Exclusive Photos: Dalai Lama’s Emissary Lama Tenzin on ‘Nxivm’ Island With Allison Mack

Lama Tenzin at Necker Island with Allison Mack.

The  Personal Emissary for Peace to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama was on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in 2010 to attend a Nxivm retreat.

Lama Tenzin Dhonden, however, seems to have shed his monk’s robes and partied with the gals, especially with Allison Mack, and his secret lover, Seagram’s heiress and Nxivm financier, Sara Bronfman.

He also seems to have been close to Sara’s mother, Georgia Webb Bronfman, who was also at the Nxivm retreat.

Nigel Havers and wife Georgiana Bronfman

Georgia is currently married to British actor Nigel Havers.

Back in 2010, Nxivm leaders held a special retreat, paid for by Sara Bronfman for the elite of Nxivm at Necker Island, which is owned by Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Branson and Sara Bronfman. She rented his island for $250,000 per week to entertain Nxivm members.

According to Saratoga in Decline blogger John Tighe, the Nxians who attended the retreat did a lot more than party and attend classes; they also planned many of their criminal activities that later got top leaders convicted for racketeering.

But Lama Tenzin seems to have had nothing to do with the crime planning.

The monk of the Buddhist faith seems to have been there to party hardy.

At the time, it was an open secret in Nxivm that he was having an affair with Sara Bronfman.

In fact, he had come as a monk to negotiate the Dalai Lama coming to Albany New York, headquarters of Nxivm, to endorse Keith Raniere, head of the sex slaver cult.

One day, Lama Tenzin was caught in a hot tub with Sara by a friend. They were, according to Sara’s friend, “canoodling” and in “a hot necking embrace.”

To the outside world, Lama Tenzin was pretending to be a celibate monk teaching the high spiritual values that his leader, the Dalai Lama, espoused.

He took the vows of poverty and chastity, but randy Tenzin was actually feathering his nest off Bronfman’s largess [while he sought a seven figure donation for Dalai Lama] and having sex with Sara and perhaps with others in the sex cult.

We will have a lot more to report on Lama Tenzin and his proclivities and how he persuaded the Dalai Lama to come to Albany New York to endorse Keith Raniere in a later post.

Image result for lama tenzin dalai lama
Lama Tenzin with Dalai Lama.

For now here are some rare pictures of this supposed monk.

With Allison Mack

A yogi with a buzz on

With Sara’s mother, Georgiana Bronfman


For those who are interested, Richard Branson rents out Necker Island for retreats and private parties. The cost runs about $50,000 per night.


Lama Tenzin is available for spiritual consultation for those seeking the kind of knowledge he imparts.

Lama Tenzin with the Dalia Lama


The Dalai Lama bows before Keith Alan Raniere, leader of Nxivm.

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7 months ago

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Holy F@ck!”

samir sardana
samir sardana
4 years ago

As per Hindooism – Boodhism was a lie introduced by the Hindoo Gods to distract Atheists , idolators and animal sacrifices ! dindooohindoo

But they lost control of the plot ! If the Buddhists knew ……

Sample 1 – Lord Shiva is “explicitly ordered by Lord Vishnu”,to promote the philosophy(i.e. Advaita Vedanta) to “fool and beguile”, the Dindoo Hindoo Bindoo

svāgamaiḥ kalpitais tvaḿ ca
janān mad-vimukhān kuru
māḿ ca gopaya yena syāt
sṛṣṭir eṣottarottarā

 [Addressing Lord Siva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead said:] Please make the “general populace averse to Me” by imagining your own interpretation of the Vedas.
 Also, cover Me in such a way that people will take more interest in “advancing material civilization”, just to “propagate a population bereft of spiritual knowledge”. ’Padma Purana, Uttara-khanda (62.31).

Sample 2 – Lord Vishnu instructs Siva,in the “Varaha Purana”,by saying:

esa moham srjamy asu yo janan mohayisyati
tvam ca rudra maha-baho moha-sastrani karaya

 O mighty-armed Siva, please “write books filled with lies”, and thus bewilder the people.

atathyani vitathyani darsayasva maha-bhuja
prakasam kuru catmanam aprakasam ca mam kuru

 O mighty-armed one, please “preach a collection of lies”. Place yourself in the forefront,and conceal Me.

Sample 3 – Shiva tells his “wife Parvati”,as under

mayavadam asac-chastram pracchannah baudham ucyate
mayaiva kalpitam devi kalau brahmana-rupina

 O Goddess, in the age of Kali I shall “descend in the form of a brahmana” to spread this “Mayavada philosophy”, which is actually “covered Buddhism”. (Padma Purana)

4 years ago

Why is Frank Parlato mad at
Lama Tenzin?

What did the honorable Lama Tenzin ever do to Frank Parlato?

What is wrong with a Lama getting some stank on his Jimmy Johnson?

Frank Parlato is a dick blocker!

Benjamin Gradinski
Benjamin Gradinski
4 years ago

Gotta ask do you remember everyone you meet at parties?

You are clearly trying to say anyone who even smiled in a passing hello to these people are guilty!

Frank, you are a desperately sad man. Get a new job! They sacked you for a reason and it shows. You are Mack’s stalker!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

No, but Ben Szemkus does. Frank is not trying to say what you claim. Not even close.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

… mere chum in the water for Shadowstate

Thinking Frank Report needs to reinvent itself since the Raniere news cycle is coming to a close.

4 years ago

The Tibetan Buddhists who came to this country seem to have been prone to excesses of self-indulgence, particularly of the sexual variety. It’s a complicated story, but probably boils down to a mix of their coming from a culture that is not quite the “renunciate” ideal we have imagined, and their not being prepared to deal with the freedoms and even temptations of our culture. And it’s probably a cautionary tale that putting anyone in the sort of revered guru role that our culture does, especially when they have the supposed cachet of being foreigners from the East, is a recipe for dysfunction and abuse.

There have been major scandals centered around the headquarters of the largest Tibetan Buddhist headquartered in Boulder, Colorado – if anyone is interested, there have been a couple of good pieces in the independent Buddhist magazine Tricycle.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

In pre-China Tibet, there were horrendous human rights abuses, including arbitrary imprisonment without trial, and torture. Rape by monks was not unusual and went unpunished. Corruption and bribery were rampant, and the population lived under a feudal system that gave them nothing but their status as vassals. The entire non-clerical population was illiterate and had no access to education or any kind of healthcare.

I’m not saying that they are better off under the Chinese, but they had terrible lives before they came.

That was and still is, how the Chinese justify their actions re Tibet.

The Dalai Lama is classed as a Spiritual Leader, but he is also a very astute politician.

I have a couple of Tibetan friends who have very interesting stories to tell. I have also spent time at an important Tibetan Monastery. Many of the monks are delightful, truly virtuous people.

But there are some rotten people walking about in monks robes

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker
Scott Johnson
4 years ago

When they announce it, it means he’s no longer a CIA asset.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson



Shadowstate you are a day late and a dollar short…….

“Mainstream”, GEO politics is a mainstream news outlet like FOX and PBS……

Shadowstate, I will trust Scott Johnson over GEOpolitics news….

By definition in order for something to be mainstream, mainstream(regular) people have to know about it.
Shadowstate, I think the carbon dioxide filter may be broken on your Fallout Bunker.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


4 years ago

It’s long been known that the CIA funded Tibetan exiles before Nixon’s rapprochement with China – it’s even in Wikipedia. That “news” piece cites 20 year old articles, about a program that ended 20 years before that..

The CIA had very large programs to provide funding to all sorts of groups and individuals, in an attempt to gain influence and cultivate sources of information. Typically the origins were disguised, and many recipients of the money weren’t even aware of where it really came from. Having received some such money, is not equivalent to being a “CIA asset” – quite a few groups and people that are now even bitter enemies of the US once benefited from funding like that.

4 years ago

Frank three questions how much was the endorsement for? Did the Lama Tenizen get sexually manipulated by Sara for the money? Is this Lama Tenzis normal behavior? Hot tubs, women and booze?

4 years ago

I know many NXians come on this site to comment.
I wonder if any of them would care to discuss the elaborate schemes cooked up on Sir Richard Branson’s island.
(Not that Sir Richard would know everything his guests plotted while they were guzzling down his booze.)

Tell us about the money laundering and tax evasion schemes.
Tell us about the immigration fraud schemes.
Tell us about the human and sex trafficking plots cooked up around this time.
Tell us about the computer hacking plans.

Say, Sara Bronfman, I know that you’re pouring through your photo albums of Allison Mack publicity photos while your nanny changes your babies’ diapers.
Don’t you have time to tell us what you and Nancy Salzman were talking about on Sir Richard’s island?
Were you talking about Sir Richard’s plans to conquer space?
Were you talking about overthrowing foreign governments?
Were you talking about bribing politicians?
Were you talking about indoctrinating children to be loyal followers of the Vanguard in the Rainbow Cultural Garden schools?
You know, Sara, when the US DOJ indicts you, you’ll want a compelling story to tell the Feds so they will be happy to cut a plea deal with you.

4 years ago


I hope when the judge hands down the verdict no matter it is you will accept it.

I feel she deserves to go to prison.

Sometime at a minimum security prison may actually be good for her because I am of the opinion the prosecution was worried about having Mack testify because they didn’t trust her.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

“She deserves to go to prison” after losing her whole life and being forced to do things that other victims had done or were about to do…
Whatever you say…

“Sometime at a minimum security prison may actually be good for her”
Explain how prison can be good for a victim?

“I am of the opinion the prosecution was worried about having Mack testify because they didn’t trust her.”
But that doesn’t fit with the reality…Penza did all she could to shot down Allison (while The other prosecutor were asking relevant question…Look at the testimony of Lauren)…
Allison actually cooperated for WAY longer than Lauren (see court document)

For me, it sound more like prosecution didn’t wanted to admit they committed a mistake when they put her on the same level as Raniere…
They failed to demonstrate most of their accusation and just managed to demonstrate the collection of collateral.
Something far from the “leader of DOS” of the first days.

Worst, They demonstrate that Allison was absolutely not a leader in DOS , not the Creator of DOS, not connected to anything more serious than collecting the collaterals.
And all this while she was coerced.

To me, it’s clear that the prosecution was afraid that the whole case would be questionned…especially after what happened with Lauren!
I remind you that Lauren was really connected to many crime (testimonies demonstrate this) and for a long time…
Yet , in the end, The judge showed a lot of compassion (and i assume the jury would have too)…

Now If Allison testified, confirmed that she is nothing but another victim and that in the end she doesn’t deserve to go to jail, it’s not just Allison that is concerned…
Prosecution made many mistakes and they probably decided not to led her testify because they would have had to admit those mistakes.
and unfortunately, those mistake could have been used by Raniere’s lawyer…

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

She took a plea deal.

4 years ago

The pit of NXIVM’s corruption is very deep.

I dropped a rock into it during Raniere’s trial, and I still haven’t heard it hit the bottom.

“Revealed: Dalai Lama’s ‘personal emissary’ suspended over corruption claims.”

“Tibetan monk who is gatekeeper to the Dalai Lama in the US strongly denies allegations he demanded improper payments.”


And later:

“His Holiness The Dalai Lama Finds Tenzin Dhonden Innocent Of Allegations Of Wrongdoing.”


He seems to be as much of a renunciate as the universally admired Keith Raniere.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

On medical leave until May 2020?…..uh huh, right.

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