Opposing View: AUSA Moira Kim Penza Was Not so Good in Trial Against Keith Raniere – She Had a Slam Dunk Case and Almost Blew It

Moira Kim Penza perhaps forgot about jurisdiction until the last minute and sort of "winged it."

By Bangkok

This is in response to Moira Penza Did Great Job Prosecuting Raniere – and Deserves Her Big Payday

Just because Dianne Lipson attended the trial in person doesn’t really persuade me to accept her opinion, except to note her own biases towards prosecutor Moira Kim Penza.

Ii.e., Talking about her bravery for wearing ‘high heels’ (and noting how beautiful she thought those pink heels were) is rather silly since Penza CHOSE to wear those shoes. She wasn’t required to wear heels to court. It tells me that Dianne has become enamored with Penza and is extremely biased to see only the good in her, while ignoring the bad decisions she made at trial.

Moira Penza [r] stood tall in her four inch heels in court. Tana Hajjar [l] and Mark Lesko [c]/.
I disagree with Dianne Lipson’s praise of Penza.

I thought that the government won its case DESPITE Penza being first chair, not because of it.

The government had a ‘no lose case’ and I thought that Penza’s extreme streamlining of the case — whittling it down to just a few witnesses — made Keith seem far less guilty than he really was.

It boiled down to a few gals saying a few bad things, while denying the jury the MOUNTAIN of evidence that would have made Keith seem like the rodent & turd that he is.

The witnesses against Keith Alan Raniere were

he Nxivm member witnesses in the case against Keith Alan Raniere were Slyvie, Mark Vicente, Lauren Salzman, Daniela, Nicole, and Jaye. Three were former inner circle members – Mark, Daniela and Lauren. Three were former DOS slaves who were not in the inner circle.
Lauren Salzman was the only witness who was both an inner circle member of Keith Raniere and a DOS slave. Lauren was a first line DOS slave master..


I’m surprised the jury convicted on all counts so quickly since Penza hung her entire case on just a couple witnesses.

I thought she was a chickenshit for keeping Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman and others off the witness stand.


Nancy Salzman led Nxivm for years before being replaced by the monstrously cruel Clare ‘Legatus’ Bronfman. She was not called to testify.

Despite some $520,000 being found in her house – which was seized and kept by the feds [as opposed to being offered for therapy for any of the victims] Nancy Salzman was not called as a witness. She could have easily testified where that money came from – which might have sunk Keith Alan Raniere all that quicker. For some reason the prosecution chose not to call her. They did give her a sweet heart deal however / She got a single felony – racketeering conspiracy despite the fact that she built Nxivm alongside her illustrious perv leader Keith Alan Raniere.
Good mama. Nancy [c] brought both her daughters into Nxivm. Michelle [l] has not yet been charged. Daughter Lauren – who was called to testify -took a plea deal for two felonies – racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

A happy Nancy Salzman walks out of court after taking her plea deal. You gotta hand it to Nancy – she was the first to cop a plea and cleverly so – since the first one on the plea deal bus gets the best deal. She jumped in quick ahead of her daughter to get that first plea deal. Nice move Nancy. You got into Nxivm first – and then brought your daughter – who wasted her entire adult life. Then when you were both charged you made sure you got out first. What a mama!
Allison Mack, who will soon be sentenced and quite likely heading off to federal prison, was never called to testify.

Cuz the ‘excess baggage’ carried by Mack and other witnesses (i.e., the admission of their own countless bad deeds which would have come out during cross examination) would have cast even MORE negative light on Keith too, since he was the grandmaster of DOS and the de facto leader of ESP and NXIVM.

Penza was a chickenshit and a coward IMO. She was afraid of her own shadow.

That’s why she also chickened out and let Clare Bear buy herself a better-than-deserved plea deal.

The monster of evil – Clare ‘Clare Bear’ Bronfman – she has claws and she bites. Somehow this most vicious of all Nxians – other than perhaps Keith Alan Raniere himself – got the sweetest plea deal from the feds.

Penza was afraid of going to trial with Clare cuz she’s a coward, LOL.

But the reality is that Clare would have been easily convicted at trial.

Even an ambulance chasing douchebag (like Claviger) could have convicted Clare at trial.

Even an intern (fresh out of law school) could have convicted Clare at trial.

Even a drunk prosecutor suffering from the flu could have convicted Clare Bear at trial. 🙂

The evidence was overwhelming. Clare should not have been given a sweetheart deal by Penza the chickenshit prosecutor.

Clare Bronfman settled on a deal that saw her pay a $6 million fine [3 percent of her net worth] and sentencing guidelines of 21-24 months. Money may not buy you love but it can buy you a shorter prison sentence.
Prosecutors need spines and nerves of steel, both of which Penza is sorely lacking.

I really think Penza was an okay prosecutor at best. Glad she’s gone.

The next round of indictments need a prosecutor who won’t grant easy plea deals. 🙂

This is a fair comment, Frank. You’re just afraid to criticize certain people (like Penza and Dianne), which is why you deny approving these fair posts.  You’re not journalist, Frank.

You’re a pathetic kiss ass, looking not to offend your chosen buddies or heroes.

You should stop deciding who can be offended and just decide if the comments are fair or not.

Fuck you and I hope you get ASS CANCER, you cocksucker. 🙂

I bid you a nice day.

From being greeted by His Holiness The Dalai Lama [after receiving a $2 million donation from the Bronfman sisters] in 2009 and given the white scarf of purity to being placed in the SHU after being caught with a cell phone at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center in 2019 – Keith Alan Raniere has had a spectacular ride from king of his cult to slave of the state. Whatever else you might say about Moira Kim Penza – whether she did good or ill or could have done better – one thing is indisputable – she led the prosecution team and they won a conviction of Keith Alan Raniere that is likely to see him sentenced to be behind bars for more than a decade and quite possibly the rest of his life.
Like her or not — Moira Kim Penza lead the prosecution team that place a lad who liked to be called Vanguard in prison for years to come.

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  • While I agree the plea deals for all of the women were far too lenient, any one of them could have been the first to make a deal. It’s not like Nancy rushed to the front of the line, as several months went by before she was the first on the bus.

    I agree with Penza regarding limiting the witnesses at Raniere’s trial. Just do what you need to do, having more witnesses, especially unreliable witnesses, could have been problematic, as the jury may have been confused, which could have been the basis for not being beyond a reasonable doubt.

    It wasn’t the pink high heels, it was turquoise, and they were not only turquoise, but suede turquoiose as well. Get your facts straight, Bangkok. Women don’t wear high heels just to be taller, it’s even more to make their t!ts and @ss stick out more. Anything to sway the jury and get the big bucks in private practice. All the ankle, knee, hip, and back pain is well worth it, right Penza?

  • I was agreeing until this:
    “Cuz the ‘excess baggage’ carried by Mack and other witnesses (i.e., the admission of their own countless bad deeds which would have come out during cross examination) would have cast even MORE negative light on Keith too, since he was the grandmaster of DOS and the de facto leader of ESP and NXIVM.
    Penza was a chickenshit and a coward IMO. She was afraid of her own shadow.”

    That’s your conspiracy theory?
    She couldn’t force Nancy to witness but Allison was collaborating…

    The only reason she was not called is that Penza saw everyone (especially the judge)’s reaction on the testimony of Lauren Salzman…

    While she is WAY more guilty that Allison is , she was seen as a victim during her testimony.
    Penza didn’t want Allison to get a free pass and prefered to make her look like a monster instead of protecting the trial…

    When you see the other prosecutor , they don’t try to paint a dark picture of Allison but show the facts…if they showed a dark face of Allison, it was because it is…

    When she(penza) is at the bar, she is WAY TOO interested in Allison’s case to remember that it was Raniere’s trial.

    She made many procedural mistake before trial and not Calling Allison on the witness stand was a proof that she didn’t cared about the trial or sending Raniere in prison.

    Luckily, the other were there to save the day (and jury was probably too disgusted by Raniere’s behavior to let him go free)

    Oh and before someone goes that i’m the one who claim a conspiracy…back in september 2018, Judge had to make it clear that Penza should not retain info about hearing and she was retaining the info for who…Allison

    The judge stated that he is the one asking Allison to be at the hearing and therefor she should receive the info when an hearing is postponed.

    While many believe that the team was expanded to help with this complicate case, i feel like they expanded the team to make sure the case would be won…

  • Weekly reminder that Bangkok is the disgraced former federal prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke, who was Clare Bronfman’s lawyer until she booted him when his name showed up in the NXIVM prosecution’s documents in December 2018.

    Feel free to ignore the several subsequent posts that are sure to follow this one as they are likely made from Burke’s alter ego accounts.

    • Damn. If true, then the guy has no shame shit-talking his client. “Clare’s a coward” “but the reality is that Clare would have been easily convicted at trial” “even an intern fresh out of law school could have convicted Clare at trial” “Clare should not have been given a sweetheart deal by Penza the chickenshit prosecutor” his comments about Clare who was his client violates every attorney-client ethics rule on the books

  • I think it’s lame that this is an anonymous op-ed (and it starts off talking about the lawyer’s high heels). This is sliding towards tabloid. At least the tabloids have real bylines.

  • Bangkok,

    I am sure your Uncle is proud of you for finding the time between your studies at community college and posting dick pics on Tumblr to write such an amazing article.

    Kudos you little dipshit. 😉

  • “Ii.e., Talking about her bravery for wearing ‘high heels’ (and noting how beautiful she thought those pink heels were) is rather silly since Penza CHOSE to wear those shoes. She wasn’t required to wear heels to court. ”

    This are inaccuracies here. I did not say Penza was “brave” for wearing heels. Nor did I discuss heels in the color pink. Nor did I say she was forced to wear heels. If you are going to criticize my ideas, at least criticize what I actually wrote.

    • Diane,

      Bangkok baits people and pulls their chain just ask Krclaviger. Bangkok is a somewhat talented troll.

      You should take anything Bangkok posts with a grain of salt or laugh it off.

      Your response is what Bangkok craves the most.

      Any educated individual that read your article knows what you meant.

      Your a good writer Diane and Bangkok has horrible reading comprehension skills.

      I believe Bangkok is a mentally challenged adult. Bangkok is a little slow and very lonely. The poor guy lives in his family’s basement.

      • Thanks for the kind words, niceguy. You are right, Bangkok likes to bait people. Sometimes I suspect Bangkok is putting us all on with his shtick.

          • I dispute that claim Mr. Parlato.

            SultanOfSix is the top humorist of Frankreport even though it’s completely unintentional.

            Dear, dear Sultan if you ever comeback to the fold I promise not to make fun of you and I will cherish every post you make.

          • I also respectfully disagree. There is no finer humorist than Flowers. She even has most of us believing she’s serious. Bangcock should study up on her schtick.

          • Nutjob,

            How could I have forgotten Flowers the Georgia O Keith of femininity…….

            Flowers is genius and 10 times funnier than Tina Fey.

            I bet none of you know that Tina Fey had an affair with Lorne Michaels….. actually nobody did. Until now….

    • Such a waste that we’re even discussing the prosecutor’s high heels. It lessens the import of the commentary on this site.

  • For once I agree with Bangkok.

    In the nineties in Chicago the Feds in the Northern District of Illinois pursued a RICO trial for the Sam Carlisi crew with up to ten defendants and all but one of those defendants was CONVICTED after a multi week trial with dozens of witnesses.
    In the Raniere trial Penza plea bargains away five of the six defendants to focus on one defendant.
    Penza gave away too much to get Raniere.
    In a few years the NXIVM gangsters will be back in action ready to reassemble their criminal organization.

    If Penza had guts she would have insisted that all defendants plead guilty to all charges or go to trial.

    “Samuel A. Carlisi also known as “Black Sam” and “Sam Wings” (December 15, 1914 – January 2, 1997), was a Chicago gangster who was in the Chicago Outfit criminal organization.”
    Carlisi started his criminal career with the Outfit as a driver for mobster Joseph Aiuppa when he was boss of the Cicero, Illinois crew.

    ” This followed the murders of Michael and Tony Spilotro, in which Carlisi had supposedly been involved.”

    “In March 1996, Carlisi was convicted of mob racketeering, loansharking, and arson in connection with an illegal gambling business in the Chicago area and the West suburbs and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Convicted with Carlisi were his chauffeur James “Little Jimmy” Marcello, Anthony Zizzo, Anthony Chiaramonti. ”

    • Just as it works in Chicago, many have said the “fix” was in a long time ago. It’s “sleight of hand” distraction: look at Raniere — what a monster! (and he was….) But neither of the doctors have been indicted. Clare Bear gets off with a slap on the wrist whle Sister Sara lounges in France happily tending to the growth in the Rainbow Cultural Garden (the cute sister always got the better guys and the better deals in life). Lord knows where Salinas is these days, and CDAN hints that Pimp Mack has found a new way to earn some cash while she awaits a sentencing that should have already happened … and maybe never will. Clicky Nine still wears her clown faced smile, knowing that she “married” her way into citizenship under false pretenses and no one is going to do a thing about it. Another poster wondered what all the hooplah was about — they claimed little or no damage was actually done in the Albany area. Guess if you’re bringing in kids from Mexico, that doesn’t count for damage since they don’t count as true Smallbanians. In typical small-minded Albany area resident fashion, they fail to see the larger reach of this organization. On and on it goes, but nothing much changes in a world where clowns are running the show. All I can say is “honk honk.”

      • Very true.
        Clare and Sara will return to the new NXIVM because they want to make a big splash in the world just like their dad and Grand dad.
        The Salzmans, Nancy and Lauren, know nothing else except grifting.
        Salinas is probably hiding out in Cuba until the storm blows over.
        Pimp Mack’s acting career was already on life support and pimping is probably the only hope she has for a steady pay check.
        And if Pimp Mack wants a steady romantic relationship she can always return to her loving wife Clicky Nine.
        Allison, Clicky and Michelle will make a great threesome.
        And Clicky Nine appears to be the big winner.
        She can claim residency in America and perhaps even American citizenship some day.
        And I will grant that Clicky has been a loyal follower of the Bronfmans and she is close to the Mexican elite who now run NXIVM.
        As for Raniere his life essentially ended in March 2018 when he was arrested in Puerto Vallarta.

        As George Carlin said:
        “When you’re born in this world you get a ticket to the Freak Show.
        And when you’re born in America you get a Front-Row Seat.”

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