Emiliano Salinas Was ‘Gay for the Stay’ in Nxivm – and the Sad Descent of Nicki Clyne

Alex Betancourt and his Nxivm lover Emiliano Salinas.

Editor’s Note: “A Friend” is a former Nxivm insider. 


By A Friend

As your readers know, Emiliano Salinas and Ludwika Paleta, and Alex Betancourt had twins, birthed by surrogates.

Ludwika did not carry her twins.

Anyone that was in NXIVM when Ludwika showed up would know for sure about the disharmony between Alex and Emiliano. It was all everyone talked about.

Everyone felt so sorry for Alex – Emiliano’s “wife” – for several years, who he dumped for Ludwika, suddenly going straight.

It does not mean Emiliano was ever gay or bisexual.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are notorious for psychologically programming people – to the point of real mental torture – to convince them to have gay sex. We have to assume that was a possibility with Emiliano and Alex.

As a means of mentally breaking Emiliano so they would have “collateral” on him.

Emiliano Salinas’ gay relationship with Alex Betancourt could have been coerced. No one should underestimate the power of Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere and their ability to get people to demean and destroy their values.

Look at Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Clyne was with Keith Raniere first. Years ahead of Allison Mack in the harem. After five years in Clifton Park working her ass off to become a good “enlightened” NXIVM person, after Battlestar Galactica, Nicki Clyne was bankrupt, working for “Malignant Narcissist” Clare Bronfman, making peanuts.

Spending her days waiting for Keith Raniere to throw her a five-minute crumb of attention while she maxed out all her credit cards trying to stay afloat in Knox Woods.

Trashing her acting career in the process. Did anyone in NXIVM care? No. Her only friends were fake friends, also in Keith’s harem, who wanted her bankrupted and out.


Flash forward to 2017.

Allison Mack is posting on her Instagram that she and Nicki are “soul sisters” and “friends forever”.

Translation: Nicki Clyne: Bankrupt, financial slave of insanely jealous, homely, Clare Bronfman; low-level failed harem member of Keith Raniere (after pregnant Mariana Fernandez and so many others).

Allison Mack says “best friends forever” on Instagram?

How about “best con job forever whose dreams I crushed by fucking her boyfriend”?

That is the truth. I hope all who read this check out Allison’s Instagram and appreciate the horror of it.

Poor Nicki.

Nicki is one example to explain the Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas gay affair.

Emiliano may have never been gay, but he was coached personally by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere. Once you are in their clutches mentally, who knows what you will do? How low you will go? They have real power and their sole goal is to get each person they work with to destroy and degrade themselves beyond all recognition.

DOS is just ONE example of how they did everything.

What is worse about all this is Nicki Clyne’s descent was witnessed, FACILITATED, by a large community of people in NXIVM. Everyone knew this was happening and nobody said a word. Nothing. It was so disgusting.

Clare Bronfman was said to be the most jealous of Raniere. And since she has the gold, she ruled all except her master.


happy couple alex and smil
Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas: Were they gay lovers because they wanted to be or because Raniere instructed them to be?


mack and clyne
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.


Keith Raniere led the women of DOS to a higher understanding of pain and obedience.


Keith Raniere gave Emiliano Salinas permission to end his gay relationship with Alex Betancourt in order to marry Ludwika Paleta. She had twins [with a surrogate] and so did Salinas’ gay lover [Mr. Betancourt] via surrogate.

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  • I’ve seen it theorised that Emiliano Salinas was “programmed” to think he was gay because Raniere saw him as a sexual threat.

    I mean, if you were a willing woman in NXIVM, who would you rather fuck?

    A good-looking, stupendously rich guy who’s virtual Mexican royalty?

    Or a hairy, pudgy, short-armed, smelly goblin?

  • I’m not sure that I believe Frank’s information about Emi’s gayness.

    Why not?

    Cuz in order to believe that Emi could be pressured into fucking a dude even though he was 100% heterosexual, that means he’d need to be able to attain WOOD to ply his partner’s ass with.

    Attaining wood is an involuntary human response. It can’t be forced.

    Otherwise, it would mean that Emi was only the ‘catcher’ — which means Emi took it up his culo 100% of the time and never reciprocated.

    I find this scenario unlikely and I believe that Frank may have bad information on this issue.

    Frank, I demand to know who was pitching and who was catching. 🙂

    • My Identity or Bangkok,

      “Frank, I demand to know who was pitching and who was catching.” Bangkok.

      Sounds like someone is just a little too curious Bangkok…..

      Bangkok may have batted from both sides of the Batters’s Box?

  • Thanks for this well-written insider insight! I’m curious about the surrogates and multiple twin births. Why so many? Were fertility drugs used? Who was the obstetrician? Who supplied the surrogates? Did Keith manage the pregnancies at all?

    Of all the “truther” conspiracy theories, this baby boom in Clifton Park is most specious for me.

  • When you are not allowed to have sex with any man other then Vanguard, you find comfort elsewhere.

    Cults have long term effects on people – especially when they expressly target them. Nikki Clyne was targeted. Whatever career she might have had after BSG is not going to happen – which is sad. She was a good actress.

    This whole story jumps from scary to sad pretty quick.

    • Nicki Clyne is a real puzzle. Even Allison Mack continued to do at least some acting after she got deep into NXIVM post-Smallville. But Nicki Clyne gave up literally EVERYTHING for the cult. And shows no sign of recanting, apparently, even after the arrests and trial.

      There’s a good chance she’s more fanatical than Mack or the others ever were. If that’s even possible.

        • Thanks, that’s very revealing. Looks like she was a total fanatic and probably still is. The only reason any young actor on the rise would throw their career into the trash like that is an addiction or an addiction-level attachment to someone or something. As I mentioned, all the other actresses associated with the cult continued to act at least occasionally. Kristin Kreuk worked regularly during her entire time in NXIVM.

          I also hope Frank finds out more about what’s going on with Clyne.

      • In 2017 and 2018, Nicki Clyne did perform in a web-based, crowd-sourced TV series titled “Personal Space.”

        Personal Space
        Sci-Fi | TV Series (2018– )

        Unbeknownst to the crew of a generation ship, their therapy sessions are being broadcast on Earth as a reality show.
        Creators: Dana Luery Shaw, Zack Wallnau, Tom R. Pike
        Stars: Nicki Clyne, Richard Hatch, Kurt Yaeger |


        • Thanks. Personal Space was probably watched by about 20 people, though. I don’t think she’s done anything even remotely high-profile on TV or Netflix or whatever since Battlestar Galactica.

          She seemed to make most of her money on the convention circuit. Which isn’t a bad gig, but regardless … a lot of convention guests are still active in TV and film, and seventh or eighth billing on a TV show that ended over a decade ago isn’t going to command anywhere near the kind of appearance fees enjoyed by actors on currently-popular shows.

          • TV fame and fortune can be fleeting.
            A year ago the TV actor Bill Daily passed away.
            Daily had starred in TV shows like “I Dream of Jeannie” ad “The Bob Newhart Show.”
            He was in major shows on major TV networks (NBC and CBS), not a silly show for teenagers on a third rate network (the CW).
            Daily also made appearances on TV game shows.
            Daily had been in show business for almost sixty years and was still making occasional guest appearances on a radio show in New Mexico where he was retired and at ComicCons.

            The late Bob Crane of “Hogan Heroes” was doing dinner theater in Phoenix, Arizona in 1978 when he was murdered.
            Crane was a major star by TV standards but was doing dinner theater which is regarded as the bottom of the barrel.
            Waiters were delivering food to tables while Crane was trying to remember his lines.

            Allison was almost at Dinner Theater stage when her career abruptly ended.
            Her last big job other than ComicCons was a community theater in San Diego.

            If Nicki can keep NXIVM going until Clare gets out, Nicki might become more famous as a cult leader than as an actress.

          • —Allison was almost at Dinner Theater stage…Her last big job was a community theater in San Diego—

            In defense of the Old Globe in San Diego…it is a Professional “Regional Theatre” company, with 3 stages from 300 to 600 seats, and won a Tony Award of best Regional Theatre. Productions that originated there have gone to Broadway and won 9 Tonys with 60 nominations.
            Mack was the female lead in a play that was not a success…but this was a good, serious acting gig and the opposite of dinner theatre.

  • This narrative by the former NXIVM insider fits what we know about the group’s personalities and internal dynamics quite well.

    Look at Allison, the champion of female empowerment.
    Allison’s definition of female empowerment is to brand women with a hot iron and turn those women into sex slaves.
    Would Allison think of her friend Nicki as anything more than just another woman to exploit in her ascent to the top of the NXIVM heap?

    Nicki tolerated this abuse by Allison but in a passive aggressive fashion struck back at this arrogant, conceited tormentor.

    This story appeared in the Frank Report only a few short days before Allison Mack was arrested:

    “Salzman & Mack: India Oxenberg to ‘take the fall’ for the sake of the mission”

    The source for this story was:
    “According to an inside source in Brooklyn:”

    Who could this inside source om Brooklyn be?
    The upshot of this story is that Allison, Lauren and Nicki were in Brooklyn conspiring to coerce India Oxenberg to be the patsy in the NXIVM case and take all of the blame for the sex slave cult.
    Shortly after this story appeared Allison was arrested and the plot fell apart.
    Both Allison and Lauren were arrested but Nicki is still free.
    Indeed Nicki is the leader of what is left of NXIVM.

    Could it be that Nicki Clyne is the inside source in Brooklyn who exposed this nefarious plot to frame India Oxenberg?
    Allison Mack has treated Nicki and other women like shit for years and now it is time for Nicki to treat Allison like shit in return.
    And boy does Nicki return the favor to Allison a hundred fold.
    Nicki Clyne, the little actress who was pushed aside by the machinations of Allison and Allison’s ghoulish friends, sets up the real bosses of The Vow to take the fall for the scandal.

    Look at all of the NXIVM trolls and Allison Mack fan boys who defend Mack on this website to this day.
    No matter what revelations are revealed about Mack’s sadistic cruel, brutal conduct these people defend Mack and portray her as the victim.
    And Little Nicki Clyne, the woman made out to be a clown ultimately pushed the Great Allison Mack into the public limelight as a First Class Gangster and criminal, forever destroying Allison Mack’s career and image as the “girl next door.”
    Well done, Nicki!

  • You make this out to be only Keith and Nancy were responsible.
    Peer pressure, the herd mentality, management by punishment, over sharing ones financial and intimate life, isolating one from family and friends…it’s a complex, grinding down process.

    Always remember….everyone is selling you something.
    Look at their actions, not their words.
    Step outside long enough to take a cold, hard look.

    What does it profit a man if he lose his soul and gain the world in the bargain?

    No one forced these people at gun point to swallow NXIVM slock hook, line and sinker and leave their family, friends, jobs, squander their fortunes, etc.
    They chose to in the beginning to believe without proof and stayed on even when it was apparent they were being gaslighted.
    Very few were brave enough to leave especially considering how Bronfman money was used to punish apostates.

    Thus why I have no sympathy for the ones who have pled, or been found guilty.

  • I think it’s highly implausible that Salinas had a long-term same-sex relationship unless he’s bisexual.

    In latino culture, though, there is a strain of belief, or denialism, holding that a man who always takes the dominant role in same-sex encounters isn’t really gay, because he is just using other men like he might a woman. I think that may be the line of excuse behind this piece, though again I don’t think it really flies.

  • Nicki, Kristen and Allison were all as close as lesbians can be. Where is their sisterhood now? Your master needs your support in these difficult times. If all you girls would have served Vanguard better he’d be free right now.

    • —–Nicki, Kristen and Allison were all as close as lesbians can be—-

      Do you know this, or just speculating?

      • There are picture online of the 3 singing acapella together. Nicki is on a lesbian site supposedly married to Allison. Kristen was besties with Mack traveling abroad. The Pictures of Mack and Kruek partying together on Necker island all suggest they truly loved each other. Whether Mack and Kruek double clicked the mouse together is my opinion of course.

        • Kreuk wasn’t a singer there, she was co-hosting. But I also thought there were many more pics online of her with women friends than with her “man.”

          • Kristen Kruek is definitely a homosexual. At the least is definitely bisexual. She reminds me of RKellys song called Trapped in the Closet. I wouldn’t recommend watching it unless you want to get a better idea of what a black Raniere looks like.

          • None of them were there to sing. And not all celebrities flaunt their romantic relationships. In fact the more some celebs are captured with their “significant” others the more likely they are participating in some showmance, bearding, or publicity stunt.

      • Anybody can make up anything when they are “Anonymous.” LOL

        I’m so [not] “impressed” by somebody who can look at a couple of pictures and describe the entire relationship. LOL

  • Hey Nicki
    As the acting head of NXIVM you might want to check out fund raising ideas to keep the group alive.
    On the Albany Times Union Youtube channel there is an ad for an exclusive gentleman’s club located right in Clifton Park.
    It is called Double Vision and provides Clifton Park with some much needed culture.
    It even has a dancer’s pole so you know that it is a high class joint.
    It would be exactly the kind of business NXIVM is suited for.
    And it is perfectly legal.

  • —Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are notorious for psychologically programming people – to the point of real mental torture – to convince them to have gay sex…so they would have “collateral”—

    “notorious?” Then that means they often tried to make other men and women go gay to get collateral. Who else did this work on?

    this “collateral” would explain actions of some members staying with the cult despite obvious red flags, but other than Keith’s threesomes there hasn’t been any reports that this “notorious” pressure was worked on others.

  • To former NXIVM Insider:

    Did you ever consider that Nicki Clyne got back at Allison Mack in a way which destroyed Allison’s image and career forever?

    When Raniere was arrested Nicki was there with a cellphone to record the entire event and made sure to frame the video so that a dazed Allison Mack would be the most prominent person in the video.
    Forevermore Allison Mack will be branded as Raniere’s top lieutenant in the sex trafficking operation.

    Moreover, with most of the top leadership of NXIVM on ice Nicki Clyne will be the indispensable manager of NXIVM.
    Raniere is in prison forever.
    Nancy Salzman is also out of action.
    Lauren Salzman will be labeled a turncoat.
    Allison Mack will be out of action for several years and her acting career is kaput.
    Clare will return but for the next few years will be on hiatus.
    Sara B. is lying low in France.
    Emi Salinas is Missing in Action and might be hiding in Cuba.

    The rebuilding of NXIVM is in Nicki’s cold, calculating Canadian hands.

    • It takes much more than a quick video to be “Raniere’s top lieutenant.” I think the groupies from Raniere’s college days, including the two who died of cancer a few years ago, much higher on the pecking order. Sorry [not] for ruining your night. LOL

    • Did you ever consider that Nicki Clyne got back at Allison Mack in a way that destroyed Allison’s image and career forever?

      I do believe this is a great probability that Nicki was a woman scorned or just a complete idiot basking in her ignorance. Allison ruined her own image by choosing evil over good. Her overactive sexual perversion along with the guidance of a well established sexual predator was a match made in heaven for the monster.

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