Shivani: Lauren Salzman Did Many Ugly Acts of Cruelty, Deception and Insanity; Mother Nancy Has Been a Hungry Freak

MK10ART's painting of mother Nancy Salzman with her daughter Lauren Salzman.

By Shivani

The disgusting, phony martyrdom trip of Keith Raniere pretending that he was “thinking” of quitting his dictatorship after Lauren Salzman told him she kissed someone else was such blatant manipulation. How could she fall for it? How could Lauren tiptoe through life with zero self-respect?

It’s appalling.

My theory is that Lauren never learned any self-respect being Nancy Salzman’s daughter. There’s a sense about Nancy and Lauren, that Nancy didn’t see her, or either of her daughters, as individuals with their own lives, thoughts or desires.

MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack [c] singing with Lauren [l] and Nancy Salzman [r] providing back up vocals.
She used them as if they were her possessions, her bargaining chips, hers to sell off. Everything had to be all about what Nancy Salzman wanted. She wanted ego, food, status, power, money. She tried to conceal her malignant sociopathic narcissism behind her big act, portraying herself as a sprite mother superior (with a $40,000 per year wardrobe budget) full of self-help crap, as if she had it all so together and could offer counsel and special wisdom.

While Lauren was falling all over herself to satisfy Raniere, to please her mother and even Raniere’s ghoulish inner circle, Lauren was also Raniere’s terribly dutiful sub-lieutenant, who doled out Raniere’s rules, requirements, punishments – and upheld his needs to dominate everyone. Lauren contributed to and individually did many, many ugly acts of cruelty, deception and insanity.

She does not seem to comprehend the context of her entire, chosen atmosphere. She has been too submerged in it all to have any overview. She cannot seem to examine her own mind at all. All that she can admit to is her self-pity, spread over more than twenty years of shutting off her own conscience or self-awareness.

Once in a while, she came out in testimony with commentary such as “Yeah. Like I know now some of what I’ve done was like, not so good.”

This is such weak sauce. Also, this is not a direct quote from Lauren. I’m using it as an example of the impression Lauren has made upon me.

Lauren let herself become a criminal and then expressed self-pity about it. Her testimony in court was crammed full of self-justification, blind to the hideousness which she devoted herself to promoting for her entire “adult life.”

Lauren was born into this self-abnegation and, even in court, she appeared BLIND about her choices. If she lives in to her seventies, Lauren is likely to learn nothing. She imitated her mother but never could carry it off, as she hasn’t got her mother’s act down and is incapable of manufacturing her mother’s pretentious cover-job or her ambitiousness.

Nancy Salzman has been a hungry freak. Lauren has been an eighth of a soggy ham sandwich that Nancy kept stepping on and grinding into the floor, since Nancy was too self-absorbed to pick up the scraps she spit out while chewing and delegating misery.

This is all so fucking pathetic, rotten, stinking, nauseating. Allow me to thank the late Frank Zappa for his song, “Hungry Freaks, Daddy.”

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Lauren still seeks advice and “counsel” from her mother and is forever Nancy Salzman’s flunky. Nancy Salzman is really a hardened criminal who ought not to be given an opportunity to reenter any society ever again.

I question whether Judge Garaufis will take Nancy Salzman’s character into account when he delivers her sentence. Nancy Salzman probably thinks that she has the judge snowed.

Nancy Salzman is not even going to want to change or to face herself. Her evilness is permanent. Lauren is a total shipwreck. Nancy Salzman is still actively pursuing her pipe dreams and believing her hallucinations about herself. Her toxic pride and egotism surround her with foulness. One can see that Lauren is still lost. Her sister, Michelle, was easier for Nancy to sell off. Nancy has all of that monstrous pride that “goeth before a fall.”

It’s obvious that Nancy continues to see herself, her heartlessness and her one-pointed selfishness as being righteous thought and behavior.

Nancy has an elongated, forked tongue, the tongue of a serpent. Painting by MK10ART


Keith Raniere once told his Prefect, Nancy Salzman, that she was Adolf Hitler in her past life. Painting by MK10ART.


Two of the leading criminals of Nxivm, Keith Alan Raniere and his Prefect, Nancy Salzman. In some sort of twist of justice, Keith [rightfully] will be going to prison for decades. Somehow, Nancy hopped aboard the plea deal bus – one day before the second superseding indictment came out. She may wind up with the lightest sentence of them all. Sketch by MK10ART.
The three women – Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman and Allison Mack – have yet to have gotten sentencing dates. Some think that they are cooperating with the feds. Is it possible that they are last on the other side of the net against Keith Alan Raniere? MK10ART


Instagram banned this painting by MK10ART. It depicts Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, who he claimed was Adolf Hitler in her past life.


MK10ART painting of Nancy Salzman testifying against her other Nxivm codefendants sans her daughter, Lauren.

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