Astrology, Epstein and Maxwell: Jeffrey’s Sun Is at 29 0′ Capricorn and Ghislaine’s Saturn Sits Right on It!

By Shivani

Side note for those interested: Dates of birth for three current newsmakers at Frank Report.

A minor couple of minutes of astrological reflection; take it or leave it:

R. Kelly born Jan. 8, 1967 Capricorn
Ghislaine Maxwell born Dec. 25, 1961, Capricorn
Jeffrey Epstein Jan. 20, 1953 Capricorn

Epstein’s chart is available to read at Astrotheme if you happen to read charts, and at other astrological websites as well. It has been online for a long time. This guy’s entire chart is worth reading if you’ve ever erected or studied charts. He was born in the final hours of Capricorn, right on the verge of the next sign, Aquarius.

An interesting coincidence. There is quite a fateful intersection when you align the charts of Ghislaine and Jeffrey together. Even more so if you note one obvious thing by looking at Epstein and Maxwell as two people who helped each other make it as professional predators.

Briefly, Jeffrey’s sun is at 29 0′ Capricorn and Ghislaine’s Saturn sits right on it, at 28° 57′ Capricorn, three minutes from a dead match. It’s as if Jeffrey Epstein were her grim reaper. And she had to have him.


Image result for r kelly and andrea
R Kelly and ex wife Andrea

From 2012 through 2014, VH1 ran a reality series featuring R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea, Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, and several others.

Hollywood Exes was where I first heard Andrea was married to Kelly from 1996-2009. She would talk about him and what it was like trying to handle, to cope with, his lifestyle choices. Wowza.

Too bad he is upset about being behind bars due to feeling lonesome and blue, but the guy has done more damage than he can do time.

Extremely disappointing way to be living, when he had been a dad and husband, had to run for his fame and money but was hardly ever at home. Not that nice when he was home, Andrea Kelly said.

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4 years ago

Shivani believes in Astrology so what…

I genuinely do not know, why any of you feel the need to pick on her.

She is not attacking or hurting innocent people.

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

“She is not attacking or hurting innocent people.”

In early August, Shivani defended the hacking of John Tighe’s computer where child porn was placed on it and Tighe was sent to prison after being framed.
She defended the 14 year-long legal harassment of Rick Ross.
She defended the Bronfman sisters’ abuse of Frank Parlato.
She made light of Daniela’s 18 month-long imprisonment at the hands of the wicked Lauren Salzman.

Here are Shivani’s exact words:

“Mr. Parlato just doesn’t have a good sense of humor and has spent years being pissed off about some Monopoly money and the lawsuits he earned for noticing where the money didn’t go. Then he got fired, hounded and sued for saving $26 million for some zombies, you might say.”

“Why didn’t Rick Alan Ross get the joke and he could have saved himself about 14 years of Nxivm litigation and harassment?”

“Mr. Tighe bitches and moans about getting railroaded into prison over some fun porn which Clare and the litigation hounds sent him as a present.”

“The young woman held in captivity for a couple of years should not have been so argumentative with Flabturd, her god and savior.”

Shivani is or was a member of NXIVM and at least is still a fellow traveler of the cult.
Shivani is also a friend of the Sex Trafficker Allison Mack.
Shivani hates Raniere and calls him “Flabturd” but she is also a lesbian who despises most heterosexual men.
Change the “v” to a “b” and drop the last letter “i” and you have a clue who Shivani is.
Shivani is hiding in plain sight.

I made a joke a while back that Nicki Clyne might be the smartest woman in NXIVM but Shivani is very clearly an intelligent woman.

4 years ago

I’m sure Ramtha and Keith called their pseudo scientific “programs” interesting too. Just take a look. Maybe it can help you. Don’t judge so quickly!

Bizarre to see it used here. Off-the-charts ironic.

Using astrology to analyze criminals is like using Executive Success to analyze your leadership methods (or lack of).

Maybe we can do that next? It’ll be fun! We can make charts and lists and arrows, just like Keith at the chalkboard! Viva!

4 years ago

So we’re doing astrology now? What utter rubbish.

4 years ago
Reply to  Actaeon

The position of the nurse in a room when a baby is being born has a greater gravitational effect than the planet of Jupiter.
But don’t tell Shivan (Siobhan).
Let her have her fun.

4 years ago

Says Chicago’s biggest alternative conspiracy buff theorist from a public library restroom. Enjoying the free toilet paper no doubt.

4 years ago

How dare I cast doubts on the pseudoscience of Astrology?
By the way how is your Alchemy experiment going?
Have you managed to convert your human waste to gold yet?

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Note that Mr. Shadow didn’t deny the free toilet paper from a public library, you may be onto something.

4 years ago
Reply to  Actaeon

Acteon—-Get back to ranting about 14 year old girls being attractive and why it should be okay to date them. You loser!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Astrology is pure bunk, just like Raniere.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson



I thought Astrology science is as real as Flat Earth science.

I bet next you will be stating that there is no ice wall at the edge of the world. 😉

Dianne Lipson
Dianne Lipson
4 years ago

The sun changed signs on the day Jeffrey Epstein was born. Astrotheme lists Epstein’s sun as 0°22′ Aquarius, but that appears to be an estimate, possibly based on a noon birth time as a placeholder. However, without a known birth time for Epstein, we can’t know if he was Capricorn or Aquarius.

If you want to have even more fun with astrology then consider the influence of the planet Pluto (in astrology we still refer to Pluto as a planet) in the charts of both Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere. Pluto indicates issues of obsession, power and control. Clare Bronfman was born with Pluto opposite Sun. This indicates issues of power and control with her father. The opposition shows she is dealing with issues of abandonment and deep rejection, as well as power and control, regarding her father. Raniere was born with Sun conjunct (next to) Pluto, in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is detail oriented, is concerned with diet, and it’s symbol is the virgin. Virgo is ruled by the fast-moving planet of mercury, and the Virgo body type (when not modified by other planetary influences) is slender. It’s not hard to see the influence of this Pluto aspect of obsession, power and control, in the way he ran the lives of his “slaves”, even the ones who were not in DOS.

4 years ago

Astrology is another thing that has been thoroughly debunked. Among the interesting research done, a group of supposed professional astrologers were given actual detailed personal and psychological profiles for individuals – and they could do no better than random, at trying to match up people with their supposed astrological signs. Astrologers, like psychics and similar types, are typically good at things like “cold reading” that impress without actually being meaningful.

If there is any celestial effect on human beings, it more likely has to do with closer and more obvious forces like the moon, and the seasons (which of course correlate with the stars – but correlation is not causation). For example, prior to the advent of artificial light, there was a pronounced seasonal pattern in human births as in other creatures, and there are some tantalizing hints that there may be deeper connections, such as to the natural production of a diversity of personality types so as to promote the survival of human groups.

But, does anyone know if Raniere has had his colors done?

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker


“Astrology is another thing that has been thoroughly debunked.”

No shit!

Thanks a million, dude.

“correlation is not causation”…

….AnoyMaker, you are as adept in the ways of critical thinking and logic just like Scott Johnson.

Are you by chance a Vulcan?

Maybe the two of you can “mind meld”?

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