guilty plea.
    At first, Allison’s statement fits with reality but then come the BS unproved statements from the prosecution …like the forced labor (for which Allison would be a victim too if true)
    They (prosecution) also diminish and ignore the coercion and it’s not a simple speculation as the collaterals were released by the court…

    3 messages under coercion is hardly a proof of anything except that you like to ignore the facts.

    But anyway, it’s FR so most of the sane person don’t read this anymore…it was ,for most, curiosity about the story but once you see the kind of BS written here…

    In my case, i’m forced to read it because i have to make sure that some of the persons (YOU enabled, franky!) don’t do something stupid.
    Thankfully, except 1 person still ridiculously ignoring the facts (except you Franky), most people start to open their eyes and only nutjobs continue with the BS stories YOU created.

  • Who on earth could be doing SOOO much footwork to keep First World Sex trafficking HIDDEN?
    People like Frank…
    30% of the countries which provided information on the gender of traffickers (1st world Countries), women make up the largest proportion of traffickers:
    († United Nation and F.B.I.)

  • You, Frank, are also a pathetic case.
    How much are you being paid to defend FEMALE sex trafficking Queenpins??
    You, Frank, are a disgusting human being.
    (there was documentation of child trafficking and child sex practices on the computers but because of people like FRANK….

    • SalientTruth:

      If you look through my many comments you will find absolutely no sympathy for Keith Raniere’s many female pimps.

      Without those female enablers, Raniere would have committed far less damage to young women and girls.

      • Youre doing great, your doing Gods work SS.
        When I’m not here to scream at all this female apologetics I know you are here asking the REAL questions and not letting the “media” pamper these sick freaks.
        Male or female.

        • Thank you.
          Because of their gender women get away with a lot of mischief.
          A recent news story from Delaware County Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) is about a female child services case work named Candace Talley who pimped out a young mother to engage in prostitution and kept 25% of the proceeds as a commission.

          “Child services worker allegedly forced a mother into prostitution
          Candace Talley, who allegedly pressured the mother in exchange for a favorable child-custody recommendation, is also accused of recruiting other women into a prostitution ring.”
          “She is charged with corrupt organizations, trafficking individuals and promoting prostitution and related offenses.”

  • I have reviewed all the photos, which I have seen of Allison before and after NXIVM, I have even during and I have not found any other that resembles that photo with which this article is headed, in which you can see your left eye fallen, I wonder if she is hypnotized or has contradictory feelings in her, in the case of grace park, she also looks weird.

  • Je suis l’affaire d’Allison depuis son arrestation. Je pense qu’elle a eu un lavage de cerveau. Une secte n’est pas le meilleur pour une personne. Ranière mérite la prison a vie. Il a abusé de la naïveté d’Allison est de plusieurs personnes.

    • Please write in English, not Frog.


      I’ve been with Allison since her arrest. I think she was brainwashed. A sect is not the best for a person. Ranière deserves life imprisonment. He abused the naivety of Allison East to several people.

      I notice you Frogs have a fondness for perverts like the child molesters Roman Polanski and Jeffrey Epstein who had a townhouse in Paris.

  • When she admitted that she lied to people about the organization being “women only” and that they gave money and collateral based on those lies, isn’t she guilty of fraud? Maybe racketeering charges include fraud? I hope she gets a fairly light sentence. It is hard to tell how calculating she was, or if she was simply gullible and dumb. Probably some of both.

    • Yes, these people are guilty of a lot more than what they were charged with, and the government made the decision to charge them with the crimes with the highest penalties and the most evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. I hope she gets the maximum sentence, in order to give her time to wake up and to protect society from her. She is still a very dangerous person who could easily relapse into the type of behavior that got her into trouble.

  • It’s almost certain that “Frenchie” the Mack defender/apologist will show up, so here are a few more inconvenient truths to consider based on the above, to add to a long list:

    * If Mack was enthralled to tears by Raniere talking to her “sweetly” in August, 2014, then there’s a pretty good chance that their sexual relationship had started before she joined DOS more than a year later, and became “collateralized” – as compartmentalized as things were, Lauren Salzman wouldn’t necessarily know when that actually began.

    * Given that Mack had maintained a residence in Knox Woods for about 5 years before joining DOS, and had the Vicentes as roommates for a while, she most likely knew about and had probably participated in at least some of the more mundane illegal activity like transporting cash payments into the US and evading taxes; and was aware that Raniere and NXIVM had a disregard for the law, as well as for telling the truth even to its own general membership (not to mention the public – we absolutely see her being intentionally misleading about the fact that Raniere was at least her guru in NXIVM, and not just a friend in the neighborhood; and that Jness was a “movement” when it was actually a front for the same group).

    Those things may not be absolutely certain (except the last ones, where her written words catch out her deceptions) – but that cuts both ways: given the moral, ethical, and legal cesspit that she literally lived in the midst of, no plausible argument can be made that exonerates her from at least some level of complicity and corruption, that she should have recognized and extricated herself from like so many others (including eventually the Vicentes) did, unless something was very wrong with her.

      • agree with you, and I wonder if other posters think it or fantasize it.
        and on those long nights Smallville, 3000 miles away from Raniere, there were 2 way practice sessions.

    • Anonymizer, you still use people who were not involved in DOS as a reference that they could react and leave and Allison did not, but the reality is that they have no comparison, women in the pre-TWO intimate circle, did not move away from KAR until he put them in a situation that took them to the limit, and that was different for each of them.

      Just look at the situation of the Fernandez sisters the three were part of the intimate circle but it was not until KAR got angry with Daniela and tried to break her that she started to react since her crime had been to kiss Ben Myers, and by doing that forsook something that is basic in anyone’s conscience, and it is the fact that feeling love for someone is not bad, but even so she tried as much as she could find a reason to convince herself that KAR was right, after all the accomplishment she convinced everyone by inclining her family that she had done something wrong although she never told others that her crime

      It had been just kissing Ben Myers, but he convinced them that she had done something very bad and it was the fact that she was trapped in the secrets and lies that she knew she should say to explain to all the reasons for KAR to want to punish her, and in That whole process never revived help from her sisters who knew a part of the truth, so you can tell me that people according to you who were not in the same situation as Allison, you could use as an example, because so far I don’t know any story that involve more women than those already mentioned in Frank’s report and who have appeared in the stories published by other means, I mean Sarah Edmondson who as we all know was in DOS but was helped by Mark Vicente to make her react and then tell her husband, and on the other hand we have the two prosecution witnesses, Nicole and Jaye, who were Frank’s informants, so I ask you can mention someone else that you know that came out of DOS, before Frank’s publication about the brand and slavery that was what caused the unwind in the lower ranks.

    • What you missed me? Idiot! get a life…

      I defend logically based on facts…you still Don’t know what is a fact.

      “if my perverted vision say she is crying so she is having sex with it it’s a fact”
      Well no, it’s a fact she had no relation until after her complete coercion…but continue to live in fantasy

      “Since she was living her whole life there, she must know what every Citizen of knox wood did”
      Just because Allison lived there for 5 years, idiot, doesn’t mean she knew anything…

      How many people knew about the dark side of the cult in knox wood you Professional clown?

      “those things may not be absolutely certain”
      you bet…they are inaccurate actually but for you, it doesn’t make a difference and you’ll still use it as a proof…get help because you are as delusional as “old man”…
      Just because you dream about something doesn’t mean it’s true.
      Instead of Following the fact, you refute them with what? with an absurd theory.

  • America is about Freedom.
    America is about Choices.
    People come to America from all over the world to gain that Freedom to Choose.

    Everyone is Free to Choose the Right Path, the Path that obeys the law and promotes Human Dignity and the Rights of Others.
    Everyone is Free to Choose the Wrong Path, the Path that demeans and dehumanizes Others.
    Education in America is almost universal with numerous schools, libraries and media to instruct people on what is Right and what is Wrong.
    Allison Pimp Mack because of her then wealth and prestige had access to that education.
    Allison Pimp could have learned that slavery and blackmail are Wrong, so Wrong that they are considered crimes.
    Allison Pimp Mack knew that pedophilia, sex between adults and children, is a crime.
    And Allison Pimp Mack denied Raniere’s rampant pedophilia, enabling him to continue preying on children.
    There is no excuse for this level of ignorance of the law.
    There is no excuse for this level of immorality.

    Because of Allison Pimp Mack’s Lust for Power and the pull of her gonads, she chose the Wrong Path.
    Allison Pimp Mack lusted to be Queen of NXIVM.
    Allison Pimp Mack lusted for power in this criminal gang so badly that she was willing to push aside romantic rivals like Nicki Clyne and Lauren Salzman.
    Allison Pimp Mack was willing to torture, blackmail and enslave other women to obtain power.
    And when one chooses the Wrong Path one often loses one’s Freedom.

    Shed No Tears For Allison Pimp Mack.
    The fact that Allison Pimp Mack was eager and willing to sacrifice her own Fame and Fortune in order to hurt Others and expand her Power is Irrelevant.
    The true focus must be on protecting and vindicating Allison Pimp Mack’s many victims.

    Let the churches and God deal with the legally irrelevant issue of Salvation.
    It is for the Government to deal with the massive harm inflicted by this ignorant, demented, depraved, degenerate woman.
    Allison Pimp Mack has damaged over one hundred women and exposed them to the threat of blackmail, extortion and shame.
    The courts must vindicate the rights of these victims by punishing Allison Pimp Mack in the harshest terms possible.
    The Government must make an example of Allison Pimp Mack to serve as a deterrent to others who would choose her Wrong Path.

  • The thing that has always stood out to me about Mack is her low intelligence and emotional immaturity.

    No doubt Raniere saw it and exploited it to his full advantage.

    She is a convicted criminal though, and not at all blameless.

  • Frank,

    An Excellent and insightful article. Thank you!

    At this very moment….Somewhere in a Chicago suburb…there is a chubby 61 year old man in need of a defibrillator machine.

    • Frank-

      How many [just a simple estimate]of the Dos women, in your opinion, would go back to Keith Raniere and DOS today if given the opportunity?

      Put another way, if Keith were released today and could start up NXIVM and DOS.
      How many do you believe would go right back?
      Allison Mack committed crimes, but I do have some pity for her. She is a fairly pathetic creature. I have more empathy for her victims and believe she should receive 2 years in minimum security prison.

      • I think if Raniere was freed tomorrow about 50 of the original 100 plus women would be ready for a new pussy branding today.

        • That seems high to me. I figure about half were only there because of the manipulative and deceptive recruiting – including leaving out the fact that DOS was actually run by Raniere – or changed their minds and wanted out just because they found the demands for collateral and obedience too much. And of, say, half who might have been okay staying, even knowing that it was really Vanguard’s deal, I’d bet that more than half of them are now disaffected and want nothing more to do with the grungy guru.

          So I’d estimate a quarter or less, down to predictable diehards like Clyne, Roberts, Haertel, maybe one or both of the Lim sisters, and a few others. NXIVM’s general membership seems to have been decimated, and I think even DOS has to have suffered very heavy losses.

          Can you really think of 50, Frank? Maybe we need to review a list sometime.

        • Frank, You’re just proof that you’re a liar.
          Stop writing that Allison Mack is a victim.
          I bet you’re a child predator too, Frank

          • Salient Truth:
            I won’t go that far but I believe that society must stop winking at known pedophiles.
            People like Roman Polanski, Jeffrey Epstein and Woody Allen, all of them scumbags.
            But as for me, I have never trimmed my sails in attacking the Hollyweird elite who have tolerated pedophilia for far too long.

      • Shadow,

        Lighten up! I have to lose close to 20lb. I gained since the fall.

        I only dump on you in regards to Allison Mack incase you haven’t figured it out yet.

        Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman are guiltier than Allison Mack.

          • Some girls and women may love the bad boys but, for God’s sake, a pathetic, smarmy, stinky, greasy, nonsensical, impotent, pervert weirdo like Raniere? Let me get shallow and say he has really bad dress sense too. A bad boy has to be at least manly and slightly attractive at the least

        • Yes NG2, body shaming not allowed.

          So that we may all liberate ourselves, I think any Frank Report poster should submit a photo of themselves in the classic Keith Raniere “Gambler” pose, that is lying one one’s back on a tacky hotel bed, clad in boxer shorts and a white tee shirt, legs crossed, reading ones favorite book.

          This “collateral” as it were could somehow be dropped so even Mr. Frank would not know who the photos belong to. Frank would only need to publish. Could garner more clicks than the usual Alison Mack piece, though probably not nearly as many as a Kristen Klick piece.

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