Kim Snyder’s Heartfelt, Beautiful Letter on Her Sister, Kristin Snyder

The following post was written by the sister of Kristin Snyder. I have not edited it in the slightest. I thought it was proper for younger sister Kim to express herself in precisely her own words – about how she feels about her sister.
Kristin Snyder disappeared on Feb. 6, 2003, after being ejected from a Nxivm intensive after proclaiming she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child. Her body was never found.
Kim Snyder
By Kim Snyder
Kristin Marie Snyder was born to Captain Robert E. and Jonnie Flynn Snyder, December 14, 1967, in Tallahassee, Florida.
Kris is a beautiful – blonde-haired, blue-eyed Young woman.  She stands very tall and slender- always healthy, always a bright, intelligent, educated and loving young lady.
Kristin Snyder
Kris is the daughter of a Marine Soldier and our family moved a lot.
Kris started her life in Florida – from there, to Columbia, SC. Kris was the oldest of 2 girls. Kris helped with adopted baby sister, Kim L. Snyder, who was adopted into the family from Aiken, SC.
Mrs. Snyder took Kris to the store one day where Kris yelled out, “See my new baby sister!”
Kris was a very loving older sister.
Kim and Kristin Snyder
The Snyder’s moved a lot. They moved to Columbia, SC, Philadelphia, PA and traveled to Texas during the summer.
Capt. Snyder worked with the University of South Carolina and Temple University.
Capt. Snyder took his family to West Germany, as a contract job with Temple University from 1980-1983. Kris was not happy in the Department of Defense School so she attended the German school. She had a tutor in the afternoon.
Kris was bright; she learned very fast. Kris was fluent in German, as was Kim. They learned how to play with the kids in the neighborhood; they did very well.
Kris – in 1983 – after Capt. Snyder had some heart ️ problems – flew back to the states with her family – and began school at JV Martin JR. High school. This is where she began playing in the band – Kris played the flute beautifully!!!!!!
Kris took time with her family – going to St. Louis Catholic Church in SC. She attended her youth group – where she was active, and when possible – she would take little sister, Kim with her (lock-in’s, movies, out to eat), etc.
Kris entered Dillon High School where she grew more beautiful – got along well with the other students, she played girls’s softball , played her flute in band – at ball  games – and ran track, coached by her cousin Nancy Sanders.
Family: Capt. Robert Snyder, Kristin Snyder, Kim Snyder. Seated Jonnie Snyder.
Kris loved to play Lionel Ritchie’s songs in band – she had all of his cd’s. Kris had a mentor in high school – Coach Jason Gunter – who was always there when we needed him.
Kris – during the summer, was a cotton scout – she loved to be outside – she was a very active young lady.
Kris was Ms. Junior Ms. for Dillon High School. She didn’t let it go to her head!!!!  She fulfilled her role very well. Kim remembers being in the Christmas parade with Kris – and she attended the beauty pageant – she said, Kris was beautiful, even if she didn’t win!!!!!!
Kris graduated from Dillon High School , in 1983 – with honors. She was a straight A student !!!!
Kris attended the University of Steubenville, OH – where she was a member of the choir – for the Catholic Masses – week days and weekends.  Kris played the guitar  and the flute.
When it snowed – you would find Kris doing the shoveling of the snow ️- she loved being a house  hold member.
Kris studied biology – Kris invited younger sister, Kim – up to visit her, on Siblings week – and Kim loved the time away from home- and Kris’ attention, and attention from the other girls, in the dorm. Kris took Kim to mass- to the cafeteria to eat, etc.
Kris graduated from the University of Steubenville – degree in biology. She moved on to the University of Lexington, Ky – she was very smart in her studies there and also graduated with a master’s degree in Plant Ecology from this university.
Kris also had a dog  named Farley – who was her life and heart ️. He was buried in Resurrection Bay – the day of her memorial.
Kris visited home  before leaving for Anchorage, AK.
Kris never was uneven- she was a beautiful young  woman – in the inside and outside. Kris was a loving daughter, sister, cousin- she was a very intelligent  student – in all of the schooling she did.
Kris is deeply missed by family, friends  and everyone who came in contact with her. Kris’ legacy lives on in the hearts ♥️ and minds of everyone that she touched.
Kristin Marie Snyder 12/14/67-2/7/03   Kris – we love ️ and miss you – Mom, Andy and Kim

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  • Very sweet story about your sister, Kim. Let’s us all know more about what a wonderful person she was and the amazing bond you two had.

  • Kim, nobody does it better than you. Your words about Kristin help so much to give examples of your sister’s life and how she lived, of what she loved doing, (!) and you give the sense of her adventurous spirit. This has been so great to learn. Her love of the great outdoors and her professional life, her hard work to obtain her degrees, plus you share what Kristin decided to study and what a fine scholar she was. Seeing photos of Kristin and of the two of you together and with your family has been and is wonderful. Seeing her grin, seeing her garden and hike! Thank you all so much.

    This means a lot to me, and I feel as though I understand her more and have gotten a chance to know Kristin, at least a little bit, and this comes from you and your mom. Thank you for giving your loving thoughts and words in her honor.

    My only child is 47 now and has an indoorsy nature, but I, though much older than your sister, am hardly ever indoors, kinda want to outside nearly every waking hour feeling the wind, hearing the birds, seeing our skies day and night. Your sister and I were/are December babies, born not many days apart. She’s on my mind, very much.

    You have put her right into our hearts. God bless you and your family. I hope you feel more faith in humanity now, as people gather together to reopen the matter of what happened to your sister, and that you are uplifted to see and hear that so many care. I hope that I have never hurt or offended you or your mother with my manner of writing or choice of words, being kind of a big mouth fireball sort of woman. love, Shivani

  • What a cold hard lot the Snyder family has been casted. Kristin seems the type of girl I would want to hang out with. I see that Susan Dones has done an interview with Fox News calling Kristin Snyder her pal. Pal? Susan, you are a lesbian correct? Yet, you lasted a long time being a coach for Nxivm correct?
    Raniere had women perform fellatio on each other, and slept together with them enjoying threesomes group sex with him being the only man. So did Raniere actually hate lesbians?

    • Bahahahahahaha
      Hi Toni NataLie how many friends you got left? Two – you and your dog?
      How is that old dog doing with her PTSD? You should of let Scott have her, she loved him best, you know.

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