Shivani: Bitter, Mean, Nasty, Power-Hungry, Status-Hungry Esther Chiappone Carlson

MK!0ART - Keith Raniere and his co-conspirator Esther Chiappone Carlson

Editor’s Note: Esther L. Carlson was for many years known as Esther L. Chiappone or Esther L. Carlson-Chiappone. She changed her name to Esther Carlson a few years ago. Frank Report refers to her as Esther L. Chiappone Carlson, since more people know her by her married name – Chiappone than by Carlson. She was last seen in Sarasota Florida, selling MLM insurance with a down line of Nxivm members. 

By Shivani

Esther Chiappone Carlson has been shown as particularly lethal, as an aggressively inappropriate group leader for Raniere/Salzman (so she was and is exactly their type of leader, really)

As a proponent of lies, even as she knew very well, she was pushing propaganda to protect Raniere’s image.

She has been shown willfully engaged in deceptions. We can see she was lying deliberately, not only because Esther herself had been programmed, but because she continued to decide to represent Raniere as a celibate, a noble healer, a brilliant fellow when her own experience had included being deceived by Raniere personally.

Esther was an ideal group representative for people like Raniere. She was happy to devote her energies to backing up his entire slate of lies and of criminality.

Just like Nancy Salzman and like so many of Raniere’s devoted harpies and sexual predators. Esther KNEW what she was doing. What was in it for Esther, when it’s clear she knew how fake the entire set-up was for many, many years?

She sounds like a damned stinker who found her gang!

How relevant was any of the new age bullshit to Esther?

How relevant was any of the fake philosophy, etc. to Esther’s replacement boyfriend, James Del Negro, after Esther settled for him when she figured out that she’d never be Raniere’s Queen?

Bitter, mean, nasty, power-hungry, status-hungry, ugly operator Esther and Del Negro, another abusive perv, what are these scumbags up to now? Still sex-trafficking, still fleecing people? Let’s just say nothing about either of these two would be a surprise, and the writing is on the wall.

They are in retreat only to save their own asses, but my guess is that they have no desire to change course. Both appear to have too much to hide. Both appear to enjoy digging their heels into the end zone of the Lost Losers. Two dangerous fuckheads.

I think that Esther knew PLENTY about what Kristin Snyder experienced with Raniere at his communal headquarters in New York. Let’s be blunt, for crying out loud. This snake was in it to win it.

I think she helped Nancy Salzman, Raniere and others to entrap Kristin alone with Raniere in the first place, almost right from the moment when Kristin got encouraged to stay with Esther in New York, while Raniere was angling for his chance to start using Kristin for his sadistic and psychopathic sexual fun and games.

Sneaky and diabolical Esther Carlson Chiappone, huh? How come? Too entrenched in mutual co-dependencies? Did Esther derive pleasure, just like Clare Bronfman did, from being given so many chances to vent her very own spleen, full of malintent? You bet it all stinks.

Esther left her family and children behind and moved cross-country to live with her fantasized new guru/lover, only to discover quickly that she had been hoodwinked. Yet she hunkered down and stayed with Nxivm and spouted Raniere lies and made her living from it, trying to rise through ranks, to increase her status and earnings.

So, who are we seeing when observing Esther and her insane conceptualizations, her full-tilt support for madness which had already demolished her familial relations? She liked it way too much. It looks like Esther is continuing to feel right at home with this shit-for-life, even now.

What can one see from this? A sociopath? An evildoer? An idiot? Someone who has trapped herself by her own criminal actions, especially with reference to Kristin Snyder?

Someone who is trying to be invisible so as to elude accountability?

Someone who shed herself of having any sincere values long, long ago?

She let herself become dependent upon her ESP, Nxivm and Raniere lifestyle as her way to make a living, to have a life. Good God Almighty, what kind of a fool is Esther?

Instead of leaving when she couldn’t snare Raniere as her lover man, Esther let herself be an even more devoted acolyte. I don’t know enough about Esther’s involvement with Nancy Salzman or with Raniere or his other freaks to be able to know just how long she was into this lifestyle before she moved to New York and became a full-time freak-ass herself.

However, it looks like she burned her bridges to become more and more hooked on an enterprise which she knew was a complete scam, and then Esther built upon selling false growth and concealing her group’s deceptions. So for how many years has Esther been lying to Esther?

Certainly, I can infer from many things that have been published here that Esther settled right into using ESP, etc. lingo as though she’d surrendered her own conscience and compassion radically. But perhaps Esther is similar to certain others who were and are Raniere’s supporters; perhaps Esther arrived in Raniere’s fold already with a dead or nonexistent conscience and as an individual without any genuine empathy.

Could there be a worse kind of woman?

She has been another one of Raniere’s Lizzie Bordens. She is just a slightly different version of Toni Natalie, of Clare, of Nancy and Lauren Salzman, etc. She knew the source was all based upon scrubbed-up falsified lies and manipulations, and Esther took her stand to uphold the entire, sickening mess.

That is how it appears to me. She was attracted to her very own trap, walked right in, shut and locked all of the exits, and here, it seems, she has decided to remain, nauseating and malevolent.

Oddly, Esther was ousted from Jness by the machinations of the wacko, Allison Mack, after Esther got cranky about Mack’s low weight and began yapping aloud about Mack being bulimic to keep her weight within Raniere’s idea of how sexy starvation was.

Mack arranged to get Esther out of the way as a Jness influencer. These creeps pretend to love one another, but no one could wait to get ahead by doing a hatchet job on one another.

It’s very possible that Esther would love to scalp Allison Mack and to hang up her head and her bottle-blondie pelt on a great big stick, even now. But Esther has too much dirt of her own to do anything about Allison Mack.

One hears that Esther lives in Sarasota, Fl., so perhaps Sarasota could benefit by hearing about who Esther has been and who she is now. Heaven knows there’s plenty of information available about Esther, no matter how invisible she wants to be today.

Sarasota could very well have a murderer harboring itself right in their midst, going to their Publix grocery stores, sitting her smarmy ass down in Sarasota’s tourist spots and street cafés, looking for business.

Too bad there aren’t any wanted MLM posters for Esther. Yet.

Esther Carlson Chiappone or whatever she calls herself now, is not at all likely ever to change or to leave off promoting her plague. She probably still thinks that Raniere cornered the market as a strategically helpful fake friend of all humankind and that she and her fellow banshees still have something very ensnaring to sell, to promote.

Who is paying for Esther to make a living now?

And Esther would still know, as well, that she is lying through her gritted teeth.

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3 years ago

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?
Q. Wouldn’t you just start swinging? Chop their heads off?

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