Lost Photos of Necker Island — Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas and Richard Branson at Secret Nxivm Retreat

At the secret Nxivm retreat on Necker Island in 2010, a select group of well-known individuals was in attendance.

Necker Island is owned by Sir Richard Branson. And although he once endorsed Nxivm – in 2009 – and rented the island out for two paid Nxivm retreats, he does not appear to have joined Nxivm.

Indeed, it was reported to me that Sara Bronfman paid the billionaire some $50,000 per day for the two five day retreats she sponsored there.

Ah, there was gaiety, merriment, and dancing nightly at the Nxivm retreat, the days being reserved for the amazing and unforgettable tech devised by the world’s smartest man, Keith Alan Raniere.

This bright soul is, as readers know, currently in federal custody awaiting sentencing for a raft of federal crimes including sex trafficking.

But there were celebrities there in his honor. In an earlier post, we showed readers a photo of M.I.A. who attended.

Now, we have a few more photos – some of them not available anywhere else online.

Necker Island is in the Caribbean sea.


Necker Island is not terribly big but there is enough room to cavort and frolic – as well as learn your Rational Inquiry lessons.

First off, please be advised that the leader of Nxivm, Keith Alan Raneire did not attend this event. If I am not mistaken, Jim Del Negro, a man who barely made $75,000 per year and lost his house to foreclosure, was the teacher of this five-day event. His job was to train the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Kristin Kreuk, and other successful people, on how to achieve executive success through Keith’s amazing technology.

But, we are not here to discuss the classes but rather the celebrities who attended them.

Let’s start with the comely Kristin Kreuk – who was used as the poster girl for Nxivm recruitment from 2005 until 2013.

It is unclear when she stopped coaching for Nxivm, but reliable sources in Nxivm say she remained until 2016 as a student.

Kreuk is presently starring in the Canadian taxpayer-funded TV show Burden of Truth.

Here’s the comely lass with her vivacious costar on Smallville, Miss Allison Mack. Mack is currently awaiting sentencing for her conviction of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy for her role in the Nxivm enterprise.


Kristin with her then-boyfriend Mark Hildreth.

Next, we have the photos of the beautiful future convict Allison Mack. Ah, if she had only left when Kristin left, she would be a free woman today.

What, me worry?
I’m so lucky to be here…


Enjoying a relaxing moment. This was before she became Keith Alan Raniere’s slave.


Getting a little tipsy with Kristin Kreuk and further down, their hostess, Sara Bronfman – at the time period when Sara was f–k–g the monk Lama Tenzin.
At the festive table.


Lovers on the sand?


Shows off her dancing moves


Casting an admiring glance at Sara Bronfman’s lover Lama, the “celibate” monk Lama Dhonden Tenzin [AKA The Hot Tub Lama].
Casting an admiring glance at a fellow Nxian.


Cheek to cheek with her co-star, Kristin Kreuk. Kreuk has something to consider – she brought Allison into the cult. Does she have any “Burden of Truth” to help her friend? Has she written a letter to the judge asking for leniency for the woman she recruited into a land of horrors? Did she ever apologize?


Put your head on my shoulder. Won’t you kiss me once, baby? Allison with the “celibate’ monk and Hot Tub Canoodling Lover Lama – Sara Bronfman’s f–k buddy.


Head to head, cheek to cheek, Allison and Lover Lama.


Allison faces a friendly hippie dude Nxian.


Allison with her hostess, Sara Bronfman

Allison Mack at Necker Island


A fond kiss…

Next, we have Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson owns the island. So, he can do as he pleases.


With a net worth estimated by Forbes to be $4 billion, Branson showed he is a true egalitarian by mingling with the Nxivm crowd and Sara Bronfman who had a net worth at the time of less than $100 million [Her father was still alive and she had not yet gotten her full inheritance.]
Sara paid Sir Richard $250,000 for the five-day stay.

For $250,000, would you snuggle with Sara Bronfman and let someone take your photograph?
Another glass of wine? Sure…


Branson with a couple of the Nxivm boys.

What’s Sir Richard doing to that Nxivm man? And where is his right hand?

Next on our celebrity lineup is the son of the former president of Mexico Carlos Salinas – our very own Emiliano Salinas.

Emiliano almost ran for president in Mexico but was foiled by revelations of branding women in his sex cult – which aborted his candidacy. was aborted. Nevertheless, he is universally famous in Nxivm as the handsome and debonair son of the most feared and hated president in Mexican history.

He was a true-blue Nxivm man – until the heat got too much for him in 2017 – after the world came to find out that his master, Keith Alan Raniere, was branding women on their pubic regions.

He gave up his membership in Nxivm, made a tepid denunciation of Raniere –and, for a while, sweated out whether he was going to be arrested himself by US Authorities for crimes he committed while in Nxivm.

Still, in 2010, he was one of the stars of Nxivm and his appearance at the joyous event added an international glamour to the affair.


A charming ladies man, Emiliano could hold his own in any company.

Here he is with Sara Bronfman [l]
Now we come to arguably the biggest star of all: Alejandro Betancourt.

Who, you ask?. Alejandro, or Alex as he is known among his friends, was known best in Nxivm land as Emiliano’s business partner and lover.

But, as Frank Report readers know, Keith Raniere – with his infinite knowledge of all things, past present and future – informed Alex that he was none other than Benito Mussolini in his last life. That makes him the biggest celebrity at Necker Island.

Alex believed it too because Keith said it, so it must be true.

So with all apologies to Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Sir Richard and Emi, the former El Duce tops everyone on the bill.

Alejandro Betancourt was told by Keith Raniere that he was Benito Mussolini in his past life and, instead of slapping the rascal across the face and leaving Nxivm at once, he chose to stay and believe every word that came out of the asshole’s mouth.

Alex with Kristin Kreuk and another woman. Although reportedly 100 percent gay, he has no problem cavorting with beautiful women.


Here Kristin and Mark give Alex a friendly kiss.


So that’s enough for me for tonight. I have more pictures from Necker Island to share later and I hope you enjoyed this collection.

In my next post, I think I’ll do the Nxivm- Necker Island “Swimsuit edition.”

Viva Executive Success!

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  • That “another woman” canoodling with Mussolini and Kristin Kreuk is still Allison Mack, whether you call her “another woman” or not. She has on the same white halter dress and big, gold leafy suspended earrings as are photographed on her hanging over the lama Ding Dong like a grinning walrus. She couldn’t get rid of her gum-baring rictus of a smile, but she did keep changing her big Dollar Store sunglasses.

    How is one supposed to reconcile that Emiliano Salinas was kind of forced by Keith Raniere to sleep with the reincarnation of Il Duce? Ever the practical joker, that Raniere, and he probably had the videotapes, just in case.

    Surely, Raniere had videos of the reincarnation of Banamex Mussolini humping Salinas. Surely, Raniere dressed up in a wig and a feather boa and wore Pam Cafritz’s mascara while watching this show. Who can forget that the practical joker liked to go cruising in drag?

  • Kritin Kreuk’s birthday is tomorrow, born Dec 30, 1982. Funny how she starts the photo lineup tonight, and if Kristin has gotten herself out of this miserable lifestyle on Necker Island and put it in the past, good for her. Getting away from the tone deaf is a good thing. Does your Honor have any objection?

    This is gonna be a long night at the Necker Movies. Thanks, Frank. You have to have heard this before, but I wish you awards for journalism, for film and now for photography. This is great gossip and with so many razors’ edges. Who doesn’t love island hopping and maybe still hate costly cruises?

  • It’s just bizarre to see Lama Dhonden mackin’ on Allison — was this before or after Sara had her way with him in the hot tub?

  • Alejandro Betancourt, aka the Mexican Mussolini, comes from a family that controlled Banamex, once Mexico’s third largest bank.
    Round about 2001 Citigroup bought out Banamex for 12.5 billion dollars.

    “In 2001 the shareholders of Grupo Financiero Banamex – Accival Roberto Hernández Ramírez , Alfredo Harp Helu , Alejandro Betancourt Alpírez ; They decide to sell the Group to Citigroup for 12,500 million dollars, being the most important financial transaction between Mexico and the United States.”

    “Banco Nacional de México, SA ( Citibanamex , for its acronym ) is a multi-bank institution based in Mexico City , a member of Grupo Financiero Banamex , which is a subsidiary of Citicorp Holdings , which, in turn, is indirect subsidiary of Citigroup . [ 1 ] In 2018, it ranked as the third largest bank in Mexico, with a 13.5% market share in assets and credit portfolio; and 14.1% with respect to total collection.”

    Translation of a Spanish language Wikipedia page

    No wonder the NXIVM ladies want to kiss the allegedly gay Alejandro.

    • Alejandro sticks his lips out like Frankie Grande, Ariana’s brother. No wonder Raniere had to find this fellow someone to do asap, and it would have to be with a guy, and the overbooked Raniere was usually too busy.

      Imagine Raniere insisting upon playing cupid to Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Betancourt, the court intrigue, how did Emiliano let Raniere take him into experiences that he might not have chosen for himself? Nobody ever told Raniere “get your pug-ass nose out of my love life,” and everybody bowed down to make him Little Lord Fauntleroy? These guys were grown-ass men when they signed on with Raniere for life, just like Allison Mack was no babe in the woods.

      Raniere was allowed to saunter around and tell his minions who to do. Who to do. This was a mad, mad world. Raniere was like a science project “how to build your own Titanic.”

      How did someone tolerate allowing Raniere to invade their sexual privacy? He is like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, except she didn’t have a harem, only a rabbit. How can Raniere bear to repress his sadism, as he has to do to survive, while housed at MDC? Is he resorting to self-injuring, to overeating and sleeping like a sluggard?

      Now, Raniere is like a still-breathing, unpopular shrimp version of Jeffrey Epstein, but Flabturd is running out of funds. He can try appealing, but first, he’ll have to adapt to being put into his next real housing situation after his sentencing, and that can sometimes be sink or swim. He is not going to be able to walk in there looking like a coward. It looks doubtful that he can get his act together. Probably he won’t be segregated in a place like Special Housing anymore.

      Raniere better show his judo concentration and not slosh around on his cell floor, blind and injured, groaning in his own pee-pee anymore. He’s lucky he’s old and might hook up with a geezer squad who snooze, play cards, drink and save up shreds of beef jerky. Some of them are fairly asexual and still, Raniere could be the entertainment for 1,001 nights. Usually, a new federal inmate gets a physical exam, so Raniere might already have access to adult diapers before he gets his new cell situation.

      The United States prison population of inmates who are over 55 has grown a lot during the past twenty years. Raniere will be entering prison for a long sentence at age 59. All of his Mexican friends are still sitting pretty. Ay caramba

  • “What’s Sir Richard doing to that Nxivm man? And where is his right hand?” LOL

    They are a bunch of sunburnt lobster looking fools

  • Poor Shadowboy and Sultanboy. While they beat their lonely meat to the thoughts of their beloved, Kreuk and Mack were getting anal.

  • Hi Do you know when in 2010 this retreat took place. Also I don’t think I’ve seen pics of Nicki Clyne at Necker. Do you know if she was there and if not why not? Was she left to keep Raniere company? What about Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Anthony Ames. If they weren’t there do you know why they weren’t or are they not pictured because they are the ones providing you with the photos and aren’t sharing any of the ones with them in it?

    • A picture of Emiliano in his Speedo would have had have you crying little white tears from your lil weinie all over your mom’s computer

      • Whatever turns you on cupcake. I’d like to drop a dollop of frosting on your head; After I’ve pullout of your mom’s ass. I bet you will like it. It’ll be like a vanilla and fudge sundae on your face…

        Yummy, right? 🙂

    • I agree. There are no lascivious photos – the best we can offer is some kissing and drunkenness. Nothing harmful or illegal.

      • Indeed not. So you have to be juvenile and put stupid captions like “What’s Sir Richard doing to that Nxivm man? And where is his right hand?”. Is being fisted something you imagine often Frank?

      • “It is unclear when she (Kristin Kreuk) stopped coaching for Nxivm, but reliable sources in Nxivm say she remained until 2016 as a student.”


        Frank, does that mean Kristin Kreuk still took courses/classes and paid her NXIVM membership fees up until 2016 or beyond?

        If you read the media comments from anonymous “sources” about Kreuk, they are clearly deliberately lying on behalf of her, claiming she immediately left because of “rumours” that VanTurd was having sex with female students. What they say and what your sources say are as different as black and white.

        • I have it from the most authentic source aside from Kristin herself – that she was still a student in 2016. However, if I tell readers how I know the source is absolutely reliable, that will give away the identity of my source – to at least Kristin and other insiders of Nxivm. But I believe that she absolutely was still part – as a student – of Nxivm in 2016. And that Grace Park was a student well into 2017.

          • So either Kristin or the source is lying. There is no in between since Kristin claims she left in 2013 and your alleged source at least implies that she did not. It becomes a he said/she said or similar type of scenario. Unfortunately, hiding sources does not benefit anyone as far as the truth is concerned because anyone can claim they are an anonymous source and know such and such things. Unless their credibility can be ascertained, questioned, and assessed—as they too may have pure or impure motivations—claims made anonymously mean little to nothing. Many media outlets use anonymous sources, and their credibility is masked and assume that of the one they indirectly go through, i.e., the media outlet. Some turn out to be correct. Some turn out to be wrong. And either is only known when actual proof is given. When it’s the former, you here about how they were right over and over again. When it’s the latter, it’s swept under the rug and you never hear about it again.

          • Sources have to be protected. In this case, the person wasn’t seeking this info to be published, I asked and I know the source quite well and this source KNEW for a fact what Kristin’s role was in Nxivm – up until 2016.

          • Kreuk still being a student thru 2016 is very different than leaving then having minimal contact after 2012/13, as her PR statement claimed It is now clear her credibility is gone and makes it more likely that she was knowledgeable about nefarious dealings of Nx and Keith, and maybe even took part.

            That student Kreuk could ignore the increasing red flags after 2012 makes it more likely Keith and Nancy successfully programmed Kristin into a true believer. And maybe more likely it wasn’t just her mind that got fucked.

          • Protected from what? Are you seriously suggesting this person has something to fear from someone who has been described as a “cowardly smell the fart” actress? Such information can be conpartmentalized. I don’t understand what you mean when you say that this person was not seeking such info to be published. Assuming this source is true, if they revealed this information to you, then they knew it would likely be published as you have been now revealing alleged insider information about NXIVM for years and have been publishing article after article on the Smallville starlets during that time frame. As far as this particular story goes, it’s still Kristin’s word against this alleged source’s word and they have no legitimacy within the sphere of anonymity. Tabloids make all sorts of claims being loose with words alleging all kinds of sources behind such excuses. How convenient. Their words mean nothing until such people come forward and actually stand behind their claims, not behind their masks, or some third party independent information is provided evidencing such. I know for a fact I would like to face my accuser and ask them to prove their case. Just like I’m positive that you would. Or perhaps you think it would be A-OK if the government would tell you that anonymous sources have told them that you violated tax laws and they can’t reveal them to you because such sources need to be protected as they convict you and haul you off to jail.

          • The source asked for anonymity as a condition of telling me the information. She is probably not fearful of her life, but she wants to not be revealed – as a source. That was the deal I made. You are not required to believe it. And Kristin is not being criminally charged for anything.

          • “Protected from what?”
            Protected from being exposed as a snitch.
            Some people prefer to remain anonymous, right Anonymous?

          • …her Vanguard gave to her…..
            1, a hug
            2, a kiss
            3, a facial
            4, oral, on her
            5, oral, on him
            6, vag
            7, anal
            8, three way with Mack
            9, three way with Nancy
            10, group oral
            11, bound with a yellow sash
            12, a brand

        • —You are not required to believe it.

          Indeed. There is no reason to. You have one person who has come out in public and made a statement with a number of people supporting her, including one who showed her brand on national TV, while the other hides in the shadows and implicitly asks you to trust her words, providing no other evidence than that.

          • –You are an insufferable emotional child

            Says the person who posted here on:

            December 29, 2019 at 6:25 pm
            December 29, 2019 at 6:44 pm
            December 30, 2019 at 12:10 am

            …among many other times.

          • Wrong, but you are still an emotional little worm. What’s your New Year’s resolution? To be even more lonely? Another year of your life wasted, old boy.

          • I would believe Frank. Just this blog still being here is a good enough reason. Anyone who would agree with the Internet stalker Spanky, the sultan of six, who interacts with 12-year-old girls on Kreuk sites, definitely has a screw loose just like the Mad Spanker himself. I feel sorry for Kreuk because she has to be scared to death of sultan stalker who has been following her over 10 years. It’s obvious he is a deranged creeper.

          • Sultan Of Craziness,

            “—You are not required to believe it.”

            ……Flip the script

            Why do you blindly believe Kreuk?

            Kreuk has been with multiple men; And clearly enjoys “adult” relationships. How many women have you been with? (Rhetorical Question).

          • “Kreuk has been with multiple men”

            Didn’t know you had access to her diary. Please share your intimate knowledge by naming names. “Multiple” could mean “two” but that is not what you’re implying. So unless you can name, say, five, you will disappoint us. Five is not a scandalous number of “adult relationships” of course, but the point is the names, and how do you know?

          • —Sultan of Craziness

            I don’t know who that is.

            —Why do you blindly believe Kreuk?

            Where did I say I believe her? Also, why do you presume it’s blindly? How do you know I do not know her?

            Nevertheless, I only said I have less reason to believe someone hiding in the shadows, and more reason to believe someone who has publicly made a statement in front of the world backed and supported by many others. For one, it takes more courage and has more significant ramifications to her life and career if exposed as a lie. Second, I asked for additional contradicting evidence other than an anonymous word and received none. There was also that whole explanation concerning tabloid journalism which you must have forgot to read too.

            —Kreuk has been with multiple men;

            What does her possible sex life have to do with the content I was discussing? Why does that interest a supposed married man so much?

          • ” —Sultan of Craziness I don’t know who that is.”.

            Stop bullshitting, you friggin lunatic.

    • In the real world, I’d mostly agree with you, but in Raniere’s world, such affections would qualify for not being loyal to the Vanguard. Several women got in big trouble for similar behaviors.

      Also, I’ve never attended a party with that much kissing going on, epecially with people who are not a couple. However, it looks like Mack hadn’t “learned” how to stick her tongue out yet.

      • NXIVM liked to drop the names of famous people. Keeping Kristin, Grace and Catherine Oxenburg names on a student roster list would be advertising gold, even though these folks have left years ago. Of course, we are talking now about an organization that is already committing crimes at the top level. Oxenburg was in the program for years and was a student too.
        Either way, the case is still awaiting sentencing. BTW Kristin is just stunning in those pictures. Happy Birthday Ms. Kreuk!

        • The stalker returns. Incapable of believing Kreuk’s farts stink. Who are you again? Do you have insider info? No. Do you know Kreuk? No. Does she know you? No. Your obsession with Kreuk is a cult like NXIVM itself.

        • Too bad Kristen can not receive her yearly birthday present of cock from Raniere like she has received in the past. Maybe Del Negro will slip her the sausage in true nxivm fashion.

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