‘Greatest’ Living Rapist, Reynhard Sinaga, Is Gay Man Who Drugged Then Raped 100+ ‘Straight’ Guys

This is a crazy British – Indonesia story.

Reynhard Tambos Maruli Tua Sinaga, AKA ‘Super Rey,’ 36, may be the ‘greatest’ rapist in history – with more than 100 known rapes. The count may actually be much higher, with police estimates at closer to 200.

Sinaga has been sentenced to 88 concurrent life sentences in prison in England on Monday. Which means he might to get out in 30 years  – at age 66.

Sinaga was convicted in four separate trials of luring 48 victims from outside Manchester, England nightclubs to his flat, where he drugged then sexually assaulted them; 44 of whom he raped.

There are at least 70 more victims who police have been unable to identify.

Sinaga’s rapes were not the violent kind where he overpowered a woman and forced her to submit. Sinaga’s rape victims were mostly heterosexual men and all but one did not know they were raped.

In the end, Super Rey did himself in. He filmed his rapes with his cell phone after drugging victims with the date rape drug GHB.

Most were unconscious at the time they were raped

Sinaga’s apartment where he filmed his rapes.

Sinaga was unhinged much like Keith Alan Raniere of Nxivm fame – for his fondness of keeping a video or photographic record of his sexual exploits.

Judge Suzanne Goddard said in Manchester Crown Court, that the courts had rarely if ever seen such a prolonged “campaign of rape.”

“You are an evil serial sexual predator who has preyed upon young men who came into the city center wanting nothing more than a good night out with their friends. One of your victims described you as a monster. The scale and enormity of your offending confirms this as an accurate description.”

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Judge Suzanne Goddard threw the book at Super Rey.

In England, not only are alleged rape victims not named but alleged rapists’ names are not published until after conviction. Sinaga’s name was just released this week, despite being under arrest since 2017

His cell phones proved to be his undoing.

Sinaga’s modus operendi was to meet and befriend obviously intoxicated men leaving nightclubs in Manchester and offer them a drink or to call a cab for them from his place – without revealing his sexual intentions.

He was, it seems, a lifelong student. He was working on his PhD after getting his master’s degree at the time of his arrest.

He would act like a kindly, brother figure – just being a good guy. His nonthreatening appearance helped to win the confidence of men he later drugged and raped.

Sinaga came to Britain from his native Indonesia on a student visa in 2007.  He received two degrees in sociology and planning from the University of Manchester and was studying for his PhD at the University of Leeds when he was arrested in 2017.

His thesis was called: “Sexuality and everyday transnationalism: South Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester.”

His Manchester Christian church offered the court a statement in support of his good character.

He was born in Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia, to a Catholic family. He was financially supported by his wealthy father, Saibun Sinaga, while in England as a student.

Sinaga’s mother came to the first pretrial hearing but was not present for any of his four separate trials.

Parents of a monster. In the UK, Sinaga spent a decade funded by a “very rich” family in Indonesia who didn’t know he was gay and were encouraging him to settle down and marry a woman. His openly gay lifestyle was not accepted by his strict Catholic family. In Indonesia, homosexuality is frowned upon and illegal in some states.

His drug of choice was GHB – slipped into a drink. Once the victim was unconscious, he would turn on the video of his cell phone.  He rarely used condoms when penetrating his victims. Yet he tested negative for sexually transmitted infections upon his arrest.

At the time of his sentencing, almost all of Sinaga’s victims were known to have been heterosexual young men, with three exceptions. He saw “turning” heterosexual men as sport.

Calling himself SuperRey, he boasted on social media that he “saves straight boys from their monstrous girlfriend” without revealing just how he did that.

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His reign of “winning through joy” came to an abrupt end in 2017 when an 18-year old boy regained consciousness during the rape. The lad fought off Super Rey then reported the incident to police.

Examination of Sinaga’s two iPhones by police led to the discovery of 3.29TB of digital video evidence of assaults and rapes.

Sinaga inadvertently aided police in finding the identity of victims – most of whom did not know they had been raped until police contacted them. Rey kept phones, watches, cards, etc. as trophies of his conquests, and used social media to reach out to his unknowing victims online.

Can you imagine the shock of having police come to your door and show you a video of yourself asleep being anally penetrated by some guy you met once outside a bar and where you happened to fall asleep at his apartment?

Sinaga began videoing his rapes on New Year’s Day 2015.

His first videoed victim, a heterosexual man, remembered nothing when he awoke the next day in Rey’s flat covered in vomit. The man apologized for vomiting all over the place. He didn’t know he had been raped twice and that there were films to prove it.

At his trial, Sinaga denied anything nefarious went on. He pleaded ‘not guilty’ to all charges.

His victims were called into to court to testify what happened, but most recalled nothing about being raped. Videos were shown of them being raped. The victims, identifying themselves in the videos, all said they did not consent to this sexual activity.

Reynhard Sinaga, 36, who has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 30 years for committing 159 offences, including 136 rapes, appearing in the dock at Manchester Crown Court. January 6 2019.
While in custody, Sinaga let his hair grow long. (Picture: Julia Quenzler /SWNS)

Sinaga denied that any of his anal penetrations were rapes, claiming they were consensual. He said he was playing consensual sex games with the various men – who had agreed to “play dead”  in order to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

The jury rejected the defense’s consensual claim.

What may have swayed them was that, on video, several of his victims are heard snoring – as Sinaga was raping them.

While Sinaga was convicted for sexual assault of 48 named victims, police have been unable to find 70 more men who appeared on videos being assaulted.

Sinaga’s father, in an interview with BBC Indonesia, said his son “got what he deserved” and that “we accept the verdict. His punishment fits his crimes. I don’t want to discuss the case any further.”

Sinaga is the eldest of four siblings and hailed from a wealthy Catholic family.

Ian Rushton, CPS North West Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor said Sinaga had “an extreme sense of sexual entitlement” and it was his “un-threatening demeanor” that made his victims trust him.

A University of Indonesia classmate said she was shocked at his crimes.

“He never misbehaved. He never even treated his friends with disrespect. That’s why the news was such a shock to all of his friends,” the woman, who did not want to be identified, told Singapore media outlet Channel NewsAsia.

“No one knew how this sweet, quiet, kind friend of ours turned into a monster capable of committing such heinous crimes,” she added.

Following the announcement of Sinaga’s conviction, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) set up a dedicated helpline and just 24 hours later confirmed that more men have already come forward to report attacks.

Anyone wishing to make a report to the police relating to Sinaga is asked to contact: 0800 092 0410 (calls made from within the UK) / 0207158 0124 (international calls).

Reports relating to Reyhard Sinaga can also be made online via the Major Incident Public Portal: https://mipp.police.uk/ operation/06GMP19V24-PO2



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    • That’ll make sultan stick up for him, and maybe spanky would want to play catch with him. (if Kristen told him to)

  • He got too comfortable. Like Raniere. He got too comfortable and he became lazy. The guy who got away he probably didn’t drug him enough. He got comfortable doing crime and that was his downfall. Like Raniere who got too comfortable and started doing the branding. Raniere was used to manipulating women over the years of them being with him. He wanted to accelerate the process now. He got too comfortable.

    Glad to see these criminals behind bars. Great news reporting frank!

  • Rape is clearly wrong — always — no matter who commits the rapes or who the victims are (um — duh!).

    The anonymous commenter (the one who said: “Filthy fucking faggot…”) is an example of the kind of ignorant, dimwitted, backwoods cretin who somehow always misses the real point in order to promote their own uninformed agenda.

    Anon, let us know when you stop dragging your knuckles and evolve into some semblance of a human being. Until then, go back into your cave and leave the thinking to people who have IQs higher than roadkill.

    • Go take your self-righteousness and shove it up your mommy’s axe wound. You defended a homosexual rapist. There is nothing “uniformed”. A brown faggot has been caught drugging and raping males. Disgusting. And you attack someone for calling the monster out. Go drink the chemicals under the sin, you jerk-off little fuck.

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          Then you had the audacity to claim someone was changing the point with “is an example of the kind of ignorant, dimwitted, backwoods cretin who somehow always misses the real point in order to promote their own uninformed agenda.”

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  • Sinaga’s large number of victims were identified by all the photos he kept on his cell phone – if not for that cache of evidence, the police might have attributed just one, if even that, to him. I think it’s likely there are equally or more prolific rapists out there, unfortunately, who haven’t been caught or whose large number of offenses just haven’t been fully realized.

    It is a frightening example that someone cunningly using a date rape drug like GHB that leaves victims without any memory, can get away with a large number of sexual crimes.

  • Since when does 88 consecutive life terms equal 30 years?

    Britain’s leniency towards sexual perversion has resulted in an epidemic of British school children being groomed for sex.

    “Grooming ‘epidemic’ as almost 19,000 children identified as sexual exploitation victims in England:
    Lizzie Dearden Home Affairs Correspondent @lizziedearden
    Saturday 28 December 2019 23:05

    That is 19,000 victims in one year.
    Britain would be well advised to make an example of Super Rey and publicly castrate him.

  • Filthy fucking faggot.

    Where are the whiny-cunt liberals? One of their subjects is one of the worse rapists ever. A “privileged gay brown male”. And the victims are male.

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