Allison Mack Blabs About Her Bisexual Love of Sister Wives – and Upsets Camila – Who Wanted to Be #1 in the Harem

At the beginning of DOS – during 2015 – Keith Alan Raniere, also known as the Vanguard, gradually let various women into his secret group called DOS and revealed what he expected of them.

Some of them he had lied to for years – saying that they would be the only one – and he would have an avatar baby with them.

When he broke the news that he would have seven DOS slaves as his wives – some of them were hurt.

But there was one woman who seemed to embrace polygamy, threesomes, and sister-wives.

Allison Mack

Her name is Allison Mack.

She came into the world of sex with Raniere – and being his slave – in 2015 knowing she would have to share her glorious master.

She even gave Raniere collateral – blackmail worthy material – including nude photos, letters confessing her father had molested her and that her nephews were molested – in order to have sex with the blessed one.

She also assigned to Keith her real estate [the feds actually wound up with that] and that, should she have a baby with Keith – should she leave him – he would get sole custody of the child.

Nicki Clyne was also a slave and, at first, she thought she was the only slave of his.

When Allison ebulliently told her that they were to be sister wives and slaves – Nicki did not share Allison’s happiness.

Nicki was jealous. Later, Keith made Allison marry Nicki so she could stay in the country and, in time, Nicki accepted Allison being Keith’s slave too.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and her spouse, Nicki Clyne.


Rosa Laura Junco

As for the other slaves – the heiress Rosa Laura Junco – she stopped sleeping with her husband and began an adulterous affair with Keith.

Monica Duran – had no other man for years.

Monica Duran became a first-line slave and sister wife.

Daniela Padilla seemed more eager to join the sister-wife concept – like Allison. Daniela who had a fondness for BDSM was quick to excite Allison’s own sadomasochistic desires.


Allison and Dani enjoyed threesomes with Keith.


MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack after having a threesome with Dani and Keith.


Keith Alan Raniere was a very busy man.

Allison and Dani had threesomes with Keith and Allison loved it, it appears from an email she wrote to Keith about it.

But there was one woman –  who we get a deeper insight into how she felt. And who was unhappy.

She is Camila Fernandez, the little girl Keith sexually exploited when she was 15.

Camila Fernandez started having sex with Keith Raniere when she was 15 – or possibly younger.

Keith stupidly kept her nude photographs when she was 15 for more than a decade – until the Feds came and raided his library and found them on a hard drive – which allowed the Feds to level “possession of child porn” and “sexual exploitation of a child” on him as predicate acts of his racketeering enterprise.

By 2015, Camila had grown up – and Raniere had for years promised her children, a home and a family,

He lied to her as he lied to many women.  And it appears it was Allison Mack who spilled the beans.

Just like with Nicki, Allison was so excited about having sister-wives and raising their babies together – and having threesomes with her master and other slaves – and being a committed slave – that she told Cami, thinking she would be as happy as she was.

Here is an insight into the pain Camila, now 25 years old, felt about what she learned from Allison Mack.

Camila is texting Keith and telling him of her anguish on October 14th, 2015.

Camila: How much can I share with Allison? She’s asking about our relationship. I think I’m going to throw up or faint….  I …. feel like I want to throw up. There is much I don’t know and understand. The children thing breaks my heart more than I ever thought possible. I wanted a life with you. I wanted my purity and devotion and your love and beauty to create beautiful children to inhabit the world. It feels like death. I feel like I’m going to break.

Allison called the slave thing like sister-wives and I don’t know if that is what it is or what you want it to be. I’m also struggling with the fact that I’ve paid my dues…. For ten years, and they [Allison and the other first-line DOS masters] are just coming in, and at least Allison assumes she is the same as me and we are all the same.

That bothered me. She has no clue. She is fresh and excited because she just came in. I don’t think it is right to level that to ten years of our life together.

Keith texted back:  Please heal this. Both paths [Allison’s and hers] are different and can’t be compared. A restarted broken path of ten years is not comparable to a new path.

[Here Keith is referring to the affair she had with Robbie – that Keith went batshit crazy over. He says that Cami’s path with him is broken because of the affair she had.]

Cami:  What do you mean? What specifically are you referring to when you say “heal this?”

Keith playing the martyr replies: I just threw up blood for 15 minutes. I want my sweet love loving, happy Cami back.

Cami is still pressing for answers. Allison had referred to the slaves who were branded would each have numbers.

Cami asks: By the way, what do the numbers mean? She knew her number. Do they all know their number? I need to sit. I feel like I’m going to throw up. I thought I’d stand next to you as number one. I thought I’d be your partner and I was even thinking of ways of helping them [the other women] feel special and included.   Can it still be our home with our kids and our love? I’ll give my arm for it.

Keith: Yes. But you need to find slaves quickly that are good.

Cami: Are these slaves for you? Or for us?

Keith: There are two types. Both types are for us. One type is in the [DOS] program. You are their master.  I am their Grandmaster. The other type are very select ones you use to heal us [with sex], likely being also of the first type.

Cami: Okay. I am asking because these persons [the sister wives] will be in our life forever but I was not involved in the process of choosing who.  I am afraid I will not be comfortable with the others.

Keith:  You choose your slaves.

A group ceremony involving the first line slaves giving a blow job to their master [in the center] Keith Alan Raniere was planned. Sadly for all of them, Keith was arrested before they could enjoy his splendor.
Cami: What about the seven [first line slaves]? Allison said these seven were forever. She and others will be forever in my life.

Keith: They are first-line to me but if any suit the purpose, I obviously have access [to have sex with them].

Cami:  But I did not pick them. … what if I don’t want one of the seven forever in my life?

Keith:  The circumstance will need to evolve. It should be that way if you’re devoted and love me. That they have committed [to lifetime slavery] should [make you want to] give them respect and care from you also, as well as the other way around.

Cami:  But you didn’t ask. You have stuck me with seven women for life and didn’t ask. I’m afraid Nicki [Clyne] will be part of it. I would never pick Nicki or Monica [Duran].

I would pick someone like Melissa [Rodriguez]. Or Pam. Or Marisa. I feel like I’m drowning.

Keith:  Marisa who?

Cami: Jness from Monterrey. I feel like I’m going to be sick.  The way it was presented [by Keith, the liar] and the way it actually is, [as she learned from Allison and now Keith] is very different. I am struggling. I am holding onto your love. I haven’t stopped shaking. I want to hold you and for you to hold me.

Keith [now competing with Cami as to who is feeling the worst pain]: It feels worse than that because of how you’re experiencing this. I am truly heartbroken at the deepest level. I would hope you would eagerly embrace everyone I might choose, in part, because you know, I choose by virtue. Even if I chose a female Hitler.  I feel like you are rejecting me all again. I should have kept things to myself.

Cami: No. No. No, no. No rejection. If anything, I’m holding onto you. This is just not what I thought. I really thought it would take away from us but all the time you spend with them, you choose not to spend with me. It hurts. Did you like female Hitler?

Keith:  It won’t [matter] at all if [I choose a female Hitler] you [should] embrace it without reservation. This is what a good slave would do.


So here we have an honest reaction by Camila to being in a polygamous relationship. I would think this kind of struggling with the acceptance of other women is common in polygamy.

While some types, like Allison, seem to embrace it. She even said joyfully to her slave, Nicole, that she was glad Keith was having sex with her so she could learn more about her own sexuality through her.

Allison seemed to have strong bisexual tendencies and so she embraced having women to share with Keith.

Yet there were times, some of Allison’s slaves told me, that she was jealous of new women that Keith was having sex with.  She was conflicted. She enjoyed her sister-wife life and at the same time, she was jealous when Keith did not spend enough time with her.

On the other hand, there is Camila, who is far less desirous of having sister-wives and wanted to be with Keith and have a family. Despite her grooming her since she was 15, Cami still seemed to want to hold on to traditional values. Yet she was aware and accepted the fact that he had other women – she just wanted to be number one.

She suffered – but like Allison and Nicki, she stayed with Keith till the bitter end.

While Allison repudiated Keith [only after she was arrested and got a plea deal], Nicki and Camila – one in Brooklyn and one in Guadalajara – still long for their master – who is likely never going to get out of prison in time to enslave them again and make them sister wives.

It is curious that both Nicki and Cami still adore their Vanguard – but Cami found Nicki repulsive.

It is not known how Nicki felt about her.

But these are the problems I suspect that are common to polygamy – various women having diverse feelings about each other.

It will take a far smarter man than Keith to solve the natural jealousies that must occur when one man has multiple women and they all know about each other.



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  • I still want to rub my dick all over Allison Mack’s face and body. She’s hot! I think she’s actually too hot to be with these dudes. Too bad when she gets out of jail she probably won’t have the looks anymore.

  • Not polygamy. Cult.

    In my opinion, Raniere and Co manifested a strange type of “family” environment. That is why there was no jealousy.

    That is why many probably still long for it.

    An emptiness has been created.

  • Funny how you defended the Freedom of speech when glazer “threatens” it (and with right, defamation IS a crime) and yet, you block my comment when you Don’t like what it says…Funny also that you accept to post the hatful speech of anonymaker or shadow which are linking you further more to the defamation and to the incitation to hatred.

    “But there was one woman who seemed to embrace polygamy, threesomes, and sister-wives.Her name is Allison Mack.”
    Collaterals…they all seem to accept it , why say Allison embrace it? idiot!
    You don’t know a thing about Allison but yet, just like idiot like shadow or Anonymaker, you judge something you don’t know, don’t understand just for the sake of you perverted mind…

    Also you write something like this, not knowing ANY FACTS ON HER STATE OF MIND and IGNORING that she was definatly not herself (anyone knowing Allison personnally will tell you that her personnality wasn’t the same)
    STARVATION is the key here, but you are too idiotic to understand that…huh franky?

    “She even gave Raniere collateral – blackmail worthy material – including nude photos, letters confessing her father had molested her and that her nephews were molested – in order to have sex with the blessed one.”
    Suuuuure, and of course it was fully willingly…just like each and every victim, they wanted to have sex with him…
    Frank, how about getting a life instead of creating a fantasy, you sound more a more like some of your other pervert friend…how about sticking to FACTS

    “When Allison ebulliently told her that they were to be sister wives and slaves – Nicki did not share Allison’s happiness.”
    See, it to LAUREN that she said that…you really can’t stick with facts…i remind you that the lie you produce to make people hate Allison (when you know nothing)are incitation to hatred…a crime. aside of it, some of what you say is also defamation.

    ” like Allison. Daniela who had a fondness for BDSM was quick to excite Allison’s own sadomasochistic desires.”
    Idiot…Once again, you talk without knowing and BTW on what is based this stupid statement? on the fake info about Allison being cruel with people? the same allegation disproved in court as no one accused her of violence?.

    “Allison and Dani had threesomes with Keith and Allison loved it, it appears from an email she wrote to Keith about it.”
    Excuse me but the email sounds exactly like the other forced mail that some member HAD to send to Raniere…Do you think that after all the things he did to Nicole, she wanted to write a nice thing to him?
    You are ridiculous and a liar…

    “Cami: No. No. No, no. No rejection. If anything, I’m holding onto you. ”
    With that said, it’s a proof that you commit an incitation to hatred…you have other potential target which are WAY more involved and WAY MORE HAPPY to be part of it without the coercion (collateral was not complete when she wrote this), Without the starvation (as Cami wasn’t following fully her diet) but YOU prefer to attack a VICTIM like ALLISON.

    “So here we have an honest reaction by Camila to being in a polygamous relationship.”
    She isn’t starved so the mental control isn’t complete and excuse me but she still said “if anything,i’m holding onto you”

    Allison was starved since 2013 and she was obviously following this diet, scientifically , it’s a fact that this had an impact on her understanding of the situation.
    This why she is acting like she don’t give a damn (not embrace) and this is why she accept it…

    It’s more disturbing (to me and probably anyone sane) to read that Cami was Ok with everything without session of hypnose, drug, starvation and without collaterals…
    She was in since the beginning (but we could put that on the fact she was raise in a family who supported the cult, and that she knew only him as a “man” since she was a child…

    “While some types, like Allison, seem to embrace it. She even said joyfully to her slave, Nicole, that she was glad Keith was having sex with her so she could learn more about her own sexuality through her.”
    No she said to “heal her” and you still ignore her state of mind and the years of tempering that Raniere had on her…

    “Allison seemed to have strong bisexual tendencies and so she embraced having women to share with Keith.”
    For this, she would have needed to have sex with those ladies…she did 1 threesome (under pressure as it is obvious (from her mail) that it was demanded to her, not that she asked for it.
    Try to avoid rewriting history…

    “While Allison repudiated Keith [only after she was arrested and got a plea deal]”
    In other word, when she was eating , sleeping properly and that her collaterals were “null”…But let ignore this.
    Obviously coercion can’t force people to do things, right? Oh but wait, there was a trial about that…Idiot!

    This little “Allison repudiated…only after she was arrested” is the proof of that (and no, it was not after the plea deal…she ask a couple of time to get a separate trial. Hardly the sound of someone loving Raniere)

    All i see here, is another fiction story (using a bit of the truth but twisting it) , ignoring many of the facts, redacting what doesn’t fit what you want to tell…
    You take on a personnal attack on Allison..and for what?

    Don’t answer, you would just have to make another lie and i don’t want to bother you with that.

    The only fact you showed is that many girls had abnormal behavior in Raniere’s presence and this is perfectly scientifically explained by the kind of treatment he was putting them through…

    But you willingly ignore it so you can pretend that Allison was “embracing” her fate.
    I hardly call that embracing when one need to be starved (for mental control), hypnotised (for mental control) and collateralized.
    You choose to ignore also that many girl did the same (knowing the sharing part) , it’s funnier to attack 1 person (with mostly lies).

    The fact won’t change franky…Allison is obviously another victim and not consenting (and the funny thing is that, on your own blog, not long ago, you had an article about how the coercion, diet and such makes Raniere sexual abuse of Allison “NON CONSENTUAL”)

    You are just an idiot, you need to get a life because the time you spent posting article written by idiots like shadow had is impact on you.
    You are obsessed by her and try to make sound Raniere almost like a poor victim.
    You temper the truth to make it sound like something else and you ignore the facts that explain why Allison was caught in this story.

    Be careful, it’s a dangerous path…you are in illegality and it wouldn’t be difficult to demonstrate it.
    How many of you article are about Allison and systematically against her?
    How many are actually accurate or true? (not many, i can tell you that much)

    You are trying to get some weak people to be enraged against her (when she is a victim and it’s not disputable), you are making up stories to make her sound like a bad ,sick person (ignoring her personnality “pre-nxivm” or the fact that many said it was not the Allison they knew).

    This is an incitation to hatred that you perpetuate and i advice you to check a lawyer to see how much it cost because it could refrain you from continuing your (stupid) actions.

    Want to sound like a real journalist (which you are not)? atleast make a proper fantasy backed up with proper facts and try to aim at proper target (like Nancy…).
    Because here, all you sound like is a mentally sick obsessed old man (a shadow state), pervert obsessed by a girl that could have been his daughter…
    I feel like many people will feel bad for having cited you as a source…that explain probably with the fiction movie that was broadcast a couple of weeks ago decided to (sort of) scrap you!

  • Re Keith Raniere proverbs

    “A broken path is not the same thing as a new path”, by Keith Raniere.

    I still cannot believe Keith Raniere’s words of bullshit drivel and word salad…..
    …….. worked on anyone other than poor Cami that was trained (brain washed) to believe Raniere was a pious deity.

    I am still dumbfounded by the fact that so many people were taken in by this cross eyed, chubby, and square footed unwashed sloth….
    Pied Piper.

    Maybe it was Raniere’s unassuming and innocuous manner that made him seem so believable….

    • Niceguy, I think about this all the time. How did so many pretty, educated and successful women get hoodwinked?

      There was a void filled, but I would need to meet him to draw conclusions.

      Most of his sayings were complete horseshit. The look in his eye creepy at best–to many of us.

      • FoolMeNot,

        “There was a void filled, but I would need to meet him to draw conclusions.”

        I believe you are 100% correct. We would have to meet him to understand, and his followers definitely had a void.

        As an example of voids, Mark Vincete is a highly intelligent man, but I guess he has a void in his life as you state.

  • This isn’t polygamy, this is a cult. Other cultures practice polygamy and some seem to do it quite well. Our culture isn’t prepared for it. Very few people in our civilization can successfully pull it off because of how we think and feel as a result of living in our culture. Study some tribal cultures that have never really been exposed to our modern religions, technology and ways of thinking and you’ll find some do polygamous relationships VERY well without all the jealousy and BS.

    • SUMMARY POINT: Implementations of polygamy (including Raniere’s) have actually been tried extensively, over an extended period, and have never worked out in advanced societies, other than as exceptional cases for a small number of people suited to it.

      Raniere indeed was trying to find a way to make a form of polygamy work in modern times, including what might be called fairly extensive “preparation” or acculturation. There have been all sorts of other attempts since the 1960s, and really even going back to the mid-19th century (Joseph Smith’s Mormons, as in many other respects, just tapped into social currents of the era, as reflected in other groups like the Oneida Community and some early Adventists).

      None of the many implementations of polygamy or polyamory tried in the last two centuries has ever really worked out, even when it has involved isolating members from modern society and raising children completely immersed, as well as extensive attempts at indoctrination if not thought reform. There has long been an evolution toward two-person relationships in developed societies, even before the advent of modern times, much less technology, though of course it still exists in more primitive settings; polygamy is on a slow decline in the Muslim and Arab worlds, which is still strongly tribal and where many people live much as they have for millennia (including many of the world’s poorest countries, except for oil wealth), as they modernize.

      A small number of people can pull off anything from celibate marriages to long-term BDSM or “cuckold” relationships (the latter arguably an extreme form of polyamory with dominant/submissive overtones). Exceptions do not prove a rule.

      If you have something that works for you and isn’t harming or abusing anyone, particularly not any children affected, then maybe that’s your thing – just don’t try to claim some broader justification.

      HIGH CONTROL GROUP OR CULT RELEVANCE: It’s a typical flaw of their thinking, and unrealistic idealism and aims, that they blame any problems with the widespread adoption of their precepts on society and the world somehow not being ready for them. Typically, they are also unaware of the actual history of the concepts or practices involved, having been attempted multiple times over extended periods in a variety of different ways, and never having worked out.

      Note: I’m going to try highlighting key sections at the beginning and end of longer comments, similar to what is done in business and other reports, to see if that’s useful for readers who might want to skim what might seem TL:DR.

      • AnoyMaker,

        Excellent Anthropological summary of Polygamy across cultures and it’s end result. I did enjoy reading it. Sometimes I wish you sited books or articles. (Not necessarily as proof of the validity of your comments but just my own interest.)

        In some cultures women will rather choose a polygamous relationship with a wealthy man that can be a good provider for her child than be the wife of a poor man.

        I do agree though in the majority of cases polygamy is a poor substitute for monogamy.

        • Nitguy, glad to hear my comment was appreciated.

          I think I actually provide more references, including to scholarly works and peer-reviewed research, than anyone else. In a case like this it is more of a synthesis of broad reading and even experience – though I typically do some quick fact-checking. But I’m also trying not to be too tedious and LT;DR, plus I have other and more important things in life to do.

          I don’t write anything that I’m not reasonably sure that I could back up if I had to, and am always willing to dig further and provide citations if someone wants to question or challenge anything – and even make corrections or admit mistakes if necessary. I’m also glad to provide suggested readings if asked, though in this case I don’t have any other than to suggest that the book Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches by Marvin Harris is a great, very readable little primer on applied sociology.

          And your note about polygamous relationships with wealthy men who are good providers, could be said to apply to a fair bit of sort of informal polygamy or polyamory that goes on even in this country. Some also refer to cycles of frequent marriage, divorce, and remarriage, as serial polygamy.

  • None of these kind of relationships work because it was never meant to be that way. That’s not what God’s design for us as human beings was. Therefore stuff like this is never going to work out.

    • It’s in the Old Testament, which is why the Mormons practiced it originally and groups like the FLDS still do, along with some ultra-orthodox Jews, and arguably also the common tacit arrangement of European royals to have proper wives along with one or more mistresses.

      As I noted in another comment, its origins go back to when early men lived in small tribal groups – the Old Testament reflects the last era of such primitive societies.

  • Let me be blunt: I would like to know what those “slaves” performed for Raniere “sexually” to better understand their “vulnerable mindsets” and the true ability of “his lustness” Vanguard, that should be our “praise” to their “stupidity”.

  • Since a large portion of Raniere’s perverted mind is open to all, so I was thinking why not people know “all” about his perverted “teachings in private” namely his “rules” for his slaves for how to “entertain and encourage” him aka his “penis”. I admit we are venturing into the land of “porn” with this revelation but to evaluate his “work” I reckon we must run the last mile too!

  • As to the struggles of polygamy and similar multiple relationships, I have a bit of perspective to contribute.

    I had some friends who experimented with polyamory, who were part of a subculture where I went to graduate school, that seems to have been very much like Raniere’s circle in Clifton Park – interest in human potential groups including Scientology and its offshoots (one of those, Avatar, based in upstate New York, was popular for a while), hypnosis and NLP, Illuminati conspiracy theories, and so on. I’ve run across a few people also trying it in the years since, as well some in the “swinger” lifestyle including one person from the former scene who got into a relationship that involved cuckolding – so I’ve seen quite a bit, though only second hand.

    And the polyamory always seemed to be a mess of jealousy and whatnot, that never really worked out. It’s hard enough to manage an intimate relationship involving two people, much less triangulating it to include another – or even more. Perhaps it functioned to some extent when humans lived in primitive tribal groups, but it doesn’t work well in modern societies, which is why almost all have settled on the marriage of two individuals as the norm.

    The polyamorists I knew seemed to be people who kind of thrived off the emotional intensity and drama of trying to work out the inherent conflicts. My guess is that Raniere, as a psychopath, took a certain pleasure in all the manipulation of people involved.

    • Joe Walsh is a nut.

      “On June 19, 2014, Walsh was removed from his radio show for using racial slurs.”

      “On July 7, 2016, the night of the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers, Walsh wrote on Twitter, “This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out Black Lives Matter punks. Real America is coming after you.” These comments were interpreted by some as threats

      ‘On October 24, 2016, Walsh wrote on Twitter, “On November 8th, I’m voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket.”

      “On September 23, 2017, Walsh described Stevie Wonder as “Another ungrateful black multi millionaire” after Wonder had taken a knee at his concert in protest of what he termed police brutality”

      Trump is better off without Joe Walsh.

      • Canceling the primaries for the Democrats or Republicans is undemocratic.

        It’s never happened in the last 130 years….

        Why is it happening now?

      • yes he is a racist nut. and he supported trump because of it, just like almost all of the alt right, white “nationalists” (read supremacists) did. doesnt mean he isnt right about what has become of the Republican party, its why i left over 8 years ago.

    • Cynthia Kisser, head of the Cult Awareness Network that Scientology bankrupted and took over – with an approving nod from ESP/NXIVM, nonetheless – once said that political parties are like cults, and I think there’s a lot of truth to that. It applies to both ends of the political spectrum, particularly at the extremes.

      What’s really at work are the remnants of tribal behavior, for which our brains were wired as our predecessors evolved living in small hunter-gather groups. Many behaviors, and particularly cognitive biases, tie back to what had survival value for the group – often closely related individuals – in such an environment.

      Curiously, we see quite a few examples of culty behavior here, from ideological partisans. They loyally follow leaders, buy into the group’s conspiracy theories, and engage in us-against-them thinking – just not as part of what we would recognize as a conventional cult with a guru.

      Here’s a brief piece looking at political parties through the lens of a checklist of characteristics for judging cult groups:

      12 Ways Political Parties Are No Different Than Cults

    • Maybe the Democrats should dump their Marxist cult.
      Moscow Bernie just had a heart attack.
      Creepy Uncle Joe and his never do well son Hunter have been influence peddling in Ukraine and China and Ukraine.
      And Cherokee Liz is a Hillary Clinton retread.

      • ah, the trumpkin comes out. i thought that was where you were headed. sorry while they have some socialist ideas, and this country already HAS a lot of socialist programs, they are NOT marxist. that is what trumps wants, only those at the top with the money, resources and power.

  • The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control

    One of America’s leading experts in cults and mind-control provides an eye-opening analysis of Trump and the indoctrination tactics he uses to build a fanatical devotion in his supporters.

    Over the past two years, Trump’s behavior has become both more disturbing and yet increasingly familiar. He relies on phrases like, “fake news,” “build the wall,” and continues to spread the divisive mentality of us-vs.-them. He lies constantly, has no conscience, never admits when he is wrong, and projects all of his shortcomings on to others. He has become more authoritarian, more outrageous, and yet many of his followers remain blindly devoted. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and a major Trump supporter, calls him one of the most persuasive people living. His need to squash alternate information and his insistence of constant ego stroking are all characteristics of other famous leaders—cult leaders.

    In The Cult of Trump, mind-control and licensed mental health expert Steven Hassan draws parallels between our current president and people like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Ron Hubbard and Sun Myung Moon, arguing that this presidency is in many ways like a destructive cult. He specifically details the ways in which people are influenced through an array of social psychology methods and how they become fiercely loyal and obedient. Hassan was a former “Moonie” himself, and he draws on his forty years of personal and professional experience studying hypnosis and destructive cults, working as a deprogrammer, and a strategic communications interventionist. He emphasizes why it’s crucial that we recognize ways to identify and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

    The Cult of Trump is an accessible and in-depth analysis of the president, showing that under the right circumstances, even sane, rational, well-adjusted people can be persuaded to believe the most outrageous ideas. Hassan’s book is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the Trump phenomenon and looking for a way forward.

  • Keith Raniere’s ‘Sex Cult’ Was Powered by Gaslighting, Experts and Witnesses Testify
    Perhaps best known as that thing Teen Vogue accused President Donald Trump of doing to America—intentionally undermining reality—gaslighting has emerged as a buzzword that’s arguably overused as a synonym for disagreement. But there’s no more accurate term for the phenomenon of deception and denial making someone question their own sense of the world.

    • A fucking piece of shit liberal calling others a “cult” and “undermining reality”. Go fuck your self you worthless fuck. You believe in “transgender” and other PC bullshit. You rely on PC culture and censorship to get your own way. You are an unnatural cult. Nobody with self esteem wants the bullshit you force on everyone. You are self righteous, sanctimonious pieces of shit. Grow a pair faggot.

      • Imagine what America will be like when we have to figure out the gender of a person when there are 32 different genders and with gender fluidity genders can change every day.

    • No one gaslights more than Bill and Hillary.
      “I feel your pain” after Bill Clinton rapes Kathleen Willey.

      And I know that all of the NXIVM trolls are praying to Satan that the Democrats win in 2020 so the heat is turned down on their criminal gang.

        • Diane,
          You’re right.
          Thank you for correcting me.

          Juanita Broaddrick claimed that Bill Clinton raped her and shortly after Hillary approached her and said,”We appreciate everything you’re doing for the campaign. Everything!”
          Broaddrick worked in the nursing home industry which is regulated by the states.

          I’ve spent the last twenty years trying to forget Bill Clinton and I have only been partially successful.

          ” Hillary Clinton approached her, took her hand, and said “I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate what you do for him.” When Broaddrick moved her hand away, she says, Hillary Clinton held on to her and said, “Do you understand? Everything that you do.” Broaddrick says she felt nauseated and left the gathering. Broaddrick says she interpreted the incident as Hillary Clinton thanking her for keeping quiet.”

  • Nicki Clyne was in Batle Star Galactica. Who was she what does she do where does she live what does she eat what is going on with her what is going on with her some one needs to answer to tell me Frank Parlato cknows but won’t say Nicki where are you

    • Without being too specific Nicki lives in Brooklyn but travels up to Clifton Park from time to time.
      Nicki is a vegan.
      Nicki frequently comments on this blog using pseudonyms like Yolanda Cortez, Gabrielle Cortez “Pea Onyu”, Monte Blu. Legatus Pro Tempore

  • As much as there is a part of me that wants to view Allison Mack (and Nikki Clyne) as victims of Rainier (I was a big fan of both their shows so maybe the influences by views). the more I learn about the cult the more I believe that they both might not have been good people to begin with. Maybe Keith was able to see that in them and use it to his advantage but I don’t think Allison Mack is a true victim like people like Camila Fernandez were.

    • “The more I learn about the cult the more I believe that they both might not have been good people to begin with”
      Don’t Believe what he writes here…
      She was (is) a good person (i Don’t care about Nicky, never liked her…i felt like she was a bad influence on Allison).
      But understand that:
      1. It’s a cult, People tend to change in them
      2. She was starved for years when she was in this situation (since 2013)
      3. She was coerced and many of the other victims acted like Allison did (against their own interest)
      4. She was sleep-deprived
      5. She was potentially hypnotized (Nancy and Lauren were giving sessions of this in E.M.)

      I can guarantee you that Allison is Nothing like Parlato tries to make her sound…
      I’ll remind you about a couple of facts from the trial

      Many of the stories Frank presented (before trial) were rearranged and were not true (like the fact that Allison was the leader and Creator of DOS, this is fully debunked in court…Also the supposed violence she committed, Debunked too…)
      The trial showed that many of the victims had the same reaction as Allison did (for the same reason).

      When interviewed, Nicole (the only real victim of Allison) said that she was a loving person …
      Sure, she asked the collateral and this was terrible for Nicole (and it’s a fact), but what were the circumstances?

      We know that Allison was just following orders (Under coercion herself)
      While being starved and sleep-deprived!

      Did she ask for anyone to have sex with Raniere (like some pretend)? No (the “seduce” allegation are actually said by India and confirmed to be a “common” assignment by Raniere)
      Did she beat anyone? No
      Did she steal anyone? No (the “Financial” collaterals were given back…)

      You can’t judge her based on a freak situation like this…well you can, it’s your right but it’s idiotic.

      When Allison was in control, she was fantastic!

      Here, what Allison has done (for the little she did) is the same as any of the victims so i Don’t see why you should say “she might not have been a good person” or “she isn’t a victim”…

      She is a good person who was caught in a bad thing and then it got worse and worse because once you are trapped, it’s finished…It’s a cult!

      TLDR: Circumstance are important: Starvation , Coercion, Sleep deprivation, Hypnosis and potentially drugged (the powder in the water, nobody has adressed it).

    • And another comment blocked…

      Allison was a good person before Nxivm…after giving up the diet, she is a good person again.

      It’s all about circumstances that he (Frank) decided to ignore.
      Allison was starved (since 2013) and that had an impact on her mind
      Allison was sleep-deprived and that had also an impact on her mind

      If you listen to Frank, she gave freely the collaterals but it’s not true!
      She was abused mentally, she was used and her mind was not her own.
      It’s a cult!

      And excuse me but Cami, a victim? Same as Allison, to a certain level but she wasn’t coerced yet when she supported Raniere with DOS (the collateral are given WAY after that …it’s in the same conversation that you learn that she ends up giving the collaterals.
      She accepted his behavior and supported it and this without the excuse of the starvation (as contrary to Allison, she didn’t do properly her diet).
      Cami is the one that embraced DOS and polygamy….
      She even tried to testify for Raniere (by video).

      Once again a demonstration of double standard from a liar.
      So you are either just another guy who tries to bring hatred on a person he knows nothing about (just like the person who is behind the article).
      OR an idiot that gullibly believes a one-sided story.

      If Cami is a victim (and she is to a point), Allison is a WAY bigger victim!
      Cami continued to support him while not starved and without coercion…That is not a victim (and yes, I know she was 15 when he started to “date” her but she managed to get her mind back several times during the years…she even “cheated” on him.
      So what is the excuse for her to just walk away?.

      Allison’s starvation is an excellent scientific excuse but Cami? What is her excuse?

  • Perhaps there is hope for Camilla. Her sister Daniela said in testimony that Camilla has friends and a more normal life in Guadalajara. She even cut her hair.

  • This looks like a horror movie. It is extremely unpleasant, unnatural and grotesque. They are all crazy.

    • “This looks like a horror movie. It is extremely unpleasant, unnatural and grotesque. They are all crazy.”
      That is because is fake…some of the things said is true (and that still horror movie like) but most is just a creation from a sick mind (Frank)

  • Would like to know more about Junco’s roles and how she acted for and around Raniere including “juicy details”! And Indeed Raniere was the world’s smartest man(no doubt about it) otherwise how he could bag so many women and made them do things, what he actually said to those slaves(from courtroom sessions, seized documents, mails), knowing would be very “rewarding” for a wannabe “womaniser”. A learning curve one might say. As we all know “KAR” was not the first and surely he won’t be the last.

  • This situation is what happens when one tries to repeal human nature.
    Women tend to want just one man and men tend to want just one woman.
    While women and men might stray from the ideal from time to time, that is simple reality.

    Society might accept serial monogamy where someone has one boyfriend or girl friend at a time but having multiple boyfriends and girlfriends simultaneously breeds jealousies.
    Unless one enjoys living in a non-stop soap opera the NXIVM harem style marriage will never work.
    Keith Raniere was too stupid to understand the simple truths of human nature.
    The world’s third smartest man is really the world’s third dumbest man.
    And Keith Raniere’s Number One Allison Mack is also profoundly STUPID.
    Allison Mack is the world’s third dumbest woman.

    This article is a gold mine of information and insight into the madness of NXIVM and its top members.

    At this point I must address them madness of the various sister-wives, particularly Allison Mack Raniere’s partner in insanity and stupidity.
    Mack fabricated blackmail material to gain favor with Raniere.
    This blackmail consisted in part of false allegations by Allison Mack that she and her nephews had molested by her father.
    I must emphasize that these allegations are FALSE.
    In one fell swoop, as Shakespeare would say in Macbeth, Allison Mack managed to victimize both her father and her nephews.
    I do not suppose that Papa Mack is happy with what his daughter did to him and the family.
    It is rotten and despicable behavior.
    (For information purposes Allison’s oldest nephew was about 4 years old in 2015 and the youngest maybe two years younger.)
    Had this information been handed over to the wrong authorities an investigation by child welfare people could have started and her nephews yanked from their home.
    This type of incident, based on Allison’s false allegations, could have also damaged her brother’s reputation and career as well.

    I imagine Allison’s family has had about enough of Allison’s Drama Queen antics.
    Whatever happens in the court case Allison Mack is in serious need of psychiatric care.
    Any prospective future romantic partner of Ms. Mack is on notice of the kind of treachery Ms. Mack is capable of.
    And any future potential employer of Allison Mack would be on notice that she is capable of manufacturing false stories out of thin air.
    Businesses like to avoid potential law suits, especially those based on lies.

    And at this point please note Allison Mack’s willingness to fabricate stories about pedophilia to impress Raniere.
    This willingness tells me that Allison Mack KNEW that Raniere is a pedophile and it did not bother her in the least.
    Allison Mack might pretend now to be shocked by Raniere’s pedophilia but she understood that the man is a child molester and she still wanted him.
    There are several stories in the Frank Report archives pointing to her willingness to assist in Raniere’s child fetish.
    This issue merits full investigation by the US Department of Justice.

    Allison Mack’s sado-masochism should be apparent to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear and a brain to think.
    Allison Mack enjoys hurting other people, particularly other women.

    Another point about Allison Mack.
    She enjoyed dehumanizing people by giving them numbers.

    “Allison had referred to the slaves who were branded would each have numbers.”

    Most people want to be known by their names, not by numbers.

    While the harem seemed to run well with Pam Cafritz at the helm as pimp, Cafritz ruled with a light hand.
    Allison Mack ruled with a whip hand because she is a sadistic person.

    Last message to Keith Ranirere:

    “Keith playing the martyr replies: I just threw up blood for 15 minutes.”

    Hey, Vanguard Keith Asshole Raniere, you’re going to be throwing up blood for the rest of your life.
    And blood will be pouring out your other end too.

  • Knowing human nature, I’ve always wondered how the Mormons and Muslims had multiple wives and made it work. Perhaps it doesn’t work very well privately in many cases, but they make work in a public sense. Of course, it helps to say God says it is the right thing to do and be immersed in that culture. Raniere, being the smartest man in the world, obviously saw the advantages for himself with this model and decided to implement it in a Godless way and influence the women into accepting it because of his immense brillance. Unlike the Mormons and Muslims, at least Raniere had a plan for all of the single dudes, have them hook up with each other and/or keep them preoccupied with the SOP (Society of Protectors). But then again, he was starting with a blank sheet of paper, so to speak. LOL

    • It think it is very hard. Having read some books by ex fundamentalist mormons it seems to depend on whether the man is fair and present and can afford them all and secondly if the first wife is a nice person and everyone gets on – even so it must be very complicated and you will always have the problem of too many young men too if older men get too many of the women.

    • ” I’ve always wondered how the Mormons and Muslims had multiple wives and made it work. ” Scott Johnson

      I believe that with the Muslims only a few wealthy ones truly practice polygamy without defrauding the welfare system.
      After all wives are expensive.

      Another way in which Muslims afford having multiple wives is good old fashioned welfare fraud.
      Here is a story from a French news network France24.

      “Suspected Muslim polygamist charged with welfare fraud”

      “A French Muslim man (pictured) has been formally charged Wednesday for taking welfare benefits to which he wasn’t entitled only two months after French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux accused him of polygamy.”

      “AFP – A French Muslim butcher at the centre of a firestorm over polygamy was charged on Wednesday with welfare fraud and his four companions will also face charges, a prosecutor said.”

      “Two of his companions lived in Dubai for a year while continuing to receive welfare benefits worth 10,000 euros in France.

      Hebbadj fathered 15 children and soon will have 17 with the women who received benefits over the past three years totaling 175,000 euros.

      Many of the women and children lived under the same roof and Hebbadj used his companion’s debit cards to access funds from the social security payments, according to the prosecutor.”

      It’s only easy to afford multiple wives and numerous children if the taxpayers are footing the bill.

      I might note that in areas where there are numerous Mormon polygamists with multiple wives and numerous children welfare fraud is also a common problem.
      The Northern Strip of Arizona (between the Grand Canyon and the Utah border) is notorious as a center of welfare fraud.

    • Rainiere had followers, he had funds, he had access to the Bronfmans’ private jet. He looked like an important, powerful man. An alpha. Women find that very attractive. He was able to project himself as a winner.

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