More Great Art From MK10ART – Jeske and Snyder Studied

MK10ART has been painting and sketching scenes from Nxivm for some time now and Frank Report has been proud to publish her work.

Her work has certainly added to the Frank Report. Oftentimes, her paintings capture the mood of a scene or the reality of a character better than words.  Here is some of her latest work. Her comments come first under the portrait, just as she published them on her Instagram page, where she first publicly releases her work.  Below the asterisk are my comments.


Many people think that Nxivm leader Keith Raniere and his accomplices should be charged with murder. Raniere currently sits in a Brooklyn jail cell awaiting sentencing in January 2020.


We have no photographs of Raniere in his cell, so it is a pleasure to see this painting. Keith is right where he belongs and happily will be staying there most likely for the rest of the days he has remaining on earth.

It is possible Raniere had a hand in the disappearance of Kristin Snyder and the deaths of Gina Hutchinson, Pam Cafrtiz, Barbara Jeske and Suzanne Kemp. It is the business of Frank Report to find out.  It may not make much difference in sentencing. Raniere is 59, and likely to get 30 years or maybe more as a prison sentence. But it will make a difference to family members to learn what really happened to these women.

Barbara Jeske died in 2014 at the age of 63 from brain cancer. Nxivm leader Keith Raniere tried to control Barbara even during her last days alive – banning her from taking pain medicine and arranging for her to change her will.

Dr. Brandon Porter, a Nxivm member and physician [he recently lost his license because he failed to report a large scale poisoning or mysterious outbreak of illness at Vanguard Week 2016, and because he conducted gruesome, unmonitored human fright experiments on Nxivm members], attended Barbara during her final illness.

Even in her last days, Raniere, Porter and Nxivm followers tried to stop Barbara from taking pain medication.


I love the expressions on Raniere and Porter’s faces. As Jeske suffers, they seem so hopeful and curious.

Jeske, I think, was probably a nice woman who got completely ensnared by Raniere thinking he was a superior being and wonderful teacher for humanity. Toward the end, when she wanted to get out, Keith may have helped her – get out – without her realizing it.

What needs to be explored more fully is Brandon Porter’s role in her health care.


A despicable liar by the name of Nancy Salzman testified in a deposition in the Rick Ross case that there were two suicide notes, an original one and one that came later.


Salzman was first to hop on the plea deal bus – even ahead of her daughter Lauren who she introduced to a life of crime and deception. Nancy knew damn well the suicide note that was publicly exposed was the same one found in Kristin Snyder’s pickup. Salzman might also know who wrote it.  But she lied in a deposition and claimed she thought the one that was made public was a phony.

Kristin Snyder is a 35-year-old woman who disappeared in Anchorage, Alaska after being ejected from a Nxivm intensive, on Feb 6, 2003. The State of Alaska has ruled she is a “presumptive suicide.” She allegedly took a kayak out and drowned but no trace of her or the kayak was found.


This is a beautiful painting. It represents Kristin kayaking – but did she really kayak that final time, on the night of Feb. 6, 2003? If she did – was she gaslighted into doing it by a pack of vicious wolves pretending to be ethical human beings?

We may never know what happened, but we will try to find out.  Right now we are applying “tension” – a potent force – applied to some people who likely know what happened to Kristin. I believe those people are, among others, Nancy Salzman, Esther Chiappone Carlson, [Name Redacted], Karen Abney, and Ed Kinum.

As Barbara Jeske was dying of cancer, she took a homemade “medicine” prescribed by Keith Raniere that she called “Do-do balls” which Raniere made her take every day.

It is now suspected that Raniere was poisoning her.


Another important illustration. Is Raniere offering the Do-Do balls to her? Is he wearing gloves?

It is noteworthy that Jeske was taking the Do-DO balls even before she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Why Did Nancy Salzman Give [Name Redacted] $50,000 for a Table and Sink – After [Name Redacted] Lied For Them About Kristin
[Name Redacted] (depicted in drawing) was in the last intensive with Kristin Snyder, the one from which Kristin disappeared, on February 6, 2003.

[Name Redacted]was one of her coaches, guiding Kristin on her so-called “issues” concerning her relationship with her spouse, Heidi Clifford – which, in reality, means that [Name Redacted] was there to help her [mis]lead Kristin to understand why her relationship with Heidi was “toxic” and a “disintegration”. Probably because Kristin would not stop claiming Keith Raniere had sex with her, and she thought she was pregnant,  Esther Chiappone Carlson – with [Name Redacted] earnest help – removed Kristin from class.

The following evening, Friday, February 7, 2003, at 9:20 pm, Kristin’s vehicle was located by Alaska State Troopers in Seward, on Lowell Point, near Miller’s Landing. Two handwritten notes were on the passenger seat. The notes suggested Snyder was planning to commit suicide.

The next closest cabin was a few hundred feet north. The Millers provided the name of the owner [or tenant] – it was [surprise], [Name Redacted].  The woman who owned/rented the nearest cabin from where Kristin’s truck was found happened to be in the same intensive as Kristin and coaching her too.”


I like this sketch. It seems to capture [Name Redacted] at the time [2002].

It’s hard to ignore circumstantial evidence pointing to [Name Redacted]. Could she have been set up as the fall girl for a master mind’s scheme? Was she just an enabler of Kristin Snyder’s decline, with no direct hand in her murder?

Esther, Nancy, and probably Ed knew Keith was a promiscuous dog. Did [Name Redacted] know? Did she find out Kristin was likely telling the truth about Keith having sex with her and possibly making her pregnant? Was she bribed to remain silent?

[Name Redacted] may be wholly innocent but the coincidences are suspicious:

  1. She was Kristin’s coach, coaching her to break-up with Heidi Clifford
  2. She worked to assure Kristin that she was making up the story about being pregnant
  3. She supported Esther ejecting Kristin from class
  4. She happened to have a cabin a few hundred feet from where Kristin’s car was found.
  5. She lied to police saying she thought Kristin went to a concert – when she knew she was ejected from class for erratic behavior
  6. She promised to call the police back and never did.
  7. She is moved from Alaska to Albany and given $50,000 to operate a so-called cafe which was really nothing more than a table and a sink and free housing for years.



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3 years ago

[Name Redacted] is more manly than Queef Raniere. Heeeelll no, is Keith going to pay her money so she can join his harem in Smellbany.

[Name Redacted]is built and looks like a Mack Truck. Or at least the Bulldog hood ornament on a Mack Truck. She is built like a female Lumberjack Wrestler and has more testosterone in her pubes than Queef does in his limp member.

I’m sure if they dated, Queef would be the wife and [Name Redacted]the husband. Think about it. The moment [Name Redacted] rides Queef, she would bust his little monkey balls and all that stale goop would drip drip drip over his legs like his rotten Salmonella semen.

Demon Queef would definitely see a Blue light as [Name Redacted] gave him the Lumberjack Special – a Busted Scrote that looks like soggy Honey Bunches of Oats.

Suck on that Nancy Sleazeman. Your God gave you cancer. Literally. But your too stupid to realize he was feeding his old whore rat poison.

3 years ago

The drawing of Nancy Gangster Salzman as a forked tongue serpent is spot on.

3 years ago

Wonderful artwork.

Each one speaks volumes about their subject.

Sheriff Moonbeam
Sheriff Moonbeam
3 years ago

The paintings are beautiful and thought-provoking as always.

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