Kristin Kreuk Will Never, Ever Speak About Her Role as a Coach for the Nxivm Sex Slave Cult

When Kristin Kreuk left Nxivm is been a subject of debate among readers.

Editor’s Note: Nxivm – the sex slave cult and criminal enterprise – whose leaders were convicted earlier this year of racketeering and other crimes – operated a front that was ostensibly a self-help, life coaching school.

Many members – even some of the coaches – were never inducted into the criminal aspect of the cult – and served to unwittingly provide cover for the organization.

It has been widely debated as to which role Kristin Kreuk played.

Was she a knowing part of the criminal enterprise – or a useful idiot – promoted to coach, utilized to recruit women – and possibly girls into Nxivm  – because of her celebrity status  -all the while believing, as many did, that Nxivm’s teachings were worthy and good?

This is a question worth pondering and as our guest writer below suggests, it is not a question Kristin herself is likely to answer.

Maybe no one should blame her for remaining silent.

She was either complicit in the enterprise or was duped into thinking Nxivm was a genuine force for good. The latter is not an impossibility – since many good people who took classes – some of them rising to the level of coach like Kristin – seem to have thought the same thing – that Nxivm helped people and that Keith Raniere was not only the smartest man in the world but also the most ethical.

Whether she was part of the criminal enterprise or whether she was duped – neither is flattering and will not help her career.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, her mistake in believing that Nxivm was good is not unique to her. Many Nxivm members believed that  Raniere was working to build a more noble civilization and not using them to provide a massive front so he could keep a harem, sex traffic at will, and enjoy raping children.

Kreuk gets a lot more attention than others for several reasons.

  1. She is a celebrity and was used as the public face of Nxivm for recruitment purposes.
  2. She made a misleading statement on Twitter about her role in Nxivm, suggesting she was a mere student, instead of a high-ranking coach.
  3. Kreuk is what critics call a “virtue signaler”. She Tweets about women’s issues and taking a brave stand for what one believes in.
  4. She has an acting role as an outspoken social justice warrior-lawyer on a taxpayer-funded Canadian TV show, Burden of Truth.
  5. Contrasting her public persona – to her silence about her role in Nxivm – leads some to think she is a hypocrite and others to question whether her role in Nxivm was much larger than being a student or even a coach.
  6. She led a curious teen group for Nxivm – Girls By Design – that some think reeks of [attempted] pedophilia – as if it were a front for Raniere to lure girls into his lair.

Why is it important?

Because an actress with some celebrity status was utilized by a dangerous cult to normalize, glamorize and deceive people. The actress may have been complicit or unwitting. But it was part of the playbook and we must explore the playbook and understand it – so we can identify it again when it comes in a different form.

Sure Kristin Kreuk would like the public to forget she was in Nxivm. That’s good for her. But what is good for the public is to remember it – to explore her true role – not to punish her – but to understand how a famous actress [along with other famous actresses] could get ensnared and help to ensnare others.

In Kreuk’s case, it is especially interesting since she lured in others [perhaps with the best of intentions] such as Allison Mack. Mack’s case is especially tragic since she fell to convicted criminality. Her life is ruined. Her career shattered. She is headed to prison.

Kreuk was partly responsible. What we are not doing is blaming Kreuk, but trying to understand how this could happen.


Kristin’s misleading Twitter statement on her role in Nxivm.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM


Kristin Kreuk is a cute girl who was propelled to the upper stratosphere by the entertainment industry in her late teenagehood.

Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian taxpayer-funded actress, who served as a Nxivm coach and was used to recruit women for the cult. On Canadian TV, she plays a brave and outspoken lawyer who risks her career to fight a powerful group and a pedophile.

In some pictures, she has been face-sculpted by makeup artists to make her look a bit more on a verse or another of one of her ethnic specificities.

Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM but is silent as to the reason why she left.

She entered a fancy club, in her twenties, that turned out to be a dangerous and destructive cult whose main goal was to satisfy the sick sexual appetite of a liar and a crook.

Kristin Kreuk’s mentor was this man pictured above. His name is Keith Alan Raniere. According to Kristin, she did not know he was a pedophile, sex slave master, and sex trafficker. Since she may never have slept with him, she might also have not known about his hair-raising sexual mentoring.

Now, she’s still standing on the upper clouds layer of life, with her acting career.

She’s making a living of it.

It’s easily understandable that she doesn’t want to be associated with a sleazy and sick gangbang cult!

Note the name on the banner –  Keith Alan Raniere – convicted sex trafficker and pedophile. Kristin thought he was such a profound and brilliant teacher that she went on stage to promote him. This does not mean she knew he was a scoundrel. She may have been honestly duped – as were many others in the Nxivm cult.


Here is Kristin on stage with the current leader of the sex slave cult known as DOS. Nicki Clyne is in the center. At right is Allison Mack, who was convicted of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. Allison was also – at the time this photograph was taken [ca 2007] – a co-star on the TV show Smallville. It was Kristin that recruited Allison into the Nxivm cult. While Kristin got out unscathed, Allison destroyed her life following the leadership of their mentor Keith Alan Raniere.
It’s obvious that she will never like NEVER talk about it.

Kristin Kreuk stars a lawyer in Burden of Proof, where she fearlessly speaks out about the injustices she encounters. Boldly she risks her career to confront those who would hurt young women.

She’s really cute, tho she’ll never be gorgeous, at least to me.

And I never understood the guys that are like flapping on her saying she’s the sexiest girl and the best actress in the world.

Kristin Kreuk started a Raniere-led group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teenage girls into a sexy, fun club and gather information about them. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely utilized by Nxivm to recruit members into the cult. Kreuk did not disband the group even after it was reported in the Albany Times Union that her mentor, Keith Raniere, had raped teen girls. It is possible that Kreuk did not see the series of articles – even though her name was mentioned as a high profile member.

She’s really cute and she does the job.

Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design asked young teens to answer her “sexy 7” questions. Critics have suggested that this entire operation was to find virgins to feed the voracious sexual appetite of Keith Raniere, who Kristin lauded and gave tribute to as her Vanguard. There is no evidence that has surfaced that Kristin procured any underage girls for Keith Raniere.

My opinion is that she would probably have been more successful evolving in comedy rather than in staying in teenage-love-triangle-teen-soaps or politically-engaged-political-correctness-for-social justice warrior fans stuff.

But that’s another story.

It seems unlikely that Kristin will ever reveal the details of her nearly 10 years in Nxivm as a coach and a student. Why should she? It cannot possibly help her career and the less said the better. Raniere is done and Kreuk remains a star. In her case, silence is golden.

One thing I’ll never change my mind about is that she will never talk about NXIVM – more than she did in that TWITTER/IG post.

Allison Mack listens as Kristin Kreuk speaks up at a Nxivm gathering – about how great the Nxivm tech is.
Kristin Kreuk speaks up about social injustice on her TV show Burden of Truth.


Kristin Kreuk speaks to a group of teen girls looking to learn more from her and perchance her mentor.

The day she will apologize for having been a propaganda tool and publicizing on NXIVM, it will rain flaming pigs all over the world!!!

Whatever, I think she’s really cute!

Kristin Kreuk is really cute.


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  • Kreuk’s willingness to join and become a coach isn’t the behavior a rational person would have. Take a step back and think would you ever become a coach on anything that you haven’t spent years or even decades developing a knowledge base? Would you teach karate after 2 years of practice? No. Would you teach German after 3 yrs. of learning the language? No. etc. etc.

    It’s incredibly arrogant that this woman was teaching life skills without at least 15 years of experience or a PHD in psychology or peer reviewed approval and acalades.

    Th fact that she pursued and accepted the ‘coach,’ role is proof positive she is highly likely to be dishonest. Anyone that defends her, please call me I have a bridge in NY to sell you. LOL

  • Given that Kreuk topics seem to attract the worst of toxic trolls, this seems like an appropriate place to post a reminder from today’s news that those sorts of troubled people are not necessarily harmless:

    Man convicted of cyberstalking families of Parkland massacre victims

    California man guilty of harassing, cyberstalking families of Parkland shooting victims
    “Fleury told law enforcement officials that he posted the messages “to taunt or ‘troll’ the victims and gain popularity” and notoriety online. ”

    • You are SultanOfSix.

      You are a stalker.

      You have been stalking this person for around fifteen years.

      You contacted her father at work.

      You went to Albany to “rescue” her from her NXIVM cult.

      You create multiple aliases to defend this person.

      You are clinically insane.

      It is you that brings toxicity.

      Seeing as you have spoken to Frank Parlato on the phone, as well as meeting anti-NXIVM blogger John Tigue in person, Skype with Frank Parlato and show him your face with appropriate ID. Then Frank can check with John Tigue if you are the same person.

      Your tiny testicles are the size of fucking blueberries.

      • Once again you demonstrate just the sort of culty thinking that lead NXIVM members like Kreuk to disregard or deny the 2012 Times Union expose,’ its evidence and writer, and, later, for even the real diehards, to ignore the 2017 branding and human trafficking revelations.

        You can’t accept something that doesn’t fit with your assumptions and beliefs, even when presented with evidence and expert opinions to the contrary. You ignore the judgment of a seasoned investigative journalist who is much more familiar with the situation and facts than you are and instead ask for extraordinary levels of proof – which are still unlikely to satisfy you even if provided.

        If you had been paying close attention, besides having demonstrated that I have a long history of following Scientology dating to even before Frank took up NXIVM, I comment based on extensive experience regarding cults or high control groups (an academic phraseology that is not original to me, but only used here by me) particularly through the lenses of sociology, logical fallacies and cognitive biases, frequently back up by links to websites and citations of scholarly works including peer-reviewed research. All those characteristics of my writing are unique from anyone else who posts here – though there are a number of commenters here who post in their own rigorous and evidence-based ways that merit respect (plus Claviger does so in a specifically legal regard).

        Frank, who knows more about these things than anyone, has already satisfied himself that I’m not anyone else, and I’ve actually offered to take him out to lunch or dinner sometime soon so that he can meet me personally. Frank can at least tell you that I’m obviously a WASP and happy to eat pork, plus a decade ago I was busy raising children who are now in college and graduate school. But someone with your level of culty, conspiracy theorist type denial and justification is unlikely to be satisfied with any sort of evidence; you can resort to claiming that Sultan’s appearance would have changed in the decade or however long since he might have met Tighe, or whatever is necessary to maintain your cherished but fragile illusions.

        Besides, you really are a useful example to have around, of the denialism of true believer types, and the willingness of some people to stick to even the most ludicrously false of assumptions once adopted.

        • Skype with your passport. SultanOfPoop can do the same. You have a stalky desire to defend Kristin Kreuk no matter what. And don’t call yourself an “expert” you arrogant prick.

          • You’re falling in to the classic culty and conspiracy theorist illogic of trying to put the burden of proof on others, when in fact it is your responsibility to back up your claim with evidence – as the old saying goes, an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof.

            If you actually did something like put my writing alongside others’, you would quickly notice that I tend to writer longer sentences with comma separated clauses, and also never resort to foul language or epithets. You would also observe that I’m not actually a fan of Kreuk, just someone who questions why anyone would find an apparently vapid and relatively insignificant actress worthy of such a level of fixation as to sidetrack a whole blog.

            Also, as far as doing your homework, I most certainly didn’t call myself an “expert,” you may want to go back and re-read.

            Your logical fallacy is: burden of proof

            “You said that the burden of proof lies not with the person making the claim, but with someone else to disprove.

            The burden of proof lies with someone who is making a claim, and is not upon anyone else to disprove. The inability, or disinclination, to disprove a claim does not render that claim valid, nor give it any credence whatsoever. However it is important to note that we can never be certain of anything, and so we must assign value to any claim based on the available evidence, and to dismiss something on the basis that it hasn’t been proven beyond all doubt is also fallacious reasoning.

            Example: Bertrand declares that a teapot is, at this very moment, in orbit around the Sun between the Earth and Mars, and that because no one can prove him wrong, his claim is therefore a valid one.”


        • Actually, you have not provided evidence at all of your identity. You can ring anyone up and claim to be anyone. No evidence. Calling bullshit on you is not the same as Kristin Crooked not giving a shit about the TU expose when there was evidence, including police report. You make claims and nothing more. You claim you have been involved with Scientology and control groups before Frank was involved with NXIVM, but any one can say that. Not believing you is not “culty thinking” you imbecile. This can be explained to you, but it cannot be understood for you. And even if you were not the “Brown Beetle”, even if you really were someone else, it doesn’t validate anything you say here. You are either the “Brown Beetle” or another Kristin Crooked spanker. Either way, you say the same bullshit predictable things anytime Crooked is brought up.

          • Anonyfaker is nothing but a left wing nut blowhard. He is a member of the Islamic cult and pretty much reflects their neanderthal thinking.

          • Your’e now demonstrating another classic bit of culty or conspiracy theorist fallacy and illogic, that of trying to put the burden of proof on others when in fact is your responsibility to provide evidence of your extraordinary claim that somehow two people are one in the same – I’ve further explained that type faulty thinking in a reply to another anon, above.

            Can you prove you’re not Mark Hildreth or Grace Park, working hard to keep the attention off of yourself and scapegoat Kreuk instead? There you go.

            I’ve satisfied Parlato, an investigative journalist, that I’m not some other identity that you’re claiming I am, and he has posted to that effect. He knows his regular commenters from going through all the posts, and I’ve given him the opportunity in personal conversations to ask me any question that he wants to, and asked him to give me an opportunity to meet in person as soon as it is convenient.

            Your refusing to believe Parlato’s report is indeed the same mechanism of denial that would have been at work in NXIVM cultists like Kreuk after Odato’s report, and among the diehards even after Grigoriadis’ NY Times piece.

            You’re also missing the distinction that I don’t defend Kreuk so much as point out that she’s a relatively insignificant figure except for a certain fanboy base, including those who now seem to be against her.

            And I did previously provide proof of my other and earlier work on groups like Scientology, which your fixations apparently caused you to overlook. I’ll post it again sometime, but at the moment you and your fellow travelers are doing such a good job of demonstrating the mindset of culty believers, that I’d hate to stop the show.

        • BF deal spanky, so you spoofed Frank on the phone. Doesn’t mean anything. We call that a prank call.
          It does not legitimize your crazy ass. It’s hard to forget the names you called Frank after Kristen Kruek articles. I would advise Frank not to meet you in person unless he has a desire to be a lampshade.

  • Hard to find sympathy for Kreuk – who, by her own devices, planted herself in a hideous no-win conundrum — Either she enticed young girls – including her colleague and friend – into a likely abhorrent danger, (After TEN years? clueless? Please.) then just split — else she was just too naïve, nerdy and nitwitted to see what had to be evident to some degree… And what a pathetic, canned, twitter “apology”
    Cute?” Like a snake. No thanks.

    So Mack had for 10 years been a bit player on a banal prequel to 60-year-old Super Man comic book meme… I had =/- zero interest… how did they come up with 10 years of coherent storylines on such a lame premise? At any rate, the only gig of Al’s little life – done – Mack dumped so easily enticed into the Super Hero Chubby Mega Genius Vanguard Comics Series!

    Sad — yet no sympathy for this kid – no excuses – not a victim, but maybe an explanation of sorts… & from her Raniere YouTube interview… maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    • Hi, I get the impression that when she realised that it was not what it had started off as, and changed into something bad, she would definitely have tried to persuade Mack to quit as she did? But for Mack, the power was too addictive and Kruek had no alternative but to let Mack to make her own decisions? But i would bet anything that Kruek tried her best to get her out?

      • Incorrect. It has emerged through two senior proctors that Kreuk was still involved with NXIVM in 2016. She publicly lied about leaving in 2013.

          • But you don’t believe Frank when he says Anonymaker is not Sultan. Why the double standard?

          • Frank knows the two proctors. He knows what they look like. He has only spoken to you , sultan, on the phone. He doesn’t know who you are or what you look like. Go hoover your flying carpet.

          • You’re still talking about me? How much rent free space do I own in your mind?

            Like you know fuck all about what Frank knows. You said six months ago that John Tighe, Frank, and O’Hara all knew who I was.

            You can’t even remember what you’ve written using the hundreds of different aliases that you’ve taken on. Read the story by Donnes. It’s much easier to tell the truth than keep all of your fucking lies straight.

            I hope you like your shitty bed.

            You big, whiny pussy.

        • Incorrect. While her public statement may not have been entirely forthcoming, after sending a letter resigning sometime after the Times Union expose of February, 2012 and around the time she started filming Beauty and the Beast in Toronto in July, 2012*, she is then only known to have coached twice more, several years later.

          It’s relatively common for members of high control groups or cults to have some lingering involvement even after they try to separate themselves, particularly when family or social contacts remain involved.

          Others like like Hildreth and Park remained active until the end, including producing multiple recruiting videos, and have hypocritically tried to hide their involvement without even issuing public statements at all – but the virtue signalers who for some reason now have it out for Kreuk aren’t really concerned about culpability and accountability.

          * Since this aspect comes up ad nauseum I just fact checked it, and what is reported about her letter combined with the start date for production that took her away from Vancouver to Toronto, fits with other reports that she left in the summer of 2012 and suggests that her early 2018 statement that she “left about five years ago” may actually refer to later in 2012, not 2013.

          • Shut up, Spanky. Now you’re telling your dream spank that she left earlier then she did! Stop butting in, you irritating fuck.

          • No, you’re just trying to claim something about the object of your bitter fixation, that inconveniently doesn’t fit with the facts. But if you know exactly when she left, then give us the date and evidence to back it up.

            I wasn’t following anything to do with Kreuk at the time and so had to go back and search for further information myself, but it turns out that Frank’s original report was this – correcting an earlier mistake:

            “This photo was taken on or about June 18, 2012.

            Allison Mack promoted the photo above on social media. Kristin, I am told, was still in NXIVM at the time. She is seen here with ex-boyfriend [a NXIVM member until recently] actor, Mark Hildreth, and, if I am not mistaken, actress Nicki Clyne [a current NXIVM member and member of their subgroup DOS, that hot iron brands women].

            Sources say Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM shortly after this photo was taken. This suggests she has been out of NXIVM for about 5.5 years.”

            Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM in Summer 2012 not 2009 – just months after Raniere exposed as pedophile

            Kreuk said “about 5 years” and the two specific pieces of information put it at closer to 5.5 years, certainly within range.

          • Stop projecting fag. It is you with this Kook obsession. If it weren’t for you, Kreuk wouldn’t of been spoken of as much. Your dream spank didn’t leave. You ignore facts you don’t like.

          • Haha rasheed! Kreuk released her BS statement 29th March 2018 & claimed she left “about five years ago”. If she “left” in the summer 2012, that would of been six years before! And she retweeted Edmondson saying 2013! Haha! Fool!

  • Well, I would say innocent until proven guilty. It has to be a burden to know you work for and recruited women into a cult. She was young. She was naive. As the writer stated, any discussion of involvement in Raniere’s cult is best not discussed for her. I’d fry Ranierre and give Mack 5 years or so. I have empathy for Raniere’s victims even Mack.

    • Yea only if it is a democrap do you leftist fucktards care about innocent until proven guilty. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think about Mack or any of the other criminal NXIVM cabal.

      • Do we really know anything about the ideological or political identifications of those involved?

        Raniere’s followers were essentially being indoctrinated in a might-makes-right sort of capitalism based on Ayn Rand’s writings, and a type of ultra-traditionalist gender role and polygamist structure reflective more of the Old Testament as followed by groups like fundamentalist Mormons (to whom NXIVM actually had ties through the LeBaron colony in Mexico).

        NXIVM itself courted whoever they thought would be to their advantage politically; their current corporate counsel is a Republican-connected firm.

        • Raniere had more in common with your cult of Islam and the cult of the democratic party. Sorry, Slick you lose again

          • A group based on the ideas of Ayn Rand – and the Amway MLM structure introduced by DeVos and Van Andel – is an Islamic cult? Try again.

  • “Nxivm – the sex slave cult and criminal enterprise – whose leaders were convicted earlier this year of racketeering and other crimes ”
    Correction, “whose some leaders and some victims were convicted”
    Because only 4 leaders were convicted…what about the other exécutives? It’s not just about Salzmans, Raniere, Bronfman…

    “Many members – even some of the coaches – were never inducted into the criminal aspect of the cult – and served to unwittingly provide cover for the organization.”
    Right, and you covered several of them (including Sara Edmondson…a “hero” who was recruiting for a LOOOONG time and left when it was smelly…(while she enjoyed the salary for many years).

    You know that it’s a CULT, you idiot.
    Usually, in a developed country, it’s the real leaders who’s judged (because they use technic to control the member (be it drugs, coercion, hypnosis…or sometimes starvation)), not the members who didn’t have the power of decision and were coerced…
    But in the USA, the code isn’t including law against CULTS and, therefore, they chose to go to trial it as if it was just a mafia…while the “structure” fit, it’s not a mafia.
    The henchmen are not coerced or mind-controlled…they chose to be criminal. A CULT, not so much…they are “programmed” to stay in the CULT.

    Btw, i know i repeat CULT a lot but it’s just to remind you that it is ….a CULT.

    • ““Nxivm – the sex slave cult and criminal enterprise – whose leaders were convicted earlier this year of racketeering and other crimes ”
      Correction, “whose some leaders and some victims were convicted” Anonymous

      Allison Mack is NOT a victim.
      Allison Mack is the PIMP who recruited, branded and blackmailed young women into being sex slaves.
      One young woman, who was a student in Allison Mack’s bogus acting school “The Source”, was blindfolded, tied down and sexually assaulted with the active connivance of Allison Mack.
      In fact Allison Mack told this young woman that by being sexually assaulted she would be healed of a trauma from a childhood sexual molestation.
      In fact Allison Mack is a pervert and a horse’s ass.
      “But in the USA, the code isn’t including law against CULTS and, therefore, they chose to go to trial it as if it was just a mafia…while the “structure” fit, it’s not a mafia.”

      Under the nation’s RICO law (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) a law passed way back in 1970, any organization can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      A city government can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      A school district can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      A University can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      A church can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      A union can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      A business can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      A bank can be a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

      Thirty three American states have their own RICO Acts.
      Many foreign nations like Britain and Canada have their own versions of the RICO Act.

      A Report from the British Home Office comparing different International RICO style laws.
      “A comparative analysis of
      organised crime conspiracy
      legislation and practice and their
      relevance to England and Wales”

      Foreign based organizations and individuals committing RICO style crimes harming Americans can be prosecuted under the US RICO
      “A recent U.S. Supreme Court case sheds light on extraterritorial jurisdiction”
      “The Supreme Court held unanimously that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) could apply to criminal actions occurring outside the United States. ”

      How come the world’s third smartest man Vanguard Keith Raniere did not know that?
      Because Vanguard Keith Raniere is DENSE AND DUMB.

      How come the world’s third smartest women Allison PIMP Mack did not know that?
      Because Allison Pimp Mack is DENSE AND DUMB.

      Vanguard Keith Raniere is a RACKETEER AND GANGSTER.

      Allison PIMP Mack is a RACKETEER AND GANGSTER.

      Legatus Clare Bronfman is a RACKETEER AND GANGSTER.

      Prefect Nancy Salzman is a RACKETEER AND GANGSTER.

      Vice PIMP Lauren Salzman is a RACKETEER AND GANGSTER.

    • Not all NXIVM people were involved in criminal activities. There has to be enough evidence to get a conviction “beyond a reasonable doubt” by 12 unanamous jurors. You are focusing on the CULT “shiny object” more than the crimes. While knowing how cults works helps one understand them better, it’s not a major factor in the eyes of the law.

    • Yes, there’s a distinction between leaders and executives – though perhaps it’s not clear in your native language – which is why the leaders of the sex slaving and human trafficking were tried and convicted, but that didn’t necessarily include all the executives of NXIVM.

      The grand jury indicted the leaders of the criminal conspiracy who were found most culpable for orchestrating the worst crimes and abuses such as sex trafficking. Inconveniently for you, the truth is that included your Ally, who was at the center of the abuses as Raniere’s henchwoman, the holder of the blackmail collateral DropBox, the mistress of one or more homes (Clifton Park per court testimony, and also allegedly her Brooklyn apartment) where branding took place, the enforcer of discipline on other slave pod leaders (as she did per Lauren Salzman’s court testimony, even while away for several months in San Diego) and so on.

      Attempts to deflect responsibility for abuses committed, such “following orders,” are not accepted defenses under the internationally accepted Nuremberg Principles and the Rome Statutes, which presumably also apply in your country unless it really is some backwater outside of civilized norms (la République Togolaise?).

  • Kristin’s public statement said it all. It was on of the most repeated public condemnation of NXIVM in the news. Not many who were in
    the program did as much. But Kristin did good, and said publicly she regretted ever being connected to the program. No doubt
    after this court case is finished , Kristin may say more. Perhaps Kreuk, Edmondson and Oxenburg can say more after the sentencing of
    the cult leaders. Thanks for the stunningly beautiful pictures of Kristin. 🙂

  • Never say never. Someone may come forward with some accusations, which may be true or false. Either way, Kristin Crook(ed) may have to say something about her role as a NXIVM coach.

  • Here’s why Kreuk should NOT say anything more about Nx. Because every time NXIVM is mentioned, it is always followed by words similar to the FIRST line of this article: Editor’s Note: Nxivm – the sex slave cult and criminal enterprise”

    Why would anyone (celeb or “common” person) volunteer bringing up (again) that they were in this cult, even IF there is no evidence they were ever a slave or a criminal.

    Be honest, would YOU be satisfied with any disclaimer or even any confession—“what more is she hiding?” Maybe not even if Kreuk walked naked down the “walk of shame” like Cersei in Game of Thrones.

  • One, stop listening to mindless celebrities. Why emulate them to begin with?
    Two, never ever give up everything for anyone or anything. Always have a foot out the door or your irons in more than one fire.
    Three. Why has no one asked any 9f these women about the multiple pregnancies, multiple abortions?
    Surely someone knew, or suspected, at the time.
    They had to use a local ob/gyn. I bet they all used the same one.
    HIPPA prevents the doctor from speaking out but he/she has knowledge.
    Doesn’t matter which side 8f the abortion issue you are on for you to see the usage of it as a contraception instead of actually using contraception is outrageous.

  • Based on reviews found online, “Burden Of Truth” is basically this left wing, “progressive”, virtue signalling type of show. It seems to kiss the ass of “First Nations”. That seems to be one of the new fashionable subjects for Canada’s self righteous types. You just know that any white members of the writing team are weak ass self loathing white people who are ashamed of themselves and ugly feminist types. These leftist wankers are the kind of people given platforms to tell everyone how bad white people, men, Christians etc are. They are incapable of criticizing any of their “pets”. “Social justice” is bullshit as they deliberately refuse to address points that prove them wrong and censor those willing to speak up. They think they are right to attack those who disagree with them, by calling them “racist” “fascist” “bigot” “sexist” etc.

    Bare in mind this television show is funded by tax payers, who just so happen to be predominately white. Kristin Kreuk is literally taking other people’s wages that they had to work for, to make propaganda against them while making herself richer. The CBC is hated by many in Canada as it’s all propaganda. They go beyond bias and wont address any issues that expose any ugliness of their “pets”. If you fit certain criteria, female, black, indigenous, faggot, etc, you will be immune from criticism and the raging “social justice” assholes will attack anyone who dares question them. “Cancel culture” and “platforming” is their thing.

    Seeing as Kreuk is a hypocrite, pointing the finger at others on a television show they fund, wanting people to watch her propaganda show and see one group as bad and another as innocent victims incapable of doing any wrong, while spending ten years in this cult, lying about it and only caring about preserving herself, then who gives a fuck?

    All these “finger pointers” think their shit don’t stink. Fuck them.

    The deranged “progressive” types would read this and refuse to acknowledge any of it as true. Nothing you say convinces them to abandon their self loathing, victim-hood, blame culture, identity politics cult. Many of these types joined NXIVM. Easy to tell why. Anytime any of these NXIVM types are caught virtue signalling, including this tax payer funded actress and other silent cowardly ones, you have an excellent response.

    • Go back to Europe. We native Americans were here first. The only thing you white folk did for us was wipe out most of our population and then sent us off to reservations to get our descendants hooked on alcohol, drugs and gambling.

      • Guarantee you are not Native American. You are probably a silly fan of the silly actress spoken of. And Native Americans can go back to Siberia.

          • And there you have it. Your racism against white people exposed. Scandinavian, Slavic, Mediterranean… you hate anyone white. What a bigot. Feel free to return to whatever shithole country you come from. Jealous little rat.

          • Go back to your lands first. We came here and no one was here. You came here and wiped out most our population and then claimed it as yours.

            Reverse racism is like reverse bullying. It doesn’t exist.

          • Stop pretending to be a Native American. You are not oppressed. And no one accused you of “reverse racism”. You were accused of racism. You are a racist. You are not free to say and do what you want. There are multiple “white” nations from Europe. They are not all the same. Swedish and Italian are not the same race. Irish and Spanish are not the same race. Not all Indian tribes were the same. Sioux and Inuit are not the same. Metis and Apache are not the same. Every “white” colony in the US/Canada had Indian tribes aligned with them. Everyone trying to get a slice. Indians are responsible for Indian affairs. What goes on in reservations is down to them. Nothing you say can ever change history. Indians enslaved Africans, fought against freeing slaves, fought against other tribes, kicked Africans off their lands once whites banned slavery. There was no invasion. Whites were settlers. Whites don’t have white only lands in US/Canada. Indians do. They can do whatever they want on them. Nobody “wiped” Indians out. There was no genocide or ethnic cleansing. The Armenians and Greeks experienced that under Muslims. The Kurds are currently going through such a thing right now in Syrian Kurdistan because of Turkish invaders. Indigenous people didn’t go through such a thing. Nobody “wiped out” their culture. Chinese, Japanese and South Indian people living in western nations often don’t know much about their native cultures. Nobody wiped their culture out. They live in western countries. If you don’t practice your cultural traditions because you embrace modernism, your culture will become less prominent. “White people” today live differently then their ancestors centuries ago. Cultures change. Modernism takes over. China is becoming very modern/westernised. They wear western clothes. Stop talking shit you racist. And pretending to be Native American is retarded. You lose.

          • Nice red herring and revisionist history. Kind of like the “redskin” appellation not being that bad to people who think it’s just the emblem of a football team. Of course you didn’t accuse me of reverse racism. That is what you are trying to do to flip the racist card on me. I can say whatever I want. Nothing stops you from it. Typical of your kind of white man telling others they aren’t “free” to say or do what they want. Your kind of whites from Europe were the biggest colonizers on the Earth. Christopher Columbus is celebrated as some hero for founding the New World when he just found it by accident and then treated natives like they were savages.

            No one said everyone was wiped out. No one said all white people are the same. When it’s convenient for you, it’s not all white people are the same. That doesn’t make your kind of white folk’s collective history disappear. You even attacked your white folk who don’t agree with your kind of white as self-loathing. What does that even mean? Having a moral conscience that causes them to attempt to alleviate what they feel are collective transgressions of their ancestors for the past? Good for them then.

          • Spanky can’t help but be racist. Spanky is jealous of whites. Spanky pretends to be native American. What’s your Indian name? “Spanking with Wolves”. Actually the biggest colonisers were Mongols. You lose!

    • Wow you are really far far right. So full of hate at minorities. First people. Ya whites took all there land and jammed them into reservations destroying their culture. Immigrants? Donald Trump hates them. It’s pretty clear Canada has its xenophobes too.

      • President Trump does not hate immigrants you lying phony. He wants illegal immigration stopped as it is destroying nations. Go pull your left wing nut pud elsewhere.

      • You have proven the point. A complete dismissal of the points.

        “Far right”. “Hate at minorities”. Where are you getting “hate” from moron? You don’t know anything about First Nations. They want to live among themselves. Nobody destroyed their culture. They want modern tech. They want electricity, medicine, television, WiFi etc… Calling people “xenophobic” for pointing out things you don’t like just proves your genuine hate and xenophobia of white people. Irish? Slovakian? Greek? Danish? You hate them because they are white.

    • —Bare in mind this television show is funded by tax payers—

      Bare in mind, that although the CBC uses taxpayer funds for news and other public service shows, all their prime-time dramas get no taxpayers money and are 100% funded by advertising—including Kreuk’s show. This has been reported here many times, but you have repeated this lie many times—why?

        • Are you too ignorant to “look it up”—and so crazy you see your obsession Sultan in every post?

          By the way, when is defense of the CBC a Sultan’s thing?

          • Hello “sultan”. It has already been looked up. And you are wrong. As per usual. And you have been defending CBC since it has been pointed out your virtue signalling obsession is on the CBC network being a hypocrite. You have let your mother down simply being you.

          • Show me where I’m wrong, because I’m not, and posted the facts twice here. (BTW because the CBC sells BofT to the CW in the USA, they might be making money for Canuck tax *ucks,)
            So you are wrong about the CBC, just as you are CONTINUOUSLY wrong about me (and others) being Sultan.
            I wonder, are you ever right about anything?

          • Do your own research you little mud hut dwelling skid mark. You are incapable of accepting anything you don’t like. You are ignorant and truly worthless. What a truly useless and irritating fuck you are.

          • “Although CBC Television is supported by public funding, commercial advertising revenue supplements the network, in contrast to CBC Radio and public broadcasters from several other countries, which are commercial-free.”

            CBC television shows are publicly funded with *supplementary* funds from commercials.

          • What you quoted is vague (not your fault) so here is one with some more clarity:

            —“The Govt supplies a combined total a billion dollars annually and is a source of heated debate. To supplement this funding, the CBC’s television networks and websites sell advertising, The network’s defenders note that the CBC’s mandate differs from private media’s, particularly in its focus on Canadian content; that much of the public funding actually goes to the radio networks…and that the CBC is responsible for the full cost of most of its prime-time programming,”—

            To explain this poorly written article:

            –the Govt gives money to the full CBC —which includes radio, TV public service and news shows, and the CBC prime time [scripted} programming.

            —the CBC doesn’t get enough money so has to supplement the Govt funding with advertising on its TV network

            —“The network’s defenders note that…much of the public funding actually goes to the radio networks…” [not to any of its TV shows like entertainment or even news)

            —with these ad dollars sold on CBC TV “… the CBC is responsible for the full cost of most of its prime-time programming,”[which are scripted drama shows, that sell advertising that supplements the Govt funding of the rest of the CBC]–

            Thus prime-time scripted entertainment shows are predominantly funded by advertising, not taxpayers.

          • “What you quoted is vague (not your fault)”

            You ignorant and patronising little twat “sultan”. (It is your fault).

            Still refusing to accept facts you don’t like. Untie your turban, it’s stopping blood flow to your little brain. No matter how much you cry, CBC television shows are publicly funded with supplementary support from advertising. Learn the word “supplementary”. Put another way, tax payers money, with the additional support of ad revenue, funds CBC television. It is what it is. Tax payer money + ad revenue = funding for awful Canadian television. Why are you like this? What happened to you?

          • – “much of the public funding actually goes to the radio networks…” [not to any of its TV shows like entertainment or even news)”

            – “not to any of its TV shows”.

            WRONG. You have just falsely stated that public funding doesn’t go to ANY CBC television shows. That is completely false. It doesn’t ALL go to radio. Tax payers wages are not only funding just CBC radio, they are funding the whole CBC network, including television. Tax payer funding goes across the whole CBC, with CBC television shows getting extra funding through commercials. Idiot.

      • It is what Retardicans do. Complain about due process when it is about the Clintons and are trying to sabotage it when it might hurt them. The party of double standards…

        • Double Standard….Democrap is thy name. Clinton foundation and Haiti. How did that work out you flaming leftist hypocrite

          • Hey why get political and shit we know you are “false flagging”. Seems most the people on here have an issue. I noticed the racist remarks come from people who are rightist like “Angry Canadian” and other types of posts but the same people attack specific people.

            Seeing as how you got it political in here for no reason. Then the talk about tax payer funded television (when prime shows are not tax payer funded for the most part) means you are probably one of the above trolls I mentioned above. Grow up and get a life.

            If you have a problem with what actors/actresses make… well that is capitalism. Yet I do not see you complaining about the wealthy republican elite and politicians who hide behind an orange midget and want tax breaks when they should be taxed harder.. and that same orange midget refuses to pay taxes himself and keeps attempting to get access to that blocked (thank god the federal/supreme court is competent) yeah a pathetic loser criminal who has to cheat to get in office. But those same people you worship I do not see you telling them to pay taxes or their bills and legislation are all taxpayer funded, that they all work on tax payed dime, yet you attack people who legitimately worked hard to get where they did? you should look at what started Hollywood and celebrity status etc.. it was world war 2 mainly the wars and certain things.

            You seem to be attacking the Clintons and Haiti. May I please ask what your problem is with Haiti? The people of said nationality and cultural/ethnic background they are hard workers anywhere they live whether it is North America/UK etc (I am mainly talking about north America) , the people of said background are hard workers and bust their asses off to provide for their families. What I would expect from a Erectile Defunct old bigoted troll if you are not erectile defunct yet you will soon be, emasculined weak minded nutrient deprived sperm/semen, but I digress it is in you genes that weak spank/weakned semen. Oh… I just remembered you are probably trailer park white trailer trash. That is most likely it.

            here “piggy” piggy pigged skinned trolls oink oink oink.

          • Hey why get political and shit we know you are “false flagging”. Seems most the people on here have an issue. I noticed the racist remarks come from people who are rightist like “Angry Canadian” and other types of posts but the same people attack specific people.

            Seeing as how you got it political in here for no reason. Then the talk about tax payer funded television (when prime shows are not tax payer funded for the most part) means you are probably one of the above trolls I mentioned above. Grow up and get a life.

            If you have a problem with what actors/actresses make… well that is capitalism. Yet I do not see you complaining about the wealthy republican elite and politicians who hide behind an orange midget and want tax breaks when they should be taxed harder.. and that same orange midget refuses to pay taxes himself and keeps attempting to get access to that blocked (thank god the federal/supreme court is competent) yeah a pathetic loser criminal who has to cheat to get in office. But those same people you worship I do not see you telling them to pay taxes or their bills and legislation are all taxpayer funded, that they all work on tax payed dime, yet you attack people who legitimately worked hard to get where they did? you should look at what started Hollywood and celebrity status etc.. it was world war 2 mainly the wars and certain things.

            You seem to be attacking the Clintons and Haiti. May I please ask what your problem is with Haiti? The people of said nationality and cultural/ethnic background they are hard workers anywhere they live whether it is North America/UK etc (I am mainly talking about north America) , the people of said background are hard workers and bust their asses off to provide for their families. What I would expect from a Erectile Defunct old bigoted troll if you are not erectile defunct yet you will soon be, emasculined weak minded nutrient deprived sperm/semen, but I digress it is in you genes that weak spank/weakned semen. Oh… I just remembered you are trailer park white trailer trash. That is most likely it.

            Pig skin fuckers. Oink Oink suweee Oink such “pigs”.

        • Why are you bringing up US political parties? That has nothing to do with anything. Normal people want to CONSERVE (ative) and you want to destroy. You are selfish assholes forcing your shit on others.

  • Maybe Flowers can chime in and confirm how big of a FLOP “Burden of Proof” really is. 🙂

    I’m guessing it has lower viewership than Looney Toons cartoons.

    I’m guessing it has lower viewership than re-runs of Wheel of Fortune.

    I’m guessing that Flowers tunes in to watch — cuz she sees similarities between her own IMAGINED STALKERS and the stalkers on the show.

    What say you, Flower girl?

    • “Burden of Truth”

      Season 2:
      Air Date:
      No. Title: Rating/Share U.S. viewers
      1 “Salesman, Cheats and Liars” June 02,2019 0.1/1 468,000

      2 “The Rabbit Hole” June 09,2019 0.1/0 479,000

      3 “The Milk of Human Kindness” June 16,2019 0.1/0 413,000

      4 “Guilt by Association” June 23,2019 0.1/1 432,000

      5 “Cold, Tired and Hungry” June 30,2019 0.1/0 514,000

      6 “Manic Street Preacher” July 07,2019 0.1/0 454,000

      7 “Never Face the Hangman” July 14,2019 0.1/0 484,000

      8 “The Right Road” July 21,2019 0.1/1 580,000

      • Those are US ratings.

        327,000,000 US residents.

        The highest number on your little list is 580,000. Yes that’s a flop.

    • Don’t think you can call something that’s been renewed for at least 3 seasons and sold globally, a flop.

  • Kristin’s background & involvement should be looked into. She was in that group for close to 10 years… She cannot seriously be “that” stupid. I am sure she knew that something was going on. And slowly backed out of the group… because of what was going on. There is NO WAY, she did NOT know that SOMETHING was amiss. I did not believe her statement that she was not involved in some way. She is just smarter at not being caught. I was a female fan of her… but when I read her statement it smelled of LIES!! She knows a lot more than she stated, she continued her friendship with Mack and founded G.B.D with her for the group. No one is that freaking dumb to not know something is amiss. As the group grew it was more & more obvious… then when it went to hell, she had her publicist issue that statement. ( I believe none of the statement was of her own but a well thought out comment) This is my belief and intuition. Coming from a woman’s point of view.

  • Nxivm was a scam. Always. Before the branding, before the blackmailing, before Raniere’s sexual peccadilloes came to light, plenty of people knew it was a scam. The “tech” is bogus, Raniere a scheming con artist who fleeced people. It was suspect as a pyramid scheme. It was cultish from the get-go. The Saratoga In Decline blog exposed all this years ago. Kristin Kreuk was actively promoting this scam. She was making money off it. She was complicit.

    Maybe she was stupid enough to not realize it was a scam, a cult, and a Ponzi scheme. That’s neither here nor there. She promoted Nxivm. Maybe nothing she did was illegal; nonetheless it was immoral. She needs to apologize. She needs to come clean. If for no other reason than she got her friend Allison Mack involved. Got her in deep. And now her friend is facing serious prison time because of it.

    • Wrong. She paid for her own courses and received no money from NX—as if she needed any.

    • Actaeon — Another idiotic uniformed post from you. What a suprise — not. Low level coaches– the 1,000 -1,5000 yellow sashed ones — weren’t making money off of this “self-help” cult you idiot, they had to volunteer. Why don’t you ask your beloved Erica? While you’re at it, why don’t you ask how she could be such good friends with someone so unclean.

      And I see when it suits your idiotic posts, you change your tune from Allison Mack ruined her life all on her own to trying to blame someone else for getting Mack “in deep.” LOL That would be like blaming Catherine Oxenberg for where India ended up. Actually why Oxenberg continued when she had a longtime friend sitting right next to her in her introductory meeting telling her it was a cult and then not only paying for India’s first course but also recruiting her beautiful teenage step daughter and step son is an unexplored story.

  • Dear SFMPE,

    Thanks for letting us all know that you think Kristin Kreuk is cute….

    ….But that you would never masturbate to her.

    I am sure all of the female commentators appreciate your input on this incredible important subject.

    I am on the fence about “it” myself.

  • There are some good points of perspective in this piece.

    It’s always looked to me like Kreuk’s statement was coached or vetted by her PR people, to be minimal and non-specific. She has almost surely also been advised, probably wisely, not to say anything more – as we can see from many of the comments here, any additional statement or details would probably just engender more controversy and speculation, and nothing she could say would satisfy her detractors.

    Considering it further, it’s also possible that Kreuk might even have wanted to be more forthcoming about her NXIVM involvement – and been told not to by her advisors. In the end, it’s all speculative and that’s the problem.

    Meanwhile, there are more key people, who were involved longer and more deeply, and who recruited more members, whose roles are more important to investigate and expose – some of them have managed to virtually fly under the radar, and largely cover up their involvement. Here are just the higher sash levels above Kreuk, and this is largely based on a 2011 list so there were probably more orange sashes made as Kreuk’s involvement diminished – as always I welcome additional or corrected information:

    DRAFT List of key players in Vancouver (restricted Orange Sash proctors and above)

    * Sarah Edmondson – Established and ran Vancouver Center, recruited actors and celebrities. Claims/reported recruited 2,000.

    * Mark Vicente – Ran Center in California and co-founded Vancouver.

    * Mark Hildreth – Orange Sash by 2011. Jness senior trainer/mentor. Co-leader of The Source. Recruited Kreuk, Nicole, others. Recorded online videos with/for Raniere. Stayed until reportedly cuckolded 2016-7.

    * Lucas Roberts – Orange sash 2 stripes. Stayed in.

    * Leah Lim Mottishaw – Orange sash 1 stripe. Stayed in.

    * Allison Mack – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-leader of The Source. Stayed in.

    * Nicki Cline – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Edmondson. Stayed in, loyalist.

    * Valerie Ward – Orange sash 1 stripe as of 2011.

    • With her great looks and being a great actress (according to spanky) she may have recruited more than anyone else. And also recruited many younger girls than anyone else due to the make up of her fan base. Also, It’s her life, if she did not approve of a pr statement made for her she would have made another. Quit making excuses for her spanky. When will you give it a rest. You have already spanked yourself into mental illness, and made hamburger meat of yourself. It’s obvious you will use any tactic to divert attention from her with your many names. Please seek professional help.

      • It’s patently false that “she may have recruited more than anyone else” – actress Sarah Edmondson claims to have recruited around two thousand, and orange sashes certainly recruited more than yellow sashes like Kreuk, which is one of the qualifications for those ranks. Where are any significant number of people she recruited – and particularly any young girls, who would have needed the approval of parents? I agree it would be an issue, and one that she ought to be called to account, if that were the case, but there just not any indication that it is.

        Speaking of Edmondson, she’s done almost nothing to account for all the people she recruited, and has gotten away with publishing a book that is so self-serving that it borders on being an example of “virtue signaling” itself. If anyone were to be called to account, Edmondson should be working full time and overtime for a cult exit counseling service and living like a pauper, as payback for the massive damage she helped do to so many peoples’ lives, and the profit she made off of it.

        And no, someone at all career-minded would not backtrack on advice given them by a PR professional – plus there are signs that Kreuk’s father is one of the people who advises and manages her. Mack’s cult shennanigans and unwillingness to take and follow advice, for instance, caused her agent to drop her.

        Speaking of giving it a rest, what drives your obsession – particularly with falsely seeing one person behind multiple monikers, when Frank has said that I’m not one of those? Or are you paid to post here and divert attention from others like Hildreth or Park, which is why it’s always on your mind to accuse others of it?

        Here is the draft list of Vancouver yellow sashes, actors and DOS slaves – perhaps your idol, friend or employer among them; Edmondson’s book, conveniently, doesn’t even mention any of them:

        * Pam Cooley – Yellow sash 4 stripes as of 2011.
        * Diane Lim – DOS maybe branded*, Yellow sash 3 stripes. Stayed in, loyalist.
        * Grace Park – Yellow Sash. Recruited by Edmondson. Made at least 9 online videos with Raniere. Reported left 2017.
        (note there were 2 Yellow Sash 4 stripes and 2 2 stripes coaches additional as of 2011, not listed here)
        * Kristen Kreuk – Yellow Sash 2 Stripes. Recruited by Hildreth, recruited Voth. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort, turned down OneAsian. “Left”/distanced 2012/3, coached twice before leaving in 2015/16.
        * Olivia Cheng – Yellow Sash 2 stripes by 2011. OneAsian. Actress, recruited by Cline.
        * Kendra Voth – Yellow sash 1 stripe as of 2011. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort. Reported/claimed left c. 2012, but posted about GBD in 2013?
        * Chad Krowchuk – Recruited by Mack.

        — Actors and DOS slaves of unknown rank, mostly lower —
        * Pam Arstikaitis – DOS maybe branded*
        * Callum Blue – Smallville
        * Lyvia Cohen – DOS likely branded*. Exo/Eso. TV/film producer
        * Maggie Dou – DOS reportedly just missed getting branded*
        * Alicia Novak – DOS reportedly branded*. Mack slave. Actress
        * Teresa ‘Tree” Walsh – DOS reportedly branded

        * [name redacted] – GBD used the Time Out Retreat she ran in Sonoma, but says she was not part of NXIVM

        * Per Frank, see for instance

    • “and nothing she could say would satisfy her detractors.”

      You are SultanOfSix. You have said this numerous times on your many aliases, possibly word for word. You just cannot help yourself. Nobody can help you. You live in Narnia.

      You can post the names and ranks of every NXIVM person in the world, what is said about Kristin Kreuk is specific to her. What is said about Sarah Edmondson is specific to her. The criticisms these people get is specific to them. But your life is so empty and void of happiness and meaning that you try to fill the void with this online white knighting of someone who could not give a flying carpet about you. You don’t have the power to change people’s minds, especially when you are coming from a toxic place. I and others have criticized numerous NXIVM members for their specific reasons, but only Kristin Kreuk gets you white knighting. You are irritating.
      Consider never visiting Frank Report ever again and find a way to block any reference to Kristin Kreuk, NXIVM or Frank Report from your internet server, so you can break your unhealthy addiction. It truly is an addiction. A low testosterone heroin.

      • Your fixation with trying to peg me as someone I am not, particularly when told that is wrong by Frank, who has a good sense of his regular commenters – and who I’ve actually talked to a few times – is itself an example of culty thinking.

        The willingness you demonstrate to ignore information that doesn’t conform to your assumptions or beliefs, is exactly the sort of faulty rationalizing that would have lead a cult member like Kreuk to initially discount the 2012 Times Union expose’.

        If you’re going to disregard Parlato, can you fault Kreuk for not believing Odato?

        Your Bias Is: confirmation bias

        You favor things that confirm your existing beliefs.
        “We are primed to see and agree with ideas that fit our preconceptions, and to ignore and dismiss information that conflicts with them. You could say that this is the mother of all biases, as it affects so much of our thinking through motivated reasoning. To help counteract its influence we ought to presume ourselves wrong until proven right.

        Think of your ideas and beliefs as software you’re actively trying to find problems with rather than things to be defended. “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman”

        • –If you’re going to disregard Parlato, can you fault Kreuk for not believing Odato?

          LOL. So owned.

          –You favor things that confirm your existing beliefs.

          While they likely do elsewhere, in these particular instances they’re just loser trolls with some childish vendetta against Kristin and/or me, trying to get a rise out of others with their lame gas-lighting and self-esteem denigration attempts. That’s all.

          If you read about a narcissist’s behavior, these people display it to a tee. Even in the light of all evidence – and while everyone and their mother knows they’re lying – they’ll incessantly repeat the lie to barrage their false view of reality as the truth. It’s ironically a transparent shield against their own impotence and lack of self-esteem.

          • “LOL. So owned.”

            Spanky, stop agreeing with your other alias you crazy bastard!

            You talk exactly the same and say the exact same things which ever alias you use.

            Come forward and identify yourself to Frank via online video chat with your passport. John Tigue knows what you look like. Do so as “SultanOfSix” and “Anonyspanker”. C’mon spankster, let’s see if you look as cucky as you behave!

        • You are saying the EXACT same thing as you do as your SOS alias! Yes or no, has Frank SEEN you? Talking on the phone does not mean Frank has SEEN your identity. John Tigue has.

          • Nitguy –

            I’m enjoying the opportunity to expose the culty and illogical mindset, regardless of whatever their real motivation might be.

            Hopefully you and some others appreciate the references to things like logical fallacies and cognitive biases. It really is exemplary of what is at work in high control groups or cults.

    • You people are toxic trolls. Liars through your teeth too a without a twinge to a conscience as it likely doesn’t even exist.

      You see the linked image here:

      Yeah, I thought so.

      Yeah I know you have to repeat the lies constantly using Goebbels-like methodology so I’m sure you’ll just keep saying it over and over again. It just shows how sick you fuckers are.

      You lost. Kristin was smart enough to maintain a safe distance from getting too involved. Too bad for you.

      Name a single fucking verifiable person with a legitimate name who she recruited who still remains – outside of Allison Mack – nor one who has a legitimate grievance against her for anything negative to happen to them as a result.

      Cue your lie repeat cycle.

      Anonymaker is right. Notice how you fuckers never criticize the people who still remain in the cult. Only those who left and those who turned against it.

      The obvious implication being…

      Stupid fucks.

      • Lol SOS, looks like Meangirls and spankyspermtalker are stuck in a loop. They want Kristin guilty in a court case she was never part of. They have her convicted in their own little twisted minds. lol. I tell you SOS, some have been after Kristin since the 1st episode of Smallville. You will find these folks in every announcement of Kristin’s movies, TV shows or awards.
        They just cannot help themselves. Sad. We Kristin fans have see these bashers hostile posts every-time we want to see what’s Kristin is up to….oh well, at least we know she will continue to be a success after sentencing of the cult.

        • Re Sultan of Six:

          I will no longer be making fun of you. I think you are too impassioned in your defense of Kristin Kreuk. I know you feel a deep responsibility as a true fan.

          I communicated to Frank Parlato, via a comment post, that you get agitated and upset when Frank posts photos of Mark Hildreth alongside Kristin Kreuk. I think I understand why the photos upset you…..Kristin Kreuk would never have been involved with NXIVM if it were not for Mark Hildreth. I don’t think Frank will post any more of the offending photos.

          I wish you well!

      • When you phoned up Frank Parlato, did he see your face? Did you video call? No.

        – “You lost”.

        No faggot, WE won and YOU lost. NXIVM is coming down and your “dream spank” has been exposed. Something you don’t want to happen. How sad.

        – “Kristin was smart enough to maintain a safe distance from getting too involved.”

        Filming a television show in another city is being “smart enough”!

        – “Too bad for you.”

        Really Osama Bin-Spank?

        It must be chaos inside your little mind. When are you going to roll out your other aliases? “SoSalty” “WasabiSteak” “Rowan” “Stu” etc. Your “Anonymous for Kristin” aliases is probably the most soy. Sort your life out faggot.

  • “The day she will apologize for having been a propaganda tool and publicizing on NXIVM, it will rain flaming pigs all over the world!!!”

    No need to break out your asbestos umbrellas!

    The Bronfman sisters, whose family is heavily invested in the media industry, deliberately opened up a NXIVM center in Vancouver which is the center of Canada’s burgeoning media industry.
    The Bronmfmans bloody well knew that a cult like NXIVM would appeal to actors and actresses and others in the arts.
    And the Bronfmans bloody well knew that actresses like Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne have a following among impressionable young women.

    Actresses like Kreuk, Mack and Clyne were impressed with the Bronfman fortune which is still in the range of billions of dollars.

    If it had not been for the wisdom and persistence of Kreuk’s father who yanked his virtue signalling daughter out of the criminal gang, Kristen Kreuk might have been indicted.
    Kristen, you should thank Papa Kreuk for saving your behind.

    • – “The Bronmfmans bloody well knew that a cult like NXIVM would appeal to actors and actresses and others in the arts.”

      These assholes are hardly representing “the arts”.

      – “If it had not been for the wisdom and persistence of Kreuk’s father who yanked his virtue signalling daughter out of the criminal gang, Kristen Kreuk might have been indicted.”

      But he didn’t yank his virtue signalling daughter out of the NXIVM cult, as she was still there in 2016, three years after claiming she had left. Two high ranking proctors told Frank Parlato that Kreuk stopped coaching in 2013 after moving away for filming. The same month she went back to Toronto for the final season of that show in May 2015, somebody thanked her online for her “encouragement” on his NXIVM course. And she was still doing EM’s etc. This is a cultist who still liked NXIVM and supported it. Two individuals according to Frank Parlato asked Kreuk to help fight NXIVM. She said no. They didn’t ask some passive member who left. They asked someone who was a big part of the NXIVM fabric.

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