In Defense of Raniere: Teachings Are Useful; Cami Stayed as Adult


By Patrick Backup

Well, I’m happy Frank decided to publish my view  –  Keith Raniere Did Not Get Fair Trial; Does Not Deserve Life Sentence  after all, even if it took him a few weeks

Again, to those who criticize my view, I think if you read what I wrote, you will see that I am not idolizing Keith Raniere in the way Monte Blu does.

I’ll just address three points from the comments:

He knoweth all. The wise Vanguard.

1.) Raniere’s Teachings Are Useful

Yes, I find quite a few of the ESP teachings very useful, especially those on integration. However, I’ve never done a course (I live in Europe), I only read Keith’s two books and watched his conversations. Funny that Frank never publishes anything about Keith’s teachings. Is he afraid people might find value in them?

Keith Raniere had sex with her as a 15-year-old girl [statutory rape. Cami chose to stay after she became an adult and worshiped him in body, mind, and spirit. She sought virgins for him to have sex with and ‘fuck toys’ [real live women] as slaves for them both for threesomes.

2.) Cami Chose to Stay With Keith After She Became an Adult

Let’s face it, no matter what parents might think or hope for, 15-year-old girls and boys are often already sexually active. I am aware that the law forbids them from having sexual relationships with adults, but in this case, Cami chose to stay with Keith long after she had reached the legal age limit. OK, he manipulated her. That’s why I said it was “highly unethical.”

And yes, it was illegal to seduce her below the age of consent, and he should be held accountable for that, but, technically speaking, pedophilia or child molestation is defined as “sexual interest in a PREPUBESCENT child”, something Cami clearly wasn’t.

Again, to make this clear: I am not saying Keith is innocent, I’m just saying the sentence is totally out of proportion to the alleged crimes.

3.) Pictures Used to Humiliate Keith With No Probative Value

Again, regarding the pictures of Keith that Frank seems to enjoy posting in every second article: What value do they have for the trial? Honestly, I think most people have private photos of themselves in awkward situations that they wish they’d never taken……

I see no motive for using those pictures other than to publicly humiliate Keith.

Here are two of the pictures that the prosecution [and Frank] used to embarrass Keith.

And here is a hair raising photo that was not used at trial, that might or might not tend to embarrass Keith.

Photo copyright Toni Natalie and

And finally, I wouldn’t gamble that this ballsy picture of Keith, if it had been shown at trial, would have made the jury more sympathetic.

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  • Patrick Backup,

    Your spiritual father is going to prison. Daddy is never coming home.

    I don’t know which brother you are but one day you will realize you made a mistake.

    When this happens don’t beat yourself up too badly I have been making mistakes all on my life.

    My advice:

    Move on and always roll with punches!

  • No one can discuss NXIM teachings. They are full protected, and you might get sued into oblivion.

    I have never taken a course.

    But for emplowerment, I rely on

    1. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill;

    2. ” You are a Badass” by Jen Cincero;

    3. The Universe.

  • The first pic that you complain about, I wonder if Scamguard has had that oversized nipple sorted out yet? 😳

  • Regarding ” Pictures Used to Humiliate Keith With No Probative Value.”

    I agree that the photos are unsatisfactory.

    I am currently working on a Vanguard Scratch and Sniff Photo Album.

    The only thing that’s holding me back are certain animal welfare laws that make it difficult to work with the Skunks in a commercial setting.

  • Of course Keith’s “teachings” had some good and were useful. So fucking what? “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” it has been said. These teachings were nothing more than tools to use for his manipulative purposes: control, sex, and lifestyle. There was no sincerity in his motivations for making the world a more noble civilization and other such platitudes he often spewed, which he never intended to live up to himself. It was all a facade for the man behind the curtain. That tools are useful doesn’t give the insincere d-bag anymore credibility for his bad behavior and his status as a so-called ethical leader, nor does it absolve him from any crimes he committed or RICOed others into doing so.

  • If the author is so proud of his disturbed opinion, why doesn’t he use his real name? With opinions such as his, parents should keep this guy away from their kids. It would be nice to know who he is.

  • These happy happy happy pics are intended to humiliate Mr. Happy. Yet when he was posing for them, he was as merry as some sweathog version of Hugh Hefner. FFS

  • Now that you can see what’s behind the curtain, why not take the items you deem of “value” and move on? Did you follow the trial at all? The head of the organization and all his top executives (harem) are convicted felons, but you like the books? You wonder why Frank won’t allow that horseshit on here? Do you actually read the articles, or just look at the pictures? Follow the bouncing ball dude, it’s not going that fast!! Keep it moving. With your attitude, another cult will snatch you up toute suite!!

  • Three blind mice.
    Three blind mice.
    See how they run.
    See how they run.
    They all ran after the farmer’s wife,
    Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
    Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
    As three blind mice?
    My dear, dear Mr. Patrick Backup,
    Which one of three lost and blind brothers are you?
    I admire your resolute resolve and pity your blind obedience.

  • 1. Of course some of Raniere’s teachings are useful, that’s how scams work. The same thing is true for Amway and other MLM scams, they can’t survive without some legitimacy, which covers up the criminal activity. Scams can’t be blatantly obvious without quickly self-destructing.

    2. I believe Raniere was/is being charged with statutory rape, not “pedophilia or child molestation.” Therefore, that point is pointless.

    3. Is there a law that says a blog/website must have only probative value, and is not allowed to be entertaining? Again, that point is pointless.

    You’re 0 for 3, I suggest you stop. As they say, if you don’t want to make the hole deeper, stop digging.

  • That dry shampoo he used didn’t work at all well for him.

    I don’t know who said first in another context, but, “What worked was not original, and what was original did not work.”

    To see the true value of his teaching have a close look at Allison Mack and the other convicted NXIVM felons.

    They were his top students.

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