Nancy Salzman Is an Avaricious and Depraved Woman

By Shivani

This is in response to Why Nancy Salzman Deserves a Lengthy Prison Sentence.

Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to a single count of racketeering conspiracy.

In my opinion, Nancy Salzman is an avaricious and depraved woman who still carries a whole lot of undisclosed dirty secrets. Perhaps she can be recycled via the justice system and go to work for whatever the hell is left of the United States government. There would be no need to corrupt her, since seemingly, she deleted her conscience decades ago.

When will she mention her “familial” interests in bio-tech, just as one example? Never, right? One must insist that any such insinuation is baseless, without foundation.  because Nancy and Keithy-Weethie were so much smarter than the average bear. Look at them now. So dignified, just like Prince Andrew but not as protected.

Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere. Cafritz is dead. Keith is in prison. If all goes well for Nancy, she will get a minimal prison sentence or maybe just house arrest.

So ignore and then deny just how low y’all were and are willing to go. Even as the corrupted tendrils are being excavated from stale, abandoned paper trails, from back in the good old days when nobody was looking.

Po’ Nancy wants to and dreams that she can still pass for being a respectable and well-established therapeutic worker. What a fable.

She already had her beanstalk and he ain’t jack. She recently claimed to be pretty damn mad at Keith. Next, after prison maybe, Nancy’s next mission should be to the moon, to see if there are margaritas up there.

Lemme ask, were inferior-grade sex slaves going to bring better bangs for Nxivm bucks, say, as trafficked and disappeared involuntary organ donors? Possibly so, if money were involved and Salzman could be Queen for half an hour.

Sorry that the maternal nightmare monster, Salzman the Eldest, still looks human enough to sentence to prison.

If only she lived in a cartoon, a gigantic fly swatter could appear to dispatch that pesky executive horsefly. And her mustache. Why beat around the bushes? Especially those huge Nxivm ones. Those ambitious bushes have been trampled already by the myopic Flabturd himself. Let no man come behind him. Hahaha.

Unless, as rumors mention, you happen to be Tom Welling, and it’s already too late, according to Crazy Days and Nights.

Regardless, one might as well not chug a mercury milkshake to get an idea of what it would be like to get stuck anywhere near Nancy Salzman. Just read the Frank Report instead.

Nancy Salzman is too visible to be able to retrieve hidden money. Her unarrested daughter might come in handy, though. There is an elderly ballerina accountant waiting in the wings, too. She’s not that innocent but has been pretty good at making herself invisible ever since her plea deal. Better than Nancy, who evidently still wants to be seen.


In a happier, more hopeful day, Nancy was told by her mentor and leader, Keith Alan Raniere, that she was no less a personage in her last life than Adolf Hitler. She seems to have accepted his judgment as final and sought to atone for her many crimes when she the Fuehrer. Painting by MK10ART.


Keith Alan Raniere with two of his harem – Barbara Bouchey, who was the queen of the harem for a little while – and Nancy Salzman, who ran Nxivm for him. These were days like Camelot, says Bouchey, who saw so much good in Nxivm she toyed with the idea of reviving it – to bring back the wondrous teachings that made her what she is today. Look at sly Nancy- she was smart enough to be in the harem and reap the gold while keeping her clandestine sex encounters with Keith a secret.


Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. This was the last V-Week ever and the poorest attended. Frank Report is to blame and the loudmouths of people like Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente who told Nxivm members that Keith had begun branding women on their pubic region. It seems to have taken Nancy by surprise for she was not asked to be branded and the younger women seemed to be taking over Nxivm, led by a wildcat named Allison Mack.


Lauren Salzman [right] with her mother Nancy. They said they followed the smartest and most ethical man in the world – Keith Raniere. But the debate is ongoing as to whether Nancy served up her young and attractive daughter to the monster. He had an insatiable appetite and how could he resist? According to Lauren, Keith manipulated her to leave her mother so she would have her own place. Then feigning a great understanding of perfect body weight for the highest spiritual vibration, he asked Lauren to strip down to her underwear. There the great guru examined her body minutely. Soon after he inserted his precious member into her and claimed her as his own following his wondrous ejaculation. Keith taught women that the prize – the ultimate joy of sex – was not to have an orgasm  herself but to extract one from him – whereby they got the highest prize imaginable – his semen on her person. This meant ultimate liberation provided they never had any other man’s semen ever touch them the rest of their lives.
This was a novel and simple way of making sex easy for Keith – he had only to think about having an orgasm – without a concern in the world about the woman – and she was so grateful too when he ejaculated – he was doing that for her. Blessed man.

Happy slave? Lauren Salzman became Keith’s slave 20 years ago. But she was able to make it more official when she joined DOS. She who was one of the leaders of Nxivm – immediately became a front line slave. It is said when her mother Nancy found out, she was unhappy with Keith and dared to question the august one’s judgement.  She might also have been upset that Keith branded her daughter on her pussy – but those who know Nancy say she offered her to the brilliant one years ago. It was not that he branded her daughter that got her upset. She was upset with the Frank Report revealing all and with hundreds of cult members fleeing when they learned about Keith’s latest brilliant idea – branding pussies. Nancy was smart enough to realize that soon enough this would be bigger news than just on the Frank Report and that the world would find out and they might wind up in the slammer.


Keith Raniere was wise, He knew better. He knew his name was on nothing. How could he be blamed?

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  • Disgusting and distasteful putting her face as Hitler. Jewish families who have been impacting by the holocaust don’t find that commentary funny. In fact I find it to be ignorant.

  • Of course, I could not agree more Shivani and love reading it in your whimsical writing style!

    I’ve been pinching myself in disbelief ever since Nancy slyly managed to get such a sweet deal without cooperating.

    Only makes sense if there’s a jurisdiction issue on her NDNY (although apparently International, too) crimes and/or the EDNY doesn’t want to pay for her oncology treatments in prison.

    • HH,
      As always, you have to remember the wheeling and dealing. I am still taken aback at Nancy’s being so mum. She’s tricky!

  • Callum only appeared on Smallville at the tail end of the show so only when Allison, Erica and Tom were part of the show, but I would guess it was Mack who recruited him.

  • The New York Times has reviewed Edmonson’s book “Scarred”

    The reviewer is ambivalent: “…the book is laced with an uncomfortable tension. Is Edmondson a brave feminist, a victim-turned-whistleblower in the age of #MeToo? Or is she someone who benefited from the cult, had an attack of conscience, then stumbled into a painful kind of fame?”

    “The details are compelling, but the narrative feels more like a dishy tell-all than an investigative or literary work. Sometimes, the writing veers into self-indulgence.”

    And finally, “It’s easy to wonder if Edmondson has left all the magical thinking behind. After she leaves the cult and begins getting work in acting, she writes, “Right then I knew the universe was supporting me in my exit from Nxivm.”
    At once riveting and disturbing, “Scarred” is a brave but messy stab at redemption, one that succeeds more as a cautionary tale than an apology.”

    Like many of the women who got involved in this cult, Edmonson is a bit of a New Age whacko, looking for easy answers in life in whatever loony ashram or Human Potential scam that comes to hand. The moral of the Nxivm story seems to be, DON’T BE A GULLIBLE DUMBASS!”

    • Sarah Edmondson is disgusting. A selfish opportunist, shamelessly portraying herself as something she is not. Still profiting from the cult she knew was bad years ago. She should take her self-indulgent book, roll it up tightly and shove it up her over four decades old ass. Shame on her and all the other perpetrators.

      • Sarah Edmondson is a woman who realized that the shelf life of her indistinguished acting career was coming to an end. She is married to a man(?), who upon finding out that his wife had been branded with Vanprisonguard’s initials, sent an angry self serving email. (Edmondson’s husband and Emi Salinas head and head as Harvard’s two most idiotic graduates). She flung herself at the New York Times and had the good luck to end up on page 1.

    • How about ActSHITon not be a biased DUMBASS. There were plenty of men who got involved with this cult too — Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Mark Vicente, Mark Hildreth, Michel Chernitzky,Edgar Boone, Omar Boone, Luis Montes Gutierrez, Juan Lopez de Silanes Blanco, James J Del Negro, Brian S. Elliot, Cedric F Celik, Marc B Elliot, Lucas Roberts , Eduardo Asunsolo Ramirez, Jens E Gould, David Garza Perez, Jorge Fregoso, Jack Levy, Luis C Lozano, Gabriel Delgado Ayau YELLOW Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram, Juan Luis Lopez Fons, Farouk Rojas, Eduardo Achar, Enrique Martin Moreno, Jorge Luis Bárcenas Méndez, Hector Cortes Del Valle, Roy Yen, Patricio Gorozpe Huerdo, Arturo García Torres, Julio Manuel Alvarez, Rafael Gutierrez Serrano, Chris S Pearson-Smith, Danny Trutmann, Sean H Craney, Justin R Elliot, Geoffrey A Goldberg, Evan L Horowitz, Aleks Paunovic, Tony Dean Smith, Arturo Caro Islas,Scott Star — to name just a few of them.

      • Thank you for this. Really. I want you to keep making the point. Freaking SOP.

        The men get a pass directly or indirectly. Keith was a megalomaniac, but he had his fanboys.

        Honestly? I am waiting for Frank Report to get into it.

        What do you say, Frank? We get that misogyny rules, but what about Michelle Salzman’s dear husband? Why the blackout on that?

    • “The reviewer is ambivalent: “…the book is laced with an uncomfortable tension. ”

      Most Americans, myself included, like to see good guys who always wear white hats and bad guys who always wear black hats.
      Americans are uncomfortable with ambivalence. With characters who wear gray or tan hats.

  • When will the judge get off his duff and put this woman behind bars? Preferably, a long sentence, not just a few months.

  • I believe the prosecutors in the EDNY made a serious mistake in not pumping people like Nancy Salzman for more information.
    The key point of plea bargains is the person receiving the deal has to provide information and earn the deal.

    “Nancy Salzman:
    We don’t care that you are dying of cancer.
    The US Bureau of Prisons has a nice facility in Rochester, Minnesota near the world-famous Mayo Clinic.
    Nancy, if you want a break on sentencing roll over on your friends and co-conspirators.
    Even you daughter Lauren.”

    That’s the way real prosecutors squeeze people in plea deals.
    It’s ugly and brutal but it works.

    • Although Nancy was allowed to plead out to just one count of Racketeering Conspiracy, she apparently did not enter into any sort of plea deal that required her to testify about anything. That only makes the point you bring up that much more poignant.

      • Thank you.
        I feel sorry about the effort by dedicated FBI agents to investigate the crimes of NXIVM only to have their work punted away in questionable plea deals.
        I’ve seen hard core gangsters as old as eighty years old squeezed to provide information and testimony against their co-conspirators.
        And all the while they cry “I don’t want to die in prison.”
        Then cooperate and testify.
        Chicago’s Lenny Patrick was a case in point.
        His advanced age did not get him off the hook.

        “Leonard “Lenny” Patrick (October 6, 1913 – March 1, 2006) was an American mobster, a member of the Chicago Outfit involved in bookmaking and extortion and later a government informant.”
        “In 1992, Patrick agreed to become a government witness following his indictment for racketeering charges. His testimony would result in the conviction of Gus Alex and several other key figures involved in the city’s extortion rackets.”

      • Krclaviger,

        So you are somewhat critical of the way the prosecutors handled the case?

        I think the prosecution did an excellent job of prosecuting Raniere…..but let a lot of NXIVM members off the hook and did not press to get back all the secreted monies.

        • “.but let a lot of NXIVM members off the hook and did not press to get back all the secreted monies.”

          RICO is designed to destroy entire criminal organizations.

          By letting the middle management get off easily the EDNY has opened up the possibility of NXIVM being resurrected.

          Because Raniere was a lazy, puffy fur ball, most of the real work at NXIVM was done by middle management.

    • Thanks for that.

      It’s a poignant, and sadly classic, example of how people often get into cults at points of vulnerability or personal turmoil – that’s actually the strongest predictor, not for instance intelligence.

      Does anyone know, does Blue then qualify as part of the Vancouver crowd – and, indeed, who recruited him?

    • Oxenberg sounds like a true Hollywood flake: “I consider myself a spiritual seeker,” and then she lists off a series of looney schemes she got tangled up in, ashrams and gurus, something called re-birthing, something else called “holotropic breathing”. Thus, it was only a matter of time before one of them turned out to be a dangerous cult.

      People with no common sense, naive and gullible and eager to surrender themselves to the most obvious and egregious nonsense, are bound to get burned. And yet Oxenberg seems surprised that she got taken advantage of. These people are hopeless.

      • She left out the female orgasm group she was a part of and, I believe, help start.

        Gotta love these folks who have too much time, and money, on their hands.

        So Catherine says she’s a seeker?

        I say she’s a fool.

        Calling herself a seeker relieves her of doing some serious introspection.

        Know thyself, Catherine, know thyself.

  • ——Unless, as rumors mention, you happen to be Tom Welling, and it’s already too late, according to Crazy Days and Nights.——

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