German Fan ‘in Love’ With Allison Mack – Wants Her to Go Free and Come to Germany

A fan of Allison Mack’s from Germany gives his unfiltered opinion of the convicted actress.

By Michael Lindemann

I fall in love in Allison Mack’s adorable smile, watching Smallville 15 years ago. It grows over the years, when I found out that she was born not far from me (Neumuenster-Preetz, Germany, around 20 miles apart). Very unlikely for an American actress.

It really broke my heart when I read that she lost herself in this crazy cult, especially when she lured young women into her guru’s harem (Jness).

I´m totally torn back and forth: For her crimes, she deserves spending time in prison but I really wish that the jury will find her not guilty, because she was unfit to plead.

I want to believe, that she was Keith Raniere’s first and greatest victim and that she needs therapy.

I read that his name is in the Guinness Book of Records, in the top 10 of the people with the highest IQ.  If it´s true, it´s really a small line between genius and madness. And then, it´s no wonder, that he can deceive young women who are unstable and insecure.

Allison said, she wanted to do something good and I can´t tell otherwise: World Ethics Foundation, JNess – an organisation of feminists, who want to help such insecure women.

I just take a look behind the curtain, 2018, when Allison did advertising on her homepage for the acting school “The Source”.

The linked video was just bizarro. Allison sat across from Raniere just smiling and nodding along, with an empty look in her eyes.

If her parents never left the northern state of Germany called Schleswig-Holstein to move back to the U.S., that would never happened to her.

The worst cult we have are Jehovah´s Witnesses.

If I have one wish, than, that Allison got free and will move back to her birth town, to go into therapy and to forget those crazy years.

Here she can still act and live a normal life. Only a few comic nerds will recognize her.

And yes, a part of me is still in love with her and wants to meet her even once. (But no, if she did all this voluntary, I could never be in a relationship with her.)

PS: I searched the internet for month now. Sentencing September, October, November.  It´s not far from New Years Eve now and still no sentencing date. Is this a good or a bad sign?

Greetings from Germany, Michael



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  • Beta males are so easy to loathe. What fucking pussies. Anti Nxivm blogs have been saturated with the low testosterone ejaculate of the grotesque “SultanOfSix” strokin’ it to the cowardly Kristin Kreuk, trying to shield her of any negative attention, fake aliases included. Do we now have a German Beetle Spanker for the fat ankled Allison Mack? At least Shadowstate hates the bitch. Why do beta males behave like this? Where is their self respect? Every time they spew their weak ass bullshit, they become even more worthless. This is what happens when boys don’t have strong fathers who would whoop their ass when they misstep. You just know this German cunt is a little liberal bitch who votes for Merkel, who puts fifth column muslim parasites ahead of her own people. Maybe SOS, Shadowstate and the Kraut can meet up and have a Mexican Spank Off.

    • Totally agree that Sultan of Spank is a disgusting beta male. Shadowboy does not hate Allie. He is butt hurt that she told him to fuck off while he stalked her at NXIVM events. Fellow beta Raniere had him kicked out, therefore his obsessive rantings about her. However, I still think he is deeply in love with her.

      Now, the guy that posts as anonymaker is the prototype beta. NiceGuy who constantly has diarrhea of the keyboard couldn’t even be considered beta. She is clearly a female trapped in a boy’s scrawny body. Many here would also consider Scott Johnson to be beta. I disagree as he shares many qualities with the most bullish of bull dykes.

        • My friend is a journalist and she was pretty intrigued when I told her about the Shadowstate situation… To such an extent she is now working on Expose… “Stalking Alison Mack: un-masking the Shadowstate” Part 1, was supposed to focus on the lies he posted about the case prior to the trial and his responses as his lies were exposed, bout honestly it just keeps growing and growing.. trawling through the 100s of articles and 1000s of comments she’s identified some pretty extreme far-right, racist, homophobic, and obsessional views… Reading them back to back is proving quite disturbing, my friends interest was initially piqued with how a man in their 60s could dedicate their life to stalking a minor celeb, and what could have triggered all the hatred initially, the good news is he’s left breadcrumbs all across the internet and we’re pretty sure we’ve now identified him, just waiting until his letter to the judge is published after her sentencing to confirm we have the right person…

          • “December 18, 2019 at 8:17 pm
            My friend is a journalist and she was pretty intrigued ”

            Is your journalist friend’s name Nicki Clyne aka Mrs. Allison Mack?
            Or Monte Blu?
            Or Pea Onyu?
            Or Legatus Pro Tempore?
            Or Yolanda Cortez?
            Or Gabriele Cortez?
            Or Gastone Porter?

        • “What actually is the story with Shadowstate? Did he really stalk Ally Wack? Was it really at NXIVM events?”

          How can I stalk a person in Albany, New York when I have never been to Albany, New York?
          I wouldn’t have gone to a NXIVM event if you paid me to go.

          • In answer to the above questions, No, Shadow, my journalist friend is Not Nicki Cline (or any of your other fantasy N.C. figures). She works with a fairly well-known publication.. but more to come on that in due course.

            Having observed you for sometime (I’m aware you lie when challenged), I’ll be interested in how you respond to 2 questions.
            1) Have you tried to contact AM across multiple social media platforms??
            2) Have you approached her at public events??

      • Says the biggest, whiniest bitch, beta male of them all who cowers behind anonymity as he posts and and responds to himself and projects the gaslighting techniques of his shitty little cult onto others.

        • Is this post even in English? I’m aware Trump America underfunded education but really come on! You can do better then this… I recommend that you make some notes and plan before you start typing..
          And reserve judgement until after you see what the Expose brings up there are some truelly shocking elements to it (or maybe you could get a friends/aquanintenece to read it to you and explain some of the bigger words)
          For the record there is nothing Alpha about stalking or enabling a stalker!

          • Aren’t you “Anonyspanker”? Under your Anonyspanker alias, didn’t you say you also post as “Truthseeker”?

          • Maybe education would have had more money if the O-hole had not sent it to his Iranian and Palestinian gombas. BTW loser,President Trump never underfunded education.

      • Shadow’s shrink,

        You said I am a beta girl?

        I will F’ your wife, you, both your grandmothers, and your family dog if it’s a she. My Jimmy is a equal opportunity employer.
        STFU little man!

        Maybe we should make a date: my balls and your chin?

        • I think shadow’s shrink left out the part of you being a rancid piece of crap. Not only are you a beta male trapped in girls body, I doubt your fucking hands would even give you a spank date. Keep trying loser.

    • The only thing worse than these people are those who make accurate comments about them and then don’t use their real name. Talk about beta males who are so easy to loathe, the f*cking pu$$ie$ with low testosterone include YOU. LOL

    • You are not fooling anyone with your manly disdain for libtard/beta/wusses who are pussy whipped.
      Every adult has seen too many real men blowhards like you end up crying in your beer cuz your girlfriend dumped you.
      The more tough talk, the more likely it is hiding weakness.

      • You think this clown has/had a girlfriend? Normal people in real, loving, long lasting relationships don’t hide such pent up frustrations only to reveal them in repeated trollic explosions of anger of anonymous whining and moaning in the comboxes of blogs against every perceived enemy of theirs.

        • You called him/her out perfectly—-
          “this clown
          pent up frustrations
          repeated trollic explosions of anger
          anonymous whining and moaning
          against every perceived enemy of theirs”
          —Perfect description of flabbergasted’s post. Who does he think he is? Look in the mirror.

  • Dear Michael Lindemann,

    Thanks for letting us all know who you currently masturbate to.

    I am sure the female readers appreciate it.

    BTW: Why is German culture so preoccupied with Golden Showers?

  • To our German friend:
    Let’s ask the many women who were branded with a hot iron and blackmailed into sexual slavery what they think of Allison Mack.
    Our legal system should be about vindicating the rights of the victims, not making the perpetrators feel good about themselves.

    Of course Allison Mack would fit well into Germany, a nation which has seen fit to elect the reprehensible Angela Merkel to the Chancellorship many times.
    Angela Merkel welcomed refugees to Germany with open arms.
    By the way a few years ago how many German women were raped by refugees at Cologne’s New Year Eve celebration?

    Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve

    Allison Mack sounds perfect for today’s Politically Correct Germany.

    • Germany is becoming a third world shithole but you should have the balls to post under your name Shadowboy. Even the little peterpuffer niceboy did that.

  • Pass me a bucket.

    I can’t work out if this is a joke. I recall reading a similar post by this dude a while ago. Maybe this is a tweaked, updated version. It is odd to say the least

    • It’s best to discount the comments from all of you who don’t use your real name or a name linked to a unique social media account. That means about 99+% of the comments. LOL

  • Lieber Mike, willst du Mexiko besuchen ? Wir sind viel besser als Allison Mack . Diese Frau hat sehr nicht gute Sache gemacht. Sie war sehr gemeint mit Mexikanischen Frauen :“( vergiss diese Frau !

    • Liebe Frau von Mexiko, in Deutscheland Frauen nixe anbieten ihre Tochter für Ficki Ficki mit haarigem Keith, so wie mexikanische Frau gemacht hat.

  • ” she deserves spending time in prison but I really wish that the jury will find her not guilty, because she was unfit to plead.”
    In love yet consider that she deserve jail…wow, new low.
    BTW, jury has no word in her sentencing…she pleaded guilty.
    At this level only the judge can decide the sentencing.

    “If her parents never left the northern state of Germany called Schleswig-Holstein to move back to the U.S., that would never happened to her.”
    So it’s her parents fault…yeap, you sure will convince her to pay attention to you…or to move in germany

    “If I have one wish, than, that Allison got free and will move back to her birth town, to go into therapy and to forget those crazy years.”
    Sure, after saying “go to jail and abandon your unfit parent”…she’ll definately get interest in germany.
    It’s because of her parent that she is getting better now.
    You understand nothing about cults obviously and if they were pushy, Allison would have been lost to them (like India was for her mother).

    “(But no, if she did all this voluntary, I could never be in a relationship with her.)”
    Ok…forget about her then because you ignore the facts and consider that she deserve prison time…
    how could you even think about a “relationship” if you believe it was voluntary!

    She didn’t do this voluntary.
    She was coerced,starved and sleep deprivated…this is a known fact (included in the trial).
    And she only collected the collateral (she didn’t really kept them) and under coercion, it shouldn’t even be a crime…she was stuck with a virtual gun on her head.

    She didn’t use coercion herself on other,she didn’t had any kind of act of physical violence (unless you listen ot the BS stories here that are debunked in court)

    Another thing, if you thing that Allison could have any interest on coming to read over here on FReport…you definately are far out of her reality.

    advice: you do need a therapy…there is nothing about love or cute in what you posted (and posting here was absurd)

    (and before i get a “but you post here”, i post to defend her…that is not what this guy do)

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