Did Kristin Snyder Commit Suicide in Purple Slippers?

The Alaska State Troopers’ Missing Person Bulletin for Kristin Snyder, released shortly after her disappearance in February 2003, gave a description of the clothes she was last known to be wearing.

This information was given to them by the person who reported her missing, her spouse, Heidi Clifford.

Kristin was reportedly wearing, “A long black coat, an ivory-colored shirt with a zippered front, blue checkered pants, and purple slippers.”

Keep in mind it was frigid February in Alaska.

Would someone go out in purple slippers [and lightly dressed] and enter a kayak and paddle out?

Perhaps if they planned to commit suicide.

Kristin Snyder was known to kayak in call kinds of weather. But she never wore purple slippers when kayaking.

Kristin was known to be an expert outdoors woman. She was part of the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol, was trained in search and rescue. Her friend, Kenny Powers, told me that Kristin was set to be his successor as president of the ski patrol.

Image result for kristin snyder alaska state police missing person report

Powers trained her extensively. She knew what to wear in the cold.

If she was going to commit suicide, however, would she care about clothing?

Would she leave her house, where she had been dropped off by Elaine Smiloff – at Esther Chiappone’s command – and somehow get her pickup truck back at the parking lot of the Westmark Hotel – eight miles away – then drive 2.5 hours to Seward Alaska – go grab a kayak and paddle out to sea – in purple slippers?

Kristin Sndyer was ejected from the Nxivm intensive held at the Westmark Hotel.

If she was going out from home [and Elaine swears that she did not think that Kristin was in a fit condition to make the drive] and she had the wits to get a cab – would she have the wits to put on her boots?

Kristin had been known to kayak in winter. You dress in a specific way. Shoes or boots are among the most important item to ensure warmth.

Did Kristin Snyder make the two hour drive from Anchorage to Seward?

If the official story is true, Kristin evidently did not dress for survival for a wintry kayak excursion. That could be in conformity to suicide.


Heidi knew what clothes she was wearing, in part because this was what Kristin was wearing at the Westmark Hotel, at the Nxivm intensive, when she was ejected after claiming that she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child.

And in part because Heidi could ascertain what clothes, boots etc, were missing from Kristin’s closet.

So the question, again, is: Did Kristin Snyder set out to commit suicide in purple slippers?

Or is it possible that someone whisked her out of the home, knowing she would be there alone, without regard to dressing her up properly for the cold?

According to Elaine Smiloff, Esther Chiappone Carlson gave instructions to Elaine to simply drop Kristin off at home.

Which is what Elaine said she did. Took her home and dropped her off without going in. Elaine remembered that Kristin was not dressed for an outdoor excursion.

According to Heidi Clifford, Esther told her that Elaine would go in the house with Kristin and stay with her until she came home.

Something is fishy here.  And I would tend to believe Elaine and Heidi over the vile and notorious liar of Nxivm, Esther Chiappone Carlson.

Kristin was left alone in her home she shared with Heidi, while Heidi was under the impression that Elaine would be staying with her until she got home from the Nxivm intensive.

The question is – did Kristin remain alone until someone came to remove her? Or did she leave by herself and drive to Seward?

When Heidi left the intensive a few hours after Kristin had been removed, she found the pickup truck she shared with Kristin missing from the parking lot.

This alarmed her. She caught a ride home.

When she got home she found no one there.

She shortly afterward called the Anchorage police to report a missing person.

Frank Parlato with Seward Police Lieutenant Alan Nickell at Miller’s Landing, at Resurecction Bay, investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder

Kristin’s pickup truck was found, the following evening in Seward on the shores of Resurrection Bay with a suicide note written on one page of a spiral notebook and on another page, but written oppositely, a single sentence, “no need to search for my body.”

No need indeed.

Despite literally dozens of people searching for her by air, sea and land, her body was never found.

When nothing was found of Kristin Snyder, police added up her pickup truck at Millers Landing, plus a missing kayak, plus a suicide note equaled she committed suicide via the missing kayak.

Her body was not found. Neither was the kayak nor the paddle. Paddles most definitely float. [I will get into the kayak in my next post.]

Bodies float too. Even if they sink, they eventually float to the surface.

Of course, she may have weighed herself down with weights and sunk.

The harbor master for Seward, Alaska, told me an interesting story of a man who did just that. He committed suicide by tying a rope around him with weights. They found him under about 40 feet of water – floating up from the end of the rope. He was about a day or two away from being freed of the rope and floating to the surface as the skin of his body was coming off.

Another intriguing thing the harbor master told me was that he went out in search for some 16 bodies over the years. And he found all 16.

The only one known to not have been found in those waters was Kristin Sndyer, he said.

Another man, Rick Smith, an expert on kayaks, a man who conducted winter kayak tours and had participated in many search and rescues, agreed. He had been around when Kristin Snyder disappeared and thought it was suspicious.

He did not think it at all likely that she sunk a kayak and drowned in those waters without a trace.

What happened to the paddle?, he asked. Paddles are made to float. And not even an article of clothing?

This is in a bay, it is contained.

Could she have paddled out to sea?

Experts in kayaking said on the record at the time that because of the currents – it would be impossible for Snyder to have paddled out to the point where she could have been swept away in the ocean.

She could not kayak from the bay, where they were searching thoroughly by land, air and water, to the ocean, they believed.

I went up in a helicopter, following the same route as the searchers did. From a distance of 500 feet you could see anything in the water. I could see the separate wings of a seagull. I would have certainly seen a body, a kayak or a paddle.

No kayak, no paddle, no body.

No article of clothing even was found, not even a pair of purple slippers.


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  • Frank may be trolling with that picture of flimsy fuzzy purple slippers.

    If Snyder went out for the day into the typically freezing Alaska weather in February, she was likely wearing “slippers” somewhat different from what many people in the lower 48 might have in mind. For instance, a search shows that this is what Maine-based L.L. Bean currently offers in purple slippers:

    Women’s Wicked Good Slippers, Squam Lake

    They’re lined with genuine Australian lambswool, and feature “Thermoplastic rubber outsole and cross-hatch grooved tread for improved traction”.

    Now that looks like the sort of thing someone might even go kayaking in….

  • It doesn’t sound right. List all the suspects with a motive to commit harm to an inconveniently pregnant woman – from the last time she was provably last seen. Then remove them from the list when they provide an iron clad alibi. That will absolutely give a clearer understanding of what possibly occurred.

    • Someone managed to pick an old kayak that didn’t have flotation and was prone to sinking, whatever happened – and if they were conspirators where were just making it sink as a ruse, they would have been doubly lucky to have just been able to just slide it into the water and have it slip far and deep enough into the waters right in front of Miller’s landing to have it disappear forever.

      Once again, there is no version of events surrounding Snyder’s disappearance in which something unusual didn’t happen.

      And, again, newer kayaks can still be made to sink, if their flotation compartments, which double as storage spaces and have access hatches, are opened.

        • As I’ve posted previously – and Frank also has cited in the past:

          “A white wood and fiberglass kayak was found to be missing from the yard of Millers Landing when Snyder’s car was discovered. The kayak is handmade, has no rudder, is not outfitted for flotation, and had not been in the water for fifteen years. Officials at the resort noted that it would sink if tipped.”


          • Frank, I see now that you previously published a slightly different version of the facts:

            “A kayak was missing from a shed nearby. This kayak, made of wood and fiberglass, with no rudder, was not outfitted for flotation. It had not been in the water for 15 years. It was described as seaworthy but would sink if tipped.”


            It appears from that page, that you have more information than just the first page of the Certificate of Presumptive Death posted recently. How much more information is there about what the jury reviewed?

            It’s also noted that there that “Clifford told police she suspected Snyder was headed for Seward, Alaska, about 130 miles from Anchorage.” – which, in combination with Clifford’s apparently having reported Snyder as suicidal (as stated in some of the Alaska State Patrol documents), suggests that Clifford thought Resurrection Bay was a likely place for Snyder to go to commit suicide. So there’s no real mystery about Snyder driving to Seward, and it didn’t necessarily have anything to do with Nina Cowell or NXIVM.

            And note that above quote indicates that the Millers also though the kayak was still seaworthy, even if it hadn’t been used in years.

  • It would require at least two people to stage the truck and take the kayak.

    Because when they drive Kristin Snyder’s truck to Resurrection Bay, they would have to get back for the rest of the intensive. That means another vehicle.

    So whomever dropped off the truck obtained a ride back to Anchorage. So either the Truck was first driven to Resurrection Bay from Anchorage with another vehicle following. Or the accomplice obtained a ride after staging the truck.

    The question once again is, ‘Who was not where they were supposed to be?’ Who was missing from the conference after Kristin Snyder left?

    Who wasn’t in their hotel rooms or meet ups afterwards? Usually, the Intensives would go to 9pm. So, was anyone gone from 6-9pm on the day Kristin went missing?

    • The only way just one person could have done this is if the person could walk or ride a bike to their house. But what are the chances of somebody living that close?

      Sorry, Nina. Somebody was setting you up. (I guess that somebody could have been a bumbling version of yourself, or Kristin herself) But who knows. The people we all want to hear from aren’t yet sharing their valuable information.

    • That actually illustrates the classic problem with these sort of theories: the more thoroughly their shortcomings and implications are examined, the more complicated they have to be made, the more accomplices they would have had to have involved, and so on.

      I think we need to hear from more people involved about the big picture of what was going on, such as Snyder’s state of mind and what she was saying, and not necessarily bed-check details. I’m concerned that if it was a case of psychological harm and negligence – damning of everything about NXIVM in its own way, and just the tip of the iceberg of dozens of other cases and possibly other suicides – that fantastic speculation and accusations about murder may actually actually dissuade people involved, from trying to contribute here.

      There is no theory of Snyder’s disappearance, that doesn’t involve unusual things, or even what might seem improbable. Her having committed suicide by paddling out to sea and drowning herself may just be the least improbable, and thus most likely explanation – which is probably why the professional law enforcement investigators came to that conclusion, Snyder’s spouse and family accepted it, and a jury later agreed with it as the official finding.

      The burden of proof for any alternative theory is on its proponents and is pretty high, plus there are at least two alternative theories in this case and so if you want to propose one and claim to be “researching” or “investigating” then you really have to start to treat the other, completely conflicting one, seriously as well – another typical problem.

      • Sorry , but I think Mr Davis has brought up some some important points to look for. Theories do not need to pass your “burden of proof ” or any other of your babble of aproval. He thoughts of what could have happened might be spot on. If every theory regarding nxivm”s illegal doings had to pass your “burden of proof ” or other babble of gabble, we would know a lot less about their despicable actions. Thoughts like his may lead someone who was involved, or there at the time to speak up. A lot of information has been received in this manner.

  • https://twitter.com/NotBillyMurray/status/1004478628573433863

    “I’m sure it’s only a matter of days until we find the link between him and Nxivm.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.
    I hope he gets some counseling.”



    Yeah that’s what the last guy said as he was choking out secretaries in his NXIVM sex cult. Careful who you idolize. Why not learn and study and find out the truth? Why just believe what you’re told without question?



    #NXIVM recruited the Stars they thought you’d follow, Amanda Byrnes, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Anna Nichole Smith, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage.

    #RayChandler recruited young girls and boys that were never seen again.

    You know about NXIVM, which is Ray Chandler light. #WWG1WGA



    “John Cusack who was present at some NXIVM small gatherings.
    Celebrities who’ve taken NXIVM trainings and are supportive of Keith Raniere – Jennifer Anniston, Gerard Butler, Rosario Dawson, Carolina Kurkova
    Deeply involved in NXIVM – Grace Parks, Kristanna Lokken, Luis Miguel.”



    “So Jennifer Aniston was a owner in NXIVM guilty?”

    “She took courses with them and publicly gave them her support.”

    “SO SICK I wonder if she is guilty when it comes out Jolie wouldn’t shock me”


    Speaking of Angelina Jolie:


    “NXIVM attracted A-list celebrities, she writes, including one of the world’s most beloved actresses, an iconic rock-and-roll legend and Oscar-winning directors. In the book, she teases, but does not identify them.

    “That actress who broke up her co-star’s marriage in real life? Yep.”

    When I ask why she doesn’t identify these people, she responds, “partly legal, but also I don’t want to cause anyone else more hurt. And I don’t think it’s fair.”


    Angelina Jolie is said to of broken up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage…. Also, Sarah Edmondson found it perfectly fair to manipulate people into joining her sick cult for profit. Did any of these celebrities help in recruitment, causing people to waste their money and time? Not exposing them in unfair.



    “Man, John Cucksack is blocking everyone these days! Something to hide? 😉

    Maybe he has a connection to NXIVM too, who knows! Sound about right





    “Are you throwing a fit because you are going to be outed as a NXIVM “client”, or do you simply miss your lover Huma?”


    There is plenty on twitter. Let’s start seeing discussion on these people on Frank Report.

    • TO: Mr. More celebrity-related NXIVM comments,

      Thanks so much for sharing!!!!! Did you know this is a Kristin Snyder article/thread? Thanks, though!!!

      Hey, if I want to know more about Libtards or old fashioned retards, I will just call your parents and ask them what you are like.

      • TO: Mr NiceGuy,

        Thanks so much for sharing!!!!! Did you know that in your recent comments to SultanOfSix, the article/thread had nothing to do with his comments about Persian women? Thanks, though!!!

        Hey, if I want to know your opinions on, anything, I will just call your wife as she decides for you.

        • Anonymous,

          I directed the quote to Sultan. The Sultan quote I posted was intended to highlight Sultan’s insanity.
          Reread the quote..

          …And let me know if it sounds remotely normal to you.

          I have to go now. My wife just gave me permission to go pee.

  • https://twitter.com/MongrelGlory/status/1204568100307382272

    “Minnie Driver is one of the actors…definitely CIA ties!”

    “CIA ties too: John Cusack”

    “Yep! I saw a picture of him with some young women at one of the NXVIM “satellite group” parties with Kristen Kreuk. (I forget what the name of the group was.)”

    “It was a Jness meeting. Jness was a “women’s empowerment” group that used to screen members to join Ranier’s NXVIM cult. I can’t find the photo right now. They’ve closed down their old webpage.”

    “It was bad enough he his CIA; now he is a perv too. Hollyweird is pedos or those speaking out about pedos
    Maybe all of CIA are”

    “I think they were just using the celebrities to rope in people. It was a small “introductory meeting”. The picture had about a dozen people in it.”


    John Cusack acknowledged the existence of NXIVM on Twitter:



    So there is a picture somewhere out there of Kristin Kreuk and John Cusack at a NXIVM party used to screen members to recruit into the NXIVM cult. Disgusting. And John Cusack posted about NXIVM on Twitter. Was he a member of NXIVM. Did he show up at a recruiting event. Did Kristin Kreuk show up at these events to lure people in under false pretences? Can Frank Parlato confirm this? Apparently, according to Sarah Edmondson, Hollywood types were recruited with the help of the Vancouver branch, which had Kristin Kreuk as their main “draw”.

  • https://twitter.com/sarahjedmondson/status/1204456048431484928

    “What an honour to be included on this list of #powerhouse #women. All of these women are strong AF. Thank you-
    #29Powerhouses list of #Canadian women who are breaking boundaries, claiming their power, and inspiring others to do the same! #nxivm #scarred #author”

    This stinks of shit. Sarah Edmondson is a fraud. Talk about reframing your bullshit. She has convinced people she is a naive heroine with the media not calling her out on her 12 years before getting branded above her cooter.

    NXIVM coward Kristin Kreuk liked the comment too. Still think you care about women Kristin? Was Sarah Edmondson the one who asked you for help fighting NXIVM only for you to say NO? You would rather pretend to do so on television with tax payer money going into your pocket?

    Sarah, you are not “breaking boundaries”, you are not “claiming your power” and you don’t “inspire” anyone. You are a opportunistic vulture. Something you honed to a tee during your many years bullshitting and manipulating people and making a lot of money doing so.

    Dirty people.

    • Kruek and company even took it a step further than Edmondson with their Girls By Design scam. Hopefully someone will come forward with some incriminating info on their ploy to get Raniere teen girls through that website.

  • So, if Elaine dropped Kris off at home, it’s a 2.5-hour walk back to the hotel to get the truck. In purple slippers, in February!
    Can anyone say hyperthermia?

    Not buying that #1

    This story had to be all over the Anchorage news. Don’t you think a cab driver would have said they picked her up and dropped her off at the hotel?

    Kris drives another 2.5-hours on a dark winter night in the condition she is in with hardly any sleep for days and being an emotional wreck, after walking from her home to the hotel.

    Not buying that #2

    Kris than proceeds to break in and steal a kayak and paddle in the middle of the night, walk it down to the water, in slippers that she already walked 2.5-hours from her house to the hotel in. Then she paddles so far out, farther than others can go, that it carries her out to the ocean.

    Not buying that #3

    Was she abducted by aliens?
    Did the mother ship of NXIVM come pick her up?

    Maybe she was kidnapped and taken the opposite direction. The truck taken to Miller’s Landing was to throw off the search party.

    How did anyone know to look 2.5-hours away in Millers Landing? That is strange in and of itself.

    Normally, the police won’t take a missing person case for 48-72 hours. Why did they take the Snyder case so fast?

    • One answer may be very simple – and has been overlooked.

      Perhaps Smiloff not only didn’t stay with Snyder like Clifford was told she would, but didn’t even drive her. It makes sense that Smiloff might have thought that if she wasn’t really going to stay with Snyder, there was no reason to go to the trouble to drive her, either – Clifford had been placated and was remaining in the intensive, which may have been the important thing to them in tamping down the disruption. It’s also possible that Snyder protested that she could drive herself – I think we’ve all seen people do things like that.

      Snyder is listed as “Endangered” on the Alaska State Troopers bulletin. Reports say they were told she was suicidal, so presumably, her case was given higher priority because it was more likely she was in imminent danger. That’s also a reminder of what Clifford apparently though Snyder’s state of mind was at the time of her disappearance, and why the official ruling of her death by suicide was then accepted by her spouse and family.

      • For what it is worth, Elaine Smiloff told me she drove Kristin Snyder from the Westmark Hotel to her home in Anchorage. Elaine said that she did not go inside.

          • But what if she was guilty – or at least feeling guilty?

            You might want to note in comments below, that at the time of Snyder’s breakdown and disappearance, Smiloff was just a few weeks away from being convicted as a sex offender.

          • Is Scott quitting Frank Report because he can’t risk his loins again seeing that luscious hairy chest pic of Keith?

            I demand Frank post that picture every hour on the hour. Frank can get his Scott fix when he meets up in Hutchins to have tea with the knob.

        • Thanks for the reminder, Frank – I did have that in mind.

          Smiloff is at least a guilty participant in deceiving Clifford that Snyder would be taken care of by her, and in not having done so, arguably bears the most direct guilt for negligence if Snyder committed suicide, and possibly even if she died by some other means as well. So, I think her account really has to be questioned.

          In my experience, people sometimes re-form their memories around such things over time, particularly when extreme emotions like guilt are involved – modern research shows how that can happen, and that it does, as we perhaps see in the case of Snyder’s mother who now denies that Kristen made crazy claims to her about the space shuttle disaster, even though the Times Union reported in 2004 that “When she last spoke to her parents, Kristin Snyder told them that she was responsible for the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia, her mother said.” And particularly if some of the NXIVM people had done something like using NLP and other techniques to walk Smiloff through a cover story to tell authorities – in Scientology, which NXIMV emulated, it’s called creating a “shore story” – she might have been told to imagine or visualize doing it, which could have effectively implanted a false memory (something Scientology and NXIVM both do, particularly in regard to supposed past lives).

          It’s a typical problem of this sort of theorizing, that it often ends up depending on an individual account or some interpretation of events, that may not actually be reliable.

          It really would help to hear from more of those involved, to see if their accounts corroborated one another, or conflicted – and of course, find if they could provide key additional points of information.

    • There was a fuel receipt dated for 6:47 PM the day she went missing found in the truck. Evidently she did not go home and then walk back to the truck, as she reportedly left the class about 4, so there would not have been enough time to do that.
      It’s not strange that police took the case so quickly, since she was reported to be in a suicidal state they needed to act fast.

  • First, what’s known about what evidence and testimony the jury reviewed, that determined Snyder’s death to be a suicide? That’s critical information, that has been totally overlooked.

    Did the Alaska State Patrol bulletin also say that Snyder was suicidal? That’s what dispatch said over the radio, according to troopers’ reports, presumably because Clifford reported that as her state of mind – which provides critical background to her disappearance.

    Apparently, Snyder had been out all day traveling to and from the NXIVM intensive in blue slippers – so the question to ask is why did she go out into the Alaska cold dressed like that, first thing in the morning, to begin with? Were they either very warm slippers of some sort, or did she have very thick socks on, and if not then why would her presumably caring spouse, Clifford, have let her leave the house inadequately dressed for the weather? (Accuweather shows that the historic average for that time of year is around 25° during the day and 10° at night in Anchorage – but about 10° warmer in Seward, meaning the overnight temperature there is close to the same as the daytime temperature in Anchorage)

    One way or another, Snyder’s truck got the more than 100 miles to Resurrection Bay, being fueled along the route, presumably with Snyder’s credit card – a receipt was reported found on the seat of the vehicle.

    A large white sea kayak then disappeared. The Millers reported it was an older model that had no flotation and would sink if flipped, so there’s no mystery about that – it completely explains why the vessel was never found.

    Old wooden kayak paddles would be hard to see, or distinguish from floating debris, and even more modern ones are sometimes made in dark colors – counter-intuitively, and perhaps in contrast to what some people may be familiar with from little inland and white water kayaks.

    I checked, and one source I found said that tidal currents aren’t a major factor in Resurrection Bay because it’s so deep; NOAA shows that the tide started going out at 4:46 am on Friday, February 2, 2003, so if Snyder got a late start, what currents there are would have tended to push her further out towards the sea before daylight.


    Also, while searching I found a copy of fairly comprehensive police records. Has this been published before?


    I certainly agree the various NXIVM functionaries owe an accounting of the truth about what happened with Snyder and should be held to account for whatever their role was. It’s amazing they weren’t sued at the time, but then again, maybe that says something about how Snyder’s deteriorating mental state and increasing despondency left her spouse and family convinced that her disappearance was indeed most likely a suicide.

    • The police report reads like she wasn’t reported missing until 2/7 and if Heidi Clifford reported her missing as SHE claims, then she might be in Seward info came from Heidi like do much other info no proven false! How long had this not-so-seaworthy kayak been missing? It may have been missing long before 2003! Every bit of info surrounding Kristin’s disappearance comes from Heidi!

    • And if Clifford cared about her leaving the house in treacherous weather wearing purple slippers, she should have called the police then and there.

      • Peaches,

        Heidi’s overall behavior does not seem like the one of a loving and caring spouse…

        I understand your points, and what you are saying. The one thing that seems to be missing, for me is motive.
        Kristin and Heidi do not appear as they had a high net worth or high level of income, and, therefore, probably did not have large insurance policies. To take out a substantial life insurance policy, one has to have a high level of income or a substantial net worth in lieu of income.

        Peaches, I do believe Heidi’s behavior and statements before and after Kristin’s disappearance are all suspicious.

        There could be many explanations as to Heidi’s behavior, but at least on the surface…I do understand why you are so skeptical.

        • NiceGuy, good point.

          While I think we owe it to Clifford to be sensitive and respectful, as she is most likely the grieving spouse, it does appear that at least she may have been unduly influenced and a bit too amenable to NXIVM at the time, and thus not looking out for her wife and challenging NXIVM’s handling of her case the way we might expect.

          If it was at least possible that Raniere had sex with Snyder, that would have at a minimum tended to drive a wedge into her and Clifford’s relationship. And that would then constitute what might be salaciously called a love triangle.

          There are things which seem odd, and we haven’t heard enough from Clifford to understand well enough.

    • Nice catch – thanks for that. But what you provided is apparently not a permanent link, I had to go here and search for her name:


      That turns up that Smiloff would have been less than two months’ away from being convicted, at the time of the NXIVM intensive:

      Alaska Convictions
      Court Docket Number: 3PA-02-2524 Court: DISTRICT COURT PALMER
      Conviction Date: 03/20/2003 Offense Date: 08/21/2002
      Statute: AS11.41.438(A)(2) Description: Attempted Sexual Abuse of Minor 3

    • The link says the information has been removed, and therefore doesn’t give the name of the child sex,offender. When was that info removed from the site?

  • I hate the way Frank Perlato stoke this story from Toni Natalie. She was the one that made this story happen and got the investigation going. And Perlato gets the credit. Toni had it planned for her podcast and he steals the story and doesn’t even find out the story. Dunce.
    #HailToni. I will never forget you.
    Your liege

    • To Gassy Porter MD of Omaha and Kansas City aka Nicki:

      This story is supposed to be about Kristin Snyder and her mysterious disappearance in 2003.
      A disappearance that might constitute homicide.
      Not about Toni Nartalie and her current series of Dramas.
      And lots of stories never have a satisfactory conclusion or answer.
      For example:
      Was there a conspiracy to murder or assassinate John F. Kennedy?
      If so who was involved in that conspiracy?
      That particular story is 56 years old and still has no definitive answer.

      If Toni Natalie wants to do a Podcast about Kristin Snyder, she is still free to do it and offer her own answers.

        • “I’m sorry but who is Toemi Nalallie?”

          Her name is Toni Natalie.
          I never spelled it “Toemi Nalallie”.
          Please reread what I just typed.

          But Toni Natalie is a “Foni” (phony).
          The Frank Report has a number of stories in its archives, all from 2019, detailing problems with Foni Toni Natalie’s veracity.

  • Esther Chiappone Carlson had better start saving her money for a good lawyer. Or maybe she can ask Sara B. for some bail/trial money –

    Keith is effectively out of the picture, Esther. He’s been neutered. But, maybe if you wink hard and say “thank you, Master” he can save you. Why not just tell the police (or Frank) what happened to Kristin, even if all you know about it is what happened just prior to her going missing? Were I in your position and if I were innocent, I would certainly not like being further implicated. This thing looks like might take an even uglier turn for the worse and you should know by now that once Frank sinks his teeth into something, he doesn’t let go.

    • I thought it was weird the wife, Heidi, did nothing to follow Kris once she was removed. But maybe it was because she was brainwashed while in the cult and just accepted what they said. Like Dani’s parents that did nothing to help their daughter. I think we need to understand more how cults work. The wife and Dani’s parents are victims too.

    • I bet Elaine Smiloff could answer this question. I foresee a nice juicy catfight. These assholes have been running around living their lives thinking they’re so clever no one will ever figure out they murdered Kristen Snyder. To the lawyers on this forum, what’s going to happen if someone can prove that she was murdered and didn’t commit suicide? If it was premeditated murder, would they stand trial in Alaska? Do they have the death penalty there? Would accomplices face the same charges or would charges vary according to who makes plea deals?

  • Heidi knows what happened to her! Nothing Heidi Clifford said or did makes ANY sense whatsoever! Her “lesbian wife” is knocked up by a man and days later Heidi attends KR’s EXPENSIVE conference with her wife? Then for reasons Heidi doesn’t mention her wife flips out around 4pm and either A) is removed by who knows who from the premises B) storms out herself and leaves on her own volition C) someone/s (NOT Heidi) from the hotel drove her home and promised to stay there till Heidi was done with the days conference?? What person is going to stay at a conference ran by the person who impregnated their wife who is now supposedly suicidal???

    Whatever happened to Kristin happened in the truck Heidi claims she was forced to sell because she owed monies to KR. These conferences were not attended UNLESS you paid! KR was not giving lay away classes! Get laid maybe, but not classes on credit!

    • In Heidi’s defense, she told me she had doubts about the veracity of Kristin’s claims that she was pregnant.

      • Per Heidi, Kris reported to her and to the room she was pregnant. Regardless of what she personally believed, her actions/inactions are suspect! And given these two women lived together, Heidi would know if Kris missed a period! If all likelihood their period would be synced!

      • I think Heidi was just in the cult. She was brainwashed and decided to not do anything. She now has to live with her decision to not do anything when her wife was removed. It was interesting, however, that Heidi in the documentary did not once mention regret to not leaving with her wife.

        Maybe she is still brainwashed

      • Frank,

        Peach’s theory/hunch regarding Kristin does beg the following questions to be asked…

        ….What was Heidi’s relationship with the Snyder family and Kristin? Did the relations end on amicable terms?

  • The more we learn about Kristin’s disappearance, the more suspicious it becomes. Each item of new information only sets up more questions.

  • The more facts that come out, the fishier the NXIVM narrative sounds.

    Imagine in an Alaskan winter driving two and a half hours for 127 miles over a curvy two land highway wearing only purple house slippers. Slippers more appropriate for July than February or March.

    That’s not a smooth Interstate highway.
    That is a narrow road in the winter darkness that meanders between mountains and bays.

    “Bodies float too. Even if they sink, they eventually float to the surface.
    Of course she may have weighed herself down with weights and sunk.”

    This is a point which I made.
    As a body decays it is more likely to float even if tied down with chains and weights.
    And kayaks and paddles are designed to float and are often painted or formed in bright colors that would stick out in the gloomy Alaskan waters.

  • So Kristin, wearing purple slippers, walked on the gravel and the rough shore carrying a kayak and paddled out to her death? I don’t buy it

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