Nicki Clyne Is a Criminal – Which is Why I Published Her Alias and Place of Employment

Actress Nicki Clyne chose her master Keith Raniere over the tinsel glitter of Hollywood and helped organize and form DOS to ennoble women.

In my article, Nicki Clyne Now Working at Bar in Brooklyn Under Phony Name, I chose to name the place Nicki Clyne works at: Izze Rose in Brooklyn, a bar that serves vegan food.

I also chose to publish the fake or assumed name she is now using: Nicki Leigh.

A reader posted a comment asking, “Hmm what’s the professional justification for revealing [Clyne’s] assumed name and workplace?

It’s a reasonable question.

Before I published the name of her employer, I first called Izzy Rose and asked for Nicki Leigh – to confirm she worked there.  [I was told, “Nicki Leigh was off for the night and another shift manager was managing the place.”]

I wanted to be sure Nicki was working at Izzy Rose before naming the bar.  Prior to my call, I had two credible sources give me important insider details about her activities – including her employment at Izzy Rose.

Of course, I do not want to hurt the reputation of Izzy Rose, which seems like a nice place and whose owner and employees seem to make a serious effort to provide a healthy alternative to the usual salty, fried and meat and animal products-driven bar food.

I pondered over whether to name the place or not. In fact, I originally began writing the story without naming the bar. I changed my mind and included it after I learned that the owner and all the employees know that Nicki Leigh is really Nicki Clyne, the former actress, longtime cult member, and present sex slave recruiter.

If the owner, after learning who Nicki is, and how she made her living – until she had to moonlight as a bartender and shift manager – still wants to keep her employed, she does so at her own risk.

She has access to information – there is plenty about Nicki Clyne online – about her ties to the sex cult that brands and blackmails women.

In fact, much of it was revealed and reported at trial when the jury learned that Clyne is a First Line [slave] Master in DOS.

The owner of Izzy Rose, Michelle ‘Elle’ Barton, as far as I know, has not fired Nicki. Perhaps she always knew who she was – or perhaps Nicki deceived her.

But, if she continues to employ her, she must know the risk involved in hiring a famous former actress – who is no longer acting because she became a member of a sex cult that brands and blackmails women into slavery.

The government exhibit used at the sex trafficking trial of Keith Raniere which shows Raniere’s First Line slaves.

But let’s be more candid.

Nicki does not just have membership in DOS – she is its present leader – with her master, Keith Raniere, in prison and her spouse [whom she married to stay in the country], Allison Mack, subject to home confinement and awaiting sentencing. [Clyne is Canadian and married Mack to get her green card, a fact revealed by the US Attorney’s office.]

Michelle Barton Owner of Clementine Bakery

Michelle ‘Elle’ Barton is a grown woman – and she can decide for herself whether she wants to keep Clyne employed. If Elle doesn’t care to have the notoriety, she can fire her – and probably get some good PR by announcing that when she found out she had hired a sex slaver, she let her go – and add that her bar serves great drinks and wonderful vegan food.

If she makes such an announcement, it will be well-covered in the media. I suggest Elle call Richard Johnson at Page Six – and get a big boost to her business – courtesy the most-read columnist in New York.

A quick call to Richard Johnson at Page Six might get Izzy Rose the kind of publicity money can’t buy.

Tell Johnson, “I had Nicki Clyne working for me under a phony name and when I found out she is a Nxivm sex slaver, I fired her.”

FIzzy Rose serves exotic drinks like the fistful of Seashells (left) and the Izzy Fizz. Photo: Melissa Hom

Or Elle could take a different tack.

She could call the media and say she has chosen to keep Clyne. That too would bring business  – to see the freak who bartends there who likes to brand women on their pubic region.  I am convinced that hundreds will flock to the joint if they know Clyne works there – just to see her – as a curiosity.

They might even ask Nicki to show them her brand – with her master’s initials scarred two inches from her vagina.

I see no downside [and possibly some upside] to the bar in publishing the fact that Nicki Clyne – under a phony name – Nicki Leigh – is working there.

So next, I considered whether, by publishing the information, it would put additional pressure on Barton to fire Leigh [Clyne].

I realize everybody’s got to work and Clyne cannot make enough money recruiting sex slaves or even students into Nxivm classes [where she is a coach] because of all the bad publicity.

I don’t want Clyne to starve – even though that is how many of the slaves lived their lives – by literally starving – on 500-800 calorie vegetarian diets that Raniere imposed.

By the way – and as a testimony to the efficacy of veganism – I found Clyne’s case interesting when it came to food: Clyne is one of the few DOS slaves who is a vegan [most others are vegetarians] and interestingly, Nicki did not have to starve herself like the others did to remain as thin as master Raniere wanted.

Being a vegan – she remained naturally thin. Raniere did not have to impose a reduced-calorie diet for Nicki, sources tell me.

He did, however, require she not eat garlic, which is otherwise part of the vegan menu [vegan – for those who don’t know – is a diet consisting of only plant-based food and no animal foods like butter, cheese, yogurt, the staples of the vegetarian diet – and obviously no meat, eggs fish, etc..]

April 19th is National Garlic Day, potentially a bad day for the slaves of Keith Raniere.

Raniere, like the vampires of old, could not abide garlic and he forbid his slaves from eating it.

But whether Nicki eschews garlic or not, she still has to eat and pay her rent, and she is working at what appears to be a clean, healthy place, so why f–ck with her living?

It was an ethical choice.

Nicki Clyne with her now-convicted spouse, Allison Mack, during happier times – when they were recruiting sex slaves and getting blackmail material on them.

Nicki Clyne has, in the past, recruited numerous women into slavery, and like Allison Mack and the other DOS First Line masters, she failed to tell women she sought to recruit that this was a women’s empowerment group led by a man – who she was having sex with – and that if a woman joined. she might and probably would be ordered to have sex with Raniere.

It was a colossal lie and one which helped convict Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman [another DOS First Line slave] for racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

“From October 2015 to June 2017, within the Eastern District of New York and elsewhere, I knowingly and intentionally worked with others and devised a scheme to make materially false representations and admissions regarding DOS in order to obtain property from DOS members. Specifically, I concealed Keith Raniere’s role as the head of DOS and characterized DOS as a women’s only organization, knowing that Keith Raniere was the head of the organization.” – Allison Mack. The “others” she is referring to includes Nicki Clyne.

Clyne also did not tell the women she recruited – and arranged to have branded – that the blackmail material she would collect from them – called collateral – [collected to ensure their secrecy] – would be seen by Raniere.

Allison Mack said in her allocution about the collateral that she [and others such as Clyne collected] “The property obtained, which was considered collateral, included credit card authorizations, false accusations against family members and friends, explicit photos and videos, and rights to assess — rights to assets and property. The collateral that I just described was transmitted in interstate and foreign commerce via e-mail, telephone text messages, and telegram. “
Kristin Kreuk [l] Nicki Clyne [c] and Allison Mack [r] on stage in 2007 promoting their master, Keith Raniere. All three were actresses then. Clyne and Mack chose to give up acting to become full-time slaves of Raniere. Kruek chose to remain in acting and leave Raniere. Note the banner in the background.
When Clyne recruited slaves, she did not tell the women that they would have to provide collateral every month – and that they would be required to pose frequently and on-demand for graphic, nude, vagina photographs with their faces in the photos so they could be identified and that these photos would be sent to Raniere – and that if they did not obey, their collateral might be released.

No, she left a lot out.

And, even if we are not the punishing kind – even if we think she has to eat and pay her rent and laissez-faire – there is another problem.

Clyne is operating a slave pod right now at her house in Brooklyn – with slaves, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Dr. Danielle Roberts living with her – as well as other slaves from time to time.

Clyne is still operating DOS – and even that might be OK – and it might be OK not to reveal where she is working – for I might be willing to assume that everyone still in DOS is in it because they really want to stay and not because they’re afraid their collateral will be released.

But the problem is Nicki is still recruiting.

In the past, Nicki tricked women into being branded and giving collateral. And some of them were forced to seduce Raniere – as a command that must be obeyed or risk having their collateral released. She is hardly a trustworthy sex slaver.

Keith Raniere ordered Clyne and Mack to send slaves to him to seduce him – a task that some of the slaves found not so pleasant.

Some of the women who were recruited feel that their lives were ruined or nearly destroyed.

Now come reports from insiders who actually saw and witnessed it: Nicki Clyne is still recruiting!

For me, it is more important that not one more woman gets tricked into Nxivm or DOS and into giving collateral or being branded – than whether Nicki works or not.

And, by the way, the branding doctor, Danielle Roberts, still spends evenings with Nicki and is her slave and still knows how to wield the cauterizing pen to scar out Keith Raniere’s initials on some naked slave in seven painful strokes.

When asked about branding women, Dr. Roberts declined to answer.


Naming Names

When I first named the DOS slaves in 2017, I received a fair amount of criticism.  But it was a good decision on my part, I think.

First of all, it gave public notice who these slaves were – for their friends and family – to try to help them.

And because every slave was tasked with recruiting other slaves into DOS, into the hellish world of being branded and blackmailed – I wanted the public on notice as to who these women were.

Sure they are part victim, maybe mostly victim – but they still had to recruit!

By naming the DOS slaves/recruiters – anyone who cared to Google the person who was seeking to get them into a secret sorority that would make them badass females – would have an eye-opener.

I do not know how many women did not join DOS because I posted the names of the slave-recruiters and the names of their master – that Keith Raniere was the secret head of DOS.

I do know that several DOS slaves contacted me – and told me they learned about the nefarious elements of DOS through Frank Report – or testified in court that they learned through Frank Report – and quit. A number of them were spared being branded in the nick of time because they read about the branding [which had been kept secret from them] in the Frank Report and they fled from DOS.

So it worked.

So how does that relate to Nicki Clyne?

Clyne is trying to recruit women under her new alias, Nicki Leigh.

Anyone thinking of joining a sorority touted by this charming and attractive women who works over at Izzy Rose – “Miss Leigh” – who promises a new badass women’s empowered life – can now Google “Nicki Leigh” and compare her photograph to one Nicki Clyne and have a chance at getting the whole truth and not just the lies Nicki Leigh will tell them – in order to get their collateral and get them branded.

Nicki needs to be exposed wherever she goes, wherever she works. She is a menace to society.

Besides, one day, she may wake up herself and realize that this slave-master work is just not paying. She could spin her life around by announcing she is leaving DOS – is renouncing Raniere – that he is a monster.

She would be the first DOS First Line Master to renounce him who has not been indicted [the others – Mack and Lauren Salzman repudiated Raniere only in their allocution before the judge – which is not quite as impressive – since the judge is going to sentence them.]

Nicki could make an announcement to the media – and I guarantee it will be covered – that she is done with this nonsense of badass women being branded and blackmailed and now realizes it was stupid, dangerous, and immoral.

Maybe she could start a new life.  She might even get a better job than a shift manager at a bar.

Until then, as long as she is recruiting women, whenever I find out where she works, or what her new name is, I will happily publish it.

What if it was your daughter?

Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm, with Nicki Clyne, the leader of DOS.

I have spoken to some of the parents whose daughters have been caught in this cult that Clyne is enamored of and now leads.

None of them are happy that their daughters were deceived.

If it were your daughter that Nicki Leigh was trying to recruit, you would want her to know that she is Nicki Clyne before she gave the first collateral and went under the branding pen.

That the nice-looking smiley-faced slender Miss Leigh trying to get your daughter into a super-secret badass women’s empowerment sorority group is an unmitigated scoundrel, a liar, perhaps a sociopath and indeed, for all intents and purposes – an as yet unindicted co-conspirator in the Nxivm criminal enterprise whose real name is Nicki Clyne.

Nicki ‘Leigh’ Clyne, despite her big smile, her veganism and her seductive promise of grand female empowerment – is a criminal.

Nicki Clyne

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Frank Parlato


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  • rarely in life does there come an opportunity like you have, You made this sensational website to get revenge, then it started bringing in a little revenue, then… i get it. But when you’re trying to show that someone or some organization is made up of evil scumbags, when you get proof that they’re scumbags, how do you not have a moment of clarity and think “I’m better than them. I’m gonna do it with class.”?
    How do you double-down on clickbait bullshit, as an old man nearing his death, and not reflect, like deeply reflect? You killed a man you got in a fight with. Now the giant is slain and you’re still going through his drawers looking to humiliate his corpse. If it was justice you were after here, why does your site exist?
    We all know the metoo movement was 90% bullshit. That if you choose to fuck Harvey Weinstein for a role and you get the role and perform it and get paid, that transaction is over. Just because a guy is weird and gross, should you dedicate your last few precious years on earth destroying what’s left of an image that was turned to dust years ago?
    I don’t know. I’m asking. You’re older than me, Frank. And I’m too old for this shit. What say you and i accept our victory? That’s what i figured. Well, then all i can say is you bested your exact moral equal. your doppelganger. You killed your anti-self. Has your halo come yet? Amazon is usually on top of that shit. VIP and such. You understand.
    So anyway what are your plans for death and dying? Do you have palliative care set up already? hospice?
    I only say this because i know you didn’t exactly subscribe to a clean-living credo. You’re what, 72? 75? how many more you think you get?
    and you want to spend it bitter and vindicated? i can’t imagine the hell that is your existence.
    oh hey while i got ya, could i get a letter of de-recommendation from you? I’m trying to become the first male member of DOS, with the honorary new rank of “pigboy.” It should be loads of fun, fucking dozens of hot models. Did it ever occur to you that some people like getting branded? spanked? spit on? called “pigboy”? I LOVE ALL THAT SHIT! CALL THE FEDERAL FUCKING GOVERNMENT YOU FUCKING FAGGOT FUCK

  • Nicki should be held criminally responsible for having a fake marriage and deceiving the government. She also needs to be deported back to Canada and not allowed to stay in the United States under false pretenses. Why has this not been addressed. Someone please start a petition to have her deported.

    • I don’t think the marriage was fake. I think it met the criteria of a legitimate marriage because Mack and Clyne planned to live together and act as spouses after Clyne got her green card and I believe I have proof of that.

      • That is very interesting. But with that marriage ending, how is she still allowed to say in the US at all? She should still be deported.

          • I have seen tons of articles all over online stating that Mack had filed for divorce from her. She may have gotten the green card but if it was on the basis of the marriage then it should be looked into, as it only supports helping the criminal enterprise and not same sex marriage since they aren’t actually romantic partners. It seems there is really no reason for her to stay in US then and if she is doing so to support “the cause” it’s really pointless because none of the inner circle is supposed to have contact with former members. I hope she gets the help she needs, just not where she can continue to push her false narrative and live a lie.

  • I don’t understand how she is still free.

    She also has a cult following (real cult or not) in her actual activities, where she pretends to advocate everyone’s rights. But she really only tries to defend Keith Raniere. Even now that he has been condemned.

    She makes references to Battlestar Galactica as if it was an actual thing too. She is really delusional, somehow. Sad to see such a lovely person become what she is today. I guess some traumas are behind that.

    At least Allison Mack did officially regret things (true or not).

    How? How? How?

    • Sometimes, when a mommy and daddy love each other a little too much, and in a weird, damaged kind of way, and they have piles of money and never have any real sense of risk or stakes to anything, they try to challenge themselves to push the weirdness further with sexual and parasexual activities which are often risky and/or destructive in some way. But the mommy and daddy are only trying to cope with a nervous system that was built for hunting and warfare while being unfathomably rich and being told they are the Messiah, living high on the hog in an era when the biggest danger faced by an American in the world is the thing you’re choosing to do with your intimate partner. While it is weird, i feel like we should stop short of full condemnation. Nobody died. All parties consented. Judge not, lest WE be judged, Judith. At some point we have to say “i don’t like it, but it’s none of my fucking business.”
      This is why billionaires are bad idea, btw. good luck prosecuting the next one. And there will be so many more as a result of this. Are you familiar with Whack-a-mole?

  • I went to high school with Nicki and it’s pretty surreal to read the details of this whole scandal. I only ever knew her as a friendly, sweet girl, so to see her being referred to as a possible sociopath is pretty difficult to reconcile with the version of her I knew. It’s crazy how people can get sucked into these wackadoo cults and become completely different people.

    • The weirdest part is that they might not even think they’re different people. A lot of things said by members that got loose seems to point to them thinking they are doing good with this. An ends justifies the means that makes the victims stronger.

      It’s tragic but that “friendly, sweet girl” you knew is probably still in there, but if she gets a say in the brain it’s probably only with a funhouse mirror view of the world. I believe that that all of these women, except Clare, Nancy, and at a stretch Lauren, could be saved with the right kind of help. If you did know her in the past and still know anyone that might still be in contact, you should probably make sure this story didn’t slip under their radar (and that they read up on cult indoctrination before even thinking about mentioning it to her). Same goes for anyone that knows anyone still in the cult.

  • She’s still recruiting? is that a fact?As in did the sources literally hear her give a pitch? Does she still run DoS as it was run in the past or has she lifted the self starvation and other supremely unhealthy act (?well apparently she keeps to the “drills” at a minimum)?

    If so that’s a real tragedy, you’d think between all of the NIXIM upheaval plush the lose of a few family and friends over the past few years she might reevaluate her life.

    I’m still holding out some kind of hope that the rumors about further charges to Keith and Clare are true and a Clare’s former errand girl she’s worked out some key witness deal and is just sticking around for appearances. But if she is actively recruiting and not morphing DOS into what it actually claims to be (Because if they do away with the deceit, the misogynistic and unhealthy self-harm aspects it might actually become, a support group deal and not a sadistic cult enterprise)then my hopes grow slimmer by the day.

  • As Nicki was not found guilty of anything or even charged with anything in the eyes of the law, she is not a criminal

  • Frank,

    Do you think we can start a go fund me page to pay for Nikki to go to a 1/2 decent hair dresser?

    Nikki looks like she was homeschooled in Utah or she was Chelsea (Bradley) Manning for Halloween last year.

    Just an idea.

  • The allegations against Nicki haven’t been proven. And besides, even if she was recruiting, the people she recruits now would know about NXIVM and what they’re getting into….. I honestly think it’s terrible to just “out” her like this. Maybe she’s not even into DOS anymore and just wants the NXIVM tech to survive? Noone should be considered a criminal until judged and sentenced by a court – and even then I’m not so sure about it.
    Besides, Nicki is really cute, so cut her some slack, ok? 🙂

    • There’s certainly some room for debate about the allegations and how they should be handled.

      However, if Clyne is recruiting she’s almost certainly hiding what she’s doing under the front of “a new women’s empowerment group” or something – so people who don’t know her real identity wouldn’t know to make the NXIVM/DOS connection.

      And if she’s leading a group of others who are even less well known or recognized, they would be able to recruit and have it be even less likely potential victims would realize the NXIVM connection until too late.

      • AM, Back-up is just that – for Nicki, nxivm, dos, sop, exo/eso, et al. He’s an infrequent apologist here on FR, with no intention of allowing facts or sound argument to interfere with his endeavour, or enterprise. Whatever, Back-up is unashamedly pro-nxivm.

        In the same way that an android could be said to be unashamed.

        • Anonymous, thanks for the context.

          I usually respond to such comments keeping in mind that they may come from either hopeless diehards, or trolls with unknown motives, and so write at least as much for it to be read by others. My past experience with groups like this is that there are a lot of readers and lurkers interested in following the issues – which can including wavering cult members – and looking at the reports of the amount of traffic this site gets confirms that.

      • Backup,

        She is cute if you happen to be into the Chelsea Manning look….

        …….Formerly Bradley Manning.

        Maybe there’s a side to you, you did not know about? 😉

        • That’s your opinion. Every man I know that has seen her thinks she is very cute. But being cute is irrelevant to the issues raised in this article.

    • The allegations have not been proven in a court of law, but they have been proven in the court of public opinion. If she’s not in DOS, then she should be dissing it. If people should know about NXIVM and what they’re getting into, why has Amway been around for six decades as a known scam and people still join?

      • That’s just great. What a wonderful human being you are for making a case for lynching. Bravo! Scott Johnson and Frank Parlato are amazing humanitarians! The whole world is clapping at your humanitarian efforts. You have made it to the top of the most humanitarian people alive on the planet.

        • Thank you for the award, and I agree I am the most humanitarian person alive (or dead) on the planet. However, I never suggested lynching, YOU brought it up. Frank has never suggested lynching as far as I know, either. How you turned opinions into lynching is beyond me. Exposing Clyne, NXIVM, Amway, and other MLM scams is not lynching. LOL Why didn’t you address Clyne not dissing DOS?

    • Anonymous,

      The “brain damage baby” is Bangkok.

      Bangkok is not brain damaged. He is just very, very special.

      His brain damage was the result of his mother trying to perform a medical procedure before Bangkok was born.
      Sadly for the world the procedure was not a success…….

      • Niceguy
        You remind me of that drunk, pervy uncle that everyone secretly wants to punch in the nose.
        How much does Frank pay you to write your retarded comments? Whatever it is, it’s not enough to cover your legal costs, and ya can’t get blood out of a stone. Or money.

    • I’m not Anonymaker or Sultan, but I’ve been accused of being Sultan on more than one occasion, usually if I question someone’s pronouncements or point out some of Frank’s issues.

  • Agreed that she is guilty and has done some terrible things.. however publishing her place of work could be dangerous.. for example, there is a poster, Shadowstate, with a disturbing obsession with her spouse.. he’s been open about his vendetta and that years from now when she has served her time/debt to society, he will continue to target her and “make sure she never works again”. S.S obsession overspills to Nicki.. he is convinced several posters on here are her, and wrote an article about his fantasies about them “going down” on each other.. with that in mind, I think identifying her place of work was a BAD idea

    • To Truthseeker:

      What a terrible world it is when people like Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne are not able to torture and enslave women.
      How horrible that the persecutors are persecuted by exposure and free speech.
      The predators are now the prey.

      In your twisted world it would be illegal to even mention that a person had been convicted of serious felonies like racketeering, extortion and blackmail.
      Truthseeker wants to repeal the First Amendment.

      Apparently Truthseeker you missed the passages in the story that said Clyne is still recruiting women to be “slaves” and still managing them with regular 60 second drills.
      The same type of drills that Allison Mack imposed on the slaves.

      It must be a terrible world where criminals and gangsters and terrorists are persecuted and terrorized by people who refuse to be intimidated.
      Truthseeker, take your bogus truth and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    • I don’t know about Shadow, but here’s a reminder that conspiracy theorizing is not necessarily harmless – and that it doesn’t mean much that occasionally there is a supporter of such theories with some academic credentials:

      Wisconsin jury awards $450,000 in Sandy Hook defamation case against retired UMD professor

      On a related note, and as to the mental state of diehard conspiracy theorists:

      Infowars’ Alex Jones blames ‘psychosis’ for his Sandy Hook hoax claim

  • “Clyne is Canadian and married Mack to get her green card, a fact revealed by the US Attorney’s office”
    Hmmm no, It’s not a fact …at least, not absolute.

    Lauren said that they were but Lauren lied about several things in her testimony (like her implication, the implication of some others…trying to diminish her real role (almost 20years of crime and abuse…)
    It could be but it’s not a fact.

    “Keith Raniere ordered Clyne and Mack to send slaves to him to seduce him – a task that some of the slaves found not so pleasant.”
    Correction, He ordered this to many members and at one point, he would have asked each…
    You don’t cite people like Monica Duran often but she was shown to be doing the exact same (and Lauren pointed that several others said that they were asked to do this…not just Allison and Nicky).
    And YES, it was in the trial (this was a fact, actually, as it was the testimony of Sylvie).

    Now, for the whole piece:
    Frank, you can try to convince the people who still want to support the likes of you that you did it for the right reason but the reality is that you don’t care about anyone but you.
    Don’t try to pretend to be a virtue signaler (which are usually pathetic), if you are so sure it is Nicky, and if it’s a fact that she is a fraud (with immigration), why not contact the authorities?
    Because you are not sure! And you might create a situation where a girl who is baring a name sort of close is seeing her life destroyed by your lack of serious …investigative reporting? my ass!

    If it’s really her, instead of trying to convince us that you aren’t an asshole (don’t worry, some idiot still haven’t noticed it or don’t care), how about making sure it’s Nicky Cline? how about verifying the info (because you like to publish unproven facts that were usually debunked by the court)

    Either you are right and she is Cline (and kudos to you, she doesn’t deserve to be free to continue her crime) or you are wrong and you destroy, yet another life…

    BTW, you should learn the term “FACT” because you seem to be oblivious to it’s meaning…

    • Pea Onyu aka Nicki:

      We are not trying to ruin Nicki.
      We are trying to save Nicki from her own worst instincts.

      Pea aka Nicki, Look at this recent picture of your wife Allison Mack.
      She is crying or trying to hold back tears.

      Her life is devastated as is Lauren Salzman’s life.
      She has had to forfeit her townhouse to the government.
      She is probably headed to prison.
      She will be known forevermore as a convicted felon.
      With what has been revealed about Allison recently a person could accuse her of doing everything but eating babies and it would be libel proof.

      Pea, aka Nicki, we are not trying to restrict your freedom to express yourself sexually.
      But we want you to be sexual in ways that are socially responsible and legal.
      You can be sexual and still respect the rights of others.

      Pea, aka Nicki, the woman who founded the bar named it after her four year old daughter.
      She wants that establishment to be a family friendly place where men and women can mingle and socialize.
      Where people can enjoy a good healthy romantic dinner and have some drinks and chat and maybe flirt and maybe arrange discrete intimate activities elsewhere.

      Activities like recruiting “slaves” or conducing readiness drills are inappropriate in that setting.

      Please Pea aka Nicki, take into account that not everyone is into “slavery”.
      Please take into account that there is a time and place for everything.
      You will enjoy a happier life and so will everyone else.

      • You failed to read and comprehend the story.
        Poor Nicki is supposedly trying to recruit co-workers to be sex slaves in the new NXIVM.

        The same way that Nicki’s sister-wife, Allison Mack, tried to recruit a hostess in an Albany wine bar to become a sex slave.

        Living it up with the ladies of #my_jness and my new friend Samantha @theconfectionary #twelvesecondstreet #ladiesnightout”

        Exclusive: Woman Describes Meeting Allison Mack

  • Nicki has been mentioned in two articles on the Frank Report this weekend.

    And Nicki still has not responded to the stories in any of her personas.
    Not as Pea Onyu.
    Not as Monte Blu.
    Not as Yolanda Cortez.
    Not as Gabrielle Cortez.

    Cat got your tongue, Nicki?

  • 1) fuck Nicki Clyne.

    2) “Clyne and Mack chose to give up acting to become full time slaves of Raniere. Kruek chose to remain in acting and leave Raniere.”

    Kreuk didn’t leave Raniere. All we know is she moved to Toronto full time and ceased to coach in 2013, but was still a member of NXIVM into 2016.

    3) seeing as the vegan types are generally pretentious “progressive” types who pretend to care about women, then expose them for their hypocrisy. Why hire a sex slaver?

    • Do we know that Kreuk “moved to Toronto full time”? She started filming a new series there in later 2012, but that apparently only took 3 or 4 months out of the year, and she was originally from Vancouver and her family was there.

      We know she did at least write a letter resigning from coaching, reportedly saying she was too busy with her career. It’s pretty fair to characterize that as remaining in acting, and as far as I can tell she never saw Raniere again in person after that, not even going to Vanguard weeks.

      It’s not uncommon for members of high control groups or cults to cut ties slowly and even fitfully, especially when family or social circles are involved. Clyne and her group in Brooklyn are indeed a very distinctive group of diehards whose allegiance and dedication seems not to have waned at all.

      • GO




        How predictable of you. You just HAD to respond. You have no self-restraint at all. Of the many thousands of readers of Frank Report, it just has to be you butting in. Get help. Truly, get help. Get a hobby. Masturbation to an actress who does not open her legs for you is not a hobby. You don’t get your little brown dinky, stinky, so resort to this online crusade to fill the void. Every time you do this, you make yourself more and more unwell. You are a cult all by yourself. Go piss off a NYC cop, so that he’ll put you outta your misery.

        • What’s predictable is that one of the virtue signalers obsessed with attacking Kreuk, first took a topic about Nicki Clyne and injected one of their standard but false or misleading attack lines

          It’s the people who bring up Kreuk again and again and again ad nauseum, and who are attacking her for some twisted reason like fanboy love turned to hate, or just the obsessive spillover from fansite character allegiance wars of a decade ago, who are in need of help.

          I’m not “Sultan” and have never spent any time on the fan boards that apparently were the breeding grounds for you and those others, so it’s interesting in a sort of clinical way, to see examples of the sort of toxic sickness that is apparently festering in those corners of the internet.

          • You are “sultan”.

            You have no idea what virtue signalling is, so stop butchering the word. You don’t like it that your dream spank is rightfully accused of it, so you project. It don’t work Abdul.

            Your second paragraph is textbook spanky. You have said that many times under your SOS alias. You don’t realise how familiar you are when you white knight.

            Frank brought up Kreuk. There was nothing “false” or “misleading” about what was said in response.

            You ignored points one and three and went straight to two. Your beetle brain could not bare it.

            Hurry up and take Frank out for a halal lunch. He can take a picture of you and ask the NXIVM chick and John Tigue for confirmation that you are the mad beetle.

            Your one time on earth has been a waste. You are a defeated creature. Even dung beetles have more relevance. Spank beetles are just pointless.

        • Bangkok,

          Stop pretending to have fully left Frankreport and masquerading around as other alias so you can troll people into calling you out for masquerading around . You are to intelligent for that. It’s so pedestrian.

          I know you are in sex rehab and have internet access…..

          …… I know your sorry ass is not at one of those LA rehabs. Where you bang Gilfs, eat 3-course meals and hang with Dr. Drew……

          …..I bet you are at one of those low rent LA rehab for dipshits, where the Doctors went to med school in Guam, and the only action you get is the occasional ass rape by hospital orderly……

          Goodnight you little dipshit!!! 😉

      • Anonymaker wrote: “She started filming a new series there in later 2012, but that apparently only took 3 or 4 months out of the year, ”

        Oh dear. Do you really think it takes only “3 or 4 months of the year” to shoot a 22 episode TV series? It’s actually usually at least 9 months. Even if you don’t know anything about TV production, simple math should make you question your own 3 or 4 month statement. Most 22 episode broadcast network TV series film from mid-July to May.

        You also wrote, “as far as I can tell she never saw Raniere again in person after that,”

        How the hell would you know anything about that? As far as I can tell, you know next to nothing about this, but I’m rather curious to know what you are basing this assumption on.

        • When I tried to do a quick check of the facts, from what I could tell shooting on Beauty and the Beast started at the end of July, 2012 and the series debuted in October, so I figured an accelerated schedule of 3 to 4 months. I realize now that I failed to consider an overlap between production and airing; I don’t really follow TV and mass entertainment.

          Another quick fact-check turns up that production actually took 5 months: “Filming of the first season continued in Toronto from July 27 and production on the thirteenth episode was completed on December 21, 2012”

          That makes it clear that Kreuk’s active involvement as a coach must have ended by July, 2012. She was never again reported at important events where Raniere was present, such as the Necker Island retreats, and tellingly also not Vanguard week; if there were even the most tenuous indication of that it’s virtually certain that the Kreuk-obsessed trackers would make sure it was pointed out almost every day. When seasons were shortened in later years, all she’s known to have done is show up again twice at Vancouver events before disappearing from the NXIVM scene entirely.

          Back to what’s really relevant, the whole point of the topic about Clyne is that what’s important, are the current dangers to society posed by any remaining active NXIVM members.

          • Did you even read what you copied and posted?

            “Another quick fact-check turns up that production actually took 5 months: “Filming of the first season continued in Toronto from July 27 and production on the thirteenth episode was completed on December 21, 2012”

            It says the 13th episode was completed on Dec. There were 22 episodes in the first season. Obviously filming on the first season didn’t finish in 5 months.

            And where are you coming up with 2 Vancouver events post 2012. Edmondson, Milkovich, and others said Kruek left in 2013. Unless someone wants to publicly put their name behind something different, I’m not just believing Frank’s unverified “sources” Reading his flip flopping on Natalie, Bouchey and others has me not just automatically believing anything Frank claims unless other named people corroborate the information.

          • -“That makes it clear that Kreuk’s active involvement as a coach must have ended by July, 2012.”

            Idiot! You just made that up! The woman who doesn’t suck you off even said/lied herself she “left” in 2013. Proctors have told Frank she stopped formally coaching in 2013 but continued to be a member up until 2016! Stop bullshitting “sultan!

            – “all she’s known to have done is show up again twice at Vancouver events before disappearing from the NXIVM scene entirely.”

            Stop making things up you crazy curry pot faggot! No matter how much you try and roll your favourite turd in glitter, we now know Kristin Crooked was still involved with NXIVM all the way to at least 2016! “Tee hee”!

          • I realize that it’s not about facts, for the virtue signaling fanboys who must still just be wrapped up in trying to demonize Kreuk as part of the lingering bitterness of old Smallville character wars, but there are a couple of things worth noting quickly for anyone interested in actually understanding her involvement.

            If Kreuk went on to be kept busy in Toronto into 2013, filming the additional 9 episodes ordered for the first season, then she almost certainly wasn’t involved in coaching after July, 2012 – which fits with the only specific, independent report of exactly when her involvement ended, and also the general time frame of “about 5 years ago” that Kreuk offered and Edmonson affirmed.

            While if I recall there is an allegation that Kreuk might have coached once or twice in the time frame of later years when Beauty and the Beast was cut back to half-seasons, I can only find that Frank and his sources have turned up just that Kreuk retained nominal membership for a couple of years more:


          • You don’t know what virtue signalling is you little paki. Showing off to appear moral to others is virtue signalling. Signalling how virtuous you want to appear to others. And yes it is about facts. Facts you don’t like. The actress you chronically obsess and masturbate over has been caught out. Accept it and move on you Kashmir poofta.

          • “Showing off to appear moral to others is virtue signalling”

            Exactly – like pretending that the fixation on Kreuk is about demanding accountability, when it really comes doing to either her being the prettiest or the foil of another Smallville character in fan obsessions, and others in NXIVM far more culpable (some of them even still involved) are completely ignored.

          • No you pretentious ignorant imbecile, virtue signalling is about wanting others to look at you and see you as a virtuous person. They “signal” with pretentious words and behaviors so that others look at them and see someone virtuous. Really, they are full of shit, like you. That is what it is.

            Kristin Kreuk, who you are obsessed with, is spoken about here because she was a big name in the NXIVM cult, with a lot to answer for. You accuse anyone of calling her out of being a former fan or a NXIVM cult member. You just cannot fathom that she is criticized for her NXIVM behavior, before and after.

            You are an irritating little fuck, dictating people’s opinions of Kreuk and why. It IS about accountability and you cannot change that, no matter how much you lie, how many aliases you create or anything else. Enough information is out there to warrant questions.

            What must you be like in real life? One insufferable, annoying old fart.

          • Mark, I asked a question about what the facts were, and then had to work it out on my own when it turned out none of the Kreuk-fixated crowd really cared and Wikipedia was not entirely clear. If I made a mistake, it was assuming that they really cared about the facts in the least; the claim has definitely been made that Kreuk coached more, but when I went back to the post (cited) where Frank checked again with his sources, it turns out there is no basis for that. But my point still stands, the shooting schedule, however long, shows that Kreuk’s involvement almost certainly actually ended by summer of 2012 – a fact no one has actually paid attention to before.

          • What a sad old “man” you are. You arrogantly weave narratives and pretend you are right. Your “dream spank” herself claims she “left” in 2013. While that is a lie, you say July 2012, telling her she is wrong. Kreuk used to drive every weekend from Vancouver to Tacoma, a four hour drive, to coach while still on television. She was seen coaching in Los Angeles in 2012. You have no idea how active she was in 2012 or 2013, what she was doing or where she was. That chronic masturbation and quran worship, combined with your aspergers, really is an awful mix. Nobody has any reason in the world to fall for your bullshit, you crazy brown lunatic.

            Also, how’s your “paper” going? The one about Kreuk’s tax payer tv show? Still researching?


          • What is wrong is the fixated Kreuk attackers’ narrative that her early 2018 statement about having “left about five years ago” somehow has to mean exactly 5 years, or 2013, when reports and facts turn out to point to “about” actually meaning over 5 years, and late summer of 2012 when she started production work in Toronto.

            She wrote a letter resigning from coaching, left to work a days’ air travel and half a continent away from Vancouver, and was not seen coaching again in the years after.

            And what is with the obsession with Kreuk – and with others’ masturbation?

          • Here are a couple of definitions of virtual signaling. They pretty much fit with my point about those fixated on Kreuk claiming it’s about her culpability, when in fact almost none of the recruiting in NXIVM in Vancouver was attributable to her before she left, and the focus on her actually has more to do with old Smallville fanboy flame wars related to her looks.

            “feigned righteousness intended to make the speaker appear superior by condemning others.”

            “the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.”

          • Wrong again spanky.

            If she “left” in July 2012 and released her BS statement 29 March 2018, that would be 5 years and nine months, closer to six years. Idiot.

            And you still are incapable of understanding virtue signalling you inferior brown person. Looking for approval from others by pretending to care about “causes” when you don’t really care or not willing to actually do anything, is virtue signalling. It’s hollow and empty. Like your soul. It’s about wanting to feel righteous. Pointing out a cunt is a cunt is not virtue signalling. Calling someone a cunt so that others will like you for it is. It must be hell in your little beetle brain.

          • “claiming it’s about her culpability, when in fact almost none of the recruiting in NXIVM in Vancouver was attributable to her”.

            Don’t tell people what they are thinking you shit skin. Yes, it is about her role you insufferable prick. Now you arrogantly claim that none of the Vancouver recruiting was attributable to her. Wrong. She was a huge part of expanding the Vancouver branch. Her name helped fight off the cult label and lure people in. Something that happened for years. John Tighe revealed she teamed up with Head of Recruitment on the Board of Directors, Mark Vicente, to build up the Vancouver branch. And you have no idea whatsoever the number of people she personally recruited. Recruiting was a big part of getting higher on the striped path. Now you are essentially calling Frank a liar about what he has said. You know nothing.

            “and the focus on her actually has more to do with old Smallville fanboy flame wars related to her looks.”

            Still trying to tell people what they are thinking. Arrogant little fuck. Thought you said you never frequented these gay fansites? But of course, you are Sultan Of Shit. You fester on those sites.

            When are you going to take Frank out for a halal burger and fries Spanky? Come out from your beetle burrow/spank cave and buy the man a meal to say sorry for insulting him for daring to call out the one you think of when choking your halal banana slug.

            Frank, sir, if you do take him up on his offer, consider bringing a concealed pistol. Arrange to meet in a very busy public space and at no point, should you be left alone with the weirdo. You might end up impaled on a spear in his Kristin Kreuk exhibit/shrine/spank corner at home.

          • Assuming that you can know what others are thinking, is what most of the attacks on Kreuk come down to – if you don’t think it’s legitimate, then don’t do it.

            The “virtue signaling” indeed also works both ways – those accusing Kreuk of it are just as guilty of it (or not) as she is. Are any of the people fixated on attacking her now, NOT people who have had it out for her since Smallville fan war days?

            Who besides Mack, is Kreuk known to have recruited?

            On what is the claim based, that her role in Vancouver was so important? Sarah Edmondson’s book doesn’t mention her once.

            Vancouver’s relative success was based in part on the involvement of a number of actors including Edmondson herself – who claims to have recruited over two thousand – along with others like Hildreth and Park who remained involved longer and even did online recruiting videos. I don’t see any justification for singling Kreuk out except for longstanding fixations about her that don’t have to do with NXIVM..

          • That settles it paki boy, you are incapable of reasoning with. You just brush everything off. You are wrong about everything you say. You are a snooty little faggot who likes to tell people what they think. You have no insider information to share and brush over all the things that are known. How many people in Syria died today while a waste-of-space like you is still alive? You are beyond help. Just shrivel away little sultan. Life has thoroughly beaten you.

    • ” seeing as the vegan types are generally pretentious “progressive” types who pretend to care about women, then expose them for their hypocrisy.”

      Are you kidding me?

      The lady chooses not to eat decomposing animal flesh and suddenly that makes her a “progressive”.

      Wait a minute. Maybe it does. It makes her one with half the population of the planet.

      How dare she not enjoy rotting animal protein!

      You are what you eat.

      • ‘you are what you eat?’ No. No-one or thing can be wholly defined by diet. Thats just foolishness.

        Would you say Hitler, Hess, Maximillio Hernandez, are the sum total of their Vegetarian diets? Perhaps you don’t learn basic science at school in the US. Most living things are omnivorous. There are for example primates that prefer meat, and those that prefer plants, however either preference is overlooked in times of privation.

        People who believe their choice of vegetarian diet makes them good or holier than omnivores are in a class on their own, enjoying a level of self-righteousness that only makes sense in relation to extreme decadence. Most places IRL, people eat whatever, wherever and whenever they can.

        What is tofu? kimchi? gochuchang? if not rotting plant protein? All Fleshe Is Grasse.

      • Vegans are always faggots. While you get some athletes turning to a “plant based diet” because they think they will get some performance boost, the vast majority do it because it is one of the fashionable libtard things to do. Dykes can’t be vegan, seeing as they love eating pussy.

    • “On what grounds is Nikki a dangerous sex offender?”

      Basically, Nicki did precisely what Allison did in terms of blackmailing women.
      Both Nicki and Allison collected blackmail material to be used to coerce women into sexual activity.
      In my opinion, the US DOJ should prosecute both Allison and Nicki for sex trafficking in the NDNY.

      Because Allison was in charge of managing all of DOS for Raniere, she is more culpable than Nicki but both women are involved in sex trafficking.
      In America, people are not allowed to brand other people and treat them as slaves.
      Slavery was banned by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution way back in 1865.
      And since Nicki is Canadian, the British Parliament banned slavery way back in 1835 when Canada was still in the British Empire.

    • Proof is only ever required when it goes against people you like… You should have learned that. Please chant “LOCK HER UP” now. This is the level of this page’s editor and most of ot’s readers.

      • “Please chant “LOCK HER UP” now.”

        F.D.C. Willard:

        I would prefer it if no one had to be locked up but some criminal endeavors are so outrageous that incarceration is the only answer.
        And you forget the cage that Allison and her sister wives planned to use to lock up recalcitrant slaves.

    • Peaches,

      Sex out side of marriage is a biblical sin. That’s plenty of proof.

      …….And that is why the chaste Scott Johnson carries his balls around in a wheelbarrow. Scott has not had sex since his divorce years ago…….

      …….And there is one thing we all know about Scott Johnson….

      Scott Johnson is no sinner!

      Scotty’s balls are as blue as they come.

  • How is it that Nick Cline is still in the United States? She is Canadian by birth and her marriage to Allision Mack was a sham. If it wasn’t why isn’t she with her wife in California? BECAUSE IT WAS A FAKE MARRIAGE.

    Her green card or citizenship should be taken away and she should be wrapped in Canadian Bacon and Maple syrup and sent packing back across the border.

    How is it the DOJ didn’t get her deported? She is a dangerous sex offender?

    It is well known that people who stuck by Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard’s side are having a hard time finding employment these days. That is why they are running under the radar and don’t want their names mentioned in any press.

    Most of the woman have been plasters all over the media, the MEN OF NXIMV have been able to remain under the radar petty well. Maybe it’s time to change that Frank.

    • Because unlike you who are on a rally of the retardican party, you have to prove these claims. And doing so beyond is pretty hard, as you have no proof whatsoever. On top of that, you cannot punish her for what the spouse did.

      • “you cannot punish her for what the spouse did.”

        Nicki did many of the same things.
        Only Master Allison as operational head of The Vow was responsible for all of the crimes just like the Grandmaster.

    • ” her marriage to Allision Mack was a sham. If it wasn’t why isn’t she with her wife in California? BECAUSE IT WAS A FAKE MARRIAGE. ”

      Hmm sorry, Mr. Idiot but no…Maybe, just maybe, she isn’t with her wife BECAUSE ALLISON’S BAIL CONDITION FORBID IT!

      Also, you can’t be sure it’s a sham…just because one person says it doesn’t mean it’s true (especially when the person in question is a liar that just try to diminish her real role)

      “How is it the DOJ didn’t get her deported? She is a dangerous sex offender?”
      Because they seem to have not been convinced by Lauren’s testimony, maybe…Also a dangerous sex offender? where? when?
      Don’t Believe everything you read here….she is a loser, an asshole who continue (maybe, I Don’t know her and I Don’t give a f about her) to serve the monster…But the only sex offender in nxivm is Raniere.

      “Most of the women have been plasters all over the media, the MEN OF NXIMV have been able to remain under the radar petty well. Maybe it’s time to change that Frank.”
      This part, i fully agree with…Frank is aiming his BS cannon to some of the low levl targets (not executive and just pawn) but about to talk about the real monsters (some were men)…

      It’s funny to see this obsession against lower level players and this almost fear to go after real monsters like the members who were also executive (this technically include Vicente who was quite the enabler by watching the girl being abused and acting like “he knows better than me”)

  • On I just posted this comment:
    “Sadly Elle Barton hired a sex offender and sex slave recruiter to work
    at Izzy, Nicky Cline aka Leigh – from the NXIVM sex cult. Not sure Elle knows
    this but it is on the internet and she has been asked about it but so far no response
    or action taken.”
    So let’s see what these hipsters do. Probably nothing. NYC is full of Trump haters who are really sex abusers – the push to impeach
    is just a smokescreen by the likes of congressmen like Schiff who are on the Humpty Dumpty Institute Board here in NYC, they are under citizens’
    investigation – and refuse to answer questions, but want to question Trump.
    The congressman in the 8th district where Izzy employs a criminal using an alias is Hakeem Jeffreys. Let’s see if he is down with
    Izzy using convicted sex offenders. Let’s see if he takes steps to secure the welfare of a child.
    The heat is on.

  • Izzy Rose is in Clinton Hill, a hotbed of Trump hating liberals, – Susan Sarondon has a pad there; rapper Biggie was born
    there. It is in the 8th Congressional district, and the 2nd NYC council district.
    So I doubt if anyone would be concerned by the fact that this sex offender, using an alias, unlike me – I insist on letting creeps know
    I am using my real name and am not afraid of them – is working for a woman – Elle Barton – who has a 4 year old daughter – I will NOT
    let anyone know the daughter’s name – which ought to be known by NYC child welfare institutions so they can monitor this situation.
    Frank noted that Nicki hangs out with the doctor who branded Keith’s initials into the victims.
    Sick stuff. If anyone lives near this bar, please watch out for the welfare of this and any other children.
    The congressmen seem to busy hanging out with Mark Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein’s brother) to do their job.

  • It is absolutely a public service to out her. I have seen too many so-called lefty pro-woman activists who actually are
    sex abusers using other, younger women. One friend of mine thought she was helping the cause by working for one
    such nasty person and was cheated out of her wages and hit upon. A lot of these charities are fronts for criminals.
    And do note the irony of the veganism. Is this entire place some kind of front? Wolves in vegan clothing?
    Probably full of Trump haters trying to make themselves look good by trying to get Trump impeached.
    Maybe they have some ties to the Humpty Dumpty Institute, and the congressmen on board with that –
    three of whom are in New York City. Possibly Gregory Meeks of Yvette Clark is the local congressman
    and eats at this Izzy Rose?
    Still no answer from any of them as to when, or why, they joined the Humpty Dumpty Institute and how they
    know Mark Epstein – Jeffrey Epstein’s brother.

    • You should stick to talking about hemp, Gibson, however some of your remarks are quite comical.
      For example

      “So let’s see what these hipsters do. Probably nothing. NYC is full of Trump haters who are really sex offenders”

      “I have seen too many so-called lefty pro-woman activists who actually are
      sex abusers” 

      Obviously, there is zero evidence to support these wacky claims. Just because you claim something is true, does not make it a real fact, Mr QAnon.(or is that Bangkok2?)

      • Yes! It’s bangcock he couldn’t stay away. He’s back from masturbation rehab. Did your scabs heal that quick from all the hand jobs?

      • Just because you claim something is true doesn’t make it a real fact, says Flowers.

        You would do well to remember that yourself.

      • Yes, Flowers, NY is full of idiots posing as artists who can’t draw and activists who are rapists. Where do you live?

        Come and live in the Big Apple, where teachers rape children and get sent to a rubber room where they don’t have to work but get paid. Where Weinstein is not yet in jail, where the DA is someone he gave $ to, where the Epsteins own big buildings in which bad things happen.

        And NY is also full of so-called feminists who rape young women. Bull dyke bullies. Some are teachers by the way.

        • Dependski
          Child sexual abusers exist everywhere. They can be of various races, political affiliations, occupations or ages, but the one common factor they share is that the majority of abusers are MALE.

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for Nicki just bc she looks a bit like my sis and seems to share some other similar traits with Gina such as un-fathomable gullibility and fatal devotion. However, for the good of society and Nicki herself, IMO, she needs to admit immigration fraud at the very least and turn herself over to the U.S. authorities in the NDNY immediately.

    Not like she’s going in empty-handed with nothing to barter on a plea deal.

    I support Frank’s position in publishing her alias and whereabouts. She is a true danger to herself and society. NXIVM must be stopped completely. The worst of it is not yet known.

    • “She is a true danger to herself and society. NXIVM must be stopped completely. The worst of it is not yet known.”

      Heidi, this is why I support the full prosecution of all of the top members of NXIVM.
      No plea deals.
      Not for Nancy Salzman.
      Not for Lauren Salzman.
      Not for Allison Mack.
      Not for Clare Bronfman.

      It is not enough to merely prosecute Raniere, the Dumbest, Laziest Man on the planet.
      All the top leaders of NXIVM must be brought down.

          • “The prosecutors need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to prosecute someone, otherwise they are wasting taxpayer money.”

            Scott Johnson:

            What happened to all those external hard drives with Terabytes of data?
            What happened to all those one hundred women branded like cattle?
            What happened to those Dropbox accounts filled with salacious pictures and videos which were to be used as blackmail?
            And since when did the government worry about wasting taxpayers’ money?

          • “Patrick Backup (@Patrick__Backup)
            October 14, 2019 at 12:42 pm
            @Shadowstate: I’m just interested what your story is? Why is it so personal for you, why do you hate Allison and Nicki so much,”

            Since Allison and Nicki are into Sado-Masochism so much when they are holding the whip hand or burning initials into people’s flesh, I decided that I would practice my own special blend of Sado-Masochism on them.
            Turnabout is fair play.

        • “Good luck with the “no plea deals” part. Prosecutors prefer a guaranteed outcome compared to the time, expense, and unknown outcome of a trial.”

          Exactly but don’t expect the Shadow to understand any of this…

    • ” However, for the good of society and Nicki herself, IMO, she needs to admit immigration fraud at the very least and turn herself over to the U.S. authorities in the NDNY immediately. ”

      Why should she do that? First, it would be Allison who would pay for that while she still bares her ring…maybe it was not a fraud, maybe (at least for one of them), it meant something.
      Also, you start to ignore (much like some people here) the coercion part.

      A simple denunciation by Lauren (who lied several times) isn’t enough to say it’s a fact that it’s an immigration fraud…
      And unless someone can prove (with a document saying that Nicky married at a date close to the end of her visa.and even then, it doesn’t mean much), there is no fraud…

      Nicky must be stopped from recruiting (but anyone stupid enough, after the case got public) to accept to be part of this might deserve their position…

      “Not like she’s going in empty-handed with nothing to barter on a plea deal. ”
      Plea deal about what? She isn’t worried by any criminal charges and at worst, if the fraud was real (and good luck proving it), she would just be sent to the border…

      “I support Frank’s position in publishing her alias and whereabouts.”
      And what if the girl he denounces isn’t really Nicky? will you feel as good? I remind you about his previous “good sources” who were absurdly wrong?

      “NXIVM must be stopped completely”
      This I can only agree! It’s gonna be hard though as some of the main players aren’t worried by justice (nor by Frank Report)…especially Nancy Salzman.

      • This is the thing. What if “Nicki Leigh” isn’t actually Clyne? And if she is, how do we know she’s recruiting while at work? Or recruiting at all?

  • Finally some articles on Nicki Clyne. If Nicki Clyne is actually still trying to recruit, then I think it’s perfectly fine for you to publicize her fake name and where she’s attempting to recruit. In fact,if that’s true, I hope you will write about her as much, if not more frequently, than you write about some of the ex-members you are so obsessed with. Frankly, I’ve always been amazed at how few articles you have bothered to write about Clyne these past 4 years given her position within the cult and what you claim to be concerned about.

    However given the seemingly numerous conflicting things you’ve written based on supposed “sources” how sure are you that Clyne is still in fact recruiting? How do you know that someone just doesn’t hate Clyne? Wants to try and ruin what’s left of her life either because of what she was involved with or because they are another sicko Sci-fi nut. How do you know that Michele, the Dr. and the LeBaron gal aren’t all just co-habitating because that’s the only way they can afford to keep a roof over their heads now? Your seeming inability to recognize manips, trolls and sock puppets doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence that you and your blog aren’t being used by any number of people pushing some agenda.

    • I for one have published several posts and made many comments exposing Nicki as Pea Onyu, Monte Blu, Yolanda Cortez and Gabrielle Cortez.
      And I am doing so without any real inside information or sources.
      Just by analyzing what she has written.
      In spite of my efforts to expose Ms. Clyne’s writings on the Frank Report apparently she has not been scarred away or intimidated.

      • I’m 99% positive Pea and Yolanda and the rest are just trolls. Probably someone who usually posts here under another name. Their posts are obvious parody and anyone who can’t see it needs their head checked.

        • Pop,

          It’s apparent to anyone in the “know” that Pea and Yolanda Cortez are the real deal Holyfield!

          I doubted Shadowstate until he shared the link to the ChargerHemi256 something account…..

          That proof is hard evidence who Pea and Yolanda are. Shadowstate uncovered something clandestine. I don’t know what exactly was going on but something clearly was going on. Ask Shadowstate for the link yourself unless you are a troll.

    • Yes frank, please listen to spanky and pick on anyone else but kristin. She’s so smart that she would never have joined a cult. You Frank are obsessed, not spanky. Ha ha what a joke. If anyone believes this bullshit they belong in a cult. Fuck you sultan.

    • Good points. Clyne is one of those we hear too little about, though at least she has gotten some coverage, compared to others who’ve managed to slink away almost unnoticed.

      And I think you’re right that hard questions need to be asked about the various types of trolls here, including what agendas of distraction, disruption, and misinformation some may be carrying out – that’s the real sort of conspiracy-type activity worthy of “investigation.”

      I pointed out previously that mistakenly harassing members would run the risk of actually driving them further into the cult milieu as a result of the sort of phenomenon referred to as the backfire effect, in which external attacks cause retrenchment of beliefs.

      But if Cline is still recruiting not just for NXIVM, but DOS, that would make her possibly the most dangerous remaining NXian. Since she apparently still fully believes in NXIVM’s doctrines, she’d likely have no qualms about recruiting underage girls or even having sex with them.

    • We now have the Frank Report and numerous archived articles spelling out exactly what NXIVM is.
      NXIVM is NOT a women’s empowerment group.
      NXIVM is a sex slave cult pure and simple.

      • It, the Nxivm beast, has several arms, including national and international sex-trafficking, ongoing slavery and still operational “schools” for young children, which serve up a neuro-linguistic stew and God knows what else. Nick Clyne hasn’t changed her path either; only the logistics have had to shift. She has been and is still looking for fresh meat. Anyone who does genuine research of their own about Nicky Clyne can see that.

        Nevertheless, some people are busy or unmotivated or whatever and do little or no research but still decide to try snapping at Frank Parlato. It happens when he shares his research and experience and also protects his sources. And it happens when people decide that he is doing it “wrong” or that he isn’t doing it enough.

        This doesn’t seem to be the most suitable sectional couch for resolving anybody’s propensities for or addiction to bitchfests. There could be a 12-step program or an Amway convention to try on YouTube for that godawful dis-ease. The Secret Path of Bitchers and Moaners: 12 Goosesteps to Break you Free!!!

        I hear that “you can just push a self-help button” and it’ll whistle for ya. No need to put down that bowl of Nacho Doritos or the Het Kapittel Watou.

        Months before Ms. Thang even shifted her circus act to Brooklyn, the word was already out about her and her branding slave, the SOS/ D.O. Danielle and about Michele Hatchette, plus the one named LeBaron. Word got out when the women started reappearing more often and more ostentatiously, while still nearer to Clifton Park. There is plenty more where that came from, and nobody needs to drop any prepositions to find it. You wanna know something, get up and find it, find out how much more there always is to learn.

        Nicky is far from the only still riding the Raniere snake, despite all of the warnings. Santa Claus has quite a list of pervs already assembled, and he’s packing big lumps of coal.

        Meanwhile, right here on the spot, we have an investigative journalist and a whole lot more, a man who has been and still can navigate in, around and through the stinking Nxivm trenches. ” Some people call” (Frank) “the space cowboy, yeah. Some call (him) the gangster of love.”

        Over time and with efforts, he has developed authentic sources who are willing to speak to him and to speak up for him against those who oppose what he does or how he does it.

        Yet Frank Parlato is the championship journalist of this whole story, who has kept the exposure of Nxivm, Raniere, DOS, Salzman, Bronfman, Mack, etc., etc. alive and unforgotten, unforgettable.

        It’s just one of those things with people, lots of complainin’ and unnecessary explaining. Who is too uptight for strong, sustained, conscious unity about working to take down a criminal enterprise?

        Much thanks to Frank Parlato and his commenters for exposing a criminal group that harms people deliberately and “methodically,” including doing harm to those too young to be ready to defend themselves. Those who are caught up in bitching and moaning are likely to finish the same way, superglued to sagging seats, still caught up in bitching and moaning.

        I trust Frank and his work, with respect and trust built over time, long before starting to write comments at his place. He didn’t need to explain anything about how come he wrote some recent, pertinent truth about the whereabouts and behaviors of Nicky Clyne. Nope.

        I hear Billie Holiday singing and how her voice could meander around every curve of a melody. Her inconclusive conclusions might vary with my conclusive inconclusivities, but I still love to hear her let go with “Don’t Explain,” even though Frank is still willing to keep on explaining. Who’s on first? You mean right now, who’s on first? Or do you mean later, who’s on first?

        Who gives a shit? Parlato is pitching a no-hitter here. Nobody is on first.

        • NXIVM would be right at home in NYC. People would protect them and think they are cool.
          Just like John Wayne Gacy, who was not investigated despite 100 calls from parents.
          Democrats know how to protect their own. This woman might be dating Anthony
          Weiner or hanging out with Alexandria
          Ocasio-Cortez or Congressman Espaillat, who is in with LGBT issues and has their lit left around
          on library tables for kids to read.
          Sex cults seem to be a specialty of the Dems. And what about the Humpty Dumpty Institute congressmen?
          Not one of them wants to answer questions.
          Some are right here in NYC.

          • NXIVM actually got its start in the Albany area during the Pataki administration, with the help of Republican connected lawyers and lobbying firms (like D’Amato’s), and Republican politicians such as a crooked state senator later charged with fraud. NXIVM’s corporate counsel is still a politically connected Republican firm.

            In fairness, I think NXIVM, like other corrupt actors, just played whoever was in power and had influence. These things don’t really have much to do with partisan ideology or politics.

            But Raniere’s father was reportedly a Republican, and Raniere himself was pushing the libertarian-right doctrines of Ayn Rand, so if there was an ideological component, it was actually more right-leaning if anything.

            NXIVM was sort of an FLDS on the Hudson and might have been at home in polygamy and pedophilia tolerant places like Utah, Arizona or Texas.

  • I agree with Frank Parlato’s choice in publishing these two stories about Ms. Clyne.

    As long as Ms. Clyne is still recruiting new “slaves” for NXIVM she is engaged in illegal activities.
    Nicki knows from the experience of her friends Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere that sex trafficking or “white slavery” are illegal.
    Several recent blind items on Crazy Days and Nights website have suggested that NXIVM DOS or the Vow as it is also known is still operating.
    I don’t want to hurt Ms. Clyne.
    I have tried to steer her in the right direction by poking fun at her.
    These passages from last night’s story about Ms. Clyne are most disturbing:

    “Clyne continues to operate DOS and is responsible for making sure slaves respond by text within 60 seconds to her nightly “readiness drills.” In the past, slaves who did not respond timely were beaten on their bare buttocks with a paddle.”

    “Maybe they were not wrong to try to distance themselves from the culty queen. Clyne was doing more than merely scheduling bartenders and overseeing the chef prepare vegan nachos.”

    “She was actively recruiting and, reportedly, tried to get a kindhearted, hardworking employee involved in the Nxivm cult – that brands and blackmails women.”

    “It was suspected that the true purpose of the introduction was for Clyne to try to recruit the women there.”

    Now, Nicki, I want to talk to you personally and in all seriousness.
    I want to talk to you as a father would talk to his wayward daughter.

    Nicki, the only person’s body you control is your own.
    You do not have the right to use fraud or coercion to control someone else’s body.

    I am not trying to restrict the right of women to express themselves sexually.
    But you do not have the right to control other women’s sexual activities.
    Sex is only legal if it is done by fully consenting informed adults who are acting of their own free will.

    No one cares if you and Michelle engage in consensual sex with each other.
    But neither of you is allowed to coerce sexual behavior from anyone else.

    Nicki, you and Michelle have the examples of Allison, Lauren and Keith as clear warnings of what could happen if you cross the line.

    In today’s political climate few people care about your immigration status.
    But everyone cares if you enslave other women.

    Nicki, please heed this warning and the warnings that Frank Parlato has given you.
    These warnings are for your own benefit.

  • Frank,

    There is no question in any sane and moral person’s mind that you have done the right thing in outing Niki Clynne’s current place of employment.

    Women should be informed who Nicki Clyne truly is and the fact that Nicki will be attempting to recruit them.

    It’s not like Nicki Clyne is repentant or at the very least ceasing her NXIVM recruitment activities.

    To Everyone else:

    Frank Parlato is protecting women from a female sex predator.

    He does not need to defend his actions to anyone.

    The public at large deserve to know!

    No daughters, sisters, or wives should ever fall victim to Nxivm ever again.

    If you support the #Metoo movement you should support Frank Parlato’s actions. Frank is only trying to protect other women.

    • I agree wholeheartedly but I would add that what NXIVM is doing is going far beyond what the #metoo movement is complaining about.

      NXIVM is violating laws against sex trafficking and white slavery that have been around for over one hundred years.

  • If she’s really still recruiting, I think that’s what’s pivotal – it falls into the same category as exposing, and publishing information about, sex offenders living in communities.

    Given Raniere’s teachings and practices regarding sex with children, any of his followers in DOS in particular are potential pedophiles unless they have specifically repudiated that aspect of the NXIVM ideology and committed to following the laws regarding sexual consent.

          • Scott,

            You stated the following:

            1.)”Recruiting isn’t a crime.”

            2.)”If the recruiting leads to getting people to pay for overpriced NXIVM courses, you’re wrong.”

            So by your own logic Scott the following is also true:

            If the recruiting leads to getting people to pay for overpriced Amway detergent it isn’t a crime.

            Scott you are not hypocritical or sanctimonious…….

            You are just a complete and total f*cking moron.

            By chance did one of your parents have Down syndrome?

            …..Or did you just eat paint chips and sniff glue as a child?

    • I know now already that I’m going to get a lot of hate here for saying this, but I honestly don’t think that you can say Keith promoted sex with children or taught that. The small video clip this assumption is based on is somewhat problematic, yes, but Keith is basically talking about different ages of sexual consent in different cultures and comparing them. Saying that this statement makes him a pedophile is taking what he said out of context.

      • Backup,

        First off Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman have both made historical references to adults having sex with children. Both have made tacit allusions to adults having sexual relations.

        Frank Parlato posted a NXIVM course module referencing sex with children.

        Raniere most definitely practiced what he preached. Raniere had sex with Cami when she was 15.

        Then there is the woman who allegedly was raped when she was a child repeatedly. So you honestly believe Rhiannon is lying? She just came out of the wood work to sue a man who is a renunciate?

        BTW at the time Rhiannon came out the statute of limitations had passed on both the criminal acts and the window to file a civil lawsuit.

        So greed was not a motive.

        Lastly if you defend Raniere with the classic modern society is prudish defense…….and ancient society used to accept adults having consensual sex with children….

        Guess what…

        ….. in Ancient Rome a man could murder is son legal if he chose to.

        …….in English society in the 1500’s you could have your hand chopped off for stealing bread.

        In early America colonies you could be fined or imprisoned for not going to church.

        My point of societal norms change by with the times. Society has decided that it no longer wants creepy hairy old men taking a advantage of young women.

        Today Socrates would be in prison for life for being a prodigious child molester.

        Backup I believe you are sincere and not a Troll. I am not getting into a debate with over the subject other then what I just posted. 😉

        • you would have fucked that girl with your pants still on, you overeager-beaver, you. self righteous fuck.

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