Hope for Kathy Russell – as a Ballerina

Kathy Russell -she may become a famous ballerina yet. She just needs to get this nasty prison stuff behind her.

Kathy Russell aspired to be a ballerina from at least the time she came to Nxivm in the early 2000s.

She left Alaska to come to Albany to learn directly from the master himself, Keith Alan Raniere.

Although Raniere was not known to have ever been a ballerino, he nevertheless was said to be the smartest man in the world – based on his taking a take-home IQ test, then doing his own study that proved the rarity of his IQ based on the score he got on his take-home test.

Russell believed.

For years, Russell was told – by Nancy Salzman and Keith – that if she paid for and took enough Nxivm classes, and fucked Raniere upon demand – even joining in threesomes with him – and if she helped woman such as Loreta Garza and Daniela illegally get into the country – so he could fuck them – with or without her joining in – and if she could rent a townhouse under a phony name so it could house another illegal Mexican, Camila Fernandez, so he could fuck her – if she did all this and more – Raniere would help Kathy achieve executive success.

And that included Miss Kathy [as she was nicknamed by Raniere] becoming a world-class prima donna and performing around the world with leading ballet companies.

It was a wonderful ambition.

The only challenge was Kathy was in her 40s when she came to Raniere.  Most ballerinas achieve their peak before they turn 20.

But this was no ordinary teacher Kathy had gone to – it was the Vanguard – the world’s smartest man and most ethical too.

And Kathy was lithe and nimble – [and fuckable too – at least at first – by Raniere’s standards – and she was thin, did not cut her hair and ate no garlic – all requirements of the Vanguard].

Kathy Russell served her master, the Vanguard, fervently. She even cleaned his hot tub and bed after he fucked other women. Later in life, old Vanguard got erectile dysfunction – first reported in Frank Report and later confirmed in trial testimony by Camila Fernandez. But that did not stop the old perv from limping along and having as much sex as possible – and that meant that old Kathy was required to change the sheets and clean out the hot tub on a regular basis.


8 Hale Drive – Keith Raniere’s sex lair.

So Kathy went to work for Nxivm – at modest wages – as their bookkeeper. And it must be admitted that she was not well paid considering she had to do more than most bookkeepers do since she had to keep two or more sets of books for hundreds of companies for the tax evasion-loving Raniere.

But she did it, working for years at low wages, and spending most of her earnings on more Nxivm courses so that she could learn the one thing she really wanted – to become a world-class ballerina.

And the years passed.

Russell left her 40s behind; then she left her 50s behind, and still, she was just always one Nxivm intensive away from removing her disintegrations – and becoming a world-class ballerina.

It was embarrassing to some to see Miss Kathy on stage with 8-12-year-olds doing recitals with the amateur Saratoga Ballet company – performing before an audience of parents who were younger than Kathy.

Kathy Russell may be older than most girls who are starting ballet.

But these parents who thought it odd to see an old lady dancing and trying to upstage their daughters did not understand that Kathy was rehearsing for the great day when she would appear at The Royal Opera House, or the Palais Garnier, or the Metropolitan Opera House.

That day was coming.

And she was just about there when unhappily she chose not to take an immunity deal offered by the feds in return for her testimony – and, consequently, was arrested last July for being part of the racketeering enterprise the feds accused Nxivm of being.

Kathy Russell heads to court after being charged with being part of the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.

After being indicted, Kathy took about nine months to make up her mind to plead guilty to visa fraud. She is scheduled to be sentenced in January.

Because she is subject to house arrest only at night – she is free to move about during the day – Russell has reportedly kept up with her ballet practice.

Armed with Raniere’s teachings, she can pursue her ballet once she gets out of prison. Sentencing guidelines suggest a prison term of 6-12 months for Kathy – who is 61.  But even if she does a year in jail – she will be only 62-63 when she gets out.

There is still plenty of time to fulfill her Vanguard’s faith in her – with many rich years ahead of her as a top ballerina.

As proof of this, we have a nice story about Suzelle Poole who is still teaching ballet at age 79.

Granted Poole is not a prima donna – and does not appear on stage around the world – but she does have seven decades in dance and is still on her toes.

Born in London, Suzelle started dancing at the age of 7 and eventually performed around the world. Today, she still does guest appearances with local dance companies. She teaches in Dallas.

Suzelle Poole at age 79 can still dance.

But – and here’s the difference – Russell had something Poole will never have – the teachings of Vanguard.

That’s why Russell is headed to prison, while Poole is still teaching ballet.

In the past, we have published MK10ART’s painting of the hapless Kathy Russell headed to court with her lawyers. It is worth republishing for it represents the essence of this marvelous lady: She threw her life away on a scoundrel named Raniere and a fool’s dream.

It was something Raniere specialized in – making fools believe in impossible dreams and laughing at them behind their backs.

Kathy did not in her allocution say one word against Vanguard. She may still ardently believe in him.

Somehow, this fool believed and gave the best years of her life to utter nonsense and a lot of deceit – of others and herself.

Wake up, Kathy Russell.

MK10ART’s splendid interpretive painting of Kathy Russell headed to court.


Keith Raniere by MK10ART. I like what AnonyMaker wrote about Nxivm’s likely incompetence in IT:  “It seems to me that NXIVM was full of wannabes, people who largely weren’t finding success in professional fields probably in part because they were prone to sloppy culty thinking and lacking in intellectual rigor. In fact, their ranks were almost completely devoid of people in really demanding technical and scientific fields.  Would you trust people enamored of Raniere’s word salad as the greatest wisdom ever pronounced, to properly run a complex computer system?” I’d go a step further – would you trust them in anything?




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4 years ago

Court records show past and present Raniere associates faced the following tax judgments:

Kathy L. Russell: The NXIVM bookkeeper and Raniere co-defendant hasn’t paid federal tax liens of $4,150 in 2019 in Saratoga County and several federal tax liens in Alaska: $36,714 in 2012, $5,575 in 2012, and $9,631 in 2006, according to to the Recorder’s Office in Anchorage. Russell paid a state tax lien of $2,830 in Saratoga County in 2013. Russell, who pleaded guilty to a felony charge to resolve her case, is awaiting sentencing.

Karen Unterreiner: A high-ranking NXIVM official tied to Raniere since attending RPI decades ago, she still owes a New Jersey state tax lien of $97,118 from 1999, according to the county clerk’s office in Mercer County, N.J. Unterreiner paid a $47,711 New York tax lien filed in Saratoga County in 2000.

Dawn Morrison: Identified at trial as a high-ranking NXIVM official, she still owes federal tax liens of $151,341 this year, $8,066 in 2009, and $13,243 in 2003.

Lauren Salzman: The daughter of longtime NXIVM president Nancy Salzman and a former first-line DOS “slave” who testified against Raniere still owes federal tax liens of $32,548 from 2017. She paid federal tax liens of $23,210 from 2011, and state tax liens of $1,651 from 2008 and $157 in 2017.

4 years ago

Re Russell & Nancy:

Why did Nancy have $500,000 in her house if Keith had out her on a budget and handed daily operations to Clare Bronfman?

Why did Nancy want special permission from the judge to speak to Kathy, a woman who she derided?

Did Kathy keep 3 sets of books?

1. One set of books for the government.

2. A second set of books for Keith & Clare.

3.A third set of quasi books for Kathy and Nancy to keep track of the money they both skimmed of the top.

A few million is still missing according to both Krclaviger and Frank Parlato when I asked the question months ago.

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

There are probably a couple of plausible explanations for the cash. One would be that it was really sort of a way to humiliate her, as Raniere seemed prone to, to make her keep the cash (she was, after all, still the nominal owner of the corporation) – and maybe it was her passive-aggressive response to be so sloppy about it. My observation in watching quite a few of these things unravel.

I think it’s very hard to tell from the outside what was going on financially, particularly since such huge sums were being spent on lawyers and other things. I would assume the the FBI and federal prosecutors insisted on a reasonable accounting for money, especially cash, and assurances that there wasn’t still a large amount floating around. Also, Raniere has been said to have been a gambler, which I haven’t seen adequately explained, other than a reference from Dani that they were day trading on laptops, so it’s quite possible that he blew through any corporate profits just like he did the Bronfmans’ and Bouchey’s money.

I’m expecting that there will ultimately be at least IRS and DHS/customs actions against a number of people involved, for a variety of things including tax evasion and illegal movement of cash, and if so we may learn a lot from any related filings or settlements. What was done could also be part of criminal cases in either NDNY or NY State court, and Russell would almost certainly be liable for a slew of lesser charges that could add up. Discovery in civil suits could also reveal a lot about assets, and where the money went.

4 years ago

Frank, you wrote this piece of crap? I am shocked. Your desperation is showing. if that was an attempt at humor, it didn’t crack a smile. And I have no love loss for Kathy, just thought it was inane and juvenile.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


Go back through Dani’s testimony regarding Kathy Russell.

Frank is actually being fair and magnanimous.

Frank is trying, futility I believe, to help Russell.

4 years ago

Are there any real photos of Kathy on stage with little girls? Surely these recitals are always photographed and filmed.

Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
4 years ago

She looks so young and lithe and nimble you cannot tell that she is any older than the girls from the distance.

4 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

Pea Pea, it is pathetic and so are you in making that statement.

4 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

A mark of maturity is admitting that we all age.

We can either choose to acknowledge that simple fact and age gracefully or continue to act like teenagers until the undertaker nails the coffin lid shut.

Pea, I know that your sister-wife Allison was always concerned about aging.

In one of her profiles, she described her age as “35 and counting”, a sure sign that her age was a bother for her.

Pea, a 64-year-old woman might be intelligent and interesting and attractive in her own way but she will never be as lithe and nimble as a 22 year old.

The same holds true for males.

4 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

This cult was nothing but a big fat waste of time. It wasted the lives of those who were in it and those who weren’t because it infected the former in it with its stupid ideas. It was completely worthless in providing nothing of significance that couldn’t have been received from elsewhere but without the ramifications and for much less time and energy spent.

4 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

To be honest, I shouldn’t be so cruel but I found it quite funny. Also there is disbelief that a 40 year old woman would ever believe such things. It’s totally crazy.

I don’t recall ever reading anything about her back story leading up to meeting KR. Is there much that you know about her?

4 years ago

The pics of Miss Kathy on FR do not do her justice.

I suppose the dowdy look for court/mug shot is to be expected as all the women showed up to court looking as plain/non-sexual as possible.

In person, she is quite an attractve older woman, with a naturally thin body, and bit of classic style.

And a bit snooty

Wonder if Prefect saw her with a bit of envy? Or disgust and desire to punish/demean?

I remember an old FR story about Kathy doing yardwork for Nancy and Nancy summarily dismissing her as an inferior in front of Frank?

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