Guest View: Nicole Wasn’t ‘Groomed’ – You Can’t ‘Groom’ an Adult – That’s Nonsense – a Cheap Buzzword

Nicole, the prosection's sex trafficking victim.

By Actaeon

This is in response to Did Allison Mack Groom Her Slave Nicole for Sex Trafficking? — And What About the Eight Year Old Girl?

This article starts off by defining grooming. Following the first link, the definition is:

“Grooming is about making a child think that sex with the offender is normal or that they have no choice. Offenders do this by building a relationship and emotional connection with the child.

“This relationship can take different forms.

“They could try to convince the young person that they are in a loving relationship as boyfriend or girlfriend.
“They might become a mentor to the young person, making them think they are someone who can help them or teach them things.

“Sometimes they will become a dominant figure in a young person’s life, perhaps by having a relationship with their parent or caregiver.”

Oddly, this is then applied to the case of Niclole. Who is not a child, but an adult. So it seems that this was not a case of grooming at all. It couldn’t be, since grooming is something and exploitative adult does to a child.

Take a look at the three specifics the cited article lists: acting like a boyfriend or girlfriend. Being in a teaching role. And forging a relationship with a parent. All of these things are usually completely innocent and innocuous; they are all, in fact, good things.

What makes them grooming and illegal is if they are done inappropriately to a child.

But Nicole was not a child.

“Grooming” is a buzzword. It’s redundant. Molesting a child is the crime, buzzwords are not needed. Extortion and sex trafficking and sexual assault are crimes, “grooming” adds nothing to this.

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Image result for sexual grooming

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Can adults be groomed? But then are they really adults?



Allison Mack’s intent is not the issue.

And this is in response to In Defense of Allison Mack

In the article Frank writes, “if good was turned to doing evil – while keeping some of the good – or even most of the good, then we need to consider that also.”

“Is Allison good or evil?” seems to be at the heart of this argument. This is a mistaken approach that is all too common. It’s not a question of good and evil. It’s not a question of whether her intentions were pure. It’s a question of what she did.

I don’t care a rat’s ass if Mack thought she was working for the betterment of mankind. She was having women branded after getting blackmail material on them. She’s guilty.

Prisons are full of men who believe they didn’t do anything wrong. The guy smacking his wife around usually thinks she deserves it; he may even think it’s for her own good. The guy who kills someone in a bar fight– well, he started it. And it’s not my fault the guy fell and hit his head on the way down. He needed to be taught a lesson.

When two armies face off on the battlefield, both of them likely believe that their cause is just and right is on their side. As they leave the plain strewn with corpses.

So I don’t want to hear about maybe Allison meant well and sincerely believed.

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Scott Johnson
4 years ago

BS, adults can be groomed:

Grooming is the process leading to the crime of molesting, rape, etc.

There are plenty of crimes without intent, such as negligent homicide.

4 years ago

Grooming is a buzz word. Wether a deception of a minor child or stupid mature person. Evil criminal groups often use collusion and deception to change a marks behavior so the group can take advantage of the mark/victim. Mobsters want $$$. KAR wanted pussy and a harem. Same Same. It is grooming when organized to get the mark to accept the loss as part of life and furthering education and wisdom. Just a cost to the mark of doing business and getting a bigger piece of the pie. Just in this case a bigger cream pie from KAR! Bet he is doing well in jail.

4 years ago


Raniere did not just go up to women and “grab them by the pussy” then “fuck ” and brand them.

Raniere followed his own steps ( psychological formula) or what mental health professionals call grooming.

Please go read a book an evolutionary psychology.

People are social primates. Why do you think the liberals and conservatives exist?

Dad fucking intend it that way?

……Or maybe the Earth Mother planned it that way?

…..Or little green men planned it that way when they left seeds on earth?

Social engineering and evolution i.e. evolutionary psychology, explain how Raniere groomed people.

Grooming is kind of a buzz word it’s a little deeper than just “grooming” but grooming is still a sufficient explanation.

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

IPhone auto tap correct error dad should be God. 😉

4 years ago

I have often seen news articles referring to adults being groomed to join ISIS.

4 years ago

Even before the branding started to be a DOS ritual, there were so many interferences to personal decisions and freedom. How to make the intolerable tolerable and even to represent it as wonderful, special and magnetically attractive to join, to support?

If Raniere didn’t have a core group of women and even some men who were following along with his demands, he would have had no “movement” for more people to join. The contribution of their peer pressure, their overall and devout representation of Raniere as being their “everything” certainly helped create the entire atmosphere. (Yet many opine that they were essentially victims.) The group itself provided Raniere with his stage setting.

No one seems to have joined via a gun to the head; it was never do or die. Maybe Nancy Salzman presented a kind of “do or die” to her daughters, though. She was/is hardcore, in my observation. I think there were quite a few who became hardcore and no longer needed to be fooled about what the real motives were, as opposed this being about self-help or inner/outer “growth.”

Yet the entire setting was really more or less “do or die.” Raniere’s rules or else. His group is responsible for being a part of it; they were not animatronic objects, controlled by electronics switches or buttons.

These were volunteers who had free will and who allowed their free will to become subverted, squelched, dominated and commanded to cooperate with Raniere’s AND the group’s incentives and requirements. Step by step each shut down common sense. Or perhaps some had little common sense in the first place. Each kept deciding to support the slaughterhouse as uptopian.

So just how much does one feel sorry for them, either individually or as a group? This kind of evaluation is going to be pretty subjective, according to the thoughts and experiences of the observer, the one or ones doing the evaluating. People seem to have a lot of different responses regarding what combo of compassion, pity, scorn, anger, disgust, willingness to excuse or not to excuse a myriad of individual participants, as well as the group as a whole.

Do you see, for example, Mack strutting around like a martinet who loved all of the ego food that being one of Raniere’s chosen ones provided her? Or do you view her as a poor lost lamb? Or as various combinations of both of these manifestations of her own behavior, her own words and her own decisions to partake in criminality and enslavement, etc.?

These deeply entrenched Nxivm members and later, the DOS individuals, had agreed to semi-starve, to limit their sleep, to view outsiders as targets. The outsiders were either to become culties or, at the other end of the spectrum, enemies.

Raniere set up that “us and them” and “us vs. them” structure to isolate and to control his subjects. This is necessary to exert control. The women agreed to an extremely eccentric version of sexual exclusivity with their Creepboy guru, too.

He could be the superhero manwhore, whereas the women accepted that they were only to have sex with him, unless he said otherwise. They were willing to not only tolerate, but to fully support Raniere’s set-up and to be recruiters for more specimens as chattel for Raniere’s conjobs and sexual dictatorship. He was the one who was given power to control their social dimension, their way of thinking, their emotional conduct, their definitions of their concepts, ideas. But still, his acolytes had to say “yes, yes, yes” and to believe in him, to believe that all of his insane shit was very, very good, beneficial, enlightening!

Without their willing cooperation, what would Raniere have even had to offer as a drawing card?

I doubt that he could have pulled much weight with his scamming and conditioning techniques WITHOUT the existence of his little communal troupe of devotees recommending him and themselves as being a positive organization for “human growth potential.” He couldn’t accomplish much alone. He had to have whatever he could get from the inner circle, money, a setting of busywork, tasks and a whole path being embraced by ardent supporters.

Yet it is obvious what Raniere and his group really wanted. They wanted more. They wanted more suckers to dominate, to make into sexual treats for their leader, (and for themselves) and they wanted more fresh meat to blackmail and to traffic. This can be seen as the opposite of spirituality, of kindness, of growth. In fact thinking Raniere was an example of good behavior, that Raniere held any divine intentions, is group insanity.

Peer pressure would have been hugely influential, appearing to make the group look successful, reasonable, desirable, magnetic. But I am not sure to whom it would have appealed. There had to be identifiable ” types” who were people who would not bother to think for themselves much, if at all. They had to want to join. They had to be willing to believe Raniere’s sexual persona was worth supporting.

Some of us would not have ever been receptive, in the first place, to ANY of Raniere’s personal interference and demands. Tell me what I should eat or not eat, tell me that I must obey Raniere, tell me to limit my sleep and to do whatever I was told. Tell me that I must think with, solely identify with, a group agenda. Tell me that I must not think things over for myself.

I don’t know if I could even express a refusal cloaked politely, about any involvement within such a system of living. The entire group dynamic, not to mention its leader and the entire atmosphere of hidden motives is repellant. It angers me even to imagine surrendering to such a prison.

It got worse and worse amongst the group, progressively, too. Yet most stuck to it, devolving into branding others for more enslaved exclusivity, to performing more and more questionable or criminal acts, in the name of their leader and THEIR group, even as they fought amongst themselves, in effect representing no growth, no peace, nothing to gain, everything to lose. This was an individual choice, to support such a movement. That is how it started for each participant, who arrived at Nxivm’s door as individuals.


[…] Guest View: Nicole Wasn’t ‘Groomed’ – You Can’t ‘Groom’ an…  Frank Report […]

4 years ago

Can Adults Be Groomed?
Let’s Examine the Literature.

1.) Grooming
Grooming can be defined as the process that an abuser uses to desensitise you – to make you less likely to reject or report abusive behaviour.
Grooming can happen when there is a power differential within a relationship, which the abuser exploits for their own gratification.
This is most commonly recognised as a tactic used by perpetrators of child sexual abuse, both on children and parents. However, adults can also be groomed.

2.) Anyone can be a victim.
No one is immune to grooming, though some are more susceptible than others — including minors, “because of their naiveté,” Marlowe Garrison says. “[Grooming] can occur at any age, and it has a great deal to do with gullibility, insecurity, religion, and culture. […] It starts by targeting a vulnerable person, then building trust.”

3.) What is grooming?
For the author of this paper, Sinnamon, to groom or the process of grooming, refers to an act of “preparing or training (someone) for a particular purpose or activity”, synonymous with terms like “priming, making ready, conditioning, tailoring, coaching, training, instructing, tutoring, drilling, teaching, educating, and schooling.”

‘Sexual grooming’ is the process of deliberately establishing a connection in order to prepare a person for sexual exploitation and/or abuse
He recognises adult sexual grooming as analogous to child sexual grooming – “any situation in which an adult is primed to permit themselves to be abused and/or exploited for sexual gratification of another”.

4.) Adult grooming is the adult equivalent to child grooming and applies to any behaviour where an adult is prepared so they unwittingly allow abusive behaviour or exploitation to occur later. The abuser typically befriends or builds a relationship with the victim in order to establish a relationship of trust. Well known examples of such abusive behaviours are sexual abuse, elder abuse, financial extortion, human trafficking and sexual slavery

Although it is a common belief that grooming is most relevant to children, the same or similar psychological processes are used to exploit adults.

Allison Mack was “Nicole’s” teacher in acting class.
Alison Mack was supposed to be a mentor to “Nicole”.
Allison Mack as a teacher had power over “Nicole”.
And Allison Mack abused that relationship to set “Nicole” up for a sexual relationship with Raniere, the head of the criminal gang NXIVM which Mack was a major leader in.

What would Allison Mack gain from grooming “Nicole” for sex with the gang leader?

Allison Mack gained power and prestige in the criminal gang by grooming a new sex slave for Raniere to use as a “sex toy.”

Allison Mack engaged in grooming a young adult to be sexually abused.
That is a key activity in sex trafficking.

Allison Mack is a sex trafficker.


[…] Guest View: Nicole Wasn’t ‘Groomed’ – You Can’t ‘Groom’ an… […]

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