Nxivm’s Nicky Clyne Is the Figure Comparable to Manson’s “Squeaky” Fromme

Nicki Clyne leads DOS

By AnonyMakerThis is in response to Allison Mack and the Manson Girls of Charles Manson Death Cult Compared

There are good points and comparisons in the article. Another interesting comparison is that both Charles Manson and Keith Raniere borrowed heavily from Scientology.

Charles Manson – ‘you’re no Keith Raniere, kid.”

Manson had actually received more hours of “auditing” – NXIVMs “EM” process is very similar – than most active members of Scientology ever get, partly because it has gotten so expensive nowadays.

L. Ron Hubbard, founded Scientology – from which both Keith Raniere and Charles Manson seemed to have derived inspiration.

And a Scientology “e-meter” used in auditing, was found among Manson possessions at the Spahn Ranch.

One of Manson’s lieutenants was significantly involved in Scientology even when part of the “family,” and apparently remains a prime suspect in the unsolved, gruesome murder of several Scientologists.

I initially thought, and suggested, that the NXIVM trial might play out somewhat similar to Manson’s, such as when Susan “Sexy Sadie” Atkins reneged on her deal with the prosecution and supported Manson in her testimony.

Keith Raniere, in a cult class by himself.

I think one difference was that the Manson girls were kept in the same jail and managed to maintain their connections and solidarity, while the NXIVM women were sent home and in most cases ended up either living with or spending a lot of time with family, which separated them and was likely to cause them to reconsider their loyalty to Raniere and the group.

But I see Nicky Clyne as the figure comparable to “Squeaky” Fromme, the dedicated loyalist remaining free.

Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme. Is she anything like Nicki Clyne?

Also, I think Leslie Van Houten faces the problem that the parole board will just never grant freedom to any of the Manson killers, because the crime was so sensational and such a decision would be criticized and second-guessed, especially if anything went wrong.

I’m pretty sure that there were other drug-addled female killers of the era, who eventually got parole even if they couldn’t entirely account for what they had done.

Nicki ‘Clicky 9’ Clyne – is it fair to compare her to Squeaky Fromme?

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  • “There are good points and comparisons in the article. Another interesting comparison is that both Charles Manson and Keith Raniere borrowed heavily from Scientology”
    No ,there isn’t…especially since we know a lot about how it was working Inside Charles Manson’s cult…
    But what do we really know about how Raniere manage to “brainwash” normal good people?

    Coercion is a thing (and Something not include in Manson’s cult so i Don’t see how comparing both is a “good comparison”) but some acted with no coercion…
    Some actually even demanded to have sex with Raniere !!! how could this be reasoned?

    Manson’s cult has Nothing to do with Raniere’s cult and is definately not comparable.

  • I just ran across this great article that not only details further chilling similarities between Raniere and Manson, but delves into some creepy parallels with Rajneesh’s (later of Oregon infamy) early days conditioning his followers in Asia with group sex, and making money through drug running and prostitution; and a psychotherapy cult in California.

    The Manson Girl Who Got Away
    “What drew “Juanita” to the cult? And why did she leave it, just before the Tate murders?”

  • Nicki hasn’t been charged with anything. Why would she turn on them? She got a free pass to citizenship, she’s running free as a bird, and things are working quite well for her. As it is said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and Nicki hasn’t been “broke.”

  • Not directed specifically to this post, but in general, aren’t we going over the top on this blog? Allison Mack is the Anti-Christ. Female followers of Raniere are compared to the Manson girls. Need I remind that the Manson girls BRUTALLY AND CALLOUSLY stabbed multiple innocent people to death in their homes, including a young pregnant woman and her baby. Come on.

    I have no problem drawing parallels among cults and how the followers are brainwashed and become blindly loyal. I do not excuse what the NXIVM participants did, but none of it rises to the level of the Mansons.

    • I think the comparisons of psychology and group dynamics are valid. There are some very clear similarities in that regard. Not so much in other areas.

    • It’s hard to say with any certainty, but I suspect that given a few more months’ targeted conditioning of Raniere’s followers, such as Manson did with his “creepy crawly” home invasion exercises, and the right hype about some imminent threat, that he could have gotten some of them to kill. There is evidence that Raniere wanted to create a “craft” of assassins, and that was probably part of what Dr. Porter was working on.

      I’d suggest reading the article about “Juanita” that I just posted, and her descriptions of her sweet friends in the Manson family – which sound rather like Mack’s glowing descriptions of the wonderful people in her new NXIVM “family” – along with the editor’s bracketed notes about the brutal crimes they committed not long after she left.

      The two can’t exactly be compared, because it never went as far as followers committing murder in the case of NXIVM – as far as we know. But the close parallels can’t be dismissed, either.

  • I’ve been biting my tongue since these stories appeared comparing Keith Raniere’s girl groupies to those of Charles Manson.

    There’s just no comparison in terms of either crimes DIRECTLY involving any of NXIVM’s more recent recruits who were only briefly based in Albany — such as Nicki Clyne, specifically — or in terms of corporate structure — NXIVM is foremost a well-financed Ponzi and money-laundering Scheme — or even the means and methods used to entrap “members” — Charles Manson did not offer show-biz stardom, fraudulent marriage arrangements to gain U.S. citizenship, female empowerment training, “executive success,” jobs and job placement or customized hypnotherapy and psychology treatments by purported specialists such as “Nurse” Nancy Salzman, Dr. Brandon Porter and Dr. Daniela Roberts. Nor did Manson provide police and political protection from prosecution of crimes committed on behalf of powerful financiers and global leaders.

    In fact, this media emphasize on the naughty girls-gone-wild of NXIVM is a distraction that was, IMO, long-calculated and done by design to provide “scapegoats” to take the fall for NXIVM’s true leaders and accomplices.

    None of which, however, entirely absolves anyone from any crimes they may have directly participated in, IMO, including liable and slander.

    In fact, NXIVM’s media spinners, aka “The Knife,” liabled my sister Gina Hutchinson and the late Pam Cafritz from their graves, claiming early on that they poisoned girls from Libya!

    • If I can offer an answer, I’d say it would be someone like “Juanita” in the article that I just posted a link to – someone who left before things got really ugly, and who would have remained virtually unknown.

        • Mack is the one who could be compared to Van Houten.

          You are really bitterly obsessed with Kreuk, aren’t you? What’s up with that, did she do something to you personally, or is your fanboy disappointment that soul-crushing?

          Even in the worst case scenario of her involvement, she probably never had sex with Raniere, certainly didn’t move to Clifton Park to become part of the inner circle, and never participated in DOS. She was a peripheral figure at most, and can’t be compared to any of the well-known Manson girls, all of who lived at Spahn ranch and were part of Manson’s harem.

  • I don’t really think it’s 100 percent fair because Nicki isn’t a killer or trying to kill anyone.

    • I trust Nicki is smart enough not to resort to violence.
      If anyone picks up the pieces of NXIVM and serves as a front person, Nicki has the best chance of anyone.
      But if I were Nicki I would stop referring to people I did not like as “Baby Hitler.”
      Only Hitler was Hitler.

    • The comparison between the NXVIM girls and Manson girls isn’t about whether they murdered anyone. It is about how they were swept up into cults by abusive, twisted sex obsessed men with a God complex and allowed their personal boundaries to be destroyed.

      This, of course, is just an observation. (And my personal opinion.)

  • I think it’s a fair comparison. Even now, Squeaky says she still loves Charlie.Nickvi has the same level of fixation on little Keith. She doesn’t seem like she’ll ever change in that regard.

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