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What Does Chris Laue Have to Do With Keith Raniere, Alexandra Gonzalez-Anaya and Anima??

Editor’s Note: I received the following in the form of two comments on two older posts, Interconnected companies, Anima, Prorsus, NXIVM, show Raniere pulling strings in Mexico and El Universal: Mexican media quiet about Raniere, Salinas and Betancourt and Anima. and thought our readers, especially our Mexican readers, might be able to shed some additional light on the topic. 

Anima was Keith Raniere brainchild which he owned with his partner and slave Alexandra Gonzalez-Anaya. [By the way does anybody know if Keith fathered her child?] The comments below suggests looking at a gent by the name of Christopher Laue who may have been involved with Anima and other enterprises of his own.

Is there a Raniere connection? Is Anima still going strong? Is the wealthy and politically connected Mexican woman Alexandra Gonzalez Anaya still under the thrall of the odious one, Keith Alan Raniere? And what does Chris Laue have to do with any of this?

By Jax

Investigate Chris J. Laue’s involvement with Anima.

Laue had a website linked to Anima’s Mexico “office”. Within the actual link you can see the word fundraiser is built into the URL.

Laue on his Anima site listed the same grand mega global events showing stadiums filled with 10’s of thousands of people.

Laue alleges to be Executive Producer of these huge events.

Look at Laue’s similar website for his company ContinuumLive.

This site still active, unlike his Anima site now disabled. The two sites were identical.

Laue’s connection to the Anima people and the Nxivm cult is evidence that these people claim to be good-dooers, with ” strategic alliances”.

Some of them are IT tech highly sophisticated hackers.

Anima Inc. is no longer featured on the NXIVM website. It was taken off the day after the announcement of the arrest of Keith Raniere of NXIVM.

This is what it did say: “Is a producer of massive shows and theater that brings together the best of artistic talents and performing arts with the purpose of transmitting messages that change your life forever. We seek to change the world. ”


Located: Av. Coyoacan #55 Entre Viaducto y Xola C.P. 03100 Col. del Valle , Mexico City


-Alexandra Gonzalez-Anaya From bio: Founder and Artistic Director Alejandra is a dancer and choreographer, and ANIMA INC.’s founder, producer and artistic director. Alejandra studied political science at ITAM (Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology). During her last semester, before turning 25 and contrary to all convention, she decided to pursue her dream, becoming one of Mexico’s foremost aerial and modern dancers.

-Esteban Gonzalez Guzman From bio: CEO Esteban has studies in Business Administration, with a background in institutional management for events on a global scale. He was management director of the Fondo de Inversión Prorsus Capital (Prorsus Capital Investment Fund) from 2006 to 2009, and general project coordinator of Reto Emprende (Challenge to Embark) for TV Azteca—Salinas Group in 2006. He collaborated with the United Nations to organize the Industrial Development Project for Young Entrepreneurs and Renewable Energy from 2005 to 2006. Furthermore, he worked as an associate director for the “Keep Walking” Johnnie Walker Foundation, and as a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank with regards to youth enterprises in 2002.

-Anabel Cantú Merodio  From her bio: Associate Artistic Director In terms of her artistic career, Anabel has over 25 years’ experience as a first level professional ballet dancer. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Finances from the Technological Institute of Monterrey (ITESM).

-Chris J. Laue  From bio: Executive Producer and Strategic Ally. Interesting hmmh? All these Strategic Ally mentions with so many similar companies, all which seem fake.

Laue was part of the International Salvation Army Congress. Do we know much about Salvation Army? Laue seems to have been involved in quite a few international and domestic games and ceremonies through so many alleged affiliations minded companies:

( Above link for Anima related to Chris Laue : Take note of word “fundraiser” in the URL. This site link is no longer active. Chris J. Laue has taken all of his alleged grand credits he used to list on his other alleged company website

Take note this alleged company continuumlive with a credit list that would make it one of the largest international event companies in the world, if it were real. But notice the site has no staff list. It has a PO BOX as an address. The LLC was created in October of 2016,

Yet the alleged credits go back decades prior. The site alleges many awards won by Chris J. Laue, which all seem fake and there is no evidence other than his sites of these alleged awards.

Fivecurrents, LLC is a privately held company in Los Angeles, CA and is a Headquarters business. Categorized under Agent or Manager for Entertainers. Fivecurrents, LLC Company Profile | Los Angeles, CA | Competitors …

FiveCurrents LLC – TEA – Themed Entertainment Association a creative and production firm based in Monterey, California. At FiveCurrents, We aspire to leave a deep and lasting impression on every individual.
WONDERLAND Trademark Application of FiveCurrents, LLC – Serial …
Corporate Magic

So much more to investigate on this suspicious character connected to this crew of criminals and frauds.

-Keith Davenport From bio: Business, Marketing and Operations Consultant and Strategic Ally Producing international artists such as Ricky Martin and Beyoncé, Keith has contributed to artists and teams accomplishing their goals and earning Emmy Award nominations, among many others.  For many years, he worked for Disney Event Productions, Disney Creative Entertainment, Disney Entertainment Productions and Disney Cruise Lines. With Disney, he produced many massive shows around the world.

Hmmm, very interesting.

-Carlos Navarrete-Patiño From bio: Production Designer and Resident Creative Direct Participated in quite a few intl games and ceremonies.

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  • In the link you provide as to Chris Laue and and ANIMA INC., you falsely claim Anima and Chris Laue executive Produced Madonna’s Super Bowl Half Time Show. Your written statement is false and slanderous.

    Here is what your link on twitter claims: “@OliversWilde Mexico’s Anima, Inc. was/is VERY WELL connected.
    Collaborators: a who’s who of creative and artistic talent. Collective experiences ranging from Olympic Games, to the Super Bowl Show w/Madonna, etc. Archived website link here for more info:

    Anima nor Chris Laue had NOTHING to do with Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime show.

    Below are the FACTS of the actual producers and production entities responsible for Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime show:

    Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime show took place on February 5, 2012. Producer‎: ‎Ricky Kirshner who has produced the Super Bowl halftime show for 12 years straight. Madonna collaborated with Cirque du Soleil for the show, where her longtime choreographer Jamie King was music director; King, in turn, enlisted the multimedia-show producer Moment Factory.
    Video-hardware manufacturer Barco. Lighting arrangements from Clay Paky.

    Moment Factory and its founders are in no way related or associated with the disgusting Anima, Chris Laue or keith Raniere, founder of Anima and the most horryfying sex cult NXIVM.

    Before you post comments on Twitter or on highly rergarded investigative journalist’s websites such as Frank Parlato check your facts.

    I am sure Madonna, and the real producers would not like being falsely associated with such filthy frauds, criminals and convicted human sex traffickers, including CHILDREN.

    • The comment you posted with the link to your tweet claiming CHRIS J. LAUE and ANIMA INC., executive produced Madonna’s Super Bowl Show is false and slanderous. Your link: “@OliversWilde Mexico’s Anima, Inc. was/is VERY WELL connected. Collaborators: a who’s who of creative and artistic talent. Collective experiences ranging from Olympic Games, to the Super Bowl Show w/Madonna, etc.”

      Chris Laue nor Anima had absolutely nothing to do with producing Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime show. Get your facts straight before you post commnets on inestigative reporters websites or tweeting false statements.

      Here are the facts to the real producers and production entities who actually did produce the Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime show:

      The Madonna Super Bowl XLVI halftime show took place on February 5, 2012. Producer‎: ‎Ricky Kirshner who has produced the Super Bowl halftime show for 12 years straight. Madonna collaborated with Cirque du Soleil for the show, where her longtime choreographer Jamie King was music director; King, in turn, enlisted the multimedia-show producer Moment Factory. Video-hardware manufacturer Barco. Lighting arrangements from Clay Paky.

      You are correct however that Chris Laue is associated with Keith Raniere, Anima and NXIVM, the most disgusting cult with many who will rot in jail for their many crimmes including sex trafficking of woman and little girls.

  • If Keith Raniere was the brainchild of Anima, and Christopher Laue had his own site linked to Anima’s Mexico office, of course Chris Laue knew/ knows what Raniere was up to.

    Does anyone else find the word, “fundraiser”, literally built into Laue’s now inactive link to Anima a rather blatant and obvious clue to fraud? Also, that the site now being inactive would be dodo head hint #2.

    Looking at Chris Laue ‘s linkedn bio, it seems he has suddenly switched all his fantastical businesses to Europe. A little digging could prove whether any of resume of what seems like a blatant fraudster is real.

    Chris Laue is married to a Serge Manokin who is from England.
    Dual citizenship must come in handy for such fellows.

    I bet a little Christopher Laue research will reveal all sorts of

    A home he owns at 1936 1/2 Carmen Ave in Hollywood Ca, was bought in November 2017 in Laue’s husbands name Serge Manoquin, but was “quit” back into Chris Laue’s name less then two weeks later. That seems just a bit suspicious.

  • I agree Chris Laue’s website looks so fake. It was created on square space.
    I dought a company allegging such credits would have such a simplistic website. I did a search for his alleged Emmy and Telly awards, no matches whatsoever. His twitter accounts for his company name and other projects he lists himself as executive producer , have 2 followers. There is not a single on camera interview with this ” huge television and event producer”.
    It does not add up.

    FBI needs to investigate this chris Laue.

  • If you look up the Continuumlive website on Google, it looks very impressive with lots of dance routines for sporting events and the Olympic games.
    And the Prorsus website is a Venture Capital firm based in Mexico and run by our old friend Alex Betancourt.

    One wonders what Chris Laue could do if he had produced some of the Vanguard Week Festivities.
    Here is an animated video promoting the 2015 Vanguard Week Celebration.

    And for those of you who miss our dear Vanguard here are pictures from the 2015 and 2016 Vanguard Week Programs.
    See how many loyal followers of the Vanguard you can spot!

    Why there is Siobhan and Allison and Lauren and Nancy and Nicki and Sahajo.
    A regular constellation of NXIVM stars.
    And absolutely none of them had any idea that Vanguard had a harem of women and an attraction to teen age girls!
    Happy Birthday, Vanguard!

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