MK10ART's lovely portrait of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Why Allison Mack Was Ordered to Marry Nicki Clyne – a Bedtime Story

By George Frobisher

The following is a true story and recommended for reading to your slaves at bedtime.

Once upon a time, an actress named Nicki Clyne quit her TV acting job to be what she thought was Keith Alan Raniere’s only secret sex slave.

But wouldn’t you know – he said that to all the girls.

When she found out she was not his only slave, the lady was wroth but began to realize it was her “issue”.

She wanted to be the only woman he “owned,” which was selfish.

Nicki then realized that as long as she was his number one slave, she could bear it.

Then one day she got the worst news of her life. She found out that former TV actress, Allison Mack, was also his secret slave – which meant she would not be his number one slave.  Allison always upstaged her.

There was going to be a fight, but the world’s smartest man solved the problem.

Nicki had a problem herself. She was not legally in the U.S. She had lied in her immigration papers that she was here in America from Canada as an entertainer and she had not been doing any entertaining for years. She was busy being a slave.

Soon she would have to go back to Canada and then she wouldn’t be able to be a slave to Keith Raniere anymore.

Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack vied for Keith Alan Raniere’s affections. MK10ART painting.

So Keith, having two jealous slaves, did what any good slave master would do – he married them off to each other. He ordered Allison to marry Nicki – which, as his slave, she promptly did.

This quelled Nicki’s jealousy by making Nicki indebted to Allison. They had to remain – for better or worse – married for several years in order for Nicki to get her green card. Allison had to lie repeatedly to immigration officials and sign affidavits that theirs was a true-love, lesbian marriage, which it was not.

They both loved their glorious master, Keith Alan Raniere. The marriage was “fake” – made only to get Nicki to be able to live in America.

But no one, especially the US government, needed to know – and so Nicki had to treat Allison royally. They began to be friends and chewed sugarless gum together and stayed on Keith’s 800 calorie diet. And sometimes had threesomes with their lordly master.

Nicki was no longer jealous of Allison but grateful, for Allison held the key to Nicki staying in the US where slavery was feasible. [It is outlawed in many nations.]

And they all lived happily ever after, until a blogger named Frank Parlato started writing about Keith and Allison, saying they were branding women on their pussies and blackmailing them too.

It was a rotten thing to say and showed he did not understand the real meaning of female slavery to a man, which is not so hard to understand if he had just read the DOS handbook.

MK10ART’s painting of the bible-like DOS slave handbook. It taught women how to be good slaves to one man, something they needed to learn must assuredly, their master told them. The DOS book was rather like a bible. Lauren Salzman, another slave, helped write the book following Keith Raniere’s micro-guidance and direction.

Lauren said in her own articulate way, “the book would be very pretty and it would outline the philosophy, people could go and they could study the book but the book was supposed to be secret and that he had envisioned that it would be kept in like a secret location and that people could go but they would have to be like basically checked that they wouldn’t record anything, they wouldn’t copy it, they wouldn’t take any pictures of it, you know, like screens to be able to go in and that the book could be like maybe chained to the wall or something, it would be secure so they couldn’t take it, they couldn’t copy it, there would be no evidence of it but they could go to these places and they could study this book,”

But because Frank had not read the DOS bible and wrote so stupidly about slaves – as if they were stupid themselves – all kinds of people quit Keith and left him as their teacher.

And the noble Keith was forced to tell ‘a little white one’ – saying he had nothing to do with branding pussies or being a sex slave master.

A little later, the New York Times got wind of the story and made it into big news.  Then the Department of Justice and the FBI started investigating Keith for crimes he would never do.

Keith, Allison, Nicki and other slaves ran off to Mexico. Their benefactress, the lovely Legatus – Clare Bronfman – footed the bill.


MK10ART’s sketch of Clare Bronfman, known also as Legatus.


Many thanks to Nicki Clyne for posting her selfie in Puerto Vallarta that revealed Keith Raniere’s hideout. Authorities arrested him soon after. Painting by MK10ART

All was going well. The slaves were planning a special recommitment ceremony, to recommit their slavishness to Keith. The ceremony was to include his top slaves – his first line – eight lucky slaves who would congregate and give a group blow job to the golden master – eight women’s mouths on one lovely flaccid member.

But Nicki spoiled it.  She went out one day and, wanting to show off, she posted an Instagram photo of herself climbing a pole in Puerto Vallarta – just when law enforcement had lost track of Keith.

That nasty Frank Parlato published Nicki’s picture and speculated that if Nicki was in Puerto Vallarta – she was with Keith.

Soon enough, the FBI was alerted and Mexican federal police apprehended Keith, who was found in a closet, under some women’s clothes.

Keith was deported by the Mexican federal police – and arrested by the FBI in El Paso. The slaves went home, their eager lips deprived of sharing their glorious sperm-sputtering master.

Next, Allison was arrested.

Keith was moved to a Brooklyn prison, the MDC.


MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere in prison.

Nicki followed her master to Brooklyn with a few slaves to carry on the work. But she was not allowed to see her glorious master. The judge prohibited Keith from seeing any of his slaves.

The poor benighted child was reduced to working at a bar to make rent.  While it was a good place to find new slaves,  without a man to lead them, it was hard work.

Happily, Nicki knows that Keith will soon be freed based on his legal appeal – and that his conviction will eventually be overturned.

Nicki Clyne, sketch by MK10ART

Though she married Allison, Nicki is glad Allison is going to prison, for when Keith gets out in a month or so, as she hopes, she doesn’t want to share his payload anymore.

She wants her lips alone next to the soft succulent divine mentoring mesmerizing joystick-like cum-spouting fount of wisdom – without the greedy sperm-sucking succubus lips of her rapacious wife – the gluttonous Allison Mack.

And when Keith gets out, Nicki will be there, green card in hand, the last of the first line slaves – with a few new slaves under her. She will once again be queen of the slaves and they shall live happily ever after.

Sketch by MK10ART. Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne discussing their future.


Keith Raniere with  Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne. Once he gets out, will Kristin come back to her former master? Sketch by MK10ART.




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  • I am the prophet with the new tech, I have an enormous penis and I am a Jew. I have waited until now to come forward as the worlds smartest man with the “ largest penis” mind you, to help man kind with their craft. I am rationale, and edified, but NOT a guru. That is for cult leaders like Charles Manson who slept with all of his clan and controlled them to kill people, have sex with them etc. Please keep in mind that I have the highest IQ in the world, for a man with such a large penis. From this point on I am the chosen leader that will have edict over the Vanguard, and the Prefucked. You will call me the “ Human Tripod” for obvious reasons. Through me as your new leader, you will learn true enlightenment, as long as you take the proper classes. In order to begin I will need not only collateral, but sexual favors. Be patient, you will be contacted if you are worthy. In the meantime I need you to become as financially liquid as possible. Peace be with you all. Stabs back, and stand by.
    The Human Tripod

  • “He ordered Allison to marry Nicki – which, as his slave, she promptly did.”
    Nice bedtime story but too bad it’s just that…a bedtime story…not a fact.

    Nobody can confirm wether true or not.

    BTW, nice way to decredibilize further to add the childish “art”…

    “Allison had to lie repeatedly to immigration officials and sign affidavits that theirs was a true-love, lesbian marriage, which it was not”
    That is a risky statement based on the “accusation” by someone under scrutiny of laws…bringing this continuously (until proven) is difamation…

    but you this site lie so much so why stop , right?

    “They both loved their glorious master, Keith Alan Raniere. The marriage was “fake” – made only to get Nicki to be able to live in America.”

    See , just what i told you…Allison never was in love with the “glorious” master…it’s a story made up by Frank based on not much (but an unnamed source which was often wrong)

    She had a relation with Raniere only after her coercion was complete…hardly a sign of love i would say.

    “so Nicki had to treat Allison royally. They began to be friends”
    Idiot, they were friend for years… It had nothing to do with DOS and Nicki didn’t treat anyone royally…she was a professionnal asshole and idiot.

    “Keith, Allison, Nicki and other slaves ran off to Mexico”
    Once again, false…Allison was in USA until the arrest of Raniere (she was in LA the day before…one of her friend confirmed that).
    Also, the next day, Allison was back in USA…she never ran off.

    “Happily, Nicki knows that Keith will soon be freed based on his legal appeal – and that his conviction will eventually be overturned.”
    This is based on what a troll said…i thought that only shadowidiot would believe such BS but never underestimate the stupidity of FR team!!

    “without the greedy sperm-sucking succubus lips of her rapacious wife – the gluttonous Allison Mack.”
    You are a disgusting pervert and need serious help…

    Seriously, this is what FR is about now? not even a tiny bit of Truth anywhere? exclusively lies? wow, i know this site was on a down road but this!

    • If “Nobody can confirm wether [sic] true or not” then you also really don’t know that Mack might not have been as awful as some people say? You seem to claim at times to know something of her, and yet you can also never explain any of the inconvenient facts about awful things we know she was actually involved in.

      And isn’t it in fact established that Mack was actually going down to Mexico to help perform a group blow job on Raniere – as disgusting and perverted as that may seem?

  • The story is lies. Except our Vanguard who delights the hearts of men and their wives is going to be free. The appeal has made the judge quite worried. We voice our support.

    • Ram O. is good, but E No. Obramo would have been better. I’m expecting more from you nicki. pick up your game! Please do Ivy Nevares next!

  • Only Keith could be the father of this amazing child.
    But who is the mother? All we can be sure of it is not Ally or Nikki.

    “Child prodigy: A 3-year-old in Britain has become the youngest current member of Mensa, a society whose membership rules require an I.Q. in the top 2 percent of the population.”

    Rumor has it, the child runs a sex slave cult in his pre-school.

      • And quite a few of the sex slavers in NXIVM had Italian names – starting at the top with the sort-of former child prodigy Raniere.

        So what?

          • It goes back to the Old Testament, not the Koran. Raniere associated with polygamist Mormons in Mexico, not Muslims. That’s why what he did also looks a lot like the FLDS, and was similar to practices of various other fundamentalist Christian and Jewish sects.

            What are the Theological Justifications for Polygamy?

          • You might want to thoroughly read your own link:

            “Islam and Mormonism both originate in the Abrahamic tradition”

            My point exactly. Smith was not a scholar and knew nothing of Islam; he drew from the Old Testament, and Freemasonry on top of that.

            See also:

            Polygamy in Christianity

            “Polygamy is “the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.”[1] Polygamy has been practiced by many cultures throughout history.[2]:3

            There are numerous examples of polygamy among close followers, devotees, and the faithful to God in the Old Testament, but it is generally not accepted by most contemporary Christians, though other Christian groups permit the practice.[3][4] Some Christians actively debate whether the New Testament or Christian ethics allows or forbids polygamy and there are several Christian views on the Old Covenant. ”


            The same goes for child marriage; Muhammad follows the Old Testament, and until recently much of Christianity did, too – and of course holdouts like the FLDS still do.

            What’s important is that it’s simply reprehensible whether it is Raniere and the NXians, or fundamentalists of Abrahamic and other religions.

          • In Islam, at least you have the stipulation that a man cannot concurrently marry more than four women, all of which must be public and not secret marriages, under the bindings of a legal marriage contract for each wife that she must agree with, with the explicit expectation among all of the wives and the man that hr must treat them equitably. All marriages are supposed to be made with the intention to be lifetime ones under a Divine oath, though divorce is allowed if the marriage situation becomes unmanageable for both parties, which each letting the other go without any emotional abuse or baggage. The exception to this intent is among many sects of the Shia who believe in “temporary” marriage that can have a stipulated timeframe anywhere from an hour to whatever. The majority of Muslims do not believe in such a notion because such allowable time frames make it more akin to prostitution than marriage.

            No such requirements and prerequisites exist in Christian sects such as Mormonism, and it certainly didn’t exist in Raniere’s harem.

        • Anonymaker:

          So those Abrahamic religions like the Methodists and Lutherans, and Episcopalians and Presbyterians and Catholics are prone to polygamy too?
          You live in a different America than I live in.

          Unfortunately, you ignore the fact that in America the Christian churches have come down hard on the Mormons for their polygamy and have passed numerous laws cracking down on the practice.
          Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act

          “The Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act (37th United States Congress, Sess. 2., ch. 126, 12 Stat. 501) was a federal enactment of the United States Congress that was signed into law on July 8, 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln. Sponsored by Justin Smith Morrill of Vermont, the act banned bigamy in federal territories”
          Edmunds–Tucker Act

          The act:

          Disincorporated the LDS Church and the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company, with assets to be used for public schools in the Territory.[6]
          Required an anti-polygamy oath for prospective voters, jurors and public officials.
          Annulled territorial laws allowing illegitimate children to inherit.
          Required civil marriage licenses (to aid in the prosecution of polygamy).
          Abrogated the common law spousal privilege for polygamists, thus requiring wives to testify against their husbands.[7]
          Disenfranchised women (who had been enfranchised by the Territorial legislature in 1870).[8]
          Replaced local judges (including the previously powerful Probate Court judges) with federally appointed judges.
          Abolished the office of Territorial superintendent of district schools, granting the supreme court of the Territory of Utah the right to appoint a commissioner of schools. Also called for the prohibition of the use of sectarian books and for the collection of statistics of the number of so-called gentiles and Mormons attending and teaching in the schools.[9]

          If you hate American freedom, culture and values so much you are always free to emigrate to a country more to your liking.
          Everyone in America is Free to Choose their own religion but they are not free to practice polygamy and pedophilia.

          • The Abrahamic religions all pick and choose what parts of the Old (and New) Testament they’re going to follow, or not – and often, which they then use for hypocritically judging others’ adherence. Only a few of the strictest ultra-Orthodox Jews actually come close to following the Old Testament consistently (including some polygamy), a real adherence to principle that is at least admirable in a certain way.

            Early Protestants actually wrestled with whether to go back to polygamy as part of the Reformation, because it is in the Old Testament, and it was apparently enough of a covert practice (as in Mormonism now) that it was a subject of continual theological discussion, and occasional writings arguing in favor of it, for centuries. Martin Luther wrote “I confess that I cannot forbid a person to marry several wives, for it does not contradict the Scripture,” and approved of at least one powerful German follower openly taking a second wife.

            And you can’t ignore the reality that fundamentalist Mormon polygamists have actually been given significant leeway to continue to disregard those laws for more than a century, by officials and elected leaders including non-Mormons in Utah, Arizona, and other places. If you use The Google you will find that the Salt Lake City Tribune provides estimates showing that there are actually about as many total Mormon polygamists today, as there were when the practice was supposedly banned in 1890 (they made up only a small percentage then, and a tiny fraction now).

            I’m certainly not arguing for pedophilia, and my point about polygamy is that it is unfair, unjust and fallacious to associate it with individual Muslims, most of whom do not practice is and, particularly among those who have moved to the West, do not believe in it any more than Christians do. Or, to cite the Judeo-Christian values on which American was founded, as Jesus said, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

            You seem to actually be the one complaining about America all the time. In my experience, your sort of attitude is unfortunately too often found in people from immigrant families, that were of the ethnic and religious groups themselves subject to undue bigotry and discriminated in earlier eras.

            To quote from Founder Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanac, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    • How do you even properly IQ test a 3 year old? I’d doubt what’s behind that story, though a quick-fact check shows that it has been widely reported, including in more reputable media.

      There’s actually an infamous type of pathological parent who lives vicariously through a child who is a supposed prodigy, and goes so far as fudging testing including coaching kids in advance (there are a limited number of tests for young children, and it turns out that resourceful parents may be able to get copies). And there are shades of Raniere in that – didn’t some of his supporters actually do the tests for him, to get him into an elite sub-group of Mensa?

      The lives of prodigies, who are typically pushed by their parents, often don’t end up well – Raniere is actually a minor example of that as well, as he was intellectually advanced in grade school, treated as special by his parents and put in special schools.

  • Is it just me or do the people in the 2nd painting (in suits with dildo missiles) look like Reilly & Jonesy from Letterkenny?

  • Nicki rocks. Smartest of them all. She is loyal. She wasn’t showing off. She will be the leader of the women when Keith gets out. Before the evil Shadow says anything, I am not Nicki and Keith is getting out. We have word that the judge knows Keith is going to win the appeal. Why do you think he keeps delaying sentencing?

    • “Smartest of them all.”

      Maybe she is, but that isn’t saying much considering the group. She is the one who gave away VanFake’s location. The question is whether she did it intentionally or not. After all, she didn’t get charged with anything and looks to have come out unscathed and is living free.

      Just some thoughts to ponder. Isn’t that right Nicki?

      • btw nicki, was your Gastone Hiram Porter MD DDS etc a reference to someone else? …. maybe Michelle Hatchette did bring their awareness to you, as they are focused on African-American women and sisterhood.

        • Ice-nine:
          Please let me second your points about Doctors Gaston and Porter.

          They are legitimate medical professionals with a practice in Washington, D.C. and an office near the campus of George Washington University.

          Since Nicki associated with NXIVM Doctors like Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts, she might not fully appreciate the work of legitimate serious medical professionals like Doctors Gaston and Porter.

          • exactly, shadow. there are too many similarities in nicki’s made up name that match the legimate doctors’ for it to be a coincidence. she must have stumbled upon them through michelle hatchette or danielle or something, and decided to have fun with it. however, if that was her intent, I do not think of it as funny at all. they are respectable professionals and should not be used by the nxivm fools in any sort of mockery whatsoever.

          • Ice-Nine:
            Anyone who knows what Doctors go through to be trained and build up a practice should be offended by this kind of clowning around by Nicki.
            Years of training followed by residencies and internships.

    • ” Why do you think he (the Judge) keeps delaying sentencing?”

      Good Question, Nicki.
      Simple Answer.
      There were so many victims of the NXIVM gang that processing the Victim Impact Statements is a major chore.
      There were over 100 women in NXIVM DOS.
      Each one is a potential victim of blackmail and sex trafficking.
      There were students in Allison Mack’s bogus acting school “The Source.”
      Her overpriced acting school was a front to recruit people into the cult, particularly wannabe actresses.
      Thousands of people were suckered into Nancy Salzman’s fraudulent self-help program Executive Success.
      Other people enrolled their children in the unlicensed Rainbow Cultural Gardens, an overpriced day care center.
      Other people were victimized by the Raniere-Bronfman litigation machine and driven into bankruptcy.
      Cult expert Rick Ross could make a good claim that Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman perverted the legal system and arranged through Mark Vicente to alter crucial evidence in the civil case he had with NXIVM, driving Rick Ross and his organization into bankruptcy.
      Frank Parlato has made a decent circumstantial case that NXIVM was involved in murders.

      If all of the claims by the many victims of NXIVM were fully investigated it would take months or even over a year.
      And those victims have the right to Restitution.

      “Before the evil Shadow says anything, I am not Nicki” Ellie Nads- Trebor

      Why am I evil?
      I have never branded women with a hot iron the way Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman have.
      I have never collected blackmail material the way Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman have.
      I have never turned women into sex slaves the way Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere have.
      I have never molested a child the way Keith Raniere has.

      By the way, Nicki, I hope Danielle Roberts is enjoying her extended vacation in Mexico.

  • Nikki should have that painting of her climbing the tree hanging on her wall. Keith would want it that way.

  • Any chance we can have a copy of this DOS handbook? It would be interesting to see what twisted ideals the Vanturd wanted to infect civilization with. Can you please make it possible Frank? We have only heard excerpts about this book in testimonies but I am really curious to know what this book says and the extent of Keith’s psychosis.

    • I don’t think there is any psychosis involved – just terminal selfishness and an unfathomable core manipulativeness. He failed through hubris; thought he could outmaneuver everyone. Maybe he is finally coming to terms with his own fallibility, but it’s too late for anyone to care except the completely brainwashed. Perhaps the psychosis is in his followers.

    • I agree, Amy. I’m curious to see all of his brilliant “modules” also. You would think that with KR losing the rights to his “tech,” it would become available online for interested parties.

      • Thank you “Not Psychotic”, “Scott” and “Sheriff” for your responses… Can I then request Frank to do a separate article only about the DOS “Bible”? Where all the testimonies and comments about the handbook are consolidated into one article so we can read it as a whole?

  • Frank writes stupidly and is nasty. How dare you call Frank names like that, Frobisher! Take it back immediately! LOL

    P.S., there are no conjugal visits in Federal prisons, unless you count the Bubbas and Bubbettes.

  • Gwahahaha, Frank this was so good. God, the Raniere cult is such a freakshow with screwed up degenerate D-Grade Hollyweird actresses, scam artist sociopath scumbags, vindictive moron heiresses, corrupt state officials and crooked/vicious doctors, et al. This saga keeps getting better and better the more that comes out. The thing it, it is hard to feel sorry for any of those clowns getting what is coming to them via the legal system; they are reaping what they sowed and they went over to the dark side (and willingly embraced evil) a long time ago. For normal people, though, their exploits certainly do defy belief; please keep the stories coming!

  • Hey Frank, not sure if you are familiar with the internet archive called “Wayback Machine”, but it has a lot of content from Allison Mack’s former website. I just felt like poking around to see what was there, and it’s clear she liked to write a lot. Here’s an entry from 11/5/14 that mentions KAR on his morning walk:

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    You know those days when you just feel like it would be a good idea to be anyone but yourself?

    Like you wake up in the morning with a laundry lis of things to repair, redo, rewind? Those days when you think it might be best to disappear and start a new life, only this time with no intimacy? No closeness? Just a way distant existence where no one gets close enough to see the cracks in your sidewalk.

    That was this morning for me.

    I got in my car and decided to drive. On my drive I saw my friend. He was out for a morning walk. Usually I rush to say hello…This morning I wanted to speed by. But he caught my eye and waved me over. It would have been rude to accelerate away, so I made a u-turn and drove over to him.

    “Good morning,” he said sweetly.

    I melted.

    Tears streaming down my face he held my chin and told me he was proud of me. Then he wished me a good day and kept walking.

    A little later I had a virtual meeting with a very special group of friends I have met with weekly for over 2 years. We are all a part of the women’s movement I speak about, Jness. we have been though births, deaths, weddings, break-ups, and some pretty impressive arguments over the last 24 months and yet we still meet every wednesday morning at 8am EST.

    I felt raw, apologetic and challenged. I was late to our meeting and the ladies were sitting quietly in my honor when I arrived.

    Without punishment for my tardiness they asked if I was alright, then proceeded on with the meeting.

    My fears were addressed, inadvertently. My fears were addressed in the form of love. They did not pressure me for answers nor ask me why I was so weepy. They simply held space for me to be vulnerable and upheld love.

    Now, after the call, on my train my to NYC, I feel filled up. Wiping the dirt of my knees I can see that we all fall down, and sometimes all you need is a loving group of friends to stand by you as you figure out how to pick yourself up.

    I am so grateful to my dear friend, Keith, on his morning walk and my beautiful friends Julia, Sara, Kim and Nati. Your gentle but unwavering hands really held me up this morning.

    I am so wealthy in love.


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Frank Parlato Investigates

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