Reviewer of Izzy Rose – Where Nicki Clyne Works – Adds Cautionary Note, Links to Frank Report

A review of Izzy Rose – the vegan bar where Nicki Clyne works – by the website is largely favorable.

Our correspondent, Dianne Lipson, made me aware of it and a recent change made to the original review.

Dianne wrote, “I saw this review of Izzy Rose from September of last year on a blog called A Girls Guide to Drinking Alone. In November, the author added an update with a cautionary note about Clyne’s ties to NXIVM. She also linked to your article on FrankReport.”

A Girl's Guide to Drinking Alone

So, what did the reviewer have to say about the bar Nicki manages? Here are some excerpts. Read the full review here. 

The review was written following a visit by the reviewer on Tuesday, September 10, at 7:15 PM.


The Review

The Place: A charmingly sweet cocktail bar with vegan Mexican food…..

Xantico at Izzy Rose

Xantico at Izzy Rose

The Vibe: Super cute, relaxed, Brooklyn-neighborhood-bar vibes. There’s white ceramic brick walls, wooden stools that pepper the fairly large bar, a low wooden ceiling, low-hanging lamps, a semi-open kitchen, millennial-pink accents. Plants are everywhere. Wine glass holders also hang down at the same height as the lamps….. Even their lowboy fridges are wood-paneled! The lights at the bar are a little bright, especially compared to the lighting in the rest of the place….. There’s also a garden in the back… 


The Drank: It’s still happy hour and they have a handful of classics available for $8. But I take a look at the regular cocktail menu and the Xantico is calling my name. Tequila, watermelon, habanero, lime, mole bitters, shaken and served on the rocks with a black salt rim for $14. It’s like summer in a cup; refreshing, fruity, slightly spicy. The entire drinks list looks inspired by the Fort Greene farmers market — there seems to be some sort of produce in every drink: blackberries, pears, cucumbers, strawberries. They’re using Pimms and ginger kombucha in a cocktail which is maybe the most brilliant hipster Pimms Cup I’ve ever seen. And while all the drink names are fun, it’s the names of the three non-alcoholic cocktails that really get me: Co-Op Shift, House Upstate, and Dating Someone Poly…..

{Ed. Note: I wonder who thought up that last drink name?]

Should You Drink Here Alone?: If you live in Clinton Hill or one of its adjacent neighborhoods, sure! Izzy Rose is a lovely addition to the tree-lined streets of this part of Brooklyn….. 

***Editor’s Note*** Turns out, Izzy Rose might not be so safe for ladies after all. As of November 2019, new allegations have surfaced that the general manager, Nikki Clyne, has ties to NXVIM, a cult and pyramid scheme, and its submissive subgroup DOS, where women are forced into sexual slavery. You can read more here and here.

Nicki Clyne – in a candid shot at Izzy Rose- stuffing her face.


The good news is Nicki Clyne weathered the storm at Izzy Rose. Though nine of the staff quit because they found out she is the leader of a sex cult that brands and blackmails women, the owner decided to keep her on as general manager.

Nicki Clyne goes by the alias Nicki Lee in order to attract less attention to her sex cult ties.

Her role as general manager of a small Brooklyn bar marks yet another weird twist in the lady’s descent from prosperity and sanity.

Clyne left her career as a successful actress in 2008, breaking her contract with the producers of the hit TV show, Battlestar Galactica.

Clyne left in order to be with Keith Raniere. The producers had to kill off her character in order to cover for her quitting.

Lauren Salzman testified that Nicki thought she was to be Raniere’s only slave but later found out the woods were full of them. She was especially jealous about Allison Mack getting to be a slave of Raniere’s too. [These dunces fought for the privilege of being an asshole’s slave.]


When Keith found out he was under FBI investigation, he fled the USA in November 2017 and went to Mexico.

Nicki traveled to Mexico with the other slaves.

The lucky girl was to be part of a group blow job – with all eight women [above] servicing their Vanguard at the same time – orally. They called it a “recommitment ceremony.” And she who got the most sperm wins.

But unhappily, Raniere was arrested by Mexican federal police before the Gran Mamada could take place. He was then transported to the Mexico/U.S. border where FBI agents were waiting to arrest the scoundrel.

Ironically, it was Nicki Clyne that tipped me off to Raniere’s secret location. Raniere was in hiding in Mexico. The FBI did not know where he was. Then, the bright girl posted a photo on Instagram revealing where she was. I published the photo and wrote that if Clyne was in Puerto Vallarta, so was Raniere.  He was. Within weeks, Raniere was collared at a seaside villa in Puerto Vallarta. And Nicki had to go back home unable to service her Vanguard with seven other slaves.



While her wife, Allison, was charged with sex trafficking and racketeering, Nicki was not charged at all – not even with immigration fraud for her fake marriage to Allison.

Sources who know Nicki told Frank Report that she is staying loyal to Keith and to DOS. She has made, she said, a lifetime commitment.

Meantime, since it is hard to make money working for a notorious sex cult whose leader is in jail, Nicki works as the manager of a local vegan bar – called Izzy Rose.

Nicki herself is vegan.

And Nicki continues to seek recruits for DOS and commands the slaves who remain in the DOS organization.

While Izzy Rose, like the reviewer said, is comparatively safe from boorish men when a girl goes out drinking alone – I might watch out – especially if you are a slender, long-haired and attractive girl – for the general manager.

If you are susceptible – as some 100 plus women were –to groupthink and coercive slavery – one where you are asked to give blackmail material to be held over you – and are the type that won’t balk when you are told to lay down naked and get branded on your pussy –perhaps you better be careful at Izzy Rose.

Nicki Clyne wants you.


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    • Any employee that works there is at serious risk IMO. Nikki ran an operation that took financial information and personal information and used that to blackmail victims. As a manager, she will have access to social security numbers, birthdates, and direct deposit info. She can also ruin someone’s career with firings, suspensions, deportations, sexual harrassment allegations (ironically), and any number of other things. I would advise every person that works there to leave immediately and also take every precaution possible with their personal info and conversation they have with her.

  • I’m actually surprised we haven’t heard of anyone visiting Izzy Rose when Nicki is working and confronting her about her past. Would not be so hard to do.

    • Cookies,

      I think anyone attempting to confront Nicki will have fraudulent charges filed against them.

      I strongly advise against anyone trying to confront Nicki. Unless they don’t mind going to jail.

      • Why not? It’s public knowledge. Why can’t someone who is hungry or in need of a vegan cocktail or meal ask for Nicki and ask her if she is related to the Keith scandal?

        • Girl Scout Cookies,

          I do not think asking about the scandal is wrong, however, I believe Nicki will most likely call the police.

          There are 2 ways to look at the situation:

          1. NXIVM members have a track record of filing false criminal charges. There are over 20 examples, most of whom you could name on your own.

          2. Put yourself in Niki’s shoes. Nicki believes she is innocent; She is most likely fearful that a maniac from a web forum will show up at her restaurant with bad intentions. Can you blame her? Have you read some of the posts on this forum or others? Look I am no fan of Nicki, but she has plenty of reasons to be afraid and I don’t blame her for that.

          Also I don’t think anyone should “confront” Nicki Clyne.

          I agree with the gist of what you are saying, I just don’t believe it will work out to well for anyone that tries to confront Nicki.

          • Also anyone that works there has stayed there for some reason and is likely to be sympathetic to Nikki. I would not wager on you finding many allies there. And definitely do not use a credit card or anything with personally identifiable information.

  • Shadow. I am not Nicki Clyne. Nicki should be in prison. Allison should get life. All of them should get life. I advocate for law and order. Congress passes law. The executive branch should enforce them. I agree completely with the federal system of eliminating trials and letting the prosecutor decide on the guilt or innocence of criminals. Judges and juries let too many guilty people get away. Even one is too many

    • Well, your real name is not Duke Malloy.
      The only Duke Malloys I can find are a rap singer and a cartoon character from Dick Tracy.

      While Allison and Nicki committed crimes, even I favor a judicial system where defendants have the opportunity to defend themselves.

      ” I agree completely with the federal system of eliminating trials and letting the prosecutor decide on the guilt or innocence of criminals. Judges and juries let too many guilty people get away. Even one is too many” Duke Malloy

      You originally wrote a comment like this, using either the name Duke Malloy or Janet H. Mueller, in relation to Frank Parlato and his issues with the DOJ and IRS.
      The clear implication was that you believed that Frank Parlato is “guilty” and there should not be a trial.

      Every accused defendant whether Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Keith Raniere or Frank Parlato DESERVES a fair trial and a chance to be heard in court.
      That is the American Way.

      I know that Nicki Clyne is still bitter about Frank Parlato’s role in exposing the many crimes of Keith Raniere and NXIVM.
      Nicki has written, under various pseudonyms, that Frank Parlato is a “cheap Buffalo gangster” unlike the high-class Brooklyn gangsters.
      Nicki, I am sorry that your boyfriend Raniere has his ass in a crack as does your friend/wife Allison Mack.
      But they made their own bed and now must lie in it.

      I will never support a system where the prosecutor decides who is guilty and who is innocent.
      That is the path to Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

  • Waiting for the news to come out about shadowperv under the guise of a lonely plumber from Cleveland caught outside this bar stalking Clyne and possibly dumpster diving to get some of her half eaten food to keep in his trailer.

  • “Lauren Salzman testified that Nicki thought she was to be Raniere’s only slave but later found out the woods were full of them. She was especially jealous about Allison Mack getting to be a slave of Raniere’s too. [These dunces fought for the privilege of being an asshole’s slave.]” Frank Parlato

    I wonder.
    Could it be possible that Nicki is still jealous that Allison horned in on her action with the Vanguard?
    Deep, down jealous!
    The kind of jealousy that can not be healed by a fake marriage!
    The kind of jealousy that can not be healed by a Green Card obtained by a fake marriage!
    Allison is on ice, perhaps for years.
    And Nicki can play the field with other women so long as she is loyal to the Vanguard in terms of sex with other men.
    And the women of NXIVM appear to be very open to lesbianism.

    No, it can’t be!
    Nicki is a very loyal sister-wife proud to share her man the Vanguard with other women and, if need be, other men.
    Nicki would never be the jealous type.
    Nicki loves Allison.
    And Nicki will love Allison even more while Allison is locked up in a Federal Pen.

    What say you, Pea Onyu?
    What say you, Monte Blu?
    What say you, Legatus Pro Tempore?
    What say you, Yolanda Cortez?
    What say you, Gabrielle Cortez?
    What say you, Dr. Gastone Porter?
    What say you, Arthur Hunnicutt, Esquire?
    What say you, Janet H. Mueller?
    What say you, Duke Malloy?

  • I have a question for you, Frank. Are you the one who chooses the images that appear in the things you are posting? If so, are you not able to tell when images are fakes or do you just not care?

    I know that you can’t even seem to recognize Allison Mack in some of the Necker Island photos you’ve posted so I’m guessing you just have lousy eyesight and are really crappy when it comes to visual ids and that would account for your ineptitude in this area. However, since you think this blog to be “one of the internet’s best destinations for true, unfiltered, hard-hitting journalism” and yourself to be an “acclaimed journalist”, are you not embarrassed when you post fake photos erroneously? Don’t you think you should ask someone to help you in this area?

    If by some chance, you are knowingly posting fake images without the appropriate disclaimers or just don’t care whether they are fakes or not, how exactly does that jive with your self-proclaimed description of your blog as “one of the internet’s best?”

      • Perhaps the ‘cocktail’ is actually a ‘mocktail’?

        Seems like you really got up someone’s nose, Frank. Still, onwards and upwards!!

      • Frank, just an envious troll. As an avid reader of your blog, I really don’t care if the drink is a Virgin.
        Keep the news coming.
        I would guess this person hasn’t accomplished 10% of what you have done with your publications!

        The power of the mighty pen!

      • That was Anonymusse’s large and hirsute ass you deleted so kindly, several weeks ago, yes?

        So, “which photos are you claiming are fake?” Where is the response to Frank Parlato’s question? Bring it on. Exhale something.

        After determining there were no backup resources either for reliability or to give any confirmation, Frank cleaned up that whole plot of sod and turned it into a flower garden, weeks ago, remember? It was splendid. Still, there are a few lingering, recalcitrant dingleberrries protruding from the past blight. Microscopically examined, one can discern their tinfoil caps, which have sprouted antlers.

        This might be keyboard kosher, allowing oneself to have become a dam and bursting over with bitter sloshes of Anonymuss yet compulsive jerkoff.

        Ah, the pen is hazmat couture and features the wingspan of gigantic, often unnoticed angels who are veterans of turbulence.

      • I don’t know which photos they are claiming are fake in this post, but you did post a fake picture of a topless Kristin Kruek a couple days ago. That photo was obviously photoshopped.

    • Maybe they are talking about Marie and MK’s hilarious photos they did of the Nxivm old and wrinkled convicts eating potato chips.

      • There are so many fake photos to choose from and, man, are they great. The Keith playing the piano naked most enthusiastically is a personal favourite, very funny.

  • Vegan versions of dishes are always disappointing. And drinking alcohol ithout a meat pairing is also strange. Why bother? Just stay home and eat rice and build cabinets.

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