A Woman’s Tale of Woe – About Nxivm Leader Jim Del Negro – ‘I Was Raped In Spirit’

Head of the Society of Protectors James Del Negro

Editor’s Note: Whether this woman’s version of events is accurate or not is hard for me to say. She clearly says she was not raped in a legal sense and she was overage when she was ‘mentored’ by Jim Del Negro, the current leader of the Society of Protectors. I will let her tell her story in her own words for they may shed some light on what Nxivm is and what women should watch out for in groups that they may choose to join for their self-improvement.

By Lana LaRue [a fictitious name].

I was a victim of Nxivm and of James Del Negro. I have never told my story before.  It’s really simple. Yes, the branding and the nude pictures of Cami when she was 15 years old was Keith Raniere’s downfall.

Jim also had an affair with Cami but that was when Cami was an adult.  Like he did with me, Jim seduced Cami.

The real crime is the heartbreak that was caused by them meddling in people’s families, breaking up families. My family. Everyone suffered.

But all these adults had choices. I could have stayed with my spouse. I was 19 and newly married. [Jim, I know you will know who I am. I don’t care anymore. I am done hiding.]

Raniere and Del Negro and the others did not force anyone to get branded, to have sex, etc. Not physically, as far as I know.

What they did was put up an imaginary front. That front was wealth, because of the Seagram’s sisters. And Nxivm showed a unity that others, including myself, craved for. Playing off that they were helping humanity and had great ethics.

Couples [I was one of them] would attend classes or meetings. I saw a group of people who appeared happy and content and none of them seemed to have money problems. My husband and I were struggling financially at the time.

The ones who were rich and well off were searching for more in life. And we were with them, side by side. Jim was the teacher. I wanted more in life. Jim would preach about ethics and so I felt secure with my spouse being there. But it was a well thought out and progressive trap.

He kept isolating me from my husband. Kept putting thoughts in my head. He asked me to imagine the benefits of my husband dying. He told me to write this down. It escalated out of control, due to needy people, unhappy people. Others searching for more. A sense of belonging. It made them all weak to the cult’s very persuading persona. I was one of them.

Keith Raniere and Jim Del Negro (mini vanguard) and some of the others are most guilty. It caused the destruction of families and the suffering of children. I know other couples who split up who had children.

Why is Jim Del Negro not charged with anything? Why is he running the cult now? If Nxivm was a racketeering enterprise, then Jim has committed many racketeering crimes. He told me he was in charge of different companies within Nxivm.

He is a smiling demon, a drunk [as I found out], and a true manipulator taught by his master. This is the true crime. Not the branding, as it was consensual. But what the branding did.  When loved ones found out. How it devastated and tortured family members. My life fell apart. I could never face my husband again.

Yes, Jim taught me. He took me aside time and again. I was so flattered that this high leader of Nxivm said he would personally mentor me to help me and my husband grow ethically and advance in our quest for wealth and worldly success. He said he was teaching me a higher spiritual ethic. He got me alone and told me the body and spirit are connected in subtle ways that only masters like he could see.

I was a fool. He told me to strip down so he could examine my aura and help me correct my posture to get my ideal body weight.  I knew it was wrong but he was my teacher. I trusted him.  I should have called my husband then and there. But I did it. I thought it was being with like a doctor – or a guru.  Then his hands were all on me. He took off my bra. I tried to resist.  I’m not trying to whitewash myself. I fought it, only I guess I didn’t fight it hard enough. I got caught up in the moment. His words. His thoughts. His ideas.

The crude aftermath is beyond words….. [I am not saying I am innocent. He did not rape me.] But he raped my spirit. And all he really wanted was to fondle me, to have sex with me. To ejaculate on me.

And this is why Keith Reniere and Jim Del Negro need to be locked up: The lie was that this was done for my spiritual betterment.

No, it is not illegal to brand someone, but perhaps it should be to brainwash someone. That’s what Raniere and Del Negro did. I know he did it to me. He used big charm smiles and hid behind ethics. To destroy lives.

Nxivm may have not killed anyone physically but they murdered many in the mind, as great pain goes over your entire body when your loved one chooses the cult over family. I left my husband for this and I am paying for it every day of my life.

Keith Raniere is in prison. But why is Jim Del Negro still doing dirty deeds?  He is now running Nxivm. Teaching ethics to teenage girls still?

I know I was old enough to consent and I know I agreed and can’t say otherwise.

So why do I feel I was raped in spirit?


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  • I don’t see how anyone who has ever known Jim del Negro could possibly think he is capable of seducing anybody whatsoever. The guy is completely socially awkward. He doesn’t even have the tiniest shred of sexiness anywhere in his body.
    Having known Jim del Negro very well, I say someone must be seriously desperate to be seduced to call anything in his repertoire seduction.

  • 7 out of 24 comments from Scott Johnson – none intelligent. We all know you love to read your own comments Scot, but you are dumb. Try texting them to yourself instead. Spare everyone the banal, below-average, lameness.

    Jimmy – if true – from this writer and about Jean – you have become a real scumbag and loser. WTF? Go apologize to your family and ask forgiveness. If you can stay out of jail, decide do something good with your life.

  • She keeps stating, over and over, the branding was consensual.

    I firmly disagree!

    This wasn’t done to newbies. Only to those long in NXIVM who had been psychologically worked on over time to not question, just obey and led to the branding by so-called long-established trusted friends or leaders within the group.

    So to state the branding was consensual is patently incorrect.

    Had all the facets of NXIVM been laid out at the outset, then, yes, one could argue it was consensual. But it wasn’t.

    It was progressive Chinese water torture, breaking down a person’s defenses.

    Imagine you have an infection on your leg. You go to the doctor. He says let me look at it. He removes the bandage. He then says let me wipe it off. He wipes it off. He says let me clean it up with this curette. He cleans it up. He says let me remove the dead tissue. He removes the dead tissue with a scalpel. He says let me …and before you know it, step by step, he has removed your leg.

    Had you been informed in the beginning what the outcome might be you may have gone elsewhere but, instead, step by step, you got led along.

    That’s how a cult works. That’s why the branding was not consensual.

  • Thank you for coming forward and sharing your story.

    The destruction NXIVM wreaked on marriages and families is rarely discussed but at the root of Raniere’s madness and much of its calculated evil.

    Every dog has his day. I have a feeling Del Negro will get his eventually and factual accounts like this will help see to it.

  • Authentic and truthful. Thank you for sharing.

    Your story is most likely like others. The evil thrill to touch something that you shouldn’t. To destroy something that you will never have. Evil.

    How is it no one ever had a chat with these evil individuals? Probably smart selection of victims.

    Frustrating may great karma come to him.

  • Ok. A few things. I know Jim. He’s a buffoon. He couldn’t seduce his own wife. He is one of the least sexy men on the planet. Second, he’s no mini vanguard. He doesn’t have Keith’s intelligence – and Keith is a fucking idiot. Jim probably should be locked up. He’s undoubtedly in my opinion done some highly illegal things. Being able to seduce women – ethically or unethically isn’t one of them. Jim is really just that loser that never found his place in life and latched onto whatever made him feel special. Like so many others in NXIVM.

    If this happened to this woman it’s sad. And Jim probably tried to get into many women’s panties, but I doubt he ever succeeded and if he did, that woman had to be dumber than Jim. Which would be hard for me to believe.

  • You were raped by manipulation – your body, your mind, your time and your money, just as Raniere [statutorily] raped Hutchinson’s underage sister. Unfortunately in your case that is probably not a crime.

    If you’re done hiding, what is your name? I expect Del Negro to tell everybody who you are, it will be an Anonymous person, obviously. So just tell us and beat him to the punch. Why give him yet another victory?

    Blackmail is a crime and is a non-physical method of forcing women to be cauterized/branded.

    Del Negro is not charged (yet) because he is unethical and immoral, but those aren’t crimes. Which racketeering crimes did he commit? Racketeering does not stand on its own, there must be other crimes being committed while the overall RICO activity is also being done. He may have committed crimes, but I don’t think you’ve named any.

    A manipulator is not automatically criminal. The cauterizing was not consensual, it was performed using blackmail, and blackmail is a crime.

    It is well established that brainwashing is a false concept. However, lying and manipulating are very much used to take advantage of others. Raniere learned how to lie and manipulate while he was in Amway, or at least he improved and “perfected” his existing skills. He taught the other NXIVM leaders these skills and we know what the results were. Imagine Amway and other MLM scams lie and manipulate millions of new people every year, raping them of their time and money.

  • Lana, thanks for providing us an authentic account of what involvement in NXIVM was like for many people who got sucked into its lower levels, and the damage done.

    If Del Negro were registered as a counselor or therapist, which was the role he was acting in though getting away with it outside of any formal profession, he’d be in regulatory if not criminal trouble for improper behavior with a client/patient – and there would be strong grounds to sue him, justifiably. The standards and regulatory bodies for mental health professions have learned to recognize when positions of power and authority are being abused, and it’s unfortunate that unregistered amateurs are allowed to get away with similar abuses and not face any consequences for their violations.

    p.s. Thanks, Frank, for bringing us insightful stories like this.

  • Re the story’s credibility:

    This woman is definitely telling the truth or is one of the most skillful liars I have ever come across.

    The story she tells sounds similar to the man with the Polynesian wife that Jim seduced or allegedly rape.

    Jim must be a wonderful guy. (sarcasm)
    Dear Jim,

    Jim you are a piece of shit. I wonder if you have the HPV that so many women who laid with Raniere allegedly have. There are different strains and the alleged NXIVM strain seems virulent and very cancerous. Throat cancer is a mother F’r.

    Have a great life Jim. You unemployed piece of shit!!!!

  • How did the whitest white boy on the planet get the name “Del Negro”? Did his ancestors own slaves? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Jimmy boy is an over 6′ tall wimpy kid; just like his master; just like all sick manipulators. And the sickest manipulators are pedophiles and those who manipulate and abuse ethics to abuse people.

    What a bunch of sick freaks.

    This person is right. Why isn’t Jimmy Del Negrow-a-pair sharing a jail cell with his master the VanFake?

    Look at the goofy grin on that giant chin. Even Jay Leno can’t compete with it.

    But unlike these two who can’t keep their dick their pants clowns, Jay appears to be a good guy. He’s been married to the same woman for nearly forty years.

    • What crime did Del Negro commit? If I was as unethical and immoral as Del Negro and could get away with what he did, I would be smiling bigger than him and Jay Leno.

      • So if you could get away with it you’d be “spiritually” raping away to your heart’s content with a goofy grin, too? In your case vs. Jim Del Negro’s you’ll prol also need a few viagra to really get into the “spirit” of it.

        That’s a fine “admission” but I think most of us already got that about you, Schlock. (Perhaps someday you’ll see the mercy in my nickname for you.)

        What I don’t get is why you insist on instantly, flagrantly attacking everyone and anyone — most especially anyone with a real anecdote — who dares to share on here — from their anonymous status to ametuer, snap judgement to outright ridicule often accompanied by an attempt to subborn others into ganging up on your victim.

        That’s already a clear form of abusiveness yet it’s antithetical to your apparent purpose — as you should have observed by now from studying NXIVM, a “spiritual rape” often requires a slow, Chinese torture type (as “g” puts it) of approach lest the victim flee before the “spiritual” deed is done to at least the depth that he or she blames his or herself to the extent that this young victim, for instance, could not bear to face her husband thereafter and is now telling us all just how “consensual” this physical rape was on a spiritual level. Which is: [NOT AT ALL, IMO.]

        …Just in case Del Negro is (most definitely) reading this on the run with Bronfman and Salinas fortunes riding shotgun.

        There’s power and wisdom in words, of course, and the word “anecdotal” may just be related to “anecdote” — so what you are doing “spiritually” is depriving these souls of their opportunity to heal themselves by anonymously voicing their recollections and feelings about an experience that altered their lives against their free will in many cases.

        But a lot of rapists first gag their victims. You got that down.

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