Dr. Brandon Porter and Others Worked for Raniere to Build a More Noble Civilization

MK10ART's portrait of Dr. Brandon Porter working with a young slender woman on a human fright experiment - in order to create a more noble civilization.

Dr. Brandon Porter is awaiting word on his medical license revocation. The New York State Department of Health, which still has officials who took Nxivm classes, will soon decide his fate.

He is accused of violating proper medical protocol for, among other things, showing unsuspecting women human fright films for a Raniere-based experiment – and for not reporting an outbreak of illness – a mysterious thing it was indeed – at Vanguard Week 2016.

Hundreds had an outbreak of some sort of illness which made them vomit and grow exceedingly weak. Curiously, the High Rank of Nxivm –including Raniere and Dr. Porter – did not get ill.

Dr. Porter, like his master, Keith Raniere, is a scientist.

Like Raniere, he is supported by Clare and Sara Bronfman, heiresses of the Seagram’s fortune.

Dr. Porter worked for the Bronfmans’ Ethical Science Foundation, which is based on the conceptual teachings and discoveries of Raniere.

He eschewed the kind of income most doctors can easily make in medical practice in order to devote most of his time to the ethical experiments devised by his leader, Raniere, who is also known as Vanguard [Vanguard is currently in prison awaiting sentencing for sex trafficking and racketeering].

Porter is still living in Bronfman’s secluded home in Clifton Park.

The Ethical Science Foundation is owned and controlled by Clare and Sara Bronfman, which means it is owned and controlled by Raniere.

Dr. Porter was employed at the Ethical Science Foundation for nine years, since September 2009. Then Raniere and Bronfman got themselves arrested. Porter, who worked part-time at St. Peter’s Hospital, got himself fired there when news came out about his human fright experiments.

He recently filed bankruptcy and because no one will hire him as a physician, he went to work as an insulation salesman. He got fired from that job too – and it is rumored he is selling multilevel marketing term life insurance with other Albany based Nxivm members. They are all apparently finding it hard to recruit new members into Nxivm.

But his real love was his science.

At the Ethical Science Foundation, Dr. Porter used to conduct human experiments in Nxivm classes, on students who were not even aware that actual experiments were being conducted.  He also adored his human fright experiments. Most of his work was top secret. Nothing was published on what he learned or accomplished via his various experiments.

In 2009, Dr. Porter did write about his work for Bronfman – under the guidance of scientist Raniere: “I’m working to use the process of science to research, explore, and verify methods for moving humanity towards a more noble civilization.”

Two years earlier, in 2007, Raniere conceptualized the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, which Raniere said was “a private, not ­for ­profit foundation supporting endeavors that promote embracing humanity, developing ethics, and moving humankind towards a more noble civilization.”

It was funded by the Bronfman sisters.

In August 2008, Raniere conceptualized the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), “a non ­profit initiative dedicated to building a compassionate, ethical humanity.”

That was funded by the Bronfmans.

It is not clear what role Dr. Porter had in supporting the work of Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O., who gained fame for her work with the women’s empowerment group, DOS.

It is unclear whether Dr. Porter believes DOS is “moving humanity towards a more noble civilization.”

Nicki Clyne currently leads DOS and Dr. Robert is now her slave.

It is also not known whether Dr. Porter still supports the practice of human pubic branding as performed by Dr. Roberts and other work done at DOS such as the collection of blackmail-worthy material on the slave women to keep them in DOS.

Dr. Roberts herself is also still involved in another of Raniere’s teaching concepts, which is also funded by Bronfman, called exo/eso.

Exo/eso is described as “an eight platform program of total awareness and mastery of the physical, emotional and thought realms. It is a foundational map of how to use the mind-body complex.”

Critics of the exo/eso program say the description should be rewritten as:  “An expensive multi-level marketing program that will help you lose awareness and give Keith Raniere mastery of your physical, emotional and thought realms. It is a foundational map for him to control your mind-body complex.”]

dr roberts gg
When Dr. Danielle Roberts was not branding women slaves of DOS with a white-hot branding pen, she was teaching women how to have their minds and bodies mastered [by Raniere]
Keith Raniere’s fine words for a more noble civilization.

Dr. Porter’s children were students in Raniere’s child experiment school, Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

Raniere described Rainbow Cultural Gardens as “a highly innovative child development program designed to promote children’s cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical and problem-solving potential.”

Raniere went on to write on his bio page that Rainbow’s“unprecedented success has drawn the attention of child development experts, private investors and dignitaries from the United States and Mexico.”

Sara Bronfman, who is the leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden child experiments, writes of all her Raniere- based work, “Our mission [is] to support endeavors that help us to embrace our humanity, build our ethics, and move us towards a more noble civilization…It is our hope the effects of such a shift in thinking and process will set a new course for humanity; steering us towards a more noble civilization.”

Nancy Salzman summed it up differently: “The mission of NXIVM is to help transform and, ultimately, be an expression of the noble civilization of humans.”

Rainbow Cultural Gardens’ headteacher in Albany was Camilla [who readers learned about from her texts with Raniere], a high school graduate who was living in the US illegally. She is a native of Mexico.

The children of Ethical Science Foundation director, Dr. Porter, attended Rainbow Cultural Garden classes with their chief instructor being Camilla.

12 wilton ct
While her sister Daniela was imprisoned upstairs in a room, illegal alien Camila, headteacher for Rainbow Cultural Gardens, taught children – including Dr. Porter’s children – downstairs in this modest home owned by Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman.

Their school was on the first floor at 12 Wilton Court in Clifton Park, NY.

While Camilla taught Dr. Porter’s children downstairs, speaking to them in Spanish, her sister, Daniela was imprisoned upstairs in a bedroom because she kissed Ben Myers [Raniere does not allow his harem slaves to touch other men].

Raniere had trained Daniela to hack into computers and she did so for Clare Bronfman who wanted to spy on her father, the late Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

Daniella finally did not want to be his harem slave. Her elder sister, Marianna, was already one of Raniere’s harem slaves. Her younger sister, Camila also became one of his harem slaves.

Raniere chose to have Daniella imprisoned until she realized she belonged to him. She was a stubborn woman – and remained imprisoned for 22 months before leaving the confines of the lordly one.

Daniella’s sister, Camilla, her father and mother, and her brother helped to enforce Daniela’s imprisonment and brought food to her daily, leaving it outside her bedroom prison door on the second floor of 12 Wilton Court.

Then Camilla would go back downstairs and teach Dr. Porter’s children while he was busy at work at the Ethical Science Foundation building  “a more noble civilization.”

Dr. Porter is also a Coach with Executive Success Programs, a protege of Raniere.

jane jeffries
Jane Jeffries is married to Dr. Porter. It is not known if he required his wife to be branded as a slave.
Dr. Porter’s wife is Janie Jeffries; she appears on Facebook:.https://www.facebook.com/janie.jeffries.  Many of her photos are of her and her children. It may not be fair to assume Dr. Porter required his wife to get branded and become a DOS slave with Raniere’s initials on her pubic region. But, you never know.It is hard work creating a more ethical and noble civilization.

Many sacrifices are required.















symbols of Raniere
Here are some of the logos for the various companies that are designed by Mr. Raniere to bring about a more noble civilization.



“Fear is the tool of violence, violence itself is not the problem. It’s the fear of violence and how it controls people.” -Keith Raniere.


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4 years ago

I guess this means Dr. Brandon Porter was Josef Mengele…….

4 years ago

Ok, so we know Porter’s wife was a Raniere supporter at trial and part of the remaining community. Mrs. Porter has made that public choice. I suppose others need to do the same to keep the finances in check as Clare paid a fine rather than relinquish her property used to support the remaining members of the community.

But hey. Look at who is still in Halfmoon.


[…] Dr. Brandon Porter and Others Worked for Raniere to Build a More Noble Civilization   Frank Report […]

4 years ago

Frank, is there no research? or even a list or email discussion of who might have PASSED Dr. Porter’s test? We know who didn’t because they gave evidence of his protocols to the Feds. Should we just assume that those who didn’t flinch in horror and report him, basically passed? Or did Dr. Porter ONLY run his experiment on the people who failed it? Seems unlikely.

4 years ago

Is his wife hanging out with Nancy?


[…] Dr. Brandon Porter and Others Worked for Raniere to Build a More Noble Civilization […]

4 years ago

So much information here; just a quick typo correction:

‘Nicki Clyne currently leads DOS and Dr. Porter is now her slave’.

Dr. Roberts, not Dr. Porter would be the slave.

4 years ago

Brandon Porter may like science but he is no scientist. His fright experiments on people prove that. He failed to utilize the scientific method, failed to obtain informed consent and, quite frankly, terrorized the people he experimented on. If, as has been suggested, he was involved in making a group of people sick, his license should be forfeited to the state. He is unfit to practice medicine anywhere. He has engaged in unsafe, unethical behavior.
He might be fit to bag groceries, but that is it. Apologies to all the decent folk who do bag groceries for their living.

4 years ago

I wouldn’t dignify what they did, with the term “science.” It’s actually all pseudo-science, like Mengele’s infamous experimentation attempting to validate his crackpot theories. Even less rigorously trained general practitioners and internists like Porter can fall prey to woo – quite a few of them end up peddling alternative medicine and other placebo-type therapies, but more highly trained professionals such as neurologists and brain surgeons are almost never found mixed up in something like NXIVM.

Belonging to a high control group or cult is almost a test in scientific literacy – membership is equivalent to a fail.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

“It’s actually all pseudo-science, like Mengele’s infamous experimentation attempting to validate his crackpot theories. ”

Well, I guess Dr. Porter must’ve been Josef Mengele in a past life! NXIVM was the whole Nazi gang reincarnated together!

4 years ago

“Dr. Porter worked for Bronfmans’ Ethical Science Foundation, It was funded by the Bronfman sisters.”

Nothing says ethics like showing people “snuff” films.
Say, Nicki, does the good Doctor Porter ever drop in and show you and your friends some snuff films from his collection?
That would make for a unique movie night.

“Raniere went on to write on his bio page that Rainbow’s“unprecedented success has drawn the attention of child development experts, private investors and dignitaries from the United States and Mexico.”

Rainbow Cultural Gardens should also be drawing the attention of police agencies.

It might be noted here that the good Docttor Porter is a proud graduate of the University of Iowa Medical School.
Go, Hawkeyes!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Porter was Mack’s DOS slave? Is he the first male slave, or did Mr. Shadow beat him to it?

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson:
Where did I say that Porter was Mack’s DOS slave?
No where does my comment reference or mention Mack.

My comment does mention Nicki Clyne but Nicki works for Clare Bronfman and Clare is allowing Porter to stay in her Saratoga mansion,

Scott Johnson:
Have you been inhaling the fumes from Amway laundry soap?

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

I never claimed you said that Porter was Mack’s slave, it was an obvious error in the original story. Only women are slaves in DOS, remember? Another person also pointed it out in the comments, with far less humor than me. See Appeti
July 27, 2019 at 8:09 pm comment. The story has been semi-fixed, it now refers to “Robert” [sic] instead of “Roberts.” Sorry it went over your head but not really.

So you remain Mack’s “one and only,” living in your brain forever. I didn’t mention Clyne, either, so I don’t even know why you brought that up, unless Mack is telling your brain she wants a three-way.

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