Nicki Clyne Weathers Storm of 9 People Quitting – Remains General Manager of Izzy Rose – Under Fake Name

Where did Nicki Clyne get the money to buy house for the sex slaves?

Nicki Clyne remains as general manager of the Brooklyn vegan bar and restaurant, Izzy Rose – despite nine of her employees quitting when they learned who she really is.

As previously reported, Clyne uses the alias Nicki Leigh or Nicki Lee to hide the fact that she is the well known leader of the sex-slaver cult DOS and is branded by the mark of her master, Keith Alan Raniere, on her pubic region.

Raniere is lodged in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center having been convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering. He will be sentenced in January.

The owner of Izzy Rose – Michelle Barton – knows Clyne’s identity and chose to keep her as GM despite the fact that most of her employees quit rather than work for the leader of DOS – a cult that brands and holds blackmail worthy material on its members to ensure obedience.

After employees found out about Clyne – reportedly learning it from a woman who works at Barton’s other vegan restaurant, Clementine’s –  the entire kitchen staff, the entire serving staff and the majority of bartenders at Izzy Rose quit.

Four stayed, not including Clyne. Barton and Clyne hired new people and the bar remains open with Clyne as GM.

It is not known if all current employees of Izzy Rose know the identity of their manager, Nicki “Lee”.

Some of the employees do and, as a condition of employment, have been asked to keep her identity secret from the public.

Whether she is paid under the name Clyne or Lee is unknown. Izzy Rose pays employees on Fridays with ADP payroll services. Clyne hands out checks but has never been seen getting her own check.

One of Clyne’s top slaves, Michele Hatchette, works at a nearby restaurant and frequents Izzy Rose – often bringing Clyne flowers and meeting with young women at the bar.

Hatchette has told employees at Izzy Rose that some years ago she joined a super wonderful organization. She had planned to only take a short retreat but wound up staying seven and a half years.

Clyne and Hatchette recently moved out of their apartment they shared with DOS slave Samantha LeBaron and Marc Elliot who were to be married. It is believed LeBaron got permission to marry from Nxivm leader Clare Bronfman. Elliot got permission to marry from Raniere himself.

Clyne and Hatchette rented a place in the Bedford Stuyvesant area, which is now the official headquarters of DOS.

A source with knowledge of their new housing location told Frank Report that Clyne put down a deposit on another apartment and the landlord found out who the tenants were and rejected them.

The last place Clyne rented in Clifton Park was the subject of a civil forfeiture action by the US Department of Justice due to Clyne and her legal spouse, Allison Mack’s alleged sex trafficking practices there.

At Izzy Rose, Clyne uses the bar as a recruiting center, meeting attractive, slender young women for an hour or two at a stretch.

As manager, Clyne is faced with challenges. The bar reportedly is not making money.

Customers have complained that on busy nights the food wait can be up to an hour and a half – which reportedly cost Izzy Rose some repeat business. Clyne had recently cut kitchen staff and hours to a bare minimum.

“She had absolutely nothing to do with the kitchen or the bar like she didn’t know anything. She was really a bad manager,” said one of the nine who quit. She wanted everyone to work faster for less money and less hours.”

Prior to her starting work at Izzy Rose, Clyne worked at Clementine Bakery – which is also owned by Michelle Barton. It is not known if Barton is a member of DOS or Nxivm.

Clyne may have brought some of her skills from Nxvm to Izzy Rose.  A number of workers complained about being shorted on their wages and tips.  Several complained they did not get paid overtime.  One waitress noticed she was getting shorted on pooled tips, which Clyne imposed – rather than each waitress getting her own tips.  Clyne distributes the pooled tips.

Other former employees claim Clyne and Barton are now utilizing under-the-table payments to reduce overhead.

“There were a lot of under the table employment situations and checks were consistently short,” said one former worker.  “With all of the overtime they never paid, I was shorted about $1,000.”

Clyne, justifying withholding overtime payments, blamed workers for not getting work done within the 40 hour work week.

Supporters of Clyne at Izzy Rose say the mass exodus of employees could have been prevented.

“People learned who Nicki was and started telling other people. Soon, everyone was very freaked out and kind of afraid,” said one employee.

Others had mixed reviews.

“She’s always very, very nice to your face,” said one former worker. “But she would send emails or texts that were negative. She promoted someone to head server at one point and then after she had been working for two weeks at this higher level, redesigning tables, fixing the POS system, all these sorts of things, Nicki downgraded her back to normal server status claiming that she hadn’t done anything which wasn’t true.”

Nicki reportedly told an employee who was sick, “You know, it’s just really disappointing that everyone else has had to pick up your work.”

A former employee said, “Nicki treated the women working at Izzy Rose very, very poorly, but she would kiss the ass of all the men.  She was always like really emotionally manipulative to me. Then when I found out about who she really is – I began to feel she had been trying to gaslight me. She’s just was like very false, like very fake.”

At Izzy Rose, Clyne told others that the legal troubles Raniere and Mack faced were caused by Sarah Edmondson – who she calls “a disgruntled member who made up a lot of lies.”

During the trial of Raniere in June, Clyne was seen on a number of occasions to be distressed but no one knew the reason.

On a number of occasions Clyne “went dark” meaning she would not be available by phone or text.

At one point, she told employees that she was going on a retreat and could not be reached. On other occasions, she said she would be unavailable for certain periods of time.

Clyne was described as consistently having dark circles under her eyes. She would exhibit periods of being really tired – and then all of a sudden have huge spurts of energy. She would eat very sparsely when she had food at all and remains an extremely slender woman.

Izzy Rose is located at 214 Greene Avenue in  Brooklyn, NY 11238.

It is described as a “Hip haunt with an all-vegan menu of Mexican plates & sweet treats plus cocktails & craft beer.”


Thursday 9AM–3PM, 6PM–1AM
Friday 9AM–3PM, 6PM–2AM
Saturday 9AM–1AM
Sunday 9AM–1AM
Monday 6PM–1AM
Tuesday 9AM–3PM, 6PM–1AM
Wednesday 9AM–3PM, 6PM–1AM


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  • […] ***Editor’s Note*** Turns out, Izzy Rose might not be so safe for ladies after all. As of November 2019, new allegations have surfaced that the general manager, Nikki Clyne, has ties to NXVIM, a cult and pyramid scheme, and its submissive subgroup DOS, where women are forced into sexual slavery. You can read more here and here. […]

  • Luv how moronic these self-proclaimed ethicists are. How they promote veganism as morally superior to meat eating while their fake leader was getting his minion women and others he fucked into getting abortions.

  • If this is all correct, then it raises real questions as to why Michelle Barton would continue to employ Clyne. Many small businesses are surprisingly dysfunctional, but the restaurant business is such a highly competitive one that usually there’s not too much room for gross inefficiency and mismanagement.

    Sometimes restaurants do get run at a loss for various reasons, from mundane ones such as being the hobby projects of wealthy people (often the wife of someone wealthy), to being used as tax dodges or even for money laundering. Any of a variety of things could be going on, and there’s really no way to tell without more conclusive information.

    • I agree with you AnonyMaker. Why would a business owner be willing to watch experienced staff walk out the door and keep the person responsible for the exodus? I could see it if Nicki were some amazing manager or if she was drawing people to the bar but she isn’t. There must be another reason.

    • I believe the restaurant owner is being financed by Bronfman or Salinas money.
      No tax dodge or money laundering operation is big enough to justify the gross inefficiencies of having an unqualified manager.

  • Whatever Nicki and Co are recruiting for now won’t be called NXIVM or ESP. It might be worth keeping an eye on adverts in the local papers for groups called ‘Girls Gone Feral’ or other such nonsense. They will be recruiting intensively because recruitment is always priority #1.

  • Does anyone know if Flowers has called Michelle Barton yet to protest her use of of the name ‘Rose’ in her bar’s name Izzy Rose? I would imagine this name will result in more ‘abuse’ and misogynistic comments being directed at Ms Flowers.

    • Barton is not fooling any of us. No way it’s a coincidence that he would choose a “flower” to be in the name of his establishment. Clearly, this is more discreet abuse that’s being directed at poor Flowers. Hang in there, Flowers. I have your back.

      • Shadowstate,

        Barton has the right to name her bar after her daughter.

        The right to name your restaurant after your first child is guaranteed by the laws of Shadowstate’s planet.

        Shadowstate travels between the earth and his planet every day on the 238 bus at 7:30 am on Chicago’s west side.

        Thank you for sharing Shadowstate!


  • “The last place Clyne rented in Clifton Park was the subject of a civil forfeiture action by the US Department of Justice due to Clyne and her legal spouse, Allison Mack’s alleged sex trafficking practices there.”
    You are an idiot…If true, the place would be accessible again as the sex trafficking charge are dropped…you understand what mean dropping a charge?
    If it’s gone from her accusation, it become nothing more than a defamation.

    The DOJ considered that the charge was not solid enough and could be removed from the accusation to obtain a plea deal.They always aim at the weakest charge.

    BTW, yesterday message show you that even a victim start to see the light about what was Allison role but you know better then them?

    The reason it was seized was not the sex trafficking…

    The whole story here is based on rumor and possible lies…

    You might be destroying the reputation of this restaurant based on this!? you are pathetic!

    Find a REAL PROOF and maybe people will take you seriously.

    In the mean time, you are just an idiot who is so out of stories that he make up everything he can…

    Don’t be surprised if you receive a nice letter from a lawyer…it’s not like it would be your first time defaming without proof.

    Nicky is a bitch but here you are accusing without proof someone just because the name sound close enough.

    Let’s punish all the nicky, nicole and nick of the world !

    In short, pics (real, not photoshopped (you suck at it anyway so it’s gonna be easy to debunk if you fake it)) or it didn’t happened.

    • The sex trafficking charge may have been one the prosecution was willing to bargain away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Mack wasn’t guilty of it, or wouldn’t likely have been convicted of it had the case gone to trial.

  • black circles under the eyes, being tired all the time and then having jets of energy, this sounds like possession

  • In early October, before October 7, I asked Nicki if Sara Bronfman was providing money to help keep NXIVM afloat.
    Nicki told me in no uncertain terms to “Mind My Own Business.”

    In light of this job where Nicki can devote time to NXIVM business, the question takes on new significance.
    “Is Sara Bronfman providing financial assistance to Brooklyn restaurants to keep Nicki employed.
    I had this conversation with Yolanda Cortez aka Nicki Clyne: (Yolanda’s gravitar code was abfnt1)

    Yolanda Cortez
    October 5, 2019 at 4:26 pm
    Sara is one of the most beautiful women in the world inside and outside.

    October 5, 2019 at 5:33 pm
    So Yolanda, aka Nicki, is Sara helping fund NXIVM until the storm passes?

    Will Sara front Nicki’ some dough to help buy the NXIVM tech from under the Salzmans or will Nicki use some Mexican money for that?

    When Allison finally gets out of the clink will Sara help provide Ally with a do nothing job in the new NXIVM?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Pea Onyu
    October 6, 2019 at 1:54 am
    That’s none of your business Shadow. Stay out of things that don’t concern you

    • Shadowstate,

      Do you keep a “log book” of conversations you have had with Pea Onyu; Including the dates and times as well as subject/subtext?

      Kinda of like a quasi-diary?

      • “Do you keep a “log book” of conversations you have had with Pea Onyu; Including the dates and times as well as subject/subtext?”

        No, I know how to use the search function of my browser, old man.

    • I’m interested to know what codes other people’s avatars generate. Shadow it’s quite something that you firmly believe you’re communicating with Nicki.

      • My code is my screen name.
        And my avatar is always the rectangle with blue figures outlining it.

        As for Nicki Clyne, one of the first times she committed as “Pea Onyu” she virtually announced that she was Nicki Clyne.
        “DOS diet creates angular look, like Nicki Clyne ”

        October 10, 2017 at 6:33 pm
        “She successfully removed the impediment and achieved the desired state of being a brainless moron.”

        “These women are clearly suffering from some form of Stockholm Syndrome.”

        “Pea Onyu
        October 10, 2017 at 7:58 pm
        Nicki is still one hot sexy woman. Your comments Van Douche are unwarranted and unwelcome please apologize.”
        As a sort of journalist with the Knife Media, Nicki Clyne is not shy about expressing her personal opinions even if she uses numerous pseudonyms to conceal her identity.

        And like a typical NXIVM member, Nicki is well trained in gaslighting.

        • I’m sorry Shadow, I didn’t express myself clearly. I’m talking about the aft… thing you mention that Pea and the gang have in common. I’m wondering if everyone has a different identifier but that group all share one in common?

      • Shadowstate,

        The old Shadowstate would never have made a comment like that to GirlScoutCookies.

        Shadowstate what’s going on with you?

    • Frank hoards the good pix for himself. But, the second he finds a Vanguard hairy ass picture, it’ll be front and center.

  • Lets see, Vanguards in prison, the top eshelon is awaiting sentencing, Nxivm is almost non existent and yet you just keep trying to ruin lives.
    It’s starting to dawn on me that maybe Vanguard was only half the problem

    • I called Izzy Rose every week for 5 weeks abd asked for Nicki Leigh. They always said “she’s not here” but the 5th time denied any Nicki Leigh or Nicki Clyne worked there.

    • She became a US resident under false pretenses. So why should we care. There are children locked in cages on the border who can’t come in. Why should we care about an unrepentent follower of a convicted pedophile sex trafficker?

      • “There are children locked in cages on the border who can’t come in. ”

        Since when do foreign nationals have the right to demand entry into the United States?
        Where in the US Constitution does it say that foreign nationals have the right to demand entry into the country?

        And you should note that even Obama kept foreign children out of the country when they did not have permission to enter.
        That is the right of ALL SOVERE0IGN NATIONS to keep illegal aliens out.

        “Yes, Obama separated families at the border, too”

        “President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border.

        “Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.”

    • Anonymous—
      Yes indeed you are right Vanguard is in prison.

      Should Nicki Clyne under an alias be allowed to freely recruit unsuspecting women or men into the Nxivm MLM?

      In addition to changing her name Nickie Clyne and Clare Bronfman, may have all ready changed the name of Nxivm.
      Nicki and Clare are intelligent enough to change the name of Nxivm to a new name. Please remember Nxivm is not the original name of the organization. Nxivm used to be known as Executive Success. The name was only changed to Nxivm when Executive Success received to much negative press.

  • all these cod to be desalted in a Vegan restaurant … What a waste! Not very start-up nation as behavior…

  • Geewhiz dipshits!!!!

    The Answer to why Nicki Clyne is ensconced in Michelle Barton’s restaurant. Could it be Michelle Barton can not fire Niki Clyne?

    Did it cross anyone’s mind Michele Barton’s restaurants & bar are ailing and failing; And she maybe now has a silent partner by the name of Nicki Clyne financed by Sara Bronfman?

    If your business is failing and leveraged to the hilt, and your life as is going down the drain you will blow donkeys or sell your soul to the devil.

    Parlato you couldn’t find my uncle Harry Ballsagna if he was in your face. :). 💩

    • I’ve already raised that possibility but my comment is in moderation.

      October 31, 2019 at 1:40 pm
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Submitted for your consideration:

      Consider this possibility.
      Bronfman or Salinas money is covertly financing restaurants in Brooklyn.
      Clare and Sara’s nephew, Ben Bronfman, used to live in Brooklyn.

      • Shadowstate1958 or is it DetectiveColumbo1971?
        Sure thing! I believe you. I know you is on top of the sh*t. You’re like Peter Falk in Columbo, but you ain’t acting. Do wear a trench coat like Columbo all the time or just in public parks?

      • You seriously keep copies of your comment submittals, Mr. Shadow, just so you can claim being first to make a point? LOL Without a screenshot, you could just have made it up! LOL

        • “You seriously keep copies of your comment submittals, Mr. Shadow, just so you can claim being first to make a point?” Scott Johnson

          No, when I make a comment it goes into moderation but on my computer I can still see the comment I submitted.
          There’s no ‘magic’ or extra work involved.

        • Scott Johnson,

          You have been on roll making me laugh my ass off!!!


          You know Shadowstate just wanted to steal Uncle Bangkok’s thunder.
          Shadowstate has no honor.


          Shadowstate made it up !!!

  • Cults never shut down. They go under cover, change their name, and get smaller. Recruitment is always the top priority. That’s what Nickvi is busy with. I doubt that she uses the word NXIVM to anyone she’s trying to snare. She’ll be talking about ‘female empowerment’, which is something she knows nothing about.

    • The way things seem to be going with the sex cult, when Clare Bronfman gets out of prison, she might need to become a citizen of Mexico. It will become the new Revolution of old Guadalajara. The last huzzah? She can buy some horses and upearth scads of material flesh found worthy of being freshly fricasseed slaves, al dente.

      It doesn’t seem to be popularity that Clare craves so much as abject prostrations with penalty phases included. There was never a hope that Clare would be desirable enough to brand. Maybe someday someone will grant her pervasively jealous hide a brand of her own, a “craft” offeratory.

      If only her ass sees a prison where her reputation precedes her arrival. At the least there ought to be drones sent in to say “here comes a rich chick who’s kneedeep into sex-trafficking underage girls for Keith Raniere.” Droned like the chorus extras in Murder in the Cathedral, only it’s a Bronfman singing telegram.

      Oh, and the magnetic Clare has shown a preference for helping to capture Mexicans, for their sexual slavery usefulness, the younger the better. She might like some lesbian companionship whilst vacationing in prison what with her new GED no doubt adding a leg up to her sophistication! No thanks or cumgratulations from the smatest man on earth or even the second smatest crossdresser on earth.

      With warning shots fired cell to cell, then maybe a lifer with nothing to lose will introduce Clare to a surprise ceremony, coincidentally called “DOS” in all American prisons, aka dead on sight. This is not wishful thinking. Just curiosity about what could become of Clare if Clare remains as
      Clare, before she departs to France and/or Mexico. If I were her, France would be merely a pitstop, where she could gather ammunition for the new and improved Mexican Rapture ahead.

      The only problem is, little does crabby Clare realize, Nancy Salzman had Mexico in the bag decades ago. Someone didn’t bother to show Clare that old breadcrumb trail(?) Maybe the Bronfman clan really is sick of her outré antics. First she tried to screw Dad, then she was featured in a psychotic-looking MUGSHOT and earned too much coverage in Vanity Fair. Nobody has warned Clare about how Mexico has been succeeding without her but might enjoy hosting her for ransom? Twat did you say?

      Nah nah nah Nancy on the other hand, has been less impaired than poor rich Clare, all the way from back in her Cranford, New Jersey days of overly vigorous youth at 51 Stratford Terrace. Nancy was secure with her B’nai B’rith parents, when her last name was still Loshin, right? Her parents were father, Milton, and her mother’s first name I’ve forgotten right now, but Nancy’s mother was noted for her political opinions. Quite so. Kinda like mama was a fan of bizarrely politicized (aka switcheroo) communistic Judaism, from what’s been said. Like translating Seder traditions into Pig Latin and putting it all back in some crematorium’s oven. But whatever about whatever.

      Nancy was not noted much around Cranford, New Jersey, except for her probable future as a pudgy and virtue-signalling turkey vulture, who would specialize in resembling a deviously grinning troglodyte with bad hair when she grew up. Sadly, that never happened to Nancy. Firstly, she had to go off and gather her wits to be able to fake her educational qualifications.

      Nancy has become too ignored since right after her plea deal was signed. Perhaps she would like to address that here at the open forum of the Frankreport, with an ankle bracelet monitor strapped in front of her mouth but not unplugged. That could be chic. The Nancy Salzman news blackout is irksome, considering her self-importance. The smell of that ignore-ance is as bad as when commune members accidentally roast a trapped rat in their toaster oven, for breakfast. Very communal. It could even be national event, this intestinal Nancy news blockage.

      If it is indeed a national blockage, this Salzman blackout, to whom does one protest? The late George H. W. Bush ? The merry and gay J. Edgar Hoover, via a postcard from the edge?

      Now, I don’t know who was Mr. Pike, briefly a huzzband of Nancy’s, prior to her bigger deal marriage to the Guadalajara-educated Salzman. This Salzman doctor of “internal medicine and dermatology” and operator later in life of a laser tech “spa” has been all over the place, acquiring methods with distinctly fascinating possible areas of assistance to the Raniere/Salzman causes. What a coinky-dink, ya know? What motivated this marriage? Was it some astral agreement made about how to spread a modern plague, the Web of the Dead, Cult version?

      He, Salzman, has appeared like an invisible pair of hands in the background, all over Nxivm and its special wing of perpetual and vomitous entrails, DOS. Ah, the designs of mice and men, of NLP and slave branding for permanent indenture. No wonder he and Nancy arranged to be married. It seems like a match made in the third bardo, where turds can be made to resemble humans before being sent back down here.

      Especially since Dr. Salzman also married the very one whom Raniere one fine day designated as the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. This must’ve felt just like Christmas for Herr Doktor Salzman, or is that Salzmaniac?

      Hitler and he and begat those two handy bookend daughters, possibly predestined for eventual enslavement in one big happy sexual trafficking and enslavement cult, where real imported slaves were isolating small children for long periods of time and teaching them linguistic babble and probably gender neutrality. One daughter, Lauren, must’ve seemed like a Professor Emeritus to her by-then divorced but permanently co-dependent parents. When dear Lauren kept a young lady at a disadvantage via two years of imprisonment, she could have won a Nobel Prize! She even got the girl’s parents to help her captivate their daughter. NLP must course through Lauren’s blood as if it were already genetic.

      Funny how both hypnosis and linguitic retraining mechanics are big toys from old Nancy Loshin’s bag of trickery. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

      What is an entitled and snarling éClair like Clare Bronfman gonna do? This could all be a fake fight fashoined to be a distraction, but let us not dig too deeply beneath these conjoined horses’ asses. All you have to do is listen as they put their lips together and watch them blow, like an atonal nest of vipers. Who’s going to be The Leader of the Pack! and run the da-doo-doo run?

      How about that long set of arms on Podesta? Not to be ignored or forgotten, in the name of Jeffrey Epstein’s corpse. Jerry and Keith Raniere have ended as such international failures. It has been bad publicity, but Podesta’s charm bracelets are so ubiquitous, even Hillary must spit greenish wads of envy. She didn’t mind Pam Cafritz or her parents but a puff adder tries to stays one slither removed, and Hilary is rumored to have acquired piles.

      No Nicki Clyne deportation has raised its head. Time is clearly of no essence. ICE has been too busy with its deportation of another New Jersey specimen named Joe Giudice, yet another real Housewife from New Jersey. He didn’t even belong to a well-organized cult. Why is Nicki Clyne still being allowed to recruit for new red meat in a vegan restaurant in New York city? Who is her newest bff? Uncle Sam?

  • Some Random Thoughts About This Article and Nicki Clyne:

    1.) “A former employee said, “Nicki treated the women working at Izzy Rose very, very poorly, but she would kiss the ass of all the men. She was always like really emotionally manipulative to me. Then when I found out about who she really is – I began to feel she had been trying to gaslight me. She’s just was like very false, like very fake.”

    Readers of the Frank Report know all about Nicki Clyne and her many personas.

    Monte Blu

    Pea Onyu

    Yolanda Cortez

    Gabrielle Cortez

    Legatus Pro Tempore

    And Now Dr. Gastone Hiram Porter of either Wichita or Omaha.

    Communicating with Nicki Clyne is sometimes like riding a roller coaster.

    Sometimes Nicki will praise Keith Raniere and Allison Mack to the skies and other times she will berate them for failing the “Mission”.
    Nicki’s only persistent when praising Clare and Sara Bronfman.

    The only real skill that the members of NXIVM really have is the skill at “gaslighting” people.
    It is a skill taught to them by master gaslighters like Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman.
    That is why I take the allocutions by Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman with a grain of salt.

    And Nicki Clyne has even tried to recruit me into NXIVM recently by comparing me to Saint Paul who first persecuted the early Christians and then proselytized for the early Christian Church.

    2.) “At Izzy Rose, Clyne told others that the legal troubles Raniere and Mack faced were caused by Sarah Edmondson – who she calls “a disgruntled member who made up a lot of lies.”

    Sarah Edmondson did not make up the brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack burned into the flesh of her pubic region.
    Nor did Sarah Edmondson make up the fact that Clare Bronfman flew to Vancouver in her private jet to talk the RCMP (The Royal Canadian Mounted Police) into arresting Sarah Edmondson.
    What was Edmondson’s crime?
    Taking blackmail material from NXIVM that really belonged to the sex slaves, not NXIVM or Clare Bronfman.
    Luckily the FBI had informed the RCMP about the nature of the materials and the ongoing FBI investigation.

    3.) I will not speculate on the arrangements made to keep Nicki Clyne employed.
    Rudeness of inefficiency does not always result in dismissal.
    Look at France’s terrible reputation for serving tourists.
    That reputation has existed for decades and yet France still has a booming tourism industry.
    I can relate several stories about the rudeness of French workers towards Americans.

    I do wonder if Bronfman or Salinas money has financed the restaurants involved.
    It is clear that Clare Bronfman is still calling the shots in NXIVM and the Salinas family and their friends are still covertly backing the organization.
    And I will say that NXIVM still has covert ties and means of communications even with the defendants who have been convicted or plead guilty.
    When Allison Mack supposedly had a nervous breakdown this summer who informed Frank Parlato?
    A source within NXIVM.

    “Rumors About Allison Mack Include Nervous Breakdown”

    “Convicted racketeer and former actress Allison Mack has had a nervous breakdown, a Nxivm source told Frank Report.
    “She had a meltdown,” the source said. “She was babbling and incoherent and needed psychiatric treatment.”
    ““Her episode was so severe, and her lack of cognition of her surroundings caused alarm for family and friends and necessitated medical attention,” the source said.”

    4.) “One of Clyne’s top slaves, Michele Hatchette works at a nearby restaurant and frequents Izzy Rose – often bringing Clyne flowers and meeting with young women at the bar.”

    Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchette have been an item since even before the arrest of Raniere.

    Photo of Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchette posted on January 17, 2018

    Photo from right to left of India Oxenberg, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Samantha LeBaron, Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.
    Posted January 17, 2018

    Photo of Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchette showing off their awesome hats
    Posted December 13, 2017

    It is obvious that both Nicki and Michelle are still recruiting followers for NXIVM.

    It is also obvious from Nicki Clyne’s (Gastone Porter’s) comments about Toni Natalie that Nicki is trying to recruit Toni Natalie to NXIVM 2.0.

    5.) I will not speculate why Nicki seems very tired and then all of a sudden has “huge spurts of energy.”

    About the possibility that employees are being cheated on their pay and tips, I will not speculate.
    I will note that restaurants in general are notorious for the cavalier way they handle employee tips.
    And the employees usually end up on the losing end.

    When I tip an employee I always make sure to hand the money directly to the employee and not trust the manager to divvy up the money fairly.

    And If an employer is willing to tolerate all of the baggage that Nicki Clyne brings to her job, under our Capitalist economy there is nothing one can do but take one’s business elsewhere.
    At least the employer knows who “Nicki Leigh” is.

    • Submitted for your consideration:

      Consider this possibility.
      Bronfman or Salinas money is covertly financing restaurants in Brooklyn.
      Clare and Sara’s nephew, Ben Bronfman, used to live in Brooklyn.

  • Great follow up. Have you tried to reach out to Nicki directly? I’d be curious to see if she’d respond/wants to defend herself. I believe her email @ Izzy Rose was posted here:

    If NXIVM was so great that she is still recruiting, one would think Nicki would have no issues defending herself. She seems smart and articulate. I would think she would be able to explain her position, and that may help shed some light on why she chose to not only remain in but to actively recruit.

    • I’m not Nicki Clyde. I have given my true name and occupation. I am a physician with a practice in Omaha and Wichita. I am a medical doctor who also has a degree in dentistry. I am also a PhD in clinical
      Psychology and am a Doctor of Divinity in the Episcopal Church. You can easily look me up. As I hope Toni will one day soon.

      • “Gastone Porter”

        My good Doctor Porter, aka Nicki:
        There is a new invention called Google.
        Through this marvelous invention I typed in the name of Gastone Porter.

        Doctors happen to be businessmen who advertise their practices with phone numbers and offices.
        Websites give patient reviews of Doctors.
        No where have I found a Doctor Gastone Porter of Wichita and Omaha.

        So you are a Doctor of Dentistry and Psychiatry and now of Divinity.
        What a crowded life!
        Which Universities did you attend and graduate from?
        Have you written any academic papers that I can access?
        A few years ago I had a female Doctor who listed both her academic and work records and had written or contributed to some sixty academic papers.

  • Good story. Keep the heat on. Don’t write any more about Toni Natalie (the princess ). If it wasn’t for her DOS would never have been outed. She is the one who stooped Keith and Allison. She will soon stop Nicki. My angel.

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