Allison Mack Was Raniere’s #1 Slave in His Harem

Allison Mack will be heading off to federal prison soon.

By Shadow State

Let’s face it, Allison Mack is no ordinary criminal.  She is a racketeer who violated a law passed over 50 years ago to attack organized crime.

When I first read about the crimes committed by Mack as a leader of the NXIVM gang, I realized there were so many crimes committed against so any victims by so many perpetrators that the only proper response was to charge Mack and her conspirators as racketeers.

That is what the government did.

By the way, Mack has lost her townhouse to the government in a RICO forfeiture.

Allison Mack’s townhouse at 7 Generals Way. Mack forfeited her Clifton Park townhouse worth an estimated 230,000 dollars. Under RICO law, property used in criminal enterprises like sex trafficking and racketeering can be forfeited to the US government.

Mack deserves to get serious prison time.

And the government [the DOJ Northern District of NY] needs to prosecute Allison Mack further for the sex trafficking she did in Clifton Park where most of her crimes took place.

Here are some clues: There are several stories in the Frank Report indicating that Mack might have been involved in child sex trafficking.

1.) The eight year old gymnast girl who apparently was being groomed by Mack for sex with Raniere.

2.) The 11 Mexican teenage girls who were brought up to Clifton Park to be “mentored” by Raniere. Mack’s friend Rosa Laura Junco was part of that scheme.

3.) The teenage girl being tag teamed by Allison Mack and her friend Dr. Brandon Porter to enter Mack’s bogus acting school, a portal for the sex cult.

4.) The Irish teenage girl who was being pressured by Allison Mack and others to come to America as part of the bogus Rainbow Cultural Gardens and likely for entry into DOS.

The US DOJ must not forget these young victims of Allison Mack.  These teenage girls are real victims.

Mann Act Might Be Applicable

The White-Slave Traffic Act, or the Mann Act, is a United States federal law, passed June 25, 1910 (ch. 395, 36 Stat. 825; codified as amended at 18 U.S.C. §§ 2421–2424). It is named after Congressman James Robert Mann of Illinois.

In its original form, the act made it a felony to engage in interstate or foreign commerce transport of “any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose. Its primary stated intent was to address prostitution, immorality, and human trafficking, particularly where trafficking was for the purposes of prostitution.

More Truth Bombs on NXIVM Trolls and Mack Fanboys

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack – both in Smallville and both in Nxivm.

I believe the fixation on Kristin Kreuk is an attempt to divert attention away from Mack and her crimes. Mack frequently traveled away from Albany but never saw fit to travel back into reality. Mack was “All In” for torture, sado-masochism and sex slavery.

Mack’s predilection for these activities is as much a reflection on her personality as on the influence of Raniere.

I believe there was some kind of competition to replace the late Pam Cafritz and Mack won out over others like Lauren Salzman, who had been in the NXIVM criminal enterprise longer than Mack  – but Allison was more dedicated and more ruthless.

Cafritz had been ill for some time before she died in Nov. 2016 and it was apparent to all that she could not manage the harem, even if she recovered.

Mack Was Keith Raniere’s #1 Slave in His Harem

Sarah Edmondson’s belief that Mack was Raniere’s #1 is supported by Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” that describes how Raniere and Mack entered a late-night volleyball game together and Mack was clearly “Queen of the Ball.”

Frank reported that branding took place at both of Mack’s properties in Knox Woods, and at her place in Brooklyn as well. Mack owned a townhouse in Knox Woods and rented another townhouse there as well as renting the apartment in Brooklyn.

Because some of the brandings took place in Brooklyn, that gave the EDNY jurisdiction.

Most of the brandings took place in Clifton Park, New York and, consequently, the NDNY could still prosecute Mack for sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy in the NDNY as well.

It is clear that Mack was the most eager to please Raniere and just like Cafritz, Mack recruited other women [and possibly girls] for Raniere to fuck. She seemed to enjoy it, almost as much as Cafritz.

Mack also entered into threesomes with Raniere and other women.

No, Mack was the top pimp or wing woman for Raniere. And she took it to a higher level than Cafritz did – she worked with Raniere to brand and totally enslave women by collecting blackmail worthy material on them. They called it collateral.

Whatever anyone else says – there is clearly Allison Mack’s initials on the brands – as well as Keith Rankiere’s


Is Nxivm Dead?

Anyone who reads Frank Report understands that NXIVM has the nucleus of support to rebuild itself with the help of money and dedicated believers.  NXIVM is not quite dead.

The Bronfman sisters still have enough money to revive Nxivm and the Mexican elite have deep pockets and little scruples. And members of NXIVM like the Salzman family might try to revive the self-help scam. And let’s not forget corrupt local government officials and lawyers who enabled the gang.

Will Mack rejoin when she gets out of prison? It’s hard to know.

Some of Mack’s defenders say, “I can’t let Allison’s name being dragged in the mud (more than it already has)”

As a matter of fact, Mack has dragged her own name and reputation through the barnyard muck.  How much did she care for her “slaves” when she tortured and abused them?

Sometimes I think I should suggest for her rabid defenders, that they should trust in Allison Mack and her ideas of female empowerment – and let her and her friend, Dr. Danielle Roberts, brand you on your pubic region with her initials the same way they did to other women that believed in them.

And get branded without pain killers like they did.

Let’s see how much you will defend Allison then.

Allison lied to women about female empowerment and tricked them about Raniere’s role in DOS – they ended up in sexual slavery. Is that a joke? Is that something they will ever forget? Not any more than they can remove the permanent scarring of Keith Raniere’s and Allison Mack’s initials on their pubic region the rest of their lives.

These women are traumatized and some of them may never recover. And yet the fanboys and fangirls defend Allison like she is an innocent victim.

It’s nonsense.

Allison Mack is either a moron or a sadistic lunatic.

Allison Mack Screwed Herself Over

Some of her defenders say that Allison Mack was malnourished and that she could not think clearly.

If she did not eat, it was by her own choice.

Google Maps shows many restaurants near Mack’s home on 7 Generals Way in Clifton Park.

Oh Corn! Arepas and More
Venezuelan restaurant

Tea Plus Noodles
Chinese restaurant

Sushi Thai at The Park
Thai restaurant

Buffalo Wild Wings
Chicken wings restaurant

Primavera Pizza
Pizza restaurant

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

Five Guys

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Italian restaurant

Venezia Pizza & Pasta

Shalimar Restaurant of Clifton Park
Indian restaurant

Moe’s Southwest Grill
Mexican restaurant

Jimmy’s Egg
Branch of a regional chain offering traditional American dishes for breakfast & lunch.

Pasta Pane
Italian restaurant

Taco Bell

TGI Fridays


Bellini’s Italian Eatery – Clifton Park

La Fiesta
Mexican restaurant

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

East Wok Chinese Restaurant



Chipotle Mexican Grill

Allison Mack could have found food to eat. She chose to be semi-starved. Just as she chose to help a monster brand women by lying to them and coercing them into being his and her slaves.


Allison Mack at Necker Island. With the exception of Kathy Russell, I believe all of the NXIVM defendants should receive prison sentences of at least 20 years.



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Frank Parlato


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  • You are delusional Shadow, do you really think the authorities are going to listen to anything a nobody like you says? You have not been affected in any way by nxivm and what you think in your stories will not make the authorities do anything

  • Interesting that The Frank Report has taken up reporting on the Jussie Smollett case, which involves many interesting legal and social issues and took place in Chicago, home of Shadowstate, the man who put the “Ill” in “Illinois”, and involves Chicago politicians, who you would imagine Shadowstate would be familiar with to the point where he could add some pertinent information.

    So how come we see very little commentary from Shadowstate about Smollett on the Frank Report, and Shadow continues to blather ad infinauseum about Allison Mack?

    Simple answer: because Shadowstate is not INFATUATED and OBSESSED with Jussie Smollett. And the more obvious (if that is possible) that it becomes that Shadow is INFATUATED and OBSESSED with Mack, the less credible his rantings and ravings become (and I am certain Judge Garaufis’s law clerk will have a good laugh at Shadow’s sentencing recommendation letter, which will permanently reside in the same redwell as a handful of letters pleading for leniency from adoring (much younger) Mack fans).

    The Frank Report should gradually move away from indicted, convicted and soon to be sentenced perpetrators such as Mack, Salzman and Salzman and move on to some of the as of yet unindicted players such as Sarah Edmondson, Emiliano Salinas (leave Ludwika alone!) and Sara Bronfman.

    Shadow’s favorite book by Ben Franklin: “Poor Richard’s AlmaMack”.

    • I have commented on Jussie Smollett.
      And I have commented on Dan Webb, the Special Prosecutor in the case.
      Just go back and look at old stories.

      August 31, 2019 at 7:50 pm
      ““This is MAGA country!” Smollett said the men said”

      Jussie Smollet is full of crap.
      Smollett lives in a Chicago neighborhood of expensive condos and townhouses called “Streetville.”
      Streeterille is filled with white liberals who hate Trump and are very tolerant of gays.
      Navy Pier, a major tourist attraction, is in Streeterville.
      Streeterville is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city of Chicago.

      Citywide Hillary Clinton won over 83% of the city vote and Trump only 12%.
      890,705 votes

      132,738 votes

      In Streeterville the vote was 74% for Clinton and 20% for Trump.

      And Chicago just elected Lori Lightfoot, a black lesbian as Mayor.


      Dan Webb is a respected lawyer in Chicago and the former US Attorney.
      He prosecuted 76 corrupt judges, cops and lawyers in the Operation Greylord case.
      Webb also prosecuted Admiral John Poindexter in the Iran-Contra scandal.
      Politically Webb is a Republican who is closely associated with former Governor James Thompson, a moderate Republican.

      Daniel K. Webb (born 1945) is an American lawyer and public official. He is the co-executive chairman of the international law firm of Winston & Strawn.
      He is a former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and previously served as the Special Counsel in the Iran-Contra affair. As the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, he was the top federal law enforcement official for the city of Chicago on behalf of the United States Department of Justice.[1] As U.S. Attorney, Webb led Operation Greylord and successfully prosecuted 76 corrupt judges, police officers, court clerks, and lawyers.

      Alongside Rudy Giuliani, current attorney to President Trump and former Mayor of New York City and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Webb co-founded the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF). To date, OCDETF, which comprises 2,500 law enforcement agents from eleven federal agencies including
      the FBI, DEA, ATF, ICE, IRS, U.S. Marshals Service, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has conducted operations that have led to 44,000 drug-related convictions and the seizure of over $3 billion in cash and property assets

    • and worst of all, he published a list of restaurants to support his thesis, about the opportunities that Allison had to not starve himself, as if that proved something, since the same opportunities to go out to eat in those restaurants were all the other women in DOS who lived in the Albany area, and not to say about the women who lived in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Mexico, perhaps all those women had no chance to go out to restaurants or sleep, I think so they had them and unless shadow, you can show that these women did not have, those possibilities your argument is as hollow as your head, since the obsession worm got into it and has made many holes.

      • “and worst of all, he published a list of restaurants to support his thesis, about the opportunities that Allison had to not starve himself, as if that proved something,”

        I can understand how desperate people in the Third World are starving.
        But here we have the example of a well to do upper middle class woman in America, in an urban area surrounded by restaurants and grocery stores, who deliberately starves herself.
        Allison Mack has no one to blame but herself.

    • What the devil is “blue Kryptonite”?
      Something invented by writers at DC Comics?

      In case you must know our atmosphere has Krypton in it.
      It is an inert, odorless, colorless gas, totally harmless.
      With every breath Clark Kent, aka Superman , takes he inhales Krypton.

      Krypton (from Ancient Greek: κρυπτός, romanized: kryptos “the hidden one”) is a chemical element with the symbol Kr and atomic number 36. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas that occurs in trace amounts in the atmosphere and is often used with other rare gases in fluorescent lamps. With rare exceptions, krypton is chemically inert.

      • Not that much of a fan as it was RED Kryptonite which turned Cark into a jerk, blue kryptonite turned him into a human.

  • This fuckin blog should be renamed the shadowperv-anonyfaker report. One is and obsessed perv, the other a crazed leftist Islamic radical. Both have too much fucking time on their hands and use it wastefully. I guess the fools don’t realize how short life is and when it is dirt nap time for them, this is what their hideous legacy will be.


      AnoyMaker is quite sane, rational, and logical.

      He does not seem like a “leftist”.

      Anonymous, when you can mention one thing AnoyMaker lied about or made up….. let me know.

      Until then, go back to your preper fallout bunker, and crack open a brewski and attempt to clean your shotgun while it’s still loaded or go back to fucking your cousin from West Virginia.

      • You are as stupid as they come lil fella. Anonyfaker regurgitates left-wing puke. He is as logical as you, which means he thinks with his emotions much like you. You are another loudmouth here who adds nothing but blows a lot of hot air. You basically have the brain of a mosquito. And, yes, I am insulting mosquitos.

        • Great response to a blowhard who pollutes this blog with his non stop babble. He probably was a fantastic cuckold for Raniere

          • Interesting that so much of the 2 to 4 sentence drive-by commentary involves sexual fixations, many homoerotic.

            Are there a bunch of frustrated incels – including confused latent homosexuals – with nothing better to do than troll?

  • “When I first read about the crimes committed by Mack as a leader of the NXIVM gang”
    it didn’t took long for you to go into your usual BS…idiot!

    “1.) The eight year old gymnast girl who apparently was being groomed by Mack for sex with Raniere.”
    Which as false story with not the slightest proof…but i assume that believing in the story of a psycho lying old man is a must for you, it reminds you of yourself

    “2.) The 11 Mexican teenage girls who were brought up to Clifton Park to be “mentored” by Raniere. Mack’s friend Rosa Laura Junco was part of that scheme.”
    Something Allison was never linked to…

    “3.) The teenage girl being tag teamed by Allison Mack and her friend Dr. Brandon Porter to enter Mack’s bogus acting school, a portal for the sex cult.”
    Something that Allison didn’t answer too…it’s exclusively Porter who was behind it and potentially VICENTE as Allison refused to continue to answer.

    “4.) The Irish teenage girl who was being pressured by Allison Mack and others to come to America as part of the bogus Rainbow Cultural Gardens and likely for entry into DOS.”
    Another fake story by a lady that pretend to have been linked to more than one cult…we still wait for her BS story.

    You don’t have 1 REAL story, not one!

    “The US DOJ must not forget these young victims of Allison Mack. These teenage girls are real victims.”
    No they are not…some probably don’t exist and the one that exist (porter case), Allison didn’t help.The mother said CLEARLY that Allison stopped replying to her for several weeks and apparently refuse to continue as Porter say “i’ll put you in contact with Vicente”

    “Sarah Edmondson’s belief that Mack was Raniere’s #1 is supported by Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” that describes how Raniere and Mack entered a late night volleyball game together and Mack was clearly “Queen of the Ball.””
    So 2 ladies lying are more believable than witnesses and the DOJ conclusion…

    “Because some of the brandings took place in Brooklyn, that gave the EDNY jurisdiction.”
    False, it’s because Nicole was a Brooklyn citizen that they took care of the trial, idiot!
    The branding, nobody can say where they happened…if it’s was the condo (which sound ridiculous), it’s not Allison’s place until after the branding
    It’s not her house as it was rented by a non nxians guy…
    It’s likely the house of Junco or someone else as it needed to be more secluded.
    The court said “alledgly” when talking about the condo and they didn’t seem to believe it was there

    “Mack also entered into threesomes with Raniere and other women.”
    First, it happened 1 time (there is no proof for anyone else) and it sounds like forced (and fit the forcing since Allison was coerced) and 1 think, old man: IT’ S NOT A CRIME

    Frank, you are pushing me to react agressively against you by supporting a liar who try to bring hatred on a victim.
    If you continue, i was not joking, for the sake of Allison’s security , i’ll contact authority for your “incitation to hatred”.

    You are guilty at 100% especially since if Shadow is not really sane, you know the facts and he is using rumors and false stories to try to make a point

    You are sounding like a new Alex jones and that is not a compliment! you’re gonna make some of the psycho around here go berserk and you wont have any way to defend against authority…

    Being the enabler of weak mind like shadow makes you the monster!

    • Please go ahead and contact the authorities with your charge of ‘incitation to hatred’. You may not be aware of this but in the USA there is something called the First Amendment – and people are free to write whatever they want. The government cannot charge them criminally for what the people write – with a few exceptions like for instance if you wrote that you were going to kill someone.

      If something someone writes is false, and defamatory or libelous, that is not a crime but a civil matter. The defamed person could sue the writer and possibly collect monetary damages.

      If this were not true – I would have already been charged with ‘incitation to hatred’ for my many stories about Keith Raniere. A lot of people I suspect wound up hating the rascal after I wrote extensively about him. But please “react aggressively” and contact authorities.

      I would also suggest instead that you learn how to write in English just a little better since I would love to publish your defenses of Allison. But – and I don’t mean this offensively – your English is so poor that it is almost unreadable and I don’t have time to edit and try to figure out what you are trying to write. Is there anyone you know who speaks and write English who could help you?

      • Even so, you can’t deny that you give Shadow a lot of space because you turned allison posts into click bait.

        and in the meantime, there is a lot of research around her that you could do and you didn’t.
        for example; the story about the fake marriage of allison and nicky to be able to maintain the recidency, I remember well that this story was originally published in the comments section, by someone I believe is a member of the haren, this person mentioned that the marriage was made for control allison, this is something that deserves further analysis and research, but I never saw that you would bring more light to this story that also meant a secret for most people in NXIVM, to date I have not even seen that other media finds Investigated this story.

        • I personally think Allison is a victim to a large extent and I do plan to write some articles about her victimization. First I want to finish my series on the mentions of Allison at the trial.

          • I Love you Allison Mack personally and want to marry u so wait for me wifey I love u.Leroy Palmer. I live in Garden Grove,California and is in a program for 3 years all i do is put god first . love you since first seeing smallville in 2003. all I know is your Gods priority, mines to so Love u and seek to know u queen Allison. I beg god to let me find u. 13602 garden grove blvd. orange california 92868

        • ” the story about the fake marriage of allison and nicky”

          Concerning that alleged bogus marriage, Allison and Nicki had both known each other since about 2006 when both were TV actresses in Vancouver.
          They have been long time friends and loyal members of the cult.
          They were even room mates as early as 2013.
          Marriages are built on much less than that.
          And many marriages are “Open Marriages” where the partners can take lovers on the side.
          In this case I am willing to give these two “love birds” some benefit of the doubt.

    • Skip you lose credibility when you try to connect Shadowperv to Alex Jones. Jones is usually right and often times touches on stuff the leftist media wants to bury or ignore. If you were to use the example of the New York Slimes or the Washington Compost to compare shadowperv’s writings, you would be more accurate.

    • Frank Parlato is not a monster.
      Frank Parlato is a hero.
      Raniere and his gang of criminals tried to bully and silence Frank Parlato, just as they are trying to silence me.
      And it turns out that NXIVM is even worse than Frank Parlato suspected at the beginning.
      So bad that the FBI called out its special Organized Crime Squad to investigate.

      If I were to be indicted for inciting hatred, then the whole FBI would have to be indicted for the same thing because the FBI kept releasing superseding indictments that became progressively worse and more detailed.
      That’s why I want the NDNY to fully investigate NXIVM before it rears its ugly head again.

    • Anonymous 1:43 AM

      Shadowstate1958 has never intimated or alluded to violence in any of his articles regarding Allison Mack.

    • While there’s not conclusive evidence of any one case of Mack trying to recruit young girls, there are enough reports – as Shadow outlines, and thanks, Shadow, by the way, for the list – to form a suspicious pattern. As the saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire – il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu.

      If your contention is that Raniere was coercing or forcing Mack into everything, that we can assume she would have done anything for him, right? Including bringing him young girls. There is no sign that she ever balked at doing anything, no matter how depraved or illegal, is there?

      As to her position as Raniere’s favorite and henchwoman, Vicente also observed that Mack seemed to be “at the top” (of “an alternative stripe path”).

      And, once again, there is COURT TESTIMONY that women were taken to be BRANDED AT MACK’S HOME. Your denying it must be a crime in your country, defaming the legal record or something.

  • Shadow, why don’t you focus a bit on the society of protectors? They apparently were all on board with raniere’s speech about it not being rape if she climaxes. Silence equals consent right?

    But I’m sure you will continue to focus on Mack. I still kind of think you were the guy she got a restraining order against.

    • “why don’t you focus a bit on the society of protectors?”

      Yes, let’s talk about the Society of Protectors.
      From whom or what were the SOP protecting women from?
      They weren’t protecting the NXIVM women from Raniere.
      They weren’t protecting the NXIVM women from their own worst instincts.

      In my opinion the SOP was only a group to add the pretense to NXIVM that it was a self-help group open to both genders, instead of a sex cult to fulfill the carnal desires of Raniere.
      The SOP consisted of men who were cuckolds or sad sacks.
      The real protectors of women were the men who, when they discovered the true nature of the NXIVM DOS, pulled their wives and girlfriends out as soon as possible.
      If Kristin Kreuk’s father helped pull her out of NXIVM after learning of Raniere’s pedophilia, then he is a real Protector.

      As soon as I read a story in the Frank Report that Raniere approved of sex between adults and 12 year old children, I instantly knew that he is a pedophile.
      Real men don’t talk that way.
      If Allison Mack was too stupid to understand Raniere for what he is, then no one can help her.

  • “The Bronfman sisters still have enough money to revive Nxivm and the Mexican elite have deep pockets and little scruples. And members of NXIVM like the Salzman family might try to revive the self-help scam. And let’s not forget corrupt local government officials and lawyers who enabled the gang.”
    Mr. Shadow, maybe shine your light on the above and THE SOCIETY OF PROTECTORS.
    I get that you may not want to go there, but use your detective skills for more.

    • Mr. Shadow has no detective skills, he is fixated on continuously repeating Mack stories, although the list of Clifton Park restaurants was a nice “extra credit” touch. But how about the nearly grocery and convenience stores, shouldn’t we have a list of these as well?

      • Actually, the listing of the Clifton Park restaurants was just another reminder of the amount of time Shadow has on his hands.

        We repeatedly hear about Shadow’s umbrage at Mack’s misogyny and treatment of women, yet for Shadow to volunteer his time at a local shelter for battered women would not be productive, because it would take time from his obsessive and repetitive (though always entertaining in a perverse way) “reporting” about Allison Mack.

        I do believe, however, that not all of Shadow’s time is spent on the Frank excoriating Allison Mack….I would not be surprised if he spends some of his time contributing his thoughts on the Incel subculture, of which he might be a charter member.

  • I’m not convinced this article is wrong…..My opinion, but she may have been particularly brutal to others..

  • More Hate-speech and nonsense from this deranged lunatic!

    Get a life Shadow stop writing the same thing over and over and over and over…
    All work and no play
    All work and no play
    All work and no play..

    For anyone reading that is forwarding these defamatory hate articles… Please bee aware Shadow has admitted he writes them from a PUBLIC computer in the library..

    • “these defamatory hate articles”

      It’s not defamatory if it is true.
      How is one to react to a person who promises female empowerment and delivers female slavery?
      How is one to react to a person who uses a hot piece of metal to brand another person?
      How is one to react to a person who uses blackmail material to control other people?
      Am I to blame that people hate slave masters, torturers and blackmailers?

      • Shadow get Help! Seriously there have been countless instances of defamation across your 100s of articles! Remember you wrote the articles that she had sexually assaulted (the trial proved it was Cami) you passed this off as FACT.. when all your lies were exposed at the trial you responded with CAPITAL LETTERS!!!

        Try cognitive behavioural therapy shadow…
        Be honest why ALL THE HATE SPEECH targeting one person?? There are many players but you are obsessed with her Why???
        Are you not embarrassed reading the backlash?
        GET HELP

        • “Truthseeker :Shadow get Help!”
          The problem , at this level is that Parlato needs help too!
          He is the enabler of Shadow.

          Shadow is already believing that his story is true (he will ignore any facts given to him and often answer to the questions completly aside to avoid to see the Truth)
          But Parlato posting as articles Shadow’s lies is critically Dangerous here…
          It’s an incitation to hatred at this level.

          Shadow will never stop believing in his lies, that is a fact but because of Parlato, one can worry that he Believe so much in his story that he could try to do Something bad.

          He is believing he is some kind of hero (he pointed in one of his old article about how he was important to this case…not delusional at all)

          If Frank think it’s a funny joke, at this level it’s becoming extremely frightening…

          Frank will be the only culprit by enabling a weak mind like shadow…But this, he Don’t care (it’s not like frank care about anyone but himself).

        • There was a conspiracy to assault that particular Jane Doe.
          Allison Mack was part of that conspiracy.
          Under conspiracy law, all members of the conspiracy are equally guilty.
          The conspirators need not be present at the scene of the crime to still be found guilty.

          Example: Richard Bailey who was guilty of conspiring to murder candy heiress Helen Brach near Chicago when Bailey was in Florida at the time.

          Go to a criminal defense lawyer and learn how conspiracy law works.

          Why target Allison Mack?
          Mack was the major figure in the cult who lured women into the sex cult through her fame and through her management of the bogus acting school called “The Source.”
          Allison Mack’s fingerprints are all over the crimes committed through the sex cult.

      • No, it’s defamatory.

        You used many false stories to pretend Allison is a pedophilian while it was demonstrated by the court that she wasn’t
        You pretend she is the leader while trial proved the exact opposite!

        You use liars who wrote fiction stories to use their opinion as a fact.

        It’s defamatory .

        BTW your 3 questions are not related to Allison, that’s more defamatory statements.

        • “while it was demonstrated by the court that she wasn’t”

          The court did not determine one way or the other if she is predatory towards children.
          That was not the issue before the court.
          Mack plea bargained out of those charges and they can still be brought in the NDNY.

          The very fact that Allison Mack was indicted indicates that she was a leader in the cult and enabled Raniere’s many crimes.

          “You use liars who wrote fiction stories to use their opinion as a fact.”

          Who are these liars writing fiction stories?
          Catherine Oxenberg?
          Her book “Captive” was published by Simon and Schuster, one of the biggest publishing houses
          in America and a subsidiary of CBS.
          This publishing house was founding 80 years ago by the father of singer Carly Simon.
          The TV version of “Captive” was broadcast on Lifetime, a cable TV channel that is owned by Disney and Hearst Media.
          CBS, Disney and Hearst are big multimedia conglomerates with a global reach and armies of lawyers to vet any story they distribute.
          Sarah Edmondson?
          Her story was originally published in the New York Times and her book was published by a West Coast publishing house with which I am not familiar.

          Stop trying to bully me and other writers with threats of defamation.
          People say all kinds of things about me that are not true and I fight back with the truth.
          But maybe you are allergic to the truth.

        • To the ranting anonymous writer. Please do your own personal search of Allison Mack. You can go through the hundreds of articles here on Frank Report or purchase court testimony from the trial. You will see that Allison is an actual, real life monster, in human flesh, with free will….well she had free will, until she got caught and then found guilty in the court of law. I know its a bitter pill to swallow when someone you love or respects turns out to be quite the opposite of what they preached. Your ignorance to this beautifully documented cult shows through in your writing. Is this what a Rainbow Culture Garden education looks like? And can you please at least download the Grammarly so that the next time you rant it will at least look halfway sane. Its wonderful that someone is defending Allison Mack. I wish, for my own personal entertainment, there were more like you.

  • Oh ShadowSpank, what happened to you? Yes, Allison Mack is a grade-A cunt. They all are. What is YOUR fixation with her? You can acknowledge she is a cunt without being emotionally invested in it. Did you get rejected from the Ally Wack booth at Comic Con?

    As for Kristin Crook, she gets called out for reasons specific to her. Nobody is diverting attention away from the fat ankle crazy bitch who lives rent free in your head 24/7. People can acknowledge both c-list actresses are stupid and dumb. You want to keep heat ON Ally Wack and the Brown Beetle “SultanOfStalk” wants to keep heat OFF Kristin Crook. You two make quite the mad spanker double act. Get a life. Maybe you two lonely old guys can get together and play golf. You’ll probably just end up having a spank-off.

    • “Yes, Allison Mack is a grade-A cunt.” Anonymous

      “Your Honor:
      May it please the court,
      Yes my client Allison Mack is a grade-A cunt.
      Yes my client Allison Mack likes to lie to people.
      Yes my client Allison Mack likes to torture people.
      Yes my client Allison Mack is sadistic, brutal and cruel.
      Yes my client Allison Mack collects blackmail material to manipulate people.

      But in her defense, your Honor, Nobody’s Perfect.”

      • “Yes my client Allison Mack is a grade-A cunt.”
        I Don’t expect better from a mysoginistic psycho like you…

        “Yes my client Allison Mack likes to lie to people.”
        Just not as much as you…

        “Yes my client Allison Mack likes to torture people.
        Yes my client Allison Mack is sadistic, brutal and cruel.”
        Where? when? because from the trial, we know you are just an idiot liar…can you back it with Something FROM THE TRIAL? Something that is actually real?

        “Yes my client Allison Mack collects blackmail material to manipulate people.”
        No, she collected but didn’t used the material…it’s Raniere’s job

    • So as for Kreuk, what are the “reasons specific to her”? That she was a winsome fanboy favorite who broke hearts, and love turned to hate?

      Claiming that she’s being called out as a matter of justice, when it’s really about obsessive fanboy angst, is a sort of “virtue signaling” itself.

      Kreuk is actually pretty far down the list of people to be held accountable just in Vancouver – especially considering those who stayed in and made online videos promoting Raniere and NXIVM, like Grace Park (who disingenuously tried to erase her involvement in NXIVM, and rarely gets mentioned, but as reported by Frank is upset about being named at all – and so would be a prime candidate for sending minions here to try to keep the focus on others).

      List of key players in Vancouver including Orange Sash proctors, actors, DOS and SOP members.

      * Sarah Edmondson – Established and ran Vancouver Center, recruited actors and celebrities. Claims/reported recruited 2,000.
      * Mark Vicente – Ran Center in California and co-founded Vancouver
      * Mark Hildreth – Orange Sash by 2011. Jness senior trainer/mentor. Co-leader of The Source. Recruited Kreuk, Nicole, others. Recorded online videos with/for Raniere. Stayed until reportedly cuckolded 2016-7.
      * Lucas Roberts – Orange sash 2 stripes. Stayed in.
      * Leah Lim Mottishaw – Orange sash 1 stripe. Stayed in.
      * Allison Mack – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-leader of The Source. Stayed in.
      * Nicki Cline – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Edmondson. Stayed in, loyalist.
      * Valerie Ward – Orange sash 1 stripe as of 2011.
      * Pam Cooley – Yellow sash 4 stripes as of 2011.
      * Diane Lim – DOS maybe branded*, Yellow sash 3 stripes. Stayed in, loyalist.
      * Grace Park – Yellow Sash. Recruited by Edmondson. Made at least 9 online videos with Raniere. Reported left 2017.
      (note there were 2 Yellow Sash 4 stripes and 2 2 stripes coaches additional as of 2011, not listed here)
      (note that some of the DOS slaves listed at bottom are likely yellow sash)
      * Kristen Kreuk – Yellow Sash 2 Stripes. Recruited by Hildreth, recruited Voth. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort, turned down OneAsian. “Left”/distanced 2012/3, coached twice before leaving in 2015/16.
      * Olivia Cheng – Yellow Sash 2 stripes by 2011. OneAsian. Actress, recruited by Cline.
      * Kendra Voth – Yellow sash 1 stripe as of 2011. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort. Reported/claimed left, but posted about GBD in 2013?
      * Chad Krowchuk – Recruited by Mack.

      — Actors and DOS slaves of unknown rank, mostly lower —
      * Pam Arstikaitis – DOS maybe branded*
      * Callum Blue – Smallville
      * Lyvia Cohen – DOS likely branded*. Exo/Eso. TV/film producer
      * Maggie Dou – DOS reportedly just missed getting branded*
      * Alicia Novak – DOS reportedly branded*. Mack slave. Actress
      * Teresa ‘Tree” Walsh – DOS reportedly branded

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