Bangkok: Heidi Clifford Did Not Need to Sell Kristin’s Truck to Pay Nxivm – They Would Have Never Sued

By Bangkok

I am here to put a STOP to the idiocy being advocated by AnonyMaker in the other thread written by Kim (about Mr. Dirt).

AnonyMaker is trying to claim that Heidi’s animal-like & sociopathic behavior is simply the result of: “everybody grieves in different ways”, LOL.

Let’s examine this…

Threatening to TRASH your loved ones belongings IMMEDIATELY after they were murdered/suicided is NOT the way you ‘remember’ or ‘honor’ them if you TRULY LOVED them.

It’s NOT the way you ‘grieve’ if you TRULY LOVED THEM.

To the contrary, this is how sociopaths try to ‘move on’ with their lives with minimal reminders about their own loveless feelings about the deceased.

It’s the way a sociopath tries to erase the memory of somebody they do not love, FAST.

What about selling her truck and giving the cash to NXIVM to pay for a seminar? That’s normal?

Kristin Snyder in her Toyota Tacoma that Heidi sold to pay off the tuition for Kristin’s Nxivm classes – the one which she was ejected from – and then was never seen again.

Sorry, but that’s like saying the family of Sharon Tate would have donated some of Sharon’s assets to Charles Manson simply because he ran a lawnmowing business that may have cut Sharon’s lawn shortly before they decided to murder her.

(the lawnmowing business is obviously made up here, I’m simply illustrating a point)

Image result for sharon tate charles manson

My point is that no LOVING family would EVER consider doing that even if Charles Manson threatened to sue them.

Besides, how would it look (from a PR perspective) if NXIVM tried to sue the estate of a person who just named them in a suspicious suicide note?

I doubt they’d be pressing the issue in court when they CLEARLY were trying to cover-up or minimize their involvement in Kristin’s life.

Kristin Snyder’s suicide note might have been the basis for a wrongful death lawsuit. It is not likely that Nxivm would have sued Heidi Clifford for the missing Kristin Snyder’s tuition. However, it is possible that Nxivm might have employed some extralegal collection efforts.

A lawsuit would only highlight NXIVM’s involvement in Kristin’s life at a time when Nancy allegedly paid ‘hush money’ ($50k and a snack bar) to keep one of the alleged conspirators silent immediately after the suicide/murder.

Nina Cowell lied to police about Kristin Snyder and soon after got $50,000 and a brand new business in Albany NY.

A lawsuit would only risk exposing every NXIVM person who spoke with Kristin shortly before her death. Therefore, they would never have sued her estate.

Heidi Clifford either gave that money to NXIVM voluntarily (OR) she simply lied to the family and kept the cash for herself, selfishly showing her own loveless behavior towards the family.

Either way, Heidi Clifford was NOT a LOVING partner of Kristin Snyder.

Anonymaker (and anybody who agrees with her) is nothing but an apologist for a sociopath and God will never allow any such people into the Pearly Gates.

Those people will spend eternity residing with Pam Cafritz, Toni Natalie and Barb Jeske, with Satan.

Fuck you, naysayers.

Repent and accept Jesus Christ into your heart as I have. You cunts and assholes.

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  • 99 percent of these comments make no sense to someone new. Maybe you have to know the commenters to understand who they are and what they are talking about. Who is Batwoman, is she the spokesperson for the Snyders? I’m not trying to be offensive by asking, I just don’t understand the Batwoman comment without any context.

  • Bat woman:

    It seems that Kristin Marie Snyder, Gina Hutchinson, and other NXIVM victims have been left out in the cold – to write about scum bags, and our US President (his stories have gone to the White House).

    The NXIVM victims are being forgotten – and that drops the ball ⚽️ on the investigation for these victims. That is very sad. Kristin does NOT deserve to have her life forgotten. To catch these criminals, to have the police 👮‍♀️ reports, to see what they have to say, to write what was said in the last recorded interview with Heidi Clifford- all that has gone for lost. That means people will NEVER know what a sweet, kind person Kris was and is.

    The 2nd issue – the second part of the ID Discovery has NOT been done ✅, and Batwoman is wondering, if that will ever be done ✅, or if that too, was a waste of time, or whether the whole time, was a sham!!!!

    Batwoman is wondering if there will ever be JUSTICE for these NXIVM victims – or whether, the guru and his minions will all be glorified in the end, which is what it looks like now.

    Batwoman says the Snyder family hasn’t heard ONE ☝️ word from ID Discovery – on whether they still plan on doing this, or whether it is for NOT.

    Batwoman says Kim Snyder is very upset 😡 about NOT getting JUSTICE for her sister, and she wanted BATWOMAN to speak out for her. She is very frustrated about whether anyone cared about her sister, or her mom any more. She has been very depressed and does NOT feel that this project will ever be completed – so, she wanted BstWoman to speak out, and see what is going to happen next!!

    Maybe someone will let Batwoman know if anyone ☝️ still cares about Kris or the Snyder family!!!!!!!

    Please help the Snyders complete the investigation of their daughter, Kristin’s homicide!!!!!!

    • Tell Kim, nobody has forgotten.

      – The more eyes on FR, the better. A rising tide raises all boats.
      – ID is a key. If it was up to Frank, I’d guess ep 2 would have already aired.
      – I always hope there is something going on in the background with law enforcement.
      – I also hope Nancy and Lauren are providing information. If they are, info on Kristin should come out.
      – All it takes is one person with a conscience to come forward.

      Hang in there. Progress is being attempted. Let’s pray it works.

  • Superman
    The Snyders are outraged at the LIES that have been told on them, and their daughter, Kristin.

    The first LIE- that a family member had molested Kris as a child 👶- and that family member, if the lie had gotten back to the correct officials, that family member could have been stripped of his medals 🏅 that he earned in serving as a 10 year Marine Soldier. Fortunately, the lie was stopped before it got any further than Anchorage, Alaska. The LIE was heinous, and this sort of criminal act could have wound that family member up in prison. I am here to set the record straight. NO such heinous act EVER took place with this family member and his child 🧒. This is a HEINOUS LIE, and it came straight from the pits of HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people that were involved in telling that LIE- will meet their maker, and have to account for these HEINOUS LIES on this soldier!!!!! He gave his life for this country- HE gave his ALL for family, friends, and countrymen. You don’t tell a HEINOUS LIE line this, with NO evidence to back it up!!!!

    This LIE has been very damaging to the Snyder family, but it has NOT destroyed them. We will persist and investigate Kris’ death 💀!!!!!!!!!

    Then, 16 years later, another HEINOUS LIE comes to light, to shock the heck out of the Snyders – that Kris was telling people that she was PREGNANT with Keith’s child 🧒. If the Snyders had been told that from the get-go, the investigation would have gone in a totally different direction. This, again, was a very shocking story to hear, after 16 years. This same story was found in a “journal that was written 10 days before Kris died – and never once did Ms. Clifford call the Snyders to tell them Kris was in trouble and needed help! Everything was left up to the STUPID Malicious Medically Neglectful NXIVM leaders, who would NOT comment after Kris went missing, and when they did comment, they too, LIED!!!!! They have NOT stepped forward to tell the TRUTH – but people who are seductive – rude – evil – won’t step up and take their licks – Ed Kinnum, Nancy Salzman, Ms. Smiloff, Karen Abney and others- you know who are!!!!!!!

    You don’t hurt 😢 people such as the SNYDERS – They want to know what happened to their daughter. Won’t one of you criminals have the gall to step forward and tell them? Please???? Get in the plea bus……last chance!!!!!!!

  • IDK who in hell you think you are diagnosing Heidi Clifford with sociopathic tendencies based on misinformation from a half-wit troll on FR, AnonyMocker — it’s slanderous, it’s divisive and it’s insane in itself — but if you are any kind of healthcare professional, your license should be pulled immediately.

    You’ve lost all credibility with me and, I’m sure, anyone with half a brain reading here.

    • I’d like to add that Peaches, Bangcock and Anony have no right to treat Clifford in this way. She did the most ethical thing with her truck.

    • Heidi, is this really you?

      Bangkok is attacking my attempt to be understanding and compassionate towards Clifford, in which I said she might just have been expressing grief in an unusual way – and I supported that with a citation from an expert source that, in fact, “anger and rage” are possible, if less common, responses:

      I think that’s hardly troll-like, and in fact the opposite. I’ve actually taken pains to avoid speculating about Snyder and Clifford’s relationship, and Clifford herself, out of respect for the departed and grieving, and because I don’t think we know enough to form any useful theories.

      But there were indeed so many points at which Clifford seems to have failed to treat Snyder with the care and concern we would expect as a life partner, that it does raise questions – along with how she came off in her interview with Frank, have you seen that? I can’t completely dismiss such things out of hand, and treat Bangkok and others who’ve made similar points or asked similar questions as if they’re utterly wrong – that would be troll-like.

      • And you rolled right over for a puppy pat on your tummy in agreement with the troll as to Heidi’s alleged “sociopathy” without a substantiated fact in sight, AnonyMocker. A lack of testoterone does not automatically make you compassionate.

        • Heidi, how then would you characterize what we know of Clifford’s behavior and actions during and after her partner Snyder’s mental deterioration and disappearance? I assume I don’t need to list the various things that have been pointed out.

          Given what we know, and that Clifford still hasn’t told anywhere near the full story of what happened – including to Snyder’s family, who are now apparently desperate to know – I don’t think it’s going to far to concede to Bangkok that she may have “some tendency towards sociopathic behavior.” That seems to have either been fairly common among people attracted to NXIVM, or something they brought out in people.

          • How would I characterize “what we know” of Heidi’s ALLEGED behavior?

            MISINFORMATION and MISCONSTRUATION from sources desperate to deflect any possible culpability from themselves onto Clifford.

            Even were NXIVM not involved at all in Kris’ disappearance — and I do believe the facts clearly prove they were — no one wants the guilt and stigma associated with an ‘apparent’ suicide.

            Raniere & Salzman are expert at using guilt as a weapon. Raniere frequently boasted about having guilted Clare out of a fortune after the Forbes article ran wherein her father labeled him a cult leader, for example.

            It’s been oft repeated that for all his “there are no victims” preachings, to hear him talk of it, Raniere was the most persecuted person — next to, nay beyond, Christ himself — who ever lived.

            He would show “The Life of Brian” and “Pecker” to his early acolytes, to Gina especially, and compare himself to the lead characters to garner her sympathy. Poor persecuted prophet that “Brian” was and poor pecker, persecuted for a having a big penis.

            So now we apparently have a guilt revival going on where everyone’s blaming and name calling and misconstruing the conflicting facts.

            Last thing we need is some self-appointed expert from the peanut gallery playing patsy to a toxic troll like Bangkok, LABELING innocent people as “sociopathic” murder suspects to remain in the troll’s good graces.

            Raniere would be proud.

            “Don’t feed the trolls” is a wise Sililicon Valley epithet.

    • Relax Heidi, Frank said anonyfaker works hard for this blog. I agree with Frank, the trolling cultist conspiracy kook never
      shuts the hell up. He should get an actual job to work at.

  • Let’s not forget that the local police were involved and being manipulated as much as possible by NX leaders, chiefly Nazi Nancy Salzman who, as we know, was also doling out orders and incentives from Albany to the entrenched Anchorage acolytes — and that did not include Heidi Clifford or her mother — who were at their first and last ESP intensive course — or the Snyder family.

    The Seward police were in charge of securing the scene and evidence and Kris’ truck along with it’s contents was a key piece in their control. Kris’ mother, Jonnie, well recalled these events captured on camera during her interview with Investigation Discovery filmmakers. I was at the filming. What Jonnie said, to my recollection, was that NXIVM wanted that truck and everything in it very badly and told, tried to prove to, the police that they were entitled to all of it because Kris owed them money in payment for the ESP courses she’d taken.

    I.E. Nancy tried to seize all the evidence by manipulating the police claiming her business (then ESP) was entitled to the truck and its contents. The Seward police, however, disagreed and allowed the Snyder family to clear out Kris’ personal belongings including her notebook. The truck was impounded by the police and I don’t think Heidi Clifford or the Snyder’s had much choice at that point to meet Nancy’s demand for payment but to sell it and pay off ESP, rather than let the truck be seized by ESP and possibly tampered with in the same way that multiple alleged suicide notes turned up.

    At my sister, Gina Hutchinson’s, “suicide” scene, btw, it appeared ‘evidence’ was placed in her car including a torn photograph of me, my ex-husband and Gina, placed under the passenger side visor that was not recorded by police, may not have been there initially. There was also a second gun at Gina’s scene that was never recorded in the police report but that some of the police informed us about AND our Father and Stepmother retrieved from the Hollister County police department months later. That’s right. 2 guns, one completely ignored.

    IDK where all this speculation on Heidi Clifford’s motives is coming from but it’s not coming from the facts.

    Based on those FACTS, I speculate that at the very least NXIVM was tampering with evidence and was, IS NOW, playing mind games to deflect blame from themselves by, in part, generating conflict. There are some individual agendas going on, as well, but that’s exactly how NXIVM works — through manipulating psyche’s, pitting individuals against one another, especially families. Something they are still despicably working with my own family and friends. And, I might add, using their influence with authorities to do so.

  • Consider that most wills explicitly instruct the executor to settle all of the person’s outstanding debts from the estate, before assets are distributed.

  • Like anyone, Anonymaker makes comments some of which I agree with, some of which I don’t but I don’t find it necessary to attack them and personally hate them. Some of Bankcok/Retard’s comments I can also agree and disagree with in equal measure. Anonymaker’s comments make for good debate and, quite frankly, they research things I cannot be bothered to do so I hope they long continue whether my opinion is similar or not. It is a shame people get themselves in such a state over words on a page.

    • Lies and opinions based on lies that harm someone constitutes slander, Natashka.

      Heidi Clifford is essentially being accused of murdering Kris. That’s more than words on a page. That’s despicable. …Especially after what NX has already put Heidi and the Snyders through — all of us, yes, but more so those of us who have lost loved ones and already suffered the NX cover-up mind games and guilt trips over those losses. THAT’s intentional infliction of emotional distress, also.

        • In every way one might imagine a few psychos in control of the vast majority of the world’s wealth might resort to to keep themselves out of prison, Peaches.

          • “…a few psychos in control of the vast majority of the world’s wealth….”

            While they were certainly psychos, neither NXIVM or any of their member were in control of the vast majority of the world’s wealth. That’s not even close to the truth.

      • Bangkok is, if anyone, the commenter saying or implying that – not me. I’ve agreed that Clifford’s response may seem outside the norm of what we might expect, but think we should be careful about trying to read to much into that.

  • NXIVM never let someone take a course without paying in full before attending.

    Kristin Snyder didn’t owe NXIVM shit. If she did, where is the proof?

    It’s another big fat lie

    • Bangkok, whoever in hell you are, you’re like that big, ugly, phlegm-spewing troll in the final Harry Potter movie stomping around bashing everyone in sight with a giant club. If you ARE Dennis Burke, and I wouldn’t dare speculate of course, lest I be pegged as a threat to National Security among other special interest groups — including Scientology freak psyche-op assholes — it’s a sad, sad day for our great Nation that you were EVER named as a U.S. Attorney in charge of ATF Mexican drug cartel ops on the Arizona border. But Frank tells me your VPN is out of Irvine, CA these days. Wait, didn’t Jeff Peterson have some buddies in Irvine? Perhaps they could tell us whether there were any Burke sightings in Irvine?

      I saw Marie White’s rendering of “The Retard” in Thousand Oaks, CA — it appeared after I used the restroom at a postal annex near where I was charging my cell after being chased out of my son’s home — and Frank says “The Retard” and “Bangkok” have the same VPN. I assumed that may have meant Frank is Bangkok since there was also a quite obvious attempt to frame me for some crime, anything, and/or, just make me seem insane by noting it — something my ex needs to do to gain control of our son’s medical funds — but now I’m thinking, naw, Frank wouldn’t put up my comments implicating him if it were him, would he? Unless, he’s working with my ex which I haven’t ruled out entirely, yet. Ex doesn’t have the kind of clout to get a postal employee to harass me, nor does Frank, but Scientology does most certainly and, thanks to Peterson, we know there’s a Burke connect there. Hmmm. In any case, Heidi Clifford did not kill Kris Snyder and I’ve never touched a gun, never even thought about killing or injuring someone or their vehicle much less stealing my own son’s. IDK what this world is coming to but whoever is planning these things and trolling this site should not be in any govt. leadership role or be allowed to use their prior connections thereto once disgraced from office. Has it occurred to you that maybe my disabled child misses his mother, at all? And maybe that’s more important than whatever agenda you think you’re accomplishing with these childish antics? What’s really scary is how Burke fucked up the ATF op and got some of our own men ‘accidentally’ shot so I guess I should be grateful all I’ve suffered so far is a sprained foot trying to film the shit show I was treated to so far. My son, however, is suffering my absence if that matters to you. But that’s better than whatever accidental fate you’ve been known to cause a parent that their child suffered greater for.

  • Here’s a comment meant for Frank only (and maybe just a few other intelligent readers) since most everybody else is too fucken dumb to comprehend it.


    If we’re working on the assumption that the suicide was murder and the note was forged…

    The one thing you’ve failed to SERIOUSLY consider (with regard to the suicide note) is that although it makes no sense for NXIVM to cast negative suspicion upon themselves by including their OWN NAME within the suicide letter, it makes much more sense that Heidi Clifford would have wanted to portray NXVIM as a believable reason why Kristin would commit suicide — since according to Heidi, that’s precisely what she wanted police to believe when choosing not to tell them about the pregnancy.

    I’m saying that Keith would have NEVER allowed a suicide note to be forged that cast NXIVM in such a bad light, as it just wasn’t necessary (they could have easily forged a note citing other reasons for Kristin’s depression, which didn’t turn NXIVM into a villain).

    However, if Heidi Clifford was involved in Kristin’s death then it makes PERFECT sense that she’d want to give police an outside ‘reason’ why Kristin would commit suicide —- and blaming NXIVM would have been a perfect choice. It would have taken police in a direction away from her, if indeed she was involved in some fashion.

    It also explains why she’d want to pay off Kristin’s debt to NXIVM quickly, to make sure that everything related to Kristin just went away fast.

    Also… Heidi Clifford knew enough about kayaking to understand Kristin’s knowledge/connection to the final area that she allegedly paddled out from but never came back to (a place that Kristin likely never visited that day, as it was likely just a setup).

    Heidi would have known much more about that shit than NXIVM would have known, especially as it pertains to Kristin’s knowledge of the area.

    I don’t care what Heidi claims her alibi is. I don’t necessarily believe the timeline anyway.

    I don’t care how ‘tight’ her alibi seems. The police there are clowns and the timeline is likely not written in stone.

    She’s a known liar (based on her admission about the pregnancy being withheld from police).

    Also, I doubt that Kristin’s pregnancy was something she was okay with. She was likely jealous that Kristin was boning Keith and that Keith could give Kristin something that Heidi couldn’t — a middle sized boner, with ejaculation.

    Heidi Clifford is Satan incarnate IMO. She can’t be believed.

    At any rate… It’s much LESS BELIEVABLE that Keith would have allowed such a forged note to be written casting NXIVM as the ‘culprit’ for a suicide, as it’s against his own best interests.

    Yes, Keith is a valid suspect in ‘general terms’.

    But if you really think about the suicide note, you’d realize that NXIVM would never have written such a note. They’d have cited a different reason for her suicide, if indeed they had written it.

    If you disagree then KISS MY ASS and GO TO HELL.

  • Bankgok, I’d agree that you may be onto something that Clifford indeed has at least some tendency towards sociopathic behavior – and that may explain things in a way that could be rather ugly, such as regarding her callousness, but not actually nefarious. I’m not trying to apologize for her, or anyone, just trying to figure out what really happened, and where the responsibility actually lies.

    And I think you missed my point, detailed elsewhere, that what she did regarding the truck, is not necessarily unusual for people enthralled with a cult. As we see epitomized in DOS, participants become conditioned to believe that absolute subservience and loyalty to the organization and its leaders is somehow supposed to be an important manifestation of their personal integrity; they are expected to do exactly as they said (or were manipulate and coerced into saying) they would, even though those above them are typically lying and abusing their authority, and unaccountable.

    Remember, Clifford was apparently hoping – even believing – that NXIVM would cure her mother’s descent into dementia, and as far as we know her involvement continued, probably because she didn’t believe the group was responsible for what happened to Snyder.

  • It’s immaterial whether NXIVM would have sued Heidi. If NXIVM was asking for the money, it was diversionary. Just like the note. Just like NXIVM’s own investigation.

    If Heidi paid the money, it was to get NXIVM out of her life forever.

    Or everything is bullshit. Who TF knows?

    I know one thing. FR was better without this POS littering our day. Spring isn’t here, Bangcock. You liar. Go back to juvie.

    • Yes, Nutjob, now you’re on track.

      NXIVM was involved with the Seward police and it’s more entrenched Anchorage group — not including Heidi Clifford or her mother — in a cover-up attempt that included trying to seize Kris’ truck and its contents. They wanted the evidence and they claimed Kris owed them money for the courses in order to get the evidence. The police, however, allowed the Snyders to clear out Kris’ personal belongings, thank goodness, before impounding the truck. At that point, what choice did Heidi have but to sell the truck to meet NXIVM’s savage demand for payment for the courses NXIVM made with the police?

      Heidi was also most certainly in a state of shock but she and the Snyders were wise to keep the evidence out of NXIVM’s control, as much as possible. IMO. They are known to tamper with evidence and frame innocent people.

      • Good for filled in blanks. I’ve been here all along.

        Whoever knows Raniere, knows Heidi Clifford is blameless.

        Peaches and Anony are way off base. Bangcock is a diversion from answers & progress.

      • Heidi H, are you the voice for Clifford now? When you two chat at night, does she tell you about how soft and young Kristin looked as she waved to her through the window? (a window that never existed)? Does Clifford ever tell you about the purple fuzzy slippers? Or how deep Clifford’s greedy hands were in Kristin’s pockets? Does she tell you how controlling she was with her?

        Next time you chat, ask her how much the Toyota sold for and if she has any proof. Ask her how much money was donated to her on behalf of Kristin and why she didn’t put any of the money to buy Kristin’s headstone.


        • Nope, never spoke privately with Heidi Clifford, Fartgo. Spoke with her on camera over speakerphone during the filming of “The Lost Woman of NXIVM.” That portion has not yet aired, spoiler alert.

          Are you taking anything for that Necrophilia? I’ve heard Ayacuasa helps and you can get it late night at Vons in the olive dept. courtesy of Jeffrey Bronfman. Just look for the bins with the broken handles.

      • “The police, however, allowed the Snyders to clear out Kris’ personal belongings”
        You have no idea what you’re talking about 😂😂 😂

        Question how long has it been since you last spoke to kim?
        I can tell everyone it’s been a while.

        • Hey Nutty buddy, it wasn’t Kim who told me that. It was Jonnie Snyder, Kristin’s mother. Think ID caught it on camera but if not you could ask her if she’s talking to you, which I doubt.

        • Also, if you don’t believe me or Jonnie Snyder — wouldn’t be your own mother would she be? — you can always use deductive reasoning. How did the Snyders obtain Kris’ personal belongings — the notebook, etc. — from Kris’ truck if the Seward police did not allow them to do so?

  • Dennis K. Burke, (a.k.a. “Bangkok”), maybe one of the more bizarre features of this post is how you continue to use sock puppet accounts to create the appearance of arguments that are actually being conducted with yourself (“AnonyMaker”) so as to drive some kind of underhanded agenda that isn’t immediatley clear to readers.

    Must be a sad existence, hanging out on Frank’s blog all day, trying to manipulate the dialogue, with hopes it will somehow distract prosecutors and others working with the government away from focusing on your participation in the Bronfman/Raniere “scheme[s] to circumvent the immigration laws.” (Crime-fraud exception to privilege rules, re: fraudulent visitors visas, immigration visas you knowingly assisted Bronfman & Raniere to obtain, using your contacts at DHS and by invoking Sandweg’s former title as “former Acting General Counsel for DHS and Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement”) (1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS, Gov’t memorandum of law, dated Dec. 28th, 2018, p.5, 24)

    It’s a sad day when corrupt lawyers such as yourself, particularly those who earn money from corrupt acts while claiming to be ethical “protectors” of society, are able to get away with crimes unpunished, as you have thus far.

    What a spectacular fall. From big-shot United States Attorney trafficking weapons with Mexican Drug Cartels and arranging for the murder of BORTAC agents, to representing a “sex cult” as their corrupt lawyer and the best possible fake friend to Marco so you can continue to live off of dirty Mexican money…..

    The University of Arizona must be proud!

    (Watch for various Burke socket puppet accounts to take over the comments section, as they try to confuse readers, draw attention away and otherwise obstruct the true facts set forth above…)

    • Apparently now I’m the Keyser Söze of the Frank Report – masquerading as Burke, Bangkok, Sultan, and who knows what multitude of aliases.

      That’s what us shape-shifting reptilians do – and out in the real world, Frank Parlato one moment, and Kristen Kreuk the next. (have you ever seen a picture of the two together? Bingo!)

      • You are too dense in that inflated ego of yours. You obviously have no fucking life, Slick, other than coming on here to puke out pablum. Can’t blame people for thinking you used different aliases to spout your lunacy.

  • Heidi Clifford
    Nina Cowell
    Esther Chiappone
    Nancy Salzman
    Ed Kinnum
    Kenny Powers
    Tammy Boyer
    Jane Markowitz
    Ben Stevenson
    Kathy Morton
    Keith Raniere
    The Rat
    I would like to add that Clare Bronfman joined nxivm in 2003
    The best seat on the bus goes to the 1st one to get on.

  • Anonymaker (and anybody who agrees with her) is nothing but an apologist for a sociopath

    Spot on. AnonyFaker goes to great lengths to defend fellow sociopaths. Look at her defense of Dickie Branson and Leslie Wexner as well as Epstein, Bill and Hidacunt Clinton…etc

    Slick likes to pop in here and shit out her own conspiracy theories while claiming anyone who is tired of the lies and bullshit from government and the globalist elites are the conspiracy freaks.

    • Kid, I’ve told you before to pay attention.

      I haven’t defended any of those people, In fact, when people were going nuts about Epstein, I kept pointing out that not enough hard questions were being asked about Wexner’s involvement – Frank even posted a whole piece of mine addressing that:

      Like Raniere, Epstein Enforced ‘Super Skinny’ for His Girls; Maxwell Was Broke & Wexner Should Be Investigated
      “I believe Jeffrey Epstein’s very real and pivotal ties to Leslie Wexner – and Wexner himself – should be a focus of attention”

      Go ahead and find any example that proves your point – you can’t, both because you’re too lazy to do the fact-checking to even try, and because you’re utterly wrong, as just proved above.

      And yet you think that somehow despite your inability to even keep track of the obvious, you have it all figured out that shape-shifting reptilians control the world from behind the scenes, or whatever.

      That’s indeed the sort of mindset and cognitive deficiences that caused people to fall for cults and gurus “world’s third smartest man” Raniere and his Illumminati conspiracy theories – thanks for once again exemplifying and demonstrating that for us.

      It’s also an aspect of the Dunning-Kruger effect – which, if you’re actually young and immature, there is some hope you might grow out of:

      “In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability.” › wiki › Dunning–Kruger_effect

      • Old fuck, sadly I do pay attention to your idiotic comments. That is why it is so easy to point out your bullshit and hypocrisy. Too bad your diminutive brain doesn’t match your inflated ego. Your opinion of yourself is typical of a former Brooklyn NXIVM member as well as being a cultist in your Islamic cult.

        • Claiming or accusing, is not the same as pointing out.

          Try making an intelligent analysis and argument of more than 4 sentences, for once. Prove that you’re at least marginally better than a well-programmed machine – or not actually one.

          • Point out means highlighting. It is easy to point out or highlight your bullshit. I don’t have to claim or accuse when it is patently obvious, by your idiotic comments. Sorry, Slick, you are not dealing with your fellow insane asylum inmates here. The men in the white coats need to curb your computer time and work on reversing your chemical lobotomy.

  • I am not an apologist for a sociopath and could not agree one way or another because there is too much unknown. My mind just stays open to any possibility at this point. That said, what if NXIVM’s threat wasn’t to sue? What if it was a different type of threat? Like to go to law enforcement with the idea all was not right in the Clifford/Snyder household. Their style was to sue and bankrupt people but also to frame people for crimes they did not commit. We really know very little and when people are willing to lie, withhold information, stay silent or have had their brain scrambled by NXIVM teachings, it is a difficult mystery to unravel.

    • It was a threat, Natashka. They used blackmail of the most shocking and repugnant kind. It’s been reported on FR, previously. They said Kris revealed that a family member had raped her as a very young child before she had even a memory of it. They said they accessed Kris’ repressed memory of that alleged rape using props like a baby blanket, cues like a detailed description of what costumes their mother dressed her daughters in for Halloween as toddlers, etc.

      Of course, the Snyder’s couldn’t begin to guess that NXIVM was only collecting “collateral” — fake or real — to manipulate Kris into submission to Keith, into his bed — where Kris was impregnated — just like they do with the DOS slaves today.

      Through the years they knowingly relied on the same methods that worked to KILL Kris and my sister to not only profit themselves but sex traffic, force labor, etc. That’s why those who KNEW the dangers and, anyway, used the same methods, who led the company and profited, unconcerned with the consequences, ALL belong in prison whether they ordered the killings, as Keith boasted he did, or not.

  • How did we jump from a lesbian partnership where one member mysteriously disappeared after getting involved in a self help cult to Charles Manson mowing Sharon Tate’s grass?
    BTW on those occasions when Manson was out of prison he was usually involved in pimping and interstate car theft, not mowing the grass.

    “Repent and accept Jesus Christ into your heart as I have. You cunts and assholes.” Bangkok

    While I am not religious, no true Christian would write such a sentence.

    • Repent and accept Jesus Christ into your heart as I have. You cunts and assholes.” Bangkok

      While I am not religious, no true Christian would write such a sentence.

      I disagree, Shadow. Obviously, you’ve never seen some of the Evangelical Christians, such as Paula White, spiritual advisor to the POTUS.
      I have a feeling that when Paula is ranting in tongues, that she’s calling us all cunts and assholes.

        • Not yet….but that is the direction the evangelicals are trying to steer us all towards. I’m surprised you’re not aware of this, Shadow.

          • Good point. If there are any real sorts of conspiracies afoot, that’s one to be very, very afraid of.

          • Another dumb point. Flowers running around in her Hijab and you and your fellow Islamo cultists terrorising the Jewish population of Brooklyn. That’s the actual conspiracy right out of your mosques.

          • Islamo terrorists and their sympathetic dunces like flowers-anoyfaker love to hate on Christians. They hate President Trump for making it a priority to destroy their Christian murdering ISIS buddies, but meanwhile back at the Mosque………….

   › 2019/12/29 › jewish-attacks-week-new-york-trnd
            There was an attack on Jewish New Yorkers almost every day …
            Dec 29, 2019 – There was an attack on Jewish New Yorkers almost every day last … NYPD adds Brooklyn patrols after possible anti-Semitic attacks 02:34.
   › news › local › crime-and-courts › open-seas…
            ‘Open Season on Jews’: Outrage Over Spike in NYC Hate …
            Dec 27, 2019 – “The attacks against Jews are out of control, and we must have a … A 34-year-old woman and her 4-year-old son were attacked in Brooklyn Thursday by … Anti-Semitism is an attack on the values of our city — and we will …
   › 2019/12/31 › orthodox-jewish-man-attacked-on-brookl…
            Anti-Semitic attacks: Another Jewish man assaulted in Brooklyn
            Dec 31, 2019 – Troubling video has emerged of a previously unreported attack on an Orthodox Jewish man who was bashed with a chair and punched by a …
   › 2019/12/27 › new-york-to-increase-police-presence-afte…
            Attacks On Jews In New York City Prompt Police To Step Up …
            Dec 27, 2019 – The attacks come as Jews around the world celebrate Hanukkah. … in Brooklyn neighborhoods that have large Jewish communities, Mayor … At least six incidents of hate-fueled attacks have been reported over the past week

          • Actually, I’m Catholic, so I’m not sure how I can be anti-Christian.

            But I am anti-fraud artist, and fake Christians like Paula White and Jim Bakker are just fraudsters (cult leaders) who are stealing from their followers.

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