Allison Mack Lost Her Driver’s License – Judge Helps Get It Back

Allison Mack appears to be crying near the Brooklyn Courthouse. Is she crying for her sad fate or because she misses Keith Alan Raniere?

Allison Mack let her driver’s license expire. And her attorneys have asked the judge to help her get it back by releasing her passport for a day.

Perhaps it is to be expected that she forgot to renew her license, since, while under home arrest, as she has been for more than a year, she’s had little opportunity to drive anywhere.

So she let it lapse. That may have been rather stupid. But undoubtedly she is undergoing immense stress, fear, regret and perhaps, as was reported by a friend, a mental breakdown.

As a condition of her $5 million bail package, Allison must remain at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California and wear an ankle monitor.  She needs permission from her pretrial supervisor to leave home, which she is permitted to do to work, go to school, church, or for medical or psychiatric help.

It is not known if she has availed herself of any of these.

The lapse of her driver’s license presents a serious problem in the USA where people usually must have a government-issued ID to travel.

Because she was indicted [and subsequently pleaded guilty], Allison had to surrender her passport. She had no other form of government-issued ID other than her driver’s license which expired in July.

She now stands as a virtual outcast in American society – not because she was indicted and convicted – but because she has no government-issued ID.  She cannot travel by airplane or even train without such ID.

This will make it hard for her to leave her home in California to travel to her sentencing in Brooklyn. She cannot drive there either since she has no valid license.

Perhaps one of her fans could drive her, or she could take a bus.

Image result for greyhound bus
The bus is the only remaining way for poor people, bereft of ID, to travel in police state America.

Here is the August 5th letter Mack’s lawyers, William F. McGovern and Sean S. Buckley, wrote to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis asking for help in getting Allison’s driver’s license reinstated.

Dear Judge Garaufis:

We write respectfully on behalf of our client, Allison Mack, to request the Court’s
permission for the release of Ms. Mack’s passport for a one-day period for the sole purpose of applying for a new government-issued LD. Ms. Mack’s driver’s license expired on July 29,2018, and without her passport, she does not have a valid form of identification.

In order to obtain such identification, Ms. Mack needs to show her passport to the officials at the California Department of Motor Vehicles as proof of her identity.

We have conferred with the government and pretrial services who have no objection to this application.

If the above request is granted, Ms. Mack’s New York-based Pretrial Services Officer, Michael Dom, will send Ms. Mack’s passport to her local Pretrial Services Officer, Kristina Jannich.

On a day agreed upon by both Ms. Mack and Officer Jannich, Ms. Mack will pick up her passport from Officer Jannich, travel to and attend her appointment at the DMV Office in downtown Los Angeles, located at 3615 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90007, and return the passport to Officer Jannich at the conclusion of her appointment.

As usual, Ms. Mack will be subject to electronic monitoring throughout the day.

We appreciate the Court’s consideration of this request and, as always, are available to answer any questions the Court may have.

[cc:] All counsel of Record
PTS Officer Kristina Jannich (via email)
PTS Office Michael Dom (via email)
Respectfully yours,

Judge Garaufis made it easier for Allison Mack to get her license back. It is unclear if she will get to use it very much before she heads off to federal prison.

William F. McGovern
Sean S. Buckley


Allison Mack is confined to her parent’s home and must wear an ankle monitor.

We are happy to report that Judge Garaufis approved Allison’s request on the same day.

So Allison’s New York pretrial supervisor will send her passport to her pretrial supervisor in California and then Allison, wearing as always her ankle monitor, will pick it up, go to the DMV, get her license reinstated and return her passport to her California pretrial supervisor, who will then send it back to her New York pretrial supervisor.

And Allison will have the necessary ID to travel to her sentencing.

At present there is no date fixed for that sentencing. We expect it will be sometime in October or November, 2019.


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  • thanks judge and kawyer may you should in im point too that people tgat let there license expire after 2 yrs are more they shouldnt have to take the darn written and driving test too especially if you are 54 yrs old i let my expire after 2 yrs and still havent gotten them i let them expire because at tge time i didnt have a car at the time and still dont But tgats no reaso to have to do everything over again and start from scratch that shoukd only be for teenagers .

  • She can actually get a state issued Id with her drivers license expired so this article is a bit dramatic.

  • She had other things more important than this…I Don’t know if you are aware, Mr Parlato but there was a trial “That may have been rather stupid”

    As for the “as was reported by a friend, a mental breakdown.” , I doubt a friend of hers said that…
    And if you refer to my statement, i said “she might”…i’m not in her head!
    If this was true, Something would have been done and her licence would be the least of her problems but nevermind.

    Anyway , what was the point of this article? except to cite your favorite target?

  • The letter says her passport expired on July 29 2018. So it’s been expired for over a year. How did she travel to Brooklyn ?

  • Wow!! A. Mack going to church! What is she going to do there? Jerk the priest off? It’s like she’s not had enough of Raniere’s teachings but now she’s topping them up with more crap and everybody fully condones it, everybody thinks that’s normal!!!

    No wonder extraterrestrial beings look at us the same way we look at Capuchin monkeys: cute, with rapid eye movements and stupid as fuck!!!


  • There is a story you can hit on the web titled “Allison’s Ankles.” It is from 6/8/13 and this Allison was a fashionista who had to wear 2 ankle monitors to get out on parole. She didn’t like jeans, the usual way to try hiding the monitors. Bell bottoms in particular. She didn’t want to spend every day in some damn long granny dress, either.

    Never mind that 2-slung Allison was stuck in the Sunshine state, BOOTS are made for walking. Fancy that. You can even buy gel packs designed to cushion the big glunky monitor device. Not just another little helpful household hint. Boots and gel packs.

    As for the housebound who must venture out amongst citizens and householders, Mack might as well strut into the darn appointment at the Department of Motor Hooha with her boots on, all fly. She doesn’t have much strutting time coming unless she figures out how to do it in prison.

    Until further notice or sentencing frees her of devices, probably Allison Mack has to plug into a wall outlet, perhaps every 12 hours, to get juiced up in the cankle each day. Sometimes the monitors announce that you’re awol when you’re not and your lovers hate the damn thing. The monitors take a long time to get charged, too. Come to think of it, Allison Mack took a long time to get charged as well..

    • Shivani33, I make it a point to try not to comment on mindless drivel such as this pointless post itself however your comments are always a must-read for me, regardless if we don’t always agree.

      I’ve always thought it would be far more merciful if the defendants sported those devices on each ankle — one from EDNY charges and a second from NY State on charges that ought be levied under their jurisdiction.

      Two devices would help avoid potential injury due to imbalances in weight distribution, etc. It would also help these weight-conscious culties avoid uneven gainage as they are deprogrammed and, perhaps, start to eat — maybe even eat meat…besides Keith’s dick — again!

      Keep the laughs comin’ please, Shivani, everyone. (I’m a bit preoccupied with “staying alive” and keeping my son, Dylan, safe while helping Frank and his producers investigate Gina’s death, etc. Need all the comic relief (and information) I can get on here and do hope to have time to contribute to FR again, soon.

  • It is time to acquaint Allison, Keith,Clare, Nancy and Lauren with a new phrase, “DIESEL THERAPY.’

    Diesel therapy

    Diesel therapy is a form of punishment in which prisoners are shackled and then transported for days or weeks.[2] It has been described as “the cruelest aspect of being a federal inmate.”[3] It has been alleged that some inmates are deliberately sent to incorrect destinations as an exercise of diesel therapy.[4]

    Diesel Therapy is a means of compelling prisoners to talk.
    While in transit prisoners are unable to communicate with the outside world.
    Diesel Therapy is usually conducted by intercity bus.

        • Wow you really try to be a comedian, too bad you aren’t funny…

          BTW i’m not worried about my sanity, i’m not the one who obsessively get over exited when someone defend Allison.
          I’m not the one who live in a fantasy in which everything done in Nxivm was done by a girl who wasn’t even in the cult when those crimes occured…

          Follow my advice, go seek help, old man

    • I fail to see how diesel therapy is worse than having their ribs broken or teeth removed without seeing the dentist, or simply being gifted with a cranial fracture. Seriously…

      • Yeah, Diesel therapy was interesting news to me when Frank wrote articles time ago about KAR’s tortuous journey from mexico to Brooklyn.

        Shadows, tardy wiki explanation, not so much.

  • I’d just like to point out a minor mistake in this article:

    “Allison Mack is confined to her parent’s home and must wear an ankle monitor.”

    Should have read, “Allison Mack is confined to her parent’s home and must wear a cankle monitor.”

  • Uh oh! I’m sure the Shadow-man will have a field day with this blog post. Go for it little man! Let your mind run wild with all the possibilities for Allison’s planned escape!

    • Lol, Don’t give him ideas! but now that I think about it…Strange! Why the need of her passport (even if necessary for her expired license)

      She’ll probably leave for the Fiji island that she owns (but not really as in the end, it was another lie and A stand for Alex Betancourt (court ref))

      Or maybe to go back to Mexico…Where she fled for a day (the day of the arrest as she was the day before in LA and came back to the USA the day after)

      Or France!!!!

      Here shadow, I mashed partly the work, let your fantasy do the rest (but don’t forget to state it’s just your opinion)

  • A lot of people get drivers licenses without a passport. There are many forms of identification that could be used. This story seems to be very odd. Also, what does she need a drivers license for? She can get a state issued ID, again without using a passport as a form of identification. Presumably, she will be sentenced soon. One would think that her new shiny drivers license will expire while she is in the pokey. Will she be let out of jail on that date to go and renew her drivers license?

    • I agree. Many people don’t have a passport. Usually a birth certificate, social security card, the expired license, etc., can be used to verify who she is. Plus, they have her fingerprints.

      At least she can still vote, except that she’s a convicted felon. But some states are making moves to allow convicted felons, even those in prison, to have the right to vote.

    • First off, what a stupid statement…she is planning to make a run right? Shadow 2



      And I doubt she will be in the “pokey” for as long as many of you wish.
      The judge is not a biased idiot, he is a human being, intelligent (Something missing a lot around here) who consider the FACTS!

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