Heidi: It Would Have Been My Sister Gina Hutchinson’s 51st Birthday Today

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Today would have been my beloved little sister, Gina Hutchinson’s, 51st birthday.

Gina knew Keith Alan Raniere from the time he began raping her — body, heart, mind and spirit — around Christmastime in 1984 at the age of 14.

Gina died — or as some of my new age friends and she herself might say, “transcended” — on about October 11, 2002. She was 33. The official cause of Gina’s death was a gunshot wound to her head. Presumably, self-inflicted.

I believe the true cause of Gina’s death was much slower and far more painful.

Decades before that cold bullet ripped through Gina’s skull — killing her instantly — Keith began boring into her brain — setting those “emotional triggers” — as Keith boasts of — firing bits of thought shrapnel that exploded in her head over time, in excruciatingly slow motion.

Gina’s real killers were weaponized humans — “tools” if one prefers — shot out from his expanding arsenal to pull those “emotional triggers” — if not the material one on the gun itself — annihilating her in heart, mind and spirit long before her outer shell was destroyed.

Much as she dodged, sought refuge, tried to shelter herself under less sadistic masters — how she worshiped some of her professors and cherished her female friendships — how she struggled to own and be comfortable in her own flesh — the tattoos Gina bore were never meaningless to her no matter how jealous they made Keith.

Keith’s gaslighting and recruitment posse was relentless. Gina’s journal, her NXIVM friends, myself (though I didn’t understand it) all witnessed these sinister antics for over a decade before she passed.

It was as if Keith had a contract out on Gina when he wasn’t taunting her, himself — all in the name of healing science. I don’t know exactly when that contract went from wanted “Dead or Alive” to wanted “Dead or Transcended.”

Perhaps Gina’s spirit escaped unscathed when she died. Perhaps in all her seeking, Gina did discover “this, this stuff we call soul” — quoting Keith in one of his more memorable YouTube sales videos while pontificating to an enraptured Allison Mack, when tears suddenly sprang to her eyes — and did “transcend,” attain enlightenment or “integration.”

Perhaps Gina achieved that eternal enlightenment Keith promised her when she first became HIS consort. One of them. Those were the days before Keith boldly used the cruder term for consort — sex slave. If so, it is in spite of Keith not because of him.

Maybe Gina really is — as, Keith first “recognized” and dubbed her — the reincarnate of the Buddhist goddess, “Samayatara.”

It’s a comfort to believe that. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Belief is a choice. That’s what I believe, anyway. Lol.
Couple days ago I was in the company of a dear friend whose husband died much more recently than Gina in a similar, final scenario. He blew his head off with a gun — however, he was in his late 60’s and had a fatal disease.

My friend believes her beloved husband “transcended by choice” — most of the time. Just the other day she got another heaven sent message. Her wind chimes clamored, her chandelier swung, a mirror shattered, she cried out to him, “I hear you, I hear you, my love!” — she told me and all our Christian and new age friends. I hate that I even checked. I’ll never tell her and pray to God she never reads this. It was an earthquake.

The Rat — here on Frank Report we’re all familiar with the Rat — says Keith’s rape, mind-fucking and suiciding of Gina was a fonder fate than most of HIS acolytes met with.

Some, the Rat explained, were subjected to much worse simply because they remained alive under Keith’s cruel and perverse rule. The Rat believes Gina escaped through death and her (or his) admitted assistance in Gina’s ‘suiciding’ was more of a mercy killing — merciful by comparison to those who must live on with what was done to them. Or what they did. It was 2009 when the Rat purportedly jumped ship.

Some in the DOJ and elsewise would apparently have us believe the formal inception of DOS was when NXIVM took a turn for the worse. That not until DOS was formed circa 2016 did the suffering begin — nor did law enforcement — including the DOJ, of course — pursue any prior NXIVM investigation.

Instead, law enforcement did — and continues to — pursue NXIVM whistleblowers like Frank Parlato and myself. [Albeit, with me the reason is most likely because some asshole designated me early on as Frank’s “sidekick.”

The Rat, for one, obviously, did not agree that DOS marked the start of NXIVM crimes back in 2009 when she (or he) feared and loathed that what was already going on then — and for decades hence — was a fate worse than death. But, of course, that would explain why New York law enforcement never got off the dime — er, lots of dimes supplied by the Bronfman and Salinas fortunes — to investigate until the result of NXIVM’s crimes made the New York Times front page headlines in 2017.

Today, on Gina’s birthday, when I read that Keith wants the names of his victims who dare speak at his sentencing made public, I’ve been asking Gina and God for guidance. The mere fact Keith is demanding this infuriates me — is what put me at the keyboard striking away and pouring out what I’ve written so far.

What is this a threat? The same tactic, one of them, Keith’s relied on for DECADES to gag his victims and opponents? Some kind of legal game he plans to play on appeal?

It occurs to me this tactic wouldn’t work if corrupt, sold out elements and individuals in law enforcement and society at large weren’t complicit in persecuting the innocent and guarding the guilty — and although I would never want to subject anyone to the bullshit I’m going through by speaking out — I know if more of us boldly did so in our own names, Keith Raniere and none of his entities or minions would ever have gotten this far. Gina might still be among the living here on Earth. Hundreds of young women like her would not be suffering and scarred emotionally or physically.

Sometimes I think she and Kris Snyder may have taken a stand — they both had strong faith in God and the hereafter and exactly what led them to want to believe in a living god like Keith proclaimed himself to be was what led them to seek a true God promised to many by transcending, when Keith threatened to destroy their faith in that.

I would rejoice if every one of Keith Raniere’s victims stood in court on his day of sentencing and proudly pronounced their names with their truths without fear of retaliation — and I’m so sorry I cannot honestly say that that wouldn’t happen in view of my experience. Fact is, too, I haven’t heard or seen any real sign from Gina. I can only imagine, know that she would want everyone to act on their own free will without a trace of fear, or force and, as all who knew her know she always strove, “for the benefit of all sentient beings.”

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3 years ago

I believe I just saw Gina featured for two brief moments in an old training video for sister missionaries. Seen on the YT channel Hard-to-Find Mormon Videos.

The video is titled, Manners for Missionaries 4: “Visual Poise for Sisters” (1994)

At 4:11 and 4:19 the sister missionary looks very similar to Gina.

I’m not saying the time frame adds up, but if it was released in 1994, it stands to reason that it could have been recorded earlier than that, because in 1994 Gina would have been 26.

Love that Nineties look!

My thought process is that if my sister had passed, I would love to see as many images of my loved one as possible.

I could be wrong, but I also think Gina is featured several times in the video, Manners for Missionaries 3: “Appearance and Social Skills” (1994)

Mitch Garrity
Mitch Garrity
3 years ago

Sorry for your loss Heidi. I can’t imagine losing a sibling or with such circumstances and involvement with those people.

The emptiness may never be filled but there are people here and those you met a long the way in the fight that care for you and I assume some are dear friends.

Take care

3 years ago

Although you and I differ on a number of issues I wish for you and for Gina that the full truth surrounding her death comes out and that you can find closure for this episode in your life.
Happy birthday to Gina.
Shadow State.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Thank you, Shadow. I do admire your research skill and intellect. I just wish you’d find a nice, normal REAL LIVE girl to get over your fantasy Allison Mack obsession.

3 years ago

may gina rest in peace

you do realize that andrew cuomo just made it open season hunting on all whistleblowers as perpetrators are released without bail but with the names and addresses of the witnesses in hand YEE HAAA

{especially for pedo acts …. read the new law 1/1 20 was it written FOR RANIERE?? you know when cuomo said last year that EVERYONE who was offended should step forward …. i was like that is not HIS NATURE now its clear why}

fuck nys government nxivm and the masonic stronghold of albany {one of the 9 cities who knew ?? they did!!!}


peace be with you heidi and yours i hope the best for you

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  chickyrogue

Thanks, Chicky. Same backatcha.

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