Anya: ‘I Was a Nanny for Rainbow Cultural Garden – Pretty Strange Place I Have to Say’

Here is fine looking lad [back to camera' with a handsome Rainbow Garden t-shirt.

Someone whose moniker is Anya commented on an older post, Rainbow Cultural Gardens Closed Down in Monterrey By Mexican Government.

While Anya sounds authentic, we have no way of knowing for certain who she is. Nevertheless, if what she says is true, it adds a little more to our understanding of Keith Raniere and what he was doing with Rainbow Cultural Garden.

Anya writes:

Hi there, I used to work for rainbow cultural garden as a nanny and to teach my native language.

This method was very strange, as we are not allow to say “NO” if a child want to do anything, we have to let them do, even child wants to put their fingers on hot pan or hit people or steal something….. there were no teaching of Limit or boundary. and child were constantly exposed to different language and they looked so confused. a RCG children were only allow to communicate with RCG children. I felt very sorry for children.

However, people whom were working at this company were very nice and positive. (too optimistic) and they were very secretive….That is my experience.

I have worked for RCG. Pretty strange place I have to say.


What’s new in Anya’s comment is that children were allowed to do anything. No limit. No boundaries. If that was the policy, it is indeed interesting.

What is reinforced of our previous knowledge is that children were only allowed to communicate with other Rainbow children and that they were barraged with too many languages – so they were confused.

What was Raniere’s intention with Rainbow?

It was an unlicensed, experimental program devised by Raniere which exposes children from six months to 9 or 10 years to numerous languages taught by nannies.

Image result for keith raniere frank report monterrey jimena garza san pedro garza garcia

Would you want this man devising your children’s education?


Rainbow Cultural Gardens is an experiment for children.

The concept is that children will have up to seven foreign-born nannies per week [some of the nannies doubled as sex slaves for Raniere] who speak to the children in their own language.

Sahajo Haertel, a DOS slave and Rainbow nanny. Said to be still an active member of DOS, Nxivm, and Rainbow. She teaches children German.

Each nanny speaks in her native language for one day per week to the child; one nanny after another, day after day..

Parents, who are mainly wealthy Raniere devotees, pay up to $120,000 per year per child for the program.

Parents are not allowed to speak to their children in any language other than the language of the day. If the language is French on Monday, no other language is spoken in front of the child but French. If parents cannot speak French, they are not to speak with their child while the nanny is present.

There are no studies, no evidence that children learn more languages through this method. To date, not one child in Rainbow has ever been brought forward to demonstrate they can speak in more than two languages despite the fact that the child experiment is now in its 13th year.

The now de-licensed physician, Brandon Porter, the gent who conducted the Nxivm human fright experiments, did some “studies” for Rainbow. These remain unpublished.

Human fright doctor Brandon Porter did studies on children for Rainbow.

According to sources who heard it from ex-Dr. Porter, he said his studies showed children could speak many different words in various languages. Speaking words and actually speaking a language are not the same.

There are reports that some Rainbow children cannot speak their native language properly because they were subjected to too many languages since infancy. At times, they seem to babble a medley of languages to express their thoughts.

The constant change of nannies [they are only paid $15 per hour and frequently quit] – and the alienation from parents during most of their waking hours – made some children seem paranoid.

As Anya commented, she felt sorry for the children.

The inventor of the Rainbow experiment, Keith Alan Raniere, speaks only English, yet he assures followers that children should be taught seven languages to increase their brainpower.

There are still children subjected to this experiment

The Monterrey Rainbow Cultural Garden school was shut down in June 2019, but there are reportedly children still subjected to Rainbow nannies in various homes in Mexico.

Some parents whose children were in the Rainbow school in Monterrey have had difficulties placing their children in regular schools following the closure of the Monterrey Rainbow school, because their children, in some cases, had a hard time speaking Spanish. Some schools did not want these children because of their parent’s connection to the dangerous cult that brands women.

The Miami Rainbow school closed its doors in 2018. It is not known if children are still being taught there by nannies in homes of affluent Nxivm members.

The Albany Rainbow – which was conducted primarily in homes of Nxivm members – closed around the time of Raniere’s arrest in March 2018.  Children were still kept under the regime of the program of multiple nannies, however, after his arrest.

It is unknown if Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt, two wealthy, longtime Raniere followers, are reportedly still following the Rainbow regime despite publicly breaking from Raniere.  Both men had twins enrolled in the program.

Edgar Boone had his triplets enrolled in Rainbow and was reportedly paying $200,000 per year. It is believed his children are still being subjected to the Rainbow experiment.
Monterrey’s Rainbow leader, Carola Garza, continues to try to keep the Rainbow program going. Her sister, Loreta Garza, is the official leader of Rainbow.
Loreta abandoned her expensive home in Albany – which was purchased with cash – to return to Monterrey. Reportedly, she is still trying to recruit children and new nannies to continue the program.
Loreta is a first-line DOS slave master. Her sister, Jimena Garza, a branded slave of Raniere’s, is reportedly helping to keep the Rainbow banner flying as well as finding new students for Nxivm classes.
Camila Fernandez, who started having sex with Keith Raniere when she was 15, was the head nanny in Albany before fleeing to Mexico after Raniere’s arrest. She was a co-conspirator in the sex trafficking of Nicole and is reportedly teaching children Rainbow techniques in Guadalajara.

In Guadalajara, Camila Fernandez, one of Raniere’s first line slave masters, is reportedly working at Rainbow there. She is under the temporary rulership of [redacted], one of the Mexican leaders of Nxivm pending Raniere’s release, which she has reportedly been told may be any day now, once his appeal overturns his conviction.

Three Sisters Keep Rainbow Alive in Mexico

Image result for monterrey mexico rainbow cultural garden

Loreta Garza, a first line DOS slave of Keith Raniere, is Chief Operating Officer of Rainbow Cultural Garden. 

Carola Garza operates Rainbow Cultural Garden in Monterrey. She is the sister of Loreta and Jimena Garza.  Carola is reportedly a member of DOS.
Jimena Garza Davila runs the Monterrey branch of Nxivm with her husband, Omar ‘Cornuto’ Boone. Keith Raniere’s initials are branded on Jimena’s pubic region.


Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone, one of the leaders of Nxivm, with wife Jimena Garza. While Nxivm in the US is in the process of being seized by the feds, that has no legal effect or standing in Mexico. Cuckie’s wife, Jimena, is one of the leaders of DOS. She has taken a vow of lifelong slavery to Keith Alan Raniere, whose initials [KAR] she sports on her pubic region.
Branded DOS slave Jimena Garza walks with her Grand Master, Keith Alan Raniere, in San Pedro Garza Garcia in November 2017. 

Up until recently, Rainbow in the UK advertised available locations for Rainbow. The UK website is now offline.


That does not mean that Rainbow Cultural Garden experiments are not still operating in the following locales:

• Albany, NY
• LA
• Miami

• Mexico City
• Monterrey
• Cuernavaca
• Guadalajara, Mexico

• Guatemala

• Madrid

• London

• Vancouver, Canada
• Leon, Mexico

Of course the biggest advocate – with the money to make it happen – is Sara Bronfman Igtet, who lives in Provence, France.

She has her two children enrolled in the Rainbow experiment and has been trying to recruit other children. She changed the name from Rainbow to Le Campus to obscure the fact that this is the same Raniere-inspired experiment.


Sara Bronfman explains the experiment:.

Sara writes, “Rainbow Cultural Garden is an early child-development program which, through careful, progressive exposure to multiple languages, cultures, representational systems and aesthetics, seeks to inspire and capture the miraculous, creative, learning lives of children.

“Our Core Values:

“JOY: We believe developing a rich internal world is key to our children’s optimal fulfilment in life; as such, we seek to emphasise and prolong the wondrous state of joy and curiosity that naturally exists in all children.

“HUMANITY: By exposing children to loving role models from a diversity of cultures, we seek to foster a sense of solidarity with all of humanity.

“SKILLS: We believe it’s important that out children learn “how” to think rather than “what” to think; build self-esteem and self-reliance and develop problem-solving skills that will serve them no matter what challenges they might face.

“How We Work:

“Using the most current scientific understandings in child development, Rainbow Cultural Garden gives families with children in Early Years Foundational Stages (EYFS) access to carefully sourced and highly trained child development specialists who, through one-to-one or group interaction, impart to them their unique language and culture.


Scientist Keith Raniere. Painting by MK10ART.


Of course the scientist, Sara refers to who provides the “most current scientific understandings in child development” is none other than her master, Keith Alan Raniere, who is now in US federal custody, having been convicted on charges of sex trafficking, forced labor, indentity theft, wire fraud and racketeering.

A man you can trust to devise a method to raise your children. Sketch by MK10ART.

Lauren Salzman’s Role

I think it is ironic that Lauren Salzman, who was promised an avatar baby by Keith Raniere but, of course, never got her dream come true child, used to inveigle parents to spend their last dollars enrolling their children into Rainbow.

She would ask them, “What does it mean if you have money to spend and you do not spend it on ensuring your children get the greatest and best educational opportunity ever devised for children?”

This guilted many a parent into signing up. For what did it mean if they didn’t?: That they did not believe in Keith’s greatness or that they did not care enough about their children – or both.

Any choice other than to sign up for Rainbow was a horror and blight upon that parent.

Lauren Salzman did a lot of crying in court as a  victim of Keith Raniere but when she was his number three woman she was a living hellion for him.

Anya, the purported Rainbow nanny was right, “it was a pretty strange place” and this is true not only of Rainbow but of everything even remotely connected to Keith Alan Raniere and all of his wicked minions.

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2 years ago

Hi. it was interesting to read, as I also worked at a Rainbow Cultural Garden in the UK in 2017 for about 2 month-3 months teaching my mother tongue language.
But a girl I was teaching wasn’t looking alright, so I quit. The girl was confused. I feel sorry for any children that was involved in this.


[…] into Rainbow Cultural Garden, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one of his posts, one person using the moniker “Anya” commented about being a former nanny in the […]

3 years ago

And what is Ben Myers and his Salzman wifey doing now…? He showing any interest in education related activities?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I know some sure things about them: they are not transparent, they also let some nannies with different dodgy backgrounds work with children, such as ex-convicts, and management knew about this.

3 years ago

Frank, I appreciate your featuring this comment on an important aspect of NXIVM. I hope it will help elicit more people to come forth with insider knowledge of what went in on Rainbow Cultural Gardens, and what happened to the children subject to their programs.

I suspect this is yet another way in which NXIVM did significant damage to quite a number of people over a time span of years, which cumulatively is at least as much of a horror as the worst of what it did to some individuals. The story of that, is as important to tell as any other.

3 years ago


Frank never reveals sources. He actually is a real journalist with integrity. You can always share more information whenever you want.
Frank has protected others people’s identities in the past and will continue to do so. Frank has proven over time he is a man of his word.

Overseas Reader
Overseas Reader
3 years ago

Some French links about “Le Campus – Au delà de l’école”

Inauguration with the mayor of Apt:



Summer Camp Lubéron:

Some (French) comments about the opening of “Le Campus – Au delà de l’école” :

3 years ago

Thank you especially for the last link, my French is poor but I put the last link article through google translate and it seems like the tone of the article is a little sarcastic – am I right? that basically the rise of Bronfman-Igtet’s aka: nxivm, aka: Rainbow Cultural Gardens’ special private ‘campus’ comes on the back of the closure of a public education provision?

3 years ago

From the Miami New Times quoting Joe O’Hara:

“”Whatever Rainbow is, it is not a licensed educational institution here in New York state or a daycare, and I’m pretty sure that is the case around the world,” Joseph O’Hara, a child-welfare advocate who previously worked with NXIVM, told the Sun. O’Hara said he was appalled at the teachings he saw at Rainbow Cultural Garden centers.

“The so-called curriculum they are immersing these kids in is damaging,” he said. “We’ve got examples of kids coming out and not being able to speak in any language, just babble. Everything I’ve read suggests there is psychological damage done to kids that don’t learn languages at an appropriate age.”

A thread of tweets and screen shots ab out Rainbow Cultural Garden.
It lists members in Uk Norway, Mexico, LA, Guatemala and so forth.

digital soldier ⏳⚔️⚖️
Jun 26th 2019, 12 tweets, 12 min read Read on Twitter
Found this thread while I was searching for directors of NXIVM’s Rainbow Cultural Garden Schools/Daycares.
It has screenshots of websites & social media accounts that have been scrubbed from the internet as well as many names – rt to make them famous.

Allison Mack’s last Instagram shot before Raniere was arrested in March 2018.
It shows a green shirted Mexican boy probqbly in RCG about 4 or 5 years old rambling on about whether you practice “Joy.”
Allison Mack was very impressed by this video.

Here is Allison Mack’s comment on this video:
wisdom…. pure wisdom! #soulfood #inspiration

Allison Mack’s readers were less impressed with this video and Ms.Mack:

I practice not being a sex trafficker. I’m doing better at it than you are, I must say.

Plot Twist: Chloe Sullivan was the villain of the story… not Lex
3w1 likeReply

I’m watching a documentary on NXIVM and wow. I’m just speechless. What a wicked organisation it was. I hope all those including yourself @allisonmack729 are sentenced to a very long time in prison.
3w7 likesReply


Dianne Lipson
Dianne Lipson
3 years ago

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, taught that children are really adults in little bodies. From Cadet Org – Wikipedia:

“In Scientology doctrine, children are regarded as being “adults in small bodies”. According to L. Ron Hubbard, their bodies house ancient and immortal thetans or spirits who are capable of carrying out the same responsibilities as any adult.”

It looks like the Rainbow Cultural Garden philosophy regarding children’s autonomy in deciding their own actions is yet another concept that Raniere lifted straight out of Scientology.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dianne Lipson

“L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, taught that children are really adults in little bodies.”

Well Dianne, you must concede that the average child is more mature than both L. Ron Hubbard and Keith Raniere.

Gastone Porter MD DDS PhD DD JD
Gastone Porter MD DDS PhD DD JD
3 years ago

At last a post not about Toni Natalie. She is not to blame. She shut down Nxivm and put Raniere in prison.

3 years ago

“She is not to blame. She shut down Nxivm and put Raniere in prison.

Laying it on a bit thick aren’t we, Nicki?
Raniere and his rabid faithful handmaidens put Raniere in prison.
Had Raniere exercised enough self-control to avoid branding, blackmail and pedophilia, he would still be ruling the roost in Clifton Park.

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