Woman Who F-ck-d Raniere and Got Away – Tells More About Her Experience

Violet has told the story of how she  had a single sexual experience with Keith Alan Raniere. He tried for some time, Violet recalled, to get her into a sexual encounter. 


By Violet

Keith Raniere is not my enemy, even to this day.

But even after I left him, I would have never, ever considered going back to him or joining Nxivm.

I think the big warning, red flag for me was that in order to get me to have sex with him, for which he tried for days, was that he said ‘sex doesn’t matter’ – that it was like playing the piano or playing tennis. It is casual and should be free – and yet it did matter to him.

Once I had sex with him – just once – he wanted to claim ownership of me. Right after he had an orgasm, he said to me “Now you are mine forever.”

As I said before, this frightened me – and though he had been quite docile, and gentle – I saw a side of him – it was in his eyes – that I knew could be extremely dangerous.

So, I got away.

Of course, it is possible that Keith taught some good things. Nxivm helped some people.  But no matter what great things they taught, the leadership was harming people and using the money gotten from deception to seriously harm innocent people.

Still, I really never thought of Keith as a monster until much later, when I saw what he did to destroy other people.

At the time I knew him, I thought he was eccentric, egotistical and sort of kinky. He claimed his polygamy was a more evolved way to live.

During the time he was trying to persuade me to have sex with him, Keith told me many things.

Men often try to show off their importance, their talents and abilities to encourage women to go to bed with them or that they will be worthy mates.  Even if a polygamous one.

Naturally, the topic turned at one point to money.  He brought it up. He told me that he had nothing, no assets, zero, nothing in his name. Then he said with a knowing look, ‘It is not how much you have in your name that is important. It is how much money you control.’

Clearly, he used the money he controlled to hurt people.

Which brings me back to why didn’t I ever take a course from Keith.

Skip the deception, Keith’s non-transparency; his hiding his kinky cult from his general students – the money he ‘controlled’ was used to attack his enemies.

Compassionate people do not have many enemies. And if they do, they love their enemies, not try to destroy them.

Keith always claimed he was the most compassionate man in the world. Yet, he had many enemies.

I am not saying Keith Raniere never did violent things – most of his warfare was psychological – but it appeared he might have done physical violence or tried to do so.

For me, although I thought the sister wives were doing a full-court press on me to join Keith’s harem – by having sex with him – and I did succumb eventually to having a sexual encounter with Raniere – I am the one that got away.

And for those who criticize me – remember I had the foresight and insight to know he was not right – and I left. Stealthily, true enough – but I left – when so many other women he targeted failed to get away.


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  • No one needs to criticize. It is wise to get out quickly. I once dated someone very briefly, immediately realized he was what he was and got out. Others were lured in for ages (not a cult in this case, just a fairly typical deceptive man). I think some of us just realize these things quickly and others don’t or don’t want to see the truth.

  • Cults work under the 1% rule. 99% of people do in fact walk away some time before the branding stage.

    But watch out for that 1% that don’t.

  • I will criticize you. You made a seriously poor decision. You allowed a sociopath who “changed immediately” to get you at your most vulnerable.

    Had that been a Ted Bundy type–another well-spoken and charming sociopath– you would not be here to tell it.

    No accolades. You messed up.

  • I would never criticize you.
    You saw the light (and not the blue light special Keith claimed you would see. Did he steal that line from K Mart?) and ran the other way, putting distance between you and his flying pimping monkeys.
    I salute you!

  • Free love comes with a price, folks.
    The old adage fits.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
    This gal wised up quickly.

  • Appreciate you admit you were baited — though not lured, hooked, lined and sunk —by the money and power Keith controlled.

    But, c’mon, you weren’t the only one who got away. A lot of targeted people never went there to begin with — though there may have been more pressure exerted on some than others, granted.

  • “Now you are mine forever.”
    That was Keiths herpe talking.
    “I saw a side of him – it was in his eyes – that I knew could be extremely dangerous.”
    Did you sense his eye balls were hitch hiking in the dark in opposite directions?
    If Keith told you so many things, why repeat this peculiar booty call? He persuaded you by telling you sex didn’t matter.
    Keith’s pick up lines are so lame I can’t believe that was your panty dropper.

  • There are many other people that got away from Keith that don’t even want to be known. They just want to go on with their lives.

    • Why would KAR & CO. bother? These Double Vision ladies are voluptuous and I’d guess, waxed to the max.

      While I can imagine the DOS pods all on their knees about to receive keith’s little wafer, I don’t think any of them would be convincing in tart gear swinging round a pole. little bony booties and hairy tushes winding and shaking?! come hither rictus grins?!

      Don’t think they would sell an awful lot of fluorescent blue, um, cocktails – somehow.

        • Mrs. Shadowstate—I am glad you finally are being your true perverted self.

          Are you going to start sharing with the Frank Report readers your true self? The fact that you are a big-time perv with a personal axe to grind with Mack after all?

          I am not outing you even if Frank let me, but your alias, Shadowstate, is a far cry sister from who and what you really are.

          Are you going to come into the light Mrs. Shadowstate?

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