Clare Bronfman Is a Menace to Society

MK10ART's sketch of Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm known also as Legatus.

Editor’s Note: The ongoing investigation into Nxivm under the Department of Justice in the Northern District of New York brings us hope.

The investigation is being coordinated with the Eastern District of New York, which oversaw the original investigation that led to the indictment and conviction of Keith Alan Raniere, his top henchwoman Clare Bronfman, and four others.

There may finally be hope that the dangers of the Nxivm racketeering enterprise may come to an end.

The people who have lived in fear of Clare ‘Legatus ‘ Bronfman may be able to emerge and speak freely without hiding ever again – if Legatus is charged with additional felonies that will put her away for at least a decade.

Presently, Bronfman is still subject to home confinement in her luxury Manhattan apartment and must operate Nxivm by giving directions through intermediaries. Her taste for punishing enemies is hardly sated, many believe.

She is just subdued because she is under scrutiny because of the worldwide publicity of the case.

She is facing a likely prison sentence of around two years and, if I know Legatus, she is biding her time, thinking of who she will sue and how she will perjure herself to destroy others’ lives once her relatively short prison term is over.

She must be seething right now with hate and storing her venom – deeply upset that the greatest living being on earth – the satanic Keith Alan Raniere  AKA Vanguard – is imprisoned and not there daily to tell her what to think and who to hate.

Here is a guest view from the marvelous Shivani on our very own Legatus – one of the true monsters of the Nxivm criminal enterprise and without whom [her sadism and her wealth], Nxivm would never have been the dangerous criminal operation it became.

By Shivani

There is some reassurance here that Clare Bronfman might face some justice that will actually inconvenience her more than being sequestered in luxurious, personal surroundings followed by a slap on the wrist. From her actions, she has shown herself to be a brutal hoodlum who devoted herself to crime for many years. Do not try saying that she didn’t notice.

Yet her potential sentence so far isn’t even equal to the number of years that Bronfman has spent tormenting people. Study her actions and she’s a hard case, not just some lost, homely old debutante. She has earned more charges. She’s poison with two legs and lots of resources.

It isn’t difficult to profile her in a category smack between Leona Helmsley and the more lethal Santé Kimes. Menace to Society.

Gee, I wonder if Legatus has caught the drift of what’s been reported here about how much more squirming is waiting at the bottom of her Cracker Jack’s box, for becoming obsessed with a false idol. Keith Alan Raniere, for crying out loud! This dimwit broke an ancient covenant by accepting and fostering the most base kind of idolatry. She is likely to have no idea about that.

Not to overlook others who might face charges, but probably some are not going to really get caught by the law. Some are going to make themselves unavailable. Some already have their lies in order. Scientology freaks, when called out, wait a while and then rename, restructure whatever got caught and just keep going. This is especially evident in how the group deals with it’s fake drug rehab facilities, really used for recruitment and not to save anyone’s life.

Artist Marie White’s The Savage Miss Bronfman
‘You’re almost a man kid’ –MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman wearing a jockstrap under orders of Keith Alan Raniere.


MK10ART’ captures that selfish smile of Clare Webb Bronfman.


MK10ART painted this of the scarfed Clare Bronfman, following her plea deal that spared her of any racketeering charges. The greatest [and richest] criminal in Nxivm gets off with the lightest sentence. It struck some as unjust.
MK10ART points out the irony of sex slaver cult member, the wealthy Clare Webb Bronfman, having illegally supported Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Marie White’s depiction of Clare Webb Bronfman


When Clare was faced with either denying [lying] or admitting that disgraced conman [soon to be convicted] lawyer Micheal Avenatti was secretly representing her, she conveniently fainted dead away in court. Painting by MK10ART.
MK10ART’s splendid painting of Clare Webb Bronfman and her more than two dozen attorneys. She paid for her own representation as well as her lordly Vanguard and the other four codefendants. It didn’t work out for anyone but her. She got the lightest sentence despite being – next to Raniere – the biggest criminal. Who says money can’t buy you justice at the Department [store] of Justice?
MK10ART’s marvelous artwork of the Nxivm racketeers. [Look at the expressions of their faces] With her suggestion of what some of them deserve for sentences.
Clare Bronfman unleashes her flying monkeys [lawyers] to punish enemies. She will outspend her enemies $100,000 to one – and if she cant win by the fair administration of law – she will make them broke and ruin their lives. This was her life,; Legatus used her superior wealth to engage in unfair fights in the name of Raniere, justice and ethics. Painting by MK10ART.
Legatus did not act alone in destroying people. Her more pleasant sister Sara, always fooling people with a smile, also joined in and funded brutal attacks on innocent people.  Painting by MK10ART.


Although Clare Bronfman [r] might not have been present at the branding table, there can be little doubt she thrilled at the idea of pain the slaves felt when the white hot cauterizing pen descended on their pubis to spell out her beloved master’s initials.
Viva Executive Success!

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[…] Clare Bronfman Is a Menace to Society […]

4 years ago

Clare Bronfman looks like a transgendered Woodey Allen.

Andre Leonard (@AndreLeonard20)

Sadly Clare shows what can happen to anyone who has no or poorly set boundaries. To know that with all her wealth and connections she has very little to show for it save for scorn. Going through this world now with a not so bright jacket will only add to her isolation and disconnection. Like Jeffery Epstein and so many others have learned. The stains we create in this life are not easily washed out and remain.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

“The greatest [and richest] criminal in Nxivm gets off with the lightest sentence.” Bronfman hasn’t been sentenced yet. I consider Raniere the great NXIVM criminal and the Bronfman’s the richest.

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

Hey Retard:

If you have better sources, do share. In the meantime, speculation and informants are not foolproof.

Abusive litigation can be stopped.

Do an Offer of Judgment for a small amount. If they don’t accept, and you win, the other side must pay all your legal bills.

There are other methods, too.

Just sayin’

The Retard aka Bangkok
The Retard aka Bangkok
4 years ago

Frank is too wishy-washy with his coverage of Legatus.

For instance, one day he tells us that NDNY (and possibly EDNY) is currently in the process of setting up future indictments for Legatus for a host of possible crimes, including future racketeering charges, by the end of the year.

Thus, Frank’s implying that Legatus will do much more jail time than her currently slated 2-year stint in the slammer.

But a couple days later, Frank writes a different article moaning about the fact that Legatus will only do 2 years in prison or less, after which time she’ll be free to oversee NXIVM’s rise from the ashes like a remarkable Phoenix.

What’s up, Frank?

I’m guessing that Frank’s ‘sources’ (about NDNY and EDNY) are likely FUCKEN BULLSHITTERS and Frank has very little confidence in their predictions about future indictments.

Hey Frank, if your sources are correct then WHY THE FUCK are you doubting that Legatus will be indicted again and face more serious charges?

Please stop being a WISHY-WASHY ASSHOLE.


Please be firm and resolute.

Stop giving us contradictory bullshit.

Pick up your skirt, grab your balls and start being less contradictory about the future of the Mighty Legatus.

But mostly, please stop being such an asshole and go back to the great person you were a year ago before you became a corrupt jerkoff who betrayed his own morals. 🙂

The Retard aka Bangkok
The Retard aka Bangkok
4 years ago

*Frank wrote the ‘intro’ to this Guest View article.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

You need to cite the articles and specific language Frank used. From what I recall, he has always given his opinion and estimates, and has never been declarative about what he thinks will happen. This is wise, as it is the judge who will make the sentencing decision, and will have a lot more information and experience than any of us have available.

orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
4 years ago

I hate to be cynical, but I would guess that NDNY wants a big fat check from her, like EDNY got. They might be less concerned about prison time.

I wonder what’s going to happen to KAR’s cool $8M from the estate of Pam Cafritz.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Either way, as a convicted felon and perjurer, it will be much easier to have any new case thrown out. I think the Feds have already found the $8 million, they just haven’t announced anything yet.

4 years ago

NXIVM didn’t make her into the sadistic criminal she is. It just facilitated and enabled her.

She has not shown the tiniest speck of remorse.

She is as heartless as Lavrentiy Beria.

20 years minimum.

4 years ago

Clare Bronfman is certainly a menace to society regardless of whether her cruelty is motivated by sadism or stupidity or a mixture of the two.

Al of the NXIVM defendants are menaces to society.
All of the NXIVM defendants are cruel sadistic people.
All of the NXIVM defendants lack empathy for others.

All of the NXIVM defendants must be hauled up to Albany and charged with the full range of their extensive criminal behaviors.

That includes Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman,Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack.

And on top of that new NXIVM defendants must be added to the mix.
Unless all of the NXIVM hobgoblins are fully prosecuted this ult of cruelty will rear its ugly head again.

This post by KR Claviger lays a clear road map of the actions that should be taken against NXIVM and its fiends and friends.
Pressure Continues to Mount on the NDNY To Do Something

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