Nancy and Lauren Salzman shared the same man, but he is gone from their visage now.

Are Nancy or Lauren ‘Schtupping’ New Guys Now That Raniere Is Out of Commission?

By Shivani

Why wouldn’t Nancy Salzman have known that Lauren was among those who were branded?

These two saw each other, interacted, worked and lived in the same world. They were mother and daughter.

Just because Nancy was too advanced in age for Raniere to want in DOS, doesn’t mean Nancy was oblivious to what her daughters were doing. It’s probable that both Salzmans facing sentencing have a lot to hide. The Salzmans were all wrapped up tight in Raniere World for years before DOS became another step.

It makes more sense that Nancy knew what both of her daughters were doing. Crown Princess Michelle was engaged in design work, you see. Cinderella Scuttlebutt Lauren could go get a gun to her head in Puerto Vallarta any old time, was possibly a chronic spinster already.

Nancy was getting $45,000 for her yearly wardrobe. The poor galumph could have had $250,000 a year for wardrobe if she’d been new-age enough for Californialand. Nancy settled for peanuts for bartering off two daughters. Nancy seems to have thought that she was some kind of a d-list televangelist with a bordello out back.

Everybody clutching their pearls were involved already, everyone was getting screwed by Raniere and knew everybody else was screwing him too. Nancy was already his pimpmama. Raniere’s worker bees knew that potential recruits who had money or fame had to have special servicing. Some knew that Raniere was a pedo.

Jness was hunting for adolescents. Allison Mack had a couple of weird boyfriends before she became Keith’s nouvelle Gloria Swanson.

It’s not like she hadn’t seen Hollyweird, and Mack didn’t step into Nxivm like it was some pitch black cave and she was wearing sunglasses.

There were a lot of hardass, seasoned women working for Raniere and for their own economic “well-being.” Not everyone working with Raniere was naive. Some were just pathetically bloody needy. He had fellow mercenaries with various colored sashes. How many of the sashed men and women can pretend not to have known they were working for a criminal enterprise?

Long before DOS, things were dark and getting progressively more in the dark. Nancy and Lauren still hang out today. People all over the world saw the two of them photographed in a Starbucks line. It was like suddenly seeing a couple of Charlie Manson hags, two gas pumps away, except this is now.

So who is wearing big pants to manage the ankle-monitor fashion emergencies?

When do they get dates for their sentencing proms?

Are either Nancy or Lauren schtupping new guys now that Raniere is out of commission?

Can Lauren get PREGNANT pre-sentencing?

Some gentlemen might even pay more to enjoy someone who has to plug into a wall outlet, according to literature.

Now Raniere is back to limbo until he hears a new sentencing date. How are his attorneys being paid, or does Raniere need to get different representation after he’s sentenced? Is it trying us that he was heard making rumblings about soon not being able to afford his “funded” lawyers?

What does he think about Nancy and Lauren being so mad at him?

What would be his current state of affairs with Clare and Sara Bronfman?

Raniere has got to be be one of the oldest in his current detention center. How is he being housed, right now?

Has he been in special housing the whole time that he’s been incarcerated, because that’s a long time. He cannot have begun to adapt to what’s coming for him, if and when he gets moved.

Lauren and Nancy used to vie with other women to get access to this specimen.


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  • Shivani,

    “Are Nancy or Lauren ‘Schtupping’ New Guys Now That Raniere Is Out of Commission?”…..

    ….I am proud to say that question has never crossed my mind.

    ….Meanwhile, somewhere in the LA area, an enterprising Bangkok has borrowed his mother’s credit card; and ordered a first-class ticket to the Albany International Airport. Soon, Bangkok’s dream girl and her giant-sized bat-wing labia will be his.

    Side note: Rumor has it Lauren Salzman uses an umbrella as a diaphragm.

  • As one who saw these people up close, Nancy knew everything! I imagine it is a bit difficult to accept that a mother could offer up two daughters on a platter to Keith.
    Money was a big motivator for the Salzman trio.

  • Of course, Shivani you have heard that classic story from Old Hollywood about David Selznick who married one of movie mogul Louis B. Mayer’s daughters.

    “David, why did you have to marry Louis B. Mayer’s daughter?”
    “Because someone had to shtupp her!”

  • I don’t know how much Nancy knew, but you make an interesting argument. At the very least, Nancy might have wondered why Lauren (a reasonably attractive women despite what anyone says) never seemed to have a boyfriend.

    • Did you catch the FR post last Summer by Gary Goldman, an Albany attorney who once tried to date Lauren?

      Gary said Lauren and Nancy tried to reel him into ESP / NX by pimping Lauren out.

      He said Nancy was lurking in the hallway when he was making out with Lauren in her bedroom on their first get together. Then came an in-office interview with Nancy pitching NX to Gary — saying how her co. could use a good lawyer like himself, etc.

      OF COURSE Nosy Nancy knew EVERYTHING about Lauren’s love life. Wouldn’t surprise me if she secretly recorded her, at that.

      • Heidi,

        I totally forgot about that story. Mommy Salzman was totally pimping out her daughter and her daughter was trying to “honey dick” (seduce) a possible new male recruit.

        Logical Observation & Conclusion: Mommy does not mind if daughter seduces man to sell 2 week intensive session; So mommy doesn’t care if daughter has sex with Vanguard; So mommy can solidify her position.

      • Oh yes. I had forgotten about that. Thanks for reminding us of more of the despicable mother/daughter acts. I also forget that KR boned both of them. I hope there is a shred of them that feels the ickiness in that but I doubt it!

      • NiceGuy, I saw her in court several times, both at hearings and at the trial. Because of unflattering pictures of her online, I was surprised to find her pretty when I saw her in person. Except for her one prominent feature, she has regular features and a nice shaped face.Unless you see her in stark profile, she is an attractive woman. I stand by what I say.

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