FBI Agent: Is James Comey Innocent or Guilty?

James Comey

J. Gary DiLaura is a legendary FBI agent [He helped break the Timothy McVeigh case; John Gotti arrest, and in the old tradition of the FBI, actually collared bank robbers after shootouts, setting a record one year for most bank robbers caught in NYC].  He has advised me on the investigation of “The Lost Women of Nxivm”. He is also an opinionated man, with deep-seated political opinions. This shows that FBI agents also have opinions. Here is DiLaura’s opinion about the former head of the FBI, his former colleague, James Comey. For those who do not come to this website for political opinion, please skip this. However, I think it’s interesting because it comes from a retired FBI agent – and concerns a former FBI director. To me, that brings it under the category of law enforcement and law enforcement abuse – which is squarely within the purview of Frank Report. No doubt, we will get some comments from those who do not quite agree with DiLauar’s opinions.]

J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, Retired

James Comey has serious criminal problems. I don’t care what anybody says, I know the law!

Any work product created by an FBI employee, “Secret,” “Not Secret,” “Top Secret,” belongs to the FBI.

Any conversations between the President of the United States and the FBI Director are classified. Any notes of the conversation are the property of the FBI. Passing notes of your conversations to someone on the outside is a felony. Taking them home is a felony.

You can have no personal notes involving any FBI interviews with anybody. If you spoke to Loretta Lynch about your grandchildren and made notes about where to have lunch, that’s personal, those notes, as long as they have no FBI, DOJ, presidential conversations or work product, can go in your safe, sock drawer or diary.

If they include work product, then those notes do not belong to you!

A “leak” is when you intentionally provide FBI information to “anyone,” even another FBI employee, who has no need or reason to be aware of that information or, in the case of classified info, lacks the clearance to be aware of that info, for any reason except for official FBI business.

So, Mr. Comey, what official FBI reason did you have to pass any FBI information to Daniel Richman, to give to the Washington Post or NY Times or any newspaper? Since you were not an FBI employee “at that time,” (your favorite phrase), you could not possibly have had an official reason to pass FBI info to anybody, hence, you are f—ed, Mr. Comey (FYI, that’s a semi-legal expression we used a lot in the FBI).

Also, who did the background investigation on Richman that led to his clearance?

James Comey is an attorney, and apparently not a good one. He is not, nor was he ever, an investigator. For him to make conclusive statements about what any good investigator would think after a year investigating a case is very presumptuous. How would he know? He never investigated anything. He only knew what the FBI told him and he took it to court.

Mr. Comey, my advice to you is to put together what you can give your old employer, Mr. Trump, on bigger fish like Lynch, Holder, Rosenstein, and the big fish, Obama. Then, have your lawyer do a proffer of what you have to offer. Second, any good investigator knows Hillary Clinton is guilty of multiple crimes. Comey and others have totally ignored Hillary’s Non-Disclosure Agreement. There is no way around what she agreed to in that agreement. She also acknowledged the crimes which she would be charged with for violating the agreement.

Each violation of each document she disclosed/destroyed or otherwise violated the agreement is a separate charge. There is enough PC to charge her with enough violations to ignore all the other charges and get a conviction that would land her in prison for the rest of her life!

The money laundering, lying under oath and on and on… If she had to make a choice between spending the rest of her life in prison and handing up Obama for, say the truth about Benghazi, what would she do?

What was Obama’s involvement in Judge Scalia’s death? What did Obama do with the NSA, Clapper, Brennan, and Comey to use the FISA court to monitor Trump and other citizens?

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  • Comey = Kenny Star.

    Different decade, Dems and Republicans on different ends; Same dog and pony show.

    Our country is so polarized now it’s like living in two realities and they both suck.

    It’s literally like choosing between the communists and the fascists. Some f*cking choice…..

    • Some f*cking choice…

      Sorta like your boyfriend Bubba trying to chose between your big mouth or your gaping rectum. Good thing your boy bubba is hung.

  • Nice read Gary. However we the US citizen were the Corrupt Comey’s employer. And by the way it is President Trump. Also it might help if you and the agency would also come clean on the OKC bombing and McVeigh.

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