Allison Mack Was the Real Henchwoman for Nxivm Sex Cult – Not Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island in 2010 at a secretive Nxivm gathering.

By AnonyMaker

Some will defend anything Allison Mack did as just the result of Keith Raniere’s manipulations, in much the same way as conspiracy theorists will deflect any point of criticism as just further evidence of what they believe in.

Getting away from details that can be nitpicked, in the big picture Mack remained while even other former insiders like Kristen Keeffe and Daniela resisted and got out. Others started to eat and rest and come to their senses when they had to travel away from Albany, but Mack did not. There is something unique about her case that made her particularly suited to being Raniere’s henchwoman in carrying out the abuses of DOS.

We actually learned more about Mack’s unusual, pivotal role, from Edmondson’s new book ‘Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM, the Cult That Bound My Life’.

* Edmondson thought Allison Mack “now replaced Pam as Keith’s number one”
* Vicente said she appeared to be “at the top” (of “an alternative stripe path”)

Mack was also brought into DOS before Lauren Salzman, even though Salzman was a much longer-standing member and on NXIVM’s board; and in DOS, Mack apparently ranked above Salzman.

Again, Mack was Raniere’s lieutenant and henchwoman – or at least his madam, enforcer, and procurer – in a role unlike any other, particularly compared to the pod slaves like India Oxenberg.

Lauren Salzman was higher ranking in Nxivm than Allison Mack – but seemed to be lower ranking than Allison in DOS – the women’s slave group.

And, yes, Lauren Salzman did testify that she took a group of slaves to Mack’s house to be branded after a “candle-lighting ceremony,”; it was reported by Diane and another media source, but Frank has just not published that specific portion of the transcript.

Also, Frank reported that branding took place at both of Mack’s properties in Knox Woods, and at her place in Brooklyn as well.

Sarah Edmondson has said she was branded at Mack’s residence. Mack owned a home in Clifton Park since 2011, and so always had a place for the brandings to be performed when the Vicentes weren’t living there.

I think there are some who would consider Mack a victim even if Raniere had told her to get a gun, point it in someone’s face and pull the trigger – and she did it.

That’s essentially the role she was in, looking people in the face and doing harm to them, from deception and extortion to branding.

Edmondson Found Good in Nxivm Too

Sarah Edmondson initially found good in Nxivm.

Sarah Edmondson said in an interview, “The initial [Nxivm] seminars help with a lot of the issues actors struggle with in terms of having confidence and needing to be validated. I can say from my own experience that after those early ESP seminars [Nxivm lingo that stands for Executive Success Program], I felt like things were going really well for me. I went to more auditions, I got off my sleeping pills, I felt like I was a causing agent in my life rather than just being at the whim of the world.”

Edmondson’s perspective and report are typical.

High control groups typically sort of bait their traps with something that can actually have a bit of value – everything from a bit of self-help to motivational training, plus providing a sort of support group or even social structure.

Those may be substitutes for things people are lacking as old fashioned constructs like organized religion and extended families decline.

Research shows that belonging to a group has significant mental and even physical health benefits.

It’s important not to be entirely dismissive, and instead understand what gets people into groups, and the power of the mechanisms that are exploited.

Kreuk Fixation

The fixation with Kristin Kreuk [as a villain of Nxivm] diverts attention from other key or even more important – figures like Kendra Voth, Mark Hildreth (who unquestionably remained a loyal, active member), and so on – and not to mention Sarah Edmondson, who ran the whole Vancouver scene and apparently still has yet to fully come clean about what went on.

And Grace Park – yet another player of some import who it is easy to forget with the constant Kreuk drumbeat.

Is it just a jilted fanboy fixation with Kreuk, or a deliberate attempt to keep her in the spotlight so others can scuttle away into the dark night?

Mack Hildreth and Kristin Kreuk [above] in 2010 at Necker Island at a Nxivm gathering
Hildreth stayed active long after others either quit or started backing away. He was an Orange Sash, while Kreuk was Yellow, which means he was a level more deeply involved and almost certainly recruited more people.

Since it seems to be an ongoing point of contention, I started putting together a list of the major players in Vancouver and their ranks to get some factual perspective.

Kreuk ended up surprisingly far down the pecking order, compared to people who rarely or almost never get mentioned here.

One thing that should separate me from many of the commenters here, for anyone paying attention, is that I frequently cite verifiable facts, provide links to articles and sources, and even reference scholarly research and peer-reviewed scientific studies.

This bullet list is meant to put things in perspective, in this case for the NXIVM Vancouver nexus; and, hopefully, it will put a damper on anyone posting about Kreuk in order to try to draw fire from others.

This is an initial draft in rough order of role and importance –- and I welcome any additions or corrections;

* Sarah Edmondson – Established and ran Vancouver Center, recruited actors and celebrities. Claims/reported recruited 2,000.
* Mark Vicente – Ran Center in California and co-founded Vancouver
* Mark Hildreth – Orange Sash by 2011. Jness senior trainer/mentor. Co-leader of The Source. Recruited Nicole. Stayed in?
* Lucas Roberts – Orange sash 2 stripes. Stayed in.
* Leah Lim Mottishaw – Orange sash 1 stripe. Stayed in.
* Allison Mack – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-leader of The Source. Stayed in.
* Nicki Cline – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Edmondson. Stayed in.
* Diane Lim – Yellow sash 3 stripes. Stayed in.
* Kristen Kreuk – Yellow Sash 2 Stripes. Recruited by Hildreth. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort.. “Left”/distanced 2012/3
* Kendra Voth – “Coach” (Yellow sash?). Recruited by Kreuk. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort. Reported/claimed left 2009
* Grace Park – Yellow Sash. Recruited by Edmondson. [left 2017].
* Chad Krowchuk – Recruited by Mack.

Leah Lim believes in and supports her Vanguard no matter how many women claim he destroyed them. When others were running away from Vanguard, she rushed to the fore to support him.


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  • So again, like for Shadow , Short.

    -99% lies (yet again but Mr Anonymaker Don’t like to say the Truth unless he modifies HEAVILY the undisputable facts)
    -Allison was coerced (it’s also a fact Anonyloser)
    -Extreme diet that reduced her ability to understand the situation or to make decision (scientifically demonstrated)
    -Sleep deprivation (reduce ability to blah blah blah etc , Science)

    You are anoyingly repeating yourself despite your absolute lack of proof (normal, you based your story on BS and Lies)

    Get help and try to find yourself a new hobby than obsessing of a Young girl that was Nothing but a pawn Under coercion and bad treatment (not an henchwoman…unless you really try hard to see that in her but only idiot fall for your lies).

    • —a Young girl that was Nothing but a pawn—
      I agree with most of your points, but I wouldn’t call a woman in her mid-twenties a “girl” and certainly not a “young girl.”
      Allison was about 25 when she joined Nx.

      • And about 35 when she started overseeing branding, sex slaving and human trafficking.

        She also had a break of several months to do a play in Southern California at the beginning of 2017, right before things got really crazy, and yet she chose to go back to Albany as Raniere’s henchwoman.

    • What are “lies,” my quotes from Edmondson’s book or the sash ranks I detail? That brandings took place at Mack’s home, something you have previously denied as impossible in your view, but that it turns out there are multiple witnesses to, including in court testimony?

      You’re just becoming increasingly unhinged as the evidence builds, showing that your Ally was not merely an innocent victim. This is one result of the cognitive dissonance* that people with culty mindsets encounter when faced with facts that contradict their beliefs.

      See my note in another comment about Mack returning to Albany after a long break away in California – away from the environment of coercion, food and sleep deprivation, not to mention social control – to step back into her infamous role as Raniere’s henchwoman. That fact alone completely demolishes the theory you have been attempting to foist off on us.

      * Festinger, L., Vassine, H., & Vaidis, D. C. F. (2017). Une théorie de la dissonance cognitive.
      Leon Festinger ; traduit de l’anglais (États-Unis) par Hélène Vassine ; commentaires et annotations scientifiques par David Vaidis.

    • This story is 99% true.
      Let’s just focus on one of your misstatements.

      “Extreme diet that reduced her ability to understand the situation or to make decision (scientifically demonstrated)”

      If Allison Mack was malnourished it was by her own choice.
      I took the trouble of looking up on Google Maps all of the restaurants near 7 Generals Way in Clifton Park.
      There are as many restaurants near Allison Mack’s town house as near my home.

      Here is a partial list:

      Oh Corn! Arepas and More
      Venezuelan restaurant

      Tea Plus Noodles
      Chinese restaurant

      Sushi Thai at The Park
      Thai restaurant

      Buffalo Wild Wings
      Chicken wings restaurant

      Primavera Pizza
      Pizza restaurant

      Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

      Five Guys

      Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
      Italian restaurant

      Venezia Pizza & Pasta

      Shalimar Restaurant of Clifton Park
      Indian restaurant

      Moe’s Southwest Grill
      Mexican restaurant

      Jimmy’s Egg
      Branch of a regional chain offering traditional American dishes for breakfast & lunch.

      Pasta Pane
      Italian restaurant

      Taco Bell

      TGI Fridays


      Bellini’s Italian Eatery – Clifton Park

      La Fiesta
      Mexican restaurant

      Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

      East Wok Chinese Restaurant



      Chipotle Mexican Grill

      Poor Allison Mack could not find a restaurant to eat at.

      I’m starting to get fat just looking at this partial list of restaurants in Clifton Park near her townhouse not to mention the near by grocery stores and convenience shops.

  • I’m curious if anyone has delved into Edmondson’s book and can tell us whether she provides much insight into what really went on in Vancouver.

    Google Books offers a searchable preview of it and I thought to check; while a few obvious major figures like Mack and even Dr. Roberts are mentioned, and of course Vicente, there don’t seem to be any references by name to those other Orange Strip proctors Roberts and Hildreth, nor to any of the others on my list.

  • This anoymaker toad and his butt buddy shadow are total fucking pervs. They fit right in with NXIVM until they got the boot. No wonder this nut believes everything his benevolent government tells him. Wait till he finds out a GJ has been listening to things about his boy Lester.

    • How about some Real Reality instead of the lies churned out by the remnants of NXIVM.
      I have never been a member of NXIVM.
      And from AnonyMaker’s writings I doubt that he was ever a member of NXIVM.
      And what is this libelous innuendo about a boy “Lester”? (Rhymes with “Molester.”)

      This reads like something from the poisonous keyboard of Allison Mack’s spouse Nicki Clyne.
      Newsflash to Nicki:
      Your spouse just had to sign away ownership of a 230,000 dollar townhouse in Clifton Park.
      And soon she will be hit with lawsuits from attorney Neil Glazer.

    • I can’t even make out what you’re talking about. It contains as much insider jargon sprinkled on word salad, as anything out of the mouth of an actual cultist.

      You apparently buy into conspiracy theories like a credulous dupe, without stopping to think that if there were actually devious conspirators, one of the things they would do would be to plant attractive-sounding conspiracy theories to distract people from looking into what they’re actually doing. Chew on that one for a while.

      • The two ex-NXIVM rats get a little defensive when the truth smacks them in the face. Both of you kooks should objectively read your own crap for once. It is both redundant and obsessive, quite obvious in portraying out the mental damage you both suffered from your time in the NXIVM cult.

  • I’d still appreciate hearing from anyone who has anything to contribute to the list, including who was in DOS or SOP, which I hadn’t thought to cover in this first quick pass.

    Wasn’t at least one of the LIms supposedly branded? That points to some other people who would probably rather that attention stay focused on Kreuk so that they can continue to hide from accountability.

    A quick check shows that some of that sort of information is on a page Frank put together for a while, that I don’t have time to do anything more with this morning. It shows at least 3 more possibly or likely branded DOS slaves from Vancouver who have so far virtually escaped attention, Pam Arstikaitis, Alicia Novak and Maggie Dou:

    • I think you’re wasting your time, for several reasons:

      1. People are too lazy to help;
      2. They don’t know anything;
      3. You can’t trust their information; and
      4. Unless there are some new developments from the NDNY or State of New York, the NXIVM saga is essentially over, stick a fork in it.

      Instead, do something productive and move on to other MLM scams such as Amway, which are currently ripping off millions of people.

      • I’m actually sort of trying to point out that almost no one actually cares about who in Vancouver was really responsible for all the recruiting, and so that it’s not actually the agenda of the people claiming that they are focusing on Kreuk because of accountability.

        We do sometimes have some good informants pop up here, so it’s at least worth asking.

        And as I noted in another response to you, I think that NXIVM as an example of a particular type of early 21st century extreme cult, that’s still worth. My area is high control groups and cults that primarily do psychological and social damage, which I would argue ultimately extend to groups like the prosperity gospel ministries that are ideological in nature but which also do economic damage to millions; I’ll leave the MLMs that are product-focused and primarily do economic damage to you since, among other thing, you understand them much better from your personal involvement.

      • It’s partly an exercise intended to point out that those making a big fuss about Kreuk don’t actually care about who in NXIVM in Vancouver was involved in recruiting people. Which, come to think of it, means they’re engaged in a sort of “virtue signaling” themselves.

        We do sometimes get some good information here from people with insider knowledge, or references to facts about the case – the Knox Woods neighbors are one example. And I think this may have helped spur Frank to do a piece reminding us of some of his insider information about key figures – including that Grace Park had up videos promoting NXIVM until the scandal broke.

        I still think NXIVM is an example of an early 21st century cult that we don’t yet fully understand the lessons of, that may apply to other emerging and even larger groups. The nexus of cults and MLMs is one of the areas I think is interesting and troubling, even if Raniere failed to scale it; and some growing MLM-like aspects are part of what keeps Scientology prospering and doing outsized harm to its remaining members. So I have my reasons for not being done with it quite yet, but you go have after more conventional MLMs which are obviously your area of focus.

        • Go away you useless prick SultanOfShit.

          You don’t get to tell anyone what to think. You attack anyone who critiques the woman you are pathetically obsessed with, but never the same ones who critique others. If someone critiques Kreuk, you arrogantly claim they are trying to take attention off others, which is EXACLY what you do when defending this stupid woman. To those here, Kreuk is a stupid cowardly, hypocritical cultist who is not and was not naive to what she was a part of. Her criticisms are for her. Edmondson’s for Edmondson. You sad, lonely creep. Thank goodness you don’t have children. They would grow up fucked up too.

  • It’s interesting that this piece brought out quite a number of rather agitated commenters going on about things about things related to Kreuk, though often only peripherally; the longest one of all so far is by someone posting wild speculations and accusations about who may have masturbated while thinking about her.

    That might tend to support my theory, that at least one or more people posting here may be trying to keep the focus on Kreuk and other distractions in order to help obscure the roles of others actually more deeply involved in NXIVM. Mark Hildreth, for instance, has a busy acting career that I’m sure that he and his agent wouldn’t want put at risk by questions about his level of involvement in a notorious sex cult, including which of the women he recruited or was involved with later ended up in Raniere’s bed.

      • Hildreth was a proctor and Kreuk just a coach, so he’s probably actually deserving of more attention. He may not have been as well known to fanboys, but the evidence I’ve seen is that he got around more in the Vancouver actors’ scene and recruited more people.

        When postings are running more than 10:1 Kreuk versus anyone else in Vancouver, it’s clear that’s not actually about holding to account those who were culpable.

        • You haven’t got a fecking clue spanky. You have no idea what you are talking about on anything. Its not a competition who stayed in longest or recruited more people. Many people get called out on Frank Report but only one gets your beetle fumes fuming. You are truly mentally deranged. Just knowing you are desperately unhappy is kinda satisfying. You are irritating as fuck.

          • So you’re saying that it’s not actually about who is responsible, and should be held accountable?

            Then many of those attacking Kreuk here pretending it’s about justice, are “virtue signalers” themselves.

        • Anonymaker,

          “Hildreth was a proctor and Kreuk just a coach, so he’s probably actually deserving of more attention”

          I agree

    • — That might tend to support my theory, that at least one or more people posting here may be trying to keep the focus on Kreuk and other distractions in order to help obscure the roles of others actually more deeply involved in NXIVM.

      Let’s just say I know exactly who they are. And yes, they are members of NXIVM.

    • “That might tend to support my theory, that at least one or more people posting here may be trying to keep the focus…”

      :). How does it feel to be stalked by this sociopath? There are only a few motivations that drive a person to continuously harass somebody, being jilted or jealous the most common of them. Such fits of anger, hostility, and constant badgering as a result are mostly displayed by males. But females aren’t immune, just less likely to engage in such behavior.

      They are also toxic to the core. Constantly doing what they claim others do. Masters of projection: claiming everyone is an alias while they take on multiple ones; calling out others for being stalkers while stalking themselves; constantly trying to diminish people with attempts at self-esteem humiliation; cyclic assailing using the same techniques repeated ad nauseum. There are no limits to their lack of a moral conscience.

      Either way, they’re cowards. Just like KAR was when Dani confronted him and he ran away and hid. Always trying to bring down others into their misery because they’re miserable little shits.

      You have been targeted. Good luck in getting these type of people off your backs. They will only double down.

      • SultanOfSix,

        Your words are so wise. You sound like Maya Angelou.

        I knew when you saw the Kristin Kreuk’s photos you would return…..
        to the fray. Your comments are piercing and truly deserving of Kristin Kreuk.

        I am so sorry the despicable Frank Parlato posted yet another picture of the pure Kristin Kreuk with that villainous knave Mark Hildreth.

        SultanOfSix you are truly deserving of Kristin Kreuk….alas it’s not ment to be. Perhaps purchasing a Kristin Kreuk mug or collector plate will soothe the yearning in your loins.

        I hope you are still staying away from Kristin Kreuk’s garbage there is that court order.

        Did you sell your Lexus?

      • Hello AnonySpanker. Decided to go back to your original alias eh? You haven’t used Scarrom or Wasabi Steak in a while. Mix it up a bit spanky.

      • As a long-time follower of Frank Report, I have witnessed first-hand the Sultan’s obsession with Kreuk. His obsession has caused him to take on many aliases here to try to sway opinion and take the heat off of her. In the past, the Sultan has berated and made very derogatory comments to those who have in any way questioned Kreuk’s involvement in Nxivm and or Girls By Design, including Frank. These actions by him have teed off many of Frank’s posters. As a stalker of Kreuk, the Sultan has said on Frank Report… Date 1-30-18 9:22 am…”I think Kristen is one of the most attractive women I’ve seen and she certainly would have been a number one target on his (Raniere’s) sex slave list” and on 3-30-18 @ 6:49 am “Iv’e followed Kristen for over a decade, I’ve known about her Nxivm involvement for almost as long.” and “I used to post frequently on one of her fan websites” and ” I may have crossed a social boundary when I e-mailed her Father at work” This shows that he is a big fan FIRST, and thus can not be objective, and is here to defend Kreuk. He even stalked her Father! He is so obsessed with her that he posed as a little girl on one of her websites, saying here on Frank Report ..10-15-18 @ 3:54 pm “I also knew a few of the girls from one of her fan sites who took part in it” (meaning Girls by Design). What is a grown man doing on a website for teen, and pre teen Girls? Some call that a pedophile or predator. The Girls By Design site at one point asked young girls to make a “SEXY SEVEN” video of themselves to submit and to answer personal questions. Winners were chosen and prizes were awarded (like a camera to make more videos). Does any one think Keith Raniere saw these videos? I think he might have. This blog has always had a purpose, and Frank has done a wonderful job. An obsessed stalker should be discouraged from turning it into his personal defense forum for his dream girl.

        • You must have been stalking Sultan all over the internet to dig up all this on him. But do you really think that (other than your one or two silly sick pals) adults here want to read about your obsession?
          You need help. I don’t think just growing up will cure you. You need help.

          • No need to stalk the internet. All quotes mentioned in above comment are just from the Frank report.
            There are pretty simple computer skills, for instance… push the little button on the top of the keyboard that says “print screen’ then save it in a folder, maybe called “Frank Reports a-holes” it’s that simple!
            You can also click on the little magnifying glass on the top right of the blog home page and a box will open up that you can type anything you want to find ! You may learn that typing different words in this box will bring you different results ! Good luck with your pc education, I know you will do fine.

          • Example of Obsession: “push the little button on the top of the keyboard that says “print screen’ then save it in a folder, maybe called “Frank Reports a-holes” it’s that simple!”

            Chapter One: A teen or pre-teen who spends his time printing and collecting comments from another person (and his imagined aliases) over a span of years is pathologically obsessed with that person, usually in a homoerocic way, and will likely not grow out of this obsession when (and if) he reaches adulthood. The homoerotism is evidenced when the obsessed person accuses his target of being sexually obsessed with someone of the opposite sex and masturbating to her—this is a unconscious confession that he masturbates to his target, and wishes his target would do so to him, or on him, hopefully in real life not just in his dreams. There is no known cure.

        • The SultanOfSix is not a pedophile.

          Sultan is a Kristin Kreuk supper fan.

          Sultan like the Robert Frost poem takes the road less traveled. In fact he seems to make his own trail.

          Sultan commits no crimes. He seems to be intelligent. I believe he resides somewhere near Atlanta or slightly farther north.

          I think he is just a lonely soul like so many other posters.

          I admit I do enjoy making fun of his defense of Krclaviger Kreuk.

          I have never posted anything mean spirited about him.



          I don’t think you are necessarily a bad guy. I think you are a lonely guy in need of girlfriend.

          I wish you well!

        • “What is a grown man doing on a website for teen, and pre teen Girls? Some call that a pedophile or predator.”

          One could ask the same question of you. Why are you following a twitter account meant for teen and pre teen girls? Are you a pedophile or predator? You are so obsessed, perhaps you are projecting your own sick obsession with teenage girls onto others.

          BTW I’m not Sultan, but go ahead and claim that I am and expose more of your idiocy, mental illness and inner ugliness. Not that your outward appearance is anything to celebrate either.

      • Sultan, thanks for those wise words of experience.

        You’ve nailed a pattern I see, though I haven’t been around long enough nor paid close enough attention to try to sort out the various anonymous commenters – however many, or few, of them there are.

        My take is that some of those who do the 2 to 4 line drive-by posts are just the sort of sick individuals who might also for instance get their jollies by mumbling slurs at people they pass on the street, not even real sociopaths.

        Some may also also be trolls motivated by a mission (such as to discredit the blog and discourage former insiders from commenting here, and steer the discussion away from NXIVM members trying to keep their roles hidden) or money, or even just AI bots capable of posting 2 to 4 lines that automatically pick up on elements of the discussion and appear human-generated.

        I think Frank should start modding out the sort of comments that may detract from the serious purpose of his blog. When it gets to the point what the supposed comments can’t really be distinguished from the work of people who might be paid by someone like Bronfman to disrupt things, state-level actors scheming to discredit democratic journalism itself, or even computerized posting algorithms, it seems to me that it’s time to draw the line.

  • My good lord! Still obsessed with Alison! You really need to move on, mate. You sound like an ex that got dumped!

    • This is a roll-up Frank put together, of several of my replies on other topics, and particularly to one of Mack’s Anonymous obsessive defenders. I actually fairly frequently say that we could stand to hear less about Mack, and Kreuk, and focus for instance on some of the other figures who have yet to really be exposed and investigated.

      • Somebody first has to obtain information about the others, and then write about them. It’s not just that Mr. Shadow (and now AnonyMaker) are obsessed with Mack, it’s a lack of new information regarding the others.

        • I’m not obsessed with Mack, though I do think there are valid reasons that her case is particularly perplexing and intriguing, and thus gets our attention and demands answers. I think people want to understand how someone like her got involved to the extent that she did – and that does, by the way, get into the same broader issues as to why people get involved in other groups and types of groups including MLMs.

          Until we get new information about her, I think we could do with a lot less focus on her, and if you notice I actually try to make that point fairly often. I’ve also been making a point of trying to thank Frank and Claviger when the post pieces that actually have new, relevant information about aspects of the case.

          • If you’re not obsessed with Mack, then stop writing about her. She’s done, stick a fork in her. The reason why people get involved in NXIVM and other MLM scams is some people believe the lies. Stop endlessly analyzing everything and spend your time on educating others. Here’s my standard message, feel free to use it/modify it and spread the word: Do your part and submit a complaint to the FTC at and forward the below John Oliver video link to everyone you know, except current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same, and so on, à la network marketing/MLM. If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem:

            Amway has 2 major problems, and most MLMs have at least one of these issues:

            1. The products are overpriced, which makes them almost impossible to sell to customers and results in Amway being an illegal pyramid, according to the FTC and SEC websites and previous court decisions; and

            2. The Tool Scam is hidden profit for the top level distributors only, and the vast majority of distributors operate at a net loss as a result. This is RICO fraud.

            For recent examples, google “FTC” along with the following companies, one at a time: FHTM, BurnLounge, Zeek, TelexFree, Vemma, and Herbalife. Make a complaint on the FTC website:

            Although there is no federal law defining pyramid schemes, the FTC has a long and successful track record of using its Section 5 law prohibiting “unfair and deceptive” business practices to go after MLM scams: which states, in part, “Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.”

            Read about these and much more at these websites: and, and email to help shut down Amway and other MLM scams.

            Watch this video about Amway and other MLM scams, then forward it to everyone you know, except for current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same. When enough people know, these scams will collapse:

            English version:

            Spanish version:

          • That would be kooks like you and your alias as well as Johnson shadowboy and nicegirl. Waste of fucking bandwith all of you.

    • Good question, and perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I could have been in what I do note here is sort of a rough first draft.

      I put “stayed in” after those who it seemed stayed in at least after Raniere’s arrest, though some

      If you or anyone has suggestions about how to be more clear, succinct and precise, I welcome them.

      And on the next pass, I’ll try to verify more of the details and be more specific in my annotations.

  • Lol, Kristin is free and clear and mean girls and spermtalker can’t deal with it.
    Wrong about which poster is SOS and everything Kristin in this case.
    Business as

  • Splendid! Another Allison Mack article, because 43 pages of Allison Mack drivvel on this site isn’t nearly enough. A PR triumph for a B list actress and candidate for queen of the NPCs. Bravo!

    • “A PR triumph for a B list actress and candidate for queen of the NPCs. Bravo!”

      If Allison Mack weren’t a convicted felon headed to prison, this scandal would rank as the greatest success of her career.

    • Sounds like he was in love with her! A bitter ex that was dumped. Or he is a stalker. No idea who Frank is being from England.

      • In a nutshell:
        Frank is a businessman who was screwed over by the NXIVM criminal gang, particularly Raniere and the Bronfman sisters.
        The Bronfman sisters went so far as to file a bogus lawsuit against Frank and try to get the authorities to file bogus criminal charges against him.
        As Frank investigated the NXIVM criminal gang, he discovered more and more criminal behavior.
        Basically, NXIVM is a criminal gang engaged in terrorism against its enemies.

        Read the past stories on the Frank Report for the details.

  • Edmondson found good in Nxivm. Plenty of others merely found themselves scarred for life– quite literally in the case of DOS.

    There is a way to settle the question, and that’s by doing a cost-benefit analysis. Given that the ‘tech’ is a hodgepodge of malarkey cobbled together from other cult-like personal growth scams and a pseudo-religion, I find it hard to credit that this ‘tech’ could be much use.

    Sure, there’s anecdotal evidence. Some people will claim they were helped, and some really may have been. But when the pluses and minuses are toted up, Nxivm is going to be firmly in the red. And that’s the only thing that matters.

    “Sarah Edmondson – Established and ran Vancouver Center, recruited actors and celebrities. Claims/reported recruited 2,000.” Well that right there is one reason she found good in Nxivm. Nxivm was a pyramid scheme and she was one of the people at the top of the pyramid. She was making money off this racket. That’s how Ponzi schemes work: the elite few make money before the thing collapses, while the many at the bottom just lose, lose, lose. Given the number of people who paid exorbitant fees to take Nxivm “intensives”, the racket was raking in a great deal of money. For years. Who got that money? The people at the top of the pyramid.

    ” …seminars help with a lot of the issues actors struggle with in terms of having confidence and needing to be validated… I can say from my own experience that… I felt like things were going really well for me” Well that’s nice, but it’s just personal anecdote. It’s not evidence that Nxivm was beneficial in any meaningful way. For that, we need boring old statistics. We need to deduct from the plus column all the people who just got ripped off. As for helping actors, we hear that claim got made a lot. The Source was charging exorbitant fees from its students; how many of them saw their acting careers benefit? Mack, who ran the thing, basically had her acting career drop in the dumpster, and if the actress running The Source couldn’t find an acting job with the benefit all all this wondrous ‘tech’ she was teaching, what were the odds of her students actually getting work?

    Colleges are increasingly being judged by their results, by compiling statistics on how their students fare in the job market. Hard numbers that actually mean something; personal testimonials and anecdotal evidence make for nice advertising, but it’s objective accounting that proves whether or not a system is worth the $.

  • Great story, AnonyMaker.
    Let’s drop some more truth bombs on the NXIVM trolls and Allison Mack fanboys.

    I believe the fixation on Kristin Kreuk is really an attempt to divert attention away from Allison Mack and Mack’s many crimes.
    Allison Mack frequently traveled away from Albany but never saw fit to travel back into reality.
    Allison Mack was “All In” for torture, sado-masochism and sex slavery.
    And Allison Mack’s predilection for these activities are as much a reflection on her personality as on the influence of Raniere.

    I believe there was some kind of competition to replace Pam Cafritz and Allison Mack won out even though others like Lauren Salzman had been in the NXIVM criminal gang longer than Mack but Allison was more dedicated and ruthless.

    I might note that Cafritz had been ill for some time and it was apparent to all that she could not manage the harem even if she recovered.

    Edmondson’s belief that Mack was Raniere’s Number One is supported by Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” that describes how Raniere and Mack entered a late night volleyball game together and Mack was clearly the “Queen of the Ball.”

    “Also, Frank reported that branding took place at both of Mack’s properties in Knox Woods, and at her place in Brooklyn as well.”

    Mack owned a townhouse in Knox Woods and rented another townhouse there as well as renting the apartment in Brooklyn.
    Because some of the brandings took place in Brooklyn that gave the EDNY jurisdiction over the case.
    But since most of the brandings took place in Clifton Park, New York the NDNY should prosecute the case as well.
    I should note here that Allison Mack has already forfeited her Clifton Park townhouse worth an estimated 230,000 dollars.
    Under RICO law property used in criminal exercises like sex trafficking can be forfeited to the US government.

    “High control groups typically sort of bait their traps with something that can actually have a bit of value – everything from a bit of self-help to motivational training, plus providing a sort of support group or even social structure.”

    “Those may be substitutes for things people are lacking as old fashioned constructs like organized religion and extended families decline.”

    A good book on cults and religious and political movements is Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer.”
    I highly recommend it.
    “The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements is a 1951 social psychology book by American writer Eric Hoffer, in which the author discusses the psychological causes of fanaticism.”

    Anyone who reads your story understands that NXIVM has the nucleus of support to rebuild itself with the help of money and dedicated believers.
    NXIVM is not quite dead.

  • I believe their must be a thick coating of Teflon over the brand Ms. Edmondson so “bravely” displayed on the front page of the New York Times. There is no other way that this woman has not been indicted and/or named as defendant in multiple legal actions. Not to mention that she must have some serious “collateral” on the folks at Hallmark.

    • ” Not to mention that she must have some serious “collateral” on the folks at Hallmark.”

      Hallmark channels cater to the female demographic the way that ESPN caters to males.
      Hallmark also appeals to women who are socially more conservative.
      And NXIVM is a cult that primarily victimized females and offended conservative values.

      “There is no other way that this woman has not been indicted”

      Sarah Edmondson was very aggressive with the media and FBI in exposing the horrors of the NXIVM criminal gang.
      That is why Sarah Edmondson was not indicted and will not be indicted.

  • “* Kristen Kreuk – Yellow Sash 2 Stripes. Recruited by Hildreth. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort.. “Left”/distanced 2012/3”

    Sultan Of Sad is purposely claiming Kreuk was gone as early as 2012 to make her look better. Despite proctors telling Frank she stopped coaching in 2013 as she was filming a television show in Toronto but continued to be a member, doing EM’s and shit into 2016. Publicly lying about it too. Even “encouraging” someone on his 2015 cult course as she still was a member at the time. You didn’t have to be on the coach list to be a member.

    Also, Allison Macks involvement in the cult only increased in 2013 or so onwards, so three to four years before NXISCUM went crumbling down due to DOS which was two years old.

    • As you say, Mack’s involvement increased – while Kreuk’s was decreasing, which kind of makes my point about relative levels of involvement.

      And a reality-check it occurs to me that I don’t think anyone has ever thought to bring up, is that a TV show season takes half a year or less to produce. So that’s at best a partial explanation for her ceasing to coach completely, except apparently for the one time several years later.

      Also, Mack was in DOS while Kreuk was not. That’s another major differentiation in levels of involvement that I’ll have to update the list with, thanks for the reminder about that.

      • Go away spanky/sultan of shit.

        We will discuss Kristin Crook’s role as much as we want. Her hypocrisy, cowardice, lying and whatever else. Knowing your beetle brain explodes with fury is just an added bonus.

  • Anonyspanker is SultanOfSix. 100%

    He talks exactly the same, saying the exact same things, sometimes word for word.

    He has said these same things on his many aliases. Literally the same things.

    Frank Parlato claims he has spoken to the freak on the phone and that he thinks he’s not the spanker. This is incorrect. The spanker met with John Tigue years ago. Tigue being the anti-NXIVM blogger a few years before Frank took over.

    Anonyspanker shows up on every Kreuk post without fail. He claims he finds it “annoying”. He tries to divert attention away from Kreuk every time. This sad essay included.

    He is convinced he is Kristin Kook’s “soulmate”. He most likely thinks Crook is communicating to him through her awful television acting. He is a crazy lunatic. Genuinely, a mad lunatic.

    He went to Albany to “save” Kristin Kreuk from NXIVM. He was “entertained” by an as of yet unidentifiable female cult member. When shaking her hand, he said he’ll never wash it because it touched Kook’s hand.

    Frank, if you think he’s not the lunatic because he posts other non-Kreuk comments, you are mistaken sir. He most likely is doing so to come across as a legit anti-cult commenter as opposed to his self-given role of brown knight to his “dream spank”. He thinks it will give his Kreuk defending more weight. His mannerisms are so easy to identify, even when he posts simply as “anonymous”. I can identify several words, comments and statements he has used on his many aliases.

    Just like saying “beetlejuice” three times, even beginning to type “Kristin Kreuk” without finishing sets of his beetle radar. And BOOM, like a Taliban IED, there he is, like fucking beetlejuice.


      • You Sultan-Spotter-Stalkers are much more ridiculous than Sultan himself.
        Go ahead, call me Sultan, and you will be wrong yet again and again and again and….

    • I think you’re imagining things, but even if you aren’t, what difference does it make? You are as annoying as the Sultan, if not more, since you post every time you think Sultan is using another alias.

    • That’s a lot of wasted rant on a completely mistaken sort of conspiracy theory.

      Actually, if you’d ever paid close attention, you’ll notice that I sometimes slip up and post as Peacemaker rather that Anonymaker. That’s my long-term nick over at Tony Ortega’s and Mike Rinder’s blogs, and also that of John P. Capitalist who did the most to get some of the Scientology watchers interested in NXIVM. I changed it here, because dealing with all the name-calling yahoos and trolls that Frank tolerates, seemed like it would require a bit more of a bare-knuckled approach than really fit, but I wanted to stand out from all the Anonymous’ and give a tip to people who might recognize me from other fora.

      So, oops, dead wrong. What is the point of your (and perhaps others’) obsession, anyway? It’s as sad of that as of whoever you are accusing (I’m relatively new enough here not to have entirely straight the various nicks of a couple of old commenters that people apparently love to hate).

      Cheers, Anonymaker AKA Peacemaker

      p.s. I have another moniker that goes way back to the beginnings of the online challenge to Scientology, one prominent enough that Scientology tried to come after me individually, but I’m not giving that one up.

      • Someone relatively new to the blog would not be as familiar with it as you are. Liar. It’s obvious, you are the Mad spanker. So much gives it away.

  • Author states “I frequently cite verifiable facts” then the BS that Kruek left in 2012/3. He left about 4 years of her involvement out, since more accurate accounts still place her there in 2016. This babble reminds me of a past poster who was obviously obsessed with defending Kruek, used many alliases in the process, and used to twist the truth in the same fashion. Sound Familiar?

    • “This babble reminds me of a past poster who was obviously obsessed with defending Kruek, used many alliases in the process, and used to twist the truth in the same fashion. Sound Familiar?”

      That’s because it is him. He hasn’t been posting here as “SultanOfSix” for a while.

      AnonyCreeper is his new alias. Perhaps because his main one has been laughed at so much. Just type his alias on any internet search engine and it’s all his deranged ramblings. He is very ill indeed.

    • I put Kreuk’s claim to have “Left” in quotes specifically to set it off, and juxtaposed it with “distanced,” which is in fact an accurate description of the change in her involvement after she wrote a letter in the wake of the 2012 exposures, saying she would no longer actively coach.

      We know that she did just a couple of things in those latter 4 years. Do we need another bullet list to put that in perspective?

      And who’s obsessed with painting Kreuk as villanous? A jilted former fanboy – or someone trying to draw attention away from more key players like the Lims and Hildreth?

      If anyone has a more informed perspective on who on the list of major players in the Vancouver NXIVM scene needs to be held to account (including added to the list), or why Kreuk somehow might rank along with Edmondson who ran the center and recruited thousands of people, I’d love to hear it.

      One of the things we’re lacking, unfortunately, is accounts from people involved with NXIVM in Vancouver who can shed further light on what was really going on there.

        • Do we know that about the others in Vancouver? That’s one of the reasons I think questions should be asked about them.

          And did Kreuk actually recruit any underaged girls? The only claim I’ve seen is that GBD maybe brought in one young girl, who didn’t get involved enough to come into contact with Raniere. If anyone has further evidence about that, let’s see it.

          • The smell of explosives, low testosterone and chutney is excreted every time you come to the defence of your imaginary jihadi bride spankster.

            Keep flooding the comments section with your bullshit and you’ll send more traffic to Frank Report and more will learn about the cult behaviour of the subject of your sad infatuation and your own creepy behaviour.

          • Annony, I find it odd that you can speculate about any Nxivm member, but if someone speculates about Kreuk you demand evidence. Same method of operation as the Sultan (whom we all love)

            Some of Nxivm’s truths are discovered here through speculation. It is obvious how you try to steer the topic to suit your agenda. I think you have worn out this alias also.

      • AnonyMaker, I thought you were smarter than Shadow, but you fall into the same mistakes as him: you use such fragile and pathetic arguments, that you have to change the story to support your narrative. Let’s analyze some of your points.

        1- Mack remained while even other former informants like Kristen Keeffe and Daniela resisted and left. Others began to eat and rest and regained consciousness when they had to travel far from Albany.

        -AnonyMaker tell me, at what point Daniela became an informant, because that story is new here, friend, she only told her story at the trial, so from informant nothing, she did NOT save her sister Mariana, who had problems with drugs and depression, instead wanted to place civilized rules for both sisters to enjoy KAR’s penis without stripping, but KAR senego (you know he enjoys torturing the women who love him) she also saved her younger sister Camila, what he did was to get jealous because she had to wait until she turned 18 to receive her prize and Camila got it with only her 15 years.
        She also did not reveal herself to KAR for having to give him oral sex every day, nor for the abortions that she, her sisters and other women had to have by order of KAR, nor was she revealed before her punishment buried in her room WITHOUT a key for two years, much less confess everything to his parents.
        The only one who was an informant was Kristen Keeffe, and she, as one of her most industrious assistants had a lot to tell, but this was only possible after KAR forced her to pretend that she was not the mother of her own son and had to see KAR try psychological experiments with his son, and still tell me AnonyMaker, can you really let me know who was the one who listened to her in Nxivm, who listened to Kristen Keeffe and decided to defect from the ship, tell me who those wise people who heard her were, tell me how many investigations they gave the testimony and evidence she gave, how many prosecutors took her seriously, how many journalists broke the story on the front page, you see why I tell you that your arguments are so fragile and silly.

        2-Others began to eat and rest and regained consciousness when they had to travel far from Albany.
        -Once again, who were the ones who ate, slept and walked away from Albany while the stubborn Allison Mack stayed, she just stayed to defend the fort, in an act of incredible bravery or stupidity, she stayed while everyone was running (and there were many who left when they had the opportunity to eat, sleep and get away from Albany, it was so incredible that just by setting foot outside Albany they had already awakened from years of indoctrination) seriously your arguments are so stupid .3- * Edmondson thought Allison Mack “now replaced Pam as Keith’s number one”
        * Vicente said she seemed to be “on top” (of “an alternative striped path”)
        Mack was also taken to DOS before Lauren Salzman, although Salzman was a much older member and a member of the NXIVM board; and in DOS, Mack apparently placed himself above Salzman.
        – So if she was placed on the head of DOS, with the aim of creating I don’t know the idea that the group was only women and there would be “no man on board” it would not be a reason for her to be placed as a “visible” head in such a plan and perhaps its fame and popularity, it would not be very useful for such an intention on the part of KAR. Now, Lauren had more rank and usefulness for NXIVM, but in DOS, KAR, she only needed a visible face in the that everyone would focus, according to Lauren’s testimony, she believes that Allison adjusted the creation of DOS because she believed that DOS helped her with her problems about her insecurity to express her feminine sensuality, but what about Vanessa Grigoriadis’s article , where he mentions that Allison, was reluctant to give that interview, but after talking with KAR and Lauren Salzman.

        • 1. Google Translate must be screwing you up, I wrote “Mack remained while even other former insiders [NOT “informants”] like Kristen Keeffe and Daniela resisted and got out.”

          Yes, what happened with women in Raniere’s circle varied. Again, though you claim to know, or know something about, Mack, you can’t provide any actual insight into what it was about her that made her one of the ones who stayed.

          2. Mack left Albany at times, according to reports such as of one friend’s meetup with her in California – plus she was on her own in California and hadn’t fled to Mexico with Raniere, as you like to point out as some sort of defense of her (when it suits you). On top of that, in 2014 and 2015, she appeared in TV episodes shot in California and New York – and in 2017, she performed in a theatrical production in California that ran for a month after rehearsals – so much for your claim that “she just stayed”.

          She had multiple significant breaks away from the environment of high control in Clifton Park when she could eat and rest and reflect, and yet, unlike others for whom such breaks were a catalyst to leave, Mack kept going back.

          3. We still want to know why it was that she was placed at the head of DOS instead of someone else, and you have no explanation for that. She was also involved in probably more front group activities than anyone else including Jness, The Source, The Knife, two of the a capella groups, and so on.

          And regardless of any hesitancy, she still did go through with the Grigoriadis interview, publicly going on record with the most prominent newspaper in the country as taking credit for the idea of the outrageous branding of women. As with the real misdeeds, what matters is that she deliberately went through with the act in the end.

  • Geez, your list is really pathetic. I suggest you do a lot more homework especially if you think Kendra Voth is some “key” or “important figure.” But then you are the one who came on here and knew so little that you claimed “Oxenberg was just another slave,” and had to be educated about all of India’s NXIVM activities like her NXIVM “business” using teens and illegals and her work for Rainbow which was grooming children for Keith, according to Frank, and how India was identified as CC-2 in the original complaint against Raniere.

    • I wrote that it was a draft list, and as it is it took a fair bit of work, but I was hoping that others might have further details at hand so that I don’t have to chase them down myself. If you have better information, or want to do some legwork to put it in better perspective, please contribute.

      The only person to have actually contributed anything apparently insightful about Voth who I’ve seen so far, who sounded in a position to know, said that she was more involved in promoting GBD than Kreuk was, though of course that’s just source. I’d welcome more detailed information about her, including what her stripe count was, which I couldn’t readily find. I tried to include all the actors and actresses, since some of them seem to be such objects of attention if not obsession.

      As for Oxenberg, who’s largely irrelevant to the immediate topic, I’d point out that many if not most of the pod slaves were involved in various front group activities. I was demonstrating that Mack stands above them all, and even if Oxenberg had a somewhat greater role than some of the other pod slaves (along with other unindicted CCs), Mack’s involvement was outsized compared to the others – which is why she was an indicted conspirator, when none of those others were.

      • Allison Mack was an ambitious woman who wanted to become Queen of NXIVM in the worst way and she worked overtime to get her wish!
        Mission Accomplished, Allison!
        You became Queen of NXIVM in the worst way.

  • Oh please…whatevs. Kristin Kook is just as guilty as Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman.

    What do Clare Bronfman, Sarah Bronfman, and Kristin Kook have in common?

    They are all high school dropouts, with cash, that are dumber than a box of rocks.

    • —because KK didn’t drop out of high school, only out of high school SPORTS: “Kreuk trained in karate[3][7] and gymnastics at the national level until high school, but quit in grade 11 due to scoliosis”
      She also took college classes while working in Toronto.

      • Sure thing Sultan of Sick. KK broke up her filming schedule in Toronto with college classes.

        Where did she go to school? Rainbow Cultural Garden or the Vanguard Academy of Spankers?

        • ACADEMICS “I’ve been slowly working toward my bachelor’s degree at Queen’s University in Canada.”
          So John, now YOU look like the dumb as a box of rocks Sultan Spotter. Do you “cum” to this site to whack off to me of Sultan?

          • Anyone who spent a decade in a cult is a moron. Not whether they have a degree or not.

            Having done a quick google search, it seems she is doing one of those cheesy online courses where you collect enough credits to get a bachelors degree.

            How’s that unhappiness and loneliness working for you “Sultan Of Salty Tears”?

          • “ACADEMICS “I’ve been slowly working toward my bachelor’s degree at Queen’s University in Canada.”

            I hope that Kristen Kreuk finds some time to take acting lessons in college.

    • NXIVM uniforms had stripes just like military uniforms.
      And stripes were earned either by cash donations made to the criminal gang or services rendered.
      And in money terms the sashes could get quite expensive.

      Why the colors?
      Think of the different colored belts for practitioners of Judo or Karate.
      The more experienced a person is, the higher the color.

      • Interesting. That puts a new perspective on the value each person has with a sash. I wonder why not a black sash. This gang like organization should be considered a gang just like The Bloods, Crips or ms13. Nxivm blended into society well. They don’t look like thugs but that’s exactly what they are. Their gang colors are rainbow, which makes sense….

        • “This gang-like organization should be considered a gang just like The Bloods, Crips or ms13. ”

          Precisely right.
          When the FBI started investigating NXIVM, they quickly discovered its true nature and brought in a special unit located near Washington DC that is devoted to investigating organized crime.

      • you could more quickly “earn” stripes or a color jump if you were a celeb the cult wanted to flatter or use as a recruiting tool.

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