Bangkok Throws Down the Gauntlet to Kristin Kreuk Fanboys

Kristin Kreuk at WonderCom 2013

Editor’s Note: This article by Bangkok is sure to create deep angst and resentment from our growing cadre of Kristin Kreuk fans – led by the inestimable Sultan of Six. However, in the interest of free speech and diversity of opinion, Frank Report has chosen to publish it. Bangkok’s opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editors of Frank Report. Readers comments are welcome.


By Bangkok

Apparently, Kristin Kreuk has many fans who are attempting to rewrite the reality of her ‘looks’ — in what appears to be a futile attempt to depict her as “stunningly gorgeous” while downplaying her previous role as a NXIVM COACH and recruitment tool.

A picture says a thousand words.

Let’s look at photos, shall we? 

Let me give some examples of both ‘meh’ and ‘stunningly gorgeous’ women.

Stunningly Gorgeous:



Stunningly Gorgeous:




Stunningly Gorgeous (Convicted Murderer Shayna Hubers):



That’s right, a convicted murderer is more stunning than ‘Meh’ Kreuk, LOL.


Stunningly Gorgeous:



Stunningly Gorgeous (Convicted Murderer Molly Martens):



That’s right, a 2nd convicted murderer is more stunning than ‘Meh’ Kreuk, LOL.

I could list thousands of photos but my point was already made, so let’s move on.


Here’s one of Kreuk’s best ‘over-glammed’ shots except she’s wearing WAY TOO MUCH makeup. Plus this photo also looks way too airbrushed and phony. She looks very unnatural:


Here’s a funny looking photo with WAYYYYYY too much makeup — to the point she looks like a circus clown or one of those china ‘dolls’. I’m sure it’s also airbrushed, even though it didn’t do much to improve her looks here. LOL.


Here’s another ‘over-glammed’ shot where she’s wearing WAY TOO MUCH makeup for her facial features, plus this photo also looks a bit airbrushed to me:

She does look very attractive in this particular photo, though.

Yes, she’s an attractive girl in “some” photos. She’s better than “mildly” attractive in some photos.

However, her makeup always looks a bit “off” (too much or too little for her facial features) and she’s just not a “natural beauty” the way that many women are. She’s mildly attractive.

She certainly doesn’t rise to the level of STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS unless you’re a Canadian or a fangirl/fanboy of hers who hates criticism of her.

Really, if you walk into any bar or club in any major city (on a Friday or Saturday night) you’ll see DOZENS of hotter women, with much more shapely bodies and a more beautiful face. That’s just a fact. Get over it.

There are different “levels” of beautiful.

Kreuk can be described as “beautiful” in some photos.

However, she NEVER reaches the level of STUNNINGLY beautiful.

I’m sorry but this is the final word on this matter and I have won this argument. I bid you all a nice day. 

A Word for AnonyMaker

Sorry AnonyMaker, you’re a fanboy of Kreuk.

You’re attempting to portray her critics as angry ‘former fanboys’ in order to DEFLECT from the actual conversation.

Assigning ‘motives’ to critics is how UNCRITICAL thinkers try to win an argument, when facts are not on their side. 

Kreuk was the ONLY person (on your list of actresses) who went online to publicly attempt to downplay her true COACHING LEVEL at NXIVM, by implying that she was only a beginner/student who took a few classes to cure her shyness.

When in reality she was a COACH who attempted to hide this fact by omitting it from her public explanation.

She also omitted her strong recruitment efforts for NXIVM.

Omitting such MATERIAL facts is called PROPAGANDA.

Everybody else just remained silent. So we’re leaving them alone.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM
Kristin Kreuk’s statement about Nxivm – dated three days after Keith Raniere was arrested.


A Special Word to Heidi on Miss Kreuk

Dear Heidi, I disagree with your opinion that Kristin Kreuk is a stunningly beautiful woman.  She sure as fuck ain’t gonna turn heads walking into a room unless the people in the room know that she’s a TV star.

If she entered a local beauty pageant, I doubt she’d even make the semi-finals… and that’s a LOCAL pageant.

Even Toni Natalie in her younger days (who was attractive) was not anything close to ‘stunningly beautiful’ or Miss USA contestant material. She sure as fuck wasn’t ‘playboy bunny’ material either.

Toni was a typically attractive and ‘trashy’ New Jersey or New Yorker style girl, just like many slutty looking Italians from that neck of the woods. You can walk into any bar and find a dozen girls hotter.

I bid you a nice day. 

Toni Natalie senior high school photo.


Toni Natalie a number of years ago (post boob jobs)


Toni Natalie, 2018


PS — Toni claimed in her book The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM that bedding the below man was like riding “The Concorde”:

Toni Natalie wrote, “I had not had sex of any kind for almost three years—and even then, my partner had been, at best, uninterested. Going … to Keith was like upgrading from a paper plane to a Concorde.”

If the guy in that photo is akin to “The Concorde” — then American ‘standards’ are really going downhill. LOL.


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  • Where did my comment go?

    I’ll repost it again. Regardless of her role , hands down, I have met Kristin in person a few times. She is striking. Any woman can be “ beautiful “ I have been called beautiful many times. She is not. She is another level. She is striking. Just her eyes alone. Her facial features are unique and one of a kind. She’s 1 in a million Type or look. Similar to Adriana Lima. These features aren’t found everywhere. She’s very unique looking. I’m a straight female and I can safely say she looks like a walking doll. She even has perfect hair on top of that.

  • I’m sorry but is Toni’s nose actually growing? I mean I’ve seen Pinocchio and I know its a fable but could lies actually make ones nose grow? Take a closer look at the photo where she is wearing that green pea Gerber baby food polka dot dress. Her external midline projection from the face seems to have a little extra growth that doesn’t appear in her 10th grade senior year picture.

    • Peaches,

      It’s entirely possible that Toni Natlie’s nose is growing

      Some men’s and even women’s noses and earlobes grow in old age….


      Google it.

  • Congratulations to everyone that was actually annoyed or angred by this article and posted a comment….
    …..You were successfully trolled by Bangkok.

    I always post on Bangkok’s articles and make fun of the little dipshit.

    I personally could give a rats ass about what women Bangkok finds attractive or his opinion of Kristin Kreuk’s looks. Who cares?

  • Not at all shocked that whoever posted this thinks cornfed whitey is the height of physical perfection. I work in a modeling agency in NYC, it’s my job to discern beauty and none of your basic white girls would even make it through our doors. While Kristin could never model (she’s too short) she did nab herself a Neutrogena contract and last time I checked, none of these basic Beckys have any sort of contract short of a call back at a Hooters. Kristin is stunning. Full stop. Even by NYC standards she’s a hard 8. These chicks couldn’t get past a velvet rope in NYC. Hell, even Jersey swamp trash wouldn’t let them in.

  • Heidi’s completely right, Bangkok is utterly wrong. Kristin Kreuk by any standard is stunningly beautiful. Lol every one of those pictures
    of Kristin just proves that she is incredibly photogenic, and those women who are being compared would probably say Bangkok is
    lying or just cannot except facts when confronted with truth. Anyone who has followed Kristin’s career, knows that her tape and look was
    a major factor that Smallville was picked up. Even before Superman was picked. Another point, Kristin would have no problem winning
    any beauty contest. Some of Kristin’s fellow actors have compared Kristin to Audrey Hepburn, one is the most photogenic females
    in history. IMO just Bangkok defeated his or her whole point by showing Kristin’s pictures…or was that on purpose…? 😉

    • “just cannot except facts when confronted with truth.”

      Sultan Of Shit says this over and over and over and over again on several aliases including recently as “SultanOfSix” and “Anonymaker”.

      You are a seriously mentally unwell lunatic. That’s not even meant to be an insult, you are literally psychologically unstable.

  • Hi lads and lasses!

    Here’s some MORE great photos of the so-called ‘beginner/student’ of NXIVM…


    1) Did Kreuk’s explanation (that she only did NXIVM to cure shyness) cover the fact that she was asked to attend the Necker Island festivities with other bigwigs? Nope.

    Here she is partying with Betancourt on Necker Island, one of the most senior NXIVM members in Mexico.

    Yet Kreuk was just some unimportant, beginner/student? Yeah right. 🙂


    2) Did Kreuk’s explanation (that she only did NXIVM to cure shyness) cover the fact that she was on stage praising Keith Raniere, lending her star power to honor a perverted asshole like Keith? Nope.

    Here she is on stage praising Keith and NXIVM:

    Great photo. 🙂


    3) Did Kreuk’s explanation (that she only did NXIVM to cure shyness) cover the fact that she helped to create Girls By Design for reasons which we can only speculate about, but which clearly were somehow related to NXIVM — due to the people she created it with? Nope.

    Great photo.


    Somehow, I don’t think her explanation which ‘implied’ she was a beginner/student (who was only looking to cure shyness) was totally truthful with the public.

    I think Frank needs to expose every last morsel of Kreuk’s involvement within NXIVM.

    Look fanboys, she went on stage with a fucken banner of Keith behind her — you can’t fucken pretend she was some beginner or low level person of no importance.

    Her sash color was not important. She was still a COACH and not just a student. Deal with it.

    She was still important enough to be invited to Necker Island.

    She was still important enough to go on stage to help lend her star power to praising Keith Raniere.

    She let herself be a recruitment tool for NXIVM.

    Methinks that Frank needs to keep his investigation into Kreuk’s NXIVM activities open —- and to leave no stone unturned in this effort. 🙂

    As for Hildreth and Park and others from Vancouver, they were not caught trying to MINIMIZE or DENY their coaching level status at NXIVM.

    Kreuk must be held accountable for her attempt to dupe the public.

    If you’re allergic to learning the TRUTH about Kreuk’s level of NXIVM involvement — and you want Frank to end his investigation — then why should Frank bother to investigate ANY person within NXIVM?

    Truth is truth. Doesn’t matter who it applies to.

    Yup, I just won my argument. 🙂

  • Regardless of her personal decisions in life and involvement with NXIVM, the girl is fucking beautiful on the outside. If you can’t see that, you’re fucking blind. Yes, she’s been guilty of wearing too much makeup at times, but many women are.

    This forum really needs to get a fucking life.

  • I have only 2 things to say:

    1. I don’t think people should be judged based on their appearance.

    2. Grace Park.

  • Kreuk is a cute girl that has been propelled to the upper stratosphere by the entertainment industry, in her late teenagehood. In some pictures, she has been face sculpted by make up artists to make her look a bit more on a verse or another of one of her ethnical specificities. She entered a fancy club, in her twenties, that turned out to be a dangerous and destructive cult whom main goal was to satisfy the sick sexual appetite of a liar and a crook. Now she’s still standing on the upper clouds layer of life, with her actress career. She’s making a living of it. It’s easily understandable that she doesn’t want to be associated with a sleazy and sick gangbang cult ! It’s obvious that she will never like NEVER talk about it.
    She’s really cute, tho, she’ll ever be, at least to me. And I never understood the guys they are like fapping on her saying she’s the sexiest girl and the best actress in the world… She’s really cute and she does the job. My opinion is that she would probably had been more successful evolving in comedy than in staying in teenage-love-triangle-teen-soaps or politically-engaged-political-correctness-for-sjw-fans stuff… But that’s another story… One thing I’ll never change my mind about is that she will never talk about NXIVM more than she did in that TWITTER/IG post… The day she will apologize for had been a propaganda tool and publicizing on NXIVM, it will rain flaming pigs all over the world !!!
    Whatever, I think she’s really cute !..

  • I was directed to the reddit nxivm blog and checked it out, and I scrolled down maybe a hundred posts before seeing one about Kreuk. I guess only here do people care about her time in Nx.

      • No, the majority here are looking at all of criminal Nxivm. YOU are the only one with a personal vendetta against mack, and if it was up to you she would have been the only one arrested because that’s all you talk about. Why not start your on “I hate allison Mack” blog you dumb ass and see how far it would go. Your as pathetic as that spanker guy!

    • Here, people know more about nxivm, and some that do would rather not want to see it turn into the spankers Kristen kruek fan club. Spank on Anonny !

  • Dear Mr. Bangkok,

    Per you missed this Smallville episode?

    Betcha can’t watch just one.

    Btw, next to Toni Natalie, Snooky is hot.

  • I feel like I shouldn’t laugh, but I’m laughing. I do love a good rant.

    While on the subject of Kreuk put-downs, I recall back in Smallville days some amongst the fandom had warm feelings toward Stompy the Horse. You see, in one episode Kreuk’s character Lana had a little accident with a spooked horse in the barn. He knocked her down and repeatedly stomped on the poor lass, breaking her leg. Ah, Stompy. You were much beloved for crippling the insipid Lana Lang.

  • For shits & giggles, googled “Smallville actresses” to make comparisons.

    The chick who played “Lois Lane” was probably the most fuckable, however, today, she looks a bit like a cross between Michael Myers (the horror film murderer with the white mask) and a saggy tea bag.

    She did get her tits done, thankfully. She got her pre-enhancement tits out in a film.

    She said she used to do nude parties with her husband. So a whore too.

    The chick who played “Supergirl” with the long ass last name was probably the best looking. White, blonde hair is prefered by all races in general. Probably the most bangable one in 2019.

    Allison Mack is simply ugly with fat ankles.

    Kristin Kreuk looks a bit gremlin-ish/mousey, without any boobs or ass whatsoever. She should put on about fifteen pounds in her ass and thighs , squat heavy to build an actual ass shape and possibly get her tits made a cup or two bigger.

    Also, play up the white heritage by dying her hair a light blonde. “Jane” the Girls By Design NXIVM member who went on to become a DOS slave, said that Kreuk was a “submissive” in BDSM. She does seem sexually vanilla.

    Cassidy Freeman looks like the ugly sister of William Defoe.×449.jpg

    As for Toni Natalie…… No. NO.


    Will the groupies go fucking mental?

    • Why don’t you post a picture your mug Bang-cunt? Oh yeah, I forgot. You’re too much of pussy. Easy to criticize when you’re hiding behind your computer.

    • “The chick who played “Lois Lane” has a name — Erica Durance. And just because she liked to publicize the fact that she was a nudist back when it served her purposes and was so lame of an actresses and ordinary looking that she had to take her clothes off to even get hired, doesn’t mean she was an actual whore.

      And just because she sounds like a cult member when she tweets,
      Erica Durance
      ‏Verified account @ED_DURANCE
      Jan 4
      Starting the new year in a new way… Instagram. A place for sharing good things, inspiration, and joy. You can find me at durance.erica

      and is a typical virtue-signalling, anti-Trump, liberal, d-list Canadian actor
      Erica Durance
      ‏Verified account @ED_DURANCE
      Is anything going to stop the moron parading around as The President @realDonaldTrump
      Promoting violence again????#NotMyPresident

      Doesn’t mean that Satanist Actaeon can’t worship at Durance’s alter as Sicko Sultan and Sicko Shadow worship at theirs.

    • Lol, Kristin’s natural beauty is what most fashion photographers want, youthful soft features. Feline or catlike look, which makes Kristin
      look years younger than she really is. Kreuk’s face has excellent symmetry which is a big factor for Supermodels. Even when glammed up
      with make up, Kristin’s beautiful facial features just shines through. One of Kristin fellow actors Ian Somerhalder said “It’s frightening how
      gorgeous she is. I mean flawlessly beautiful.” “She doesn’t even know it.”

      • Feline catlike look! You weird old wanker! Just because you have a chronic sexual obsession with this Nxivm cult member, does not mean everyone else does. You worship Kreuk more than the 911 terrorists worshipped “allah”. After every spank, you probably scream out “KristinKook-akbar”.

  • Bangkok,

    You admitted you would bang J.Z. Knight (Ramtha) given the opportunity…….
    ……This leads me to believe that you could be Flower’s little honey Bee……..Bzzzzzz
    …….Are you up for pollinating Flowers?

    BTW Not all of us men like big fake Saline-filled boobs. They feel like water bags and are twice as heavy then real breasts. Not to mention the fake boobs don’t even look remotely real. Plus all the scar tissue…

    Lastly, women who have committed murder are wild and great for one night stands, but you definitely do not want them to sleep over……

    Bangkok I hope you have a great time this weekend whacking off to big titted blond female murders in your parents’ basement.

    In between jerking it, will you be playing Fortnight or Call of Duty? I don’t personally like any of the new DLC; Do you?

    Take care you little Dipshit 😉

    • Niceguy, I’m almost convinced that you and Bangkok are actually the same person. You write one post as Bangie, and then reply back to yourself using the alias Niceguy.

      Bored?….or is Frank paying you to write this bullshit?….
      As you sure do seem to have a lot of free time to use to search for pictures and post links etc. One might think that neither of you had
      real jobs to go to.

      • Bangkok is Dennis K. Burke, the disgraced former federal prosecutor. You are correct in observing he often uses other accounts to reply to his own posts. Those who write here that he seems to have a lot of free time on his hands are correct, as the only known paying client he had in recent history was Clare Bronfman — who he met through Emiliano Salinas. Burke, who was famously involved in a arms trafficking scandal with Mexican cartels while he was U.S. Attorney for Arizona, has deep ties to the Salinas clan of Mexico.

        The “niceguy” account is used this way to self-reply to Burke’s posts. It appears to be used by Burke and one or more additional parties.

        • Anonymous(Bangkok),

          Screw- off and do not lump me in with your bullshit Burke narrative. Burke has probably never been on this website to begin with.

          Bangkok how is your weekend marathon of beating off going?

          Have you had to run many errands for your parents?

          Are you still wearing your mom’s diaphragm atop your head as a yarmulke on rainy days?

      • Flowers,


        I was kidding around. I will not include your name in any future posts unless I am directly communicating with you.

        P.S. I do believe you and Bangkok with his bunny ears would make a cute couple.

        You could tell people he is your mentally challenged adult adopted son. Imagine the sympathy and adulation you’d receive…

        • Niceguy, I’m pretty sure your Bangkok alias is more mature than your Niceguy alias …so I think Bangie would be too old to me my son. Lol.
          I think you boy(s) need to throw out your old playboy magazines…. you know all that pervy stuff is on the internet or on Netflix now, right?

          • Flowers,

            Forget Netflix.
            Let’s get totally modern…

            Flowers why don’t you put on a free show for us on SnapChat or Periscope and show us all your bouquet……

      • Oh! There you are Flowers. I thought you may have been felled by a killing frost. What would ever give you the idea niceguy would do such a thing? That would be taking a page out of your book, wouldn’t it?

        When are you going to fess up and tell Shadow you were posting as Ryanne S.?

        • I thought Ryanne was part of the Nicki Clyne/Pea/Monte Blu troll group. Lol.
          Perhaps you gaslighters can ask a 🐰 about April 20th…..hey, what’s up doc🐇🐇?

          Harassment charges, maybe?

          Btw, I wonder who crazy “Fern” girl is. A random nut, or one of your loonies?

        • Flowers is no Barb B. She has faced very real adversity and you’re right she’s a whole lot smarter. Flowers has shown herself to be a vile, monstrous little troll living under the bridge while she begs people to believe she’s at the center of some big plot where everyone is out to get her. It’s very sad.

          • Just because a vile, monstrous, little bridge-dwelling troll doesn’t understand something it means that it’s a “rant”? Sure…..🙄

          • Round up weed killer ingenious. ^.^

            You win the internet! You are definitely the smartest here I assume. You are as cancerous as the product used to kill weeds. you should learn to listen round up and of course provoking people into replying. Oh wait… I mean waiting for someone to reply I bet it hurt like hell because specific people have a life and go with the flow while you wait specifically for a reply but person not giving you it. How long were you stalking waiting for specific people to post? including sultan.


        • Hmmm…the fact that I was smart enough to never belong to a cult is not working well with your argument. Also, it seems I’ve been “smart enough” to identify all your cult members…(and I dont mean NXIVM members, either)….

          I only need to be smarter than the morons harassing me, so it’s not that difficult, is it? 😏😉

          But keep on doing the “bunny hop”, as it’s quite amazing to see the lengths you cult members will go to.

          However, if you send your fucked-up “Fern girl” in again, be aware that security will be alerted.

          • Flowers, you’ve totally missed the point, again. Barb B was involved in a cult and she’s STILL smarter than you. You’re odd rants give everyone a glimpse into a very troubled mind.

  • Another post confusing the fuckability index with the I.Q.. While the former represents a topic worthy of public debate it is so when examined on its own.

    Would this article have existed had Kreuk had the head of Madeleine Albright screwed on her shoulders??

  • There’s only one way to settle this Great Debate.
    Have Kristin Kreuk mud-wrestle one of the stunningly gorgeous women.

    As for KK’s looks, she is of Eurasian heritage.
    Part Dutch and Part Chinese.
    Her exotic looks will always make her more interesting than the average Dishwater Blonde.
    And Kristin Kreuk’s part Asian heritage will probably make her less prone to the stresses of aging with fewer wrinkles.

    Picture of Kristin Kreuk with a Dishwater Blonde.

    • I have to agree with Shadowstate this time on all counts.

      And as a bonus Asian women age much better than Caucasian women, but don’t take my word for it…

      Just ask Bangkok’s dad who left Bangkok’s mom when she got to old. So sad…

      Bangkok reach out to Scott Amway Johnson. I am sure he would like do be your dad.

      Scott will even read you bedtime stories at night….right before he bangs your mom.

      Sleep on that you little dipshit 😉

        • Spanky, you are an old “man”, half a century years OLD, single, unmarried, unloved, childless, sexless, low self esteem, low testosterone, stalker and a generic cunt. What the fuck would you do if someone pointed out your hellish religion is evil and cunty? You can’t do shit. People hate your kind. Inferior evil people. Islam and Muslims are some of the worse things to ever happen to the human race. You are hated everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Crawl back into your burrow and stop presenting yourself to people. Even online with typed words, you are an insufferable awful cunt.

          • Avoidance of the point as usual. You can say all you want about Sultan. It still doesn’t change the FACT that you are a typical cowardly pussy whose only recourse is to cry online anonymously.

            Whiny, bigoted, crying, little bully, bitch.

        • You made no point to avoid Abdul. You have no points. Stop pretending you are not “sultan” you weakling. You have been exposed as a worthless nobody. Life has defeated you. Keep praying on your hands and knees like a homosexual does hoping for a life. It won’t happen.

          • The glaring irony of calling someone else a nobody and a weakling while repetitively attempting to trash their skin color and way of life hiding behind a computer screen like the trolling juvenile delinquent that they are. The only person who is a “nobody” here is the person who can’t put a face behind his shameless and worthless words because he’s a whining, cowardly punk bitch.

          • Spanky, what is the statistical probability that the people you have the audacity to attack are as emasculated as you, or more so? You are significantly inferior.

          • Says the pink bitch hiding behind a computer screen.

            You see, Parlato supposedly knows Sultan. So does Joe O’Hara and John Tighe. They can put a name or face to the words. Even Kristin or Kendra would know who he is, seeing that he supposedly stalks her and others as part of Girls By Design, because he wouldn’t have been able to join unless he gave an actual name and legitimate email address.

            You’re just a fucking little wimp cowering behind a keyboard casting your slurs at her and Sultan without the consequence of identity. You are by definition a perfect example of emasculation.

          • Aww. Still avoiding the point punk bitch. Maybe you should take a look at some of the Bollywood stars, or perhaps someone like Sendhil Ramamurthy, a fellow coworker of Kristin’s. I’ve never witnessed someone cry more than you. Keep stalking. Keep calling out Sultan where he doesn’t exist.

            You’re nothing but a whiny coward. At least Kristin is a woman. You’re nothing but an emasculated blowhard.

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