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Shivani: Nina Cowell Can Run but She Can’t Hide — on the Disappearance of Kristin Snyder

By Shivani

This is it right here.

The only genuine connective link between the last ESP intensive attended by Kristin Snyder in Anchorage at the Westmark Hotel – and the location of Kristin’s truck, found parked in the dark, two and a half hours(!) south – is NINA COWELL.

I’ve kept saying this to myself and have said it here, perhaps repetitively. Why?

Because it’s the truth, as I see the circumstances, examined and re-examined.

Please think it over. Please. Again.

Nina Cowell is the only genuine connection between the intensive location, where Kristin was ejected by the ESP staff, and the distant location where Kristin’s truck was found.

The Westmark Hotel where the Nxivm Intensive was held.


Nina Cowell’s cabin was just a few hundred feet north of Millers Landing.
Aerial view of Miller’s Landing

It was an easy walk next door, from where Kristin and Heidi’s truck was left and Nina’s residence. Remember too that Heidi Clifford was blocked from leaving the Westmark with her wife, Kristin, by the ESP staff.

The ESP staff was not acting in Kristin’s best interests during the Anchorage intensive. It’s obvious, from attendees’ accounts, that Kristin was being mistreated by the ESP staff over and over again. Then she was isolated and removed from the group and from Heidi, her wife.

Heidi was trying to leave with Kristin and to get her professional medical care.


That was what Kristin needed the most. She needed to go and get medical attention, and her wife, Heidi, was ready to help her find that medical intervention and assistance.

ESP was NOT QUALIFIED to treat Kristin’s circumstances at all. Yet, this group made sure that Kristin received no help and isolated her instead, and Kristin was never seen again.

And now, Frank Parlato has published photos of this bare-bones, bullshit business Cowell moved across the country to operate.

The Nxivm cafe that Nina Cowell got $50,000 gifted to her to operate.

It was an ugly, thrown-together mess, not a cafe. That “business” was less equipped than a child’s roadside lemonade stand. Tea water and no tea bags and a few plastic hummus containers and maybe, just maybe, some crackers or pieces of bread. Ridiculous.

Yet, that cafe came with an incentive for Cowell to suddenly move from Alaska, where she had lived for a long time, to Salzman’s and Raniere’s New York neck of the woods. The real incentive was more than $50,000 and possibly as much as $100,000.

Supposedly Cowell got a new job, a new place to live and a sizable wad of money, but what in the world had Cowell done to merit such rewards? Was this “chance of a lifetime” bestowed upon Cowell to make sure that her mouth stayed shut about Kristin Snyder’s disappearance?

Now we see a photo of Nina Cowell and can be sure that she was not moved cross-country near Raniere because he would’ve wanted to get into Nina Cowell’s pants. Um, no.

Nina Cowell was gifted $50,000 to operate a cafe that consisted of a table and a sink.

We see a burly, heavyset and rather masculine, unattractive female, who is Nina Cowell.

Not Raniere’s type at all.

Cowell was set up with a nothing “job” and was moved into close proximity with Nancy Salzman, who had conspicuously delegated what happened to Kristin with the Anchorage ESP staff, and Cowell profited by the set-up financially and was removed far away from the “scene of the crime.” Gone, baby, gone.

Gone was any more scandal for Raniere, about raping and/or drugging Kristin Snyder, who was talking about these things, during her final days and hours, with Salzman’s and Raniere’s sycophants, who were controlling Snyder’s second ESP intensive.

Kristin was publicly busting Raniere’s celibacy scam.

Kristin, a gay woman with a wife, was deeply concerned and legitimately very upset, thinking that she might have been impregnated by Raniere.


And now, for the first time (for me, at least) here is a photo of Nina Cowell, who, pardon me, looks very much like a heavy, like a human bulldog. I dunno when that photo was taken, but Cowell will not talk about anything. So, still no conscience? Just an ugly American?

People who might be seen as not very appealingly attractive very often have a beauty of mind and heart coming out of the eyes. If you care for someone, no matter the “packaging,” one sees that lovingness, that beauty, the light from the eyes.

But this is not available from the eyes of Cowell. No loving kindness is showing, and to this day, Cowell will offer no help, or information, nothing about her involvement with Kristin Snyder. What I see is a human, barely human, bulldog with hard eyes and a fake, predatory “grin.”

It would be great to call this interpretation surreal. Go right ahead. What I see is bone-chilling. Cowell’s face.

You can run, you can clam up for the rest of your godforsaken lifespan. But you cannot hide.

[Ed. Note: Nina Cowell has been repeatedly invited to talk to me about what she knows about the disappearance of Kristin Snyder. That offer still stands. My phone number is 716-990-5740; my email is … Nina, don’t wait until it’s too late.]

The Plea Deal Bus. It may not be a big bus – but it promises to be a happy bus. Or said another way, those who fail to get on it, if they could have, may spend many years regretting that decision.



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  • This post seems to primarily focus on Nina’s physical appearance, which is not only completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, but also, sadly, quite shockingly mean-spirited. The real point here should be: What part did Nina play, if any, in the disappearance of Kristin Snyder — and what/where is the actual evidence to support any claims?

  • To Nina Cowell:

    You know the nasty fact about secrets is that they never go away.
    They hide inside you and fester and eat up your soul.
    Watch the movie version of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” to understand how toxic secrets can be.
    This version stars Peter Lorre.

  • Gah! You had to to publish that dreadful photo of Cowell again, the one I might call ” Um, no.” My gawd. Out, damned spot!

    I would like to apologize to any bulldogs and/or any lovers of bulldogs who happen to read here at the Frank Report. Also, no offense to the Georgia Bulldogs or to Uga, their mascot.

    If any comments by me have inadvertently changed Nina’s surname to Koch, kindly excuse that too, please. I swear there is no attempt being made to make any Jewish jokes. It’s a slight sleight of mind, a mental difficulty being worked upon now. Imaginarily, she has morphed into Nina Koch in my mind, or it is some kind of mix-up from a ribald subconscious. Nina Cock, you see, has arisen and now I will fight that misnomer.

    The bulldog was the worst faux-pas, until that Cock came up. Now for some sliced cucumber eye mask and a soothing documentary like The Lost Women of Nxivm. Never mind that. This is no time to hear the high-pitched intonements of Kristin Keefe.

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