Monte Blu Is Likely Female, a True Believer and Not Just a Troll [No Man Would Write About Keith Like That]

By Bangkok

This is in response to Monte Blu: I Will Train You so You Will See the Good in DOS

TLDR [Too Long, Didn’t Read], the whole thing.

I did quickly skim a few paragraphs, though.

Interesting babble.

I can tell that Monte is a true believer and not just a troll.

I can also tell that Monte is likely a female since no male would write about another guy [Keith Alan Raniere] like that, even if they were a devoted follower.

A few observations:

1) If anger, stress and negative feelings (towards objects, people or events) are only ‘manifested’ by people who aren’t fully integrated into Vanguards perfect philosophy —– then WHY THE FUCK can’t Vanguard kick his own negative habits of stressing over garlic-laced pussy and disliking women who aren’t skinny sticks?

Why can’t he embrace women’s authenticity (LOL) and accept them for how they look naturally?

Why did Keith’s texts (shown in court) show that he was stressing out over one of his women fucking another guy while asking her about the guy’s penis size?

[See below for Keith’s super embarrassing text exchange]


2) If habits like exercising for 40 minutes per day or taking a shower in under five minutes can be manifested by Vanguard’s perfect philosophy of mind over matter —- then WHY THE FUCK is Vanguard a chubby & pudgy piglet who reportedly always smells like he hasn’t bathed recently?

Keith ‘Tubby’ Raniere with his consultant Richard Mays.

Sounds like he needs more serious exercise than just walking around the block each night at a snail’s pace.

Or maybe he needs to cut his calories like he asks his women to do?

Sounds like his own philosophy isn’t working for him. LOL.


3) If Vanguard is truly “100% joyous” at all times (even in prison, as Monte claims) then WHY THE FUCK did Claviger report that Keith has been seen crying in the fetal position, after getting his ASS KICKED in several prison fights?


4) If Vanguard has no ‘negative feelings’ then WHY THE FUCK did he talk about the pleasure he got from seeing lovely Lauren Salzman torn apart on the witness stand by his attorney?

Lovely Lauren ‘Forelorn’ Salzman was reduced to tears during her cross examination at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere. Raniere seems thrilled and delighted with her pain.

Wouldn’t that be ‘ego’ driving such a vengeful emotion?

Wouldn’t that be against his own philosophy of remaining joyous at all times?


In summary…

If Vanguard’s philosophy can help people to manifest anything into a ‘positive thought’ and allow them to always be 100% joyous —- then WHY THE FUCK does Keith fear, hate and respond negatively to so many things in life? 🙂



Now for the splendid texts between Cami and Keith that truly show Keith as the enlightened being he truly is:

April 28, 2015 

KEITH: Why haven’t you insisted on swallowing me [Keith’s semen] since you did so with R [Robbie]? I can’t keep calling you. I want you to force yourself to stay connected.

CAMI: I haven’t wanted it. I’ve been intimate with you without pushing me away. That’s big.

KEITH: That’s the worst news of all. His sperm and DNA should be disgusting and invasive. You should have want to do anything to love mine [semen], to try to save what is left of a connection. Do you like his fluid more than mine?

CAMI: Right now, neither.

KEITH: Did you ever prefer his taste, etc., over mine?

CAMI: Why do you want me to answer that?

KEITH: Please don’t question me like this anymore. I can’t tell you the reasons. Please answer.

CAMI: If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have chosen to be with him.

KEITH: You chose to be with him because you liked the taste of his semen better?????


KEITH: Then what do you mean?

CAMI: But if I disliked it, I would have avoided it.

KEITH: I asked specifically about taste. Did you specifically mention to him you liked it??

CAMI: I can’t remember.

KEITH: I need you to.

CAMI: Probably.

KEITH: What did you like?

CAMI: Seriously? I’m hesitant to share this with you.

KEITH: I need everything. This is explicitly in the letter I wrote. For me to do anything more with you I need to know you want to tell me all.

CAMI: Does that mean you accepted the vow? [of her lifetime slavery]

KEITH: No. You keep giving me reasons not to. I keep telling you want I need that is different. Did you like his taste better than mine?

CAMI: I wish I didn’t have to answer this. Yes.

KEITH: The wish thing hurts us. What did you like better?

CAMI: Taste, consistency, quantity, intensity.

KEITH: What about each of these things?

CAMI: Taste; he is mild and sweet. Consistency; not too concentrated. Quantity; small amount. Intensity; strong release speed. I am sorry you had to hear that.

KEITH: He is shorter and thinner penis-wise?

CAMI: Longer, but thinner.

KEITH: Is he longer when I’m fully hard?

CAMI: Probably about same.

KEITH: Did he hit the back of you? [when Robbie and Cami had intercourse.]


KEITH: Last spring?

CAMI: Oh, I can’t remember.

KEITH: I am examining perception. I know his penis is 6.75 fully erect and mine is 7.5, so I am looking at how you are slanting things.

CAMI: What the fuck? How do you know that?

KEITH: Likewise with intensity. You forget our passionate times and compare our day-to-day [sex] and in the last year I’ve been heartbroken and could barely function.

CAMI: Why does this matter?

KEITH: Maybe someday I’ll tell you, but guys know these things about each other.

CAMI: How?

KEITH: Later.

CAMI: I thought men did share these things.

KEITH: … Men masturbate together.

CAMI: No way. Have you masturbated with him?

KEITH: They don’t share about their women, but themselves is different.

CAMI: Have you seen his penis?

KEITH: His is definitely not the width or length of mine. How are you going to fix this lie? [that Robbie’’s penis is as big when fully erect].

CAMI: You haven’t been at your fullest in a long time. It isn’t a lie.

KEITH: That is the problem. Your whole memory of him is a lie. The time before last I was easily longer than him. I kept hitting the back of you, remember? You came twice.

CAMI: How can I forget? But you were hitting the tender spots on the sides. I never cum because you hit the back. That has never been the case.

KEITH: It is highly doubtful he [Robbie’s semen] was even close to as sweet. I actually have a very strong basis for that. Mild maybe. Less volume definitely, but you put less volume as a plus. It is always a minus because I can put the rest elsewhere. [To heal other women with his glorious semen] No, most people don’t cum because of the back, I was just pointing out I was 7.5 that morning.

CAMI: To be honest, this isn’t that important to me. You’re bigger and better in every way, I’m sure of it.

KEITH: I don’t believe you’re sure of it, but the taste has a special significance. All of these things can be altered: Length, width, intensity, taste, even to some degree volume. But there is an important factor in taste that is essential and that you have increased that sex so much and still protect the lie. I can challenge the lie on measurables, but not the measurables that you must do. This is mostly measurable because if the lie you created real passion —  because of real passion you grossly exaggerated the experience [with Robbie]. How are you going to fix that?…

CAMI: I don’t care who’s better or bigger. You do. Take it, hon. And yes, I am sure that you are superior.


Such a superior being….

The fastest, the smartest, the most ethical, Keith Alan Raniere known also as Vanguard. “Mine is definitely bigger than his…”

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Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

Maybe Monte blu Vanguard

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

I think we can’t know whether Monte is a dude or a gal, NXIVM (and the people commenting here) is filled with wimpy men and tough-talking (not walking) females. So the whole male/female thing is meaningless.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


“The people commenting here” are wimpy men?

I’ve seen your milk/energy video I am glad you live in a carry-gun friendly state. You make George Zimmerman and Keith Raniere seem like a badasses….

Just kidding…… could totally take Raniere in a fight…..I think.

Make sure you don’t shoot your dick off next time you’re cleaning you’re gun. 😉

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

The biggest of the wimps responds, how appropriate The guy who said he would come on my radio show, then said he would only come on if Frank came on, then chickened out after I told him Frank was already on. LOL I’ve never done a video online, let alone a milk/energy drink related video. I’ve already taken you in a fight, it wasn’t even physical, you turned tail and ran. And you think I would take your advice regarding how to safely clean my guns? LOL

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

BTW, the dialogue between Vancum and Cami is REALLY F’ed up.

No normal woman would ever answer those questions, nor would a normal male ever ask them.

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

I say Momte is a dude. The thought process is probably spot on, so he picked up on principles……serious weirdo regardless, but I’m sure sounds like Vanguard horseshit.

Bobbi Joe
Bobbi Joe
4 years ago
Reply to  Fool Me Not

I hear a guy too. He’s trying to sound like a female, but I think the undertone is a male fantasy wishing he could sell this vision of penile utopia!

4 years ago

“Monte Blu Is Likely Female, a True Believer and Not Just a Troll [No Man Would Write About Keith Like That”

If you believe that, you are no smarter than the troll who posted it…

Let’s make it clear. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, monte blu, Pea Onyu and Yolanda’s post Nothing special.
Often follow what is written over here and not what is know to be true…

When Frank said “Nancy is about to cooperate with the feds”, the trolls started to insult her…Yet it wasn’t true and those involved knew that…

It’s not the only time those trolls made mistakes…

Those trolls post things found here and there; nothing that only a Nxian know.

BTW never doubt the dedication a troll can put on their work. They have nothing better to do and, therefore, make this a hobby.

4 years ago

Ha ! What a clown.

4 years ago

I think this is probably correct, though Blu’s writing is so over the top that it’s hard to distinguish from a parody of delusional true believer thought.

And the whole construct is indeed inherently hypocritical. Blu writes on the presumption that Raniere is what he claims to be, and yet it’s obvious that he’s a typical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do guru or cult leader. Raniere, for example, played his version of the “female card” all the time, claiming to be somehow so sensitive that he had to be catered to, and people had to alter their behavior so as not to disrupt or disturb him. And of course his obsessive sexual predilections, bordering on addiction, show that he is still stuck in late adolescence, hardly “integrated.”

4 years ago

I agree it was TLDR.

Bangkok, you say, “I can tell that Monte is a true believer and not just a troll.

I can also tell that Monte is likely a female since no male would write about another guy [Keith Alan Raniere] like that, even if they were a devoted follower.”

How can you tell?

4 years ago

ROFLMAO a superior being … hilarious

4 years ago

i meant to reply to monte blu’s post not this one which i do agree with sorry about that…..

4 years ago

Dearest Bangkok,

Sorry but, TLDR [Too Long, Didn’t Read], the whole thing…..

…….. Goodnight you little dipshit. 😉

4 years ago

This is what happens when you are sleep deprived, food deprived, and smoke meth……kookoo kooochooo..lay off the meth pipe and get some sleep and some food, you will do better in life than wasting it for an idiot that will die in prison…

4 years ago

Call the FBI. Still work to do.

4 years ago

Monte Blu is a female and a true believer.

And I can tell you that Monte Blu is another pen name for Nicki Clyne, our favorite stand up comedian.

Troll nicki
4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

Either way – serious or not – Nicki is a troll. Just not the Internet kind.

4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

I really doubt that it’s Nicki. I think Monte is probably Bangkok, and that he writes under several different handles, probably as Pea Onyu as well. Also, I’m positive this person is male, not female (though they are definitely effeminate so I can understand the confusion…)

Right, Bangkok? Or should I call you M?

4 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

Flowers who you kidding? You know you want virile “20 something” , Bangkok to cross pollinate your flower.

Then you would not have to advertise on Craig’s List!

4 years ago

Besides the fact that Bangkok is probably closer to 50 than 25, I’m not the one who uses craigslist. Frank’s buddy Roger Stone is the one who has posted ads there looking for guys to have 3 ways with him and his wife.
But, please help out poor Roger. ..send $$$

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