Shivani: Is Kristin Keeffe Still Caught up in Keith Raniere’s ‘organized misdirection’?

Kristin Keeffe

By Shivani

Kristin Keeffe appears to be still caught up in Keith Raniere’s “organized misdirection.”

And after 24 years under his influence, that isn’t surprising, not at all.

When she finally managed to get away, Keeffe had spent most of her life within his sphere of influence and had been thoroughly, personally involved in dishonesty and corruption. It appears that she came to realize that she had to get her child away from this group, but that doesn’t mean that her own mind has recovered from her conditioning or that she will ever recover.

Kristin Keeffe was named as one of the inner circle members of the Raniere racketeering enterprise. During the trial, Moira Penza referred to some of her actions as criminal. Yet Keeffe – who was never indicted – provided information to the US Attorney’s office in return for immunity. She was not called as a witness.

Her very look, her manner of speaking and most of all, her eyes tell me that a lot of pain and fear is impacting her and has been for a long time.

This also could be partly due to feelings of guilt! She claims to have been always drawn to what she called spiritual experiences or spirituality – and that she never dreamed that instead, Keith was an evil psychopath who aimed to destroy others.

Well, if she says so, but she watched him screw around for years and years – with sexual lies and deceptions, with money moving arrangements, and with litigation obsessions designed to achieve revenge or the ruination of his/her/their designated opponents.

Kristin Keeffe spent most of her adult life with Keith Raniere – from 1989- 2014. While she spent years aggressively pursuing Raniere’s enemies, she ultimately fled the organization with hers and Raniere’s son, and afterward, worked to provide evidence to expose and bring Raniere down.

Nothing seems more ridiculous than to surmise, or to pretend to believe that Kristin Snyder or Heidi Clifford staged Kristin’s faked death and disappearance.

I find this to be Kristin Keeffe trying to protect herself and her son.

I don’t think that Kristin Snyder was known to be unstable or co-dependent. I don’t think that she ever wanted to disappear.

In fact, what Kristin Snyder seems to have wanted and to have acted upon, during the intensive, was to reveal how Raniere had imposed his sexual monstrosity onto her and that she was horrified to think that she might have been impregnated.

It seems to me that she wanted to talk about her experiences in Albany, New York as soon as she came back to Anchorage. And one way or another, she was STOPPED in her tracks by the intensive’s staff and by Nancy Salzman and probably by Raniere as well.

As for Keeffe, nothing that she says or has said seems completely credible.

She appears to be jumbling pieces of the truth with her own, perhaps desperate fictions. The desperation has not been successfully made invisible. It is all over her and really quite visible.

I perceive her as burdened with not only fear, which is most likely legitimate, but also, she oozes shame.

No one can repair that shame for her, except if she is working to repair it herself. Hopefully, she has sought therapy, but if so, it does not appear to have had much of a profound effect.

However, 24 years or so of entrenchment is a long, long time to attempt to undo rationally, experientially.

Frank Parlato might know her well enough to have his own assessment of Keeffe’s state of mind, but I would be careful about evaluating a word out of her mouth. She has been a practiced component of promoting and even helping to create lies and corruption for an entire generation.


Two clips from the Lost Women of Nxivm featuring Kristin Keeffe.



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  • Interesting thoughts, Shivani.

    I found it telling that Keefe bought into NXIVM’s self-serving conspiracy theory about Snyder’s disappearance, though it has glaring discrepancies such as holding that the kayak wasn’t seaworthy and had been used as a planter, when it seems that the Millers can pretty conclusively establish that simply wasn’t true – and given that she spent time in Alaska supposedly “investigating” the Snyder case herself.

    But that Keefe did speak to the NXians involved trying to get to the bottom of what happened, and as one of the key people in NIXVM’s inner management circle who was even entrusted to carry out actual schemes to harm people and break laws, it seems unlikely that she wouldn’t have known or at least found reason to suspect if NXIVM had actually killed Snyder. Instead, it seems that she and NXIVM were, like everyone else, mystified and trying to to come up with an explanation for what had happened – and in their case, typical of conspiracy theorists, looking for a narrative that fit what they wanted to believe (and were directed to, by their leader) more than following the facts and evidence.

    I think you’ve perhaps done the best job to date of illustrating that NXIVM likely wasn’t an organization of conspirators capable of pulling off murders undetected, but instead a bunch of sloppy and even somewhat deluded cultists who couldn’t even run personal improvement seminars without having participants come unhinged and go crazy on them, and then be left not knowing how to deal with it properly (something that longer-established groups like est/Landmark probably had worked out, and could have provided a good example of if the NXians had themselves been professional enough to perform due diligence and do their homework) except to come up with half-baked theories painting themselves as innocent if not even the victims of sinister conspiracies.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Can we give Kristen immunity, a good therapist, the witness protection program, and a tape recorder?

    If what we think may have gone down did go down, do we blame Kristen for being shady/tentative when asked questions?

    • I’d certainly agree with you about that.

      While there’s no statute of limitations on murder, I’m not so sure about accessory to murder, and I’m reasonably sure that an accessory after the fact who came forward to crack a cold case could make a deal not to be prosecuted, if they were even in any jeopardy at all – this is all probably a question for someone with relevant legal expertise like Claviger. All I could find was:

      Keefe probably wants to avoid legal jeopardy, particularly while she is trying to raise her child, but I think Shivani points to the likelihood that she’s simply not even a reliable source of information.

  • Shivani:
    I believe that many of the NXIVM women are still deep down followers of Raniere, even if they don’t admit it.

    Toni Natalie

    Barb Bouchey

    Kristin Keefe

    Allison Mack

    Nancy Salzman

    Lauren Salzman

    All are to some degree still in thrall to Raniere.
    Once you sell your soul it is hard to buy it back.

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