Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell Is Attacked, No One Defends Her – Why When I Attack Allison Mack Do Nutjobs Come Out of the Woodwork?

By Shadow State

Why are there so many conspiracy theories about what happens in the world?

The Liberal Media never stops complaining about Conspiracy Theories and the people, like Alex Jones, who promote those Conspiracy Theories.  (You’re wearing a tinfoil hat.)

Every time there is an important investigation, the government SCREWS IT UP.

Who killed JFK?
A lone nut?
The Cubans?
The Russians?
The Mob?
Rich Texas Oil Men?
Lyndon Johnson?
The CIA?

Image result for jfk assassination
JFK was publicly executed on the streets of Dallas and the Warren Commission cover-up still stinks to high heaven over 55 years later.

Now we have a man – Jeffrey Epstein – with powerful, influential blackmailed friends. Epstein is worth $550 million. He is indicted for, in effect, pedophilia and under 24/7 custody who is attacked in his cell and claims he is in danger.

Is this man given 24/7 protection?

Is he given 24/7 surveillance?


Who left MCC in a gurney – Jeffrey Epstein or someone else? Was he dead? Simply because his brother, Mark, claimed the body, does not entirely eliminate the possibility that a conspiracy is afoot.

Epstein is placed by himself in a cell with no working video cameras.

And this man is attacked a second time with fatal results.

Why would anyone be surprised by Epstein’s MURDER?

Alive, Epstein is dangerous.

Alive, Epstein can name who is controlling him.

Dead, Epstein is silenced forever.

A point of personal privilege.

Jeffrey Epstein with Ghislaine Maxwell

When I quote court testimony claiming that Allison ‘Pimp’Mack is a sex trafficker, I get attacked by Nutjobs coming out of the woodwork.

Now, Ghislaine Maxwell is publicly identified in a deposition as a pimp and sex trafficker.

How come the people accusing Ghislaine Maxwell of pimping on the basis of a deposition are not attacked?

Because this website’s comments section is infested with NXIVM Nutjobs dedicated to protecting a perverted sadistic pimp named Allison Mack.


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  • Frank, the bigger I question is why, every day you feel the need to publish something regarding this. Re Alison and Keith, the entire ball of wax. At this point, it appears you are obsessed. The story has reached its end. Sentencing will be coming before too long. I’m convinced if they don’t put Alison away with Keith for a hundred years or so you are going to be disappointed.

    I don’t really have a horse in this race so I’m not caring either way. All of the women that chose to sleep together, with or without Alison, Keith, hell whomever, CHOSE TO. They chose to be branded, this was all voluntary.

    If anything, Keith should face time for grooming teenagers and possessing child porn. All the women of legal age that chose to take part including Alison? Yeah, this isn’t even worth discussing.

  • “When I quote court testimony claiming that Allison ‘Pimp’Mack is a sex trafficker, I get attacked by Nutjobs coming out of the woodwork.

    Now, Ghislaine Maxwell is publicly identified in a deposition as a pimp and sex trafficker.

    How come the people accusing Ghislaine Maxwell of pimping on the basis of a deposition are not attacked?

    Because this website’s comments section is infested with NXIVM Nutjobs dedicated to protecting a perverted sadistic pimp named Allison Mack.”

    First , the only nutjob here, it’s you…

    Second, you never could quote the court testimony claiming that Allison is a sex trafficker as:
    1. She is not charged with this
    2. Nothing in court was anything close to claim your lie

    It’s is your absurd interpretation of Something that has Nothing to do with the crime you accuse her…
    IF prosecution dropped the sex trafficking charge, there is a Reason! It’s simple…
    She was not sex trafficking.

    I remind you that you frequently repeat (as a proof of the sex trafficking) about the branding…
    But it’s not Allison’s doing

    You cite things that aren’t pointing anything close to sex trafficking but search a way to charge Allison way more than she deserve.

    YOU are the nutjob! Do you even understand what is sex trafficking.

    Ghislaine Maxwell is REALLY a sex trafficker (she made money recruiting, specifically for sex, girl that were proposed to OTHERS (for money))

    Allison recruited (like many including one of the “victim”) and Raniere took advantage of those girls…
    Allison was also coerced to do this (not Maxwell).
    If we go by your (stupid) view of what happened , Sarah Edmondson is also a sex trafficker…
    She recruited Allison who was sexually used by raniere and all this while (contrary to Allison) she made tons of money.

    Try to re-write the story again and pretend that trial proved anything else but Allison was (a foul mouth) victim of the cult…
    Enough proof are out there to proof the opposite of what you say.


  • Did Allison Mack kill your dog or something? You spend time after time posting nothing but spam posts about Allison Mack making claims about her that you have no proof of.

    Shadow, get a life.

    Frank, get your boy a therapist!

  • Yeah, Allison Mack looks SO innocent she couldn’t possibly be a sadist. While Ghislaine Maxwell looks likes being a sadist and female teenage rapist. Per Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

  • Shadow – I lost all respect for you the day you blamed the horrors of NXIVM on 15yo Rhiannon not wearing a wire. That month, in front of our eyes, you turned from Captain Obvious into the current version of yourself. Original shadow was paint drying. This current version of shadow makes us miss being bored to death by you. (although the repetitiveness of your Allison hate is again making me yawn)

    As for your question – ditto to what Andrew Donovan typed, below.

      • 12 when he started raping her. I think 15 when she was asked to wear the wire. I assume she was still going through cancer treatment at the time. She was one of the few non-COWARDS that was associated with Raniere.

          • Not that it matters to shadow. 12, 15, or in diapers, he’d still expect her to wire up in between chemo treatments and go attempt to reconnect with her rapist.

          • Nutjob,

            12 or 15 – same thing you are right!

            After debating Shadowstate over the fact that a human being cannot live solely on carbon dioxide……

            I have come to the sad conclusion that Shadowstate1958, in addition to being delusional, is a moron.

            Nutjob, now we all know, what we all have believed and at least suspected, that individuals hanging out in libraries full time are indeed mentally ill.

            Now, whenever I see a full-time library patron, I know that they are probably just like Shadowstate1958.

            I have also come to the conclusions that I need a life and that trying to argue with Shadowstate1958 is like trying to dig a tunnel to China with a teaspoon……

    • nutjob:

      Police can not prosecute a person on a mere allegations alone.
      They must have corroborating evidence.
      If the police prosecute a person on flimsy or non-corroborated allegations they can be sued.
      The police needed Rhiannon to wear the wire to corroborate her allegations.

      And why the devil would I want to be respected by a self-admitted nutjob?

      • “nutjob:

        Police can not prosecute a person on a mere allegations alone.
        They must have corroborating evidence.
        If the police prosecute a person on flimsy or non-corroborated allegations they can be sued.
        The police needed Rhiannon to wear the wire to corroborate her allegations.

        And why the devil would I want to be respected by a self-admitted nutjob?”

        No , they can actually try to prosecute on mere allégations but will lose due to a lack of proof…This is what happened for the SEX TRAFFICKING CHARGES DROPPED BY PROSECUTION ON ALLISON…

        You are the only one continuing with these allégations and you try to give lessons to others about how justice is working?
        Get help because you sound crazier at every message…

  • Ghislaine could have flown to L.A. just to try to be photographed after getting her brows done at one of her favorite salons. Her brows do look somewhat better than they often do. She does appear to be a rather unusually hirsute female, who would be in need of tri-weekly and routinely nonstop hair removal. Probably she’s wearing unisex, baggy clothes trying in vain to conceal her out of shape bod and thunder thighs. Plus it wasn’t trench coat weather.

    More importantly, intake from these burger photos is that Ghislaine is not in the least distressed about the death or non-death of her old pal. She could have known when and even how he was going to be “transformed.” Her face shows posing but is absent of sorrow or grief, or even residual shock or exhaustion. Her face shows hardness and a mask of superiority. “You are all sooooo boring, dahlings.” Yawn. She might have been prepared for Epstein’s disappearance for quite awhile. That would be practical, after all.

    Another thing that Ghislaine looks like is an aging lizard wearing a black toupée. She ought to know that this is how mother nature paints lots of the world’s madams over time and that her own dissipation cannot be hidden. Not really. The inner rot takes its payment plan right out of the entire being. She cannot hide it. Ghislaine might be stunned to get the hint that many “unqualified” people are able to see her without any of the shabby masks she adorns to try concealing her debased character. She and her indigestion ought to stay invisible. The ugliness (or beauty) gets sculpted into one’s visage via one’s own thoughts and actions, and it is an indelible portait. She is officially too ugly to be be a sex recruiter now.

    • This comment was written in the wrong column by me. It was intended to be a comment for “I Call Bullshit…”

      • The bullshit has always been present, whenever and whatever powers are shadow-boxing. Study any segment of history and bullshit, whether seen subjectively or “objectively,” is unilaterally and heavily present and assertively represented and revised. History, herstory, but back to his-story history, repeatedly revised like a childrens’ whispering game demonstrates to us in pre-school. One exciting part of adolescence is being ready and able to notice these contexts personally, societally and historically, as one decides who one is going to be in the world.

        So far environmental nature is still able to get people able to procreate. The genitals and most of the hormones still work, and it is left up to human free will to become mature enough and respectful enough to know how treat the genitalia not only of ourselves but also of others. How has that been working out?

        Most people on earth love the current mobile technological enhancements and the seemingly instantaneous worldwide communication. But much of what is being communicated is porn, estimated to be what more than two-thirds of internet searches are seeking, internationally. Then there are worlds of internet cuckoos dangling through webspaces arguing with each other from their basements, couches, offices or cars. We are the ones who exemplify to ourselves and to our children how to explore inner space and not only “outer space” with all of its accoutrements, to learn how to keep on learning and how to think things over with an independent conscience.

        Yet we as nations and as a world spend more of our assets on advances in the perpetual amassment of weaponry for personal and political warfare, and there’s bigger spending for exploring outer space or for studying how rats do on pharmaceuticals than we allot for our own educations or for any constructive or reconstructive mental, physical or emotional health provisions. Why do economies attract madmen who insist upon being the commodores?

        People suffer the same shit throughout centuries of recorded details. If only the pen were mightier than the sword, the internet could be stronger,swifter than the menace of hydrogen or atomic silencers. The masses are again getting sick of the diet of bullshit. Even Hong Kong is pissed. French citizens have been seen protesting in their streets for months. The tides keep changing and no one can pretend to be going nowhere as we hurtle through space at 67,000 miles per hour like subatomic entities clustered upon one-billionth of a pinhead.

        Ghislaine can just keep plucking those chin hairs, wearing her big squarish ring and uttering her dark misunderstandings of esoterica and dominance vs. subdominance. So how come she is not in France?
        Does only the Phantom know? Life moves fast, even for a jetset oxen dreaming of readiness for combat. Aikido can happen whether somebody expects it or is surprised by it. She was born in France, yes? Maybe she isn’t welcome anymore? Perhaps Jeffrey Epstein and she wrecked using France as a place of refuge whilst cavorting there like ugly international satyrs.

        je vous en prie. The French have eyes and no Prince Andrew as brother to a Throne. The news is out everywhere. Even Emiliano Salinas would recognize Ghislaine if the two ran into one another just southwest of Casablanca. Shopping for red scarves? The conspiracy of the red scarves as accessories to assisted or accidental suicides might endear them to one another. Emiliano and Ghislaine, scanning each other’s asses down at the agora.

        Question : Did Jeffrey look dead enough?
        Answer: Yes he did. But he hadn’t been PRONOUNCED dead yet, so he didn’t exactly have to look dead. Not in the New York Post headshots.
        Question: If he was supposed to be dead then, he would’ve been covered up or in a body bag, right?
        Answer: Of course if he was dead nobody would show off his face. But there’s always an available excuse about how everyone is overworked and underpaid in paradise.

        Mr. Parlato would be well aware of the historical use of deception and sleight-of-hand, and he says so, maybe for our benefit moreso than for his own. He didn’t just pop out of some egg. Yet what Mr. Parlato says still has to be said, as well as to be remembered; the essentiality of training one’s mind to be able to think for oneself. Persistently. You study the equipment, develop the volition of concentration and remember to remember. Your first and last witness is yourself. This is how it is, regardless of whether or not we are able to choose our own blindspots.

        One thing the criminal types being discussed share in common is more or less an absence. You could call it the absence of the human spirit. Those lines have been crossed. Some even strive to destroy those lines. Ghislaine Maxwell, Rasputin, Jeffrey Epstein, the Manson crew, Clare Bronfman, Stalin, etc., O.J. Simpson, the Trumps and the Clonton and the Johnsons and the Nixons, Scientology cultists, even the Catholic upper echelons and the Jehovah Witnesses are headliners in our more modern fables of deception, cunning cruelty, debauchery and crime. They are famous for their sick thinking and its resultant actions.

        These are the big stupids. The stupids of the month or maybe even a year or two. Famous for being horrible violating jackasses low like old snot glazing in the dirt. Who wants to be merely a misguided numbnutz, an inattentive shallow breather, unutilized by the self? A gum-chewing truant from self-education, probably wearing a tee-shirt with a banal commercial logo and never seen without one’s de rigueur, contemporaneous headphones, from cradle to grave. Living in some Amazon or Zulily subaltern zone of zonelessness, dolled up in an anti-evolutionary uniform of retreat and escapism. Huey, Louie and Dewey, asleep at the wheel, worried about if there are going to be any adult diapers left for the guaranteed next accidental slippage. Old children pouting about being ignored.

        So many people now must want (as if it were an existential requirement) to appear as being both very socially engaged and, simultaneously, as very unavailable, even chronically, clinically unavailable to become engaged. The preference is to look as if one is communicating via media, conspicuously and during all of one’s waking hours, even if and when one is actually alone on the toilet. Desolation row, anybody?

        We must all look to be in-demand and important, while ignoring the person who approaches in real life. That could be too much of a fucking challenge. No need for a retirement party when, beyond learning to use dental floss, not much work has been done to avail oneself of the give-and-take gift which comes with being alive. Busily insisting upon remaining busily easy to trick, easy to command, easy to distract is, unfortunately, part of looking alive now. Johnny got his gun. Not much education, mental or emotional guidance was ever available, but Johnny’s got a cellphone, GPS tracking and an AK-47.

        “Do not speak to me; you would be rude and inappropriate to interrupt me as I listen to Drake chanting about little girls. Think of me as a listening channel and do not enter. But it is okay to appreciate my sneakers and my $400.00, terribly witty polyester shirt’s words of contemporary bullshit. Also see my good hair, phone and watch. I don’t need the watch because I have no job and still live at home with mom, dad and the unannounced visits from the probation officer. Pay attention to me! Just don’t rattle my cage.”

        But then a person can only see outwardly that which one is prepared to see inwardly. That’s life, in the eye of the beholder.

        Look at Cleopatra, look at Alexander the Great, look at Montgomery and Rommel, look at your own work atmosphere or simply call some miserable and uncooperative doofus about your old and funky cable TV set-up. So many games being played, not only automatically but transparently.

        Some observers would demonstrate that there has been no legitimate election in the United States, except about minor things, since before the presidency of Harry S. Truman was designed, back in the forties. But probably those are people who haven’t studied much about WWI or WWII or the American Civil War or even our own American Revolution. Our melting pot family still has letters of determination and frustration close at hand from those who tried to represent the “colonies” long before our American revolution. People worked hard to achieve some form of self-governance for our colonies WITHOUT resorting to massive protests or violence or warfare.

        But there came a time when even many of the nonviolent Quakers decided to get armed. There was little choice left against the criminally self-dedicated elite, their designated greedy and bossy liuetenant bastards, sub-bosses and posses. Things got to be “ready or not, here I come.” But nobody is sure that we have enough liberty left, at least in the United States, either to effectively and safely be able to protest or to legislate change. Both sides of the small political spectrum are being run by mostly an old stable of scumbaggish oafs with fat wallets. Who would be capable of reaching any agreements? The politicians and their hairdos need to be symboitically connected to an AlexTrebek puppet with a football stadium buzzer. Call me if or when Abraham Lincoln resurrects from the dead, because at least his myth is still resounding with trustworthiness. It’s been a long time coming. Sound the trumpet and I shall boil up some water and tear up some sheets. Unless my new guru, Schlomo Hunglow Lumpa, instructs otherwise.

  • Well, simple: Allison is much cuter, people remember her as the good girl from Smallville. And honestly, I think deep down she’s not really sadistic, just extremely childish. This whole NXIVM thing in my opinion was just like a big game for her, like messing around with other girls.

    • It has Nothing to do with cuter or not…Beauty is subjective. One might find her pretty, one might not.

      It has to do with the FACTS and Allison was charged with sex trafficking but the PROSECUTION (i insist as it’s those accusing who dropped it) dropped the charges.

      If there is Nothing proving she is a sex trafficker (and there is Nothing…Shadow interpret everything to fit his fantasy), She doesn’t deserve to be harassed on this subject.

      Even the victim Don’t claim anything like this. They clearly point the same thing every time : Collecting collaterals.
      But No threatening, no violence, no cruelty…

      She asked Nicole to meet Raniere once (then it’s Raniere who directly asked her to meet him )

      She didn’t asked Jayes to have sex with Raniere either (She (Jayes) interpreted the way she wanted + It was India who asked this (Raniere’s indictment show that at first , it was pointing India)…

      Don’t try to pretend it has to do with Allison being cute.
      I defend her because:
      -I know her and i Don’t like the way people who Don’t depict her as a monster (which she isn’t)
      -I defend the TRUTH and i stick with FACTS…I Don’t twist the facts.

  • I have never been involved with NXIVM or anybody who was/is; I’m just a reader, and this is my 1st comment here.

    You say:

    “When I quote court testimony claiming that Allison ‘Pimp’Mack is a sex trafficker, I get attacked by Nutjobs coming out of the woodwork.”

    You get attacked because you are an obsessed imbecile who regurgitates the same crap over, and over, and over, and over again, ad nauseum.

    Your “insights” have limited value, and since you’ve said them so many times, speaking for myself (and probably a lot of other people), I really wish you’d either stop commenting, say something new, or find a new hobby.

    Mack is a has-been actress, who was neither the brains nor the money behind NXIVM. At best, she was a useful idiot to the NXIVM powers that be, nothing more. In spite of that, you blather about her on a daily basis; it’s time to learn a new tune, Shadowstate.

    • He is incapable. He is another form of a Raniere or an Epstein. Clearly he, like Johnson, Bangkook, anonmaker, acteon and flowers among a couple of others are extremely mentally impaired. Hopefully they don’t have the monetary backing their fellow Psychopaths had.

      • LOL.

        Interesting that you’ve telegraphed the fact that even though you consider said posters to be mentally impaired trolls with nothing substantive to say, you nonetheless persist in letting them irritate you to the point of becoming unglued on a daily basis. 🙂

        Hint: If you weren’t allowing said posters to make you so annoyed that you experience the emotion of ‘hate’ — then you wouldn’t bother to constantly read their comments and attempt to attack them so often.

        You seem to cling to these posters like a bum clinging to a baloney sandwich. 🙂

        If I come across comments that I consider to be troll worthy, I simply ignore them and don’t bother dignifying them with a response.

        Basic psychology, duh. 🙂

        Oh… Sounds like you might need a new hobby too, a hobby which doesn’t involve constantly fixating over trolls and reading their every comment.

        I bid you a nice day.

        • Right on cue….the village dipshit appears to try and lamely defend his mental deficiency. Go grease up your hand and get back to your love life loser.

        • “If I come across comments that I consider to be troll worthy, I simply ignore them and don’t bother dignifying them with a response.”

          Contradicting yourself. You did lower yourself with a response.

  • Because you are a mother effing broken record who only thinks about Mack with that tiny brain in your little head.

  • You ask why? Cause they’re attention whores.
    Anything to steal the limelight though they come across as fools.

    • Contrarian is blaming everything on the females of NXIVM and not placing enough blame on Raniere. Shadow does this. As do you. You were in a cult. Remember? Why do you enjoy piling on the pathetically broken females, and you seem to give Raniere a pass?

      To avoid being contrarian in the future, how many anti-Allison articles should we accept from Shadow before pushing back? Daily? Bi-weekly? Unlimited – just let him type till his weird little self is content?

    • You’re right on that score.
      If her name were Susie Smith and she worked at the local Target store would anyone be defending her at all?

      And the court testimony exposed her for the horrible person she truly is.

      • Valid question. Before I can answer – how many “articles” would you have written about this Susie Smith?

          • It’s your question. By the wording of it, I assume you meant she had. In between shifts at Target.

            While we’re doing the question thing – Do you have life size Susie Smith posters in your bedroom? Are you her number one fan?

            Do you also have life size posters of Kathy Bates from Misery?

          • “Has Susie Smith branded and enslaved over 100 women like Allison Mack did?”
            Well actually, if you had a brain and weren’t obsessive about Allison , you would know that she didn’t branded and enslaved over 100 women…She was a slave and branded herself.

            But of course, Truth isn’t Something you like to consider…you prefer your fictions.

    • “I fear the carbon dioxide filter may be broken”

      What one has to worry about is Carbon Monoxide, not Carbon Dioxide.
      Many soft drinks are carbonated with Carbon Dioxide.
      Carbon Dioxide levels must reach 10% in the atmosphere before it is dangerous.
      Carbon dioxide levels are about 400 parts per million in the atmosphere.
      0.0004 per cent
      (Well under 1 %)
      Plants take the carbon dioxide which you exhale and convert is into oxygen for you to breathe.
      On the other hand carbon monoxide clings to your blood’s hemoglobin with greater efficiency than oxygen itself.
      People die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning far more than Carbon Dioxide poisoning.

      Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.
      Updated July 03, 2019
      You are exposed to carbon dioxide every day in the air you breathe and in household products, so you might be concerned about carbon dioxide poisoning. Here’s the truth about carbon dioxide poisoning and whether it’s something you need to worry about.”

      “Can Carbon Dioxide Poison You?
      At ordinary levels, carbon dioxide or CO2 is non-toxic. It is a normal component of air and so safe it is added to beverages to carbonate them. When you use baking soda or baking powder, you are purposely introducing carbon dioxide bubbles into your food to make it rise. Carbon dioxide is as safe a chemical as any you’ll ever encounter.”

      Your scientific ignorance is appalling.
      Who was your science teacher?
      Jeffrey Epstein or Allison Mack?

          • Shadowstate here you go:

            “The main function of the lungs is gas exchange, to provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the blood. When high levels of carbon dioxide are elevated in the blood, it can lead to respiratory failure. Symptoms include shortness of breath and cognitive issues.Nov 5, 2018”

            Please note:
            Last line read the last sentence that contains “Cognitive issues”.

            Shadowstate it’s time to Open your main blastdoors and your escape hatch to your follow shelter.

            Call a repair man!

          • shadowstate,

            You can’t just sit in your air tight fallout shelter otherwise carbon dioxide will build up.

            You need fresh air or a working machine that can convert the carbon dioxide back to oxygen.

            Like a scuba tank “rebreather”.

            I scuba dive, I am NAUI certified, trust me you cannot live off of carbon dioxide you moron.

      • I guess Niceguy thinks you’re snorting Coke, Shadow. Hmmm.
        Anyways, as I mentioned before, this forum has been heavily trolled since spring 2018. And since Frank allows abusive posters ,such as Bangcock, to regularly insult people here, that is not going to change.
        However, I doubt that the trolls are really exNexians. I think you find the same type of trolling on any forum where the moderator doesnt censor abusive comments.

  • A swing and a miss. The mighty Mr. Shadow has struck out. If others attacked Maxwell hundreds of times, over and over again, about the same issues, they would also be criticized. People are tired of you, Mr. Shadow. If you haven’t done it already, I recommend you put all of your stories and comments together and send them to Mack’s judge. I’m quite sure he would be amused.

    • Shoot, nothing fills me with compassion for AM, like a shadow state piece. And I mean nothing.

      If the judge shows extra mercy for AM, I’m sure it would be for the same reason!!!!

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