Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne Ordered Their Sex Slaves to Do a ‘Seduction Assignment’ — to F–k Creepy Cult Leader Keith Raniere

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne

As we wait for the sentencing dates for Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, and Nancy and Lauren Salzman  – and the actual sentencing of the already-scheduled Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell – it is instructive to cull some gems from the trial of Raniere.

Here is one: Both Allison Mack and her spouse, Nicki Clyne – both DOS slave masters in the scurrilous Nxivm cult – reveled in assigning their female slaves to seduce their master – Raniere, who was known also as Vanguard.

DOS slave masters, Clyne and Allison Mack ordered their slaves to fuck their master, Keith Raniere – whether they wanted to or not.


Grandmaster Keith Alan Raniere wanted the young and beautiful DOS slaves ordered to seduce him.

Monday, May 20.

The trial of Keith Alan Raniere in Brooklyn federal court.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis presiding. Lauren Salzman is on the witness stand. Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar is doing the examination.

Lauren is talking about DOS – the master-slave group Raniere created as a women’s empowerment group. It is a group of women who are all slaves to one man, Raniere.

Lauren spoke about how she went to see Allison Mack in San Diego where she was appearing in a play.

A   I was in San Diego – I was invited, Allison was in a play in San Diego, and I went to see her in the play. And I invited Audrey and Amanda [two of Lauren’s slaves] to come with me.

Q   And when was this approximately?

A   In April of 2017.


It turned out that Lauren was perhaps not the best slave master since she was at times not strict enough with her slaves.

It so happened that one of them failed in a “Readiness Drill” – a requirement of the slaves to all respond – within 60 seconds – of being texted. Showing that they were ready for commands at any time.

The drills began with Raniere texting his eight first line slaves and they, in turn, texting their slaves. It could happen anytime day or night and all the slaves had to respond to their master within 60 seconds or the whole group could be punished.

One of the punishments Raniere devised was a bare ass paddling – meant to hurt.

Q   And what was this paddling of penance for?

A   Failure of readiness.

Q   Which meant what exactly?

A   That they failed to get all of the people in their line reporting in for readiness in the one-minute time frame.

Q   To your knowledge, did Audrey, in fact, get a paddling penance for failing?

A   Yes, she did.

Q   How do you know that?

A   Because I saw her take it. I was in the room with her.

Q   Were there other times where – that Audrey was paddled or paddled others?

A   Yes. Audrey and C— took a paddling penance that I was unaware that they were going to take it at the time, but they sent me videos of it.

Lauren explained more about her visit to Allison in San Diego.

So we had arrived in San Diego, and Allison started pointing out areas where my slaves were failing…. I was getting a lot of feedback from Allison that I was not doing a good job as a master.

And so when I received the text from [my slave] Audrey about at being at the garden [where they were to meet]… Allison told me that she would have said [if it was her slave] “are you rushing me?”.

So I wrote [to my slave]: “Are you rushing me?”

I wanted to show Allison that I was a good master and willing to discipline my slaves and teach them how to be good slaves.


Lauren testified about many of the details of DOS and then AUSA Hajjar brought her to the sexual nature of DOS.

Q   When you were first recruited into DOS, did you believe that DOS was sexual in nature?

A   No.

Q   Did you come to learn that there was a sexual component in DOS?

A   Yes.

Q   Can you give some examples of that?

A   Well, naked pictures. Specifically, up-close vagina pictures that I think are sexual in nature. Paddling, I thought was sexual, it had a BDSM component. The dungeon was all BDSM equipment that I was told about. Seduction assignments, I think, are sexual in nature. And having sexual relationships or interactions with a slave is certainly sexual in nature.

Q   Did there come a time where you learned that other first-line DOS masters had assigned their slaves to interact with the defendant?

A   Yes, I did.  … we were having a first-line DOS meeting, and we were talking about where in each of the …  five enrollment stages… [where] each of the slaves were….

And Allison shared not only where everybody was in each of the five stages but that she had tasked a number of people [slaves] to do something she called “the assignment”. And I had never heard about the assignment.

And so I was like, “What’s the assignment?” …  it turned out the assignment was that she had tasked them to seduce Keith…

Q   Did you understand “seduce Keith” to be a sexual act?

A   I interpreted it that way, yes, I did.

Q   Was there more conversation about this assignment at that time?

A   Not right then, but later we had more discussions about it.

Q   Did you have a conversation with the defendant about it?

A   I did. I went to him and asked him about it. And he told me that the purpose of the assignment was … for women to be able to have an experience with a man where the man could abuse power but didn’t, and that he thought that that would be a good experience for them to have, a growthful experience for them to have.

[In other words, Raniere told Lauren that he would turn down the slaves who came to seduce him – a blatant lie.]

Q   And how did you take that?

A …  I felt concerned about it, and I still felt that it was a type of abuse of power. Because I couldn’t imagine being a man and having a woman come and do things to try to seduce you and you not having some sort of experience of power in that situation.

But also if I imagine going to try to seduce a man who I didn’t have any sexual relationship with, especially if that man didn’t take me up on the offer, I would then have feelings toward that man. I would have feelings towards them once I tried to seduce them, even if didn’t have those feelings before, especially if he didn’t take advantage of the situation, I would like him more.

So I couldn’t imagine that not changing the interaction he was having with the slaves. But then I needed to believe also that he would never do that [have sex with the slaves assigned to seduce him] and that it was just him not abusing power and giving them a good experience and so then I …  compartmentalized it and moved forward believing this is all good, and DOS is good and it can’t be … what I’m imagining … it’s just my fears…

Q   Did you believe the defendant when he said that no sexual interaction would take place?

A   I wanted to believe him. I wasn’t sure.

Q   Did you have a later conversation with Allison Mack in San Diego?

A   I did. Allison and I can’t recall the specific words that she said in the conversations we had in San Diego. But I came away from the conversations with her believing that Keith was having sex with all her slaves, based on all the assumptions that she was using and the way she was talking about things during the time we were there.

Q   What happened after that?

A   I came home and said to Keith: “Are you having sex with Allison’s slaves?

And he said: “No.”

And I said: “Why does she think you are?”

And he said: “Because I didn’t correct her.”

Q   What did you understand that to mean?

A   I understood it to mean that he was trying to be truth — like be right on the technicality.  Because in my mind the next question was: “Well, how did she get that impression in the first place?” … I didn’t ask it, because I believe he knew what I was asking and specifically chose not to tell me the truth about it.

And so I believed that either he was lying to me in that moment or he was lying to Allison, but in either case, he was lying to somebody about this.

Q   So what did you after you spoke to the defendant?

A   I went back to Allison.

Q   And what did you say?

A  “ Is he fucking your slaves,” is what I said.

Q   What did she say?

A   She said: “Just Nicole* and Sukie. But we’re going to start working with India and Jay.”

And I said to her: “When you say working, do you mean fucking?”

And she said: “Yes.”

[* Nicole is Allison’s slave – and she is not Nicki Clyne. It is important to distinguish between Nicki Clyne and Nicole. Nicole was the slave who was blindfolded and tied to a bed while Raniere was present and Camilia Fernandez gave her oral sex without revealing her identity. It was part of the sex trafficking acts that convicted Raniere.] 

Q   What did you do after that [after she learned that Raniere had lied and was having sex with Allison’s slaves]?

A   I suppressed my feelings about it and continued forward.

Q   Did you later come to learn that Allison’s slaves were not the only ones to get the seduction assignment?

A   Yes. I can’t remember the time frame, but at one first-line DOS meeting, I said something along the lines that Allison had been the only one who had assigned people this [seduction] assignment, and Nicki [Clyne] said: “no, she’s not.” And then I learned that other people have been tasking their slaves to do the assignment.

Q   At some point did you learn that Nicki’s slaves had been tasked to that assignment?

A   Yes…

Q   Did you subsequently raise Nicole’s name with the defendant again?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   What was your conversation with him?

A   … when I had asked him about the seduction assignment, was that it wasn’t always going to be him doing the seduction assignment; that at some point, somebody else was going to be doing the seduction assignment. And Cami [Fernandez] and I had a conversation about it at one point in time and I went to him and said “Camila and I were talking about who was going to be run the seduction assignment, and he said, “Nicole was going to be heading that testing.”



So it appears that Allison was willingly getting her slaves into the seduction assignment and so was Nicki Clyne, who is presently the leader of DOS.

Nicki Clyne had great fun it seems getting her slaves to seduce her Vanguard.


Nicki Clyne, leader of DOS and Clare Bronfman, leader of Nxivm


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  • These seem like some weak people if they willingly proceeded with the abuse even knowing everything

  • Wednesday December 12, 2007

    Survey Time!

    Hey all! So I’m setting out on an amazing business venture with Kristin, Nicki Clyne from “Battlestar,” and Sarah Edmondson… The four of us are building something really awesome geared directly to college students and we would love to get YOUR feedback about what YOU want!
    So we’ve come up with this survey, and it would be so, so, so amazing if you could take a few minutes to fill out it out so we can get the info! Because the business is for college students only, we are asking that only seniors in high school through college students of any year participate in this round of questions! Thanks so, so much all!
    See you soon with the next Mack Event!

    • What’s interesting is that of these four women, only Sarah Edmondson graduated from college. Concordia College in Montreal.

      Nicki Clyne attended several colleges like the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser but did not graduate.

      Allison Mack has not attended college at all unless one counts some possible community college courses recently.

      Kristin Kreuk still claims to be working on a college course of study at Queen’s University which is in Ontario.
      Don’t hold your breath waiting for KK to graduate.

      • —What’s interesting is that of these four women only Sarah Edmondson graduated from college—

        No, it is neither interesting nor relevant. Actors, especially those who find work as a teen, know that a college degree is not going to help advance your career. Landing more roles helps. Maybe acting classes help. Passing Calculus 101 does not.

          • Yes, but if they haven’t been stupid with their money, actors will have earned enough to go to college or set up a business AFTER their career declines.

            Many won’t need to work again if they’ve saved or invested enough, or if they’re receiving residuals from past work. Some transition into writing, directing or producing, but they don’t need college for that; they usually get “in” thanks to the connections they made while acting.

            And some just end up marrying fellow wealthy industry people who can keep them in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

            TL/DR: College beforehand isn’t a necessity for actors, however fleeting their success might be, provided they’ve saved or invested or made good contacts … and that’s most of them.

      • Allison Mack has not attended college at all unless one counts some possible community college courses recently.
        Can you elaborate on this comment please?

  • I think Allison is more a victim than a perpetrator, I mean, at the beggining she was brainwashed (just like the other victims were), I think she really believed she was making the wolrd a better place and that she was battling her own demons (just like the other girls thought they were when they commited), unfortunately for Allison, she was just too far gone to be saved, her family didn’t fight for her and had no one to try and rescue her so fiercely like it happened for example with India (it took several years to “rescue” India cause’ she wanted to stay in NXVIM and she’s not seen as a perpetrator thanks to that but she did bad things jut like Sarah and others did), she was a public figure and was already collateralized, starved and sleep deprived, she was broken from Vicente’s testimony.

    I don’t believe she was evil, I think she was just too stupid and naive, but sadly that doesn’t excuse her actions, had she took on the same route as the other so called victims did, like going public about it to paint herself as a full victim, writing a book, testifying or whateaver, she wouldn’t be seen as such a monster, I mean she didn’t even had the chance to speak up and defend herself like Lauren did and now Lauren is seen as much a victim compared to her.

    She was left with no options, she wanted to have a fair separate trial but her request was denied, she had to plead guilty by pressure even if she didn’t felt that way, a trial along with Raniere would have doomed anyone (just look at how it ended for himself), the other defendants avoided the same thing because they knew that would lead them to the worst place, I think by now she at least deserves some sympathy and respect because she has endured a lot of things and haven’t had the chance to defend herself, I’m really looking for the moment in which se have the chance to speak her side, I know she deserves to be punished but ¿what kind of punishment would be fare for her case having all the evidence and facts (good and bad) on the table? Hard to say IMO.

    • “I think she really believed she was making the world a better place”

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
      Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin wanted to make the world a better place.
      In the end they killed around 40 million people in the Soviet Union.
      Mao Tse-tung wanted to make China a better place and ended up killing up to 60 million people.
      Even the Nazis talked of making the world a better place.
      Oh, Lord, save us from those who would make the world a better place whether we want it or not.

      And enough of this weeping declaring Allison Mack a victim.
      Almost every prison and jail in America is filled with people who are far greater victims than Allison Pimp Mack.
      Their fathers abandoned the family.
      Many don’t even know who their fathers are.
      The mothers are either drug addicts or drunks.
      Many were physically or sexually abused as children.
      Many families have their finances wasted by parents who are addicted to gambling.
      An addiction encouraged by greedy corrupt state governments.
      Many prisoners went to bed hungry as children or lacked good medical care.
      The public schools are crappy and the teachers are over paid bureaucrats who don’t care whether the children learn or not.
      Numerous prisoners have mental problems that are not addressed by a medical system that is content to drug people to keep them compliant.
      Many people live in substandard housing in neighborhoods ruled by drug dealers, gang bangers and corrupt cops.

      And you want me and others to feel sorry for an arrogant spoiled brat like Allison Mack who has a good family, who had the chance for a good education, who had access to money and fame.
      A conceited, cruel, brutal sadistic decadent woman.
      Sorry, Allison Mack deserves no tears.

      • It’s not like I’m rooting 100% for Allison, you can read my response again before making assumptions (it’s also not like anyone can reason with you anyway), so, what you say can also apply for the so called victims in this case, in the end they did recruiting labor, some had slaves, did criminal things, they consent to an extend, but still they are fully painted as victims when they were perpetrators to an extent, just like Allison.

  • Not exactly correct, women were tasked with the ‘assignment’, they had to goto keith’s ‘library’ to seduce him, and he would in return NOT sleep with them (at that time). Knowing what they were tasked to do, but not having sex with them would show to them that he is a benevolent person, and would endow the women with a sense of affection for him. He’s playing the long game with them. He didn’t just want to have sex with them, he wanted to control them.

    • He did play the long game. And when you’re playing the long game with dozens and dozens of women, your short game is inevitably doing well.

  • The article leaves out that Keith claimed, probably repeatedly, that sex with him could heal sexual trauma. I.e the language such as slave X is “working with Keith”.

  • Oh. Please.
    Keith orchestrated this whole they seduce him scenario to disavow any responsibility in case someone might protest later on.
    Slick of him, wasn’t it?

    • His handlers probably devised it for him. He (though the smartest man in the world) didn’t have the foresight to come up with this psyop.

  • Allison Mack Thursday, July 12th, 2007

    by Albert Einstein
    This delusion is a prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons close to us. A human being is part of the whole, called by us “universe,” limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

    I love this quote. I am constantly surprised and moved by the words Einstein uses and the way in which he was able to spread such an immense amount of knowledge in one lifetime. I have really been seeing recently how small I make my world. I am surprised by the amount of evaluation that it takes to be a mindful and global thinker.
    I feel as though I consume myself with what is directly in front of me without ever taking into consideration how this will then effect the rest of the world and I think that is a very dangerous pattern to fall into. It does feel like we, as a society, have moved into the “optical delusion of our consciousness” and it feels as though we are destroying each other because of it. In our attempt to create and solidify our own comfort we have lost that human quality called compassion.
    Sometimes it feels as if somehow the people that are out of my direct contact don’t exist and therefore I shouldn’t think or be concerned about them and how my decisions effect them, directly. I have really been looking at myself lately, looking at the choices I have made for myself thus far and the choices I continue to make by the minute. What I see is a woman who is seeking compassion from the outside world, but is unwilling to give it herself. I expect others to behave in a way that I don’t behave myself. I expect others to have a worldly and mindful point of view, when in reality, that is usually the last thing on my mind when I am doing something. When I really started to see how consistent I am in this behavior and how destructive this behavior is to all of humanity, I did the least compassionate thing I could do– I punished myself, as though somehow that would evoke more compassion from me. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I am punished for something, I am usually angry. So I was definitely not doing what I wanted to do.
    In order for me to see compassion in the world, I must first have it for myself. Likewise, in order for the world to change, for us as humans to start behaving as though we are all connected in this “universe,” we must first connect with ourselves– really start to see ourselves for who we are… The good, the bad, and the ugly. I am so inspired by this concept, and I look forward to my quest towards creating a more loving, friendly, safe and compassionate world for myself and all others to thrive and grow within

    • Now there’s a twist.
      Allison Mack, who barely graduated from high school, is quoting Albert Einstein’s philosophical musings.

      “I feel as though I consume myself with what is directly in front of me without ever taking into consideration how this will then effect the rest of the world and I think that is a very dangerous pattern to fall into.”

      When Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in 1939 about the possibility of an Atomic Bomb, did he consider the effect such a weapon would have on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

      When Allison Mack was directing the branding of her slaves did she consider the pain that was being inflicted on these women?
      Both physical and psychological pain.
      After all these women were right in front of Allison Mack.
      She could here these women screaming and begging for mercy.
      And Allison Mack still continued with the branding of the women.

      • “Allison Mack…barely graduated from high school”

        What do you mean by “barely” and do you have any evidence?

          • shadow, you ignored the word “evidence.”
            Do you know her low GPA?
            Do you know she spent 3 years as a senior?
            Do you know she flunked out and got a GED?
            Do you pull all of your facts out of your ass? Is that what you learned at Big 10 U?

          • Anonymous:
            I know that Allison Mack is so dense that she thinks a Nazi breeding program from the Third Reich is a great idea.

            “Was Raniere’s Breeding Plan With the Sister-Wives Based on Nazi Lebensborn?”
            October 1, 2019
            “Allison Mack and the other women were all seeking to have Keith Raniere impregnate them and how Allison loved the idea of raising her babies alongside her sister wives.”
            “It was a program by the SS which was led by Heinrich Himmler.”

            “Knock, Knock, Knock…..”
            “Marianne, Open up it’s me Allison.
            Dani and I need to borrow some of Keith’s sperm to impregnate ourselves and create the future Master Race.
            Oh, and I need to borrow a turkey baster. I set mine down in a kitchen drawer next to a hot cauterizing pen and the plastic melted.”

    • “What I see is a woman who is seeking compassion from the outside world, but is unwilling to give it herself.”

      Allison is candid with her thoughts. Raniere gave Allison a place where her true nature flourished. She is pure evil without remorse.

  • Archive for the ‘Violence’ Category

    Sunday, April 15th, 2007
    Violent Tendencies
    An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind by Gandhi
    There are many more pleasant things to do than beating someone up.” by Muhammad Ali

    Written by Allison
    “When searching for a quote, I have started the habit of deciding what to write by what seems to be relevant to what is going on for me that week. It has kind of been a cool way to get my ideas and thoughts out on a page and also bounce the thoughts I have floating in my head off a number of different people from a number of different places and backgrounds.
    So far this has been a beautiful experiment, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the responses everyone is posting on this site. It really is such an amazing way for me to get to know all my fans and also get to know myself in the process. So, that being said, I have had many conversations with different friends this week about violence and what that is. I thought these quotes were in keeping with this because it is a great way of looking at what violent reactions and thoughts can end up doing to the world at large. Now, my opinion of violence has changed drastically in the last little bit. I used to think that it was a solely physical act; that the word only encompassed those acts that caused physical harm or destruction, but as I began to think about it a little more, I really started to recognize how destructive words can be. Sometimes, even more destructive than a punch. It was after this recognition that I really saw how violent I can be in the way I live my life… Not always so much towards other people, but so more so towards myself. I allow my insecurities to dictate the things I do in my life. I am constantly berating myself for not being “enough” of what I think I would be. I suppress the things within me that I think are “bad” and then spend my time and energy punishing myself for even having these flaws in the first place.
    I feel like these habits are incredibly destructive and violent towards my own growth and potential. They essentially ruin my ability to enjoy my present life and situations. Now, if this isn’t violent, I don’t know what is.
    The really incredible part about this discovery is that I can only treat people the way I treat myself. And I will never have the capacity to be the compassionate and loving person I want to be in the world if I can’t ever be that for myself. It is this strange reality that I am seeing, the truth that everything I do and see in the external world is simply a direct reflection of what is going on within me and my own little head…. And so I struggle to find inner compassion, to tame that violent dictator that consumes my thoughts. Maybe, if I can tame my destructive self, I will be closer to attaining my goal of being a kind, honest, and loving person. I really wonder what would happen on a global scale if more people would stop the abusive behavior they inflict upon themselves and actually began living with compassion for their own flaws, embracing them and accepting them as part of the beauty of what it means to be human.”

    • Another gem from Allison Mack.
      The Virtue Signaling never ends with Allison.
      She deplores violence.
      Well good for her.
      Does Allison think that using a hot iron near women’s private parts to leave a lifetime scar is violent?
      Does Allison think that paddling women is violent?
      Does Allison Pimp Mack think that coercing women into sex against their wills is demeaning and violent?
      And Allison thinks that words can hurt almost as much as physical acts.
      “I really started to recognize how destructive words can be. Sometimes, even more destructive than a punch. ”
      Words of Wisdom from Allison Pimp Mack.

      After reading some of my posts and comments Allison might want to repeal the First Amendment.
      “Allison Mack is a Gangster.”
      “Allison Mack is a Racketeer.”
      Allison Mack is an Extortionist.”
      Allison Mack is a Blackmailer.”
      “Allison Mack is a Pimp.”
      “Allison Mack is a Sex Trafficker.”

      ” I really saw how violent I can be in the way I live my life…” Allison Mack

      I remember from the trial one of the witnesses listed the nasty nicknames Allison used for other women.
      Allison labelled one woman “The Brat.”
      Allison labelled another woman “The Princess.”
      No one was more of a Bratty Princess than Allison Pimp Mack.
      And you had better believe that the sadistic Allison Pimp Mack enjoyed demeaning other women both physically and psychologically.

      And don’t doubt if back in 2007 one of Allison’s readers had questioned her assertions that that comment would be quickly deleted by “open-minded” Allison.

  • Frank if you already have this info im sorry for wasting your time.
    Juicy peach was a website that also offered government grants put together by Kristen Kurek and Allison for art students.
    The reference to the branding jumped out at me. This was written by Allison in regards to selling a calendar the two put together. I put Allisons writing in quotations.

    “If this is something that sounds interesting or you think is cool, jump on board! Grab a calendar to start off your year or indulge in the “Mack/Kreuk branding” and grab a personally-signed head shot! I will keep you updated on the growth and progress of this new experiment, and in the meantime, you can enjoy the process alongside us!
    Thanks for all your support on our new and exciting adventures! Yay, 2008! New growth, new ideas, new inspiration!
    Ciao for now!”
    “A calendar created by Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk using a compilation of pictures taken during their travels. Photographers also include Chad Krowchuk and Mark Hildreth.”

    Juicy Peach is a not-for-profit gallery and store born as a way to utilize art to support the creation of more art. We are dedicated to harnessing our success and abilities to create a community of support so our contemporaries will have the opportunity to do the same. Basically, we are selling stuff so other people can make and sell more stuff!
    Juicy Peach will be a not-for-profit company based in the U.S.A. and will be official in January 2008. All products sold will come with a receipt.
    Criteria for artists:
    Must be a U.S. citizen
    Artists who receive this grant will be creating authentic, unique, and innovative work in any of the following fine art fields: writing, performing, and visual arts, including film. Juicy Peach supports and encourages the brave act of authenticity in the pursuit of skilled professional artistry. Part of being human is to encounter and work through adversity. As an artist, there are times when adversity feels like a massive concrete wall directly in front of you, reaching just beyond where you could feasibly leap on your own. Juicy Peach is part of helping you find a way through that big, giant concrete wall.
    The first Juicy Peach grant will be $1,000 and will be given when we have raised that much money. If you would like to donate your work to the store, please send your submissions to When your work is sold, Juicy Peach will reimburse you for your raw materials, but not your time. Profits will go directly into the grants. Juicy Peach will begin to take submissions for grants shortly.
    Inspired. Authentic. Juicy.
    Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk
    Juicy Peach > Products

    Juicy Peach Calendar
    sold out

    Personalized Headshot
    Allison Mack

    Autographed Headshot
    Kristin Kreuk
    $40.00 “

  • This is from another Clyne archive. Do you think the V stands for the Vanguard?

    Comment from V
    Time: May 10, 2007, 5:07 pm
    Cool Nicki interview.
    In all seriousness I think the show mishandled her character this year and while great in “Precipice” the scripts they handed Nicki stuck her character into “whine mode”…Jane Espenson I am looking in your direction….and they need to give her more to do (who does she interact with OTHER than Chief Tyrol these days? Everyone else is dead). Nonetheless, I think the fact that her baby is a hybrid now will bring her back to the “forefront” as it were.
    I’m pleased to meet you/
    hope you guessed my name/
    but what’s puzzling you/
    is the nature of my game

    • Let’s see if the Vanguard’s sophisticated trickery works for me.

      Comment from SS:
      “Nicki, I command thee to become a nun and join a convent.
      Give Up the Sins of the Flesh and become a Chaste, Moral Woman.”

      I can feel it already.
      Nicki Clyne will from this day forward will be a resurrected Saint.

  • Before anyone gets too impressed with Lauren Salzman’s religious conversion, remember this is a woman who in the 2006-2007 time frame kept a woman DF locked in a room as a prisoner because DF refused to have sex with Raniere.
    All of these women in NXIVM, particularly Mack, Salzman and Clyne, are sex traffickers, pimps, extortionists and gangsters.
    All of these women have souls that smell like backed up sewers.

  • Great article. What a miserable life Lauren must have secretly lived for 18 years as she believed the avatar lies and thought Keith was “the one”.
    “I suppressed my feelings about it and continued forward.” She must have become an expert at this.

    • Lauren did not believe Keith–the contradictions were evident. It appeared to be a “need to know” type of control. She “continued forward” *knowing.*

      I do recall reading FR posts about the straight jealousy among the women.

      Keith, that true sociopath, loved the divide and conquer strategy.

      And the Old Lady Gang just shut their mouths.

  • Oh, Nicki, Nicki, whereforth art thou, Nicki?

    Hey, Nicki how many women did you spank?
    Did you use a wooden paddle or was it bare handed?
    Were the women bare bottomed or did you let them were underwear while they were being spanked?

  • Amway had their form of the same “response” exercise, but it was more talk than action. People would talk in front of a large group of distributors about how they did, or would, get up a 3 am to help their upline if they got a flat tire, etc., because they revered them so much, and were willing to “do whatever it takes” to be successful. The intent was to create massive edification for the upline so that people would do whatever the upline told them to do and create a deep loyalty to them.

    Raniere was definitely into head games, no wonder Natalie, Bouchey, Hutchinson, etc., are such psychos.

  • Thanks for these illustrative further segments from the court testimony.

    One of the things that I think reveals a lot about Mack, is that she was in San Diego for a couple of months to do a play – meaning plenty of time away from the direct influence of Raniere, and the atmosphere of high control in Clifton Park. A number of others reported having reconsidered their involvement after being away and having time to rest and eat. And yet Mack was so hard core and fully on board with her role as Raniere’s henchwoman, that she was chastizing another pod leader for not being strict enough with slaves – and so apparently felt she had the position and authority to do so with someone of higher sash rank who had been in NXIVM much longer, and was a senior executive of the group.

    I’m interested to see how much can be determined about exactly who was really doing Raniere’s bidding. Do we know who did the paddling?

    • The title of Allison’s play in San Diego was “Red Velvet.”
      It was about a black man in 1830s Britain taking on a role in “Othello” a Shakespeare play.
      At that time the tradition was for a white actor to take on black face.
      Obviously Allison saw no hypocrisy in starring in such a play while in her personal life bossing around female slaves.

      Even three thousand miles away from Albany Allison Mack was an enthusiastic pimp.
      Allison Mack should have been given the choice: either plead guilty to sex trafficking or go to trial with Raniere on all charges.
      The prosecutors at EDNY were stupid to let her off the hook on sex trafficking charges.

      Here is a short 4 minute clip from KPBS of San Diego where halfway through there is a short interview of Allison Mack.
      The play was at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego’s Balboa Park.

  • Kind of amazing that, compared to Allison and Nicki, Lauren still had some values intact while she was in DOS.

    • “Kind of amazing that, compared to Allison and Nicki, Lauren still had some values intact while she was in DOS.”

      The Feds should have cut a plea deal with Lauren but taken Allison to trial for sex trafficking.
      Allison is clearly pimping out women.

      • This is indeed getting close to pimping.

        If she’d been charging money for doing something like what is described, there would be no question about it.

        Given that other sorts of valuable consideration was involved, it’s more or less there.

        • “If she’d been charging money for doing something like what is described, there would be no question about it.”
          Well no, 1 person was having sex with them, not several…
          Also Allison wouldn’t have the role of the pimp in this alternate reality of yours but one of the prostitute.

          She was coerced and she had to have sex with him (hardly willingly since there is collaterals in the line).
          Also, READ THE WHOLE TEXT
          Lauren say that Allison wasn’t knowing the Truth and then that she did (all this in a timeline that doesn’t match the facts known).

          Lauren is saving her ass by charging Allison…
          Who forced Allison to do your beloved fake interview? let me check…it’s Raniere and…whaaaaaat !? Lauren !
          They blackmailed her to take the blame

          If we Believe the source of Frank on the story after Raniere’s arrest, Who blackmailed/brainwashed/forced Allison to put the blame on India (Something that wasn’t done in the end…from what is known, Allison protected India in the end (despite India’s mother obsession for not taking responsability and blaming Allison))
          It’s Lauren again!

          Who helped Raniere to keep Dani in her room with ,once again, coercion and blackmail to obtain what she wanted?

          Lauren was way more implicate, she had an Opportunity to defend herself and put the blame, yet again, on someone else!

          This whole story would be great if it didn’t smell BS (timeline not fitting, Lauren supposed value (while she supported this cult while not coerced nor mind tempered …contrary to many of the other victims).
          Lauren’s story is Nothing more than a way to save her own ass.

      • “The Feds should have cut a plea deal with Lauren but taken Allison to trial for sex trafficking.
        Allison is clearly pimping out women”
        But they didn’t…tooo baaad , your story isn’t fitting then.
        Sadly for you, this isn’t pimping at all.
        And if it was pimping, Allison wouldn’t be the pimp but one of the prostitute, and by US Law, she would be protected as she was forced to do what she did.

        The fairy tale that Lauren presented is far to show anything but that she isn’t consistant in her story.
        Allison Don’t know, Allison know, Allison Don’t know…the fact is : Allison didn’t knew but believed it could be.
        But since she had nothing to say , she followed (stupidly , i grant that) the order.But so did Lauren!
        Even the other victims followed order (except for Jayes who partly refused…she refused to have sex with him (poor Raniere…isn’t it shadow? Girls are such monsters…BTW , try to get on his guest list, shadow, i’m sure he would love you (and your stupidity))

        BTW pimping is when you sell someone elses body to peoples…not just one
        It’s a harem, a forced harem, true but an harem…not a prostitution service!

      • Its clear to me that it would take sophisticated law enforcement to stop these Bronfman sisters. Bronfman money allowed and supported crimes against humanity. These ladies; Clare, Sara B, Sara E, Allison, Lauren, Kathy, Nancy recruited young girls for grooming. Its insane that Sara Bronfman be around any children let alone run any type of children’s facility.

        • Unity:
          You’re absolutely right.
          The dirty work of grooming female children for sex was not done by the lazy corpulent Raniere.
          It was done by Raniere’s female ghouls.
          Starting with Cafritz and Jeske and going through Mack and Lauren Salzman, it was the females to enabled Raniere’s madness to flourish.
          And it was all financed by the Bronfman sisters as well as some of the Mexican upper class.

    • NC Girl,
      Lauren was in Mexico, taking a nap (asserting her rank), and ready to do the group sex thing when the police came.

      If her morals were so compromised, how could she not confide in her mother, Dear Prefect? It isn’t as if Lauren was a sullen teen.

      What was it about Nancy?

    • And you say that because Allison hasn’t had the chance to speak her side or defend herself/explain her actions, for all we know Nicki is still nuts and leading DOS as we are talking so she couldn’t care less she wasn’t indicted, why would you believe everything Lauren said? Do you really think she would’ve been stupid enough to paint herself as a monster? She was given the chance to defend herself and speak her side, she try to throw all the guilt she could on the others and try to spare herself from the wrong doing, anyone smart enough to reduce their involvement in a criminal group thus reducing their jail time would do what Lauren did, talk about things that nobody can prove.

      • Of course Lauren Salzman is a Monster.
        After all she is an off spring of that other Monster Nancy Salzman.

        Lauren Salzman happily kept a young woman (DF) locked up in a room for almost two years because DF would not have sex with Raniere.
        Lauren Salzman is as much a pimp as Allison Mack.
        And to save her miserable hide Lauren Salzman is playing the shocked victim card.
        “How was I to know that there was pimping in NXIVM?”

        All of the top people in NXIVM are rotten and are merely pretending to be lost little sheep.
        It’s quite a spectacle.

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