Shivani: What Evidence Is There That Kristin Snyder Ever Drove to Resurrection Bay?

By Shivani

Other than Kristin Snyder’s partner, Heidi Clifford, would anyone else in that Nxivm intensive in Jan-Feb. 2003 have known that Kristin Snyder liked Resurrection Bay?

Did [Name Redacted] tell either Kristin or Heidi that she had a cabin up by Miller’s Landing?

Did Kristin know of, or ever use Miller’s Landing herself in the past, as a stopover?

Did Heidi know where Kristin liked to go in that area or did she go with her there sometimes?

How does anybody connect Kristin to Miller’s Landing?

Right now, the major connection to the Nxivm intensive’s staff and attendees plus Miller’s Landing is [Name Redacted], not really Kristin.

[Name Redacted] not only had a cabin right there, near where the truck was parked, but [Name Redacted] worked that intensive and was Kristin’s coach. Sole evidence in both places, right then and there when Kristin disappeared is [Name Redacted] .

Kristin was driven home by a Nxivm member, Elaine Smiloff, who didn’t stay, just dumped her off, so she said.

Kristin’s partner, Heidi, came home several hours later, finding no Kristin, no truck.

Heidi didn’t find Kristin where Nxivm intensive staff had told her she would be.

Heidi said she was told by Nxivm trainer, Esther Chiappone Carlson, that Kristin wouldn’t be left alone, at about four that afternoon, when Kristin was ejected from the intensive and driven “home.”

Technically, Kristin was gone from sight from four o’clock in the afternoon on February 6, 2003, until now.

Did a Nxivm “volunteer” Elaine Smiloff really drop Kristin off at her home?

Was there proof Kristin ever got home, driven in someone else’s vehicle? Any signs that Kristin had been home?

Kristin’s Toyota pickup truck disappeared from the Westmark Hotel. Who would know when that happened exactly? It may have disappeared anytime during the intensive.

We know it arrived in the morning and it was gone in the evening when the intensive ended.

Heidi left the intensive at around seven that evening and found that Kristin’s truck (Heidi shared the truck with her) was gone.

Heidi had been discouraged, deterred from accompanying Kristin out of the intensive. She offered to go with Kristin to a hospital. She was told that wouldn’t be necessary. Kristin just needed to go rest and cool down.

Who does this?

Who sends a distraught participant in a self-help “intensive” off like a reject, or a pariah?

Kristin paid for this intensive. She went for help, support, inner growth and was met with unqualified staffers without any conscientiousness or consciences.

Nxivm culties. From Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere, who are now infamous for their criminality.

Salzman was giving orders to the Alaska staff from her Albany NY perspective: How to get Kristin to stop being a problem for Nxivm, for Keith Raniere. Later, to be surer that the coast was clear, Clare Bronfman spread some money around, up where Kristin Snyder disappeared.

The background story of what Kristin was enduring, since she got into Nxivm, cannot be ignored. Her relationship with her domestic partner, Heidi, was being undermined by deliberate and sanctioned Nxivm interference.

Raniere is the person Kristin was sure had impregnated her.

Mr. Celibate was screwing almost all of his groupies. This had to be kept secret by Nxivm’s head honchos. Everybody had to be impeccable about keeping Raniere’s secrets, especially since his secrets were usually his harem’s biggest secrets, too.

There were instructions given about how to gaslight Kristin when she addressed her circumstances within the Nxivm-governed intensive.

For how long was Kristin Snyder subjected to Nxivm’s abuse?

Kristin was thrown out of a self-help dog-and-pony show because she dreamed that these people would help her. Instead, her whole life was capsized.

Inconvenient truth-teller Kristin was hustled right on out of sight. This is how things appear.

Batten down the hatches. Damn the torpedoes. The commandants of this mistreatment were the Nxivm group leaders, and all up the chain of command.

These wolves threw her to these wolves. All were from the same batch of phonies, licking their chops.

Kristin very well might never have “driven” anywhere at all. Prove it.

Kristin was “disappeared” for about 29 to 30 hours before that truck and the note(s) were found, up by [Name Redacted]’s cabin.

No one can presume that Kristin drove anywhere.

Never mind all of the surrounding circumstances, with witnesses from the intensive talking. The understanding that Nancy Salzman was in the director’s chair has been repeated throughout the entire narrative of Kristin’s “breakdown.”

The profitable bestowals upon [Name Redacted], enticing her to leave Alaska, with bells and whistles, after Kristin vanished.

And then, at long last, [Name Redacted] makes a tidy Nxivm exit, unpursued, unlitigated, with eight others who were done.

Around then, as the Nxivm 9 were departing, Raniere was videotaped boasting to some of them about his murderous accomplishments. He did not expect that videotape would be shown all over the world.

High beams must be hitting [Name Redacted] and some of her old and possibly former cronies; not a good look.

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  • Shivani, those are good questions, but I think you may have missed some relevant facts, which haven’t been given as much airing as they deserve.

    When Clifford reported Snyder missing, she apparently told the authorities that Snyder was suicidal and might go to Resurrection Bay, as those details are in the early missing person and law enforcement reports. So, no mystery there – Snyder was known to be despondent, and drawn to the area; what we don’t know about from Clifford, is why she reported what she did, such as Snyder possibly having specifically mentioned Resurrection Bay in despondent talk.

    Snyder was reported as having previously rented kayaks at Miller’s Landing. What we don’t know is whether she did that because she knew [Name Redacted], got to know [Name Redacted] because she did that, or that [Name Redacted]’s having a cabin in the vicinity was coincidental – Alaska has a small enough number of residents, that things like that are probably more common than we might necessarily assume.

    If you want to speculate about what happened to the truck, it’s also possible that Snyder just drove it home – what we think we know is based on the word of one person who is guilty of other negligence and lies, and who just a few weeks after Snyder’s disappearance was convicted by an Alaska court of a crime that caused her to have to register as a sex offender.

    And then you still have to explain why and how the truck got to Seward. If Snyder didn’t drive it there because she thought it would be a good place to commit suicide, why would plotters drive it such a long distance, when there are trailheads to the sort of impenetrable wilderness where people hike in and are never seen again, just a few miles from downtown Anchorage? (I’ll post about an article which mentions the Snyder case, explaining how relatively common it is for people in Alaska to disappear, surprisingly close to civilization – ).

    Also, would the sort of incompetent flunkies you describe, have been capable of planning and pulling off a murder disguised as a suicide?

    I certainly agree that we ought to shine a light on those people and find out just what actually happened.

    • The convicted sex offender, whoever it is, who somehow had a connection to Kristen and/or ESP, etc., is not something I’ve heard before. Certainly that kind of charge and conviction would make any info from that source questionable. What about the woman who has stated that she left Kristin off at home? That is not the one who was later convicted in court of a sex offense, is it?

      It seems that Elaine did talk to Frank Parlato about driving Kristin home and said Kristin seemed in no condition to make a long drive. She even seems to have admitted that she just left Kristin at her door without caring about Kristin’s “condition” at all. Heidi Clifford was given to think that someone was with Kristin and would be, until Heidi got home that evening. Why the discrepancy?

      One could think that Heidi was being deceived by staff to keep her at the intensive, and that would provide a window of time for Kristin and her talk about Raniere to handled, put to an end.

      The truck could have been driven by [Name Redacted], to get the truck to where it was located, to fit a diversionary narrative and “suicide” location, and [Name Redacted] could’ve simply walked home to her nearby place. No doubt you’ve considered that possibility. Kristin could have died and been disposed of elsewhere. Speculatively her death could have even happened in her own home and before Heidi Clifford had left the intensive for their house. It’d be likely that Kristin was placed nearer to where she met her end and was not driven, deceased, to anywhere near where the truck was left.

      One question is, where was Esther Chiappone Carlson, after Kristin was driven off in a vehicle by Elaine? Did she leave the ESP intensive that same afternoon, for one reason or another, or is her time accounted for by reliable witnesses, as her having stayed at the Westmark Hotel until the intensive ended for that day/evening?

      Similarly, where was Karen Abney, where was [Name Redacted], where was every ESP Anchorage staff member, after Kristin was expelled from the group and then disappeared?

      Did Nancy Salzman or someone else have Kristin hidden somewhere in a staff member’s house, after Elaine dropped Kristin off at her and Heidi’s house? It was only about 8 miles from the Westmark to Kristin’s residence. Figure anyone who wanted to isolate Kristin had around 3 and a half hours advantage over Heidi Clifford being able to note that Kristin wasn’t home.

      It took Heidi hours longer that night to decide to call the police and report Kristin was missing. We don’t know the specifics of Heidi saying that Kristin could be suicidal or exactly why she said so. We only have ideas. We don’t know either, exactly how it came to be that Heidi thought she might know where Kristin might’ve gone.

      All we know is that Heidi Clifford had a feeling that Kristin might have taken off for Seward or Resurrection Bay.

      I want to understand how come Heidi had that inkling, intuition, feeling. It does not make much sense, if Heidi and others saw Kristin driven away in a distraught condition and not having another vehicle other than their truck, which was as the hotel. Heidi had to have assumed that she was the one driving their truck home, so how fast did she really get a ride once she found the Toyota truck was gone and then arrive home herself?

      Both Kristin and Heidi would have been very upset at these turns of events at the intensive, which were already impacting them before the intensive had begun. I do think that Heidi knows more than she has felt ready to reveal. The reason seems to be fear. Also she might not know certain things for certain at all but could have her own suspicions about what happened.

      Who to trust, when a whole group has been deceptive, and your mate disappears? Who knows what someone from the staff might have said to Heidi Clifford? She could have been misinformed again and again, treated like dirt or threatened that she would be the prime suspect if Kristin was gone. The staff could have told Heidi that they themselves would blame her.

      A lot is missing, things, details that we don’t know yet and might not know, maybe ever.

      Yes, it does look to me as if the fanatical scatterbrains were capable of carrying out and covering up a crime. It would have been done as a reverential service for Raniere. With Nancy Salzman advising the participants, particularly if the Resurrection Bay scene was fabricated to put the attention of law enforcement and searchers away from the scene of a crime and from the real location of Kristin’s body. Certainly Kristin’s death could have been bloodless. She might have been drugged, rendered unconscious and then asphixiated, for example.

      Maybe Nancy Salzman herself brought a black bag on a fast flight to Anchorage as soon as Kristin was taken from the intensive. Or maybe she sent “a black medical bag” to Anchorage with an escort who knew what to do.

      Kristin Snyder could’ve killed herself. She could have driven hours in the Alaskan cold wearing purple slippers, after getting the Toyota out of the Westmark parking lot. But where was her body, if she did kill herself? Where was any circumstantial evidence, if she paddled out into the bay?

      My father was out on the Connecticut River’s historic flooding in 1938, in a rowboat with one other young man, working to rescue people. These waters were huge, and I just remember him telling me of things that he saw. I know a river is quite different than ocean, but Lord knows, much of what sinks comes to the surface. And what floats floats.

  • Other than Kristin Snyder’s partner, Heidi Clifford, would anyone else in that Nxivm intensive in Jan-Feb. 2003 have known that Kristin Snyder liked Resurrection Bay? — Probably everyone, as they probably shared their life stories, interests, etc., with each other in the classes.

    Did [Name Redacted] tell either Kristin or Heidi that she had a cabin up by Millers Landing? — Probably. See above.

    Did Kristin know of, or ever use Millers Landing herself in the past, as a stopover? — Probably, it is known she is a kayaker and was learning outdoors skills.

    Did Heidi know where Kristin liked to go in that area or did she go with her there sometimes? — Probably. They were lovers.

    How does anybody connect Kristin to Millers Landing? — See above.

    All of your other questions will be hard to answer, as so many years have passed, and memories have faded.

  • [Name Redacted] was employed by Dr. Michael Salzman. Keith ordered Dr. Salzman to fire [Name Redacted]after the Nxivm 9 exited. When he refused to comply, his daughters Lauren and Michelle were ordered by Keith to cut ties with their Dad. Nancy also cut all communication with her ex-husband.
    Maybe Keith and Nancy Pants were getting tired of writing checks to [Name Redacted]?
    [Name Redacted] has an awful lot of explaining to do!
    [Name Redacted], call Frank and get a seat on that bus before Nancy Pants gets to the front of the line.


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