Frank Parlato with Seward Police at Miller's Landing investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder

Evidence Points to Nina Cowell Having Role in Disappearance of Kristin Snyder

If ever circumstantial evidence pointed to one woman having a hand in the disappearance of another woman, it is Nina Cowell.

She attended the last Nxivm intensive with Kristin Snyder, the one from which Kristin disappeared.

Nina was one of her coaches, guiding Kristin on her “issues” concerning her relationship with her spouse, Heidi Clifford.

Nxivm teaches that marriage or monogamous relationships are a form of weakness and attachment, a crutch – and often sought to break people up – all the more so if the woman happened to be slender and attractive – and could be squired to private mentoring sessions with Nxivm sex cult leader Keith Raniere.

Raniere is now in federal custody awaiting sentencing for sex trafficking, racketeering, and other federal crimes.

Almost 17 years ago, Nina Cowell was advising Kristin Snyder during the last few days of Kristin’s attendance in a Nxivm class – from which she left on February 6, 2003 and was never seen again – that her relationship with Heidi was a “disintegration,” a Nxivm term for a problem that needed to be solved in order to obtain a higher level of understanding and consciousness.

This teaching had the twin purpose of advancing Nxivm teachings – which was to break up couples anyway – and, in Kristin’s case, because she was, amazingly, claiming in class that she was pregnant with Raniere’s child – and feeling guilty because she betrayed her spouse by having sex with him.

If Nina, following orders from Nxivm president Nancy Salzman, could persuade Kristin that she really did not have a valid relationship with Heidi, it might serve to quiet her down and get her to accept the fact that, if Keith seduced her, it was no big deal.

Nina was following orders and the overarching order was to gaslight Kristin. Get her so mixed up, dazed, and confused that nobody would believe her when she said she was pregnant with Raniere’s child.

This is what it was about: A group of Nxians trying to unhinge Kristin Snyder – make it appear she was insane. The result was that the already troubled and guilt-stricken woman went deeper and deeper into her spiraling descent that led to her disappearance.

The classes were in Anchorage, Alaska, at the Westmark Hotel. Esther Chiappone was one of two Head Teachers.

Esther was a woman who had slept with Raniere after he seduced her by telling her she would be his monogamous girlfriend.  She soon found out he had a harem and, though deeply upset – she refused to join his harem – she remained in Nxivm as a teacher and recruiter and was making good money as a consequence.

Ironically, it was Esther who was leading the on-the-ground gaslighting efforts, telling Kristin that Keith would never sleep with a woman – he was celibate – and trying to get Kristin to think she was imagining that she had sex with Keith.

Esther was lying to her and to the class that Keith was celibate. Esther told the class to ignore what Kristin said about being pregnant. Kristin was just seeking attention, she said.

Of course, Esther knew better.

MK10ART – Keith Raniere and co-conspirator Esther Chiappone Carlson

Then there was Ed Kinum, the other Head Trainer for this class. Even though he is a health professional – a chiropractor – and even though he knew (or should have known) that Kristin needed psychiatric help, he did nothing. Participating in the gaslighting, he ignoring Kristin’s need for medical attention.

Then there was Nina Cowell, counseling Kristin that her relationship with Heidi was invalid.

All the while, Kristin was crying out, trying to get anyone to listen that she did indeed have sex with Keith. She was not imagining this. She thought she was pregnant, she, a lesbian woman in a committed relationship, had gone to Albany for a visit and met Keith. He told her he could help her and wound up seducing her [possibly raping her].

Now she was back in Alaska taking the Nxivm class with students who were told Raniere was a celibate, and teachers who knew he wasn’t.

Finally, probably because Kristin would not stop claiming Keith had sex with her, and she thought she was pregnant, Nancy Salzman, keeping in contact with Esther from Albany, ordered Esther to remove Kristin from class.

[Maybe Kristin was pregnant. Keith and Nancy undoubtedly considered this. That would be trouble. At the least, it would destroy the burgeoning Alaska Nxivm center. If it got out at other centers – and back to Albany – the cult’s headquarters  – it could destroy the mission. What was one human life – and her unborn child – worth compared to the Nxivm mission?  Keith Raniere was to declare some six years later on a video that, “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs and for theirs.” Maybe Kristin Snyder’s belief got her killed.]

On February 6, 2003, Esther called Nxivm member Elaine Smiloff, who came in her car, picked up Kristin, and drove the distressed woman home.  They left around 4 pm.

On the trip home, Kristin cried about being pregnant and said she did not know what to do.

Elaine dropped her off; those were her orders – drop her off – alone in the house. Don’t stay.  Leave the raving woman home alone with no transportation.

Meantime, back in class, Esther told Heidi Clifford, who was also attending the class, that Elaine was going to stay with Kristin until the intensive was over and Heidi came home to her spouse.

When the intensive ended – at about 7 pm, Heidi went to the parking lot of the Westmark Hotel to get the Toyota pickup truck she shared with Kristin. It was gone.

But Kristin had been driven home. Who took the pickup truck?

Heidi got a ride home. Kristin wasn’t there. The pickup truck wasn’t there either.

Heidi had a feeling, a suspicion, or intuition, or something, that Kristin might have gone to Seward, Alaska to Resurrection Bay, a place she loved. It is about 2.5 hours away.

Heidi assumed Kristin must have somehow got the truck, although she did not know how Kristin did so.

Heidi reported Kristin as a missing person and told authorities that she was possibly suicidal.

Miller’s Landing resort in the summer.

The following evening, Friday, Feb. 7, 2003, at about 9:20 pm, Kristin’s vehicle was located by Alaska State Troopers in Seward, on Lowell Point, near the Millers Landing resort.  The passenger side door was locked. The driver’s side door was open with a key still in the door lock. Two handwritten notes on two separate note pads ware observed resting on the passenger seat.

The notes inside the vehicle suggested that Snyder was planning to commit suicide. The second note simply read “No need to search for my body.”

Snyder’s suicide note.

Police interviewed Sherry Miller of Millers Landing. She told police she did not observe anyone or anything in the past few days. Her husband, Mike, told police he did not observe anyone around the vehicle. He thought he noticed the truck parked in front of their residence on Thursday morning [when Kristin was still in the Nxivm class].

Miller thought he observed the truck to have moved once during the day.

The next closest cabin was a few hundred feet away.

The Millers provided the name of the cabin owner [or tenant], a one Nina Cowell, who had the cabin just north of Miller’s Landing.

How coincidental it was, that the woman who owned/rented the cabin next door to where Kristin’s truck was found was a woman who happened to be in the same intensive as Kristin and was coaching her too.

Alaska State Trooper Jeff Evanoff called Nina Cowell from Seward at 11:31 pm.

According to the police report, when contacted by police, Cowell told them that: “she knew Snyder and they have been friends since June 2O02. Cowell saw K. Snyder last night, 02/06/03, at about 1600 hours at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage. Cowell said a bunch of them were there in a group and she believed Snyder left to attend a performance at the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Cowell said that Snyder did not seem quite right during the past few days. Cowell stated she needed to excuse herself and make some telephone calls to some friends and asked If she could call the Troopers back.”

She never called them back.

The police report continues: “l telephoned APD [Anchorage Police Department] and provided them with the information about Snyder and Cowell. APD Lt Honeman called the Seward AST [Alaska State Trooper] office and I spoke with him regarding Cowell and her reluctance to speak with AST about Snyder. LI. Honeman stated he would have an officer contact Cowell.”

It is not known if police ever contacted Cowell. I could find no report of any further contact with the evasive woman.

Millers Landing location on Resurrection Bay

Then commenced a major search for Kristin Snyder.

The report continues, “Myself [Evanoff] and Trooper Zabaia returned to the Lowed Point area and continued a ground search of the area. Cowell’s cabin was checked again as well as the surrounding wooded areas and shorelines. Efforts again met with negative results. I contacted Sgt. Anderson and advised him of the details of the case. The United States Coast Guard was contacted and informed of the case. A Search and Rescue was planned to begin the following morning, 02/08/03.”

The following morning, Mike and Sherry Miller of Millers Landing discovered a kayak was missing from their collection of kayaks at their resort – which was closed for the winter. People normally did not kayak in February in Alaska.

This led police to assume that Kristin had taken the kayak and paddled off into Resurrection Bay to kill herself.

It’s hard to imagine a more thorough search was conducted for anyone in the history of missing persons in and around Seward.

Not only were the official agencies involved, but dozens of Kristin’s friends from her Nordic Ski Patrol club came to Seward to help search for her.  All of them had training – as did Kristin herself – in search and rescue operations.

According to the Alaska State Police Report:

“On 2-8 and 2-9 a large search effort was conducted in and around Resurrection Bay. The search consisted of Alaska State Troopers, Seward area fire/EMS volunteers, the U.S. Coast Guard, Forest Service law enforcement, the Seward Police Department, the Civil Air Patrol, and friends of Snyder’s, many of whom were part of an organized search and rescue team as part of the Nordic Ski Club.

“After two full days of active searching, no sign of Kristen Snyder was located. The organized search effort was curtailed after that with only a planned C.A.P. flight of the outer bay beaches … an aerial search of the western shoreline of Resurrection Bay Including Tonsina Point, Cajnes Head, Carsto Head, the Bear Glacier beach and Bulldog Cove …  We also did an aerial search of the Fox Island shoreline and landed and checked the cabins at the Fox Island Resort. We picked up two dog handlers and their dogs at the summit of Caines Head and returned to the Seward airport.

“We did not find any sign of Snyder. The dog handlers said that the only clue they had found was a set of recent footprint near the Calisto Cabin at Derby Cove.

“[The US Coast Guard cutter] Mustang …searched cabins and shoreline in Thumb Cove and Humpy Cove….  the Coast Guard …  insert[ed] ground search teams using Helo 1 [Helicopter] to more thoroughly search likely landing spots and cabins. A volunteer landing craft … insert[ed] search teams to check remote landing sites. …

“Helo 1 … use[d] volunteers from the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol and insert[ed] them onto beaches in Thumb Cove, south beach of Caines Head and the beach at Bear Glacier… [to] … search for clues.”


The search was intense.

There were shoreline searches – and ground teams went to Porcupine Cove and Bulldog Cove and conducted a ground search. The Coast Guard Cutter Mustang searched Kayaker’s Cove, the eastern shoreline of Resurrection Bay to Cape Resurrection,. and Ragged and Fox islands.

The USCG helicopter searched the western shore of Resurrection Bay to the tip of Cape Aialik, around the cape and into Aialik Bay.

The Civil Air Patrol conducted a shoreline search around the tip of Cape Resurrection and ground searchers hiked the trail from Lowell Point to Tonsina Point.

The Mustang searched Sunny Cove, Bear Glacier beach, Porcupine Cove, Bulldog Cove, Thumb Cove, Agnes Bay. Areas were searched on foot, and then the craft went to Thumb Cove for a second look at private cabins. No sign of Snyder was found at any location.

I replicated the helicopter search for Kristin Snyder to ascertain what could be seen from the air.

According to the police report, “Experienced kayakers on this search effort expressed the opinion that based on the sea conditions near the tip of Aialik Cape, that it was unlikely that a kayak could have rounded either Aiailik or Resurrection Capes during the past few days.

The red marker is Cape Aialik, where experienced kayakers say a kayaker would not have been able to get past based on weather and water conditions. Snyder’s truck was found at Lowell Point.

The police report continues:

“The team went to Thumb Cove and searched the shoreline, woods and private cabins with no results. A second team went to the south beach of Caines Head and searched with no results. A third team went to the beach at the outlet of Bear Glacier and searched with negative results. Review of the search efforts showed that the Caines Head team had not checked the southern end of the trail to the fort site and the camping spot and the south beach. Helo 1 did not detect anything during its flights….

“The CAP [Civil Air Patrol] flew a grid search at 500 to 700 feet aver Resurrection Bay from Fox Island north, with leg spacing of 5 miles. They reported very good visibility on the surface and no clues found.

“The Mustang started its search at Kayaker Cove and searched private cabins there. It went on with the cutter and small boat to search the sandspit on Fox Island, the east side of Resurrection Bay to Cape Resurrection and Barwell Island, around Ragged Island to Fox Island and a search of the cabin in Sunny Cove. It then conducted a grid search of the surface of the bay from Fox Island back to Seward. It found no clues….

“At dusk, a helicopter flew a shoreline search of Cape Aialik with negative results.

“A team of ground searchers walked from Lowell Point lo Tonsina Point, and searched extensively there, with negative results…”


Kristin Snyder was an avid kayaker.

Some believe if there had been a body or a kayak or a paddle, it would have been found.  But nothing, no trace of Kristin Snyder was discovered, which led her sister, Kim Snyder, to declare, “The crime scene was not at Resurrection Bay.”

Back to Nina Cowell

Perhaps, if it ended here, with Nina Cowell merely lying to Alaska State Police about Kristin going to the Performing Arts Center – when she knew Kristin was in no condition to attend a concert – then cutting her interview short because she had to call friends  – maybe it would be as simple as Nina was lying to protect Nxivm.

The fact that Nina happened to have a cabin right next to where Kristin’s truck was found could be a coincidence.

[The fact that Mike Miller of Millers Landing thought he saw Kristin’s pickup truck at Millers Landing while Kristin was still in the intensive could be his mistake.]

We know Kristin was never found.

Kristin Snyder

Within a few weeks, however, Nina Cowell left Alaska where she lived for years. She moved to Albany – headquarters of Nxivm – to work for Nxivm.

She was a student in Alaska. Now she was leaving home and going to Albany to work for the cult.

Nina was offered by Nancy Salzman an opportunity to run the Nxivm Café – to own and operate it.

The small café was located inside their headquarters at 455 New Karner Road in Colonie, a suburb of Albany, where the main Nxivm classes were held.

It’s hard to say how profitable that would be by itself, but Nina took the new position and ran the cafe.  It is not known how much she was paid or how much the profits were from the operation.

But there was more than that.

Nancy also offered Nina a free residence to live in.  A nice home in Clifton Park, all hers and no rent to pay.

Yes, Nina was being well taken care of.

There was one more thing to sweeten the deal: Nancy Salzman gave Nina a “loan” of $50,000 which Nina never had to pay back.

Let’s call it what it is – a gift – of $50,000.

Those who know Raniere and Salzman know they do not often make gifts or loans. Generous they aren’t. The flow of money always goes from student to them, not vice versa.

Let’s look at circumstantial evidence

Kristin disappears.

Her pickup truck disappears.

Nina happens to have a cabin a few hundred feet from where Kristin’s pickup truck is found.

Nina is called by police and lies, saying Kristin went to a concert. When asked if Kristin seemed to be acting strangely, Nina admits she had, then quickly ends the call, for, at 11:31 pm, she has to call friends. [Were those friends Nancy, Esther or Ed Kinum?]

Police note that  Nina was uncooperative.

Soon after Kristin’s disappearance, Nina moves to Albany and works at Nxivm headquarters operating her own business. She gets free housing and a $50,000 gift.

Maybe Nina Cowell had nothing to do with the disappearance of Kristin Snyder. Maybe these are just a series of coincidences. But, as they say in law enforcement, “enough coincidences make a fact.”

I have tried to reach Nina Cowell numerous times, but she has declined to return my calls. I had others contact her and she told them she will not talk to me.

Nina Was Part of the Nxivm 9

In 2009, Nina Cowell left Nxivm, along with Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones. She was one of the Nxivm 9, a group of nine women who left the cult in solidarity. Nina has never spoken publicly about why she left or what she knows about Nxivm.

Unlike some of the others, Nina was never sued.

At the time she left Nxivm, she had been working for Dr. Michael Salzman, the ex-husband of Nancy Salzman and the father of Lauren and Michelle Salzman.

It is not known why Dr. Salzman hired Nina in the first place or whether it had been at the request of Nancy Salzman, Nina’s benefactor.

After Nina quit NXIVM, Keith demanded Nancy tell her ex-husband to fire Nina.

Dr. Salzman refused.

In retaliation for Dr. Salzman’s refusal to fire Nina, Keith ordered Lauren and Michelle to shun their father. As a result, Lauren and Michelle did not speak to their father again – from 2009 until at least the time Lauren was arrested for her role in the Nxivm racketeering cult in 2018.

Nancy also was ordered to shun her ex-husband and father of their children and she did.


Nina may know nothing about Kristin Snyder’s disappearance and may be totally innocent of any wrongdoing. Or she may be complicit in her disappearance.

If there was foul play, Nina probably does not know Keith’s role in masterminding the disappearance – for Keith always had his women do the front work for him.

Nina, Nancy and Esther – and maybe Ed Kinum – might have conspired to “disappear” Kristin Snyder. There may have been others. Nina might know Esther’s role – and Esther might know Nancy’s role – if there was foul play.

But only Nancy would likely know Keith’s role.

One thing is certain, however, the first person – it has been observed – on the plea deal bus always gets the best seat.

Ask Nancy Salzman, who was first in the Nxivm racketeering case.

Now might be the time for Nina to tell all she knows.


Message to Nina:

I can be reached at 716-990-5740 or via email at

If you fear that you may have some legal liability regarding the disappearance of Kristin Snyder [there is no statute of limitations for murder], I can help you get legal representation.

Proper legal representation might lessen your criminal exposure and perhaps procure immunity for you – if you cooperate with law enforcement and provide truthful information.

And if you are innocent, now may be the time for you to speak on the record.

















About the author

Frank Parlato

Frank Report’s founder and lead writer Frank Parlato is one of the internet’s most acclaimed investigative journalists. His writing and investigations have helped expose major criminal organizations and scandals.

Frank’s work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Rolling Stone, and more.

He is also the publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Something just clicked for me (not sure why it took so long cause it’s fairly obvious). Keith has always thought through his illegal activity so that he’d have someone else to take the blame for his actions. Allison is the perfect example of this.

    If things with Kristin’s “suicide” went sideways, I think Keith set up Nina to take the fall for her murder. I don’t think Nina knew this. That’s why Nina looks guilty as hell. That’s also why NXIVM inexplicably opened up their wallets and brought her to Albany – they wanted to keep all eyes on her. I bet they told her what to tell the cops, and that’s why Nina gave such a jaw-dropping lie. Nina was the back-up plan if the suicide plan was sniffed out. I’ll hypothesize that Nina was the one in class who elicited the suicide note content from Kristin and had her write the note.

    One other thing that never made sense was why Keith would pull the whole “fire Nina or you’ll never talk to your kids again” scheme with Dr. Salzman. If Nina knew anything about the murder, wouldn’t Keith be trying to keep her happy and not be ruthlessly going after her? Well, this “fire Nina / NXIVM 9 stuff” all occurred long after Kristin’s disappearance. In Keith’s mind, the danger had passed. Therefore, he no longer cared about Nina. She didn’t have information to rat him out (or else she would have already done it with her being part of the NXIVM 9). Plus, the Kristin Snyder case was closed and history. Worst case, Keith could still pin everything on Nina if the case was reopened.

  • There are a number of circumstances which cause me to consider that if Kristin Snyder was murdered, she never went to Millers Landing, after she was expelled from the Nxivm intensive. Who can prove that Kristin either drove or was driven to the spot where her missing truck was found? It sounds as if nobody can prove that. Kristin’s sister is not alone, thinking the scene of the crime was very likely elsewhere.

    Maybe the truck by the bay and the note were shiny pebbles left by Nxivm hags to set the scene for a “conclusive” false narrative, with ” descriptive” lies, deceptivities and more lies. To be offset by a regimen of rehearsed, repetitive, diversionary ” virtue-signalling.” Culty meatballs, tossed and juggled.

    “Yep, see Kristin must’ve ended her life up by where her ‘missing truck’ was parked, over by Nxivm Nina’s place. But don’t call her again, right? Yeah, Nina was Kristin’s Nxivm coach. Stop trying to invent coinky-dinks. Vanguard is the most forgiving, advanced Penis on Earth.”

    “He told me I used to be Adolf Hitler,” Nancy Salzman huffed and puffed. “That’s a helluva lot more important than he said that Clare ever was. She was just some anonymous Reichstag dweeb, a schmiel.” Snort snort. “Now show me the money or no more ballerina threesomes for you, Kathy. Chop chop, Twinkletoes Or no more Moose dildos 4U.”

    And then came the dispatch of big bills to Heidi Clifford to pay up for that intensive which Kristin didn’t get to finish and which quite possibly ladled out an executive order to silence her. Heidi never saw the person closest to her again. But pay up. Business as usual. Shalom, suckahs.

    Just how long and how much was Gina Hutchinson gaslighted by Raniere, as well as by his jealous guard dog hags? What really happened, and how come Gina couldn’t get away from Raniere and Nxivm, when it seems like Gina tried to do that? I am sorry. The whole gun angle does not make any sense. It reminds me of when Scientology head honcho’s David Miscavige’s mother-in-law was supposed to have committed suicide with a long gun, years and years prior to when Shelly Miscavige was “disappeared” as Dave’s wife. So Shelly and her mother have had strange, Scientological experiences.

    Back to the disappearance of Kristin Snyder, but Gina Hutchinson’s death is unanswered,too. There are too many shadows, too many shadow puppets. None of these two young women’s vanishing points can be put to rest. Not now, not then, not yet and maybe never. All I can say is that usually, our guts don’t lie to any of us. Nothing is over. Neither Gina or Kristin are in some foggy rearview mirror. This hits now.

    “Resurrect” Kristin’s possible final experiences through another lens. Use the Raniere/Salzman electron microscope. See how they have slithered before and after Kristin Snyder’s last intensive.

    The Nxivm group directed attention to Millers Landing where the truck got parked. The Nxivm web not only directed focalized, localized attention to the circumstantial, immediate aftereffects of Kristin’s disappearance. They also directed attention NOWHERE else.

    See how much of a red herring that could be, if you add up the various ingredients, watch from a different angle. There’s a subsequent “donation” trail and not only the $$$ arrangements swiftly made to shuffle Nina off to New York. Santa Clare Bronfman hocked up some sidetrail bucks, too. North to Alaska.

    To focus concentration on Resurrection Bay, a kayak gone from Millers Landing, not used for 15 years. The truck and the so-called suicide note(s.) These might or might not be notes reflective of what was really happening. One odd, short note, attached to a longer “explanatory” note. Those notes, ascribed to Kristin, could have come straight out of The Patsy Ramsey Book of Etiquette.

    It seems quite possible that a group was directed to handle Kristin not long after she was escorted from the Westmark intensive space and into a Nxivm volunteer’s vehicle. Then came a long, futile blank wall for 28-30 hours, until the truck was discovered. The kayak was noticed as missing from a Millers Landing shed the morning after the truck was found, yes?

    Then things looked as though Kristin parked the truck, stole the kayak and a paddle. There would have been an effort to have the search launched and focused near where the truck and the notes were set up, perhaps like stage decoration. Set design.

    Far, far away from where Kristin Snyder’s body would ever be found. I can see how this arrangement could have been methodically deliberated diversionary tactics. Devious minds do not forge the same routes or look at things from the perspective of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Look where Keith Raniere is now, cellbars and barely any elbowroom, cot to pisspot.

    But Raniere, again, announced himself, and he couldn’t even keep his mouth shut about Kristin. He had to taunt. He invented stories about how Kristin was alive and well, as if she had drifted off to some Florida motel and was back with Heidi Clifford, living in some surreal room up inside Raniere’s head. He can never contain his venom, the fucking numbnuts. He always takes a leak.

  • My heart goes out to Kim Snyder. Girl, stay strong. Make sure you take care of your self. Nina, Ed, and Nancy – you fucking suck. Your lack of bravery is disgusting. Nancy, I know you probably have herpes, a gift from your master. I hope it gets in your eyes and you go blind. I also hope you put yourself in protective custody when you go to jail. You deserve nothing more than a cold dank cell with green bologna sandwiches. What you did to your daughters is beyond despicable. No worries you will get yours once your fellow inmates find out who you are.

    • Yet Nancy wants to reintegrate into the community.
      Ain’t we lucky?
      And Barb Bouchey wants to resurrect NXIVM and bring us the BEST OF NXIVM.
      Best? NXIVM groomed and pimped out their sisters to Keith.
      Freaking Nancy and her daughters both f%$#=d Keith.
      Can you just imagine the conversation around the dinner table must have been stellar.
      And goid old reliable Kathy Russell famous for giving Keith boners.
      Let us n9t forget what the ladies and Keith were planning to do when he was arrested.
      And they eat with that mouth?
      If Hollywood celebs have any common sense they should refuse to ever have a kissing scene with Allison Mack if she ever gets a job.
      Just think where that mouth has been.
      Yep, stellar lot, stellar group NOT!
      Listen up Barb.
      Get on with your life, Barb. Live it quietly.

      • “Yet Nancy wants to reintegrate into the community.
        Ain’t we lucky?” g

        The only community these NXIVM defendants should integrate into is the Community of Criminals in the Federal or New York State Prison systems.
        These NXIVM gangsters ran a two decade long crime wave that terrorized New York State.
        Look how people shy away from these NXIVM gangsters.
        Co-workers flee the Brooklyn restaurant where Nicki Lee Clyne works.
        People see Allison Pimp Mack in a California Community College and ask, “What the hell is she doing out and about?”
        Does anyone want to go grocery shopping with the likes of Lauren Pimp Salzman or Nancy Gangster Salzman?
        Does anyone want to shop for clothes alongside Clare Bronfman?
        These NXIVM people are freaks.
        These NXIVM people are crimes against nature.

  • AnonyMaker,

    You seem to protest too much regarding an investigation into this case. It makes me feel creepy inside.

    Why are you so vested in spinning this matter away from it being a possible murder?

    Why try to silence those who want to post that it’s possible that there are players within the NXIVM intensive staff or sent from Albany once Kristin started to bring up what happened to her in Albany, their intent was to silence her no matter the coast.

    You’re the so-called Cult Expert as you call yourself, or so you say. Everything out of your typing fingers has been an attempt to deflect posters away from talking about their feelings that this could be murder to protect their Vanguard and their own profits.

    Why not let people have their say without your word salad put down of what they think and feel. Don’t you think they got enough of that crap while inside NXIVM?

    Let them have their space. It makes you look like you have something to hide or protect. Where you in NXIVM? Where you in the inner circle? Do you feel guilty about your participation?

    Either way, how about you shut the frick up and give some posters some breathing room without your comeback in your face recliner cult expert opinion.

    • Well, I find it creepy to see people speculating about a young woman’s apparent unfortunate suicide. And it’s quite possible that those who knew and loved her do, too – apparently those closest to her, were long ago satisfied that her death was just the culmination of her expressed suicidal thoughts (one of the facts that a lot of the irresponsible speculation ignores or glosses over), although NXIVM may have contributed to it.

      And as I’ve previously laid, out, I’m concerned that it’s actually a counter-productive focus, as far as getting to the truth of what actually happened to her. The culpability of NXIVM and those involved indeed deserve to be exposed, but they’re probably the only ones who could possibly shed any new light on the official findings, and what was reported by the Times Union in the year after Snyder’s disappearance.

      Also, as far as I know, there’s only possibly one person who’s been commenting, who has personal any personal experience with NXIVM at all (I don’t, though I know people who did). If, say, we had some people contributing who had actually known her or been in courses with her, then that would change things.

      • “If, say, we had some people contributing who had actually known her or been in courses with her, then that would change things”

        Seriously, where are the people who were in the class with Kristin? You know, this is a website where you can post anonymously.

    • Re AnonyMaker

      Please think about this…..

      If your beliefs and ideas are so fragile that they cannot withstand the slightest scrutiny, by some anonymous stranger like Anonymaker, how much truth and validity do they hold?

      I am not going to lie. Anonymaker occasionally annoys the shit out of me. Anonymaker does make mistakes. He is not perfect.

      However, I myself prefer the cold unemotional truth rather than the rapture of believing in a fallacy reflecting my own personal cherished beliefs.

      I want to know if I am wrong with regard to a belief I hold. I do not enjoy the bliss of ignorance.

      At the end of the day, I prefer having my beliefs challenged so I know they are true and have a strong foundation.

      Anonymaker cannot destroy the truth……
      …..He cannot bend hard solid facts to his will. All Anonymaker can do is illuminate the fragility of an idea or find previously existent flaws in a belief.

      Why do so many individuals dislike Anonymaker?

      Anonymaker is almost always polite to a fault. He does not seem to lie or exaggerate the truth to make a point for the most part. When he makes a mistake he seems to own up to.

      I believe Anonymaker and Shadowstate1958 complement each other like Yin and Yang. 😉

      Truth can only be found in questioning everything; It’s the basis of all scientific thought.

    • “AnonyMaker,
      You seem to protest too much regarding an investigation into this case. It makes me feel creepy inside.
      Why are you so vested in spinning this matter away from it being a possible murder?
      Why try to silence those who want to post that it’s possible that there are players within the NXIVM intensive staff or sent from Albany once Kristin started to bring up what happened to her in Albany, their intent was to silence her no matter the coast.”
      Annoying Machine
      November 19, 2019 at 8:21 pm

      As time has gone on the possibility that NXIVM and its top members are criminally involved in the mysterious disappearance of Kristin Snyder has actually grown stronger in my mind.
      I can not forget the suspiciously happy face that Nancy Salzman had after her plea deal.
      Does Nancy know of other crimes that she can be connected with?
      Far more serious crimes than mere computer hacking?
      There are lots of skeletons buried in the closets of NXIVM’s leaders.
      Skeletons that cry for justice.

      • Nutjob,

        Re Nxivm’s generosity Nina Cowell

        I believe there is one fact that all of us longtime Frankreport readers can agree on no matter how we feel regarding the Kristin Snyder disappearance.

        The one fact we can all agree on is how odd and out of place it was for the Nxivm hierarchy to be so generous with Nina Cowell.

        We all know how cheap, parsimonious, and ungenerous Raniere, Salzman, and Bronfman were with Nxivm rank and file members. Kathy Russell’s treatment by the Nxivm leadership is a shining example. India Oxenberg and Jaye are other examples. Jaye had to pay her transportation costs from New York City to upstate New York.

        Let’s not forget Raniere saw India and Jaye as sex partners, but sill no freebies.

        Why would Nancy Salzman shower Nina Cowell with money and free housing and other perks?

        Even the anti-conspiracist AnnoyMaker has to acknowledge how unusual it was for the Nxivm leadership to be benevolent with the Nxivm rank and file members…

        Nina Cowell, why were you so special?

        Were you Nina Cowell a bad girl?

        I would say woman, but you lack the backbone of a woman.

        Women are strong.

        • “Why would Nancy Salzman shower Nina Cowell with money and free housing and other perks?”

          NXIVM was buying Nina’s silence, pure and simple.
          \We must accept the brutal fact that NXIVM is a collection of Gangsters and Terrorists.
          NXIVM has no redeeming value.

          • Shadowstate,

            I should have marked the question as rhetorical.

            You are right NXIVM is ruthless. John Tighe and Frank Parlato know it best.

            Nina was payed-off in an extremely generous way considering how cheap Nxivm was with rank and file members.

            No doubt Nina knows something. What is the only question.

  • The Federal racketeering statute (RICO) can be applied to conspiracies to commit murder.
    Even if the State of Alaska chooses not to prosecute the Kristin Snyder case if the US government can prove a conspiracy to murder Ms. Snyder and to cover up the circumstances of her mysterious disappearance the FBI can investigate and the DOJ can prosecute.
    One phone call between Anchorage and Albany can give the NDNY jurisdiction over the case.

    (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations)

    2. 18 U.S.C. § 1961: Definitions
    The RICO Act broadly defines certain terms and concepts used in statute, including
    the following:
    Racketeering activity: RICO defines “racketeering activity” as any crime enumerated”
    Subdivision A includes “any act or threat involving” listed state offenses, such as
    murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, and other serious crimes,
    punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.

    Nancy Salzman, You aren’t out of the woods yet!

  • New Questions to ask witnesses suspects:

    Was Kristin Snyder’s period late?
    Did Nina know?

    Did anyone else know besides Nina?

    Did Nina get paid hush money regarding the late period?

    Did the police in Alaska or the police in New York near Clifton Park ever obtain a court order to check with Kristin’s doctors or doctors in the surrounding area regarding her pregnancy?

  • –Nxivm teaches that marriage or monogamous relationships are a form of weakness and attachment, a crutch – and often sought to break people up – all the more so if the woman happened to be slender and attractive – and could be squired to private mentoring sessions with Nxivm sex cult leader Keith Raniere.

    So exhibiting loyalty to one man or woman in a family oriented environment is “weakness” and a “crutch” while philandering like the troll doll did is the opposite? What a morally decrepit group of people.

  • There is no doubt whatsoever that Raniere is guilty of murder by proxy, exactly as Charles Manson was. His guilt has been established by virtue of his own confession on camera, in front of multiple witnesses. The question now, is what steps law enforcement will take with regard to the numerous cases of suspicious and unexplained deaths connected to him.

    His confession needs to be taken very literally, and cases should be reopened and investigations begun.

    Thanks always to our intrepid Frank, who never relents in his struggle for truth and justice.

  • This is so horrific sad on so many levels.

    Even if DOS never happened, even if Kristin and the others didn’t disappear/die, just this going on at a self help group/course is horrendous in itself. Total and utter mental abuse. All this gaslighting, women helping a man mentally abuse another woman is absolutely horrifying. I get more disgusted the more is exposed.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if new evidence comes out which pins the troll for conspiracy in the murder of Kristin while he’s trying for his appeal? Karma is a bitch.

  • If not for Toni Natalie none of this would be coming to light. She kept the flame alive because she cares. #loveloveloveUToni!
    Your liege

  • Besides Kristin’s partner, Heidi, would anyone else in that Nxivm intensive have known that Kristin liked Seward? Resurrrection Bay? Did Nina tell either Kristin or Heidi that **Nina** had a cabin up by Millers Landing? Maybe? Did Kristin know of, or specifically ever use Milliers Landing herself in the past, as a stopover? Did Heidi know where Kristin liked to go, in that area or go with her sometimes? How does anybody connect Kristin, specifically, to Millers Landing?

    Right now, the major connection to the intensive’s staff and attendees plus Millers Landing is Nina, not really Kristin. Nina not only lived rIght there near where the truck was parked, but Nina worked that intensive and was Kristin’s coach. Sole evidentiary chiquita in both places, right then and there when Kristin disappeared is Nina.

    Kristin was driven home by a Nxivm person who didn’t stay, just dumped her off, so she must have said. Or it wouldn’t be repeated here in the article, as well as elsewhere. Her partner was home several hours later, finding no Kristin, no truck.

    Heidi first didn’t find Kristin, where Nxivm intensive staff had told Heidi she would be. Evidently Heidi was also told that Kristin wouldn’t be left alone, at about four that afternoon when Kristin was ejected from the intensive and driven “home.”

    Technically, Kristin was gone from sight from four o’clock in the afternoon,on February 6, 2003, when she was thrown out of a Nxivm intensive by staff decisions, until now. Three of those hours are quite unaccounted for right after she left the Westmark. Did a Nxivm “volunteer” really drop Kristin off at her home, at all?

    Was there proof Kristin ever got home, driven in someone else’s vehicle? Any signs that Kristin had been home?

    The truck in question disappeared from the Westmark Hotel, yes? Who would know when that happened exactly, until Heidi left the intensive at around seven that evening and found that Kristin’s truck (and it might have been Heidi’s truck, too) was gone?

    Heidi had been discouraged, deterred from accompanying Kristin out of the intensive. She offered to go with Kristin to a hospital, yes? She was told that wouldn’t be necessary; Kristin just needed to go rest and cool down, yes?)

    Who does this? Who sends a distraught participant in a self-help “intensive” off like a reject, or a pariah? Kristin had paid for this, by the way. She went for help, support, inner growth and was met with unqualified staffers without any conscientiousness or consciences. Nxivm culties. From Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere, who are now infamous for their criminality. Salzman was giving her orders to the Alaska staff from her NY perspective: how to get Kristin to stop being a problem for Nxivm, for Keith Raniere. Later to be surer that the coast was clear, Clare Bronfman spread some money around, up where Kristin Snyder disappeared.

    The background story of what Kristin was enduring, since she got into Nxivm, cannot be ignored. Her relationship with her domestic partner, Heidi was being undermined by deliberate and sanctioned Nxivm interferences. Raniere is the person Kristin was sure had impregnated her.

    Mr.Celibate who was screwing almost all of his groupies. This had to be shut up by Nxivm’s head honchos. Everybody had to be impeccable about keeping Raniere’s secrets, especially since his secrets were usually his harem’s biggest secrets, too.

    There were instructions given about how to gaslight Kristin, when she addressed her circumstances within the Nxivm-governed intensive. For how long was Kristin Snyder subjected to Nxivm’s abuse? Kristin was thrown out of a self-help dog-and-pony show, because she dreamed that these people would help her. Instead her whole life was capsized.

    Inconvenient truthteller Kristin was hustled right on out of sight. This is how thing appear. Batten down the hatches. Damn the torpedoes. The commandants of this mistreatment were the Nxivm groupleaders, and all up the chain of command. Bimbos.

    For crying out loud, these wolves threw her to these wolves. All were from the same batch of phonies, licking their chops. Kristin very well might never have “driven” anywhere at all. Prove it.

    Kristin was “disappeared” for about 29 to 30 hours before that truck and the note(s) were found, up by Nina’s? Yes or no. No one can presume that Kristin drove anywhere.

    Never mind all of the surrounding circumstances, with witnesses from the intensive talking. The understanding that Nancy Salzman was in the director’s chair has been repeated throughout the entire narrative of Kristin’s “breakdown.”

    The profitable bestowals upon Nina, enticing her to leave Alaska, with oodles of bells and whistles, after Kristin vanished. And then, at long last, Nina makes a tidy Nxivm exit, unpursued, unlitigated, with eight others who were done. Around then, as the Nxivm Nine were departing, Raniere was videtaped boasting to some of them about his murderous accomplishments. He did not expect that videotape would be shown all over the world.

    High beams must be hitting Nina Cowell and some of her old and possibly former cronies; not a good look.

  • If only to show that everyone can gin up a conspiracy theory that fits with what they’d like to believe, it turns out that Nancy Salzman spins one in a 2009 deposition in the case with Rick Ross, in which she questions the authenticity of Snyder’s suicide note, and suggests that what has come out as evidence is a replacement intended to make NXIVM look bad.

    Note also that, typically, she resorts to the fallacy or cognitive bias of personal incredulity*, claiming that it “seemed odd” that Snyder’s family had a memorial service for her not long after her disappearance, and thus that somehow cast suspicion on what had happened.

    This also raises the question of what Interfor (whose hiring was coordinated by Joe O’Hara, according to court documents) actually found:

    Q. NXIVM hired Interfor through Nolan
    7 and Heller. Is that right?
    8 A. That’s correct.
    9 Q. And initially Interfor was hired to
    10 investigate Kristin Snyder’s disappearance. Is
    11 that right?
    12 A. That’s correct.
    13 Q. Why did NXIVM want to investigate
    14 Kristin Snyder’s disappearance?
    15 A. There were a lot of things about it
    16 that seemed odd to us, and we — we felt that we
    17 should investigate it because of those things.
    18 Q. What was the — what was the
    19 objective of the investigation?
    20 A. To determine if she really had —
    21 had died.
    22 Q. Why was that important to NXIVM?
    23 A. Well, Kristin Snyder disappeared
    24 while she was taking one of our courses. At that
    25 time both Ester Chippone and Ed Kinum, who were
    TSG Reporting – Worldwide 800-702-9580

    Page 433
    2 teaching the course, were very concerned that she
    3 didn’t come back, and then when they found out
    4 that she had disappeared, communicated with the
    5 Alaskan police. They communicated several times,
    6 to the best of my recollection.
    7 And the police never attributed or
    8 linked any part of her disappearance to NXIVM,
    9 taking the course or anything like that.
    10 Later she — within a period of
    11 less than three weeks, maybe between two and three
    12 weeks, they had a memorial service for her. They
    13 determined that she had died after she
    14 disappeared, and she had only been missing for a
    15 very short period of time.
    16 Q. Who is “they”?
    17 A. Her partner, Heidi Clifford, and I
    18 believe her family because they had a memorial
    19 service for her within three weeks.
    20 That seemed very odd to me because
    21 when I really looked at how long people evaluate
    22 or remain hopeful that loved ones will be found
    23 after their disappearance, whether it’s in a
    24 situation of war or a situation of disappearance
    25 or even when the World Trade Center collapsed,
    TSG Reporting – Worldwide 800-702-9580

    Page 434
    2 people remained hopeful for weeks, months and even
    3 years that they would still find their loved ones
    4 and, I don’t believe, had memorial services.
    5 But to do it within three weeks, it
    6 seemed odd that they came to the conclusion that
    7 yes, she — without finding a body or any other
    8 evidence, that yes, not only did she disappear,
    9 but she died and had a memorial service.
    10 Q. But a suicide note was found;
    11 wasn’t it?
    12 A. There was an original — an
    13 original note that was left that was not the note
    14 that was publicized in the newspaper a year later,
    15 so that also seemed odd to us. And the note that
    16 was publicized in the newspaper a year later
    17 mentioned NXIVM — I’ve been taking a course in
    18 NXIVM, a/k/a executive success programs.
    19 The name NXIVM had not been
    20 released to the public at the time, and she would
    21 have had no way of knowing that we were going to
    22 change our name because the name was released
    23 after her disappearance and her alleged death. So
    24 that seemed very odd to us.
    25 And that note was not the note that
    TSG Reporting – Worldwide 800-702-9580

    Page 435
    2 the police showed Ester Chippone when she was
    3 originally missing.
    4 So all of those things together
    5 caused us to believe that somehow something had
    6 happened.
    7 And a year later, after there was
    8 no mention of it in the Alaskan newspaper for an
    9 entire year, all of a sudden this note surfaced
    10 and it was publicized on Mr. Ross’ website and in
    11 the local Times Union in Albany, New York. And
    12 all of those things seemed very odd to us.

    Note that the trademark application for NXIVM was filed on February 19, 2002, and the Cult of Personality article by Forbes, on Oct 13, 2003, said “The company is now also known as Nxivm”. It’s thus entirely possible that, particularly if Snyder had spent time in Albany, she would have known of the name change.

    That timing related to the damaging Forbes article about what was then best known as ESP, also suggests why NXIVM might have been desperate to cover up any death possible related to their programs, as they did in


    • Well in that transcript, Nancy Salzman just implicated herself.

      If that suicide note (first or second), was found in the truck. And no one knew that ESP Inc was using ‘NXIVM’, – then HOW did Kristin know to write NXIVM?

      In other words, if only NXIVM inner circle new about the name change and future registration of NXIVM – then only one of the circle could have written that note.

      ‘Oops, We Did It Again’ seems to be the NXSCUM theme song.

      • Read carefully, Salzman’s theory is that there was an “original” note and that the one mentioning NXIVM didn’t appear until a year later:

        “There was an original — an original note that was left that was not the note that was publicized in the newspaper a year later, so that also seemed odd to us. And the note that
        was publicized in the newspaper a year later mentioned NXIVM”

        Frank should now investigate this, and get to the bottom of exactly what the truth is. (Isn’t it a pain when you have to spend time trying to disprove stuff that was probably just made up by, or is just the result of sloppy-minded confusion on the part of, culty-minded conspiracy theorists?)

        Note also that before this came up, I’d pointed out that you could just as well theorize that the note was an attempt to set NXIVM up, as that it was a setup by NXIVM itself; Salzman and presumably other NXians want to believe the former, while a number of people here want to believe the latter.

        • Salzman claims she knows there was an original note because the note was shown to Nina Cowell by the police. I wonder why the police would show Cowell the original note.
          Could it just be that Cowell just forgot what the note had said?
          How would the newspaper come up with a different note a year later? That doesn’t make much sense.

          • Flowers, my guess would be that Salzman originally got an incomplete and/or incorrect summary of the suicide note, presumably from Cowell, which didn’t including the parenthetical reference to “Nexium” (sic), and then conflated it with the conspiracy theory they wanted to believe (and that Raniere was probably promoting) that they were the victims of the Illuminati and other “suppressive” forces arrayed against them.

            That’s typical sloppy, culty conspiratorial thinking for you.

            The investigators may have shown Cowell the note to see if she recognized the handwriting or if it jogged her memory about anything, or if she could explain the strange references in it. Unless she had a photographic memory, she would probably not have done a good job of relaying its contents to Salzman or whoever in NXIVM later asked her about it.

            Salzman then has her own conspiracy theory about the “original” note having been replaced by one that fingers ESP/NXIVM. And it’s not necessarily more baseless or without seeming evidence, or less plausible, than many other conspiracy theories that we’re presented.

            A truly serious and impartial conspiracy theorist would consider Salzman’s as seriously as any other theory. Don’t hold your breath…

  • None of the alleged story makes sense!

    I’m so sure. Skinflint ClareBear Bronfman is going to pay someone $50,000 out of the kindness of her heart.

    The so-called Cafe – was a long table with teabags, water, and napkins. What kind of job is that? Managing a table?

    Fifty grand. Follow the money. That sounds like hush money to me.

    Kristin Snyder was probably drugged, placed in a plastic bag, and buried in the woods. #JusticeforKristin

    • There is circumstantial evidence that the Bronfmans are supporting the vegan Mexican restaurant employing Nicki Lee Clyne.

      According to the source, employees who quit also found it odd that one of Raniere’s co-defendants is Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman. According to the source, one employee was shocked to discover the bar not only sells Seagram’s but has been visited by a female Seagram’s alcohol supplier in recent months.”

    • Snyder’s disappearance was in February, 2003.

      In October, 2003, the Forbes article came out, and was so damaging that it essentially cut off ESP’s recruiting among actual successful executives and prominent people like Edgar Bronfman, and probably was part of the impetus for the group’s rebranding as NXIVM. And that piece didn’t mention Snyder’s death, which NXIVM must have successfully kept out of the news at least until then. Even the Times Union didn’t report about it until a year later in February, 2004.

      NXIVM and the Bronfmans had plenty of good reasons to keep Cowell and others quiet and happy, if only for PR purposes. They spent large amounts of money on all sorts of things when it suited them – and, in Snyder’s case, in hiring Interfor.

      That also points to another of the glaring inconsistencies, and failures to pay attention to detail, of some of the theorizing – it makes absolutely no sense for NXIVM to have hired outside investigators, if they had some involvement in Snyder’s disappearance or death.

      • Of course, it does make sense for Nxivm to try to look virtuous, to hire investigators, tra la-la-la! It’s operatic. It is almost a natural ” art” of feminine warfare, to sit with diversionary fans covering capricious faces while plotting like Lady Macbeth, or for the Dollar Store knockoff version, Nancy Salzman, Prefect of Dementia?

        Yes, it is not some Stephen King novel. That Forbes article introduced the word Nxivm to me. Seeing photos of Raniere’s face spoke volumes. Not the first perverted sex guru baba to come down the pike, but one of the least subtle.

        The title “Nxivm” looked like a devil’s “reveal” to me, the way legend tells us. The word is prisonlike, you see.

        The oldest devil stories state that the devil is obligated to reveal intentions beforehand, must speak it, make pre-announcements. The “devil” cannot create anything but wants to steal its vitality directly from prey.

        The devil convinces, seduces someone with bait, then the induced powers the prey thrills to and commands go corrupt.

        Then the devil scoops up all of that jack rabbit’s sins and throws them back in his face like a hurricane, wipes everything out, like a mountain of dead fish on the beach. The devil is inside its conquests, whirling out that karma like a dervish. Of course, that’s legend. The truth is soooooo much stranger.

      • It does make sense, as in ‘Well, we hired a private Investigator, so it’s obviously NOT US’… wink wink wink

        Like OJ hiring a PI to ‘Go look for the Real Killers’

  • I hope Nina reads your message to her at the end of this article. You have not been wrong in your legal and arrest predictions for members. Nina would do well to heed your advice and take advantage of your generous offer, Frank.

    Personally, I believe fully that Keith and those involved with Kristin Snyder at around the time of her disappearance (excepting her wife) are as capable of killing a woman – to honor their commitment to Keith/NXIVM – as easily as they are capable of enslaving and branding women.

  • Great info and very thorough. There’s a line of questioning that I believe should be looked at.
    Why didn’t Heidi drive Kristin home? I’d guess that people “talked” Heidi into staying and not missing out on the rest of the days information from the seminar. I’m sure Heidi remembers this, regrets it, and has replayed it in her mind. Why didn’t she take Kristin home? That would be the logical way to handle your significant other flipping out during a seminar. Who talked Heidi out of taking care of Kristin? Did Heidi even resist and try to drive Kristin home? If yes, how much resistance? In other words, who was pulling the strings?

    Nina is screwed. Egregiously lying to the police. Her cabin where the vehicle was found. Hush money and a sweatheart deal. Amazing she got away with not spilling what she knows for this long. She’d better start talking. One of three things 1) She did it. 2) She was set up to make it look like she did it. 3) She knows way more than what she’s shared, but she was set up to not have clean hands.

    Hey Nancy – I know Frank basically just called you cheap, but I dunno. 50K to Toni. 50K to Nina. How about you mail me a measily 50K from that stash? It’ll prove Frank wrong and turn this coincidence into a pattern!

    • Heidi says she waved goodbye to Kristin through the window, and watched her leave. This was published in an old article, from 2004. There was no mention at that time of a suspected pregnancy, but Heidi says Kristin had been acting unusually and talking about suicide for a few days.

      That article also mentions that her parents thought she was acting strangely a number of weeks earlier, and before her visit to New York. If that is correct, then her behaviour began to change before there was any chance of pregnancy.

      I still think there is a good chance this really was a suicide, but even so, it sounds like NXIVM was negligent in how they handled this.

  • Okay, so if Kristin drove herself to Resurrection Bay – a couple of Questions:

    1. How did Kristin get from her home, in a bad emotional state, back to the Hotel to pick up her truck?
    2. After Kristin picked up her truck at the hotel, why didn’t she go back home?
    3. Is the story that Kristin drove to Res Bay after she magically went from her home to the hotel to get her truck?
    4. How did the truck get to Res Bay, next to Nina’s cabin?
    5. How would Kristin know it was Nina’s cabin? And to park the truck next to Nina’s cabin.
    6. If you are exiting a vehicle, when do you use the key to lock the door? You would always open the door, press the lock button, close the door. And the vehicle is locked. Even in the old school autos, once on the outside, you would lift the door handle to keep the lock button down as you close the door.

    I think there is enough Circumstantial Evidence to get some search warrants and bring people in for questioning. None of this fake narrative makes sense. So, go back to the people around Kristin before she died. At the time Kristin disappeared, who was missing from their usual place? Who had the Motive, Means & Opportunity to silence Kristin?

    For the death, if there was no blood or evidence of an assault in the truck. Could Kristin had been drugged, then killed or buried alive in the woods? Remember El Queefo had tons of pills in his lair. Did he have any downers or barbiturates?

    • 1. Taxi.
      2. How do you know Snyder didn’t visit her home before leaving?
      3. That would be the most logical story based on the known facts.
      4. It was driven there, apparently by Snyder.
      5. Perhaps Cowell told her which cabin was hers.
      6. Would you do all of those normal things if you about to commit suicide?

  • This definitely smells fishy. There appears to be enough circumstances for the Alaskan law enforcement to reopen the case. Why didn’t they follow up with her after the initial call was cut short? A person acting evasive is exactly the type of person law enforcement should want to contact again.

  • As Snyder’s coach, Cowell almost certainly knows a lot about what actually happened to her in Albany and her state of mind in Alaska.

    I suspect it’s more likely that people aren’t talking for a variety of mundane reasons, including possible exposure to lawsuits. If there’s a liability issue to address, it more likely would be to try to reassure people that they could come forward and talk without the threat of facing civil action.

    “The statutes of limitations for civil cases and procedures in Alaska range from two to 10 years. Personal injury and defamation claims carry a two-year time limit, while fraud, collection of rents and debt, and judgments all have a 10-year limit.”

    Something strange may have happened. But perhaps the strangest possibility – or most implausible scenario – is that NXIVM somehow cunningly arranged Snyder’s death or disappearance, and yet haplessly left behind a damning suicide note that implies they had “brainwashed” her, with the apparent result that she sounded to be in a delusional and psychotic state.

    • There I was mention of a lawsuit against NXIVM regarding her death in one article I found, but I could find any more information than that.

      Even though many years have passed, if her body is buried in the woods nearby, it could still be located by cadaver sniffing dogs….though police would need to find enough evidence to reopen the case.

    • The Snyders, Kristin’s extended family, and her friends don’t care about the statute of limitations. We just want to know what happened.

      If it was murder, there is no statute of limitations for the murder or the cover-up.

      Those involved will fall one by one, just like the current arrested NXIVM defendants have.

      It’s just a matter of time for this cold case to bust wide open. There is too much information pointing to this not being as simple as NXIVM made it look when it happened.

      • If you want to know what happened, and get those involved to speak up, I don’t think that spreading theories that it was a murder, and accusing people of crimes for which there is no statute of limitations, is going to help.

        If you were in their shoes, involved in something regarding which you had knowledge or involvement but knew you hadn’t killed anyone, and yet saw a clamor to charge people with murder, keeping in mind all the cases coming to light of people falsely tried and convicted, would you remain silent or risk mistakenly spending the rest of your life in prison?

        The case was closed almost two decades ago, and I doubt anything more will become known about it unless someone involved feels that they can unburden themselves without repercussions.

        Sensationalizing the case and making accusations risks ensuring that the truth stays buried, not helping reveal it.

        • “Sensationalizing the case and making accusations risks ensuring that the truth stays buried, not helping reveal it.”

          How so? Cause it looks like ignoring the blatant inconsistencies, non-sequiturs, and lying to cops has done nothing but bury the truth. Are you saying ignoring this for another 16 years will help the turth emerge? Or are you saying we should tip toe around who looks guilty? And not call out the people who are cowardly being quiet about what they know?

          • I thought I explained why. Take a long-cold case that was most likely just one of negligent involvement with someone who committed suicide, and threaten those involved with sensational talk of murder charges, and do you really think that’s going to encourage people to come forward and talk?

            Even law enforcement often uses the “minimization” approach of soft-peddling investigations and interrogations, getting people to talk by starting off downplaying the seriousness of what the might have been involved in. Remember the old saying about catching more flies with honey?

            I think Frank is right to call out those who obviously know more about what happened. And I understand that he probably wants to make this apparently multi-part series intriguing and engaging, but I think that veering in the direction of intimations and accusations of murder may be counter-productive as far as actually revealing the truth.

          • Nutjob, has “The honey approach” really been tried at all?

            Have Snyder’s survivors come out and asked for those involved to tell the truth of what they know, so that her family and loved ones can finally fully understand what happened?

            By the way, if you re-read the original Times Union article, which I think we all should, one thing that that struck me as interesting in a related respect, is that the reporter says that it was uncovering other cases of people who had mental breakdowns after doing NXIVM courses, that caused Snyder’s family to finally speak about what had happened.

  • I haven’t seen any mention of what Kristin did that was disrupting the class. Yelling, crying, interrupting, contradicting teachings?

    How was Heidi not aware that they were removing Kristen if she was being so disruptive? Were they separated? Did Heidi question why they didn’t locate her, if she was not in the same room, to help Kristin?

    What did they tell Heidi that Kristin was doing to force them to remove her?

    • Those sorts of questions are at least generally addressed in this article from the time:

      An Espian’s brief life
      Times Union/February 1, 2004
      By Dennis Yusko

      I agree that more actual detail about what happened should be exposed as evidence of what went on in NXIVM sessions – and how it was (mis)handled outside of them – though I don’t think it will change the basic arc of the story of her suicide.

      • Thank you for the link. The last paragraph of the article – “Clifford’s NXIVM bill was $11,500. She sold the couple’s Tacoma truck to help pay it, as well as Kristin Snyder’s $16,000 debt. She said NXIVM rejected her request for a partial refund for the second intensive course.”

        • I’m almost surprised that Clifford didn’t sue NXIVM, though it would undermine her case that she acquiesced to NXIVM staff telling her not to take Snyder to a hospital. And she may have been under the sway of the “there are no ultimate victims” attitude that Raniere taught.

          Come to think of it, It may be telling that the Snyders didn’t sue, either.

          • Getting away from NXIVM/ESP/Raniere was the real win for everyone ever involved with the organization. Maybe Clifford and the Snyders realized that.

      • Is that where Toni got that garbage about the space shuttle story or did she give it to them? That doesn’t answer any of my questions but it does show that site appears to also not have confirmed facts. Pretty amateur speculation and tall tales in that link..

        • I always found Dennis Yusko to be a reliable reporter – which makes it especially hard for me to reconcile his recounting of his conversation with Jonnie Snyder about her last conversation with Kristin. But it does appear that Toni and Chet simply copied that incident from Dennis’ story without giving any attribution to him.

        • The Times Union article, which dates back to around the time of Snyder’s death, cites her mother as saying that about the space shuttle, so it is likely the original source for Natalie’s later claims.

          It’s professional journalism citing a phone interview with Snyder’s partner Clifford; and quoting the Snyders, an Alaska State Trooper who supervised the investigation, an Alaska State Police sergeant who was also involved, the chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in New York City who treated several other people who experienced psychological problems after doing NXIVM courses, Rick Ross, and unnamed critics.

          I seems that either you don’t like facts that don’t fit with what you’ve for some reason decided that you want to believe, or are just trying to troll and gaslight us.

          • I’m not trying to troll or gaslight anyone. I asked questions. I was given a link to a site, by you, that according to the family, has a bogus story about a phone conversation and the space-shuttle demise. The family has said in no uncertain terms that is not true. Therefore, I don’t see the point of linking that article and I still see no answers to my questions. I don’t see how pointing out that the article contains what are now known to be false stories and answers none of my questions is trolling or gaslighting. Take a chill pill.

          • “Question,” many apologies if I misinterpreted your intent.

            However, I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to say that the 2004 newspaper article contains anything known to be false. All we know is that almost 17 years after Snyder disappeared, Frank has reported that her mother does not remember saying that one thing that was quoted in the Times Union article.

            What we really really need in a case like this, is detailed reporting and corroboration – or refutation – of important points by those intimately involved, like Snyder’s partner, and some of the other NXians.

            It also occurs to me that another important point that’s being overlooked, is that at least so far, Snyder’s partner isn’t forthcoming, either. Given that presumably she has nothing to lose, that may indicate that those with the closest knowledge of the case accept the official finding of suicide, and simply don’t want to get into dredging up the details of a painful episode that they have moved past.

  • Oh my God! Each article on Kristin’s disappearance is more damning than the last.This HAS to be murder. You have my deepest sympathies Kim and Jonnie. As do Heidi and her family. 🕯️

  • “There was one more thing to sweeten the deal: Nancy Salzman gave Nina a “loan” of $50,000 which Nina never had to pay back.
    Let’s call it what it is – a gift – of $50,000.”

    A person with a more suspicious frame of mind might call that $50,000 HUSH MONEY.

    No wonder Nancy Salzman walked out of the courtroom after her plea deal with a big smile on her face.
    Nancy knows that what she plead guilty to might just be the tip of a very large iceberg.
    An iceberg large enough to fill up an Alaskan fjord.

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