Has Anybody Ever Come Out of NXIVM Better off Than Before They Started?

MK10ART The Wizard of Problem Solving - Keith Raniere - but was there a lot of good in Nxivm?

By Bangkok

A lot of people talk shit about NXIVM’s program.

However, it may have done some good.

Thus, I think it’s only fair to look at the results of senior people who went thru the program:

Dr. Brandon Porter takes a moment to relax on a swing in between showing human fright experiments on unsuspecting women.

1) Brandon Porter went from being a practicing M.D. to being an insulation salesman while throwing away years of college and medical school.

2) Allison Mack went from being a rich and famous television star to being an unemployable, broke, convicted racketeer and sex slaver (and soon to be prisoner).

3) Nicki Clyne went from having a starring role on Battlestar Galactica to serving sandwiches at a Vegan Deli, while being unemployable for any acting roles ever again.

4) Clare Bear reportedly inherited $400-$500 million dollars, but according to Frank Parlato (and federal court asset disclosures), her current fortune is only around $200 million in total assets.

Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas salute their mental master Keith Alan Raniere, on his birthday. [August 26, 2016.]
5) Emi Salinas went from being a well respected, international figure who was poised to lead Mexico one day —- to becoming an outcast in his own country and humiliating his family name, while reportedly fleeing the country for a while.

6) Bitch Pam Cafritz hailed from a rich and prominent family. But she left this world as a dying fool, drinking milky white cocktails to cure her cancer rather than visiting a real hospital. Oh, and her $8 million dollars was apparently appropriated for the good of NXIVM. What a sad, wasted life.

It would seem to me that NXIVM’s program is akin to self-flagellation but multiplied by infinity.

Has anybody ever come out of NXIVM better off than before they started?

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4 years ago

Raniere has come out of it very well. He has lots of time to pursue his hobbies and interests, and a fabulous new home with his own cooks.

some people did well
4 years ago

Those that got movie or book deals did better than when they started. And for being gullible. Now with these deals in place, they’ve made out quite well I’m assuming.

4 years ago

Excellent point. The fools who took these courses got ripped off. Self-improvement schemes are for suckers and losers.

4 years ago

Pam Cafritz’s father owned the land that later became the Pentagon City Office development near Washington DC.
Now her body is either a Popsicle in a cryogenic chamber or it’s buried under a cement slab in a Clifton Park backyard.
Viva Executive Success.

4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

It was another Cafritz, probably a member of an extended family, who was the lead developer in Pentagon City. Pam’s father was a developer, and her parents famous philanthropists and Republican party hosts, but her father was not the famous developer, and I’m pretty sure the they weren’t her grandfather or uncle, either. Perhaps you can unravel the actual relationships for us….

4 years ago
Reply to  PeaceMaker

Well the land that Pentagon City was on will soon be Amazon’s East Coast Headquarters.
Amazon HQ2.
It is right next to Washington’s National Airport and it will be part of a new project called “National Landing.”

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Those who took a course or two probably came out better off, because the bad stuff didn’t start until someone gets in deeper water. It’s the only way that MLM scams can keep operating.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

or, of course there was some good otherwise it wouldn’t have worked. Those who took the good and then appropriately ejected, probably came away with some benefits.

4 years ago


You ask an incredible simple yet ingeniously observant question…..

“Has Anybody Ever Come Out of NXIVM Better off Than Before They Started?”

The answer is yes!!!!!

One man has come out the backside orifice of NXIVM better off than he started in the beginning…..

That man is none other than Prefect Nancy’s son in law Ben “Dork” Meyers.

Cami’s sister and even Michelle Salzman are both out of Ben’s league of ugly ass loser ville.

Ben “Tool Bag” Meyers is definitely better off.

Ben married Michelle, the more normal and better looking sister in the Salzman family.

Ben lucked out! Ben could not f*ck a corpse in a mortuary because the corpse would run off. Ben was probably as you say Bangkok….
“A spank monkey virgin soyboy”.

I am sorry Ben Meyers but I believe it’s true! Saturday date night for you before NXIVM was a tub of Vaseline and Gilf porn on the internet.

P.S. Ben Meyers you may want to get checked out for HPV so you don’t develop throat cancer like Michael Douglas.

Ditto for Jim Del Negro!!!!!

4 years ago

The question would really be answered by looking at the broader membership.

Some people doing work heavy on sales and marketing, probably would have benefited from increasing their self-confidence and assertiveness – the Dale Carnegie effect – and even, in NXIVM (as in Scientology) their ruthlessness. But I’m not aware of anyone who was even wildly successful at that.

Those who got heavily involved indeed seem to have seen their lives, careers, and fortunes suffer.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Years ago, I worked as a buyer for a small chain of family-owned department stores and dealt with sales & marketing types constantly, with their phony self-confidence angles and rehearsed friendliness. Their bullshit doesn’t work, and anyone who survives long in the business knows it doesn’t. They’re just fools for thinking it does.

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