Kim Snyder Tells Her Story to the SUN – About the Likely ‘Murder’ of Her Sister Kristin Snyder

Kristin Snyder with her little sister Kim Snyder.

The headline is CULT MYSTERY Sister of missing woman believes Nxivm sex cult leader Keith Raniere ‘had her killed after getting her pregnant’.

It was written by Emma Parry, Digital US Correspondent for the SUN.

Emma Parry
Emma Parry, US correspondent for the SUN.

Emma Parry was one of the earliest reporters on the Nxivm trial and has offered the public some fantastic work – taking deep dives on dangerous topics like the Rainbow Cultural Gardens – way ahead of the pack. {Sara Bronfman threatened to sue her and the SUN – but they went ahead and published the story anyway.]

I have been a source for her at times, and I helped arrange the interview with Kim Snyder, sister of Kristin Snyder.

Readers know Kristin is the 35-year-old woman who disappeared in Anchorage, Alaska after being ejected from a Nxivm intensive, on Feb 6 2003. The State of Alaska has ruled she is a “presumptive suicide.”

Kristen’s body has never been found.

She was claiming to have been pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child, which prompted her ejection from the class.

Kim, as readers also know, was effectively shut off from speaking with the media, when a woman named Toni Natalie offered to handle media relations for her and her mother. Natalie told media representatives that Kim was mentally retarded and her mother was almost senile.

None of it turned out to be true.

Happily, Kim contacted me after she discovered that this Natalie woman was lying to her [as well as lying about her] and told a grotesque lie in Natalie’s book about Keith Raniere. It appears Natalie was trying to “hog” the story for herself.

Kim Snyder’s interview with the SUN is her first – other than with me for Frank Report – in the media.

Kim also filmed with me at her home in Dillon SC., along with the production team that produced ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’.

Because of Natalie’s efforts to sequester the Snyders from the media [and especially me], the Snyders do not appear in the Discovery ID  2-hour special, ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’, that airs this Sunday.

By the time, they discovered Toni was lying about them, the film was completed.

However, it is anticipated that the filming we did in Dillon, with Kim, her mother Jonnie, Susan Dones and Heidi Hutchinson, and an appearance by phone with Heidi Clifford, will be featured in a follow up film. [More on that later].

Meantime – we are investigating ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’ – and one of those women is Kristin Snyder.

We want to know what happened to her.

Here are Kim’s comments as quoted in the SUN.

Read the whole story here 

The SUN writes, “In an exclusive interview with Sun Online, Kim Snyder, the sister of Kristin Snyder, says she blames Raniere and the cult for her “beauty queen” sister’s mental demise and her death – and would like to see him get the death penalty for his alleged crimes.”

Kim Snyder says she is not, as Toni Natalie claims, “mentally retarded.” In this, I concur. I find her to be actually very bright with a good command of the English language.

Parry, for the SUN, writes about Kristin, “The then 35-year-old apparently drove over two hours from her house in Anchorage, Alaska, to a deserted lake, stole a kayak, paddled it into the middle of a freezing lake and purposely tipped it over.

“The strange disappearance is now the subject of a two-hour bombshell TV special on Investigation Discovery called ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm,’ which investigates whether Raniere was, in fact, responsible for the deaths of four of his female followers – including Kristin.

“Angry Kim says her sister’s death – and Nxivm’s involvement – was never investigated properly – and witness statements from Nxivm members, who were the last to see her alive, don’t match up.”

Kristin Snyder was an avid kayaker.

Here is what Kim Snyder had to say:

“My sister was beautiful. She was tall, blonde, slender, very bright, very people-oriented.

“She was a beauty queen, a straight-A student. People loved her. She was very loving, very giving of herself. She was very much a daddy’s girl kind of person like me. She was very, very brilliant in different things.

“And we miss her. I believe Keith Raniere snuffed her life out – and for nothing.

“I believe that not only is Keith Raniere a rapist but a killer.

“There’s even video where Keith says, ‘I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs’.

“It’s almost 17 years ago and there’s still no justice for my sister. I would like to see him executed. Why should he be able to live?…

“I first heard about this group and Keith Raniere in late 2001. Not long after in 2002, she wanted to go on a trip, just the two of us.

“So I met her in Colorado and she was flipping out. She was not her even-keel self that she always was. She was yelling and crying. Any little thing, she lost it. And I knew that that wasn’t the girl that I knew.

“Then the last time I saw her was in January 2003 with my parents. Again, she was absolutely explosive. She had become this angry, depressed, sad, upset woman that we didn’t recognize anymore.

“Kris was always stable, very even, very flat. She never had any mental, emotional, psychological problems up until she met this idiot.

“And she never had any problems until she got into this mess with Nxivm, who I believe are culpable of murder…

“I’m now coming to believe that that was all a setup. I think that they set that up to make it look like it was a suicide.

“Yeah, she had deteriorated quite a bit, but I think that Resurrection Bay is not the site of the crime scene.

“Her partner Heidi [Clifford] says that she was in such bad shape that she couldn’t have possibly driven that truck, but two or two and a half hours away from Anchorage.

[Ed. Note: Elaine Smiloff, who was the last person known to have seen Kristin Snyder alive, says precisely the same thing.]

“My parents and I have done it and it is a dark, gravelly, nasty, muddy road. And if she was in the shape that she was in, no ma’am, there’s no way she drove that vehicle down that dark road that night. None whatsoever.

“Kris was about 5’8” and when I sat in that car [her small pickup truck that was found near Resurrection Bay with a suicide note in it] I was almost under the steering wheel, so whoever drove that truck last was short.

“And guess what happened to the truck? It was given to Keith Raniere to pay off the rest of Kristin’s bills from Nxivm.

“I also don’t believe the suicide note is her writing. The lettering is too big. And the things it says are not her, she wasn’t a lovey-dovey person and that message is.

Kim Snyder does not believe that the suicide note found in Kristin Snyder’s pickup truck was written by her sister. A handwriting expert compared the suicide note with a handwritten greeting card written by Kristin and could not conclude that it was written by Kristin. There were some definite discrepancies.

“And the biggest thing that I’ve only recently found out about is that she told friends at the time she was drugged and raped by Raniere and was pregnant with his child.

“I believe that they [Nxivm members] killed her. I believe that they killed Kris to silence her because she was saying that Keith had raped her and she was saying that she was carrying his child.

“I want them to re-open this case and re-investigate it. There are too many unanswered questions.”


Kim will have much more to say to Frank Report in the coming days.

By the way, ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’ premieres on December 8, 9-11 pm ET on Investigation Discovery (ID).

Ed. Note: We are researching when and how many times Keith Raniere met with Kristin Snyder. We have ascertained that Kristin came to Albany prior to visiting her parents in mid-January 2003. The levels of her escalating erratic behavior are a subject of deep interest.

Kim’s description of an angry Kristin when they met in Colorado may coincide with evidence that she had already met Raniere prior to that Colorado visit. More on that later…

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  • This article raises many questions; And further highlights the man Keith Raniere is and his inner soul.

    …..”And guess what happened to the truck? It was given to Keith Raniere to pay off the rest of Kristin’s bills from Nxivm.”….

    Keith Raniere had the audacity to collect a debt owed, on his pseudo science-program, from a woman he had sexual relations with….who committed suicide in part because of said program….

    …..I would love to hear Raniere’s remaining acolytes explain the rationality, moral principles, and humanity at play when collecting on such a debt from a dead woman’s estate.

    “Dear Snyders Nxivm will just take your sister’s truck and call it even then Nxivm won’t have to sue your sister’s estate.”

    …..And of course Raniere’s followers still do not understand why people loathe him.

  • This timeline still has Kristin Snyder deteriorating mentally before she likely met Raniere, and certainly prior to when she might possibly have become pregnant – presumably the Colorado trip was was mid-2002, or at a minimum several months prior to Snyder’s disappearance. Frank, is there at least an approximate date for that trip, or is it another key detail that has fallen through the cracks?

    And, once again, this might all be settled, or at least put into perspective, by the one key person we have yet to really hear from – Snyder’s spouse/widow. Somehow Snyder is treated as just living her life and traipsing around the country like a single person, when actually she was living with someone and as much a married person as the law allowed at the time.

      • I’m looking forward to that.

        Given that she is probably the key figure in the case, and the one who ought to have good answers for all the questions being asked, it seems rather pointless to speculate and theorize until we know what she has to say.

    • Kristin and Kim took their trip to Colorado, according to Kim, in December 2002. I am trying to get the precise dates.

      • Scott,

        Most likely members of the Snyder family and Kristin’s and Kim’s friends will be reading this article and your corresponding comment. Thank you so much for enlightening them (total sarcasm). I am sure they will appreciate your incredible relevant and pertinent observation.

        Your observation has no bearing on the investigation into Kristin’s disappearance or death. The observation you made regarding Kristin’s marriage is extraneous, mean spirited, irrelevant and superfluous. In other words, your observation is as worthlessness as your life.

        Were you born a retarded fuckhead or do you just work hard at being one?


        Re Kim’s and Kristin Marriage:

        True marriage is a vow between two people who promise to love one another through thick and thin for life.

        A marriage license or a civil union certificate are scraps of worthless paper handed out by the state for recognition for taxes and legal rights.[ Scott, I had no idea you were such a fan of big government and taxes.]

        Kim and Kristin were married and the love they shared was real. Marriage is an oath born from love.

        Kristin and Kim never needed a piece of paper to substantiate their commitment or love for one another.

        If Kristin’s loved ones read this comment, please know I am so deeply sorry for your painful loss.

      • According to a piece by Joe O’Hara, “Kristin Snyder and Heidi Clifford entered into a civil union in Vermont in 2001.” That means that they went to a great deal of trouble to achieve the status, and make the commitment, closest to marriage then available to them; and had a legal status similar to a married couple.

        I checked, and Clifford is listed as Snyder’s “Domestic Partner” on the Certificate of Presumptive death, and was accepted as the Petitioner for the legal filing. In Alaska that is, again, similar to marriage.

        Also, that certificate was issued only after the court to summon a jury to establish the presumption of death of the missing person, and the jury reviewed evidence and testimony and “determined that the cause of death was suicide” – yet another fact due consideration that’s been overlooked or ignored.

  • Here’s a very simple question and a BIG CLUE. How tall is Nina Cowell?

    If she’s shorter than 5′ 8″, then there is a good chance she was the last one who drove Kristin Snyder’s truck and Nina helped setup the ‘Cover Story’ that Kristin suicided herself.

    1. The Truck was found next to Nina’s cabin near Resurrection Bay.
    2. The Truck seat was adjusted so that someone smaller than Kristin Snyder could drive the truck.
    3. After Kristin’s death, Nina received $50,000 from Nancy Salzman for the fake job of managing the NXIVM cafe (which was a table and help yourself tea packets).
    4. Nina initially lied to the Police about Kristin Snyder attending a concert.

    Okay, so where is Nina now? Anyone have pictures so we can see how tall she is compared to people we know (Keith Ranerie’s height is 5’6″)?

    • But did Kim go to Alaska as soon as Kirstin went missing? If not, Kim may have seen the truck only after it was already removed from where it had been found. The seat position may have been adjusted when the truck was moved, or during the police search of the truck.

      • Flowers, great question.

        It’s also possible for instance that Kristin had a longer torso than Kim, and was just accustomed to driving the vehicle with that seat position.

        My experience is that it’s often mistaken to try to read too much into a single piece of information like this – and it’s how people ended up wrongly accused and even convicted.

  • More and more is coming out about Kristin Snyder’s experiences with Keith Raniere and his followers. Details are getting filled into a timeline.

    All along, the entire saga/ backstories about Kristin and the truck have been WEIRD and completely loaded with red flags. Where is any evidence to show that Kristin ever took that truck from the Westmark Hotel?

    Is there any evidence of Kristin Snyder after she was driven away from the hotel? Anytime or anywhere?

    Kristin was thrown out of an Executive Success intensive and driven home. Was she drugged beforehand? Was she driven home because of that? Is it certain that Kristin got home at all?

    The whole ESP staff acted against Kristin Snyder’s best interests and her safety. They were guard dogs upholding Raniere’s sexual psycho-terrorism, aware that his celibacy disguise was an absolute lie. Kristin hadn’t hidden her own personal sexual orientation. Raniere wasn’t one to respect anyone’s wishes except for his own.

    Raniere’s sexual appetites weren’t unknown to staff intensive leaders. No doubt Raniere found out about Kristin from those who staffed her first ESP intensive. In other words, Kristin might have been procured for Raniere by someone like Nancy Salzman in the first place. Over breakfast.

    Kristin could’ve become an inconvenience because she was telling the truth and the whole truth as she knew it. Now we hear she might have told this intensive staff that Raniere drugged her, as well as raping her. Plus she might have been pregnant from the swine.

    For all we know, Kristin might never have had sex with a man, never mind having been drugged or raped.

    And Nancy Salzman was the one who commanded the Anchorage staff, all Raniere followers, from the phone,etc. about “what to do about Kristin Snyder.”

    Nancy Salzman, she was always doing that for frog prince. And she wasn’t the only one.

    I’ve been waiting to hear from a handwriting analyst about “Kristin’s” note(s.). You can just see an entire scheme set-up. Whenever you see that it has to be delved into and investigated persistently. No matter what anyone tells you, follow what smells.

    Thanks for dropping that handwriting analysis tidbit here tonight. Also the ballistics expert for will be for Gina, I hope. God love you all for the hard work to find the truth where so many have been grievously harmed.

    How much Nxivm and DOS and Rainbow Cultural abuse factions are continuing to regroup and to retitle themselves and to recruit, right now?

  • Her body was never found. Could she have been taken to Mexico and placed in a prison? The scheme was talked about before or has it been entirely debunked?

    • Alaska to Mexico is a long way to go with a live or dead body.

      The plot to have women put in prison wasn’t hatched until years later. It was to bribe a judge and have fake charges pending against the women when they came across the boarder to speak at an anti-cult conference.

      In 2003, the Vanturd did not have his influence over the Mexicans well enough established to have planned such a plot.

      If Kristin Snyder was murdered, she is most likely in a remote location away from where her truck was found in a very deep grave or put in water that directly went into the ocean.

      • Yeah, long shot, I just thought it might have been the initial act that was entertained at a later date. And it’s not murder. That’s a line that people like Raniere and his inner circle progress to. Once it’s crossed, it becomes easier and utilized more often and for smaller and smaller “disintegrations”.

    • Can’t rule it out, good call. Maybe it worked then, so they were willing to try the same scheme in Mexico later with other women.

    • Many things are possible – theoretically.

      There’s NXIVM’s theory that Snyder was escaping drug dealers, and then went to Florida and ended up in New Hampshire if I recall – and even a photo that supposedly bolsters the case, which NXIVM’s private investigators at least treated seriously and supposedly found additional support for. But apparently no one wants to consider that theory and the evidence for it, just because it’s NXIVM’s and they’re the bad guys, which demonstrates that this sort of speculation tends to be driven more by what people want to believe and the sides they’ve chosen to take, than actually weighing the facts and evidence objectively.

      • Of course Scott can read, and the way his holy vanguardness worded it on the tape sounds like his usual self aggrandizement – He’s so lofty and important that people have died defending/following his beliefs. KR is still an ass and a criminal; I think there’s a good chance he did have some hand in some “suicide” deaths; and he may have been escalating to where he would have been more direct about killing people. He deserves to be locked up for good, but I sure don’t think that tape is any admission of guilt. And while Scott is often an irritant, your responses are as well.

  • “Kim, as readers also know, was effectively shut off from speaking with the media, when a woman named Toni Natalie offered to handle media for her and her mother. Natalie told media representatives that Kim was mentally retarded and her mother was almost senile.”\
    “Happily, Kim contacted me after she discovered that this Natalie woman was lying to her [as well as lying about her] and told a grotesque lie in Natalie’s book about Keith Raniere. It appears Natalie was trying to “hog” the story for herself.”

    It appears that this Toni Natalie was trying to prevent Kim Snyder and the Snyder family from talking to the media.
    If the Snyder family can not talk to the media the mysteries will never be solved.
    It appears that Toni Natalie was trying to protect the NXIVM criminals who were behind the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of Kristen Snyder.
    Perhaps Toni Natalie is still close to many people in NXIVM.
    What say you, Doctor Gastone Porter, MD, DD, PHD aka Nicki?

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