Captain America: The First Avenger Actress Accused of Killing Mother; Motive Is Unclear

In Mexico, at least, they love these crazy American stories. And we have a fair-sized readership in Mexico.

So this one is for Mexico.  By the way, how can you blame them for liking these American stories? Americans say Mexico is violent and lawless and it certainly is in various areas. So it must be a relief in Mexico to hear that in the United States we have crazy people too.  And when you read about other people being crazy and committing mayhem and murder, it has to make you feel just a little better about yourself.

True, these kinds of stories are horrific for actual victims, [if they live] and their family – but for others – who read it from afar, they are often a cause for mirth and joy.  One such story is the case of an actress name Mollie Fitzgerald who allegedly killed her own mother. She allegedly stabbed her to death.

You might know Mollie for her minor role in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger.

You might have read that Olathe Kansas Police [near Kansas City] on New Year’s Eve arrested 38-year-old Mollie on charges of second-degree murder.

‘Captain America’ actress charged with killing mom in ...
Mollie Fitzgerald’s mug shot. Did she kill her mother?

Eleven days earlier, on December 20, Olathe officers responded to an armed disturbance in the 10200 block of South Shadow Circle.  Patricia ‘”Tee” Fitzgerald was pronounced dead at the scene. Mollie was there too and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

At the time, Olathe police said everyone involved in the incident had been identified, but the homicide remained under investigation.

Mollie must have told them a far different story as to how her mom died and how she got her own injuries than what police now believe.

Yesterday, police arrested Mollie, who spent New Year’s Eve in the Johnson County Jail – on a $500,000 bond.

Besides her role in Captain America, Mollie worked on several other, mostly lower-budget films, including “The Lawful Truth” [2014], “The Creeps” [2017], and the 2018 crime film Trouble Is My Business. She was in the process of making a documentary called Fireball.


Image result for mollie fitzgerald stark girl
In “Captain America,” Mollie Fitzgerald played the role of “Stark Girl” and worked as an assistant to Director Joe Johnson. The movie grossed more than $350 million.
A woman was fatally stabbed in the 10200 block of South Shadow Circle in Olathe. The area is shown in the Google Maps view from July 2015.
Murder house. Mollie’s late mother, Patricia, was in the process of moving back to Kansas City after living several decades in the Houston area. Mollie is scheduled to appear before a judge on the charges on January 2.

The funeral services for her mother Patricia will be held Friday, January 3rd, at Divine Mercy Parish, Gardner Kansas.

Patricia’s obituary omits any mention of her daughter as a survivor.  It reads “She is survived by her husband Terry Fitzgerald and leaves behind brothers Gary Hunziker & Terry L Hunziker of Kahoka MO and Sister Nancy Ward of Las Vegas NV. Tee leaves countless friends in several states who will miss her dearly every day.”

No mention of Mollie.

Which raises the question of what is proper etiquette when you kill one of your relatives? Should you or shouldn’t you be listed as a surviving family member?

What do readers think?

Of course, it is possible that Mollie did not stab her mother to death. She might be innocent. We will have to see what evidence is presented.

For the moment, Mollie is in custody, is out of the movie business, and evidently, since she is still in custody, she can’t go to the family to help her make bail.

Personally, I would like to know more details. What is the police theory? Why did Mollie allegedly stab her mother? Is she mentally disturbed? Were there drugs involved? Was it money? Was this a longstanding, contentious relationship? Had it ever been violent before?  Was it spontaneous or pre-planned? Was there an inheritance? Could it have been self-defense? Was there a confession? Any witnesses?

Matricide is a shocking thing. Perhaps the most shocking of all murders. Presupposing that Mollie was not adopted, there was a time when Patricia carried Mollie in her womb. She gave Mollie life and if the charges are true, Mollie took her mother’s life away.

It is not every day a daughter just ups and kills her mother. There is much more to the story.  None of it seems to have been reported as yet – other than the bare details I shared with our readers – here and in Mexico.

Presupposing Mollie did kill her mother, what was the motive?


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  • A letter Allison Pimp Mack could write:

    “Mom and Dad,
    Have you heard the story about that freakish actress Mollie Fitzgerald?
    She actually stabbed her mother to death!
    She was just a low rent actress who starred in “Captain America” a cheap Marvel Comics movie that is so unbelievable!
    Marvel Comics is just a cheap knock off of the great DC Comics like “Superman.”
    Marvel Comics has unrealistic stories like “Spiderman” about a man in a Spider suit who climbs the sides of tall buildings.
    Marvel Comics is not as realistic as DC Comics where Superman flies around in the air wearing a tight blue leotard.

    Because I was never exposed to that tripe on Marvel Comics, all I did was falsely accuse my nephews of being sexually molested.
    Then I branded over 100 women with a hot iron and blackmailed them into becoming sex slaves.
    Totally normal behavior for a young empowered American woman.
    You are so lucky to have a normal daughter like me.”
    Pimp Mack

  • Seems to me that Mollie is perfect material for the new NXIVM.
    The old NXIVM encouraged its members to engage in character assassination by fabricating phony stories and destroying reputations and Mollie engaged in real assassination.
    Nicky Clyne, Mollie Fitzgerald seems like good recruitment material for NXIVM if she beats the rap.

    Unfortunately, since Mollie allegedly committed the state crime of homicide, she won’t be sharing a Federal cell with Allison Mack.
    But Mollie and Allison are about the same age.
    Mollie is 38 and Allison is 37.
    And Mollie is more photogenic than Allison.

    And Mollie played a character in the Marvel Comics Universe while Allison played a character from the DC Comics Universe.

    If Mollie is convicted, she won’t be inheriting any money from her mother’s estate.
    Since states frown on homicide, they prohibit murderers from inheriting money as the result of any murders.

    Since the Frank Report has so many commenters defending Allison Pimp Mack, I wonder if anyone on the Frank Report will come forward to defend the poor Mollie Fitzgerald.
    Did Allison enjoy so many defenders because she was in a New York State cult or is the Frank Report filled with fans of DC Comics who hate Marvel Comics?
    Come On, People!
    Where’s your sense of fair play?

  • She looks disturbed on her mugshot. Bones protruding out of face. With only this to go on, I will go with drugged up

    • “With only this to go on, I will go with drugged up”

      That’s a good bet.
      Although we are in a Presidential election campaign, one issue the mainstream media will not cover is the drug epidemic sweeping rural America.
      The East and West Coast elites really don’t care about the problems of Heartland America and they are genuinely shocked when the Heartland so ardently supports Donald Trump.

    • Speed will keep you skinny and speed will make you crazy……. i.e., stimulants.

      It’s drugs you are right; Nothing like a drug-induced bout of psychosis ending in the death of a loved one. Although plenty of manic Schizophrenics seem to forget to eat.

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