Raniere’s Home of 30 Years – 3 Flintlock – Is Now Rented to Tenants – No Nxivm Members Left in Knox Woods

Keith Raniere's toilet.

Radar Online first reported that “Keith Raniere’s former house of horrors is now occupied by new residents months after his conviction.”

That’s right, 3 Flintlock Lane – the home of Keith Alan Raniere from 1987 until 2016 – a home he still owns 50 percent of – is rented.

Karen Unterreiner, who shares ownership with Raniere of the property, was occupying the 1,270 square foot townhouse until recently. She moved out to start a new life, away and apart from Nxivm. She rented the property to tenants who are not connected to Nxivm.

Karen has been very helpful in my investigation into Raniere.

When I worked as a consultant for Nxivm in Albany [2007], I went to many of the homes of Nxivm members and leaders. However, I was never invited to visit 3 Flintlock Lane and understood it was taboo to go over and knock on the door.

For years, Raniere lived there with Karen, Kristin Keeffe, Pam Cafritz and, at times, Barbara Jeske. All four women developed cancer. Cafritz and Jeske died. Cafritz acquired 2 Flintlock Lane [adjoining] and moved there. After Keeffe had a child with Raniere, she and the baby moved to 1 Flintlock Lane.

For some time after the birth of the child, both parents denied it was their offspring, telling Nxivm followers that the mother died giving birth to the child and the father was unknown.

I Flintlock is rented to non-Nxivm tenants. 2 Flintlock is vacant and still houses Cafritz’s possessions.

There is nothing left of Raniere’s at 3 Flintlock, except the memory of the man who branded women with his initials and blackmailed them into obedience. Just prior to the townhouse being rented, only a few of his items were still there – including some furniture and his old piano that he learned to play on when he was a boy.

Where Raniere is currently residing – the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn – he won’t be needing any of these items.

The property at 3 Flintlock was rented as of November 1st.

The front of the house where Keith Raniere lived for almost 30 years. The garage on the right is part of 3 Flintlock, the garage on left is part of 2 Flintlock.


The back of the 3 Flintlock Lane townhouse. Keith rarely, if ever, went in the backyard.


Dining area – where Keith would sometimes sit and get blow jobs. He would also meet with his inner circle here. If one was allowed inside, that meant they were trusted.

Keith Raniere was at best a mediocre piano player and never performed publicly as far as anyone knows.

The piano that Keith had as a boy, which he kept at 3 Flintlock. He claimed to have become a concert-level pianist at the age of 12 but is not known to have ever performed any concerts.

The couch where Keith Raniere would lie upon and watch over his women. It had a straight view to the kitchen and Raniere would often make oinking sounds when his ladies went to the refrigerator to remind them not to overeat.

He would also sit up from time to time to receive fellatio from his devotees.

The kitchen where women were taught not to overeat.


The upper bathroom which had a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower, though Raniere rarely used the latter three.

The upstairs landing led to Raniere’s bedroom which he shared with Karen, when not sleeping downstairs. Keith, it was truly said, slept only two hours per night. That’s because he slept about 8 hours during the day.

The bathroom where Keith often sat and pondered on how to help humankind. It is also the bathroom he locked himself into when Daniela confronted him one day.

After Raniere’s conviction, I visited 3 Flintlock for the first time and was surprised at how small it is. It has three small bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a modest living room, a small kitchen, and a dining area. There is a back porch which I was told Raniere never used.

With Karen moving out of Flintlock and to another area, there are no Nxivm members still living in the subdivision of townhouses called Knox Woods.

It was once heavily infested with them from Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Monica Duran, Daniela Padilla, Barbara Bouchey, Dawn Morrison, Toni Natalie, Camila Fernandez, Ivy Nevares, Lauren Salzman, Kathy Russell, and many others who moved there to be closer to the man who was their Vanguard, and did their thinking for them.

Karen was the first one in, buying the house with her then-boyfriend Raniere in 1987 – when Raniere was just 27. Karen was the last one out of Knox Woods. She spent more than 40 years with Raniere, meeting him first as a teen when both were attending college.


3 Flintlock was also the scene of the rapes of 12-year-old Rhiannon. Pam offered the pre-teen girl a job walking her dog. The women of the house welcomed Rhiannon in as part of the family and groomed her for Raniere, who soon raped her. Karen, however, knew nothing about the rapes of girls, she said and I believe her.


Rhiannon was 12 when Keith judged her as mature enough to have sex with him. She later felt her childhood was stolen.

Around 2015, Rosa Laura Junco offered her 4,000 square foot home at nearby 21 Oregon Trail to her Vanguard.

Junco, the daughter of wealthy Mexican publisher Alejandro Junco, just purchased a 10,000 square foot mansion nearby and rather than sell her old home, made it available for her glorious teacher.

Raniere, with the then-ailing Pam Cafritz and Mariana Fernandez, moved into the Oregon Trail property, leaving Karen behind at 3 Flintlock.

Cafritz died on November 7, 2016 – either shortly before or shortly after she was smuggled out of the hospital by Dr. Brandon Porter, Lauren Salzman, Esther Chiappone Carlson, James Del Negro and Raniere. At some point, while they were handling Pam, they dropped her on the ground – which provoked a hearty group laugh.

Pam died somewhere, it is not clear, possibly en route from the hospital to home, or shortly thereafter. Once confirmed dead by Dr. Porter – James Del Negro and Chiappone-Carlson rushed out to the local supermarket to obtain ice – which was placed, along with Pam, [it is not known if she was still alive then] in the bathtub – to preserve her body for transport to a cryogenic tomb.

At least that is where Raniere said she was going. What really happened to her body remains a mystery.

Raniere, however, required his inner circle not to tell anyone that Pam was dead for several weeks. In fact, they told Nxivm members that she was still alive until Raniere finally decided to announce her death.

What went on in those two weeks – while Pam was dead but people believed her to be living – including possible changes to her will or signing authority on her bank accounts – is not known [This is the kind of stuff that law enforcement officials would normally investigate – but, since this happened in the Northern district of New York, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen].

At her memorial, which was not held until January 2017, Raniere wept copious tears and told assembled Nxivm devotees how much he loved Pam and that she was his true life partner.

Some of the tears may have been of joy. Raniere inherited $8 million from her estate and was the sole beneficiary of her will.

The late Pam Cafritz a few months before she died of renal cancer.

Raniere prescribed her treatment which included drinking a milky white beverage. His devotee, Rosa Laura Junco, assisted him by becoming the holder of a power of attorney for Pam’s estate and it is not known what financial crimes she may have committed to aid her worthy leader. It is known that she offered her 15 year old virgin daughter to Raniere to become his successor and to birth a child sired by his holiness.

After Raniere and company moved out, Karen remained at 3 Flintlock – for once enjoying the property all to herself. She joined Raniere briefly in Mexico when Raniere called many of his followers [not just DOS slaves] for a sort of final Vanguard gathering in Puerto Vallarta in the late winter of 2018.

Karen was not part of DOS.

This was, as some have felt, his last Vanguard Week – with most of the main devotees being there, hosted by Clare Bronfman. Raniere knew then that he was under investigation by the FBI and thought he would be safe in Mexico under the protection of his powerful friend Emiliano Salinas.

Devotees came and left just prior to Easter. The DOS women remained along with Clare Bronfman.

A group fellatio was planned with his eight First Line slaves but it never came off – because Raniere was arrested by Mexican federal police.   He was found hiding in a closet.

Lauren Salzman gave his hdiing spot away when she had machine guns pointed at her head.

Rosa Laura Junco, a first-line DOS slave, was eager to participate in the wondrous eight-woman group fellatio effort but was denied the holy experience by Keith Raniere’s arrest.

Before his arrest, Karen had come back to Flintlock – but all chance of earning income for the work she had done for years – teaching Nxivm intensives – was gone.  Nobody was signing up for those anymore.

After the branding story was exposed by Frank Report, the cult cratered. After the New York Times picked up the story, the feds began to investigate. Raniere was arrested shortly after Karen left Mexico.

Starting about the time Frank Report broke the branding story in June 2017, Karen became a regular reader. She had to hide the fact that she read it since Nivm members were not allowed to read the blasphemous trash written in it.

The website showed up on her phone as a favorite and she sometimes worried that someone from the cult would see it and tell Raniere, the ruthless Clare Bronfman or the punishing Nancy Salzman.

Karen learned much about Raniere from Frank Report – including learning about DOS and the branding and blackmail components of it.

Karen, I think, genuinely thought Nxivm courses helped people and for many years thought Keith was a mostly good man. She did little recruiting, because, she said, she was not good at that. This is why she only achieved an orange sash instead of the green sash – which is reserved for those who recruit well and take plenty of courses.

But things change, even for one as brilliant as Raniere.

He is awaiting sentencing in January. His townhouse is rented. All have left Knox Woods.

The stench, if not the memory of the ugly monster, is gone thanks to repeated cleanings by Karen.

People are advised to resume their lives as if the Vanguard were dead.

Of all the places, 3 Flintlock is the property most associated with Keith Raniere. That is now in the possession of people who never knew him.

The woman most associated with him, for the longest time, more than 40 years, is gone too. It will not be easy to rebuild her life since two-thirds of it was spent under his thrall, but if she can do it, you can too.

She has new employment not connected with Nxivm or life coaching.


Ironically, the man who thought he was the smartest in the world took his take-home IQ test at 3 Flintlock Lane. He had his women friends help him. So smart is he that he had women do all the work for him not only on the test but everything else in life. His clothes and food just magically appeared he said – the product of the women’s work.

It continues even to this day. Brilliant Raniere’s clothes and food still magically appear, now provided by the US taxpayers, a condition that is expected to continue for the rest of his life.


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  • Thank you Frank for helping bring that sociopath down. Coincidentally, Raniere and I grew up in Rockland County at the same time. Thank God he attended a different high school!

  • If Keith has been faithful to Toni Natalie he would still be living at 3 Flintlock Lane and by now they would have avatar grandchildren. But fool lost the best thing that ever happened to him. Now he can have no women ever again. Fool. #LiveLiveLaughToniNatalie!

  • What madness. And what are the odds 4 out of 4 women eho lived with Vanguard got cancer- and 2 died. He was toxic.

    • Nancy Salzman also had cancer recently but had proper medical treatment. Not forgetting Rhiannon who also had cancer. As if she hadn’t suffered enough.

  • I had wondered for a long time why there was mention of Karen U. on the Frankreport.

    I guess Karen U. has no clue what happened to Gina Hutchinson then…..

    • Frank I know you asked Karen about Gina and Kristin Snyder. I know Karen said she did not know anything. Frank I am sure you can usually ascertain if someone is lying.

      Karen U. was the only hope I personally had of finding out the whole story of both women’s deaths.

      38 years ago I lost someone I love under ambiguous circumstances. I can no longer read Heidi’s articles because, of the pain, they mirror my own personal life; And if the Snyder family posted similar stories I would be unable to read them as well.

      I hope you are successful in your inquiries.
      Two families need some level of closure.

      Even if it turns out both women were driven to suicide.

      Mark Vincete’s testimony of Keith Raniere remarking, “I am trying to break her”, Allison Mack; I will remember forever…

      …That statement alone demonstrably proved Keith Raniere to be the embodiment of pure evil.

  • Interesting how you appear to give both Karen and Barb a pass.
    Perhaps it’s a ruse on your part to extract information from them.
    I would suspect both women would be looking over their shoulder hoping their NXIVM past doesn’t interest the authorities.

    • Good going G! Well, if it was ruse by Frank Parlato both women know it now.
      Just as we all now know by elementary deduction, in your case, the letter “G” is not synonymous with genius.

  • so the woman who has been cooking the books since the beginning; named in the Consumers Buyline legal settlement right along with him; supporting his bullshit pursuit of young naive women; his original wing woman and partner in crime – you’re just going to give the poor defenseless thing a free pass and help her rewrite her story. Convenient that the other oldest wing women are dead. Makes it easier to get away with reframing her story.

    Karen is brilliant and you have been played.

    • Anonymous,

      People don’t make money in the real estate business for decades unless they are good at reading people. Parlato is nobody’s fool. Parlato does not need me to stick up for him. I just feel you are being incredibly unfair.

      Initially, I was pissed-off and skeptical after reading this story too. Then I thought about the facts: Frank has been fighting Nxivm for years and Frank is not a fool.

      I am sure he asked her pointed questions.

      What should Frank have done? Should he have waterboarded her?

      • Karen is brilliant, and she’s spent 40 years flying under the radar. She’s still flying under the radar; she just chose the right time to bring her story to the FBI to avoid prosecution herself. And because she can present that sweet, naive face so easily, you all going to assume you are smarter than the little woman trying to rework her life. Haha! Cuddle up in the hubris. I almost admire her play enough to get in touch with her again – almost. Think I’ll just sit back and watch the chess match instead.

    • I can see questioning what’s going on with Unterreiner given how long she was involved, and how deeply. She’s clearly not stupid, having gone to RPI at 17.

      But if she has what it takes to play people like that, then how did she end up living in the same little condo for half her life, sharing the space and Keith with multiple other women – and even putting up with his teenage girls? And if she’s really that brilliant, wouldn’t she be somewhere better suited like the island in Fiji?

      I suspect hers is one of those complex stories, that we’d have to hear told in detail to properly understand.

      • I believe Karen did not know about the underage girls. Keith was pretty good at hiding things. Pam Cafritz knew, possibly Toni Natalie knew. But, from what I heard from Karen and other sources who were there, Keith did a pretty good job of isolating her from things. Maybe she should have been more inquisitive, but I doubt she knew about the teen girls being raped.

  • I’ll bet that townhouse is spooked.
    It sounds like a Washington Irving story.
    “The Brainless Vanguard of Clifton Park.”

    At night when the sky is dark and the moon is new and the wind whistles through the trees you can hear in the distance the squeals of delight from the concubines, harlots and pimps:

    “Oh Vanguard, ram it in Deeper!

      • I always thought that the Hudson River Valley was spooked and that’s why those Washington Irving stories like Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow could only have occurred there.
        There is a new Clifton Park crime wave involving a mysterious businessman named Michael Mann who owns a pay check company where the paychecks are not deposited in the recipients’ accounts.
        Those paychecks are somehow lost in the internet.
        Even the NY Times has written about Michael Mann.

        Beyond MyPayrollHR: Michael Mann’s web of businesses include consulting, physical therapy and a basketball academy

        Michael Mann’s business entanglements reach far wider than ValueWise Corp. and its subsidiary, MyPayrollHR.

        The sudden shuttering of MyPayrollHR gained some clarity this week after Mann was arrested on Monday and appeared in federal court on a criminal complaint, charging him with committing $70 million in bank fraud.

        As part of the fraud, Mann allegedly started borrowing large amounts of money from banks and other financing companies around 2010 or 2011. While MyPayrollHR was a legitimate business, Mann told prosecutors he created other businesses to keep the fraud going. Mann allegedly said he used all of the money borrowed to “sustain certain businesses, and purchase and start new ones.”

        ValueWise Corp.

        The consulting company has been registered as a business entity in the state of New York since 2005. It was also registered in several other states. Michael T. Mann filed the registration under the address 662 Plank Road in Clifton Park (the building currently houses a dog groomer).
        The business later moved to 855 Route 146, Suite 240, in Clifton Park.

        • Yes…another scar on the face of this once peaceful and prosperous suburban community. He defrauded thousands of people across the nation of their payroll earnings. The question still remains as to where the $70 million is….

  • This is some very interesting reporting, that gives us a bit more of an idea of what went on, and yet raises further questions – like just how was the arrangement with 3 bedrooms, 3 women and 1 man worked out?

    I find it particularly interesting to hear that Unterreiner says she only found out about DOS through the Frank Report. It’s amazing that such a long-term insider wouldn’t have known – though perhaps it indicates that she was finally being sidelined. It also demonstrates how successfully NXIVM and Raniere’s inner circle compartmentalized information – people who we might assume or think would have known about things, may really not have.

    I hadn’t realized that the adjoining properties were part of NXIVM. A check of the Saratoga County Assessment Database shows that 2 Flintlock Lane has been owned by Pamela Cafritz and Clare Bronfman since 4/21/2010, while 1 Flintlock Lane is under the name of Elite Housing Corp, using the same Colonie UPS store mail box number as NXIVM’s Executive Housing & Properties, Inc.

    • This all intriguing data being reported. It gives us all an idea of living conditions and possible sexual positions. Nobody has asked a question, but I will answer one anyway.

      I carefully analyzed the data and apparently the house at 3 Flintlock Lane had 3 bedrooms, 3 women and 1 man. Parsing the data further reveals there was one bedroom for each woman.

      This all reminds me of Bob’s Law: It’s two in the pink and one in the stink.

      Therefore the couch down stairs was like giant Pap smear.

      I will be back to answer more questions from you imbeciles with my usual pompous attitude.

  • Thanks for the update on Karen U. I wish her well. I never thought Karen would/could hurt a flea. I found Karen to be unassuming, happy, and quiet. With a calming personality and a “catch you off guard” good sense of humor. A lovely person to be around. It would be great to hear more about her and ideally, from her. A huge part of the Raniere tragedy is how he’d find good people and systematically ruin them.

    Frank – How can you just slide into the article that Karen U and Kristin Keeffe have had cancer? That’s horrible news and continues the appalling pattern. I assume there’s more to come…

  • Even though she had a job and thought Keith was mostly good, I wonder if Karen felt trapped in NXIVM.

    Or was she reasonably satisfied but got turned off to NXIVM when she read FrankReport?

    She seems to have lost little time distancing herself when it became feasible to do so.

    • I would imagine she felt a little different to anyone similar, which has also been previously hinted at here, due to her high IQ,

      Good luck to her, she deserves it!

  • “What went on in those two weeks, while Pam was dead but people believed her to be living – including possible changes to her will or signing authority on her bank accounts – is not known.”

    If Pam Cafritz’s will was improperly altered or forged then that will is null and void and her estate would go to her next of kin.
    Her mother and siblings.
    “The stench is gone with repeated cleanings by Karen.”

    It must have taken gallons of Lysol to eliminate the stench from that place.
    The NXIVM rats are still around.
    They have merely departed for other more welcoming locales.
    The New York NXians have relocated to Brooklyn where their shenanigans will be less obvious.
    And the Mexican NXians have fled back to Mexico.
    And it is quite possible that Dr. (?) Danielle Roberts is wintering in Mexico until the FBI heat goes away.

    The wealthy prominent people who backed this criminal gang are lying low until the storm blows over.
    If Rose Laura Junco, whose family owns major newspapers in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, would pimp out her own 15 year old daughter, do you think a little a little FBI investigation would be little more than a temporary inconvenience?
    Other wealthy Mexican NXians are pulling out all stops to hope that a Democratic resurgance in 2020 will stifle any further Federal investigation.

    It appears from recent stories in the Frank Report that some wealthy NXian people (the Bronfmans and the Mexican elite)
    are financing small businesses in Brooklyn to continue the gang on a more discreet low key basis.
    And there appears to be new recruiting of slaves.
    The old NXIVM was a bad business proposition with the clownish Raniere in charge of operations but the new NXIVM if managed properly and discreetly could continue in the same sort of businesses.
    What sorts of businesses?

    Illegal Immigration

    Money Laundering

    Campaign Finance Fraud

    Tax Fraud

    Computer Hacking

    Extortion and Blackmail

    Sex Trafficking

    • Yes, God forbid NXIVM just ceased and desisted, eh Shadow? WTF would you do with the 16 hours per day you spend fueling your delusional fantasy that NXIVM will rise up and take over the world?

    • Making a Trump loss out to be a win for this cult. Quite a stretch. Trump was three time taken to court by a woman who claimed she was molested by Trump while 15 at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. She only dropped the case when the GOP nominee had people threaten her. Also, I lived in El Paso and worked in Juarez for 15 years. The idiocy to think drug cartels and smugglers cant dig under, climb over or cut through the wall is fantastic. Fun fact- Obama deported twice as many undocumented immigrants in the first 3 years of his administration as tRump.

      • Fun Fact #1
        Entering the US illegally is a crime.

        Fun Fact #2
        Illegal Aliens are by definition Criminals.

        Fun Fact #3
        Every time the Trump Administration arrests criminal illegal aliens the Democrats whine that Trump is separating parents and children.
        Every time a criminal is arrested and sent to prison a family is broken up.
        So let’s just stop arresting criminals!

        “Also, I lived in El Paso and worked in Juarez for 15 years.” Scott Laux
        This point leads us to Fun Fact #4.

        Hundreds of women in Juarez are kidnapped and murdered by drug cartels and criminal gangs.
        This crime spree has been going on for over 25 years.

        Female homicides in Ciudad Juárez
        The phenomenon of the female homicides in Ciudad Juárez.
        As of February 27, 2005, the number of murdered women in Ciudad Juárez since 1993 is estimated to be more than 370.
        A government committee found that roughly half were prompted by motives like robbery and gang wars, while a little more than a third involved sexual assault.

        Contributing factors
        Organized crime and drug trafficking

        But let’s have more Open Borders with Mexico and import that violence into the United States.
        As if America does not have enough crime.

        So a woman made a claim about Donald Trump sexually assaulting her.
        Was it proven in court?
        But as a good loyal Liberal you automatically believe it.

        And as for the wealthy in America, Canada and Mexico, they want the American middle class destroyed by the importation of cheap slave labor.
        Clare Bronfman is part of that arrogant elite.

        And I know that the acronym MAGA offends you.
        Mexico’s elite, like the Salinas Family, believes in MAMA.
        Make America Mexico Again.

      • The idea of a wall isn’t to stop people from coming in, it’s to detect and slow them down when they try. Barry deported more because more were coming in. Trump’s policies have caused less of them to try to come in.

  • I hope Karen was equally helpful to the Feds. I hope she rebuilds her life and finds friends who value her as a person, not just as somebody to take advantage of and ignore.

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